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Zane is trying his hardest not to get mad at Morro-

Last week…

Zane was baking something for everyone and Echo was there to help- Morro phased through the wall and scared the shit out of Zane. Lloyd witnessed everything, but rather say nothing- Echo was giggling at Zane cuz he got some dough on him- Morro kissed Echo’s forehead and smirked at Zane because he’s that cheeky, sneaky sonofa bitch-

And now they’re in the park, Morro bought some Pocky for Echo- and Zane is still holding that grudge against Morro because he’s a a nice person- and yes Echo is wearing Zane’s jacket since the shirt he has on shows his back and he got cold…

So everything’s great.

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Headcanon time

- Lloyd and morro being trash cousins

- Lloyd and morro hissing at each other

- Lloyd and morro bitching over the others stealth or lack thereof.

- Morro, an orphan, who ate trash and grew up on the streets, complaining about coles cooking skills.

- Morro sitting on EVERYONE in order to calm them down.

- “Get your shit together, kai.“ "You nearly died and you havent slept in three days-” “Maybe but this is about you, stay focused.”

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