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I love you Ashley but, you're a June baby?? A GEMINI??? we might have some problems...
yes i'm a gemini, which is one of the reasons that i think astrology is bullshit lmao. for the most part, i'm exactly the opposite of what geminis are supposedly like. i am anything but an "adventurous life of the party" and i'd like to think i'm not a two-faced bitch either.
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brucie · 10 minutes ago
like the worst part of lockdown and quarantine for me (on a personal level) was moving away to college for a semester and then being forced to go back. like you cant show me how freeing it is and THEN drag me back to my parents place. it's literally so fucking frustrating i can't wait to go away again i am genuinely on the brink
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newsorb360 · 13 minutes ago
ਪੁੱਤ ਨੇ ਦਿੱਤੀ ਜਾਨ, ਪੁਲਿਸ ਤੋਂ ਨਿਰਾਸ਼ ਮਾਂ ਨੇ ਚੁੱਕਿਆ ਭਿਆਨਕ ਕਦਮ 
ਪੁੱਤ ਨੇ ਦਿੱਤੀ ਜਾਨ, ਪੁਲਿਸ ਤੋਂ ਨਿਰਾਸ਼ ਮਾਂ ਨੇ ਚੁੱਕਿਆ ਭਿਆਨਕ ਕਦਮ 
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nicekidspostss · 17 minutes ago
मजबूरी माँ - GARIB HELPLESS MOTHER Story | Hindi Kahaniya MAJADREAMSTV H...
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conquistschool · 21 minutes ago
मजबूरी माँ - GARIB HELPLESS MOTHER Story | Hindi Kahaniya MAJADREAMSTV H...
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matersighs · 24 minutes ago
tonight it rains in the last city. a grey day, a washed-out morning, all the color pulled away from everything. the last bastion here of light. and from the farthest dark, from the edges of known things where even the awoken might fear to tread, comes the girl who is not a girl, who is a long dead girl. 
maybe orin, a former emissary who is still an emissary, knows something about that. about being alive or dead, which is why she avoids the more populace places. that’s fine with her. 
❝ strange to think, ❞ she says, ❝ that you’ve been through so much for so long, and now you’re left to figure out the rest on your own. it seems cruel to me. ❞ no name. no greeting. there, when she shouldn’t be. the rain almost seems to slide through her. 
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buchpunkidsz · 32 minutes ago
मजबूरी माँ - GARIB HELPLESS MOTHER Story | Hindi Kahaniya MAJADREAMSTV H...
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vanillanaps · 36 minutes ago
your ear tiny
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analogfm · 37 minutes ago
I literally
Fuck it I’m gonna rant abt Mal cause I have no where else to funnel this info
Mal is a shell of a person. He’s a (failed) clone, he wasn’t raised to be a person he was raised as an extension of his mother. So he ended up studying and emulating the habits and behaviors of all he strives to be: Slashers
He could give you a detailed report about every Halloween movie or differentiate the ways each actor played the same slasher from movie to movie.
He knows those movies inside and out and shaped his personality accordingly to emulate them.
He doesn’t care abt people. He doesn’t see anyone as real. Just characters. Characters that he toys with for the amusement of others
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fluffytons-of-rage · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Innalilahwainalillahirajiun my ibu, semoga roh ibu dicucuri rahmat Allah yg Maha Pengasih lagi Maha penyayang.. i love you so much.
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the-name-is-loser · 44 minutes ago
BOTW’s secret ending is such a secret that I didn’t know it was a secret until I found out a lot of people didn’t get it first try.
Apparently it isn’t natural for people to go “what a shady glow right here. What happens if I press A- Oh it’s just repressed traumatic memories, thanks link!”
“That’s… a shady looking ledge. Why is there gold here- Oh it’s link angsting telepathically about the princess not liking him, that’s rough.”
But once I started actually trying, can I just say that the REAL final memory is a bitch to find? A large field… of the same damn machine everywhere… and a couple of them are active??? Nintendo wants us to suffer.
