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insaneoldme · a month ago
I don't think fic writers know how much they matter
Do you know how many times you distracted me when I was hurt or lonely? Do you know how many times a line or a scene from fanfic marked me so much that I remembered years later, even though I can't recall my own phone number? 
Even if the fic isn't perfect or popular or multi-chaptered... Sometimes there’s just one sentence that changed me.
You, miles and miles away, changed me.
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snowflakesandlemons · 4 days ago
you just had to go back like, what, a month?
just grab the seals from douxie before he uses them in his trap and have him use fake ones. put the real ones somewhere else! destroy them for all i care!!
just don’t disregard the past 5 years and your in-universe example of unbecoming
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An Inconvenient Affection [Chapter 7]
Tumblr media
Summary: When a couples’ therapist is suspected of murdering his own patients, Y/N and Spencer must go undercover as a feuding married couple to draw him out.
Chapter Summary: Y/N and Spencer prepare for an event
A/N:  Thank you all for being so kind an understanding about the hiatus last week! I really hope you enjoy this one! Love you all ❤️
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Category: Fake Dating, Friends to Lovers, (Eventual) Smut, Fluff, Angst
Warnings: NSFW language, sexual themes, language, mentions of stalking & infidelity, alcohol consumption.
Word Count: 4.4k
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He idles on the couch. His knee rocking up and down as he runs through the same thoughts over and over in an unproductive and frustrating loop.
Dr. Harris wasn’t parked outside, he was sure of that much, when he left the bar he had checked. In that usual spot, there was instead a black SUV. Not something that would typically catch his attention, but this time it was all he could focus on, stopping in the street to stare at it for a few moments too long.
But it wasn't about the car. It was about the kiss.
Why had she done it? She looked outside, she saw the absence of a car, and she kissed him. Had she only given a cursory glance and maybe thought she had seen it? Was she trying to keep up the image for the other people in the bar? Was she being cautious?
Or did she just want to? That was the question that had plagued him all evening.
She was his best friend, and he didn’t want to jeopardize that. But if there was a chance she felt the same way about him, or realistically even a fraction of what he felt for her, there was every chance that this could turn into something great. But if she didn’t, the risk just didn’t feel worth it.
The constant back and forth had him tugging at his hair enough to give him a headache. It had been hours of replaying the scene, of replaying all of the scenes from the past few weeks. She was always the first to kiss him. She was the one who suggested they do it in the first place. She’d been the one to push for them sleeping in the same bed, or for the ‘platonic’ cuddling. He would never presume anything about her intentions, she was affectionate with everybody, but that didn’t stop him from feeling confused about it.
By the time she got home he was still awake, both dazed with tiredness and full to the brim with adrenaline. Stuck somewhere in a messy in-between when he hears her keys jingle before they turn in the door, and he’s on his feet faster than he even seems to realize.
He so desperately wants to be brave, but that’s never been his strong suit, least of all when it came to her. But he tries his hardest, squaring himself up so that he’s the very first thing she sees as she comes through the threshold. So that there’s no avoiding him. So there’s no doubting the seriousness of his request.
“Oh!” she lets out a little surprised yelp, “You’re still up?” he only nods in response, holding his nerve.
“Why’d you do it?” he says, steeling himself in the hopes that his nerves don’t make his voice tremble. He knows he probably still looks terrified, for all of his bravado.
“Do what?” she asks with a tired confusion, shutting the door behind her and shaking her head.
“Why did you kiss me?” he studies her as he waits for the reply. Her eyes bulging slightly before darting around the room, nervous and unsure where to land.
“Because… he was watching us, I wanted—” she starts to fumble out a standard reason, but he’s not letting her away with it right now.
“No he wasn’t, tell me the truth.” he demands in a low voice for fear he wont be able to get the words out.
“I— I don’t— Spencer…” she mumbles, grappling for some sort of reasoning. Something about her being the nervous one is almost intoxicating, and it gives him a strangely needed burst of confidence. So he leans in, bracing a hand on the door, either side of her head, caging her in neatly until he’s got his answer.
“Why?” he whispers, “Tell me.”
She lets out one last shuddering breath before she caves, “Why do you think Spencer?” she sighs with a little shake of her head. And he wants to hear a more clear cut declaration, but he figures that can wait. Because right in that moment there was nothing he could focus on more than the way her lips gently parted, right as he looked at them. And how her chest heaved in anticipation of his next move.
He couldn’t hold back even a second longer, diving in with an almost fumbling urgency, their lips crash together. He holds himself there as she opens her mouth for him, as warm and soft as he remembers it. She moans into his mouth as their tongues move over one another and he decides then and there that it’s his favorite noise.
But he only gets to enjoy it for the briefest of moments before he’s ripped entirely from this fantasy, awakened by the shrill ringing in his ears.
When he comes-to in reality and checks his phone there’s nothing on the screen. So with sleep filled eyes he searches the bed for Y/N, finding her curled up against his side with an arm slung over his chest, fast asleep. When he tries to nudge her awake he’s only met with a soft groan, and no sign of movement. So he reaches over her, as gently as he can manage, and grabs her phone from the nightstand.
He doesn’t have quite enough time to savor even the last fragments of his dream as they start to float further and further from his grasp. Each chime of the phone waking him up more and more.
The ringtone is even more shrill when it’s this close to his face, but something about the bright screen just makes it all so much worse. ‘Penelope Garcia’ was the name scrolling across the screen, the name responsible for interrupting his sleep, and his dream.
If he lets it ring out he has to listen to it, and it might wake Y/N. But if he declines it she’ll probably just call back right away, he knew that much was a given. So he answers it instead and he’s instantly met with Garcia’s caffeinated voice, “I’ve been calling forever!” she laments.
“She’s asleep” Spencer manages to grunt through a huge yawn.
“Ah, and who might I be speaking to?” she asks through a poorly veiled giggle.
“Her husband” he says it with a smile, as strange as the whole thing felt, he did still love the way the words sounded.
“I see… Well lovebirds, it’s time to rise and shine! You’ve got big plans today” she chirps.
“No we don’t?” he asks, looking down at Y/N as she snuggles in closer to his side, her hand now resting gently on his stomach. He didn’t want to wake her up now, not when she looked so peaceful.
“Now you do! I’ve been monitoring Dr. Creepy’s emails, he’s going to be attending some swanky fundraiser event this evening. And you’re never gonna guess who’s just procured 2 invites…” she says the last part in a little melody as if that’ll soften the blow.
“Garcia! No. What? When?” he reaches up to turn on the bedside lamp then, and Y/N starts to stir against him, groaning at little at the unwelcome light.
“Tonight at 9, black tie. I hope you’ve packed something nice, a tux maybe? A bow tie at least! Ask Y/N if she packed a gown or anything floor length?”
By now Y/N is looking up at him through her one open eye, confused and tired with her brows furrowed together.
“Garcia wants to know if you packed any formal wear, a gown, long dress? Anything like that?”
Her expression just becomes even more puzzled and she shakes her head.
“She says no, and I’ve got nothing like that either” he tells her, laying his head back against the pillow with a resigned sigh, because he’s pretty sure he knows what’s coming next.
“Well then I guess you might just have to go shopping!” he can picture the giddy, devious, smirk on her face as she says the words, “I’ll forward the tickets and the info, good luck!”
The second he hangs up he releases a loud groan and Y/N just laughs at him a little, rubbing her eyes as she rolls off of him, laying on her side to look up at him. Instead of craning his neck he just turns to face her as he fills her in.
“Remember how you told me about those old missions you had to go on back in counter-intelligence?” she nods, “And how you told me that we probably wouldn’t have to dress up and go to any fancy events?” she nods again.
“Well, we have to dress up and go to a fancy event. Tonight. Dr. Harris is going to be there, so I guess it’ll be a good opportunity to catch him off guard? Bait him maybe? I don’t know honestly? This is more your area I guess” he says, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth as he thinks through all of the scenarios that could unfold this evening.
“So that’s why I’m supposed to have a gown?” she hums, the same scenarios are probably floating through her sleep addled brain too.
“Oh, yeah, we have to go shopping for something to wear to this thing” he tells her and she groans.
“Would you be opposed to staying in bed for another… 10 minutes?” she chances, and his face lights up. Raising up his arm and pulling the duvet with it so that she could tuck herself right up against him.
As much as he wishes he had the courage that he’d had in his sleep, he can’t help but feel at least a little content with his waking state right now. She was so warm in spite of how cold she always insisted she was. They both knew that temperature was only the thinly veiled disguise for their real desire to be this close to one another. Well, he hoped it was.
“Do you know how to dance?” she hums, her eyes were closed again when he looked down at her, but she wore a soft smile.
“I think you already know that I don’t, not well anyway”
“What, I’ve never seen you dance!” she leans up a little, twisting her body so that she can rest on his chest and look up at him.
“No, you absolutely have, you just don’t remember it” he says with a grin, and her eyebrows furrow together.
“That’s not true”
“Garica’s birthday party, like a year and a bit ago?” he tries to jog her memory and her eyes softly close in resignation.
“Oh no” she sighs.
“Oh yeah” he giggles.
She had been trying to get Spencer to dance all night. Plying him with booze, which worked against her more than it worked with her. Every time she got him a drink she got one for herself to, not to mention all of the shots Penelope had insisted on.
Instead Spencer remained steadfast, staying firmly in his place in the booth. He said he was ‘minding their things’ but really he just didn’t want to embarrass himself.
The only thing that managed to get him out of his seat was when she tumbled gracelessly into his lap during one of her attempts to physically pull him out of the booth. As she fell, the skirt of her dress rode up so that he knew it was only her bare skin against his slacks. He couldn’t risk that, and he was also tipsy enough that he didn’t trust his hands not to wander if she stayed situated.
“Fine! Okay.” he sighed, and her eyes lit up, hopping up out of his lap and dragging him with her.
“Good, ‘cause I queued up a song for you on the jukebox, it’s up next!” she excitedly tells him as she pulls him by the wrist to the sticky dance floor.
The only reason he was able to ignore the feeling of his shoes as the peeled off he mixture of spilled drinks with each step, was because she was looking at him with such bright eyes. Pulling him close to her body as they stopped in the middle of the floor, she took his hands and placed one on either side of her waist, wrapping her own around his neck.
Once the current song ends and the next one opens on a gentle guitar riff, Y/N’s face falls.
“This isn’t the song I queued up” she frowns dramatically, “it’s supposed to be that classical one you like, Romeo and Juliet”
And while he loves the orchestral score, he still knows this one.
“It’s still Romeo and Juliet… but by Dire Straits” Spencer smiles, but she’s still frowning.
“Why wouldn’t they have the artist name there then?” she huffs as Spencer sways her to the music, and he can’t help but laugh.
“Why would they have Prokofiev on the jukebox at a bar?” he giggles, so she makes a half hearted attempt to stand on his toes.
“Hey hey! I like this one too, you don’t have to lash out” he defends himself with a laugh.
“I just wanted you to have a nice time, I wanted you to dance with me” she shrugs.
“Well, I’m still dancing with you aren’t I?” she shrugs and seems to agree with him, dancing to the rest of the song wordlessly.
She tucks her face into his shoulder as they dance, and he doesn’t seem to realize that she’s basically asleep until the song comes to an end and she doesn’t move. He has to shake her a little before she responds with a little ‘huh?’ and he can’t hold back his chuckle.
“Let’s get you back to the booth” he laughs as he ushers her back to their seats. But sitting down doesn’t do much to help, she just slumps against the side of his shoulder and tries to rest.
When Derek comes over to offer them another round Spencer shakes his head.
“I think she’s had enough” he smiles down at her and her sleepy little face as it smushes up against his bicep.
“Maybe you should get her home” Derek suggests with a smirk.
So he does. Guiding her, and almost carrying her at times, into the cab, and back to her apartment. She doesn’t say anything but mumbled little ‘sorry’s and ‘thank you’s until she’s curled up beneath the covers.
“You!” She mumbles, catching him by his tie as he tucks her in, “Are a terrible dancer.” she finishes with a giggle. He almost takes offense until she opens her mouth to speak again, “You’re lucky you’re so handsome” she says it through a yawn, and he genuinely doesn’t know how to respond. So he just leans down and places a soft kiss on her forehead.
“Goodnight Y/N”
“Night Spence” he hears her soft voice as he closes the door of her bedroom to head home.
— — —
Spencer had never really liked shopping. He had owned most of his clothes forever, some of them were hand me downs, or things he’d liked from vintage and thrift stores, just like all of the trinkets that littered his apartment. He had a style that he liked, and he wasn’t really interested in changing it. The only really nice clothes he owned were mostly from Rossi.
A few cardigans that he'd Googled the price of later on and almost spat out his coffee. Rossi had taken him to his tailor a few times, insisting that every man should own some well-tailored suits. And he wasn’t wrong. He’d catch himself doing a double take in the mirror whenever he wore one of his good suits.
He decided to swing by his real apartment quickly to pick up his tux, and to avoid having to shop for an outfit for himself all together. Shopping had always been one of his least favorite pastimes, but for some reason he didn’t much mind wandering from store to store with Y/N.
He tried to dodge it initially, but when she said she really wanted his help deciding what to wear, he just couldn’t bring himself to say no. So he went, she bribed him a little bit, buying him a cup of coffee that he could carry around with him as they browsed.
“But what are we even looking for?” he asks, taking the fabric of one dress between his fingers, admiring the smooth satin.
“I don’t really know? Something ‘black-tie’ whatever that means?” she ponders, wandering through the racks of dresses.
“Ironically, the birth of black tie in about 1885 signaled a loosening of ties, so to speak. Wanting a more comfortable alternative to a formal tail-coat, Edward VII swapped it for a blue silk smoking jacket with matching trousers. It was Edward VII’s inspired loosening that eventually morphed into black tie, clinging on to some of the formal accoutrements of tails, like the black tie shirt’s winged collar and the bow tie, which itself is a descendant of Beau Brummell’s early 19th-century cravat—” Spencer starts to babble, the caffeine, and more likely the nerves in anticipation of this evening, getting the best of him.
“Oh… cool!” she smiles, “But what does that mean for me, like, what does a woman have to wear to a black tie… thing?”
“Oh, well typically ladies ‘black-tie fashion’ can be interpreted as more lenient. But generally full-length gowns in dark shades and decadent fabrics are the preferred choice.” he nods, eyeing up a long black gown, it’s got intricate beading all along the bodice, and a plunging neckline. He has to gulp down the lump in his throat when his mind drifts to images of her wearing it as his date.
“So does that mean something red is a bad idea?” she asks, gravitating towards a rail of bright red gowns in various fabrics. And he doesn’t do a very good job of pretending not to choke on his sip of coffee. It was undoubtedly his favorite color on her and he couldn’t believe he hadn’t been the one to suggest it first.
“No!— Yeah… wait— I mean, you can wear red, that’d be fine.” He shakes his head, “I mean, that would be great!” he curses himself for tripping over his would-be compliment. What he really wants to tell her is that he thinks she looks absolute ethereal in red. Something about it just makes his eyes turn into hearts like he’s some lovelorn cartoon character.
“You really think so?” she smiles up at him and he nods, “C’mon, help me pick one” she says as she beckons him over.
So they go through the rack together until Spencer finds one that he thinks will work. Well, he thinks it’ll work for him. It’s satin, with a square neckline, and it’s floor-length. Nothing he wont be able to handle seeing her in, at least not to an inappropriate degree.
“Ah, Spence, I love it!” she beams, taking it from him and holding it up against her body, and the way the color makes all of her features pop just makes him smile immediately. “I’ll try it on real quick, but I think this is the one”
He waits patiently for her to try it on and pay, standing awkwardly with the other men who were clearly waiting for their girlfriends. He feels silly wishing he was really one of them.
“You know what you should wear with that?” he asks on the short drive back home, and she shakes her head, shrugging her shoulders as she asks “what?”
And he almost doesn’t want to say it, in case it makes him sound creepy. But his desires eclipse that worry for just long enough.
“That red lipstick you have. The one you wore on New Years?” he asks, and she smiles softly.
“You liked that one.” she says, and if he didn’t know any better he’d think she was about to say something else, but she stops herself, “I think I still have it” is what she says instead.
— — —
Spencer’s ready first, all the pieces of his tuxedo firmly in place as he sits on the sofa in wait. Well, all bar one, his bow tie was loose around his neck as he read through one of his books. He had given it a decent effort himself, looking up a tutorial online and practicing it in the bathroom mirror still didn’t quite get him there so he figured he’d wait for her. Maybe she’d know how, she always seemed to be able to do the things he couldn’t.
So he waits, reading to keep himself calm before whatever stress this evening could bring hit him. He just doesn’t expect it to come quite so soon. When the bedroom door creaks open and he sees her standing in the doorway his heart-rate skyrockets.
The dress he picked out may have had some conservative elements, but he missed out on one crucial detail. He can deal with the way the bodice hugs her perfectly, or the way the neckline teases just a little of her chest, leading into the exposed skin of her clavicle and neck. Or how the hem drops all the way down to the floor. But what he’d failed to notice about the dress while it was on the rack, is the long slit that trails up the length of her leg. Falling open to expose her soft skin all the way up to her mid thigh.
It looked even better as she walked, coming towards him to take a seat beside him on the couch.
“What do you think?” she asks, smoothing the fabric down along her lap. And realistically, he doesn’t know that he even possesses the vocabulary to adequately compliment her.
“So, so… pretty” he sighs, doing absolutely nothing to stifle the lovesickness that had to be plain on his face.
“You clean up nice too, but what’s happening here?” she points to his shirt collar, and the undone tie that hung around it.
“I— uh… don’t know how?” he shrugs, and she just chuckles at him, turning so she can face him properly. He tries not to notice how the shift in her movement makes the skirt fall further open.
“Has Rossi always tied ‘em for you?” she smirks, taking a piece of the tie in each hand and delicately folding them together until they were tied in a neat bow. Taking the time to straighten it out so that it was level before placing her hands firmly on Spencer’s shoulders to admire her work.
“Perfect, now do me” she smiles, and the innuendo that creeps into his head makes his cheeks flush pink.
“W-what?” but before she can answer she’s swiveling around to present her back to him. All he can focus on is the smooth skin in front of him, and the delicate clasp of a bra that rests along the centre of it. It takes him a second longer than he’d like to realize that her zip is only half way up.
“It’s a little… stiff” he hears her sigh, “Needs a strong hand”
“Oh— uh, okay” he stutters, and he thinks he can hear a stifled snort coming from her. She was probably delighted to feel the way his fingers fumbled against the fabric before they managed to find purchase on the zipper.
But when his knuckles brushed against the soft skin and it erupted with goosebumps he was hit with an overwhelming sense of pride. And so he decided to place his other hand firmly against the curve of her waist, squeezing just enough that he could hear her take a rough, unsteady breath.
He gains just enough confidence back to tease her once the zipper is securely fastened. Keeping one hand on her waist, with the other lingering on the skin of her shoulder he leans himself forward so that his lips are right against her.
“You were right,” he chuckles against the shell of her ear, “let me know if you need any help getting out of it later”.
— — —
Realistically they should’ve strategized sooner, but he doesn’t think to bring it up until they’re on the way to the event.
“What are we actually doing tonight?” he asks, fidgeting with the invitation in his hands.
“Make him notice us I guess. I think this could be a great time to flip the switch?” she turns in her seat so face him a little as she asks the question.
“You mean…” he knows what she means, he just knows that it also means the beginning of the end.
“Have me cheat, or plant the seeds at least” she confirms and he just nods, the very idea makes him feel sick to his stomach. Even though he knew none of this was real. Well, maybe not none of it.
“Oh… cool?” he ponders out loud, and he finds himself wondering what that might even look like.
“Not like I’m gonna go home with someone else to anything!” she reaches out a hand and it lingers reassuringly on his forearm, “Maybe I’ll just flirt with someone while you’re occupied, getting drinks or something? Nothing too serious.” he hates that she could tell the idea was freaking him out.
“So—uh” he clears his throat, pretending to gain back some of his composure, “Are we going to interact with him tonight?”
