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#Murasakibara Atsushi

OH, rn i have braces too (although they’re ceramic and harder to see) but I definitely can understand the apprehension when you have them taken off after for so long;; 

the amount of characters requested actually exceed the rules, but since i’ve taken a while to get to your request, i’ll still do them but they will be shorter^^ THANK YOU FOR STICKING BY THIS BLOG AND READING MY STUFF <3


Kuroko Tetsuya

  • right away, he notices that something was amiss with you, and asks upfront if anything was bothering you
  • you replied hesitantly, but while you talked you held up a hand in front of your mouth:
  • “Um… I don’t know if I like how I look right now…”
  • Kuroko stares at your nervous eyes and then looks down to your hand in front of your mouth before asking why
  • “Just got my braces off, and I feel a bit… weird without them? I feel like I look strange without them…”
  • “Do you mind if I see you?” he asks, softening his eyes at you
  • “W-Well… you’re not someone to judge, I know, but don’t… laugh or anything.”
  • “I won’t, (y/n)-san.”
  • he slowly brings your hand down and you slowly smile to reveal your teeth to him, and he gives you the purest smile… and that catches you off guard so badly like… YOUR TEETH GOT HIM TO SMILE LIKE THAT??? DAMN, MAYBE YOU SHOULD SMILE EVERY SECOND TO SEE SUCH A TREASURE—
  • “(y/n)-san, I think you look wonderful,” he muses, bringing your same hand that was in front of your mouth into his own hand with a gentle squeeze. “I’m sure everyone who sees you will think the same.”
  • ah Kuroko, the individual who has a knack in comforting people with his genuity (example: see Momoi)
  • whenever you do have those moments of self-consciousness again, he’s always there to calmly reassure you otherwise

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What’s this??? Admin posting a thing???

It was probably only this tight because Murasakibara was so big.

With any normal sized person, it would have been fine. But it was not fine, because he was not normal sized. The closet was as wide as his shoulders. His head almost touched the top. He couldn’t unbend his arms, they’d hit the wall.

“What do you mean the door is locked?!” You cried, glaring up at Murasakibara as he gazed down at you with disinterest.

“(Y/N)-chin, I don’t think that my phrasing can possibly mean anything else,” Murasakibara replied, quirking a brow as you squirmed and tried to get at the knob. Of course, when you jiggled it, it confirmed what he had already said.

The two of you were locked up in a closet too small for both of you, and Murasakibara’s bad knees probably wouldn’t let him stand in place for however long you’d be stuck in there.

“Why did you shove us into this closet anyway?” He asked, and you flushed.

“I saw somebody I’d rather like to avoid. A former best friend, and things - didn’t end well. I’m sorry…” You frowned, swallowing thickly before suddenly your head was tilted upwards.

Murasakibara patted your head, then booped your nose. “It’s fine. Someone will have to come and find us soon. Until then…” He made a face. “Think we can find a way to sit down?”

Murasakibara sat down with his knees propped up, and you sat in his lap, straddling his hips with your shins parallel to the floor. Thank god it was dark, because your skirt was now upturned, and try as you might, you couldn’t maneuver enough to keep it down.

Huffing beneath you, the giant shifted a little more, and then you were both blushing.

“Don’t say a thing,” he grumbled, and you just cleared your throat and nodded. “I’m willing to wait it out. And considering that we left our phones in our bags - we’ll probably be here a while…”

You nodded, and he moved his large hands, dragging them down your back and then - “Eep! I thought you said -”

“I’m just putting your skirt back down!”

“Can you do it a little less pervertedly?!”

“If I could, I would - now stop wiggling so much, you’re making it worse!”

Ugh. This was gonna be awful.

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KnB in a Nutshell

Kuroko : I want to change my fellow GoM to their normal selves!

GoM : *goes back to normal selves & almost winning*


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My Thoughts on the KNB English Dub (entire S1)

Of course, I prefer watching sub over dub for anime series, but I’m no stranger to the English VA industry, as I’ve played huge RPG games with fantastic English dub casts! I guess I’m mentioning this here to let you know that I’m quite impartial to the dub vs sub fiasco, and if it sounds good or not I’ll say it as such

- Kagami: he’s a mixed bag, a lot of times he sounds dry/douchey, but the other times he sounds nearly identical to the og VA?? like i am conflicted. mega conflicted😭

- Seirin teammates: they sound fine, I have no complaints

- Kuroko: SOUNDS SUPER GOOD BUT MAYBE IT’S BC IM BIASED TO KHOI DAO…… but he really suits Kuroko


- Teppei: he especially sounds good in english!