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basilswriting · 47 minutes ago
Wait a Little Longer (Donna Beneviento x Reader)- Part 2
You have fled to the Beneviento House to hide from the townspeople and Mother Miranda. Donna has taken you in and you can’t possibly guess why.
-this happens after Donna’s mutation but before the game-
(part 1) (part 2)
this part has a slight mention of body horror and also angst. Happier episodes coming soon.
When the door closes, the house falls into silence once more.  Donna watches you, or so you assume. Her thin black veil covers her face.
“Who are you?” she asks. Her voice comes out soft as silk. If she wasn’t standing there in front of you, you could have easily thought it was from your imagination.
You tell her your name. 
“Why did you stay?” Angie asks, “are you out of your mind??”
Your voice shakes, “I- don’t know”. 
The exhaustion and the stress finally catch up to you. Warm tears begin to corner your eyes, but you laugh, look away, trying to keep your voice from shaking. You point to the door, “I’m not exactly safe on the other side either”. your hands rest on your hips.
Angie jumps from Donna’s lap and waddles toward you. She circles around your feet and kicks your knee. 
“Ow!” you say, surprised. She climbs up your torso and jumps on your shoulder, knocks on your head a few times.
“what was that for?” you ask.
Donna takes a step closer and opens her arms. Angie jumps to her.
You look up to see Donna’s face inches away from yours. You squint, trying to make out her face under the black veil. Nothing. She tilts her head, amused.
“Just checking if you have brains, idiot,” Angie yells from Donna’s embrace., “I need my friends to have brains”. You can’t help but laugh a little. Your shoulders relax.
I can take out that doll anytime. But Donna.. she seems harmless, as long as she keeps my secret from her mother. 
You look back at the door and take a deep breath.
“Do you mind if I stay for a while?” you say, “Only until- well, until I’ve figured out where to go next”. 
Donna seems to be considering the offer. You get nervous for a moment, was this too much to ask? 
But before Donna answers, your stomach growls. Angie laughs, and surprisingly, so does Donna. You smile. 
“Can I perhaps get something to eat?” You say apologetically. She gestures for you to follow her.
You stare at the plate in front of you. It has two boiled potatoes, watery and dull. You bite down on one. They taste exactly as you expected, as old watered potatoes would. You take another forced bite. 
Donna is leaning over the counter opposite from you. Angie sits on the table, staring as you eat.
“Why didn’t you run away?” Angie asks.
“I already told you, I was safer here,” you respond.
You look up at Donna. “Why did you let me stay?”
Donna looks down and plays with her fingers.
“You.. you have a nice face,” she says. “And I was curious,” she quickly follows.
oh dear.
You play with your food, moving the potatoes around, trying to think of something to say.
“So.. you don’t work with Mother Miranda?”
Donna shakes her head.
“You won’t tell her I’m here?”
she shakes her head again.
“I might,” Angie interrupts from the table. “If you’re an ass, I will tell aaaall the family and then you’ll be toast”.
“Who’s aall the family?” you ask Angie. For an angry doll, she is very funny.
“Mother, the meaner big sister Alcina.. but you know, she’s secretly the nicest,” she paces back and forth as she explains,  “the ugly one, the grumpy old man who has a bigass hammer. They can all kill you if we asked them to. They’ve done it before, “ she says.
Angie goes on to tell stories of each of the family, and how scary they are. you nod.  You don’t realize when she stops talking.
the doll.. makes me nervous. She does not seem happy that I’m staying, even though she seemed happy before.. which might mean she would rat me out to Mother Miranda. I gotta keep an eye on her.
But Donna. 
You can feel her gaze on you at all times. It stays warm on your skin, or maybe you are just hoping. You feel strangely drawn to keep talking, steal the spotlight, to keep her eyes on you.
“I’m one of the peasants Miranda hates so much,” you blurt out, “I never thought I’d end up like this”.
Donna sits down across from you. You take this as a sign to continue.
“It was my turn to be gifted by Mother Miranda, to be sacrificed for the black god,” you grimace, “but I didn’t want to. My mother, well, she forced me to, put ropes so I couldn’t escape. But my little sister helped me. They all ran after me, they almost killed me. I- slipped and fell into water. When I woke up, I was right at the bottom of the waterfall”. 