“No!” she’s quick to reply, “We want him to think he’s still operating under the radar. And he thinks that we’re blissfully unaware of our surroundings, and I’d like to keep it that way”
“So, we’re just putting on a show for him them?” Spencer asks, and he can’t help the way his mind calls back to images from the last time they had to ‘put on a show’ for him.
“Precisely” she smiles
“Well, we’re good at that” he jokes, and she laughs, albeit a little nervously. And maybe they’re thinking of the same memory.
“Are you nervous?” she asks as they hop out of the cab amongst all of the other formally dressed guests.
“Always” he says with a half laugh-half sigh, he wishes it weren’t the truth.
“Well don’t be, I’ve got you.” she smiles up at him, linking her elbow with his as they make their way up the steps of the building, “And besides, this is a high profile event, he’s not going to touch us here, alright?”
“Alright” he concedes, but that wasn’t what he was nervous about.
— — —
Let me know what you thought about this chapter here <3
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ao3commentoftheday · a month ago
I’m looking for any advice on doing longer fics? I wanna look to doing more and do longer things but I have a lot of difficulty. Outlines aren’t really a thing that work a lot for me and I have this itch to do something longer and was wondering what other people did for longer fics and how they keep themselves motivated to keep it up. Any advice from anyone?
I can't plan a fic to save my life, but I do enjoy writing multi-chaptered works. My longest is 75K, but they're usually in the 20-40K range.
The way I do it is to think of a fairly simple plot (for example, Characters A and B are best friends. They're in this situation. Events unfold to turn them into lovers.) and keep that throughline in mind. They're friends and they're going to end up in love. This is the setting.
The events that transpire to get them there might need some planning, but as long as I keep my end point in mind, the route that I take to get there can be anything at all.
I'm also really bad at taking notes about my fics, so the way I keep it all straight in my head is to just tell myself the story over and over again. I replay the story and the various scenes in my head, often deciding what happens next. Then, since I've thought about it so much, I can remember the details I need to reference in later chapters, and all of my daydreaming means that I have a solid idea of what that next scene is going to look like.
This method is almost certainly not for everyone, but it's what works for me and my brain. Let's see how other people go about it, shall we?
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bluemusickid · 2 months ago
A Love So True
Pairing: Chris Evans x Fem!Reader
Warnings: none so far, fluff, meet-cute (eventual smut, angst, fluff, 18+ in later chapters)
A/N: What can I say, I am a sucker for angst. This is a lil' different from my other work, so I hope you enjoy it. Also, this is going to be a multi-chapter fic, so please drop an ask if you want to be added on a taglist for it!😅😊 Also idk if anyone's done this before (i'm sure they have tho, and it's prob better, people here are amazing writers💓), but i've not read it anywhere, so apologies if it seems similar to any other fic you might've read.
Join my taglist and check out my masterlist for more!!
I post my stuff only on Tumblr and AO3, nowhere else. I do not give anyone permission to translate or repost my fics anywhere else. Inspite of this being a fic with no adult content, MINORS DNI. 18+ blog only, you are responsible for your media consumption. Not beta'ed, any mistakes if made, grammatical or otherwise, are all mine. Dividers by the awesome, super, amazing @firefly-graphics 💓🙏
Tumblr media
The leaves crunched under your heels, the chill in air making you shiver a tad. It was a gloomy day, with little light and little brightness. The walk reminded you of the numerous times you'd walked to school, taken the same road, walked along the same path, seen the same trees, albeit with newer leaves.
Yet, there was something missing. And you knew what it was, but you couldn't pinpoint it.
The accident. That day, that cursed day, which had changed everything, which was responsible for this feeling. You don't remember anything before that, it's all a haze. All you remember is waking up in a hospital bed, your mother's tearful gaze settling upon you.
Your parents had never said a word. They loved you, nurtured you, kept you safe and sound. And yet, they never filled in the blanks, walking on eggshells in every conversation you'd have. But there was something just nagging at you, day in and day out. It was like an itch, but you couldn't scratch it. A melody on the tip of your tongue, which you couldn't name. And that was your life now.
You walked into the café, grateful for the warmth and the aroma of coffee beans engulfing you. You placed your order at the counter, texting your brother in the meantime.
You took your place in the cozy armchair, opening up your laptop. You'd sent out resumés months ago, but in vain. All good things take time, right? Atleast you hoped so. There was only so much you could do to distract yourself; to keep yourself from overthinking and trying to make yourself remember. Bad as it may sound, you kind of didn't want to remember anymore. It was exhausting, terrifying and draining. You hated the phrase but maybe ignorance was bliss.
With that thought, you got back to the task at hand, feeling around for your charger, but couldn't find it. That was weird. You never left home without it.
"Excuse me? Are you looking for your charger?" A voice asked.
You looked up, and boy were you thankful you'd dropped it. Deep blue eyes, long lashes and pink full lips, a smile adorning them. It hit you like a ton of bricks.
"Oh..thanks.." you mumbled, aware that you were staring but it was involuntary at this point. It wasn't just his looks. Something felt familiar about him, like you'd met him somewhere before, but you couldn't place him.
"May I...sit here? There aren't any good spots left and I don't really like sitting alone." He said, rubbing his neck, awkwardly.
He took a seat, carefully keeping his coffee cup down. Pulling out his laptop, he set it down before speaking again.
"Thanks, I hope you don't mind. It's just that sitting alone just seems so awkward. People give you these judgy looks and I get kinda weirded out by that."
"Oh, I totally get that. You're welcome to stay." You smiled. He extended his hand, after a beat.
"Chris." You shook his hand, giving him your name. His hand was warm, electric jolts running through your body as he grasped your hand. What was happening? Why did a sense of deja vu just hit you? Had you met him before?
"Is there...something on my face?" He grinned.
"Huh? Oh no...sorry, I..I didn't mean to stare. It's just that I felt like I've seen you or met you...somewhere. Do you come here often?"
"Uhhh first time actually. It's funny, I pass by this place so many friggin' times, but never really had the chance to come in. The day I do, I meet a pretty lady, so I guess it was all for a reason." He said, a slight grin adorning his lips.
You smiled at that. So he was a charmer. And a good-looking guy. Huh.
"How many times has that line worked?" You asked, mischievously. He was too good to be true, he had to get flustered by that.
"If it works on you, the number will be one. And by the end of this conversation, I hope I'll get a different number...perhaps...from you." He trailed off, giving the shyest smiled you'd ever seen.
Your eyes widened at that. Jesus Christ, he really was smooth. Buckle up, you thought to yourself, taking a sip from your cup. This was a ride worth taking.
Tumblr media
It was probably 6, 6:30, 7ish by the time you'd wrapped up and started leaving the café. Time stood still with him, you noticed. He didn't seem like the type of guy you'd even pursue, let alone have a date with. But you were glad enough to admit that your judgement was hasty and wrong. He was different. Smart, funny, shy, handsome, dreamy. Did you have a crush on him already? After a few hours? That was sooo..not possible....Was it?
You'd talked about so many things, some of which would have made no sense to a third person. He was charmingly witty, his jokes keeping you in splits. He asked you about your job, where you were from, why you chose your major. He listened attentively, hanging on every word you said, as if committing it to his memory.
And his eyes. They were blue with hints of green, which sparkled every time he talked to you. Those eyes beckoned to you, called to you. You could happily drown in those eyes and it would be worth it. But there was a hint of familiarity in them; like he knew you. Like you knew him. They shone with an intensity you'd never seen before; certainly not from a stranger.
You walked home, your head in the clouds, a slight skip in your step. It had been an okay day, but he'd made it a good day. Wasn't it weird, how one person, one incident, could literally change your entire day?
You knew you'd be dreaming about him at night. And his eyes. And his smile. And his hair. And him.
Kicking your boots off, you chirped, "I'm home!!!", knowing for a fact that your mom would definitely notice the change in your mood and ask you a million questions. You didn't know if you would tell her just yet, but maybe after a few dates.
Dates, as in plural. How did that happen, you ask? Well, he must be a goddamn psychic, because what he said did end up happening. You gave him your number, with the promise of him calling or texting hanging in the air.
That night, you drifted off and indeed dreamt about him, whisking you off on a white horse, like a Prince, his blue eyes haunting your dreams.
Tumblr media
Chris stood before the window, watching the city lights and silhouttes light up the night sky. It had been a few hours since he came back home, dropping the keys on the table, as he trudged inside. He felt drained, both physically and emotionally. Seeing you had lit him up from inside. Talking to you...oh God, it had to be the best thing ever. He felt like he would burst, seeing your eyes on him as he talked. It didn't feel weird, it felt natural. It felt normal.It felt like nothing had ever changed.
But it had. And it killed him. Every moment, every second of every day he spent away from you, killed him slowly, minute by minute. He couldn't believe it. He was mourning the loss of somebody who was still alive.
A whine caught his attention. Turning around, he saw Dodger, bringing him his pet lion. Chris smiled through the sheen of tears that had formed. Sitting down, he adjusted Dodger on his lap, stroking his fur gently.
"Hey buddy. I saw your mommy today. She still looks as pretty as she did when you last saw her. I know you miss her a lot, I do too. Bet she'd remember you, bud-" he stopped, his voice cracking as he choked up. No, no. He musn't cry. He couldn't cry. Showing even a hint of weakness would break his resolve. He knew it would be tough, but he had to fight for you.
You never really know what you have until you lose it, he realised, tears flowing freely. He hugged Dodger, holding onto him with all his might, afraid that he too, might leave if he let go of him.
He wouldn't lose you, he couldn't lose you. He would die if he did.
Chris felt a touch on his head, the feel of a hand stroking his hair. For a split second, he wished, hoped, prayed it was you. But it was just Lisa.
Pulling him up, she made him sit on the sofa, as he hugged her and cried, the tears wracking his entire body. She held him, keeping her tears at bay. She hated seeing him like this, and it killed her to see her baby like this. She felt helpless, and rightly so. Mothers can make everything right in the world, but this was one thing she couldn't remedy. So she let him cry.
"You met her today, didn't you?" He nodded, wiping his nose on his shirt.
"Did she recognize you at all?"
"No...she said she thought she saw me somewhere...but that was it." He murmured. He felt weary, his soul heavier than his body weight.
"I miss her, ma." he croaked, his tears starting afresh.
"Don't do this to yourself Chris. You're only gonna end up getting hurt. Tell her the truth."
"You saw what happened in the hospital, ma. She didn't remember me, not even a bit. Telling her might overwhelm her, and I don't want that. If she can't remember me, I'll make her fall in love with me again. Even if it takes me decades, I will. Because she is my wife, my soulmate, and the only person I want to grow old with. I will move Heaven and Earth to bring her back to me."
That night, as she watched Chris sleep, she made up her mind. She would help her son in whatever means necessary, to bring you back. To bring his happiness back. To make this family whole again.
Lisa simply nodded. She understood. She loved you like a daughter too. This loss was a big blow to the whole family, not only Chris.
Tumblr media
And no, I've not watched The Notebook, ever (yea sue me lolol). But I read a real life story about a woman who lost her memory and her husband wooed her back afterwards and I was like, ugh.😭
I hope y'all liked it, tried to do something different.🥺😅 Feedback is welcome. Likes are good, reblogs are appreciated!
-love, Lexi.💓
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dolliedarlin · a month ago
“ m o m m y ! ” | finale ⏤katsuki b.
Tumblr media
p a i r i n g : single dad prohero bakugou x neighbour baker reader 
s u m m a r y : after all the hurt and turmoil, katsumi’s wish finally comes true 
l e n g t h : 4.3k
g e n r e : fluff ; angst ; single dad bakugou ; neighbour reader ; baker reader ; single dad bakugou x reader ; 
w a r n i n g : fluffiness and bakugou’s swearing  
a / n : here it is! The finale to yet another mini multi chapter to my endearment series, I hope you dollies enjoy it and that you all so so much to everyone that has supported me and this series as it was being written. It was so motivating and encouraging to see that so many of you lovelies enjoyed my writing and were eagerly anticipating all future updates. Although this may be the end to bakugou’s main story in the endearment series, it doesn’t mean there won’t be future mini updates on his story with katsumi and yn, the same for kirishima, ren and yn. Additionally, I hope you all anticipate the next storyline in this series, featuring our beloved electric hero, Kaminari Denki!
Tumblr media
After spending almost an eternity in suffocating darkness, you wake up in a hospital bed beside a large window. In the same bed beside you, Katsumi is curled up atop the sheets and pressing her face into the side of your waist as her arm lays atop your stomach. Her cute face is scrunched up uncomfortably and, although it makes you sad to see her upset, you can’t help but feel warmth spread through you from the fact that she’s worried for you even in her slumber.
Just as you go to gently shake Katsumi awake, the faint opening of the door across the room draws your attention away and stops you mid act. In walks Bakugou, who you instantly lock eyes with and smile at, ready to whisper a greeting in respect of Katsumi’s dreaming state. You weren’t given the chance to utter a single word as Bakugou makes it to your side in seconds. His strong arms are wrapped around you tightly as he presses his face into your neck. You recognise the feeling of being held in his arms; you can recall the blurred moments leading up to you blacking out whilst caught up in the thrashing body of the river. Was he the one that saved you?
“You’re awake...” Bakugou sighs in relief reaching up to stroke the back of your head, something he’s come to habitually do as a father whenever he needed to comfort Katsumi. In this case, however, it was his way of comforting himself, giving reassurance in the fact that you were okay and that you’re present. Of course, he was told that you would be alright and that they just needed to wait for you to wake up and do some quick checks before you could go home. That verbal reassurance, however, is different to seeing you awake and being your usual self.
Bakugou didn’t hesitate to jump into the waves after you as soon as Katsumi was as far away from the riverside as possible. The instant he removed the gear that weighed him down, Bakugou battled the furious waters, grateful for the training that helped him resist such conditions and maintain a cool head when his heart was pounding painfully from both worry and strain. The instant he spotted you in the waters, Bakugou rushed to your side despite desperately needing to go up for air, this caused a lingering ache to throb in his lung for an hour or so after your rescue. The discomfort had only just managed to dull out completely before the pain in his heart followed it at the confirmation of your full recovery ahead.
“I’m sorry for worrying you,” as much as you wanted to, you couldn’t savour the feeling of being tightly held when the blonde hero pulled away with his signature scowl.
“Shitty didn’t know how to swim, did you?”
Despite averting your gaze to avoid his piercing stare, you caved, “no...I don’t,”
“Why the hell did you jump in then, dumbass?!”
“I needed to save Katsumi,” you whispered sharply with a snap of your tongue, “I made a promise...” silence filled the air as Bakugou leaned back to admire you further, the action contradicting his ever present frown. You were just as heroic if not more heroic than his past partner - his first love. He saw bits and pieces of her in you but you were still your own person. You weren’t as stubborn, you were gentle and understanding, always looking for a compromise in every disagreement; you were more delicate but that didn’t mean you weren’t strong, you had strength in other things; you weren’t impulsive and spontaneous, it was a charm that his past love had that he fell for but you had your own charm when it came to your rational thinking and weighing of all possible options, only to go with one that had the most benefits across all parties. Compared to his first love you were almost the exact opposite but in things that mattered most, you were the same, loving, kind, compassionate and the only ones capable of entrancing him completely.
It hurt to think that he was, in some way, letting go of the first woman he ever loved and thought he would love for the rest of his life but a part of him said that it was okay. She was a stubborn one that grew green with envy easily but he knew that she ultimately wanted for him, all the things that made him happy. You make him happy. Katsumi too. You fit the empty space in their lives seamlessly. It’s as if the universe was saying this was his second chance at obtaining pure happiness. And he’d be an idiot to throw that away; he almost did, at first - what was he thinking?
He’s fully aware that he’s wrapped around your little finger now even though you don’t seem to notice.
It’s better that way...for his dignity. He may be head over heels but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna explicitly tell anyone about it. Instead, he’ll express it the way he knows best, through actions.
“Damn woman,” Bakugou uttered under his breath, almost laughing at himself for being so stupid this entire time, remembering how his old love used to complain about how oblivious he could be at times, especially with love. This was a perfect example of her claim.
“That promise was important to me!” you defended after hearing his utterance.
“More important than your own life?‘ the explosive blonde challenged, staring deeply into your eyes as they sparkled with a familiar determination.
Bakugou’s eyes narrowed dangerously as a shiver travels up your spine but you don’t waver, “nothing is more important than your life...” the steely glow of his ruby orbs grow warm and soft, and you silently gasp, “Katsumi wouldn’t want to hear you say that...and neither do I,” you were speechless, “and if this incident really did cost you your life...” you don’t know when it happened but Bakugou was suddenly mere centimeters away from you, your noses touching timidly as his feathery lashes waved at yours coquettishly with every blink. His voice lowered to a whisper, “I might have stopped breathing if that happened,” you had no time to react as Bakugou captured your lips with his own and pulled you as close as possible with his hands on your hips. The minute you closed your eyes, Bakugou followed-suit and savoured the moment as if it was your last minute on earth. How long have you yearned for this? And how could you be so greedy for already wanting more in the midst of it?
You didn’t want to pull away but the ache of your lungs was becoming painful and relented as your mind remained foggy with elation.
“Oi, sweets,” you blushed at the nickname, “someone’s awake,” surprised, you turned to your side and smiled brightly as Katsumi cheekily peeled one eye open before jumping into your arms, cheering in happiness.
“Does this mean you’re going to marry daddy and live happily ever after?” your blush intensified having not completely dissipated from earlier.
“How much did you hear and see?” Bakugou’s eyes were once again narrowed but this time.
“I didn’t see anything~...” Katsumi feigned innocence but, of course, couldn’t hold her own excitement back for long, “but I heard everything!” she giggled as Bakugou groaned, throwing his head back in embarrassment. Just as he was going to scold her for eavesdropping, he was cut off, “Daddy you were so romantic~” she sighed dreamily as if she had watched a k-drama scene unfold, “right mom?”
“Yes, he was,” you whisper, forgetting to correct her way of addressing you.
“Stop calling her that,” Bakugou snapped, “she’s not your mom,” he stands up and turns around to leave the room and call for a nurse, the room’s atmosphere turning dismal as a familiar ache in your chest clenches around your lungs and heart, “not yet, at least” as quickly as the pain settles, it’s washed away from Bakugou’s final statement and Katsumi is squealing in joy, cheering and bouncing around in your lap, chattering up a storm about being a flower girl, rings and wedding dresses. You're surprised that with all her jabbering, you were still able to catch a glimpse of Bakugou’s red-tinted ears as he shuts the door behind him and giggled to yourself, remembering that he didn’t need to leave the room to call for a nurse as there was a button for assistance right at your bedside.
Tumblr media
Despite being discharged at the hospital, Bakugou and Katsumi made you promise to take, at least, a day off of work so that you could fully rest. At first, they bargained with you taking an entire month off but you had responsibilities as an entrepreneur so you made them lower it to a week and eventually settled on one day but with the promise to do nothing the entire time, hence why you’re sat reading a book in your living room with the early morning sunlight slowly filtering in through your ceiling-tall windows.
A sudden knock at the door pulled you away from your modest bundle of sheets and pillows not expecting such a sudden visit but building up anticipation as to who it could be.
“What are you two doing here?” you laughed upon revealing who stood at your doorstep - you weren’t surprised but it still made you happy, regardless.
“To take care of you, that’s what!” Katsumi announces, hands on her hips and feet shoulder width apart, proud to make herself useful as Bakugou stands a little behind her, his arms piled high with god-knows-what in boxes, his ruby eyes barely peeking over the stacked heap in his arms.
“Haha! Then please,” you step aside and pull the door open wider, “make yourselves at home,” you didn’t know what they had planned but you were thrilled, nonetheless. Silence and solitude was always a pleasant way of passing the day but having others share the time with you, filling the hours with laughter and developing fond memories was just as, if not, better than the former.
It appears as though they had visited your bakery beforehand from the delicious baked goods Katsumi, sitting on the kitchen island, helped her father lay out beautifully on the available plates.
