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#Murasakibara Atsushi

request from @.anon: Hihi! Can I request for Murasakibara angst where he gets into a big fight with his gf because they have not seen each other in a while and she feels like they have grown apart? To the point where she asks him if he still loves her >>____<< Thank You!

# tags: scenario; current relationships; romance; angst; drama; but a fluff too;  sfw?

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Hope that you enjoy the plot :( Have a nice day/night, bby!


you; hiiii ‘sushi, you want to come over and watch some movies? 

You unsurely sent a phone message to your boyfriend, and then continued reading the book, waiting for a reply that came a few minutes later.

atsushi; i am very tired after training, but we can meet at the weekend, ok?

Your eyelids squeezed and a little snort fell out of your mouth. You ran your hand through your fluffy hair and after a short while you clicked on the small green icon in the corner of the phone to make a call to Murasakibara. To your surprise, the teenager picked the smartphone very quickly.

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I hope you like this!! :)) xx

Scenario: Murasakibara having an argument with his s/o

Murasakibara wasn’t one to get angry very often because he frankly didn’t care about a lot of things. But when he did get mad, he completely loses all composure to the point where he’d spew out the most hurtful words as a result of being completely blinded by rage. And the fact that he’s a two metre tall giant served as a tool in making him even more terrifyingly threatening.

The two of you rarely ever fought though. The only ‘arguments’ you’d have are just over silly little things like which snack is better or which character in a TV show is the best, and they’d often end with you both agreeing to disagree.

There was this one time, however, where things got really out of hand. Murasakibara had a preliminary match against another big school in the region, but you couldn’t attend because you were busy that day. You did make sure to meet up with him after the match though so that you could catch up with him over dinner. When you spotted his team walking out of the arena together, you ran up to them with a cheery smile on your face, as you usually would. “Hey guys, how’d the game go?” you asked.

“Fucking bullshit,” cursed Murasakibara.

“Did you guys lose that bad?” You questioned, furrowing your brows in confusion.

“Oh, no no no, we didn’t lose,” Himuro corrected. “The other team just kept drawing fouls on Atsushi so he had to be subbed out.”

“Well it’s good that you won despite that,” you said, trying to look at the bright side. “It’s okay Atsushi, don’t worry too much about it.”

“No it’s fucking annoying,” he grumbled, wanting to crush everything in sight in a fit of rage.

“Calm down, you’ll still get to play in the next game,” you said softly.

“Just shut up! You weren’t even there to watch!” Murasakibara burst out, making you, along with the rest of the team, uncomfortable.

A strange feeling of anger and hurt built up inside you upon hearing him raise his voice at you uncalled for. “Hey, I know that you’re mad, but there’s no reason for you to be yelling at me,” you said firmly, noticing that Murasakibara’s rage didn’t seem to be flickering.

“All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be trying to calm me down when you weren’t even able to make time to come watch!”

“Are you serious? Atsushi, you’re acting like a child. I was busy and you know that! It’s a wonder that I came here to see you at all!” you argued, your volume not quite as loud as Murasakibara’s but still loud enough to startle the rest of the team.

“Guys maybe you should tone it dow—“

“Maybe you shouldn’t have bothered coming at all then!” Murasakibara yelled, cutting Fukui off.

A deafening silence followed your boyfriend’s harsh words. It took you a moment to realise that tears had begun to well up in your eyes as everyone shifted in discomfort. “Fine then. I’ll leave,” you muttered, fists clenched so tight to the point where your nails were digging into your skin. You turned on your heel and stormed back home, wanting to get as far away from him as possible.

“Atsushi, you’re being incredibly unreasonable right now, I hope you realise,” Himuro said as everyone watched you leave.

“Shut up,” tutted Murasakibara as he crossed his arms. He knew Himuro was right though.

By the time you had gotten home, you had run out of tears and you were just left with traces of annoyance. Maybe Murasakibara was right. You shouldn’t have gone. You should’ve just asked him about it later when he wouldn’t have been as angry.

You let out a frustrated groan as you headed to your room. You decided to change into your pyjamas and watch a movie to get your mind off of everything. Between that fight and your hectic schedule, you truly needed a break. A few minutes into the movie, you had finally managed to clear your head. However, the doorbell rang and you were forced out of the comfort of your warm blanket to answer the door.

To your surprise, standing in front of you was Murasakibara. Your mind was quickly reminded of the previous events, bringing a frown to your face as you stared at him expectantly. “What are you doing here?”

