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#Movie Characters
letraspal · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Alberto, Luca and Giulia, from the new Pixar movie “Luca”.
I really liked the movie and these folks are a beautiful trio of underdogs.
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fandom · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
2020′s Top Movie Characters
No one on this list exists within our reality, and we love that about them all.
Kylo Ren | Ben Solo | Star Wars +22
Harley Quinn | DC +29
Bucky Barnes | Marvel +2
Batman | DC +8
Steve Rogers (Captain America) | Marvel -2
Tony Stark (Iron Man) | Marvel -5
Rey | Star Wars +27
Spinel | Steven Universe
Peter Parker (Spider-Man) | Marvel -7
Richie Tozier | IT +1
Anakin Skywalker | Star Wars
Joker | DC +2
Loki Odinson | Marvel -6
Elsa | Frozen +29
Eddie Kaspbrak | IT -2
Poe Dameron | Star Wars
Obi Wan Kenobi | Star Wars
Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) | Marvel -8
Thor Odinson | Marvel -15
Luke Skywalker | Star Wars
Sam Wilson (Falcon) | Marvel
Nicolo Di Genova | The Old Guard
Yusuf Al Kaysani | The Old Guard
Arthur Fleck | Joker
Dr. Stephen Strange | Marvel -3
Darth Maul | Star Wars 
Yoda | Star Wars
Han Solo | Star Wars
Leia Organa | Star Wars
Michael Myers | Halloween +6
Darth Vader | Star Wars
Miles Morales (Spider-Man) | Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse -23
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) | DC 
Padme Amidala | Star Wars
Spock | Star Trek
Pennywise | IT -11
Lio Fotia | Promare
Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) | Marvel -32
Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) | Marvel -13
Bill Denbrough | IT
Stanley Uris | IT
Beverly Marsh | IT -1
Nile Freeman | The Old Guard
Honeymaren | Frozen
Clint Barton (Hawkeye) | Marvel -30
Andromache The Scythian | The Old Guard
Kristoff | Frozen
General Hux | Star Wars
Legolas | Lord of the Rings
Mike Hanlon | IT
The number in italics indicates how many spots a character moved up or down from the previous year. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last year.
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cottoncandykissme · 2 months ago
characters i relate to // day 2
Tumblr media
- grew up too early
- changed herself to fit in
- destroying herself
- makes stupid decisions
- desires male attention
- a writer
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natalihall · 2 months ago
Khan • Benedict Cumberbatch
(digital realistic fanart based on the movie "StarTrek into Darkness")
Tumblr media
Art-Poster for all Benedict's Fans 💜
Redrawing my old traditional (colored pencils) portrait of Benedict as Khan/John Harrison. I like my old pencil drawing, but my soul demanded to improve it! And I redrawn it in digital realism to achieve even greater grandeur and detailing 🔥
I also recorded a full timelapse of the drawing process. Almost 50 hours of work in 5 minutes. Happy viewing 😊
@benedictcumberbatchsexual @benedictcumberbatchgenerator @benedict-cumberbatch @benedict-cumberbatchfanatic-blog @cumberbatchfantasist-blog
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nightmaresandsexyghouls · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
'Evolutions: The Art of Jeff Victor
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spices-and-cherries · 8 months ago
Seeing you in his clothes would include...
Benoit Blanc, Joe Bang, James Bond, Jake Lonergan, Prof. Fluke Kelso
Here is a little something special for all you folks who are commenting! I cannot explain how much your words make my whole week! 
I did not reference race, gender, sexuality, or physical appearance. If I missed something, please let me know so I can change it!
Warnings: mentions and implications of sex
Benoit Blanc:
Tumblr media
- He’ll be watching you go about your day with a grin
- If you ask why, he’ll say it’s because he’s enjoying the view
- It’s the easiest way to draw out his playful side
- As long as he gets it back, you can wear whichever shirt of his you want
“Which one of these shirts go best with this tie?”
“The baby pink.”
“I’m beginnin’ to think that you don’t like me in purple.” 
“No-! You look great in everything! I just...”
“You just what?” Benoit was playing with you and you knew it. For the past several days he’s been trying to get you to admit that you have favorites in his collection - and not in the way that’d you’d like him to think. 
“Think that you look better in pink...?” 
“Really? Huh.” You could tell he was trying not to laugh. “I jus’ seem to remember you insisting’ I buy the purple one...” He turns to put it back in the closet. “It was somethin’ about how it complemented my eyes - if I remember correctly, of course.”
You were never going to hear the end of it, but if it meant him not finding out about the ketchup stain on the inside of the right elbow (yet), then you were just going to have to suck it up...
(A/N): He knows. Just give up.