“This is for later!” Katsumi chirped happily after meeting your gaze only to finish up her work and asked to be brought to the floor so as to order Bakugou around some more, “Go help (Y/N) daddy while I make everyone some good ol’ lemonade,”
“Alright, firecracker,” Bakugou fondly ruffles Katsumi’s hair with a soft smile, “you got your step stool?”
“Yup!” she holds up the foldable stool with a grin then tucks it under one arm as she uses her other to push Bakguou towards you, “now, shoo!”
“Yeah yeah,” Bakugou rolls his eyes at her and finally turns his full focus onto you. He was dressed in his dangerously casual attire again; baggy, army green sweatpants that hang from his hips, sheepishly leaving a window of skin to view his v-line as his tight black tank accentuated his thin waist and toned physique. The blush on your face made him smirk. You were so cute shamelessly eyeing him up like that but it wasn’t as though he never did that for you too. You loved showcasing your shoulders and collarbones and Bakugou was grateful, it was an appetising sight he always readily devoured with his greedy eyes.
“U-ummm-” you began but gasped at suddenly being swept up into the blonde hero’s strong arms as a squeal of delight came from Katsumi in the kitchen. Both instances made your cheeks burn and your lips tug up into a smile that you buried into Bakugou’s exposed neck.
The rest of the day carried on like that. You found that Bakugou abandoned what little hesitancy he clung onto before and the distance he was displaying had completely vanished. In place of his prior aloofness, he made the effort of interacting with you more, the intimacy encouraged by Katsumi in, sometimes subtle but oftentimes undisguised pursuits. The cheeky six year old would even go so far as to demand the two of you kiss but each and every time, Bakugou would turn her down only to wait until she grumpily turned away to lightly peck your lips. No matter how many times it happened, you always became a flustered mess, rousing suspicion in Katsumi when she turns and takes in your frenzied state. Perhaps that was what made her so happy and bold when ordering her dad around, the number one hero, to do her bidding, most of her requests being about you.
In her happiness, she jumped up from the cuddle pile you were all huddled in and rushed to the kitchen, “I’ll get us more snacks and drinks!”
“Need any help with the fridge, firecracker?”
“I’m good! Thanks, daddy!” Bakugou raises an anticipating brow as his lips curl into a slight smirk, as if he was anticipating something, “I’m a big girl!” Katsumi finally shouts, to which Bakugou nods at with a knowing look on his face.
“She’s a ‘big girl’...” he whispers to you and you both smile in amusement, “but can she reach the top shelf with her small step stool?”
“Daddy! ‘Up’s please!”
“No, no she can’t,” you both laugh and Bakugou soon leaves to help his daughter, but not before giving you a soft kiss. Moments pass and your heart is still racing, even when the explosive blonde comes back to cuddle up with you again, “she insists on making the drinks look pretty,” he pulls you up to lay on top of him with a gentle grunt, making the right adjustments so that you were both comfortable, “I think she spotted your little umbrellas, fancy shaped ice cubes and edible flowers,” he whispers to which you smile at. For the uptenth time that day, you share a laugh and sit in comfortable silence until…”why didn’t you wait for heroes to arrive that day? You were fairly close to the city, we could have gotten there on time and you wouldn’t have had to put yourself in danger...”
This question again. You had had this conversation already and you were sure that you made yourself perfectly clear about your reasoning the first time but Bakugou is still obviously frustrated from the incident and your idiotic actions. For now, you’ll put up with it.
“I didn’t want to wait for heroes...” you stubbornly huffed but relaxed into his shoulder as he stroked your hair, “I needed to save Katsumi, especially because she couldn’t swim...”
“And I made a promise, didn’t I?” your voice was firm but still kind and gentle, “I wasn’t going to go back on that promise,” even though he expected your answer, Bakugou was still shocked but pleasantly so at your consistent response, so much so that he smiled to himself as you drew patterns onto his chest with your finger. Finally, you lifted your face to smile at him. In that moment, he saw even more of his past lover in you. She too always stayed true to her word and kept all her promises, it’s a trait evident in Katsumi and he’s come to love the attribute very much - it appears as though all of his loved ones have it and he embraces that fact wholeheartedly.
The moon eventually rose after the sun set and the time came to tuck Katsumi into bed in your guest bedroom; she had insisted on a sleepover at your place and since the father and daughter duo had already spent the entire day with you, why not the entire night as well?
Naturally, the motherly instincts in you kicked in at the sight of Katsumi’s drowsy face and you began to sing her a lullaby, unaware of the loving gaze Bakugou was staring on at the scene with. This was an image he desperately craved to have with his old lover many times in the past. Now that it was unfolding before him, his soft heart ached  at the bittersweet happiness he felt to see you fulfil such a role.
With this, maybe he can finally let go. And so, as soon as you stopped singing, he greedily captured your lips in a searing kiss backed by so much passion and indescribable emotions, you were overwhelmed and could barely savour the moment as Bakugou pulled away too quickly.
“We can’t have Katsumi seeing just yet...” he whispers.
Tumblr media
Months pass and you easily integrate into their lives and them, yours. You have a spare room all to yourself and several shelving spaces in the kitchen and fridge to call your own, equally, Katsumi and Bakugou took over two available spare rooms in your penthouse. It wasn’t a forced change nor was it an unwelcome one; it simply made things easier as you’d spend several days at their penthouse before you moved back into yours and it didn’t take them more than a day to follow you and spend a handful of days at your penthouse too.
Most of the cooking was left to you despite Bakugou already being a phenomenal cook, his hero work always left him exhausted and it helped to take your pre made bento boxes to his agency, it helped give him a feeling of home while he was out fighting villains or toiling the day away in his agency on paperwork, it provided the right motivation he needed throughout an exhausting work day. It was also much nicer for him to return home without having to worry about cooking food for himself and Katsumi. At times, you’d return later than him but had everything prepared and set up on the kitchen table, even so, Katsumi insisted that they always wait for you so that you may all eat together. Bakugou agreed but also prepared a light snack during the wait. More often than not, you were, thankfully, the one home before him and after a ‘welcome home’ hug and peck on the cheek from both of his favourite girls, you ushered him to the bathroom to freshen up with his bath already made up, it was really a blessing to have you in his life as well as Katsumi’s. Bakugou could no longer imagine a life without you in it. In fact, it scared him to think about such a life, especially because you picked up such a big role for both him and Katsumi effortlessly, he couldn’t see anyone else bringing about the same comfort and happiness you did to his every day routine.
You’ve even taken up the role of dropping off and picking Katsumi up from school. Each and every time you do so, she wears a golden smile on her face. The first time you dropped her off, you were dressed for a magazine interview, professional and beautiful; intimidating but in an awe-inspiring way, you attracted more attention than you originally thought but your main focus was Katsumi.
Kneeling down to the elated blonde’s short stature, you gave a sweet smile, “Take care now, cupcake. Be good, be kind,” you lovingly stroked her hair, taking care not to disturb her adorable pigtails, “and have a wonderful day,” with a kiss and a hug, you let her go, staring at her for a moment when she puffed out her chest and her classmates ran up to her, beginning to whisper amongst themselves as you stood back and watched the scene with a restrained giggle. Not in any rush to leave and wanting to wait until Katsumi walked indoors to go for your interview, you stayed and witnessed the scene with your ears perked in alertness.
“Is she your mommy, Katsumi?”
“Yeah! She’s super pretty, right? She owns the famous bakery in the city centre.” the surrounding children awed unanimously, their eyes sparkling as you bashfully feigned ignorance. As if that wasn’t enough, Katsumi continued with her prideful gloating, “That’s my mommy, she’s really amazing, isn’t she? More amazing-er than yours and she’s all mine and daddy’s! Now, kneel down and cry!” even though she was treating you like a sparkly, rare pokemon card, you only felt flattered but coughed so that she didn’t build bad habits. You could practically see her cute button nose reaching for the sky as she proudly stood with her hands on her hips and her feet wide apart.
“Katsumi...” you sternly eyed her down for her lie and boastful attitude.
“Well...she’s not my mommy yet, but I’m gonna make her my mom, just you wait and see!”
Almost an entire year had passed and what an almost-year it was, you and Bakugou had a date all to yourselves almost every week as there was equal effort on both sides to make time for the other, in fact, it was encouraged immensely by Katsumi as well. If it wasn’t for her, your weekly dates with Bakugou wouldn’t have begun and if it wasn’t for the dates, you wouldn’t have discovered his love for hiking. WIth that, you made it so that you, Bakugou and Katsumi all went hiking and camping together once every three months or so, as long as the weather was good.
Bakugou couldn’t be more grateful. He felt so much happiness seeing you embrace and openly partake in an activity that you were pretty clumsy at in the beginning. It made him feel important. Yes, he was the number one hero but it was the validation he never knew he needed to have - that he was important enough in your life to spend three days away hiking and camping on a mountain every three months. He never knew how good it felt but as soon as he realised it for himself, he did the same to Katsumi and you. Every two weeks, he made sure to return home early so that he could cook dinner with you and let you boss him around in the kitchen. All this as Katsumi sat at the kitchen island giggling to herself from the scene and often getting so giddy that she joined in on the effort to make dinner.
Every time dinner was cooked together like this, the food tasted even better than normal.
For Katsumi, Bakugou found that her likes were always tailored to what she saw in himself and you. Whenever Bakguou approached her about what she liked doing, she’d express wanting to learn close combat and quirk training whilst with you, she’d want to do something about cooking or baking. For a time, Bakugou insisted that it didn’t have to be about what he and you liked but Katsumi persisted that whatever her parents liked, she liked it also.
“Stubborn squirt...”
“A lot like you~” you teased and ultimately started a fight you couldn’t win.
Tumblr media
“So…” Katsumi began laying between you and her father under the pillowfort she insisted on creating for movie night.
“What is it, cupcake?” you hum in content.
“When can I start calling you my mom?”
Shocked at the sudden question, you take a moment to clear your throat and turn your full focus onto her, “For that to happen, a really big decision has to be made between me and your father...” you trail off, not knowing what else to say.
“How do you feel about it, then?” Katsumi pleads, “Don’t you want to be my mommy? I’m a good girl, I promise,” your expression softens at her trembling voice. She’s wanted this for so long but you and Bakugou have been taking your sweet time. It was unfair for her to be so demanding but at the same time it was unfair for you to make her wait so long when the answer was obvious.
“Of course, I’d want to be your mommy but your father has a say in this situation too,” you both turn to Katsuki, the name he now insists you call him by.
“Daddy?....” Katsumi asks softly but after an extended silence from Katsuki, she resorts to pleading, “You have to say yes! I want her to be my mommy! She does everything a mommy does! She takes me to school, makes my bento, plays with me and kisses my boo boos better! She looks after you and your boo boos too daddy!”
“ long as she wants to look after a bratty little girl,” Katsuki softly chuckles at his daughter’s whine of protest, reaching up to pet her hair and calm her down, as if to say that he didn’t actually mean it, “and equally bratty grown man, I say, why not?” meeting eyes with you, he takes in your shocked but bubbling excitement and pulls you into an embrace, Katsumi remaining the centre of your arms. She looks up, completely silent as stars sparkle in her eyes, watching the scene before her play out like a scene in the movie. Without a word, you embrace the two tightly and bury your smiling face into Katsuki’s neck and nod, breathing in his intoxicating scent - a mix of sweet sweat and alluring aftershave. “Say it like you mean it, dumbass,” Katsuki urges with a gentle voice.
“Yes!” you squeal in pent up elation only to sigh in content right after, “I’d love that so much...”
You had almost completely forgotten that Katsumi was still cuddled up between you two if it weren’t for her clapping hands and cheers of joy, “Woah! Daddy! You were really romantic just then!” sparkly eyed, she stares at her dad but is reminded of the situation when she locks eyes with you again, “Wait! Can I finally call you my mommy now?”
“Well...” you and Katsuki lock eyes and smile, it wasn’t official but she’s been waiting so long, “go right ahead, cupcake!”
“Yes! You’re my mommy!” you thought you had seen Katsumi truly happy before but now you know that this is her at her happiest. Her smile could win against the sun.
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ao3commentoftheday · 2 days ago
Hi! First I'd just love to say I appreciate your blog so much, its helped me get through some funks in my writing so many times. Okay so my question is, how do I get over the guilt of writing another fic instead of the one my readers currently love? I have multiple multi-chapter fics going, but one of them is basically my main (the one the readers love) and then the rest are basically stuck on one chapter. I want to work on the other ones and show them some love as well, but I feel like my readers wont like that I put my time into writing them instead of the main one. How do I not feel so bad about writing other stories I love even if my readers might not love them as much as the other one?
First of all, the danger with phrases like "my readers" is that you start thinking of them as a single monolith. That's just not true.
Yes, you'll have some people who read most (or even all) of what you write. But you'll also have a lot of people who just read one fic. Lots of readers don't actually pay attention to the author's name at all - just like some will only read fic if they know who the author is.
Changing what you're doing in order to please other people is always a fraught idea. Even more so when you're only assuming what those other people want. Why do you think they want that? What evidence do you have to support that idea?
My guess is it's just a nameless floating feeling of guilt that's based on nothing factual. Sorry about that, by the way *hugs*
Remember that fic is your hobby. It's a thing you do for fun. Writing stories isn't homework and it isn't your job. There aren't any due dates. You have no one to report to. You're not getting graded. No one's going to get fired or hurt if you don't post something today.
Every story has its own unique audience, even when that audience overlaps with another fic. The only person who is absolutely guaranteed to read all of your stuff is you. So you're the one you need to make happy first.
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lowkeyorloki · a month ago
masterlist ♛
Last updated: July 5th, 2021
Welcome to my masterlist, where you can find my published works! Every fic opens in a new tab.
In each section (one-shots, headcanons, and multi-chapters), the most recent works are at the top. This means the further you go down, the older the fics become. I have written multiple drabbles on this blog, but they are not included on this page. Just search ‘drabble’ on my blog and they’ll come up.
As of 2020, my imagines do not use any type of pronouns or biological descriptions (i.e, breasts or genitalia) unless the fic is smut. This is to make my work as inclusive as I can.
🌶️ means the fic contains smut. PLEASE only consume if you are 18+
⭐ means the piece is one of my personal favorites
Enjoy 🐍
Loki x reader who has vaginismus.
Face - ⭐
You ask Loki if he thinks you’re pretty.
Pretty Prince - 🌶️⭐
Loki gets pegged, but like, with emotions.
Harsh - 🌶️⭐
A sequel to Gentle that can be read alone.
You return to Prince Loki’s chambers.
Episode One Drabble
Mobius shows Loki the reel of his life, and Loki sees what he missed with you.
Gentle - 🌶️⭐
Your fellow chambermaids have often spoken about their experiences in the dark haired prince of Asgard’s sheets, but when you finally meet Loki in that way, it isn’t what you expect.
You’re sick, and Loki wants to make you feel better.
Break Up
How a perceived breakup with Loki goes…
Loki tells you he’s sorry.
Thorns -🌶️
Author lowkeyorloki finally writes a sex pollen fic.
Happy Birthday, Loki
You know Loki’s birthday isn’t easy for him, so you ask what no one else has before: what he would like to do.
Grace Period - ⭐
Loki is in love with you, but you’re a mortal and he’s a god. You both need time to adjust to that.
Anger Management -🌶️⭐
Loki hates you. He’s begging himself to keep it that way.
This fic has been expanded into a multichapter called The Archetype on my ao3.
Stolen - 🌶️⭐
Loki takes and takes and takes. Then he finds you, with nothing to do but give.
Chaos And Control - ⭐
You’ve been assigned by the other Avengers to be Loki’s babysitter, essentially. They should have assumed your feelings for him would be complicated.
Loki’s Angel
It would have been better if you were like Steve or Thor, super-powered, but still normal. But you weren’t born that way. You were born with wings. A Jotunn! Loki fic.
The King And Queen Of Asgard - 🌶️
You and Loki are the new rulers of Asgard. You’re in the bathing chambers when Loki appears to… assist
Library Card
An AU in which you’re a librarian, and Loki fingers brushing yours as he hands you his card makes you blush
The Difference Between You And Me - 🌶️
Loki hurts the reader during sex, and she promises him she wants to continue
Love Is Not A Victory March
Loki catches you playing the piano, and decides to join
A Mortal Occurance
In a scene of domestic bliss, you and Loki ponder one of the Midgardian greats
Glass Warrior- 🌶️
You’re so beautiful, and so breakable. Loki would never forgive himself if he hurt you.
You begin to question the nature of your relationship with Loki as he calls you sweet names and looks at you with soft eyes.
Stay Kind
As you lay dying in Loki’s arms, you work up the strength to tell him one final thing.
Wounds- ⭐
You’re injured, and Loki shows a new side of himself as he nurses you back to health.
True Form
You’re intent on seeing Loki’s Jotunn side, even if he doesn’t want you to.
Release - 🌶️
A sensual situation from our favorite god’s point of view.
lbd - 🌶️⭐
After a fight with Loki, you wear the smallest dress you can to an Avengers press event.
Aftermath - ⭐
Loki always hated weakness. Because of this, you try to remain strong- even after being kidnapped.
Wine Drunk
The Asgardian wine Sif gave you is stronger than anything Tony Stark has in his liquor cabinet.
Tell Me You Love Me
You know it’s hard for Loki to be vulnerable, but sometimes, you need to hear those three words too.
An Heir
You have an honest conversation with Loki about the possibility of children.
3:33 In the Morning
You comfort Loki after a nightmare.
Loki experiences jealousy over a certain one of your past lovers.
Loki’s Perspective - 🌶️⭐
We always read about your first time with Loki through your eyes, but what is Loki thinking?
Phantom Pains
Loki can’t get his encounter with Thanos out of his mind.
Not the First, But the Last - ⭐
You ask Loki about his previous loves on Asgard.
A Different Loki
After Loki’s death in Infinity War, you awake to see him standing next to your bed… and it isn’t a dream.
Snapshots - ⭐
Having moments with Loki isn’t all that it seems.
The Wading Pools
Loki takes you to one of his favorite places in Asgard.
The Other Brother - ⭐
We all tell the story your romance with Loki through his eyes or your own. But what does it look like to the only other person who loves Loki as much as you do?
Loki returns from the events of Ragnorak after leaving you without a word, and finds you look different than he remembers.
Not His Tricks, Not This Time
After having a dream that may be telling of the future, Loki begins to train with you and become protective.
A Proposition
Loki is at a bar trying to forget you when a woman approaches him.
Loki awakes looking as perfect as ever- except for his bedhead, that is.
His Eyes - ⭐
After having a dream that may be telling of the future, Loki begins to train with you and becomes protective.
Through Loki’s Eyes - 🌶️⭐
Loki is so guarded around you. Now you can find out why.
Erstwhile- ⭐
You’re different than all the other girls Loki has been with. You’re sure of it.
Professor! Loki x You
A fun AU where Professor Laufeyson invites you to dinner, as he knows how bad the dorm food can be.
Burdened With Glorious Purpose - ⭐
Loki doesn’t have anything he came down to Midgard for. But he has you.
Villains have started to get wind of how much you matter to Loki, and soon enough, one takes you.
Loki gets candid with his love for you.
You’re engaged to Thor but in love with Loki, and it’s hard for both of you.
The First Time - 🌶️
You lose your midgardian virginity to Loki.
After Thor’s banishment in the first “Thor”, you confront Odin about lying to his second-born son.
Hate Unguarded
You promise Loki his Jotunn form does nothing to deter you.
What Now?
You ask Professor Laufeyson what will become of the two of you now that classes are over.
I Can’t - ⭐
Loki never wanted to fall in love with you. He isn’t sure how to handle it.
Loki is a god, and you were always immortal. This was always going to happen.
Shrouded Secrets - ⭐
This is what being in a forbidden relationship with Loki entails.
Loki patches up you, his Asguardian lover, up after a battle.
Soulmates (?)
Loki doesn’t believe in soulmates. He does believe, however, in choice.