With an apologetic look on his face, he extended his arm out to hand you a small bag. “Here, I got you those gummies you like,” he said softly. “I came to say that I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all of that. I didn’t mean it, I kind of just got caught up in the whole game I guess.”

“Yeah, I understand. Thanks for the apology— and the gummies,” you replied, a faint smile on your face. “I guess I have to say that I’m sorry too.”

“What for?”

“Not being able to spend more time with you. I know that it was an important game, I was just so busy.”

“Nah it’s fine, I barely even played after all,” Murasakibara shrugged.

“Well, I’ll do my best to make more time for you. But you better not chase me away again when I do,” you said.

“I won’t, I promise,” he assured.


“So we’re alright now?” he asked, hope filling his eyes.

“Yeah we’re alright,” you smiled.

“Thank God! You’re scary when you’re mad, you know?” Murasakibara let out a sigh of relief.

“Me? You’re the loud, two metre tall beast! How do I scare you?” you laughed.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I guess I was just scared that I’d lose you.”

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knb-kreations is proud to present it’s first event… all hallows’ eve. please read and follow the info&guidelines to participate in this event ⇜



  • this event is open for fics, art, edits, and just about any type of fan-created content
  • you may choose one or more of the prompts found below to use for your work
  • nsfw submissions are allowed but must be put under a ‘keep reading’ and must be tagged accordingly
  • to submit your work, tag @/knb-kreations in your post or in the reply section of your post
  • if you don’t tag this blog, your work will not be reblogged


𝘴𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • pumpkin
  • trick-or-treat
  • costume party
  • black cat
  • moonlight

𝘈𝘜 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • vampire AU
  • werewolf AU
  • yandere AU

𝘥𝘪𝘢𝘭𝘰𝘨𝘶𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • “you look like you just saw a ghost.”
  • “are you two seriously making out in a graveyard?!?”
  • “you’re on my cape”
  • “what’re you gonna be for halloween?” “yours.”
  • “there’s blood all over your clothes…”

SCHEDULE: oct. 31, 2020 (no specific time)


if you have any questions, feel free to send in an ask or dm to clarify<3

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Adventure Time AU MuraHimu ~

I don’t know why it took so long to come  up with that idea… Atsushi’s just perfect as an inhabitant of the Candy Kingdom o__o

For Murochin it was trickier since Marceline/Marshall Lee’ designs are pretty awesome but their personalities don’t really fit Murochin’s.

Anyway, he really looks good like that, plus he can now float around which is soooo convenient to get to Atsushi’s level.

I’ll probably be obsessed with them as AT folks for a while…                        Can’t wait to draw more of them in this AU…


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Day 10: Favorite Team - Vorpal Swords❤️

It’s a dream team, obviously 😍 but if it’s about normal high school teams, then…

“Wearing their traditional blue, these national-level veterans have come from the highly competitive Kanagawa prefecture! They had flawless offense and defense before, but now they’ve added a member of the Generation of Miracles, Ryōta Kise, to become a truly perfect team!! The Blue Elites, Kaijō High School!!”💙

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Found some amazing quotes by kids on an IG account lately (livefromsnacktime) and started to rewrite some to have fun with Yōsen boys.

MuraHimu is a ship shaped for memes, why did I put them aside for so many years T__T ?

And now time to illustrate a new one o/

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Ah you didn’t mention if you wanted scenarios or headcanons, but it’s alright, I’ll just do headcanons, I hope you don’t mind! Also they’re a bit short bc I’m not too familiar about dance but I did my best and I hope you enjoy xx

Headcanons: GOM with an s/o that’s in a dance cover group


  • When you told Kise that you were in a dance cover group, he assumed that you meant some normal hip-hoppy group dances
  • While you did do that sometimes, your group really liked to do more ‘sexy’ dances
  • So when you showed him one of your videos, his jaw dropped
  • He just didn’t expect to see your body move like that
  • He was a mixture of shocked, impressed and slightly aroused
  • “Y/N-cchi why didn’t you tell me about this sooner? You’re awesome!”
  • “Really? Thanks,” you smiled
  • “You know what would make you guys better though? The addition of a certain person that knows how to break it down,” Kise said smugly, referring to himself
  • “And who might that be?” you laughed, playing dumb
  • “Obviously me, you dummy,”
  • He was joking for the most part, but sometimes he’d insist on dancing with you whenever you were alone with him
  • He’s literally your biggest fan
  • He likes and comments on every video you post in a matter of seconds of it being uploaded
  • He loves to support you in everything you do