Joe Bang:
Tumblr media
- He will slap your butt and there’s nothing you can do about it except slap him back
- He might playfully try and get his shirt back, but it’s an excuse to tickle you
- What can he say? The one thing he loves more than you in his clothes is you laughing in his clothes
- He also thinks that, unless you’re naked, you could not look sexier
“Lookin’ good, honey pie.” Joe came up from behind you, one hand resting on your lower back and the other scratching the back of his head. “Whatcha makin’?”
“Bacon and eggs.”
“Smells good.” He opens up the fridge and takes out the orange juice. “Want some?”
“Not at the moment, but thank you baby.” You flash him a quick smile before going back to poking the sizzling meat. He takes a giant swig before setting the jug down on the counter and walking back over to you. His arms wrap around your middle. “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re wearin’ my shirt.”
“And?” You ask playfully. “Did you need it?”
“No, but...” He nuzzles into your neck and peppers some kisses on the skin below your neck. You can feel his hands sliding further down. “I do need somethin’ else...”
James Bond:
Tumblr media
- Wearing his clothes = invite for sex
- It’s just how his horny brain works
- Once he finds out that you sleep in his clothes when he’s gone he’ll try and hide how mushy he’s feeling by teasing you
- He’ll also feel a little guilty so he will try and get more shirts just so that you have options
If it weren’t for the fact that you were breathing, James would’ve mistaken you for a pile of dirty laundry on the couch. Carefully, he lifted you up and carried you to the bed. He winced when the bedroom door squeaked, but continued on when you didn’t wake up. 
It wasn’t until he was tucking you under the covers that you stirred.
“Shhh, darling, it’s okay.” James kisses the crown of your head. “Go back to sleep.” 
“Mm’kay...” You curl up even more. As silently and as quickly as he could he stripped down and joined you under the duvet. He frowns when he notices that you’re still gripping onto one of his pieces of clothes. It’s one thing if you’re wearing it, but why settle for less when he’s around? It takes him a few minutes, but he eventually manages to get it out of your tight grasp. 
James quickly falls asleep, pressed up against you with his arm around you protectively and your head under his chin. 
Jake Lonergan:
Tumblr media
- There’s not a lot of shirt stealing
- Like every lone wanderer, he only has the one
- But his hat, on the other hand, is practically free real estate to you
- He will jokingly call you ‘cowboy’ every time you put it on
- That being said, if he’s coming back from a dip in a stream and sees you comparing his sleeves to yours, he’ll think it’s super cute
“Hey-! I was using that!” You whine as he plucks his hat off your face. 
“I was just startin’ to doze off...”
“You can ‘doze off’ when we get into town.” Jake grabs your hand and pulls you up on your feet. “And maybe get you your own hat while we’re there.” 
“But what’s the fun in napping if I don’t get to steal yours?” 
“Well,” He pauses as he swings himself up and over his horse. “Maybe you’ll find comfort if we steal each others.”
Prof. Fluke Kelso:
Tumblr media
- Honestly, if you’re not wearing one of his shirts while lounging, he can’t help but wonder if you’re mad at him
- He’s given up ever trying to get some of them back 
- If one of his is missing and he really needs it, he just needs to raid your side of the closet
- If he’s lucky, you won’t realize because he’ll put it back right where he found it
“Hey, baby...” You gently shake him. “It’s time to get up.”
“Hrum?” His eyes flickered then stilled again.
“C’mon. It’s pushing six thirty...” You rub his arm and kiss the crown of his head.
“Yup. Six thirty. You’re gonna be late.” His eyes flew open at that and he sat up.
“Not if you hurry up.” You chuckle as he flops back down. “Breakfast is already on the table.” 
“Already...?” He rubs his eyes then looks at you blearily. He smiles and reaches out to toy with the hem of your shirt - his shirt - and tugs on it gently. “...I think you should wake me up like this more often...”
“I’ll think about it if you make to work on time.” 
“Ah, shit.” He jumps up out of bed. “Why didn’t you tell me?” You laugh as he nearly runs into the doorframe in his hurry to the bathroom. 
Needless to say, he arrived at work on time - early in fact - thanks to you.
Thank you all so much for all the love and support! It really means the world! If you have any ideas, requests or constructive criticism, please send it my way. I like getting feedback of any kind so I can improve my writing! I can’t wait to see you all in the next one, 
- Simpy
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ohitsmsn · 8 months ago
I can’t even with people
Tumblr media
But sometimes I also just wake up and decide that anyone who is not a fictional character is someone I don’t like today and I’ll lowkey try to avoid you at all costs ... Sorry not sorry.
