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#Mr Mistoffelees
rebirth-artblog · 2 hours ago
AU of my interpretation of Cats.
Mistoffelees grew up with the Jellicle tribe, and his admiration for Grizzabella grew from that first meeting when she gave him the scarf he wears everywhere. When Grizzabella began to spend more time outside of the junkyard, Mistoffelees was afraid she was getting lost and couldn't find her way back home. He was still young and didn't know that Grizzabella was kind of a famous cat outside the junkyard. So after seeing her come back a little dirtier every time, Mistoffelees decided to follow Grizzabella so he could help her get back home, and protect her when she needed it.
Thanks to his kindness, Grizzabella realized her time was better spent as an example of how great a cat could be and vowed to spend more time with the kittens of the tribe instead of chasing lights around the world. Mistoffelees eventually realized Grizzabella had shows she attended and had become famous for her glamourous looks among the cats of London. He continued to travel with Grizzabella to protect her, but also to learn more about the outside world and continue to develop his magic. Grizzabella never let her fans find out about Mistoffelees' abilities and skills so he wouldn't get carried away by the attention he would get and end up losing his family and home, like she almost had.
Old Deuteronomy knew Grizzabella's change from the aloof celebrity to a motherly teacher was because of Mistoffelees' natural kindness and he has always been grateful to the young magician for saving one of the cats Old Deut trusted most.
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a-cat-is-not-a-dog · 5 hours ago
Chapters 18 & 19 Update!!!!
Hello! It's been a hot minute, since I’ve updated, hasn't it? I must confess, this past month has been very hard for me. I've had to deal with a lot of personal issues, and motivation really hasn't been present at all. But now I'm here, and am very happy to announce that this story is completely finished! Editing and all. From now on, I'll be updating more frequently, so stay tuned for that! Also, I would just like to thank those of you who have sent me kind messages. I haven't had much energy to respond to all of them, but I can assure you that they mean more to me than words can describe. Now, I'll stop rambling, and let you read the chapter. Since this one is quite short, I’ve uplodaed two today. Do enjoy!<3
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demons-incorrect-alw · 9 hours ago
Victoria: I don't know how to tell you this, Misto, but you're in love with me.
Mr. Mistoffelees: What? ...Oh my God, I am!
Bombalurina: What kind of confession did I just witness?
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 9 hours ago
The Rum Tum Tugger: Here's a confession: I'm in love with a man. What? I'm in love with a man... a man named Mr. Mistoffelees. Does that make me gay? Am I gay for Mr. Mistoffelees? You betcha.
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bullyapologist · 11 hours ago
Requesting Cats the Musical warrior cats AU.
your wish is my command!
Tumblr media
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afairytalestray · 19 hours ago
Tuggoffelees 1 and Black&White Family 2
I can’t believe I’ve gotten to Part 3 of this series and I’m only now mentioning my favourite ship of all time! Tuggoffelees, my OTP, my beloved. As always, all hcs in this series will be pre-canon, if we accept the musical as the present day canon. Here’s my take on how Misto’s relationship with Tugger and with his half siblings develops :) (consistent tense usage? I don’t know her)
Tugger was totally enamoured by Mistoffelees from day one. They didn’t meet until after Munkustrap and Demeter’s ball (the one after Bomba/Demeter/Misto’s arrival in the Junkyard, which Misto skipped due to still fearing the other Cats), when Tugger happens across Misto dancing and practising his magic in a quiet corner by himself. For the first time in his life, the Rum Tum Tugger is rendered speechless, and just sits and watches in silent awe for like half an hour until Misto realises he’s there. Misto is initially very wary of Tugger, having heard about his flirty and flighty nature, but Tugger is so warm and genuine in his admiration of Misto’s abilities that he struggles to see what the stories were on about. The two immediately bond. They both have very great fears of violence and abandonment by family members/Macavity, which allow them to feel comfortable with one another and understand each other on a deep level better than anyone else in very little time. 