The Battle of NYC- 🌶️⭐
You’re an Avengers, tasked with protecting the citizens of New York as Loki and the Chituari attack. You find Loki on the ground- but fighting doesn’t seem to be where your head is right now.
What Loki Learned For You
Deaf! reader x Loki request where he learns sign language.
Sleepy Mornings
Loki is cuddly when he first wakes up.
A fic inspired by the slander that was Infinity War to MAKE EVERYTHING OKAY.
Get It Together, Laufeyson
Loki isn’t sure how to tell you his true feelings, so he goes to Thor and Valkyrie for help.
I Thought You Were Dead
Loki is overcome with relief after you return to Avengers Tower.
The Throne - 🌶️⭐ (for a version with he/him pronouns, go here)
Loki sits on the throne of Asgard, and it’s everything he ever wanted- you decide to make his fantasy even better.
Loki and Lightning
For Loki, lightning brings less than pleasant memories.
Mythology Nerd
As someone who has loved and studies Norse myths for as long as you can remember, you’re thrilled to meet Loki- not that you would want him to know that, of course.
I’m Not Like Thor - 🌶️
Years of being compared to his older brother have taken a toll on Loki.
Thor’s a Flirt - 🌶️
…and he really should have known better than to court you in front of Loki.
You and Loki gradually grow closer and closer.
Loki x Plus Size! Reader - 🌶️
Loki is more than willing to show you how truly beautiful you are.
Five Kisses
Five different types of kisses, each to prove your love.
Charity Event
Stark is always forcing the team to smile for the cameras, but the world hasn’t been accepting of the love you found with Loki.
This is the fic that put me on the map! Loki struggles with nightmares, and you help him. You help your own.
Friday Nights - 🌶️
Loki comes to your apartment every Friday- in multiple meanings of the word.
Kiss Me
Both you and Loki know he loves you, but he won’t say it.
As you and Loki grow closer and closer, he notices the shift in his true emotions towards you.
Living with Loki on Midgard
Ceramics Artist! Loki
Loki x Mortal! Reader Headcanons
Types Of Kisses Loki Gives You - ⭐
Loki’s Most Common Words + How He Says Them To You - ⭐
Frost Giant/Jotun! Loki x Human Reader Headcanons - ⭐
Ways Loki Tells You He Loves You- Without Actually Saying It - ⭐
Loki As A Father Headcanons
Gradual Friends To Lovers Headcanons
Sad Loki Headcanons - ⭐
Does Loki Want Kids?
Random Yet Heartfelt Misc. Loki Headcanons
Loki Gets Headaches After NYC - ⭐
Sensual Loki Headcanons - 🌶️
Misc. Loki and Loki x Reader
Loki’s Vices - ⭐
Domestic! Loki Headcanons - ⭐
Random Loki and Loki x Reader - ⭐
Loki’s Jotunn Form Provides Him With High Levels of Stamina - 🌶️
Friends With Benefits to Lovers With Loki - 🌶️
Loki After An Argument - ⭐
Loki’s Favorite Positions- ⭐🌶️
Being Pregnant With Loki’s Child Would Include
Does Loki Like Vocal Girls?- 🌶️
Losing Your Virginity To Loki (Established Realtionship) - 🌶️
Dating Loki Headcanons
These are all stories I started when I was a lot younger. They won’t ever be completed, but I have left them up because people enjoy the little there is!
Betrothed: 1, 2, and 3
You and Thor are engaged, but it’s Loki you’re in love with.
Lugh: 1 and 2
Loki died, leaving you to raise your child he never got to know about alone. But then, Loki shows up on your doorstep, and neither of you know where to go from there.
She Shall Have
She Shall Have is a multi-chapter I started on tumblr but moved to ao3, where it is now updated every Saturday. It is the fic I am the most proud of, and I am SUPER passionate and excited about it!
Chapters 1, 2, and 3 can be found here on this blog. It is continued on my ao3, where I write under the pseud lowkeyorloki. Check it out and come say hi!
Loki Themed Asks- ⭐
You should also check out my ao3 ;)
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becky-becky · 3 years ago
When you thought it was just a one chapter fic but then you see "next chapter"
Tumblr media
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inbtswethrrust · 3 years ago
Hi! Soooo i've been wanting to ask this question for a long time now bc I can't seem to find anymore longer fanfics lately so with the help of you guys and your followers, can you recommend me your favorite long chaptered fanfics. I've read some popular ones already but any that comes to mind, i'll check them out too bc single, long fanfics makes me sad since the read is already over..if that makes sense lol. thank you so much & love your blog! (:
Okay, so here are some of my favorite ongoing fics;
i forget to breathe (when i’m with you) by locks [E, 73k]
Show Me Mercy by drannie [M, 60k]
Psychic 10-12 Club by Ghoulie_cruz [E, 43k]
How about it, officer? by tbz [E, 39k]
Neu Roses by merelypretty [E, 26k]
Saena Unpopular by Kookie_andCream [T, 22k]
river between the stars by namakemono [M, 117k]
너의 목소리 Your Voice by pinkmonnie [M, 103k]
All Your Glory by eumorious [E, 88k]
It’s Just Kissing, Not Rocket Science by Ragi [E, 77k]
Snowflakes by pornographicpenguin [E, 75k]
i’m gonna be (12,500 miles) by bazooka [M, 28k]
Crybaby by sugamins [E, 120k]
Mason Jar Butterfly by jayjaydray [T, 85k]
Internecine by jawsbar (GryfoTheGreat) [E, 69k]
We go on and on and on by almostblue (fictionalaspect) [E, 25k]
Swamp Magic by GinForInk [Vkookmin, E, 139k]
The Shaman and the Exorcist by metastacia [Namjin, M, 103k]
i just adore you asking for more by tendershipping [Vmin, E, 67k]
Echo Chorus by smiles [Yoonjin, T, 54k]
All These Sleepless Nights by mucha [Taegi, E, 25k]
I wish I could have had a more even representation of the other ships, but these are mostly all the ongoing fics I’m following. I hope you enjoy them ~ Admin Kate :)
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unicornhazel · a year ago
Jily Fic Recs
UPDATE - 09/10/2019
Two new fics have been added to the list, under the ‘COMPLETE’ section (fic #26 and #27). Check them out. They’re amazing! I’ve also updated the status of Eight Days and Farrago, as per @bcdaily‘s information. I have added ‘We Can Be Heroes’, ‘Castle on the Hill’, ‘When James Met Lily’, and ‘The Rise and Fall of the Stag and the Doe’ to my (very long) TBR list, but I think ‘Fearlessly Red’ has been taken down. Check this space for more updates and keep the recommendations coming! Thanks for all the notes, really appreciate it. Keep ‘em coming.
I often find myself on this website looking for good Jily fanfiction. Although I’ve found plenty of fanfiction through Tumblr, the lists just aren’t complete/updated. A lot of them also don’t include some of the best fics I’ve ever read. So I decided to take it upon myself to make a masterpost, both to keep track of all the fics I’ve read and to help out the occasional wanderer who might stumble upon this post. I’m planning on dividing this in two parts: complete fics and those which are work-in-progress. All the fics here are multi-chapter, usually with over 100k words. This doesn't mean I don’t like one-shots, I do, but I much prefer longfics to these. I might even make a separate post for one-shots if anyone wants. There could be a personal note for fics that I think are worth reading but are probably discontinued/on indefinite hiatus (looking at you, TLAT and Commentarius). I will, of course, include links to all the fanfiction mentioned here, as well as a link to the author’s page. Hope this post helps someone out!
Mentioned in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Please let me know if there’s any problem with the links or if I’ve provided incorrect information. I’ll keep updating this list whenever I come across a worthy fic. Also, please feel free to send any recommends, I’ll read them all and add them to this list. Hope this helps x
I. Complete
She Said What? by Zayz (Rated: T - Chapters: 70 - Words: 313,283) - LJ. Lily Evans keeps a diary in her seventh year to chronicle the strange, murky, embarrassing, and sometimes plain crazy events that a young witch set to graduate has to navigate through. Written in the style of 'Bridget Jones's Diary.' 
Remember and Forget by  ejosephinemachine (Rated: T - Chapters: 107 - Words:  342,281) -  Lily Evans has problems. An ex-best friend. A sister who... is Petunia. A guilty conscience. She's determined to change. She's going to be fun. But fun is getting harder to come by in a world heading to war. If only she could be as reckless, and self-assured as James Potter and his friends. But they're changing too, and Lily's no longer as sure of the world as she once was.
Kiss and Tell by SunshineDaisiesWindmills (Rated: M - Chapters: 17 - Words:  51,598) -  The rules were simple. Provoke each other. Scream at each other. Snog each other. Do this as frequently as possible, but don't ever, ever kiss and tell.
Boyfriend by Molly Raesly (Rated: T - Chapters: 17 - Words:  136,472) -  Potter was going to say that he wasn't my boyfriend. I couldn't let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn't tell her the truth. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him.
Fiancée by Molly Raesly (Rated: T - Chapters: 8 - Words:  82,420) - "I dropped my fork. Did he really just say that? Smehkaleen." The much awaited sequel to Molly Raesly's "Boyfriend."
A Month of Sundays by: marziipan (Rated: T - Chapters: 24 - Words:  73,500) -  How does Lily discover her buried feelings for James Potter? Picks up from James's and Lily's 5th year, shortly after Lily ends her friendship with Snape.
Eyes as Green as a Fresh Pickled Toad by Sierra Charm (Rated: T - Chapters: 26 - Words:  509,357) - Prequel to A Lily Story. Before they were Harry's eyes, they belonged to Lily. This is her world, where pranks, gardens, necklaces, uncles, Dark Marks, and several infuriating Gryffindor boys reside. NOTE: AU, Ravenclaw!Lily.
Queen of the Crunk by Lobotomised (Rated: T - Chapters: 20 - Words:  87,220) -  He asked her to Hogsmeade one hundred and thirty seven times. Then he stopped. And now Lily Evans has to battle her own fat mouth and mad head and the probability that number one hundred and thirty eight's going to have to be on her if she wants James Potter to ever smile her way again. Oh dear.
Turning Tables by scared of clouds (Rated: T - Chapters: 37 - Words:   205,589) -  Lily Evans' and James Potter's relationship has always been a complicated story; it's just about to get a lot more complicated. And so is everything else. They might not know each other well, but they're about to know each other a lot better. Cover art by anxiouspineapples.
New Year by scared of clouds (Rated: T - Chapters: 14 - Words:  92,476) -  Lily Evans is planning on seeing the New Year in alone, then just getting through the rest of the year with as few problems as possible. Unfortunately for Lily Evans, very little in her life is that simple. Still, what difference can a year make? 1977 through the eyes of L & J. Cover art by Viria. All Harry Potter characters, places etc are the property of JK Rowling.
Haggis from Algernon by Rude Gus (Rated: T - Chapters: 22 - Words:  93,200) - The fic about nothing. Complete.
Barking Mad by gracedkelly (Rated: M - Chapters: 66 - Words:  165,825) -  When the Marauders fight, fangirls cry and teachers take a breath of fresh air. "You don't mind me sitting here, do you?" I looked up and found my crush staring down at me. "I - erh, what?" Sirius Black winked. "Good. Don't need bloody James anyway. Hi," he said, turning to me as he sat down, "be my new best friend?" Don't judge me, but I might have fainted a little bit there. NOTE: SB/OC is the main ship with some Jily, OC POV
Buried Treasure and Transmogrify by Rienna Hawkes (Rated: M - Chapters: 20 - Words:  169,505) -  Lily Evans has spent years despising James Potter. He has spent just as long worshiping her. When seventh year pairs them Head Boy and Girl, each comes to realize that their judgment isn't quite what they thought it was. This is the same story that was over on Checkmated, but I completed it here. Prequel to Heroes for Ghosts. Warning: this story is a strong M rating.
All Right, Evans? by CokeBottleK (Rated: M - Chapters: 30 - Words:  177,798) -  Part I of in-progress trilogy [6th year]: The thing about being Lily Evans and James Potter was that you couldn't do anything without everybody else saying something about it.
Resolution by WeasleyWannabee (Rated: T - Chapters: 37 - Words:  181,625) -  "I think you're an arrogant, selfish pig, and I think you'd be doing both of us a favor if you just left me alone!" Potter stared at me for a moment, an unreadable expression in his hazel eyes, before uttering a single word: "Okay." J/L, Lily's POV.
Love and Other Tragedies by Fancyeyes (Rated: M - Chapters: 21 - Words:  229,880) -  "We don't deserve her," the Head Boy answered thoughtfully. "None of us do. Not even me. Not because she's perfect. She's not. Sometimes I think she's even more disastrously flawed than the rest of us combined. And not because she's beautiful, even though she is. Certainly not for being lovely because she never was.We don't deserve her because she's so much more than we'll ever be"
I’ll Take it Shaken, Not Stirred by Jewels5 (Rated: T - Chapters: 26 - Words:  241,427) -  Mix: 1 portion each of mystery, mayhem, and murder. Add: James, Lily, spies, school, and sarcasm. Stir in: 1 tablespoon each of chaos and enmity. Blend using: sense of humor and ability to read. Serve: shaken, not stirred... NOTE: Published before Deathly Hallows release.
Head and Heart by ClemencePoesy77 (Rated: T - Chapters: 27 - Words:  125,057) -  "Well, I'm not asking you to say anything, Evans," James retorted, apparently oblivious to their potential audience, "I just quickly wanted to talk about-" Lily held up a warning hand and hissed, "I'm not talking with you about *that*!" ***A classic tale of Jily***
The Bet by Auntleona0 (Rated: M - Chapters: 56 - Words -  510,124) -   A hasty decision and a bet they never should have agreed to result in James and Lily spending a lot more time together in October of their 7th year than they ever anticipated. A story of growing up, identity, and falling in love.
White Flags by MarauderLover7 (Rated: T - Chapters: 60 - Words:  113,374) -  Who'd have thought that the man who tore them apart was the one who brought them together? Head Girl Lily Evans is determined to keep her distance from the Marauders but that's easier said than done when James is Head Boy and in love with her. It also doesn't help that she becomes rather attached to Sirius during an eventful Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson...
Points in the Right Direction by E.C. Spence (Rated: T - Chapters: 29 - Words:  181,364) -  James is still trying to win Lily's heart after seven years and is making no progress until a late night trip turns things around. Lily and James must discard the skewed images they've had of each other and come to realization that war changes everything. NOW COMPLETE!
Chasing Fire by Wolfsbane10.14.10 (Rated: T - Chapters: 45 - Words:  209,042) -  It's recounted as a great love story. Fierce hatred turned to passionate love. But the path to great love is hardly smooth. When a marriage proposal fails and the world is on the brink of war, how can love shine through? COMPLETE. NOTE: Post-Hogwarts, first wizarding war fic.
A Currency of Secrets by Dreamer076 (Rated: T - Chapters: 49 - Words:  233,507) -  Precious Secrets. Painful Secrets. Deadly Secrets. Not all secrets are created equal. Just what are those secrets worth? It's Lily and James' sixth year. Will their secrets bring them closer together or push them apart for good? A term of romance for Remus, surprises for Sirius, and mystery for all of the Marauders. And in between it all, will Lily Evans learn to trust again? NOTE: Slightly AU, contains Andromeda Black/Ted Tonks.
A Summer of Secrets by Dreamer076 (Rated: T - Chapters: 22 - Words:  65,732) -  James is Lily's new next door neighbour. Will this lead to romance or disaster? Andy has invited Ted Tonks on an Egyptian holiday. But Sirius has also invited a tribe of Hufflepuff girls as part of an elaborate plan to get the one who got away. Will Andy and Tonks be able to keep their relationship secret – without cursing anyone? And will Sirius' hare-brained scheme actually work? NOTE: Sequel to ‘A Currency of Secrets’.
These Words by  WeasleyWannabee (Rated: T - Chapters: 26 - Words:  59,447) -  Lily and James's story, told entirely through scribbled notes and letters.
Is It About The Chase Or The Girl? by  Sishopper (Rated: T - Chapters: 42 - Words:  122,362) - The relationship between James Potter and Lily Evans hasn't always been trustworthy, their arguments most often heated. What changes between them, to the point that James finally gets the girl of his dreams? And just how do the Marauders and the war factor in? Starts from the summer after fifth year, COMPLETE.
If I Fell by  anAnomaLy (Rated: T - Chapters: 22 - Words:  138,618) -  Seventh year wasn't quite turning out as planned. Lily Evans had always hoped she'd be Head Girl someday, but she never thought she'd be working with James Potter, and she certainly never thought she'd find herself falling for the mischievous young man.
II. Work-in-Progress
Commentarius by B.C Daily (Rated: T - Chapters: 32 - Words:  739,666) -  Lily has always considered herself ordinary. But as she enters her 7th year, things start changing and Lily starts going a bit mad. Suddenly, she's Head Girl, her mates are acting strangely, and there's a new James Potter she can't seem to get rid of. PRE-HBP. NOTE: Indefinite hiatus/discontinued.
The Life and Times by Jewels5 (Rated: M - Chapters: 36 - Words:  613,762) -  She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time. NOTE: Indefinite hiatus/discontinued.
The Spark in the Dark by ohheylorna (Rated: M - Chapters: 2 - Words:  5,437) -  In September 1977, a group of talented and determined young wizards and witches navigated their final year at Hogwarts amidst the backdrop of a raging war. They'd fall in love, mess up, and find out a thousand new things about each other inside and outside the school hallways - but what would their next move be? A Marauders era fic. Rated M for later chapters.
The Mapmakers by dizzy-bird (Rated: T - Chapters: 22 - Words:  137,897) -  It's 1975 and Muggle-born Lily Evans is certain her best friend has been recruited by the Death Eaters. She's less certain about her future in Wizarding Britain. And she has absolutely no idea how to handle the dark-haired, outrageously privileged, obnoxiously talented toerag named James Potter. A canon-compliant account of the 1st Wizarding War and the teenagers who fought in it.
Not Quite According to Plan by B.C Daily (Rated: T - Chapters: 8 - Words:  4,085) -  For Fleamont's retirement party, Euphemia hires her favourite event planner, Lily Evans, and wrangles her son, James, into assisting in the planning. NOTE: Muggle AU
Dare You by madicon (Rated: T - Chapters: 17 - Words:  136,235) -  Jily fanfic::: The year is 1977. Lily, and all her friends, are in their final year of Hogwarts. She saw her seventh year as being the best yet but she was wrong. Her world got turned upside down by the power of love and loss in this one part of her life story.
Dirty Blood by  somethingquitepeculiar (Rated: M - Chapters: 48 - Words:  271,759) -  [Marauders Era Year Five] It's 1975 and Hogwarts students are trying to focus on their schooling, but with fellow students practicing dark magic and friendships being tested, it's hard to ignore that their parents' war will soon be theirs. And yet, they still try, forcing light in the darkness and daring to laugh when others want to cry. After all, they aren't dead yet.
Until the Very End by liylpetal (Rated: M - Chapters: 50 - Words:  201,281) -  James and Lily weren't even friends, everyone was sure of that; especially them. But, as their world gets turned upside down by the war, fighting for their lives, and just typical teenage drama, that might just change. From their time at Hogwarts to their untimely death, James and Lily become something more than just themselves.
Walking the Line by abigryff11 (Rated: T - Chapters: 25 - Words:  123,508) - "I hope you realize that type of idiocy is not going to work on me, Black." "Oh, is there another type of idiocy you prefer?" For the first time in sixteen years of life, Lily Evans realized her answer was /yes/ and her preferred type of idiocy happened to have lopsided glasses and a crooked smile to match.
The Road to 100 by  jewishwondergirl (Rated: T - Chapters: 44 - Words:  99,527) -  Or ninety-nine times James asked Lily out and the one time she asked him. It's James and Lily's seventh year of Hogwarts, and they're growing closer. But also growing is the threat of dark forces—is there time for romance when death is just around the corner? Art by Viria.