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vintagebox · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
edward scissorhands portrayed by johnny depp / 1990 film
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hearmeroarx · 4 months ago
explaining common misconceptions ab cruella (2021): the film and the title character.
it’s been driving me crazy seeing people misunderstand cruella to such a high degree and i want to clear some things up.
1) the film is solely a prequel.
NO. NO NO NO! i’ve made another post about this but the director of the film said he did not look at the other versions of cruella when making it. this is a very telling response because if this was a prequel to the 1996 live action film universe, he would have obviously looked at the film for continuity purposes and, further, his response to the question would’ve been him saying that it is the same version of cruella but 20 years earlier. rather, he confirmed that cruella (2021) is an entirely different universe by responding that he didn’t look at the *other* versions. aka his version is not related to those. CRUELLA (2021) IS A REBOOT. emma stone herself also described her version of cruella as a “reimagining.” reimagining means creating anew. she also states that her version is “sort of like cruella from 101 dalmatians and sort of not” and that they had “fun nods to 101 dalmatians.” “fun nods to” meaning she doesn’t exist in that universe but that they took aspects from the cruella that does, such as her relation to anita, love for fashion, crazy driving, etc. once again…REBOOT! this cruella is a wholly separate person from the cruella of the 1961 film and the cruella of the 1996 film. they only describe it as a prequel because it is set before some events that are similar to the other universes, such as the existence of pongo and perdita.
Tumblr media
2) cruella was serious when she said she wanted to kill the baroness’ dogs.
come on guys 😭 cruella had been restrained by the baroness and was utterly desperate to…you know…not die and so she actually made a pretty smart decision by making the statement “i’m going to kill you and your dogs” because her goal was to make it seem as though she had a way to escape and would follow through with those things if the baroness didn’t release her. unfortunately this didn’t work because the baroness knew cruella was bluffing. cruella was also aware that the baroness didn’t love her dogs whatsoever (the baroness told her about how she thinks of everything and everyone around her as objects). as such, she knew it would anger her to have some of her objects taken away even though she never planned to actually kill them but would willingly have her believe that she had. she wanted to make her mad since she was rightfully pissed at the baroness for wanting to set her on fire for simply…being better than her so she said things to provoke her. did you miss the part in the film where cruella says “people need a villain to believe in?” apparently so because a lot of you are doing exactly what she talked about: misunderstanding her and placing a label on her that couldn’t be farther from the truth. cruella, though initially weary of the dogs simply due to their involvement in the trauma she faced, never blamed them for her mother’s death. she first blamed herself and then rightfully the baroness. she grew to love the dogs and adopted them.
3) all personality traits that “estella” had are ones cruella lacks.
if that were true, cruella would’ve become a cold, heartless, indifferent person the second she came to her realization that “i’m cruella. born brilliant, born bad, and a little bit mad.” quick side note: in one interview emma talks about how there’s a difference between being bad as in evil and “bad” as in being rebellious and challenging those around you to paraphrase and that cruella is the latter. anyway, what does she do after realizing that she is cruella? she breaks horace and jasper out of jail, apologizes for being rude when she had forced herself to believe she really was cold and indifferent to avoid feeling pain, says “thanks for helping me” to jasper, tells john that horace and jasper will need to stay at his apartment with her because they’re her family, adopts the dalmatians, invites everyone to live with her once she’s moved into the mansion…does she sound heartless to you?? the only part of her that she discarded because it wasn’t genuine was the meager, submissive, always outwardly sweet aspect she felt she had to be to exist in society. cruella (the cruella in this rebooted universe i mean) has always been a kind and good person. a scene i often refer to to explain how one can be kind without being outwardly sweet is one of the final sequences in the film where john nods at cruella to signify that he’s at her service and that she can trust him. she deeply bows her head in return. she isn’t smiling, jumping up and down, squealing, giving him a hug, or even verbally saying “thank you” but this is a very apparent display of gratitude. estella probably would’ve done all those aforementioned things because she would’ve felt that people would misunderstand her and think of her as rude if she didn’t…which, once again, is what many people are doing by labeling cruella as rude. one can be extremely kind without being all “uwu 🥰” on the outside 24/7 and that’s precisely cruella.
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fluence · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media They say 87% of non-human characters on children's shows are male, so we looked at our favorite films as children and counted. In our estimates at Fluence, less than 9% of non-human characters from our favorite childhood shows were female. But does that really matter? It turns out it does. In many Disney princess movies these side characters have a lot more speaking time than the main princess. Mushu speaks more than Mulan. Iago speaks more than Jasmine, etc.
And yes, Raja from Aladdin is a boy. The word raja literally means "prince". Sorry to be the one to tell you. We're working on an IGTV episode all about Disney's focus on male characters in Princess movies, but here are some sources if you want to get a jump on the reading for extra credit. See more characters on our IG !
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