You can almost hear the sound of the waterfall roaring in your ear, the mist touching your skin. The few moments of that cold bliss, interrupted by- 
“lycans! there were a lot of them following me and I think one of them got in,” you say, scared. You jump up from your seat to run to the door, but Angie laughs.
“haha. I took it out with my bare hands!”
“uhuh,” you say, not convinced.
You look over at Donna. She hasn't moved from her seat. 
She doesn’t look slightly concerned. She must be sure.
 “you do have a lot of anger for that tiny body,” you say to Angie as you sit back down.
There is no way that little doll took out a lycan that big, so terrifying.
You look at Donna.
neither can she. 
You closely watch the woman in black. She does not seem strong enough to kill a lycan, and you had not seen any guns in this house, or a lycan corpse, for that matter. She was tall, yes, but her body was slim, her hands delicate. 
You finish the last of the potatoes in silence. Donna brings a tea cup under her vail. You watch as her pale fingers curl around the flloral patterns on the handle. They move smoothly over the kettle; she pours herself a second cup. Your gaze moves up to her sleeves. The black dress seems old and worn, yet very clean and well kept. It wraps tightly around her arms, its lace shines in black. 
“I was a seamstress,” you suddenly say. Donna looks up from her cup. “the uh,” you nod at her dress, “I can sew, I can fix up the dress, or make you a new one, maybe in return for your kindness?’
“No one can sew better than us, peasant,” Angie says. “she fixed me herself,” she points at her own white old dress.
“oh, apologies,” you say. “Why don’t you fix it then?” you look back at Donna.
she looks at her sleeves, moves her hand a bit.
“see, there,” you reach out and point to the hem of the sleeve. Your hands touch.
A chill runs through your body.
“I’m sorry,” you say. You don’t know why. 
Her fingers touch your hand again.  
“the lycan. I made you see him,” she says. She gets up and moves to a cupboard. 
You can still feel her fingers on yours; too mesmerized to ask anything.
She takes another tea cup from the cupboard and puts it in front of you. This one has bee patterns on the sides, swirling around flowers. She slowly pours you tea. Her arm barely touches your side when she returns to her seat.
You smile. This is the most kindness you have received since you started your escape. You take a sip. 
“It’s silly, I feel- I feel as though I want to tell you everything,” you say. 
“tell me,” she says. She stirs her cup.
what is she doing to me.
“where do I start,” you force a laugh.
“Here,”  Donna says without missing a beat, “why don’t you want the gift?”
You look at her, surprised.
“what GIFT?”
“The Cadou,” she responds.
“It’s not a gift. It’s a virus that kills you,” you scoff, “or worse!” 
“worse?’ she asks. 
“It corrupts you,” you say,  “turns into one of those freaks, those killing machines”.
“FREAKS?” Angie yells, “monsters??” 
You look for Donna, puzzled. She has vanished.
“Donna?” you raise your voice. 
Only Angie stands in the bleak kitchen. In a blink, you see a few other dolls hover to her side.
“freaks like us?” Angie says. The other dolls repeat her. “like us? us?”
“what? NO, one of them, the lycans,” you jump our of your seat and step back. You hit the wall. 
“I'm sorry!” you yell at the room hoping Donna would hear you, ” that's not- I didn't mean that! I didn’t know you had the-” 
Another white flash and this time, Angie disappears as well.
“You must know that’s not what I meant!” you keep telling the room, taking a few steps left and right, “I was only talking about the lycans!”
“Were you?” a familiar voice asks. 
In the door frame, staring at you, is you.
“Or were you talking about.. this?” it says. 
It starts to cry, but something feels off. You dont find any tears in its eyes. Its skin draws back and into the body, muscles pull. You hear cracks.
“no, no,” you say. you back away.
its skin sheds in pieces until it shows the grey toned underneath. Its lycan hand reaches for you.
Your heart beats rapidly, agonizing. The room spins in your eyes. 