Beginnings: The Tests of Youth by  Typothetical (Rated: T - Chapters: 32 - Words:  275,785) -  Of friendship and betrayal, of love and laughter, of war and growing up. The Marauders' story – from the very beginning. Canon-compliant.
Eight Days by  B.C Daily (Rated: M - Chapters: 8 - Words:  40,697) -  During a week-long exhibition, professional Quidditch player James Potter encounters Lily Evans, Junior Quidditch Correspondent for the Daily Prophet. NOTE: Post-Hogwarts AU, slow updates but it’s an amazing story, worth checking out!
Dangerous Crowds by CokeBottleK (Rated: M - Chapters: 14 - Words:  106,188) -  All Right, Evans?, Part II [7th year]: "As in all wars, life goes on." -HP/HBP. NOTE: Indefinite hiatus/discontinued.
Farrago by B.C Daily (Rated: T - Chapters: 42 - Words: 35,676)  -  A medley of unconnected drabbles focusing on James and Lily.
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traitorwhoyoulove · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
A friend of mine is new to The 100 and asked me to recommend some fics that I’ve enjoyed. As per usual for me, I ended up with a much longer list than expected and I decided to share here. This is nowhere near all of the fics that I’ve fallen in love with, but I would definitely recommend checking out some of these awesome stories. I didn’t tag authors in this solely because I’m lazy and didn’t have time to look everyone up, but all credit goes completely to them and they are amazing.
Drabble Collections
Arkadia – HawthorneWhisperer
The Thirteenth Bunker – HawthorneWhisperer
Good Times Gonna Come – caramelle
The Stars up Above, Directionless and Drifting – simonetta
Turning Puddles into Oceans – mauraders_groupie
Watercolors – rashaka
in the silence between worlds (that’s where I’ll find you) – viansian
You’re Just Another Recovering Heart – prosciutto
A Blush of Love – marmvg
Upward Over the Mountain – storyskein
Hearts Like Ours – verbaepulchellae
Going Courtin’ – Frea_O (this whole series is really good)
Hands All Over – winterwaters
darkest of marks – importantmetaphors
just the beating of our hearts – twilightstargazer
Strong Like an Ox – LaughingSenselessly
Soap – verbaepulchellae
First and Last of Your Kind – verbaepulchellae
The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Sky Person – Chash
Inconceivable – jaegermighty
tell our stories on these walls – glowing horizons
Eight Minutes Against a Tree – crystalkei
Just Come Find Me – saem
coastal waters - saem
the clockmaker (fixer of hearts) – MercuryM
subscriptions – ofhobbitsandwomen (litvirg)
In the Skylines up Ahead – prosciutto
Focal Point – grumpybell
We Are Undone by Each Other – tacosandflowers
I’ve Been Dreaming of You from the Other Side (I Know You So Well) – Chash
Then Why Am I On Your Mind? – serendipityinwords
What if we ruin it all – dropshipheroes
Facing Tempests of Dust – grumpybell
If You Don’t Believe You Better Get Superstitious – LayALioness
after the beep (i’ll tell you i love you) – emullz
filling your empty heart – alltheworldisinmyhead
Can’t Buy Me Love – kay_emm_gee
I Know That Fortune is Waiting to Be Kind – Chash
The Buddy System – Kacka
To My Favorite Scar (To All of the Stars) – prosciutto
don't go where I can’t follow – nymphaea
Under (the) Covers – HawthorneWhisperer
i will follow you into the dark – ladyfriday
Lift My Heart Up to Your Ear (you can probably hear the ocean) – LayALioness
Only the Sound of Our Breath Soaks In – LayALioness
I’d Still Stare at You – marauders_groupie
If I kiss you where it’s sore, will you feel better? – queenofchildren
like ships in the night (passing me by) – viansian
long day – crookedqueen
howl – crookedqueen
real people do – crookedqueen
It’s Called A Hustle, Sweetheart – prosciutto
neither lost nor found – gracianasi
and love, you taste like magic – MercuryM
Must Be Love (On the Brain)
Love Will Come Through – monroeslittle
Meet Me In the Morning – monroeslittle
Stars in the Water, Blood On Our Hands – grumpybell
Caught in the Fire – banshee_in_the_dark
Signal Fire – CharmingPromise
Reach Out (Touch Me) – ParadiseAvenger
our starved hearts – twilightstargazer
Matched – banshee_in_the_dark
the squire – ofhobbitsandwomen (litvirg)
Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation – Quentanilien
Survivor’s Guilt – LaughingSenselessly
bound by the secrets we share - troubledpancakes
Griffin’s Anatomy – Hawthorne Whisperer
No Gods, No Masters – risingdin
Sugar, Let Me Be Your Passenger – verbaepulchellae
in this house on the corner – ofhobbitsandwomen (litvirg)
Letters From Home – CallMeHux
The Odds Are Good – tacosandflowers
I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend (i wanna kiss your neck) – LayALioness
Work Songs – crookedqueen
Something Always Survives – asroarke
Home – grumpybell
water, water, everywhere – troubledpancakes
Never Say Never – selflessbellamy
Picking Up What You’re Laying Down – verbaepelchullae
How You Stay Alive – Laughing Senselessly
Prequel: How You Save a Kingdom
the world was born in smoke and fire (and so were we) – forgivenessishardforus
Call it Patience, Call it Hope – queenofchildren
The Horizon Lies Ahead – fawna
Slight of Hand – prosciutto
Weave Me A Myrtle Crown - AJRedfern
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jeonstudios · a year ago
drown for you | 01
Tumblr media
there was something in that enormous tank, hidden in the murky water. all you knew was that you weren’t allowed inside the room and that it used to hold something dangerous.
pairing: siren!jk x f reader
genre: sci-fi, merman/siren au, fluff, angst, smut
word count: 6.6k
series masterlist
part 1/12  
<previous | next>
warnings: none, this part is very mild.
© drown for you is copyright jeonstudios 2020, all rights are reserved. this fic can not be modified, reposted, or translated without my permission.
author’s note: initially posted a year ago, i have finally started rewriting and editing this, i hope you like it and that it’s better than before!
Tumblr media
Strawberries. Everyone loves them. You love them, the sea lions beg for them, and even your colleagues steal them from your massive zip-lock bag in the lunchroom fridge, not bothering to hide their snacking from you.
"I just don't understand how she can live so far away yet still manage to breathe down my neck," you mutter, absentmindedly throwing Sam another piece of cut-up strawberry. 
He catches it effortlessly with his mouth, and you lean your elbows on the slab of cement as you look down at them. The other sea lion, Ila, watches you with pleading eyes, and so you toss her a piece as well.
"I guess I shouldn't complain too much; without her, I wouldn't have gotten to know your pretty faces." Sam makes a sound you've come to recognize as pleased, and you almost think that he understands and appreciates your compliment. 
You smile towards him, but that smile soon falters as a strange feeling creeps up your spine. 
Tumblr media
It's been a few weeks since you, undoubtedly thanks to your mother, landed the internship at Namjoon's lab, and you honestly couldn't be happier. When she mentioned that the handsome son of one of her colleagues had a spot open at his marine lab, you understandably jumped at the opportunity.
You didn't know the man, but apparently, you shared an interest in marine life even if he turned out to be a bit more successful, owning a highly regarded research and rehab center, and you... well, you enjoyed watching documentaries about the deep blue from the comfort of your couch.
Still, Namjoon prioritized your easy-going personality and your willingness to learn over actual experience and welcomed you with a warm smile. And you certainly don't regret applying! 
It's a thousand times more interesting than you could've ever imagined, and the creatures kept in the large building fascinate you beyond belief. 
Your duties include cleaning and assisting the keepers and scientists, and about once a week, give a class of visiting kids a tour of the place. It's not too long ago that you were cleared to hold the tour yourself, but it has quickly become one of your favorite things to do. Besides, it's pretty straightforward; show a few of the predetermined tanks and enclosures, stop by a lab, and inform the wide-eyed kids of the importance of keeping trash out of the oceans.
And although the days are long, you don't mind it, more often than not staying later than you need to. On top of everything, you've also made a few really good friends! Namjoon you don't see much of, but Hoseok, Taehyung, and Jimin already have their own designated place in your heart—Hoseok especially. 
He's a scientist, like a real one, and he usually keeps himself busy in the lab lab, doing experiments and other things you assume scientists do. He even wears a fancy white lab coat. 
Taehyung and Jimin are responsible for the animals' daily care, flexing their degrees in biology and zoology to feed them, make sure they're happy and healthy, and keep their homes clean. 
They aren't the cuddliest, you have to admit, but there's always a sense of calm embracing you as you observe the fish through the glass. The same reason there's always fish tanks at the dentist, you guess. 
And some creatures speak to you more than others. There are two sea otters and three seals, all of which were seized from neglecting civilians and which were either too old or not healthy enough to be let back out into the wild.  
Some of them are pretty curious and fun to be around, but your favorite place in the entire building is by far by the sea lion's enclosure. Sam and Ila are retired entertainers who came to the lab from a marine theme park where they used to perform at shows. They're the most social out of the animals, having been raised and trained by humans.
In fact, you love them so much that everyone could have gone home—your own shift having ended hours ago—and yet you'll stay behind, talking to Sam and Ila. You've discovered that they like it when you sing to them, your quiet melodies traveling through the empty premises. 
You aren't actually allowed inside any enclosures when you stay behind like this, so you settle for leaning on the concrete wall to look down at them. 
Tonight, when you've once again stayed behind and are tossing Sam and Ila some strawberries for listening to you vent about your smothering mother and how distant and busy your colleagues have been lately, the feeling creeps up your back. 
Someone's watching you. 
You look around, but there's no one in sight. The last person left an hour ago, and the cleaners don't arrive until early morning. Sam and Ila have been in front of you, and the other enclosures aren't close enough for you to see them. Or, well, for them to see you.
Except one. 
The lab is basically a colossal circle: two half-circle rooms back-to-back in the middle, a broad hallway around them, and countless doors and fences on the outer perimeter. 
Behind the doors are storage and lab rooms, as well as a lunchroom next to the main exit, and the different types of fences (mostly concrete semi walls or glass) lead into the animals' enclosures, most of them lowered into the ground. 
Some of the wide enclosures are beneath a retractable roof, which means that the animals inside get to breathe fresh air during the day, a fact that makes you feel better about them being in captivity. It's almost as if they're outside, and there's a high barb-wire fence around the building, protecting it from intruders.
The lights that illuminate the corridors are run by sectional sensors. Make no movement for half an hour, and the light will flicker off, something that goes practically unnoticed during the busy days. They only read the corridor, and every small section has its own, which means that the animals don't trigger them, and if you remain in one place for a long time and you're the only one in the facility, you'll be surrounded by dark sectors.
Like you are now.
You turn your head to look behind you. The location of the sea lions' enclosure puts you right out of the next sensor's reach, and thus, you're right at the edge where light meets dark. But the existing light is enough to show you something you'd missed when you arrived with your bag of strawberries.
The door to one of the middle rooms is open, its foldable door stopper down and keeping it ajar. Through the opening, and thanks to the angle, you're able to discern a large, dark mass. 
The tank.
It's the biggest one that the building has. Since it's inside one of the middle rooms, and not on the outer part of the circle, it isn't built into the ground, and the roof isn't retractable. It's enormous, appearing to be made out of glass—however, you know it's something a lot more robust. You've only seen it once, briefly shown to you during your welcome-tour of the place, and no one ever speaks about it since it's supposedly void of anything living.
You take a deep breath, trying to shake off the unnerving feeling. Nothing's in the tank, you know that, but it's still filled with water, just like when you first saw it all those weeks ago.
Back then, you remember there being so much water that you couldn't see through it. It was kind of dirty, left that way since its last inhabitant moved out. No one ever talked about it, just told you to stay away, so you figured it wasn't weird that it hadn't been drained yet. After all, trying to imagine how many liters of murky water contained there only made your brain hurt, so emptying it must be a hassle.
The thing is that you're not supposed to be able to see the tank. The door, through which you currently observe a sliver of it, should be closed. Locked. 
To get inside the room, you need a keycard—which you have. You assume that the tank used to house a dangerous animal—you'd heard the talks—and when you came along and the animal was already gone, no one bothered to double-check that your card couldn't access it. 
Or at least that's what you tell yourself as you stand at the open door, keycard held against the green-flashing monitor. 
You could have simply walked through the propped-up door, but if you're really going to do this, it feels better to know that you actually have access—even if it's a faulty one.
Peering inside the room for the first time in weeks, you realize that you hadn't remembered much, opting to memorize more essential things during your first tour than a room you'd never be in again. 
It's dark; the only real light is the one trickling in from behind you and turning your form into a long shadow on the floor. Most of the space available is used up by the tank due to the size of it, but the walls around it are occupied by white shelves, cabinets, sinks, and lab equipment. 
Stepping closer, it becomes apparent that you're already at the bottom of the tank; it doesn't venture below the floor like the sea lions' and seals' enclosures do. It's more like an aquarium in that sense, you suppose. You can, however, walk around it, up some stairs that twist around the incredibly large, somewhat circular tank, and onto a platform that meets the surface. 
You also notice that a partial reason as to why the water seems so dark, except for the sheer magnitude of it, its murkiness, and the lack of light, is that the walls are only partly see-through. The opposite side—the part of the wall that's underneath the platform—is covered by tarp, probably to hide the structure needed for the stairs and platform itself.
The eerie feeling of being watched remains as you step inside the room fully. You don't know if the temperature in the room is lower than outside it or if it just feels colder, but goosebumps break out on your skin, and a chill runs down your spine. It's certainly a fitting room to house a dangerous animal simply for the creepy atmosphere, and you avoid looking at the water through the glass, half expecting some glowing eyes to appear and scare you shitless. 
You can't help but wonder what the tank is made for, if it's made for something specific or just a general kind of tank. Your wide eyes flicker over the mass of water and upwards to what you see of the surface, which isn't much. 
The tank has to be four times your height, water-filled to the platform at three fourths. It at least calms you to see that the water is entirely still, confirming your guess that it is most likely void of any living thing. If there was something alive in there, it would cause waves and ripples.
You know that you should probably turn around and leave, but you don't know when the next opportunity will arise. Sure, you have your keycard, but you don't know if someone can tell which cards have opened which door, and you've used yours already. Maybe the access will have been revoked by the time you arrive tomorrow? 
So you do what you shouldn't and look around just to be absolutely sure before you walk around to the stairs. 
With one hand on the railing, since it is kinda dark, you ascend the steps one at a time until you've reached the platform. Your feet stop before it, not actually stepping onto it in case it's not even functional, and you end up in the water to drown, leaving whoever arrives first in the morning to find you. 
Instead, you stay on the last step of the stairs, hand never leaving the steel banister as your eyes gaze over the water. Crazy how you're unable to see deeper than probably a few centimeters, darkness taking over completely.
Suddenly there's movement. 
Something is moving in the water, enough to cause small waves. Frozen, you stare at the surface, heart beating erratically as your brain circles through all kinds of scenarios where you get eaten by marine carnivores before you finally turn on your heel to almost throw yourself down the stairs and out of the room. 
Most likely, you're being ridiculous, but you've also seen an insane amount of scary movies, enough to feed your paranoia for three lifetimes. Yeah, there probably isn't a shark in the tank or some sort of monster that could jump up and grab you, but it could be something like… an alligator? Gosh, that one hadn't even crossed your mind. You're lucky to still be alive, you guess, as you lock up and leave the building to head home.
Tumblr media
"Imagine having Sam and Ila in your apartment," you joke to Hoseok, who has his face pressed to the microscope.
"Mhm," he hums mindlessly.
"I think they'd eat the couch… What if I kidnap them, but I use Taehyung's keycard and then put them in Namjoon's house?" You chuckle, swinging your legs from where you sit on a counter, surrounded by lab... things.
"That'd be hilarious. Unfortunately, the cards don't work that way, so you'll have to avenge him in some other way," he says, referring to when Taehyung hid a dead fish in your bag.
"I guess," you say, feigning disappointment. You've gotten what you wanted.
Tumblr media
You're hanging out at your usual place at Sam and Ila's enclosure when the last person aside from you heads home with a 'bye, see you tomorrow'. By now, you've almost forgotten your plan. 
No point in lying to yourself; you're still nervous. But you figure that if you turn some lights on, it won't be so scary. After all, you're more curious than afraid. At the moment, at least. Who truly knows what will happen to your bravery the moment you step foot inside that haunted room?
Well, you're about to find out. Just like the night before, you watch the monitor flash green and the door unlock with a 'click.' Pulling it open slowly, you carefully peek inside to make sure no one is left.
The sound is heard again as the door closes behind you, and you start to look for the light switch. There are two, you find. One leads to a bright, very sterile light, which you quickly turn off again. The other leads to a more dimmed light, almost a little cozy, but still bright enough to leave you feeling tons braver than the previous night.
You've been thinking during the day. Something is in that tank—you know it—but it probably isn't dangerous. If there is a man-eating monster in there, someone would have told you, right? 
There can't be more than one either, judging by how the water had been entirely motionless one second and then stirred the next. So it can't exactly be a school of piranhas. Whatever is in there would also need the ability to keep absolutely still, unlike some species of fish that have to always keep swimming.
Taking a deep breath, you decide to go through with your plan, and so you start walking towards the stairs, two small ziplock bags in your hand.
You still aren't going to stand on the platform until you're absolutely sure of what's contained in the tank, so like the day before, you stop at the last step and grab a fish from one of the bags. When the smell hits, you scrunch your nose. It doesn't matter how long you work at the lab; the smell never gets any better.
There's a dilemma, you realize. Either you put the fish down as close to you as you can so that if nothing comes for it, you can pick it back up and not leave a trace. But if something does come for it, maybe you'll be too close. Truth is, you'd never be able to see anything approach the surface with the water so incredibly dark, and maybe, if there is something down there, it might even chop off your fingers if you get too close. 
You can always throw it to the middle of the tank? That'd be much safer for you, but you'd risk someone noticing if you had to leave it there. 
Eh, there's probably some net on a stick somewhere that you can use if that's the case, and so you decide to throw it as gently as possible to the middle.
The silvery fish makes a small splash as it hits the water, and then it bobs on the surface before stilling. You wait, full of adrenaline, for something to come up and eat it. But nothing happens. Have you been a complete idiot? Maybe even imagining things?
Not looking forward to having to search for a tool to grab the fish with, you give it a few minutes. The two bags go under your arm as you fish your phone out from your pocket to check the time. It's getting late, and you don't want to stay too long. 
Suddenly, the fish vanishes, and it causes you to nearly let out a scream. You'd looked up right in time to see it, but there was nothing to be seen except for the fish being dragged down extremely fast. Not a sight of whatever took it.
In fact, it scared you so much that your phone tumbled out of your hand and is now sinking to the bottom.
"Shit, shit, shit," you panic. Working in this environment led you to invest in a waterproof case, so your phone's chances of surviving the fall are great—there's just no way for you to get it back. You won't dive down to get it, that's for sure.
"I'm dead; what do I do? What do I do? I need that stupid phone!" you shut your eyes, tilting your head up as you curse to yourself and pull at your hair. "They're gonna find out that I disobeyed, and they're gonna fire me, fuck, why am I so stupid?!" 
A scratching sound makes you open your eyes, and when you return your gaze to the water, you see that it's moving in small waves near the platform. 
The platform, where your phone lies. Eyes wide, you realize that something—whatever it is—has retrieved your phone from the bottom for you. The scratching sound came from the phone being pushed onto the platform.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't know what you are, but here's some more fish and… strawberries! I hope you like them!" you ramble as you carefully reach over to grab your phone, and after securing it in your pocket, you empty the two bags in the same spot. If it could put your phone there, then it can take the food just fine, you think.
You stand there on the last step, almost waiting for something else to occur when you're hit by a realization. 
It has to be smart. A regular fish wouldn't care for a phone. Something more intelligent than your average fish would maybe explore it but ultimately leave it on the bottom when it isn't edible. 
It has to be smart to understand that you wanted it back. Smart enough to hide if it doesn't want to be seen, keep still as to not be betrayed by the movement of the water, and smart enough to return the phone when it knew you weren't looking.