- Shutoku’s coach: HONORABLE MENTION BECAUSE HE SOMEHOW SOUNDS COPY-PASTE LIKE THE OG VA I’M SO SHOOK??? he even got the HMMMM down 100% exactly the same?? what sorcery is that?

- Kise: sounds great (no one can beat Kimuro Ryohei though); the Kurokocchi pronunciations can need improvement but I won’t fault them because we don’t have any nicknames like that in the English language

- Midorima/Takao: they sound super good, they managed to capture the same dynamic together like the og VAs did I mention Takao sounds especially good? and i LIVE for Midorima’s dubbed insults it’s SO FUNNY HELP HIS NEANDERTHAL LINE WAS TOO IN CHARACTER

- Aomine: sounds very identical! I dig his voice

- Momoi: I love her, she sounds so adorable please marry me 🥺

- Murasakibara: voiced by Robbie Daymond, one of the most talented VAs right now (think of Akechi Goro from P5), he does capture the childish surface personality, even without the iconic drawls the japanese VA did! the OVA “Tip-Off” where Murisakibara was pissed about his yummy sticks REALLY showcased his ability to voice him! very excited to see him in the Winter Cup match 👀

- Akashi: we don’t see much of him other than that OVA, he sounds a bit older, but he still has the calm and calculated quality to that voice, so I will give that a pass for now

- TLDR; i think the castings are done alright! except like…. probably Kagami but it’s odd because he sounds great in certain moments, but so jarring in normal conversation

SEASON 2? I’m antsy to see who they have for Hanamiya ngl and I’m a little apprehensive to hear more of Akashi

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Summary: A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

Pairing: Murasakibara x Reader


The campus around Yosen was buzzing like mad. Students running around. Brightly colored decorations everywhere. Music in the air.

The feverish excitement was typical for school festival day. Everyone had worked hard, either in their individual classes or clubs, to set up their stands and decorate the campus. Now it was time to celebrate!

“Here you go! Please enjoy.” You said cheerfully as you handed your classmate their order. You were still working, but really enjoying yourself, at the Home Ec Club stand. The club had decided to do a pop-up bakery. Selling cookies, tiny cakes, pastries, and other sweets to the students you had all made.

“This is going great! At this rate we’ll be sold out, and have enough money to roll over into our club fund!”

“It’s all thanks to [Y/N]. Their cookies are selling like hot cakes. Not to put too fine a pin on it.”

You giggle a little at the other girls’ enthusiasm, but appreciate the compliment. Baking was your passion. You really enjoyed it. It was your dream to one day open up a pastry shop to sell baked goods to people, and make them happy. So, in a way, this was really good practice.

“Come on guys. We all worked really hard, and I don’t think my cookies are more popular than anyone….else’s…..” Your voice trailed off as your vision was suddenly eclipsed by a dark shadow.

You look up, way up, from restocking the table to see an incredibly tall man in a Yosen uniform standing in front of your stand. His expression blank. His violet hair hanging in his face to all but practically cover his eyes. “Did you make these?”

Your brain and mouth sputter a little bit at the question. You look down at the half eaten package of cookies in his giant hand. Yes, the wrapping was yours. To keep track of who’s items sold best for the mini contest the club was having, you’d all picked out a color to label your treats with. Ironically, yours was purple. But now you were a little scared to admit that because he didn’t seem too pleased with his purchase. “Y-Yes. I made them….”

The giant teen sat the package down on the table. Then he bent over at the waist to get eye level with you and take your hands in his large ones. “Please go out with me.”

You and the rest of the Home Ec Club all go dumbstruck at the declaration. Loud squawks of surprise leaving your mouths in unison. Accompanied by blank, open mouth gapes of surprise. Had you all just heard that correctly????

The large teen winced as he was cuffed rather soundly on the back of the head by another student with dark hair practically covering his eyes. Was there a new trend you weren’t aware of? “Murasakibara. Don’t joke around like that. You’ll hurt people’s feelings.”

“I’m not joking Murochin.” Murasakibara, apparently, said with a whine as he rubbed his head. “These cookies are really good. I need them in my life forever.”

“That’s still not a good reason to say that to someone. Asking someone out is serious.”

“Why isn’t it a good reason?” Murasakibara asked, returning to his towering full height again, but certainly much less intimidating than before, as the two boys continued the weirdest conversation you’d heard in your life. “Getting to eat yummy sweets is a good a reason as any to date somebody. It’s better than the reasons you & Kisechin bother people. Besides,” he paused to turn and look at you, “they’re also cute.”