“Please,” you whimper, “please stop”.
the lycans hand freezes in place. The room stops spinning. 
It vanishes into this air.
You collapse on the floor. You can hear erratic beats of your heart echoing. The image of lycan you won’t leave your sight. You can feel your blood boil, so many emotions all at once.  Fear, disgust, anger. Your chest tightens.
I don’t have anywhere else to go. I can’t run. 
You hold your arms and squeeze to stop yourself from tearing up.
Donna appears in front of you.
You desperately reach for her arm. she latches on to you, helps you up.
“you're cruel,” you mutter. You take one slow breath.
Donna’s clutch stays around your arms as she helps you sit behind the table.
“I was talking about the lycans,” you push her away with your last bit of energy.
Donna stays back. Her hands stay close.
“sorry,” she finally whispers.
“you’re not,” your tone is bitter. 
Donna steps back, hurt. She lets out a shaky breath.
it was her. The other lycan. the voices. everything. was mother Miranda her illusion too? Is all of this a lie?
You rest your head on the table. the room starts spinning in your eyes. 
You watch Donna’s shoes stand over you for a few more moments. Then, they vanish.
slowly, you let your tears fall.
to be continued, with less angst..
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x-childish-x · 52 minutes ago
(part 1) i am loving these anakin x mother figure concepts 😄 could i also request one haha, after order 66 reader survives and becomes a grey jedi. while on a mission, she runs into darth vader. they fight for a little bit, but soon stop after they recognize each other through the force. surprisingly, vader isn’t hostile towards her while they talk, but he’s not calm either. reader refuses to keep calling him vader. after their convo reader slowly approaches him and
Something You're Not
Pairing: Darth Vader x fem!reader
Fandom: Star Wars
Warnings: Darth Vader, female!reader, mother figure!reader, crying, mentions to feeling like a failure, fighting, mentions to Order 66
Word Count: 1,352
A/N: Hello lovely! Wow I loved writing this request! First Darth Vader request, woo! It was so fun to write because the entire time I felt I could see this all playing out! Thank you for the request and support! I appreciate it so much! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated, I really hope that you all enjoy this one!!
Summary: You finally reach the force signature that had been reaching out with you for weeks, only to realize it's none other than Darth Vader, the boy you once raised.
Tumblr media
(gif! not mine!)
"Rex, take care of Ahsoka for me... I know how badly she wants to be on this mission. I can't risk it," you mumbled through the holo-comm as you carefully landed your ship.
"You know I always will. She's busy with Ezra right now anyways, so hopefully, he'll keep her mind occupied. Just be safe. If this is Maul, we need to know why he's been reaching out to you," Rex replied, his voice sounding tired.
You sighed, clicking everything off before standing, "Don't worry, Rex. It'll work out. I'll be home within a rotation."
"You better be," Rex joked lightly, "Be safe (y/n). May the force be with you."
"And with you."
Clicking off the holo-comm and leaving it on the ship, you quickly set off outside. Pulling up the hood on your grey cloak, you looked around cautiously, taking in your surroundings and using the force to reach out.
You could feel the dark side of the force more prominently now that you were here. It was almost strong enough to make out a force signature, but not completely. Despite the fact you still seemed far away from the dark force energy, it felt incredibly familiar, and that was what lead you to believe it was Maul. After all, he was the only Sith whose force signature you were familiar with.
It didn't take long for you to find the correct path leading to the Sith. Following the dark force signature proved to be an easy task for you. You trekked through the forest for what felt like hours. You carefully avoided all unknown plants and made sure to keep your presence as obscure as possible. You were using the force to the best advantage you could, mapping out your path while still trying to identify the oddly familiar Sith signature.
Finally breaking out into a clearing, you held your breath at the sight of Darth Vader's back. His cloak swooshed in the light breeze as you watched him, quickly thinking over everything you'd ever heard about him. You felt like you were in a holo-film, at the big climax moment when you face off the main villain. Fog would be piling in, surrounding you and Darth Vader as you prepare to fight.