You ignore the chill that runs down your spine and try to tell yourself that yes, it's smart, but maybe it's also just shy? Maybe it's more terrified of you than you are of it?
"I'll leave for a few minutes, thanks again," you mumble as you descend the stairs. Yeah, it's smart, but you almost snort when you realize that you're talking to it as if it understands you.
When you climb back up the stairs precisely five minutes later, all the food is gone, including the rest of Ila and Sam's strawberries.
Tumblr media
After that evening, you return every day. Well, every day that you work. Taehyung and Jimin spread their off-days out to ensure someone's always working, but since you're only an intern—and your help is greatly appreciated—you get the weekends off. 
It's never been harder to not have to work. You figure that if you're correct, then there's an intelligent being in that water, and it's all alone. Sure the tank is big, but it isn't that big, and you doubt there's any enrichment for it. 
So when everyone's gone home, you sneak in with varying foods, mostly chopped up fruit as it seems to like that. You stand at the last step, talking about everything and nothing, talking to it. Sometimes you even sing.
It always ends with you leaving the food on the edge of the platform and giving it a few minutes to take everything. You always double-check that no food is left behind to expose you, and there never is. 
It's a little saddening that it doesn't feel comfortable enough to let you see it. And fuck if you aren't curious. As time goes on, you don't feel as scared as you did in the beginning, but you still aren't going to risk anything. That's why you stay on that last step every time.
Now that you know something is going on, you can't help but scrutinize everything your colleagues do and say. They have been acting a little strange lately. Hoseok could never tell you exactly what he's running tests for, and you knew it's not all for the sea lions, otters, or seals, seeing as you would've been asked to help gather samples. 
Jimin and Taehyung goof around as always, but there are brief moments where you're sure you catch one of them glancing at that door. Even Namjoon has appeared more frequently in the last two-three weeks now that you think about it. And he always looks deep in thought and busy. To your frustration, you can't ask anyone about the being directly as that would expose your recent activities.
Feeling stuck without progress, you decide to take a chance and probe Taehyung one day when you're feeding the seals.
"Isn't the water kinda dirty?" you ask as you aim a fish to one of the three seals. If you simply dump the bucket in, then the largest, meanest seal would take them all to himself. You have to throw them one by one to them individually. Taehyung looks at you questioningly.
"I mean, it's just… you can't see anything beneath the surface."
"You know we filter it out regularly, but you're not supposed to see that deeply anyway, dummy. You think the water's always crystal clear in the real world?" he teases.
"No, but it's darker than usual, I think. Almost like that huge tank, you know?" You try to sound nonchalant as you throw another fish to a slimy bastard.
"Hmm, maybe…" is all he says. It's not enough; you won't settle for that.
"So you know… what exactly is in there?" Holding your breath, you await his answer.
"Nothing, you know that," he dismisses. It's a rare occurrence to hear Taehyung so serious.
"It can't just be empty!"
"It is."
"Then why is there so much secrecy around it?" 
"You shouldn't ask about it," he says, and you turn to face him after quickly throwing a few more fish, the poor seals almost choking on the flying food.
"Tae, I know there's something in there," you admit stubbornly.
"Stop." He looks at you warningly. "Don't bring it up again."
"You know what's in there, don't you?" you finally accuse, trying to keep your voice steady, not get too frustrated.
But he doesn't answer you; he just keeps quiet as he throws his last fish and turns to leave. You run to catch up to him, clutching the empty bucket's handle tightly.
"You're experimenting on it, aren't you? You've found something intelligent, and you're experimenting on it!"
He stops abruptly, grabbing you by your shoulder.
"We cannot be talking about this! You cannot, under any circumstances, go inside that room, you hear me? I'll tell you one thing, and that is that whatever is in there is none of your concern, but it's dangerous; you can get killed," he emphasizes while staring into your soul. He seems to expect an answer, a confirmation.
"Fine, I won't," you lie. If having a smothering, overbearing mother has taught you one thing, it is to lie convincingly. And Taehyung seems to buy it, being his goofy self shortly afterward.
Tumblr media
On that same day, you leave the lab the moment your shift ends. When your colleagues look surprised, you blame it on a headache. Perhaps it's the paranoia speaking, but you figure you'll skip a day just in case Taehyung had suspected something and a SWAT team is hiding behind that forbidden door to catch you in the act. No thanks. 
The next day is a Saturday, which means that you have two days off before having a chance to revisit the creature. You wonder if it's smart enough to realize that it's been longer than usual between your visits.
On Monday evening, your frustration is hard to contain as you finally get an opportunity to visit the room. By now, you've circled through all different fruit and berries and are back at strawberries. You wonder if it has a favorite. 
There's a slight stomp to your stride as you climb the stairs, opting to sit down at the last step where the wall ends, not just hang over it. Lips in a pout, you put the bag of strawberries on the platform next to you for later, and without thinking, you dip your fingers in the water.
You've never touched the water, always so hyper-aware of the fact that you can't discern anything deeper than a centimeter or two. But there you are, fingers playing in it, creating tiny splashes, and letting droplets fall and ripple the surface in small craters.
"I wish I knew what you are… No one is telling me anything," you mumble, still not connecting where you are to what you're doing. 
"I don't know if they're treating you okay. I want to know if I can help, but then again, maybe they are treating you well, and you don't need any help. Maybe you're content as is. I just don't know!" You emphasize your frustration by making a slightly bigger splash with your palm. 
Then, you sigh, retracting your hands. A few strawberries end up in them, and you munch on the sweet fruit, deep in thought.
"Tae said that you really are dangerous… that I could get killed. I don't think you're dangerous," you mumble, eyes locking to the ceiling. It's high up, and there's a little rectangle-shaped window that lets a tiny amount of moonlight through. It tints the black water, the reflections appearing a very pale blue. 
You've stopped turning the lights on when you come, feeling more comfortable and less observed with it off. Besides, if anyone were to return and decide to open the door, you could simply duck and be out of view. No suspicious lights to investigate further.
"Don't get me wrong, I think you might be powerful with the potential of being dangerous. I bet you're smart. I bet that you can differentiate and only be dangerous when you need to. I mean, you haven't hurt me…" you reason as you chew another piece of strawberry.
"Maybe you don't even like strawberries? Gosh, I wish you could talk to me so I could at least bring your fa—" you cut yourself off as you look at the water, and you're almost sure that your heart stops functioning.
There's a pair of eyes a few meters away, staring back at you. 
It's eerily quiet when you realize that they are human eyes. All you can see is the top of its head, a pair of strong eyebrows, and then the eyes as the water cuts off right beneath them.
They're dark and intimidating, almost making you feel the need to turn and run. For a brief second, you consider the possibility of it being just someone who works at the lab who's taken a dive, but you know everyone, at least by face. 
Even though not much of him is visible, you know it's a male. His features hold a certain sense of masculinity.
Honestly, you've considered mermaids. You have. But then you mentally face-palmed, almost embarrassed for even thinking about it. But staring at him now, as none of you move, you're absolutely sure.
"Are you… You're not human, are you?" You breathe, completely disregarding the fact that he's been submerged for far longer than humanly possible. Even now, his nose and mouth remain beneath the surface.
"You're a merman… a siren?" you continue quietly. Your heart is beating so fast, you're scared it might leave your body somehow. 
"Do you—can you understand me?" You ask when he shows no sign of answering. If he really is a siren, then you guess it wouldn't be so weird if he doesn't speak the same languages as humans, if he even speaks at all.
Still, he just stares at you. And you're unable to divert your gaze from him too. At first, it's partly due to fear. If you turn your head, who's to say he won't try something? Launch himself at you to drag you towards your death. But another part of you simply doesn't want to miss anything. 
He's mesmerizing. Dark, wet hair that softly curls to his cheek, exposing his pale forehead—tinted almost blue in the low light—and eyebrows. His eyes are big and intense; you almost wonder if he can read your thoughts. He's so beautiful, what's visible of him, at least. 
A frown etches itself on your face. Such a being shouldn't be limited to an enclosure like this.
"This is no way for you to live…" you mutter as you study your surroundings. The tank seemed so massive to you before, but now you can't help but feel claustrophobic on his behalf.
"All alone in a tank… Are you injured? Or sick? Maybe you're being treated to eventually be let out?" You have to hope. Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and everyone else who works with you can't possibly keep this being like this if they aren't helping it, right?
"If only you could tell me…" you sigh again before straightening your back." You know what? It doesn't matter, I'll find out why you're here, and I'll help you get out!"
You stay a few moments, unable to stop staring at the creature. He doesn't move, and neither do you. Your emotions are all over the place; you're on edge—an intimidating and potentially dangerous (and even mythical) creature is staring at you—but you're also extremely curious. 
He's the one who's eaten the fruit you've left behind, and also the one who saved your phone for you. With your newfound determination, you leave him the strawberries at the edge of the platform like always before bidding him goodnight and leaving the room on somewhat shaky legs.
Tumblr media
To your relief, your talk with Taehyung didn't affect your opportunities to visit the tank. Taehyung himself seems to even have forgotten the entire ordeal. Whew.
The siren… man… merman… whatever he is, you're proud of his progress, of your progress, even if it hasn't evolved much more after that. You still visit as often as you can, bringing him all sorts of different snacks. Healthy snacks, of course, though you wonder if he'd like Doritos.
Now, he surfaces the moment you stir the water with your fingers, almost as if he's answering your call for him even though you're positive he knows of your arrival as soon as you click the door open. Still, he keeps his distance and only ever has his eyes above the water, even if you have seen his nose once. 
He's always quiet, your voice the only sound in the room, and he'll only take whatever food you've brought after you've left.
But you wouldn't trade those late-night moments for anything. You tell him about your day, your attempts and failures at finding out more about his stay at the lab, and he'll listen. He never shows any real emotions, but you bet his expression has gradually gone softer, not as harsh and intimidating as the first time. Or maybe it's you who's slowly gotten more comfortable, less scared of him.
Your attempts at discovering the truth turn out to all be failures, nonetheless. You've discreetly searched Hoseok's lab without success, having had to break it up into multiple occasions due to its size. 
Your best guess is that whatever information they have on the creature is either locked inside one of the many cabinets or drawers or on someone's device, surely password protected and always being carried around.
Tumblr media
One day, you grab the zip-lock bags you've prepared for the boy and set off to the room as soon as the last person—Hoseok this time—has left. As usual, you click the door open and waltz inside, happily humming some song you've heard on the radio at Hoseok's lab earlier in the day.
Taking the steps two at a time, you fumble with the bags and decide that today is the day you'll be sitting on the platform. What initially scared you, besides the question if it would hold, is the fact that if something in the tank had the ability to reach above the water and grab, then it could basically pull you under. 
There is no raised edge, no tiny fence that separates the platform's end and the beginning of the water. Considering that the siren already has had countless opportunities to pull you under by now, it eases your nerves. 
You haven't exactly been a stranger to leaning over the see-through wall that separates the stairs from the tank, either. Even though it's right above the water. For god's sake, you've put your hands into the darkness on numerous occasions. It would've been too easy to grab you.
So you step onto the platform and sit down, briefly wondering if he'll be annoyed. You are basically inviting yourself into his home, after all. Maybe he thinks you're a disturbance, and he only comes when you call to keep an eye on you. Shaking those thoughts off, you reach forward to be able to tap the surface slightly, letting him know of your presence. 
Not long after, his head appears. Well, the top half of it. But to your joy, he's significantly closer than he's ever been before, about two arm lengths away. He looks to be a little surprised at your new spot.
"Hi," you smile. "I decided to be a little brave today; I hope you don't mind." It's been a long time since you stopped feeling disappointed at his lack of response.
"I brought some more fruit, but this time you're not getting away so easily. I want to know which ones you like the best." You start to open up the bags and place them in front of you, their content easily accessible.
"I prepared a little game. I'll hold up two, and you pick which one is your favorite. Then I'll hold up that same one but with a new one, and you'll pick between those! In the end, we'll know which ones you prefer."
Feeling giddy about the prospect of finally knowing and not having to butcher an entire grocery store to bring him every day, you pick up pieces of kiwi and mango. These are all fruit you've brought him at least once before.
You hold your hands out for him to see. His eyes flicker between the pieces, but he shows no sign of telling you or even pointing to one. Maybe your plan was flawed from the beginning.
"Hmm, I'll push them towards you, and you can choose?" You mumble, carefully placing them in the water, relieved to see them floating and not sinking. They bob towards him when you swish your hand in the water behind them, small waves carrying them over.
He hesitates at the fruit in front of him, glancing between them and you. Then, very slowly, a hand surfaces near them, and although you can't see much of it, it looks to be a darker shade than the rest of his skin, and even slightly webbed. He grasps the kiwi and brings it to his now exposed mouth. It looks like he's sniffing it before carefully putting it in his mouth and chewing it.
You can't do anything but stare at him with wide eyes and parted lips. 
"To be honest, I don't really like mango eit—oh," you start but cut yourself off when he reaches for the mango, floating in front of him, as well. 
"Okay, I'm assuming that you like them both, but for the sake of the game, let's say you like the kiwi more."
"Okay, so again; kiwi, but also banana." 
You repeat the exercise, pushing them towards him and seeing him eat them both, still very careful. This time, he seems to prefer the banana over the kiwi.
"Hmm, okay, banana or strawberry?"
Just as you're about to put the two pieces of fruit in the water, a loud sound echoes through the room. 
The door. 
"Oh my god! What are you doing?! Get away from the water immediately!"
You flinch at the sudden noise and look at the door where Namjoon stands, panic oozing from his very being. When you glance back to the water, the siren is gone.
"You hear me?! Don't make me come and get you!"
You scramble to your feet and jump over to the stairs, only slowing down as you near the floor. Namjoon looks furious. "Fuck, do you realize how dangerous that is?! You could have died?!"
You peer at the tank, wondering if he's watching the two of you.
"I don't know Namjoon, I don't think it is," you say, way too casual for Namjoon's liking. He closes the distance remaining and grabs your wrist to tug you with him through the door. You struggle a bit, not wanting to give up without a fight.
"No, Namjoon! How am I supposed to know when you're not telling me anything, huh?" 
"You were told in the beginning to not enter this room! I heard you questioned Taehyung about it as well, and he told you to let it go, but you just couldn't, could you?"
He glares at you, waiting until you've stopped struggling to release his hold on your arm. There's nothing you can do but admit defeat.
Tumblr media
In the end, Namjoon was more worried than angry, and you didn't get fired. He took your keycard and sent you home, only to give you a new one the next day—a new card without access to the room. 
It saddens you to think that last night was the last time you saw the boy, and now you're not going to see him again. The days pass by one after the other, and things start to go back to normal, as they were before you came across that open door.
Initially, Hoseok, Jimin, and Taehyung all learn of your activities but never speak of it, opting to just watch you with worry in their eyes. Eventually, they also start to act as if nothing ever happened. 
As if there wasn't a siren in that tank. 
Tumblr media
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author’s note: thank you for reading! i hope you liked it! and the links to the next part won’t work until i put it up again but theyre there since this is still the original post!
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If you are writing a multi chapter fic, please place a link to the previous chapter or to the beginning of the fic. It really helps those of us who didn’t catch the beginning and would be really appreciated!
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Tumblr media
You Take My Breath Away~ Reddie Fic
Summary: Eddie and Richie have never met in their life even though they are both friends with Beverly Marsh. Eddie loves skating at the local roller rink close to campus, its his way of expressing himself as well as coping with his anxiety. Richie is in need of some money after his parents cut him off, and its a good thing the local roller rink is looking for a new D.J.
Pairings: Reddie, Stenbrough, Benverly
Rating: Mature
Chapters: [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5]
Notes: AHH ITS FINALLY HERE! I have been working so long on this story and I am excited to finally share the first chapter with you!  I want to shout out @eddie-kas and @welcome-assholes for being so encouraging and helping me make this story come to life. AND I WANT TO MAJOR SHOUT OUT @cestleprobleme for helping me edit and pushing me to write this I honestly couldn’t have done it without her! Anyway heres the first chapter of You Take My Breath Away! 
Crunch… crunch… crunch.
           That’s the only sound Richie could hear as he roamed the campus streets on this Friday afternoon. The campus was known for being a “suitcase” college; students would vacate to head home for the weekend, leaving the campus streets abandoned and dorm halls hauntingly empty. Richie never went home, he liked staying on campus during the weekends. He was free to do what he wanted, and that included playing his record player as loud as he wanted without his neighbors getting pissed.
           Richie made his way across campus to the designated location where he met up with his friend Beverly Marsh for an afternoon smoke. He could see her already in their usual spot and he quickened his pace shoving his hands deep in his dark denim jacket.
           “Jesus, took you long enough Richie.” Bev said good-naturedly, taking out her pack of cigarettes shivering a little.
           “Sorry Bev, but these tight ass pants really restrict my movements.” Richie remarked with a smirk while adjusting his crotch to get his point across.
           Bev shook her head smiling; it was hard not to smile while Richie was around. He was always the light of the room wherever he went. Richie sat beside Beverly and took out his own pack of cigarettes and lit one up, taking a big drag, feeling the nicotine fill his mouth and lungs.
           “Long day?”
           “Yah, the rents called today. They are cutting me off so I gotta find a job. They said ‘Rich, you need to learn to be more independent and stop relying on us, blah, blah, blah.” Richie said, moving his thumb and forefingers in a mocking gesture of his parents’ speech, flopping down on the decaying grass.
           “Well, I mean you are a junior in college and you have yet to have an actual job,” Bev replied slowly lowering herself next to Richie. “And before you say anything back, no, selling stolen shit is NOT a job.”
           “Aye! I never steal I just find and keep to sell later!”
           “Still not a job Rich.” Bev smiled back, pausing to take a drag from her cigarette before excitedly turning towards Richie. “You know the roller rink downtown is looking for a DJ! That’d be a perfect job for you!”
           “People actually still go there?” Richie scoffed.
           “Yeah! I go sometimes with a group of friends to skate, plus Ben works there.”
           “I am not working there.” Richie took another drag from his cigarette.
           “Oh come on, grumpy pants, lets go over there now and grab an application.” Bev said stubbing out her cigarette and standing up.
           Richie sighed heavily. He did need a job, and this would work well since he did want to go into the radio business. Plus, getting to sit around and play music? He basically already did that in his free time. Might as well get paid to do it, right? He stubbed his cigarette out as well and grabbed Beverly’s outstretched hand, and she pulled him up. Beverly didn’t let go of his hand as she led him eagerly down the street to the run-down looking roller rink.
           The music was blaring inside the rink as Eddie laced his bright white skates up. His skates always stood out compared to the over-used, dusty brown skates that most people rented. His were a pristine, well-cared for white, still looking brand new even though he got them years ago. Soft baby pink laces worked their way up to the top of the skates, tied off in a perfect, practiced little bow. His wheels, however, were brand new, and were the same shade of baby pink as the laces. Both looked absolutely perfect with his white skates. He didn’t care that they looked like women’s skates, he loved them.
           Eddie had always loved skating, it was as close to ice skating as he could get since his over-bearing mother never let him near an ice rink for the risk of him getting sick from the cold temperatures, even though plenty of other kids managed just fine. Despite the uncleanliness of roller rinks and the potential of falling, his mother did let him skate at least once a week as a kid. Being able to skate was his way of expressing himself without ridicule from either his mother or the asshole kids at school. It was also a way for him to cope with his anxiety. Being out on the rink…all his problems disappeared and it was just him, the music, and his skates.
           He stood up from where he was sitting and did a few stretches to make himself limber before he made his way over to the rink. He looked up to see that Ben was working the music booth since the DJ had quit over a week ago so Ben was in charge of the music until they were able to find a new DJ. Eddie smiled and gave a little wave to Ben as he circled around the rink, slowly at first to warm up.