  • He’s a very passionate person and he loves to be supportive of his loved ones’ passions too
  • So when he learned that you liked to dance and that you were a part of a dance cover group, he was nothing but thrilled
  • He barely even paid attention to the sexiness of the dances because he was just impressed by the talent and coordination in your group
  • “Y/N-kun, you guys are so talented,” he smiled at you
  • “Aw thank you Tetsu, that means a lot.”
  • “Maybe you should teach me how to dance sometime. I’m awful at it,” he admitted, thinking maybe it’ll give you an opportunity to spend more time with him whilst enjoying dance
  • Of course, you thought it was a great idea
  • So you would teach Kuroko how to dance in your free time
  • And he genuinely believed that he was falling more and more in love with you after seeing how passionate you were towards dancing


  • Midorima always hears you talking about being in a dance cover group but it took him some time to realise that he’d never seen any of your videos
  • So he finally asked you to show him one
  • And it was far from what he was expecting
  • How did you make dancing look so sexy?? He thought
  • Easy to say, he became incredibly flustered after watching to video
  • “Well what do you think?” you asked when he didn’t say anything
  • “Huh? Oh, you guys are pretty good,” he said, clearing his throat and avoiding eye contact because he didn’t want you to notice his cheeks getting redder
  • “Thanks Shintaro,” you beamed, “there are more videos like this on our page.”
  • “That’s cool, I might check it out later then,” he said, trying to be nonchalant
  • The very same day, he ended up watching every single one of those videos
  • He couldn’t get enough of them
  • You just moved so effortlessly and you looked so hot while doing it
  • He was nothing short of impressed


  • Aomine’s head was practically always empty, but after you showed him a video of one of your group’s dance covers, suddenly it was the only thing that occupied his mind
  • Something about the way you moved your body got Aomine hooked onto your dances
  • He found himself watching all your videos almost every day
  • Mainly the sexier stuff because although he found the more edgy ones impressive and cool, the sexier dances had him practically drooling
  • “You know, you should do these dances when you’re alone with me,” Aomine grinned suggestively
  • “It seems like you’re enjoying those videos a bit too much Daiki,” you laughed, although you were glad that he liked what you did
  • “You just look so good when you dance, I can’t help it,” he shrugged
  • He wasn’t lying; he was absolutely addicted to watching the way your hips swayed to the sound of the beat
  • Of course, the thoughts that ran through his head weren’t the most innocent
  • But that was to be expected of Aomine, all you cared about was the fact that he was extremely supportive of you


  • Murasakibara isn’t interested in much, so he’s hard to please
  • All he cared about was basketball, food and you
  • So when you showed him one of the dance cover videos you made with your group, all he really focused on was you
  • Although his expression didn’t show much, he was quite amazed
  • You looked even sexier than you normally do and it definitely made him a little flustered
  • “Woah Y/N-chin, how do you move like that?” he said once the video was over
  • “I don’t know, practice I guess? Do you like it?”
  • “Well duh, you looked incredible. You’re too good, it’s not fair,” Murasakibara said
  • “Thank You, Atsushi,” you smiled, “I can teach you if you’d like?”
  • “No thanks, I’d rather not move. I’d just look like a wiggly noodle anyways,”
  • It goes without saying that Murasakibara actively keeps up with all your posts
  • Whilst he didn’t care too much about dance, he did love you a lot so he always made sure to be as supportive as he possibly could


  • He cares about you so much to the point where he had memorised your schedule
  • So it goes without saying that he was incredibly interested in the dance covers you make with your group
  • He’s not one to use social media too much, so the only notifications he has on are for you
  • Whilst he did find your dances incredibly hot, he was mainly just proud of the fact that his s/o was so talented
  • “Seijuro, what did you think of the new cover we posted?”
  • “You were incredible as always, my love,” he’d say with a smile as he placed a kiss on your forehead
  • He also liked to help you practice when you needed it
  • He wasn’t too good at the more upbeat dances so he’d often just watch and give you pointers based on what he can observe
  • However, whenever you took a break he liked to slow dance with you
  • As the two of you slow danced, he liked to talk to you
  • “You know, you’re really talented, Y/N,” he’d say softly as your hips swayed in sync
  • “That’s so sweet of you to say, Seijuro,” you blushed
  • “I’m so lucky to have someone as amazing as you are.”
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what is it?

knb-kreations is a blog dedicated to promoting the few knb content creators on tumblr 

how does it work?

mainly, this blog will consist of reblogs of fics, art, edits, and more. in the future, there may be more additions such as prompt events, a knb-kreator list, or even a discord server

how can you help?

you can help content creators by reblogging works you like and/or adding nice comments to compliment their work. pls remember that content creators are human too and that they’re putting time and effort into their work. so pls try your best to support<3

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I just realised you meant KnB characters I like but oh well I love the GoM like my own children anyway—

Akashi Seijurou: He’s surprised to see you there to cheer for him during his practice match, after all, he hasn’t asked you to come.

