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Someone asked me,” what is in the future?”.

This is an interesting question, everyone will have a different answer. But what is truth?

Someone explains that no one has seen it so it is hard to define. I would say, yes that is true. However, the right question, here, to ask is, what defines future?

Future is the consequences of what you did in past. Is it true? Is it all about what you do? This is a half reality.

What you did in past and what you think today, collectively, decide your future. When you act upon something, you must think that you will gain something in return. That’s human nature. Now think about it, you performed the task and then you don’t believe in it, you won’t get the desired results.

If you want something to happen to you then there are two steps to fulfill it. First be honest and work hard for it then once you have given your hundred percent, there comes the second step, “To believe in it”. No matter how hard it is to achieve, if you work hard and you believe in what you did; there no one that can stop your goals to happen to you.

If you decide to achieve something that means you are able to do it then just follow your pay and stick to it until you reach your destination.

Work. Believe. Achieve.

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Dropping that New New all December long…🔥
Boutique Address:
10770 Columbia Pike STE 300, silver spring MD 20901**(buzz-in entry call or text upon arrival)
Phone: (240) 713-2620

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winter studying challenge by @myhoneststudyblr:

✨dec 2nd - what is your favorite thing about winter?✨

I have several favorites–holiday music, decorating the house (my family likes to do a color theme each year and this year we chose white-gold), being able to layer up and wear my nice winter coats, and baking holiday foods! usually I’d put travelling as a favorite too, but given the circumstances this year, it’s obviously not happening. hopefully soon!

✨dec 3rd - what is your least favorite thing about winter?✨

waking up in the morning. it’s so cold and I’ve built a terrible habit over quarantine to fall back asleep since I don’t have to physically get up and travel anymore for my classes. it happens to the best of us 😪

have a very happy thursday my friends 🤎

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Disability Awareness


Dec. 3, 2020

Today is Disability Awareness Day. I’ve mentioned how I use a screen-reading program to access my textbooks. I’ve also stopped purchasing physical texts and instead use a Kindle. I do this for two main reasons: I struggle to see text without zooming in a lot, and I struggle to focus on reading and note-taking at the same time. Using screen-readers and digital texts help alleviate these issues caused by my disabilities.

I’ve learned a few techniques for note-taking through this experience, as well. I don’t take as many notes on paper now, since they are easier to sort and search when done digitally. For botes that I do take on paper, at the end of the semester, I organize my notes into what to keep and what to shred/recycle. Since I’ve moved around a lot recently, and will be moving again, I am purging a lot more notes than I have in the past. Most are being scanned onto my cloud drive so I don’t have to carry as much.

Are you learning about Disabilities today?

How do you organize and store your notes?

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Mais um videozinho pra vocês!
A proposta desse exercício é trabalhar mobilidade da coluna e ombros. Mas, você precisa ter força e controle em abdômen e mmss pra retornar o exercício(controle de mmii tbm🤭). É por isso que eu amo tanto o #pilates! Conseguimos uma integralidade realizando “apenas” um exercício!!


#pilatesfeiradesantana #training #health #motivation #lifestyle
(em Studio de Pilates Mayana Campos)

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1 Corinthians Chapter 2 verses 4 and 5 King James Version
And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:
That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
- 1 Corinthians 2 vs. 4, 5.
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Bonding Time

Thought I’d share one of my self care rituals with y’all!

Every morning when I wake up, I dedicate a few minutes to set my intentions for the day. Today my focus was to spend more time understanding my each of my tarot decks. It may seem silly but I like to interview my decks in order to figure out their personalities and how they would prefer to be used out of respect. It’s like asking someone for help and being disappointed with their advice but you didn’t check to see if they were the best resource before consulting lol

To begin, I ask them to describe themselves and then to describe me. After that I ask what their strengths/weaknesses are or what they would like to improve, and finally, the best time to seek their advice. With that being said, I can tell you that my Modern Witch deck and The Wild Unknown deck are by far my two favorites to work with and here’s why: 

My Modern Witch deck is the spiciest out of them all and hella aggressive with her messages.( I say ‘her’ because that’s the energy that came through for me) I was using this deck for awhile before I decided to do an interview and I always loved how blunt, yet motherly this deck was. At times she was a bit much, especially when I was seeking clarification on a stressful matter, but overall, it has helped me toughen up a bit and not take feedback to heart. I’m just the type of person who needs tough love.

When I asked  “when should I seek your advice?” the message I received was this- “I’m not here to give you fairy tale endings, only clear perspectives” I thought to myself  “Yaaasss! I knew I chose you for a reason!” She just has so much power and is unapologetic about it and I need that type of energy in my life. Also, I now know that this isn’t the best deck to consult when seeking to validate my love interest because sis does not spare feelings lol. (Learned the hard way)


The second deck that I love so much because it’s basically my twin, is The Wild Unknown deck. When I first held this deck, I immediately sensed that there was a lot of energy being held back. It was as if there was a fear of showing its True Self. Prior to during an interview, I remember the first reading I did was very confusing. The cards seemed to contradict themselves and I was having a hard time understanding the message. I got a sense that he was trying to convey one thing but it wasn’t coming out exactly the way he intended and it was causing frustration on both sides. Instead of abandoning the reading, I simply said “we can talk later but only when you’re comfortable doing so.” This was my way of saying you can trust me. I didn’t want to force the energy between us because I know what it’s like being afraid to be vulnerable around new people. Sometimes I need time alone to process my feelings and ground myself before I speak or else my message will get lost.

Later that day, I felt an urge to revisit the deck and that’s when I got a deeper understanding of his personality. When I asked what his weakness was, a couple of messages that came through were “I’m hard to understand” “I try to find shortcuts to happiness” and “I wear a mask.” When asked the best time to seek advice, I heard “I work best at night” so now I only use this deck at night or before the sun rises. I’m most protective of this deck because again, I see myself within it. I desire bluntness but I can’t deny that I’m a sensitive being and I need a little TLC too. Even when I asked him to describe us both, I pulled the same card, The World in reverse meaning (to me)  that we both have so much potential and yet we fail to see it. I’m always looking forward to my readings with this deck.


I’m only a beginner when it comes to tarot readings but I can tell you without a doubt that it has helped me tremendously with my healing. I’m able to confront my shadows without feeling overwhelmed by them, I’m able to understand those weird dreams I have that makes absolutely no sense and most importantly, I’m able to trust my intuition more. Like most things, I do practice in moderation so I don’t become overly reliant on my readings. I treat my decks as equally as I treat my living friends. I never want to abuse the insight I’m being given and I never try force a message to come through when the energy just isn’t there. My readings offer a lot of clarity but at the end of the day, nothing is set in stone and I still have free will. Once I’m really comfortable with reading my decks, I wish to share more with you guys. Maybe something will resonate with you. Take care!

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