           Eddie circled the rink a couple times doing some weaving to get his legs lose and up to their usual strength and flexibility before he would really lose himself in the music. Since it was a Friday afternoon, the rink was vacant of its weekend evening rush. Eddie gracefully slid up to the booth and gave a list of songs to Ben to play while he skated, which Ben happily took and began queuing up the tracks for Eddie. First to play was one of Eddie’s favorites to skate to: When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls.
           As the song started, Eddie smiled and started skating backwards towards the middle of the rink. The music was pumping loudly through the giant speakers, and Eddie could feel the vibrations thrum throughout every inch of his lithe body. Sometimes he thought skating was better than sex, the way it filled him up so completely with euphoria and made him feel so good. The music always changed Eddie completely, he was able to be free, a whole new person. He could never control what moves he would do while skating, his body just took over and moved so perfectly to the beat with the music, almost like he was in a trance.
           He began to skate around the track, starting to work up to the perfect speed to get him dancing in his skates, and when he got there, his body took over. He began to spin, weave, skate backwards, drop it low, skate on one leg, nearly go into the splits, and at one point he was moving his hips so smoothly it could make absolutely anyone melt. The song was coming to an end as he started to skate normally, feeling the sweat prickle on his forehead between his brows. He ran his fingers through his hair fixing his always perfectly styled hair, adjusting it to maintain its usual quiff swept back from his forehead.
           The music had stopped and he could hear small applause at the opposite end of the track, and turned to see Ben, Beverly, and someone he didn’t recognize clapping and whooping. He could feel the blush creep up his already reddened face. Had they seen the whole thing? He made his way over the other end of the rink.
           “Damn, Eddie, where did you learn those moves!” Beverly said winking and nudging him.
           “Oh…uh, just stuff I’ve seen others do.” Eddie replied shyly, the blush prominently displayed on his cheeks now.
           “Not going to lie, I have a boner right now over that.” The dark curly haired boy said with a wink leaning in to rest his elbows on the rink’s side.
           The breath was sucked from Eddie’s lungs as many conflicting feelings flooded over him all at once: disgusts, flattery, confusion. He could feel his heart in his throat as he just stared blankly at the mysterious man before him. His head was a mop of black curls that fell around his face and neck almost perfectly. Bulky glasses rested on the bridge of his nose, and Eddie could see his magnified eyes that hid behind the thick lenses. His eyes were a soft, welcoming brown, his eyelashes were so thick and long Eddie wondered what they would feel like brushed against his cheek. Freckles were dusted across the bridge of his nose, and Eddie wanted to trace them into constellations.
           “That’s fucking disgusting.” Eddie choked out, trying to cover the multitude of reactions he had had save for the disgust.
           Richie smirked, pleased with himself, and beamed back at Eddie before peering at him over the edge of his glasses, “whatever you say, Eds.” Richie gave a subtle wink down at the smaller boy.
           Eddie could feel himself tense up, he had never felt so simultaneously disgusted and attracted to someone before in his entire life. “Don’t call me that.” Eddie said, before skating quickly backwards away from the three standing there, and taking off.
           Richie looked over to Ben and Beverly, smiling with content. He watched the small boy skate around the track before once again beginning to lose himself in the music. Eddie was wearing the shortest pink shorts, tantalizingly, in Richie’s opinion, exposing his toned thighs. And his ass…man did his ass look perfect, no more than perfect, in those tiny scraps of fabric. They showed the clear definition of Eddie’s similarly toned, pert ass, and it made Richie’s knees weak more than he was willing to admit. Eddie’s torso was covered by an oversized white sweater that hung loosely about his shoulders, and would frequently slide off at least one, exposing bare skin and part of his collarbone. Richie felt like a creep, but he could not stop staring as he watched Eddie skate around, weaving and spinning and dancing in his pearly skates. Richie would be lying if he said that the way that Eddie moved so gracefully and effortlessly didn’t turn him on an alarming amount.
           “Hello? Earth to Richie?” Ben said waving his hand in front of Richie’s face. “You want to follow me so we can fill out that application?”
           “Oh, yeah,” he said, shaking his head slightly to refocus his attention, “Lets go, something has to be done about the music in this joint, it’s fucking terrible.” Richie said stepping away from the trackside, following after Ben. The Rink was small, and had probably seen much better days, but besides that, Richie found that he surprisingly loved the place. The carpet was a dark blue with neon geometric shapes all over it, the booths, bright red with silver accents, looked like they came out of a 50’s diner. And the smell...this is the smell Richie lived for: a mix of candy and pizza and a hint of a musky old smell, distinct but not unpleasant. The smell brought back memories of when his parents would take him bowling every other weekend.
           Richie filled out the application on the spot as Beverly sat beside, him helping him with some of the questions. Ben went off to help some people rent out skates as the night rush was beginning to roll in. The application took about ten minutes before Richie excitedly finished. He was actually kind hopeful and a little elated, the atmosphere of the place definitely swaying him away from his previous apprehensions. He actually really wanted this job now.
           Richie walked out of the rink, looking briefly behind him to see Eddie smiling dazzlingly, and laughing with a look of pure happiness carved into his features. Richie smiled himself, and stuffed his hands in his pocket as he walked out of the building, wanting nothing more than to see Eddie again, and hopefully he would.
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let-me-love-you-loki · 2 years ago
Hounds of Justice Master Post
Premise: Trying something new, Stephanie McMahon brings up female superstar Llane Black and pairs her with Dean Ambrose for a series of mixed matches. Adopted by the rest of The Shield, Llane makes herself at home in WWE and catches the eye of a certain Shield Brother. 
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14 (Smut)
Chapter 15 (Smut)
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20 (massive fluff)
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29 (Trigger Warning)
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 (Angst)
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38 (Angst)
Chapter 39
Chapter 40
Chapter 41 (Angst)
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 (Smut)
Chapter 44
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47 (Fluff)
Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 (Angst)
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55
Chapter 56 (Smut)
Chapter 57
Chapter 58 
Chapter 59 (Angst)
Chapter 60 (Angst)
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 (Fluff)
Chapter 65
Chapter 66
Chapter 67
Chapter 68
Chapter 69 (Fluff)
Chapter 70 (Fluff)
Chapter 71
Chapter 72
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 
Chapter 75
Chapter 76
Chapter 77
Chapter 78
Chapter 79 (Angst)
Chapter 80 (Smut)
Chapter 81
Chapter 82
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 (Fluff)
Chapter 85
Chapter 86
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jetsetlife138 · a year ago
Imaginary - Chapter 1
Fandom: Hazbin Hotel Rating: Mature for this chapter, but Explicit in future chapters Pairing: Alastor x Fem!Reader Summary: You come across a device that throws you into the animated world of Hazbin Hotel. Once an average human living in a three-dimensional world, you’re now transformed into a two-dimensional human that has been cast into Hell. The inhabitants of Hell are curious and most harbor ill-will towards you. Charlie and the staff of the Happy Hotel take you in and offer you protection while they try and figure out how to return you to your world. That is… until you come across a certain Radio Demon with different intentions. Chapter Warnings: Alternate Universe, Canon divergence, language, drug references
Note:  This first chapter is kind of a tease for where the story could go. I wasn’t sure how it would go over with an audience, so I’m eager for some feedback. As the story goes on, it will focus around the Reader and Alastor’s relationship. 
Agony. That’s the only word one could use to describe what you had been through. One minute, you were shopping at your local thrift store inspecting an old remote control, and the next minute you were thrown into a black hole. Your body had felt like it had been ripped apart and messily thrown back together over and over again as you continued to float through time and space. It was a sensation unlike anything you had ever experienced and never wanted to again. 
Your head felt so heavy. It was difficult to tell whether or not you were still floating or if you were finally stagnant. Reaching your arms out, the palms of your hands were met with a hard, flat surface, letting you know that you were steady on solid ground.
It was difficult to decipher the noises around you considering there was a loud ringing in your ears, but from what you could tell it sounded like multiple hisses and whispers. Strangely, the thought of that brought you a bit of comfort. At least you weren’t dying alone… if that was really what was happening.
Using all of your remaining energy, you started to focus on the voices around you.
“What is it?”
“Dipshit, what does it look like? It’s a human.”
“It’s a girl!”
“A girl?”
“No, it’s a woman!”
“Is she dead?”
“Doesn’t look like it.”
“How the fuck did a human get here?”
“Can we eat her?”
Whoa, what? It was incredibly overwhelming. Clearly there was a group of people surrounding you, and trying to differentiate each voice was negatively impacting your already fragile state of mind. They couldn’t possibly be saying what you thought they were saying.
Hesitantly, you opened your eyes, blinking a few times due to the brightness. After allowing your vision to focus, your breath caught in your throat at the sight. Everything was… animated? On top of that, you seemed to be surrounded by freaky creatures; things that you would only see in nightmares. Oh shit. What kind of drugs were you on? Did you accidentally drop acid? Did someone sneak an insane amount of magic mushrooms into your lunch? No, no, no, this couldn’t be possible.
Rubbing your eyes and looking around once more, much to your dismay, your surroundings remained the same. One of the creatures took a step closer to you, causing you to instinctually raise your hands defensively. When you saw your own hands, you outwardly yelped. They, too, were animated and now only two-dimensional.
You felt nauseous. Your whole world was crashing down around you. It couldn’t be real. It had to be a freaky nightmare. But then… why weren’t you waking up?
Looking around, your eyes met one of the creepy creatures. She appeared to be a cross between a human and a snake, her eyes glowing yellow as she stared daggers at you.
“Wh-where am I?” you croaked, your voice hoarse and thick with emotion.
The snake creature cackled before hissing back at you, “Isn’t it obvious, girl? You’re in Hell!”
Hell? Is that what happened? You died, plummeted to Hell, and this was your eternal torment?
When you didn’t respond, one of the other creatures grew impatient, addressing you with a thunderous voice, “Why do you still look human? Are you alive or dead?”
“I don’t… I don’t know,” you murmured, shaking your head, still trying to cope with your current predicament.
Suddenly, you felt a firm grip on your arm as one of the creatures grabbed you harshly, raising you to your feet. “I call dibs! Finders keepers!”
“That’s bullshit!” one of the others called out, snarling. “I saw her first!”
The others burst out in arguments, trying to determine which of them would take ownership of you. It terrified you to hear things like, “Can I have her left arm?” or “I’ll take her foot!”
Just as you were about to have a complete mental breakdown, a voice cut through the crowd. “Get your hands off of her!”
The crowd parted to reveal a less terrifying looking creature, who seemed to be more human-like than the rest of the animalistic mob. At first glance, she seemed to be a girl with wide eyes, long blonde hair, and suspenders, giving her a somewhat innocent appearance.
“She’s coming with me,” she declared, though her demeanor was timid, almost as if she was unsure of herself.
“Over my dead body!” one of the other creatures bellowed, followed by multiple jeers of agreement by the rest.
The girl snarled, catching you off-guard when her face temporarily morphed into something else entirely. Horns sprouted from her head while her eyes glared with red hues. Baring her sharp teeth, her menacing expression instantly silenced the others. After a brief moment, she effortlessly returned to her former and much less terrifying self. “As princess of Hell and heir to the throne, I hereby decree that she is under my protection… um… until further notice. Okay?”
Suddenly, you were shoved from behind, causing you to stumble towards the princess who had basically just claimed ownership over you.
She met your eyes with a tender smile, placing a hand on your shoulder and whispering, “You’re safe, I promise. Just stick with me.”
All you could manage was a grateful nod of your head, still not able to properly speak.
As the two of you walked away, you could hear the others behind you hissing and growling in disapproval, apparently disappointed that they weren’t able to have their way with you.
Your mind was in a fog as you followed the princess, feeling woozy as you took in more of your surroundings. There’s no way this could have been a dream. It felt too real. On top of that, there was no way that you were creative enough to come up with an entire world such as the one you were in. This was a version of Hell that you never could have fathomed, but it was all too authentic.
“My name is Charlie, by the way,” the princess greeted, cutting through the awkward silence. “Well, actually, it’s Charlotte, but everyone calls me Charlie.”
Barely managing a smile, you nodded before stuttering out your first name in return. 
“It’s so great to meet you!” she beamed. “So, um… how did you end up here? We’ve never had an actual live human here before! This is so crazy! Where did you come from?”
It was obvious that she was trying to contain her excitement, but her curiosity was getting the better of her. You couldn’t blame her. You were also just as curious about the other inhabitants of Hell as they were of you, but you couldn’t quite form enough words to ask her any of the things that you wanted to. It was difficult enough to try and cope with your current predicament. 
“Honestly… I don’t know how I got here. The last thing I remember was going shopping with my friends. Next thing I know, I’m here, looking like a cartoon.”
“A cartoon?” she questioned. “What’s that?”
You gawked at her for a moment. Did she really not know? “Um… it’s what you are. An animation. A drawing.”
She continued to stare at you, clearly not understanding what you were trying to explain. How were you supposed to clarify? “In my world, we look different. This world is two-dimensional, and we’re three-dimensional where I come from. The way you and your world looks… it’s what we call a cartoon. It’s… difficult to explain.” "I see..." she trailed off, clearly uncertain of how to respond to that kind of information."  "So, um," you began, awkwardly wringing your hands. "What were those things back there? You seem different than them. More... like me, I guess."  She smiled warmly at you, easing the tension a bit. "Those are Sinners, the inhabitants of this Ring of Hell. They were alive once, but now they're here in our Kingdom. Their appearance is less human-like because once they arrive in Hell, they become demons and lose some of their human attributes. They can be a little... aggressive." That was putting it mildly. "I look different because I'm not from the human world. I was born here in Hell."  "That's... bizarre," you commented more to yourself than to her. 
“Well, we can talk more about it later when you’ve had a chance to relax. We’re almost there!” she squealed with excitement.
“Where are we going?” you inquired.
Her eyes grew larger with a certain sparkle as she raved, “The Happy Hotel! Vaggie, the manager and I opened it together! It’s the first facility to have its own demon-rehabilitating program!”
She beamed with pride as she spoke of it, but everything she said was nonsense. “You have your own demon-rehabilitating facility? ...In Hell? Does that really work?”
“Well…” she murmured unsuredly. “It’s still in the beginning stages. It’s a work-in-progress, but we’ve just employed some new staff members that’s really bringing it all together!”
This entire conversation was absurd. In what universe was this an actual topic of discussion? Well… apparently this one. It was extremely difficult to wrap your brain around, and you weren’t sure if you were ever going to come to terms with it.
“We’re here!” she revealed, her demeanor absolutely giddy. It was obvious that she was proud of her work.
Looking up, you took in the large building. It was… insane. It defied all logic. The alleged hotel was a mix of a grandeur building constructed out of things that had no place there, such as a train engine and a large boat. It reminded you of a glitch in the Matrix or something. On top of that, it seemed a bit run-down, and could obviously use some work, but maybe that’s just how things looked in Hell. Oh, yeah. You were definitely going crazy. 
She led you inside where you were met with an incredible and regal entryway. The architecture was… bizarre, for lack of a better word, which matched its outer appearance. Everything was exaggerated, just as it would be in a wacky, fantastical animation.
Stepping further into the hallway, you saw a mirror out of the corner of your eye. Hesitantly approaching it, you were finally able to take in your full appearance. You couldn’t help but laugh when you saw your reflection. It seemed that you were still very much yourself, but your features were altered to fit the universe you were now in. It was surreal to say the least.
Charlie approached you from behind, speaking softly, probably to keep from startling you. “Just sit tight for a minute, okay? I’m gonna go grab Vaggie.”
Nodding, you watched her skip down the hall and disappear, leaving you alone with your thoughts. What were you going to do now? How were you going to get home? Could you even leave this place? How was she going to keep you safe from those other creatures that wanted to kill you?
As you mind flooded with questions, a chill in the air caught your attention. A high-pitched ringing made you flinch as you rubbed your ears, confused as to where it was coming from.
You were caught off-guard when an unnatural static-filled voice spoke from behind you. “Well, hello there, my dear.”
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mallr4ts · 4 days ago
Denial - Chpt.1&2
Summary: Love isn't a topic that was taught back on Kamino, so it's up to Crosshair to figure these things out, all by himself. However, he's in constant denial, and with a small nudge from Hunter, Crosshair begins his journey of discovering how deep his admiration runs for you.
Pairing: Crosshair x Reader
Reader Description: Reader is female, and uses she/her pronouns. This fic does not include any descriptions of her appearance.
Word count: 3.5k
Tags: Slow burn, Mutual pining, Flirting, Denial of feelings, Feelings realisation.
Notes: This has been sitting in my drafts for MONTHS, so I figured I should begin posting it, and hope that this won't end up as another abandoned multi-chapter fic. We'll see >:)
Tumblr media
"Excellent stance, Omega. Keep it up."
Your compliment makes the girl smile, although her mind remains focus on her task. She's repeating the moves you've taught her, a stick between both hands, flowing through the sequence with ease.
Omega grinned like a child in a candy store when you offered to train her in combat, seeing as she's now riding around with your odd bunch. Hunter was uncertain, but understood that Omega needs to learn at least the basics. Everybody hopes that she'll never have to put your training into use, but they all know in the back of their minds that it's more than likely she will one day, whether that's next week, or years in the future.
Endor is thankfully a nice planet to crash-land on, with thick, lush fields of trees, and so far, no run-ins with the locals. Tech and Echo have spent the last few days making repairs to the ship, accompanied by Wrecker whenever heavy lifting needs doing. The Havoc Marauder isn't in the worst state that it's ever been in, but far from the best; you're expecting to spend a few more days here, and in Omega's eyes, that just means more training time.
She's a fast learner, somewhat of a copy-cat. However, she sometimes gets ahead of herself, causing her moves to get sloppy, or her mind to drift elsewhere. What can you expect? She's a child. You can't blame her for being excited, and it's something she'll learn to control within time.
There have been a few instances where her self-proclaimed 'failure' has caused her to get upset, but there's nothing that soft words and a tight hug can't fix. You're always there to catch her whenever she falls, and Hunter's beaten you to it a few times, considering he likes to sit and watch on the regular, often calling out compliments like a proud father.
For once, Hunter isn't looming over today's lesson. He headed into the forests a few hours back to hunt tonight's dinner, leaving you to train Omega, Echo and Tech to continue repairing the ship with Wrecker on standby, and Crosshair is... somewhere. He went for a walk, possibly? You're unsure, seeing as that man keeps his distance from you - from everyone.
Crosshair is similar to other snipers that you've met before: cold and closed, wary of others, independent, somewhat of a lone wolf who's found himself a pack. He's been snappy with you before, just like everybody else, and Hunter pulled you aside when you two first argued to explain that unfortunately, Crosshair is 'just like that.'
You always give him his personal space. You've once been quite the loner, and going from solitude to constantly being around people did affect you at first, but you grew to accompany it. It's not that you don't enjoy the company of this boisterous bunch, but it can sometimes be hard to breathe. You treasure the moments you have alone, such as scrolling through your holopad in your bunk, or watching the stars in the dead of night whilst everybody else is asleep.
Crosshair, however, hasn't adapted quite like you, and goes out of his way to create moments where he can simply be alone. It's understandable, everybody needs their alone time, some more than others.
"Let's run through that sequence one more time," you instruct Omega, who lets out an over-the-top, defeated sigh. Children, huh?
"Again? Can we please move on to something else? I'm getting bored!" Omega protests, her shoulders drooping as she begins attempting to use her puppy eyes on you.
"I'll make a deal with you, Omega. Run through it once more, and then we'll move on to something else?"
"Alright," Omega agrees, but doesn't seem too keen on the offer. It's going to take her a minute at most to demonstrate the sequence that you've both been going through these last few days, but in her mind, that minute feels much longer than it really is.
She rushes through it, and you honestly can't blame her. Following sequences is always a boring task, but it needs to be done to teach proper stances, as well as helping the flow during combat.
Omega grins at you as she announces that she's done, and you can't help but laugh. "Okay, we'll move onto something else. How about we try some one on one combat?"
"You mean, like, me versus you?" Omega questions, and grins even more when you nod.
"-But we're going to go slowly, okay? This isn't a fight. You're going to learn the key points to focus on whilst in one on one combat," you explain, and Omega is happy either way. This beats following sequences.