— Just kidding, he totally expected you to be there. Have been dropping subtle hints since the match is planned and goad you into going without straight-out asking. It’s a form of expectation, you cannot help but feel bad if you don’t come so there you are.

— Gives you one of his gentle smiles when he notices you, if he’s not occupied by an opponent, he will maintain eye contact to assert dominance— I mean, make a promsie to talk to you later and show you the depth of his gratitude.

Midorima Shintarou: Takao sees you long before Midorima notices anything, he even points you out and makes this awkward encounter occur. Whatever focus he had on the match immediately evaporates the moment he laid his eyes on you.

— The blush is more because of surprise than embarrassment, he hasn’t expected to see you there. Why would he? He doesn’t even have the gut to ask you to come without accidentally insulting you. So you being here is entirely Takao'a handiwork.

— Snap out of it just in time a basketball flew at his face. There was a loud chorus of “Midorima?!” inside the gym. His glasses are gone, and so is whatever dignity he has before you saw that shameful incident.

Murasakibara Atsushi: This one sees you passing by his class in the middle of Physics. It would have been fine if you passed by without thinking but then you just have to look in and search for Murasakibara.

— Big Mistake. The moments your eyes met he immediately stands up and saunter after you in spite of whatever complaint his teacher has. This always happens whenever you are around. He just drops everything to go to you, it’s a pain for everyone, you included.

— Which is probably why you have candies in your pockets now to sate him whenever he’s around. However, this also adds to the reasons why he immediately seeks you out the moment you enter his vision. One hundred percent win-lose, you’re losing.

Aomine Daiki: Probably zoned out while looking at you, which is why it isn’t a surprise you would catch onto him looking eventually. Doesn’t even look fazed when he’s met with your widened eyes. In fact, his lazy smirk becomes more obvious the more flustered you become.

— Too late for you, the moment you give him an ounce of attention is now his free pass to annoy you. Will do just about anything to get your attention again. This includes tugging your sleeve, poking your side, shooting papers to your desk. His worst offence was probably pulling at your skirt.

— Cue the inevitable of you blowing up. “Stop that, Aomine!” “Do you have anything you want to share with the class?” The teacher makes you go up and solve the equation on the blackboard. You give Aomine the deadliest glare for that alone, but he only grins triumphantly at your misery.

Kise Ryouta: Another one who’s an absolute mistake to catch his gaze. Perks up and calls after you immediately even when you’re only passing by the gym with no intention to enter. You weren’t even searching for Kise, the whole ordeal is a coincidence.

— “Oi, focus, Kise!” “Wah! Kasamatsu-san, don’t hit me!” Despite what he said, he immediately hops out of the practice match to ambush you. Whatever they were doing has to be put on a pause because of him, much to the annoyance of his teammates.

— After showering you in non-stop questioning about what you are doing here and whether if you will watch the match, everything somehow ends up with you being involuntarily stuck at the gym for the next hour and Kasamatsu punches Kise upon his return for disrupting the match.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Catches you looking at him during a match. His serious expression is momentarily softened by the sight of you. He’d wave at you given the chance but he can only smile, the hint of a blush shown on his cheeks before he gets back in the game.

— Searches for you again during his break, is pleasantly surprised by you once again watching him. The moment you smile at him, he completely melts on the spot. However, if you look away before break time is over…

— Kagami: What the hell, Kuroko?!

Kuroko, vibrating on the spot because he’s overwhelmed by his affection for you: It seems like I no longer know how to act, Kagami-kun.

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  • dads and gifts / generation of miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Once tried to give his son an envelope of money for birthday gift and you gaped at him even after he clarified it was a joke. His nonexistent sense of humour is lethal because he’s always dead serious about everything which is why his joke doesn’t translate well… at all.