Undoubtedly he knew you were there, and despite the fact, the two of you had never encountered each other before, your force signatures were incredibly familiar. Dancing around each other like fawns, trying to figure out why the unknown was so incredibly welcoming, like coming back to an old friend.
"I did not know you'd survived Order 66," Vader's ominous voice broke through the silence, venom, and hatred surrounding each word.
Slowly you stepped out from the faint protection of the trees, "It wasn't of my knowledge that you even knew me."
"I don't," Vader replied curtly, allowing a pause as your signatures moved around one another, "You're a Jedi unaccounted for."
"I prefer it that way," You snarled.
Dashing forward at the same moment Vader's force signature delivered a harsh prod to your own, you unsheathed your lightsaber. Leaping into the air and slashing down on Vader's back, you made contact with his lightsaber, sparks of grey and red dancing in the calm aura of the planet. He was quick to spin and send a counter swing at you, but you blocked it quickly. You locked sabers and spun him around, doing your best to throw him off.
Despite the situation of your fighting, you found each other still dancing within the force, trying to identify each other's signature. Your fighting was incredibly familiar to him, and his defense was familiar to you. Akin to a thunderstorm, you both fought quickly and powerfully. Neither obtaining the upper hand, you matched perfectly clash after clash, block after block.
Your fierce fighting was like a tornado destroying a small town. The planet around you was calm and peaceful, undisturbed by the fight for life you'd engaged yourself in. It certainly wasn't Maul who'd been trying to connect with you over the past weeks, and you found yourself wishing that it had been the Dathomirian instead. You'd overcome enough and lost too much to not give up now.
Finally flipping away, your hood fell as your force signatures connected, a gasp tumbling from your lips, "Anakin?"
"Master (y/l/n)," Vader responded softly.
A silence fell as you stared at one another. Of course, he was familiar. You trained Anakin, helped Obi-Wan raise him. You'd been Anakin's mom ever since he'd joined the Jedi, and he, your son. You'd assumed he'd died in Order 66, as Obi-Wan refused to talk to you. But now, staring across at Anakin in Vader's armor, you felt more like a failure than you'd ever had.
"You traded the purple for grey," Vader noted, causing you to look down at your blade.
Looking up at Anakin, you fought to keep your voice strong, "You traded blue for red, Ani."
"Anakin's dead," He snarled, turning off his lightsaber.
You mocked his actions, tilting your head slightly, "If Vader was here, he would've killed me already, Anakin."
"I am Vader! My name is Vader," The man huffed, "I killed Anakin myself!"
You shook your head, "I will not call you something you're not, Anakin. I trained you to be honest... true to yourself and your emotions. I will do the same now."
Vader seemed to falter, his hands repeatedly clenched and unclenched. The soft whir of machinery filled the air as you stared at the man in front of you. You took a step forward slowly, your eyes filling with remorse as you used the force to search through Anakin.
"What'd they do to you, my sweet Ani?" You whispered, "Why didn't you come to me? I could've helped you."
"Nobody could've helped him!" Anakin raged, yelling in anger that seemed directed at himself, "He was lost! Gone! Anakin would've died regardless! I, Vader, would've killed him regardless!"
"No," You mumbled, looking around at the planet you'd been called to, "You wouldn't have died, Ani. It would've been like any other mission, any other obstacle before. I would've helped you get through it, like always."
"Anakin is dead!" Vader cried out, his voice breaking, a hint of desperation sneaking through, "He's gone."
Slowly, you stepped forward, watching the way Anakin's chest rose and fell with each mechanical breath, "No... you're not gone, Anakin. You're not gone, and like all the times before, I'll be waiting to help you."
Taking in a deep breath, you anxiously wrapped your arms around Anakin, noticing how much taller he was. His arms remained by his side in shock, trying to sort out his emotions. Anakin's mechanical breathing filled your ears as you squeezed the boy you raised. Tears fell down your cheeks as you held him to your chest, wishing you had been able to help him. Wishing you'd stayed by Anakin more during the Clone Wars. Wishing that you could turn back time and save the little boy you loved so much.