Misto, despite his own massive crush, is extremely oblivious to Tugger’s true feelings for him for a long time; after all, in what universe would the most popular and attractive Cat in the tribe see weird, skittish little him as anything more than a friend? But Tugger thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and despite his fickle tendencies, is doggedly determined when he decides on something. He can’t put his finger on what exactly Misto makes him feel right away, but he knows that it’s good. He at first only recognises it as a weird and confusing desire to spend all his time only with him, and only after someone else points out that he’s not been up to his usual flirty shenanigans in a while. He struggles to explain it; since he’s one of the only ones Misto is able to talk to at that point, he’s one of the only ones who sees him for the fun, warm, and high-key sassy tom he is behind the shyness. It took a very long (and naturally embarrassing) talk with his father to help him work out what exactly he was feeling, and at Old Deuteronomy’s advice he resolved to pursue a serious relationship with Misto. It takes a while, partially because Misto seems to be immune to all Tugger’s best moves (read: oblivious to their real intention and therefore assumes he’s joking), and also because Tugger gets all heart-eyed and tongue-tied whenever Misto smiles at him - the usually suave rockstar Cat becomes a pile of goo.  After all his moves fail, Tugger is at a loss of what to do. In the end, he manages it completely by accident.
Misto is a perfectionist and extremely prone to over-working. Tugger’s insistence on being close by/helping him practise is the only reason he doesn’t wipe out basically all the time. Tugger finds him one evening when he’s pushed himself too far, exhausted and aching and barely able to walk. Tugger’s den is closer, so he picks him up and carries him back there - Misto is asleep long before Tugger lays him down on the blankets. He’s kinda mad - half at Misto for ignoring his own limits, half at himself for not being there to help him - but struggles to stay angry with him when he’s very clearly in pain. He confronts him the next day, which confuses Misto, who’s not really used to having people care about him the way Tugger does. Misto questions why it’s bothering Tugger so much, which prompts him to angrily blurt out that it sucks so much to see someone you love hurt themself like that and not seem to care. He doesn’t realise what he’s saying until he’s said it. It hangs in the air awkwardly for a few moments before Tugger throws caution to the wind and launches into a full confession of his feelings for him. He gets on a roll and doesn’t stop until Misto kisses him (in so learning that that is the best and only guaranteed way to shut Tugger up). From there things develop very quickly. To exactly no one’s surprise they become the youngest mated pair in Jellicle memory at the next ball. Old D bawls like a kitten he’s so happy. 
Tugger and Mistoffelees grew very close very quickly, which did wonders for Misto’s confidence and both of their self-esteem. It did, however, also strain Alonzo and Tugger’s already rocky relationship to near breaking point. Alonzo, having learned of Misto’s story and his mother’s death, feels incredibly guilty for turning away from him. He becomes jealous of how quickly Tugger was able to get close to Misto while he still struggles to even get him to talk to him, and thinks Tugger is an obnoxious bad influence and warns Misto against him. Tugger is normally fairly easygoing and happy to let rumours roll off him like water off a duck’s back, he even sometimes enjoys them and encourages them if he thinks they’re amusing. However, this he takes personally, and very seriously (as he will with any disparagement of his relationship with Misto, or suggestion that he doesn’t take it seriously). Tugger feels very protective of Misto, knowing very well the pain of being on the receiving end of his eldest brother’s rage, and of their blossoming relationship; he asserts that Alonzo should have gone after Misto when his mother attacked him, and that it’s Alonzo’s own damn fault he doesn’t have a relationship with Misto and it’s got nothing to do with Tugger. It becomes a very sore point of contention between the two of them.
Once Misto is more comfortable in himself and who he is, he begins to slowly build a bond with his half siblings. He becomes more comfortable with Victoria quickly, they both enjoy hanging out without really communicating, just enjoying each other’s company in peace. Victoria is deaf. She can lip-read, but Misto is very determined to learn sign language, and when he gets reasonably competent at that it becomes their main method of communication.
Alonzo is a lot trickier, the poor guy still feels so guilty. Misto holds no resentment towards him at all, he’s really happy Alonzo doesn’t hate him and totally understands why he couldn’t see him back then when everything was still fresh and painful for him - he doesn’t blame him at all. But he can’t seem to get that into Alonzo’s head. Every time it comes up all Alonzo can think about is that if he had just been more mature/compassionate/accepting back then Misto wouldn’t have gone through everything he did. 
