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#Mother's day
xfirebenderx · 2 hours ago
Just rewatched coco on this fine Tuesday morning and I’m in tears again during the part where mamá Coco doesn’t remember her dad, and Miguel starts singling to her and then she remembers her daughter’s name again and talks about Hector and how much she loved her dad. Then her reunion with Hector at the end I’m sobbing thinking about my family members who’ve already left this world…it’s a sad Tuesday day🥲
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godsofhumanity · 6 hours ago
How Apollo and Artemis will prepare Mother's Day?
hmm i think they probably just spoil her a lot.. apollo probably writes poetry and artemis prepares a feast or something like that <3
either way, leto's a lucky mum :)
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truperfume · 8 hours ago
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inabluedr3am · 21 hours ago
💐 my mom is like, so wonderful at trying to make people feel bad about themselves 💐
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omg-whiskey · a day ago
i was wrestling my brother and my mom looked at us and said “boys will be boys” and hm
what do you know
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rjptalk · a day ago
Today is “Flag Day,” buy here, it is much more. It’s my Mom’s birthday. Happy Flag Day, America Esther Letticia Holder Armstrong left us 14 years ago. But for me and my family, she’s very much alive in spirit and 104 years young. They were singing “You’re A Grand Old Flag” and “Over There” when Mom was born on that June 14th in 1917.  Mom’s father,  my grandfather, was over there. He was a…
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saccharine-darling · a day ago
it’s Father’s Day next week and I just want to help Reiner out with his breeding kink so he can celebrate it 😫
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