Your face must have turned 50 shades of red at the comment from the other teen, who smiled softly at you before he was wacked again.

“My goodness. You’re hopeless Murasakibara. We need to go to practice anyway. You can make your wild proclamations later, after you’ve burned off those cookies and all this energy.”

“Waaahh! Murochinnnnn!” The weirdest conversation of your life had now become the wildest scene in your life as the giant was dragged of, nearly kicking and screaming, by his teammate down the hall. “Let me go Murochin! I need those cookies! Murochin is so mean and he doesn’t understand! Cookiessss!”

“I think he really liked them.” One of the club members commented, coming out of their daze but still sounding confused. You guessed you would take the compliment you supposed. Were all high school boys this super weird?

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Of course! Hope you like it :)

Headcanons: GOM getting jealous


  • He doesn’t get jealous very often because he just has so much trust in you
  • If he ever does, he’s really subtle about it that you won’t even notice unless he tells you
  • He knew that he could talk to you about anything so he was never particularly uncomfortable with you being around other guys
  • There was a boy in your class who you had been getting quite close to
  • He quickly became a good friend of yours, and you’d often hang out with him when Kuroko was busy
  • He was objectively rather attractive, but you didn’t really see him that way because you only really had eyes for Kuroko
  • Kuroko wasn’t in your class so he’d sometimes see you walking around the school hallways, however more often than not, you would be with that boy
  • He seemed like a nice and earnest guy, which is probably why Kuroko began to feel a little threatened by him
  • Not knowing any better, you invited your friend to come watch one of Kuroko’s practice games with you since you could use the company
  • Kuroko wasn’t very pleased to see him to say the least
  • He’d usually glance over at you during games because seeing you watching him motivated him to do better
  • But now when he looked at you, he’d see you talking to that boy and he’d just feel annoyed
  • And it definitely showed in the way he played as well because his moves became uninspired and predictable
  • You went to grab some food with Kuroko’s team and your friend afterwords and Kuroko would not keep his hands off of you
  • He’d constantly be holding your hand
  • And he’d leave absolutely no space between you two
  • Of course, you noticed all of this, but you didn’t want to bring it up in front of everyone
  • “Hey, so you’ve been spending a lot of time with that guy from your class, huh?” Kuroko said when the two of you were walking back home together
  • “Yeah, I suppose,” you shrugged, beginning to connect the dots
  • “Hm,” he hummed, his grip on your hand getting a bit tighter
  • “Is something wrong?”
  • “No, it’s nothing,” he mumbled
  • “You’re jealous aren’t you?” you grinned
  • His face just became red as he averted his gaze
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he denied almost instantly
  • “So that’s why you were being so touchy back there,” you giggled
  • “Well I was just making sure he knew that you were mine,” he said, finally deciding to give in
  • “For what it’s worth, you really don’t need to worry about him— I’m sure he knows.”
  • “I’m not a violent person but if he tries anything, let him know he can catch these hands,” he said, clenching his other fist and holding it up
  • “Tetsu, he’s twice your size, but sure.”


  • Okay so we know that Kise is really cold with people he generally doesn’t respect
  • Well, this coldness becomes so amplified when he sees someone he doesn’t know with you
  • The two of you were on a date at a cafe once and he went to the cashier to place your order while you remained seated at your table
  • That was when a classmate of yours spotted you and approached you
  • “Y/N? Didn’t expect to run into you here,” he said, grinning widely before engaging in conversation with you
  • Meanwhile, Kise was standing in the queue, glaring at you two
  • In Kise’s eyes, he was very obviously flirting with you— and he was, you just didn’t realise it
  • Every moment that he looked at you two angered him more and more
  • The damn boy even made himself comfortable by taking Kise’s seat
  • Was what he said so funny that you needed to be giggling like that?
  • Kise hastily placed his order and then stormed over to your table, not bothering to wait for your food
  • The boy was just about to reach out to touch you when Kise slammed his hand down on the table, startling both of you
  • He didn’t intend to do it with so much force but it just happened and he didn’t care
  • “Hey Y/N-cchi, who’s this?” Kise snarled, voice calm but menacing at the same time
  • “Oh hey Ryouta, this is Satou, a classmate of mine,” you introduced innocently
  • “Hi there,” Kise said, flashing him a fake smile and not even bothering to register his name in his head, “Y/N-cchi and I are kind of on a date right now, and you’re in my seat.”
  • Kise took your hand that was resting on the table and squeezed it tight, making the jealousy much more obvious to you
  • Your classmate visibly showed his annoyance through an eye roll as he stood up from Kise’s seat
  • “Alright,” he sighed. “See you around, Y/N.”
  • His and Kise’s eyes were shooting daggers at each other at this point
  • “Sure you will,” Kise mumbled sarcastically as he watched him walk off
  • “Babe they’ve been waving at you from the counter for the past two minutes now, trying to get your attention,” you pointed out, looking at the worker who was just about to give up and bring the order to you herself
  • “Ah crap,” Kise muttered before rushing over to meet the worker halfway and apologise
  • “I think someone got a bit carried away with their jealousy, don’t you think?” you said once he got back
  • “Tch, the guy goes to our school. He should know that you’re mine by now. Yet he still thought he had a shot, what an idiot,” Kise scoffed, just the thought of the boy talking to you getting him riled up again
  • “You’re intimidating when you’re jealous, it’s weird.”
  • “Weird? I can be intimidating! Why is that weird?” Kise pouted, switching back to his usual eccentric self
  • “Because you still sleep with stuffed animals, Ryouta,” you giggled
  • “And so do you, what’s your point?”