You search around the flat opening that you've been training in and retrieve a stick, your makeshift weapon, and begin the next exercise. Omega is taught defence first, blocking your attacks, although she does try to jump at every opening she sees. She's eager, which is understandable, but you have to pull her down a notch to prevent her getting ahead of herself.
As always, Omega understands, and apologizes for getting ahead of herself. The next hour is spent running through defence stances, unaware that a curious pair of eyes are watching in the distance.
Crosshair finds himself propping his weight up against one of the many trees, looking down into the clearing where you're training Omega. He had, in fact, gone on a walk to earn himself some alone time, and had overheard your training session on his way back to the Marauder. The boys have all watched you two train at some point, mostly Hunter, but Crosshair has never watched a lesson unfold on his own before.
At first, he was simply curious to see how the lesson was panning out, but his mind began fixating on something specific - someone specific.
Crosshair continues grinding on another toothpick, subconsciously fiddling with the thin piece of wood. He often zones out like this, unaware of his minor fidgeting, especially when his eyes and mind are locked onto somebody else. You've caught Crosshair staring at you before, and assumed that he had simply zoned out without realizing, or that he was studying you, a somewhat new member who he can't quite pin-point; when in reality, Crosshair has been silently cursing you out for being, well, you.
Maker forbid anybody else finds out, or catches on to the feelings that he constantly denies, but you've hit a soft spot in his heart. It took him forever to catch on, but he eventually realized his admiration for you one night when he couldn't sleep - what a surprise.
The slender clone had pulled back the curtains to his top bunk, ready to swing his legs over the side and help himself down, wanting to retrieve a glass of water. However, he was stopped in his tracks at the sight of you asleep.
Your bunk curtains were drawn back, not that you often close them anyway. You were conked out, fast asleep, bundled up under your blankets; your hair was a mess, your breaths were heavy, and if you saw yourself you'd find yourself incredibly unappealing. But Crosshair didn't see you like that, he saw you as a woman enjoying her well-needed rest, appealingly comfortable, and Crosshair convinced himself that there was space beside you for himself.
The pieces were finally put together, and Crosshair realized he had a weakness - a sappy spot for you.
Most people would begin acting on their admiration, but not him. Maker, no. Crosshair realized he had no idea how to hold a conversation with you, let alone flirt, and why would anybody go for a clone? Especially a mutated one? Instead, Crosshair became even more closed off, often making dry, dull, sarcastic comments towards you, which is actually his way of flirting.
His petty jabs went unnoticed by you; sarcasm is his favourite style of talking to people, so you didn't pick up on his flirtatious undertones, and neither did he. In reality, he was trying to push you away, to bury his feelings, to clear his mind from his constant thoughts of you. It didn't work. If anything, Crosshair began to admire you even more.
You accepted him for who he is, even throughout his petty comments. You barely bat your eyes at the comments that Crosshair assumed would hurt, and that only made his feelings worse. He's in it for the long run, but continues to resist approaching you like a normal person. The only side of Crosshair that you're ever going to see is his dry, dull comments - or at least, that's what you both think.
Crosshair continues to watch the training session, gawking through half-lidded eyes, fixated on your constant strength and determination, perfectly balanced with the patience you have for Omega. Crosshair's has never been a fan of children, minus the clone he calls his sister, but the way you address her makes his heart flutter. At times, you talk to her like a child, through soft words, praise, and encouragement; and other times you'll speak to her like a friend, sharing secrets whenever you two build a blanket fort, or commending on the shows you watch together on your holopad.
Surprisingly, Crosshair was the person who draped a blanket over you and Omega when you'd both fallen asleep whilst watching one of your many holoshows. It was after a training session that wore you both out, and she joined you on your bunk, your holopad propped up against your knee, and Omega cuddled up to your side, Lula in her arms.
Everybody else was in the cockpit, leave you two in peace to doze off as the show continued to play. Crosshair had found you both like that, and turned your holopad off, placing it where you usually store it, followed by tucking you and Omega in. He peered over his shoulder every other second to ensure the others wouldn't catch him doing something so thoughtful, and was gentle whilst tucking both of you in, not wanting to wake either of you.
The toothpick between Crosshairs lips is finally discarded on the forest floor as he runs through such memory, and he's about to begin chewing on another, when the sound of footsteps drags his attention away. Hunter's approaching, a deceased animal swung over his shoulder, enough for tonight's dinner. Crosshair can feel himself tense up, as if he's been caught doing something he shouldn't, but Hunter doesn't seem to notice his tension (or he chooses not to comment on it.)
"How are they?" Hunter questions, standing beside his brother and peering down into the clearing, watching you two spar.
"Fine," Crosshair replies, shifting his weight against the tree again. His shoulders relax, arms folding over and pressing tightly to his chest.
There's a few, short moments of silence, until Hunter speaks up again. "Omega's a fast learner."
"And a good student, too," Crosshair adds. Hunter smiles at his praise, agreeing with his comment.
"Well, she has a good teacher," Hunter explains, and peers out the corner of his eyes to watch Crosshair's reaction.
"Thankfully," he sighs. "We were fortunate to add her to our team, although I'll never understand why she decided to stay."
Hunter can't help but laugh. "So, you do like her?" he jabs, and is met with his brother's glare. Crosshair remains silent, and Hunter continues picking on him. "Oh, come on, Cross. We all assumed you disliked her the most."
"You're wrong, Sarge. I tolerate her the most," Crosshair corrects him, keeping his gaze fixated on the training session. Looking at Hunter whilst he's making his jabs will only stir Crosshair up, so he does what's best for his state, and looks away.
Hunter smiles whilst shaking his head, his eyes flicking back over to the training session. Despite not having heightened senses, Crosshair can tell that something's on the tip of Hunter's tongue, and his patience quickly runs dry. "Spit it out, Hunter," he orders.
Hunter laughs once more before making a bold comment. "I can sense how fast your heart goes whenever she speaks to you."
Crosshair lets out a sigh, refusing to show the embarrassment and fear that he now has. "Your senses are lying to you, for once, Hunter," he brushes him off, refusing to look at his brother.
"Sure, keep telling yourself that... but her heartbeat speeds up too."
Crosshair holds the urge he has to look at his brother, wanting to study his face, to figure out if he's lying, but showing an interest in his comment will only confirm that Hunter's assumptions are true. Instead, he scowls at the floor, brows knitted together, and a hand trailing up to pluck the toothpick from between his lips. He fiddles on the thin stick, twirling it between his fingers, fidgeting whilst his mind attempts to piece everything together.
Do you actually like him? Like - not tolerate.
Hunter's watching Crosshair in the corner of his eye the entire time, softly smiling to himself. So, the feelings really are there. If they weren't then Crosshair would have shut him down by now, he would have cast a scowl, pointing his finger at his Sergeant whilst he accuses him of lying.
Hunter knows that Crosshair isn't going to reply. However, he wants Crosshair to know that his secret is safe with him, and that he should at least try and see if you two are compatible. "Maybe you should start being nice to her, Cross. And by nice I mean genuinely nice, not another spin-off of your sarcasm," Hunter suggests.
This time, Hunter is met with a scowl. "I'm not looking for advice, Hunter," Crosshair spits whilst flicking his toothpick at his brother, his eyes lighting up when it bonks off Hunter's nose.
"I figured you could use some," Hunter playfully jabs back, and has to bite back his strong urge to laugh.
"I don't," Crosshair blankly states. Leaves crunch beneath him as Crosshair moves his weight from the tree, turning heel and walking away. Hunter can't help but call out after Crosshair, hoping that he can at least get something through his high walls.
"Pay attention to her the next time she speaks to you, and I mean really pay attention. You'll notice how she perks up in her own way, Cross."
Crosshair stops in his tracks for a brief moment, his fists bunching together as he decides on his reply. There is none. What a surprise.
Hunter rolls his eyes. Crosshair is such a stubborn yet smug bastard, however, he's Hunter's baby brother, and it's within his nature to look out for him, whilst teasing him at the same time.
For whatever reason, Crosshair's actually been thinking about what Hunter told him, along with his unwarranted advice. Well, he's been subconsciously thinking, denying not only his feelings towards you, but the heavenly theory that those feeling may be mutual.
Crosshair, for once, doesn't have his hands wrapped around his rifle. He's lounging about on his bunk, hands resting on his lap, and low and behold, there's a toothpick between his lips. The sounds of Echo and Tech blabbering away in the cockpit disappeared from his mind hours ago; the last thing he consciously heard was that they're debating where to head to next, now that the ship is finally repaired.
Omega is in need of some armour, despite Hunter's protests, and the batch has been attempting to work out which armouries are still safe for their kind, or at the very least, where they can get the materials to make Omega's armour themselves.
Such an idea has been kept quiet from Omega. The last thing the batch wants to do is spoil her surprise, so you were assigned the task of heading to the nearest settlement to purchase some food. Yes, a settlement, and surprisingly one that isn't full of ewok's. Hunter had stumbled across the settlement a few days ago, and spoiled his family with a hefty purchase of pastries and sweet treats.
You were given more than enough credits to purchase something for the ride, hopefully keeping the batch fed until they reach their next destination. The amount given was more than enough, and Omega proudly announces your return as she scrambles up the Marauder's stairs.
"What have you got for us, Omega?" Hunter questions, calling out to her from inside the cockpit.
Omega follows the sound of his voice, hurrying to the front of the ship with a large bag of goodies in her grasp. "There was so much to choose from! We kinda went overboard and grabbed a bit of everything," Omega explains as she begins digging her hand through the bag, pulling something out for each person to enjoy.
You zone out to the chit-chat, peering around to ensure that everybody has something to eat. The outcast isn't here, as per usual, so you pick out a snack from the bag and begin trailing through the rest of the ship, checking every corner to see which one Crosshair has curled up into.
Hunter notices. The others are fixated on their food, with the sound of Omega and Wrecker talking filling the air, but Hunter casts a side-glance to watch as you disappear deeper within the ship. He smiles to himself; you always go out of your way to ensure that Crosshair isn't left out, despite the fact that he often removes himself from situations.
Crosshair is on his bunk, and his eyes meet yours as you approach. "Fancy some food, grumpy?" you offer, holding the treat out to him.
"Thanks," Crosshair monotonously replies, although his tone picks up during his next comment. "I didn't realize we were picking nicknames for each other."
"Oh, grumpy is my first nickname on the list. Grouchy is second," you explain with a soft laugh. The sight of you alone always makes Crosshair uneasy, but this? this is something else. He's drawn to the fact that you're playfully bullying him, a style that he often uses on you. He notices how your eyes squint when you laugh, only to fixate back on him with a cheerful glisten afterward.
Kriff. You're maintaining eye contact, and Crosshair has to look away before his cheeks start burning up. You don't always maintain eye contact with anybody else, especially when the conversation is filled with distractions, but your eyes remain glued on Crosshair's during the brief moments you two have. He's felt your gaze on himself before, smiling softly as you admire the tolerance he had to sit through his stick and poke face tattoo, and how maintained he keeps his silver hair. Everybody else gets a brief glance at most, but your eyes are always on your prize whenever Crosshair is in your line of sight.
"I prefer grumpy," Crosshair states, and to his own surprise, he smiles when you nod in agreement.
"Grumpy it is," you decide. "Well, grumpy, are you going to join me and the others up front?"
"I was going to have a nap," Crosshair bluntly explains, and you're uncertain on if he's being genuine, or making up an excuse to be antisocial. No bother, you'll accept his explanation either way.
"Funny, loth-cat was another nickname I'd thought up for you," you say with a roll of your eyes, and Crosshair almost chokes on the snack that you were courteous enough to bring over to him. You've been thinking about him, you've been thinking about your own little nicknames for him, and now you're telling him with a sweet smile, batting your lashes without a care in the world. "I'll leave you to your nap then."
"I'll get right on it, Captain," Crosshair replies, putting an emphasis on the proclaimed title.
You roll your eyes at him as you say your goodbyes, then trail to the front of the ship, ready to finally enjoy your own treat.
The bunks instantly feel quiet without your presence, and Crosshair curses himself for being so blunt, as always. "Mesh'la," Crosshair sighs to himself once you're far out of earshot. Maybe he'll have the confidence to call you such a sweet name one day, followed up by a smile as he explains to you what the words mean, unless if you already know?
Crosshair's mind continues to wander as he continues eating. Even after such a small, brief interaction, Crosshair can see that you do truly care for him. You went out of your way to ensure he's fed, wanted, and invited him to come and join you... and the others. He still denies the outrageous idea that you may, surprisingly, feel for him the same way he feels for you, but for now, it's clear that you're at least interested in the sniper.
Maker knows, and hopefully, Crosshair will too within time.
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peppermintcola · 3 years ago
dancing with the devil. [prologue]
Tumblr media
pairing: Jeremiah Valeska x Reader
summary: Meeting him was the most life-changing thing that had ever happened to her. Befriending him was like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street. Loving him was like a burning vortex of flames, consuming her completely. Devoting her life to him settled her final downfall. 
warnings: None, for now.
word count: 1,499 words
a/n: So, I haven’t written in English since forever and I figured that maybe, if I restart again, I’ll not only improve my skills, but also get back into the thing that I love: writing. It has been quite hard for me to get back to writing, especially stuff outside of Harry Potter, and therefore I ask you to be a little gentle on me. Please also note that English is not my first language. I am doing this to get better at writing in English, but also for my own personal enjoyment. Meaning, I will only upload if I have the time for it. 
Knowing that your connection to Jerome Valeska would sooner or later get you in trouble made you feel uncomfortable for quiet some time. After all, he was known to be crazy. Arkham wasn’t even able to hold him, so what exactly made you think, that you would be safe once he was locked up again in the asylum?
Probably the last spark of optimism that was left in you. However, when you heard, that he had broken out of Arkham again and that he, supposedly, hunted down people from his past, every last fiber screamed at you to leave the city. 
When you came back from work that day, you started packing all your most important things. Clothes, various personal papers, your laptop, your cellphone, pictures and notes, that your friends had given you, some meds and obviously some money. You never knew what could happen and when you could need a little extra cash. 
New York seemed to be your next destination, as you had a friend living there. He moved some months ago to attend university and, as far as you knew, everything went pretty good for him. Hoping you wouldn’t be a bother to him, you reached for your phone to ask him, if you could stay for a few weeks. Just then there was a knock on your appartment door. 
Nervously you lay your phone back inbetween your clothes while you slowly walked into your small kitchen. Opening a drawer you took out a sharp knife, which you knew would not be able to kill anyone, but hurt them just right, so you could leave and still grab your packed up things. 
There was a knock again when you reached for the handle and turned it around. Holding your breath, ready to strike at whoever stood behind your door, you looked up into blue eyes. They seemed concerned but also tired. Gulping you relaxed and hid the knife behind your back. 
“Miss (Y/L/N)?”, asked Captain Gordon. You nodded and let him and his partner in. You knew that they were here because of Jerome. So it was true, that he’s searching for people from his past. Watching both men while closing the door, you asked yourself how it had gotten this far. One day you sat laughing with a ginger haired boy on a park bench and the next that same boy was after you, probably wanting to kill you. 
“Miss (Y/L/N), we are here because of Jerome Valeska.”, said Gordon in a serious tone. “We know you have a connection to him, as he has talked about you before.”
“He has talked about me? When?”, you crossed your arms in front of your chest, suddenly feeling a chill creep up your spine. 
Gordon’s partner looked at you, pressing his lips together. “A couple o’ times. You don’t happen to know where he is right now, do you?” 
Scrunching your brows together, you shook your head no. With a side-glance you looked at your packed suitcases. “Of course not. I was actually about to leave, just before you came here. What do you want from me?”
“We want to keep you safe.”, Gordon said. His steely eyes looking directly into yours. You knew he was being honest, but you wondered how they were going to do that. Jerome was, after all, very creative when it came to finding people. Gordon must have sensed your question, as he took a step towards you. “You will be staying in a safe place, after you came with us to the PD.”
“The PD?”, you asked. Normally, you would never let yourself to be bossed around like this, but right now you were part of a murderous sociopaths plan. Taking the offered help from the police does really not sound that bad. Besides, you could live with Gordons paternalism for now. 
“We have a few questions. Nothing that would hurt ya’, girl.” 
You looked up at Gordons partner. You couldn’t really make out his eyes from under the hat he was wearing. You assumed he was the former GCPD Captain, Harvey Bullock. He had a temper, as you have heard, and wasn’t really liked by his colleagues. You wondered what he had done to them. Sure, he seemed a little rough and maybe a little rude, but overall you didn’t really take him to be a bad person. 
Nodding you sighed. “Can I take my things with me? I wouldn’t want to leave them behind.”
“All we know is, that Valeska has been searching for Miss (Y/L/N) some time. However, there is someone else, that seems to be more important to him.”; Gordons words echoed through your ears as you stood inside a room with a couple more police detectives. All of them wore serious, hard faces. The situation wasn’t to be underestimated, you knew that. Still the whole scene reminded you of one of those crime-shows, where a group of detectives tried to figure out who commited the murder of their victim. Smiling to yourself for a moment, you shortly after realised, that this was actually happening and the situation wasn’t part of the show. It was very much a reality.
Frowning you looked up. “The name of that someone is Xander Wilde. We don’t know in what connection he stands to him, but what we do know is, is that Mister Wilde is an engineer, who works for Meyer&Hayes.”
Xander Wilde. Doesn’t ring a bell. You have never heard that name before. What possible connection could Jerome have to him? You always knew that he hadn’t told you everything about him, but you assumed that you knew all the most important people. His mother, his uncle, you even knew his father - that blind, older man, who also worked at the circus. Of course you didn’t know what happened after he was put into Arkham for murdering his mother. All you knew was, that the joined that group called MANIAX!. You watched them take over the gala, where he and some blonde woman performed a magic show. Later on he was killed, but came back and went after Bruce Wayne.
You couldn’t really put a finger on what made him end up in Arkham again as you decided to try and ignore everything that concerned him. You wanted to move on, forget him and all the things you shared. Following his recent activities wouldn’t allow you to do that, so you kind of stopped listening whenever you heard his name. Which was hard. But you did it. 
Standing outside of a little complexion deep inside the woods, you stared up at the night sky. According to Gordon that mysterious Xander Wilde is supposed to live here, but how could someone live in something so small? An in the middle of nowhere? How does that guy even survive? 
You turned around when the metal door opened and entered, together with Gordon, followed by Harvey. You were welcomed by a blonde girl, who looked at the three of you rather distant and a little unconvinced. She seemed a little off to you, but when a staircase into the ground caught your attention, you pushed the thought aside. 
“Mister Wilde expected you to come.”, the blonde said in a monotone voice. “Follow me, please”
She turned towards the stairs and motioned you to follow her. You noticed the glance Harvey shared with Gordon and his nervous nod towards you. It was kinda sweet, that he seemed to be concerned about you and if you were being honest, Harvey really reminded you of your father. You had spend a lot of time with him over the past few days and he really grew onto you for some reason. He had a good portion of humour, that you very much appreaciated. The whole situation didn’t seem that bizarre to you, whenever you heard him make a joke. 
Following the girl you quickly lost all orientation. She was leading you through a maze, that probably took forever to build. Everything looked the same, every passage had the same stoney walls, the same lightning, the same floor. You could never manage to get out of here alone. 
“So this whole joint’s under ground?”, Harvey didn’t seem very sure about the whole situation too. His tone was doubting and a little shaky, which told you, that he felt rather uncomfortable. A sympathic smile spread across your lips. You could understand him. You did not exactly want to be here either. 
“Mister Wilde values his privacy.”, the blonde answered while turning another corner. She seemed to know exactly where she was going.
Gordon watched her cautiously. “How long has he lived here?”
“He finished construction six years ago.” 
Stopping in front of another metal door, the girl pushed a button on what seemed to be an intercom. “Ecco 496.”
A metalic, female voice answered while the door opened. “Welcome, Miss Ecco.” 
The girl, apparently called Ecco, stepped aside to let you in. “He’ll see you now.”
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