Squeezing tighter for a brief second, you whispered, "I love you, no matter what, Anakin."
Letting go of the man, you stepped back quickly, hoping that the powerful Sith Lord hadn't seen your tears. But you knew that you'd been too slow, and you knew Anakin knew you better than that. Watching as you walked back and disappeared into the trees you'd come from, Darth Vader wondered if he would ever see you again. He'd reached out to you for weeks, and he wondered now if you would ever reach out to him, remind him you were still alive, waiting for Anakin to return.
Boarding your shuttle, you let out a cry as you reached for your comm. There were so many regrets you held and so much you wished you would've done. But the past was not something you could dwell on. You could only hope that you'd been able to reach Anakin quickly enough.
"Rex?" You called weakly into the comm. You waited patiently for Rex's reply until you heard your name called worriedly, "I'm coming home."
Taglist: @nowthisisdark
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dangquocbuu · 59 minutes ago
Art Quote of the Day
"Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art.". Do it your self design artwork accessory gifts for father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter now
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bulletballet · an hour ago
Tumblr media
        I literally never write about this, but Sal be getting depressed at all ages, really. He’s just an optimistic, self-assured, resilient man who never shows weakness and therefore, it seems like he has no regrets, no remorse, no thoughts that won’t leave him alone. Sal also doesn’t consider himself to be a depressed person, or a lonely person, so if someone were to try and understand his take on his depression, his response is: “I just have some things on mind.” / “I’m not in a good mood.”           He means, who doesn’t have things on their mind? And furthermore, he has an ablest view on how depression should look, which is caused by his loose understanding of televised portrayals of those who are depressed and suicidal.
            But also, Sal is such a go-getter that he bounces back on his feet in no time while simultaneously letting his stress build because he never does anything to actually handle this emotion.
            From at least 12 to his late twenties, Sal’s honestly at his worse. When Sal is a kid he feels unloved and unnoticed. He also feels like an outcast in his Catholic community because he doesn’t have a father figure plus, he was born out of wedlock. He lies about his life, to make himself feel better. He acts upbeat, because he has too much pride to let the other boys see him beat down. He’s super annoying and loud and rebellious, but this is literally him acting out for attention and maybe something that resembles love.
            When it comes to the quote, “the loudest one in the room is the loneliest one in the room?” Yeah, that’s Salvatore Scozzari. But simultaneously, he pushes away people who show him tenderness and affection. He’s not use to love or genuine praise, to be honest (although he yearns for it). He genuinely believes that being treated like a nuisance is easier to navigate because of its familiarity and some attention is better than no attention. 
       Still, at his best, Sal is often internally thinking of how one day he’s going to be someone who earns RESPECT and everyone is going to look at him with ASTOUNISHMENT but he also thinks of running away a lot, because he tells himself he doesn’t need anyone. It seems nobody gives a fuck about him, so he doesn’t give a fuck about anybody either.
           In his twenties he’s more self-assured than ever. He’s strong as hell too. However, despite being well liked but really always alone in some way. Nobody notices it because - Sal is Sal. Sal knows everybody. Sal talks to everybody. Sal jokes. Sal gets up to wild mischief. He’s the life of the party!!
        But does Sal talk about his family? His real fears? Does he get in-depth talking about ambition or even how certain, well-known, mishaps in his family have effected him? Nope. Never. He doesn’t even really talk about his love life on any deep level. 
      This is because he’s still focused on self-preservation. He doesn’t really trust his friends to love him unconditionally - not in his field of work, and he has decided that if he has to kill them to get to the top, he will. He means, it’s the only way to be that somebody who gets RESPECT in the future. But that’s no proper way to live at all, or form relationships. So that’s a whole other layer of angst inside him.
         So basically, despite being upbeat, funny, charismatic, and sociable, Sal has never really known emotional peace or what ‘safety’ feels like until getting serious with Eve. Or in a special AU, the Carosellas, who adopt him when he’s 12 years old. Really, I realized that 20-something year old Sal is just a little softer in that verse. He’ll still kill you, but he feels more loving. 
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abanonedhospitl · an hour ago
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