  • So he’s not one to really initiate things like PDA
  • He’s the kind of guy that just holds your hand in public and that’s about it
  • However when he gets jealous, he becomes a whole other type of possessive
  • You’d be hanging out with him and a few of your friends from school
  • And one of the guys would constantly flirt with you
  • You didn’t really think too much of it because you thought he was just being friendly
  • But between the flirtatious teasing and unnecessary touching, Midorima was slowly losing his patience
  • He’d be really subtle at first
  • He’d hold your hand a bit tighter and hold you by your waist every now and then, all while eyeing the guy down in hopes that he’d get the message
  • Obviously, it wasn’t enough because he’d barely even notice Midorima and would continue chatting away with you as if your boyfriend wasn’t right there
  • “Hey Y/N, do you wanna go to that manga store over there together?” your friend said, seemingly inviting only you even though there were five other people in your group
  • “Actually, Y/N and I were just planning on leaving, sorry,” Midorima intervened, the ‘sorry’ oozing with so much sarcasm that it was clear that he really didn’t like the guy
  • “Oh already? You don’t have to leave just because Midorima is, you know,” your friend said
  • Hahaha it took everything in Midorima to not send him flying like his three pointers
  • “Excuse me? I think you’re crossing the line there a bit, don’t you think—“
  • “It’s getting pretty late, we should get going,” you said quickly before things could escalate
  • After shooting one last glare at your friend, Midorima walked away with you
  • “The nerve of that guy— unbelievable,” Midorima sighed
  • “I thought you were going to punch him or something, that’s why I stopped you so quickly,” you giggled
  • “Honestly, I might have,” Midorima chuckled. “How are you even friends with someone like him?”
  • “I guess he’s just friendly,” you shrugged. “Looks like someone was a bit jealous though.”
  • “Please, why would I be jealous of an idiot like him,” Midorima scoffed
  • He’d never admit to an emotion like jealousy— ever


  • Oh god this boy does not handle jealousy well
  • He would 100% break someone’s nose if he feels like they’re getting too close
  • The two of you were at a party once and Aomine decided to take a break from dancing for a moment to grab a drink
  • So he was leaning against the wall sipping on his drink while watching you on the dance floor
  • Of course, he wasn’t very pleased to find you dancing with some other guy
  • Aomine recognised him as someone who went to your school, so he very well could just be a friend of yours
  • However that didn’t stop him from feeling a growing amount of jealousy as each moment passed
  • Did you really need to be dancing that close to him?
  • Aomine should be the only one you dance like that with
  • He was already a bit tipsy so he may not have been thinking straight
  • But he completely lost it when he saw your bodies swaying so carelessly together
  • Next thing he knew, he was storming over to the dance floor
  • You didn’t even notice him until you were suddenly ripped away from the boy you were previously dancing with
  • And once again you were dancing with Aomine
  • He was holding your waist tight and his face was as close as ever
  • “What do you think you’re doing dancing like that with someone else?” Aomine growled
  • “Why? Is someone jealous?” you joked as you continued to move along with him to the music
  • “Don’t tease around like that. You’re all mine, don’t you realise?” he grinned, shoving his lips onto yours before you could say another word
  • The kiss was desperate and heavy, and as a result, sloppy— not that you minded too much
  • After seeing that act, the guy from earlier backed off, though you didn’t even notice or care for that matter
  • I mean, why would you care about any other guy when Aomine Daiki was in front of you?