— More often than not, his kids get whatever they want as long as they deserve it. He does his best with teaching them to not take anything for granted and making them work for their rewards. As long as the kids do well at school and excel at their activities of choice, he will give them befitting rewards.

Midorima Shintarou: Does he really need to give his kid birthday gift if he already gave them lucky items everyday? Picked up something educational for the kid, not so dry that he’d give them textbooks, but he’d buy one of those toys that require logic and mental skills to play.

— He’s not one for buying frivolous and unnecessary items. With lucky items as an exception, he mainly buys what is essential for his kids. Every now and then when they did great on their exams, he’d take the family out for dinner to commemorate the occasion. Absolutely does not allow fastfood in the house so don’t even think about it.

Aomine Daiki: Has no idea what to buy for his kid, often asked the seller to give him whatever is most famous with kids right now, has accidentally bought the same thing twice before. He does get better if he knows what his kid is into but he mostly doesn’t pay enough attention. Is so much better if his kid is also into sports like him though.

— Prefers to take them out to fastfood places and get over with it rather than trying scramble his mind for a good answer. His go-to methods are mostly activities like going to movies or the amusement park. Much less of a hassle than picking something that will probably stick around.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Thinks showering his kid in sweets and treats is whst they’d want because that’s what he likes. You have to physically stop them from accidentally giving your own kid cavities. Turns around to bake a mean cake if that’s what you ask of him… Just be careful so he won’t eat it himself.

— Likes buying those massive stuffed toys so his kids can cuddle with in their sleep. Will probably try to sneak into the kid’s bed that night to cuddle with it himself. Probably formed an attachment to the toy on his way home and oh no… it’s his now. Sorry kiddo you have to wait for another one.

Kise Ryouta: Amazing gift giver when it comes to children. And frankly he’s good with you too but that’s for another time. He knows his kids and spend enough time with them to learn and understand what they want for upcoming occasions. Already spoils them on regular basis anyway.

— Then becomes extremely upset when his kids turn materialistic and refuse to accept his hugs and kisses as gifts. He’s probably sulky and crying to you about it for a whole solid day before you coax the kids into comforting him. Who’s the parent here again? Oh right, you are.

Kuroko Tetsuya: He doesn’t spoil them as much as some others but his kids are super well-behaved so he does give them rewards whenever they did good at classes. His choice of gifts aren’t as expensive and frivolous as his other friends (read: Kise) but he does know what they like best.

— Once gave one of his kids his old stuffed toy because they become so attached to it and hold it in their sleep all the time that Kuroko can’t help but parting from his favourite just so he can see the smile on his kid’s face. It saddens him to part from his favourite but the sacrifice is worth it.

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Kuroko: Your friend seemed very nice but the main problem was how much skinship you two shared. Kuroko was the one being your boyfriend yet he felt like it was the other way around. He didn’t want to make a big deal out of it even though seeing you be so comfortable with them stung a little. Kuroko tried to focus your attention on him more and kept hinting for your friend to tone it down. He wasn’t mad at you for this and explained his feelings after your meeting ended, admitting his jealousy and apologizing. You promised to tell your friend about it next time and tone down the affection, wanting those two to become close as well.

Kise: He was pretty happy when you told him about your friend’s visit, curious of what they’re like and excited to meet them. But when the day finally came, he realized how close you two are and while at first Kise had no problem with it, with time passing he noticed how your friend hugged and laughed with you at things he couldn’t understand. It made Kise feel that little something deep inside that made him a bit left out. He didn’t confront your friend directly but put his arm around your waist and made it obvious that you two are in a relationship. Even if they already knew it, something in Kise’s gaze made them back down a little.

Midorima: Jealousy is a foreign feeling for him – that’s what Midorima thinks and would absolutely say it if someone asked. But looking at you and your friend talking so comfortably and laughing at inside jokes while he was there too changed his view. He’d still never admit that he became jealous and tried to justify their behavior for quite a while but it was getting more and more problematic with each minute. Midorima was sure your friend was a nice person and was happy that you have someone like that and yet… He didn’t do anything about it throughout your whole meeting but decided to talk with you about it when it’s over.

Aomine: Your friend seemed like a cool person and Aomine was quite excited to see what they’re like, knowing how much you liked them. But when you two started getting a little too touchy even for best friends, he had to step in. At first it was just a small, playful comment but when it didn’t stop, Aomine put a hand on your friend’s shoulder and asked if they could talk one-to-one, then warning and trying to intimidate them. You seemed a little suspicious, knowing Aomine well enough to notice his slight annoyance but decided not to mention it only until you were alone, taking your chance to tease him. You could see he didn’t take it very seriously but promised to tone it down next time.