Alonzo now desperately wants a relationship with his little brother, but his guilt makes it so he struggles horribly at communicating with him and is awkward around him, which in turn makes Misto nervous and uncomfortable (even more than he generally was at that time), which makes it even worse for poor Lonz. He becomes very protective of Misto as he feels like it’s the only thing he can now do for him (if he didn’t do it before then he’ll sure as hell make up for it now). This, unfortunately, tends to result in him getting into fights. He and Tugger have been and always will be chalk and cheese, but he also argued with his mother and now refuses to speak to her. When Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer arrived in the Junkyard, freshly escaped from Macavity and seeking refuge, it really freaked Misto out, and Alonzo immediately took a very hard stance against them and wouldn’t give them a chance. He got into a physical fight with Bombalurina that had to be broken up by Munkustrap when she wouldn’t let him close to her den (where Misto and Demeter had holed up). He has now begrudgingly accepted the twins, but keeps his guard up around them. 
As his and Misto’s relationship improved, the awkwardness ended up dissipating completely and the two became quite close. The protectiveness, however, never did go away. It toned down a lot, but at any given moment Alonzo is always ready and willing to throw hands for his little brother and sister.
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gaybarbie · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
dolly parton as mistoffelees WHEN
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gayalonzo · 20 hours ago
i wanna give misto one of these SO badly. maybe with a small ribbon tied to one end. it trails sparkles even,,
Tumblr media
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soh-da-meatball · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My Darlin’ Black Cat
yay its done! :’D 💙 this is a headcanon I was thinking about where Mistoffelees sees his magic as something that is dangerous, and keeps his magic a secret for his own and the Junkyard’s safety, but Tugger wants nothing more than to show off how special and magical Misto is, and to make everyone see Misto (including Misto himself) how Tugger sees him 🥺 
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bugbearbee · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Listen I've loved them for so long but never had the drive to draw them so here's some CATS doodles. CATS my beloved
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Human AU
Mistoffelees: It's so hot out...
Victoria: Well maybe you shouldn't have worn all black.
Mistoffelees: This is a summer shade of black.
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Macavity: I want to kiss you.
Mistoffelees: Ok.
Mistoffelees: Anything else you want to do?
Macavity: Destroy the Jellicles.
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Rum Tum Tugger: Apparently trying to ignore the fact you’re lactose intolerant doesn’t actually make it go away.
Mistoffelees: Everlasting, what did you do?!
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Tugger kittensitting Jemima and Sillabub
Mistoffelees: So, how did it go?
Rum Tum Tugger: Jems and Bubs wanted ice cream for breakfast and when I told them they couldn’t, they said I wasn’t their best friend anymore so we made a compromise.
Mistoffelees: Which is?
Rum Tum Tugger: They're on their second bowl of ice cream and now I’m their best friend in the whole universe!
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linadoonofficial · a day ago
Mistoffelees: Did you just push your sister?
Pysia: No.
Mistoffelees: Looked like you did.
Pysia: I just gave her a high five with my whole body.
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linadoonofficial · a day ago
Anália: O-Okiffa, what are you doing here? It’s late.
Okiffa: I just wanted to see you for a while.
Anália, blushing: Okiffa...
Rum Tum Tugger, from inside the den: Get a room, you two!
Mistoffelees: Preferably your room, Anália. It is the most soundproof area of our den.
Anália: D-dad!!! Papa!!!
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the-rum-tum-hatter · a day ago
Rum Tum Tugger: *opening his arms for Gelos waddling towards him*
Rum Tum Tugger: "There's my little Chicken Tugget!! Come here!!"
Rum Tum Tugger, laughing: "You get it, because-"
Mistoffelees: "Please don't call our son that-"
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Mr. Mistoffelees: Bro my dad “went to dinner” at my favorite Mexican restaraunt and said he’d bring me home a burrito and it’s fucking 9pm. My dad is having an affair.
Mr. Mistoffelees: Dad brought me the promised burrito just now so here’s my obligatory apology exonerating him from infidelity. Actually, that burrito was fantastic. I’m inclined to think my dad has never had sex in his life.
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1taliart-stargayce · a day ago
Quick question: How many people see Alonzo, Mistoffelees and Victoria as being related/siblings or doesn't mind that idea?
When I first joined the fandom there were, that I knew of, maybe two or three people other than me with this headcanon.
Because I must admit that seeing the one headcanon that represents 40% of my mental health being more extended now makes me happy.
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