  • He gets jealous very easily
  • He’s like a child when it comes to most things— he doesn’t share
  • You’ve had your fair share of encounters with other guys that ended with Murasakibara scaring them off
  • The two of you were seated on the couch together on your phones
  • There was absolutely no reason for Murasakibara to have come over to your house just to be on his phone, but he just enjoyed your presence
  • You were scrolling through TikTok because you’d run out of things to do
  • You landed on a video of these two shirtless boys dancing to a song that you liked so you just watched for the hell of it
  • You started scrolling through the comments while the video kept replaying, garnering Murasakibara’s attention
  • The second he saw what you were watching his possessiveness just kicked in
  • “You really like watching those boys, huh?” he said, glaring at the boys as if they could see through the screen
  • “Not really, I just like the song,” you shrugged before turning to him with a smirk, “why? Are you jealous?”
  • “Well if it means I can get more of your attention then sure, I guess I’m jealous,” he answered simply. “Do I have to take my shirt off and do a dance too?”
  • “I wasn’t going to say that, but now that you mention it, I’d love to see it,” you giggled
  • Next thing you knew, he wrapped his arms around you, sending you toppling back onto the couch
  • “Too bad I can’t dance, I guess you’ll have to make do with some kisses for now,” he said softly, making your heart flutter
  • “Ah dammit, I wanted to see you dance,” you sighed, pretending to be disappointed
  • “Shut up,” he groaned, before pressing his lips against yours
  • This was what he was usually like when he got jealous though
  • He wouldn’t necessarily get angry or anything like that unless a guy was relentlessly hitting on you
  • But he’d just become really lovey and clingy just as a way of reminding you that it was him who’d love you the most


  • We all know he’s a classy gentleman
  • So you can’t expect any dramatic outbursts from him when he gets jealous
  • He’s always able to keep a calm and composed exterior (not that that’s ever stopped anyone from feeling threatened by him)
  • Anyone who knew Akashi knew never to mess with him
  • And they especially knew how much he valued you so one step too far would probably lead to their demise
  • However, there was one boy at a dinner party you both attended who somehow didn’t get the memo
  • You ended up being seated in the middle of him and Akashi, which gave him the opportunity to chat with you as much as he liked
  • Of course, Akashi wasn’t the most pleased to hear what he had to say to you
  • It was very obviously some awful flirting
  • You just thought he was being friendly so you entertained his conversation
  • “Y/N, maybe you should stop chatting and eat— your food is getting cold,” Akashi said in attempt to get him to stop— it was getting frustrating at this point
  • For the rest of the night, Akashi remained clung onto you with his arm around your waist, monitoring every movement of that boy
  • It was particularly strange because Akashi was the type to mingle at events like these so you knew something was wrong
  • Akashi’s cold gaze seemed to be enough to make the guy keep his distance though
  • Akashi is just too powerful lmao
  • Once the two of you got back home, Akashi pounced to kiss you almost immediately
  • “Woah what was that for?” you asked when you pulled away from the kiss that seemed so urgent
  • “You looked gorgeous tonight, I’ve been wanting to do that for a while,” Akashi said sweetly
  • “Aww, thank you, Sei.”
  • “A lot of people seemed to think so too by the looks of it. Especially that guy that sat next to you at the table,” Akashi pointed out
  • “Oh. Did you get jealous or something?” you questioned
  • “Well, yes. I want to be the only one looking at you like that. But I guess it can’t be helped sometimes,” he said, body still as close to yours as ever
  • “You’re the only one I want so you don’t have to worry for even a moment,” you said reassuringly
  • “Then that’s all that matters,” Akashi said with a smile before pulling you in for a soft kiss filled with nothing but adoration
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Kise-chin wants warmth… aominecchi is so shocked…

The translation says…

Something about jam or jamming..

Kise: “Murasakibaracchi, your jacket is so warm~ssu~”

Mura: “Oi Kise-chin~ I can’t walk…”

Mura: (in his mind) He’s cold.

(kise enters mura’s jacket)

Aomine: hah!? Kise is swallowed by murasakibara?!!!! Sugoi!!

(well that’s all I understand via Google translate….)


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Sure thing! Sorry in advance if I used the wrong pronouns. It was just easier to us “girlfriend” than be more gender neutral this time.