Murasakibara: From the time you hugged each other as a greeting, Murasakibara was suspicious of your friend. He knew you were really excited to meet and didn’t want to ruin it for you but watched them closely for the whole time. He liked your laugh a lot but seeing someone else making you laugh made Murasakibara really jealous and he kept sending offended looks towards them, not taking part in your small meeting aside from being present. When it all ended and you said goodbye to your friend, he dropped his façade and looked like an offended child, explaining his feelings only after a while. You sighed at his behavior but realized how he must’ve felt not getting your inside jokes and apologized.

Akashi: He knew well how to act politely and wanted to make a good first impression on your friend as well. He had no actual problem with your inside jokes, asking about their meaning and dropping the topic whenever you said it was too complicated to explain. Even your hugs weren’t a big thing for him but at some point Akashi realized that he didn’t like the way your friend was looking at you. It might’ve just been an illusion but he stuck closer to you for the rest of the day, letting them know that he is, in fact, your boyfriend. He trusts you but not them and wanted to make sure your friend got the hint, sending them a few warning looks every once in a while.

Kagami: Even though he was happy to meet your friend you were talking about so often he soon felt left out, listening to you two talk about old memories and laughing at inside jokes. It wouldn’t really be that bad if only your friend didn’t keep touching your hands and wrapping their arms around your shoulders all the time, making Kagami feel like a third wheel. Noticing a chance, he embraced you and asked if you remember something related to your relationship, starting to compete for your attention. Every time your friend got a little too close to you, he’d send them a grumpy look they pretended not to see (or maybe they just didn’t but Kagami’s mind was too occupied with jealousy to think straight).

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Kuroko: You stopped paying attention to your bruises a long time ago, as they’ve become a natural part of your life. So when one day Kuroko sat you down and asked what’s happening, you became genuinely confused and almost laughed hearing his explanation. He was really surprised when you told him everything and with some persuading, he agreed to come and see you fight. Watching you like this made him super proud but also changed the way he was looking at you.

Kise: Seeing your bruises made him really concerned. At first he didn’t think much about it but when one time he noticed how many you have, Kise became worried, thinking whether he should ask about them or not. But as he experienced you beating someone up and being all badass and professional, your later explanation seemed obvious. Watching closely as you threw fists at that person was a weird experience, his precious s/o acting like this. Kise now knew not to make you mad.

Midorima: He’s noticed your bruises appearing on your body regularly but thought you might not want to talk about them. He thought about every reason possible, but he’d never come up with the idea of you being in a fight club. So seeing you beat up someone one day, Midorima couldn’t believe his eyes. Was that really you? But after realizing that yes, it was his s/o being all aggressive, he gave you a surprised look when it ended. You definitely had some explaining to do for him later.

Aomine: When one day you asked him to come to your club’s practice, he still had no idea. You’ve told Aomine about being in one but he never knew what activity it was. He watched in shock as you threw your first punch at the person’s face and froze, not ready to see his cute s/o to make a move like this. Coming back home with you, he was obviously hiding a smile and soon expressed how proud it made him. Who knew his s/o would be such a badass fighter?

Murasakibara: You’ve been having bruises way before you two got to know each other so he treated it like a part of you and never mentioned it, unless some new, serious one appeared. You knew he was curious about them and kept everything a secret until one day he agreed to accompany you to the club. Realizing that you’re a fighter, he’s really surprised and watching your fight was really weird. As much as he was proud, he asked you to be careful and not beat him up if he makes you mad.

Akashi: He’s been paying attention to your bruises constantly for the past weeks and carefully looked for new marks on your body. But when he noticed a more serious-looking one on your face, he decided to talk with you about it. Hearing your explanation, Akashi was surprised and expressed his worries, being then calmed down by your smile. He definitely wasn’t ready to see you beating someone up and had to just believe you how fun it is. It might be an odd activity but as long as you’re happy with it, he is too.

Kagami: When you first told him about the fight club, Kagami didn’t believe you at first. He thought that there’s no way you’re a fighter and the bruises must be caused by something else that you don’t want to tell him about. So when you challenged him to see for himself, he didn’t think much of it. But when he saw you beating up your opponent, Kagami’s eyes became wide with shock. Each second of your fight was making him more and more nervous, even though you won. He might have been a fool not believing you.

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