KnB Boyfriend Type HC


  • Good boyfriend
  • Possibly met because #2 ran up to you and yipped at your ankles til you picked him up
  • Animals can always spot good people
  • Difficulty in expressing himself fully and how much he cares about you
  • It’s hard to express how much you like someone if you don’t use your words. But tried really hard to be more vocal
  • On the flipside, in not being very expressive, Testu-kun is very blunt. As we all know from him roasting people unintentionally
  • Would be very up front if people went “Awww! Is that your girlfriend~!”….”Yes this is my girlfriend [Y/N].”
  • No shame. No hesitation in the lad, which throws people off.
  • Makes a point to have you involved in Serin or GOM activities. Doesn’t want you to feel left out.
  • Loves to pet your head. Totally gets why people do it to him all the time.
  • Favorite activity: reading quietly together. Sometimes the same book so you can discuss. Often times separate books just sitting together on the couch.


  • Torn between Akashi wanting someone hyper type A like he is to keep up with him or someone just incredibly sugar sweet.
  • The boy needs some mothering in his life. Not in a creepy way you pervs!
  • Want to see him with an adorable ball of sunshine who’s always happy and tries to make him smile
  • Lots of soft Akashi smile. Gah! My knees!
  • All free time not dedicated to studying or basketball is dedicated to you
  • When you have his time, you have it. His attention is only focused on you when you’re together
  • Respects your need for privacy and alone time if you ask for it.
  • Weird ultra first world dating problems. “My family is going to our private beach for 2 weeks in the summer. Do you want to come? We fly out Thursday.”
  • Above is very rare though. Much more prefers “commoner” dating plans like going to the park or window shopping.
  • Yes I made an Ouran reference in a KnB Headcanon post. Sue me.
  • Favorite activity: gardening. Likes to watch things grow and create things with his own hands, and you. Finds it extremely peaceful to be out with the flowers on sunny days.


  • I love Aomine to death, and I say this with all the love in the world: he’d be a terrible boyfriend
  • At first anyway
  • Really has no concept of others outside of himself at times & is extremely selfish
  • Also has the emotional capacity of a moody 5-year-old
  • It will take a lot of work for him to change
  • And, more importantly, the right person
  • Any man is willing to change for the right person in their lives
  • Once he works over some of his hurdles, he can be a really good boyfriend
  • Extremely protective. Don’t even look at his baby wrong or you’re gonna get molly-whopped on sight
  • Always proud to show you things. Like a new dunk. Passing grade on one of his assignment. This really big crayfish he found
  • Praised all his life for basketball, but literally nothing else. Has a super praise kink.
  • Favorite activity: taking naps and cuddling with you. Very octopus-y with his limbs. Hope you went to the bathroom before you laid down!


  • Good boyfriend. Maybe tries a little too hard.
  • Super focused on his studies and planning. But not super good with expressing emotions. Accept annoyance
  • Also you can’t plan falling in love
  • Would super try though
  • Probably reads ever shoujo manga Momoi has to research on how to be a good boyfriend & what girls like. With disastrous results.
  • Much better boyfriend when he starts being himself
  • Your superstitious love nerd keeps track of your horoscope as well, to let you know everyday what to look out for
  • Possibly a ploy just to talk to you everyday
  • Also checks in to make sure you’re eating properly
  • Brings you your own lucky item on particularly “ominous” days according to the Oha Asa
  • Favorite activity: study dates. Likes the quiet, collaborative spirit of you both working and learning together. Also possibly so he can help you; and show you how smart he is.


  • You know what this shirt is made out of? Boyfriend material
  • Probably a line he used on you when you were first going out
  • Most experienced with dating out of the bunch
  • Kise is the ultimate cliché, rom-com boyfriend
  • Some of it is an act. Most of it is genuinely his personality
  • Love it when he let’s a little of his real personality shine through, and turns the “show” off for a while
  • Remembers every birthday, holiday, anniversary, and mini-anniversary and makes a celebration out of it
  • Likes to bring you to his model shoots because “look at how popular I am! be proud of me! also did everyone see how cute my girlfriend is!”
  • Same with the above if you come to his games
  • Hella gentleman. You don’t touch a doorknob while Kise is around for the first year of you dating
  • Favorite activity: dates around the city walking around. Maybe go see a movie. Or split a crepe by some fountain in the park. Real A level cliché stuff.


  • Kind of hard dating a 7ft toddler. But you make it work
  • Murasakibara is really sweet though
  • He might not get it all the time, but does have a genuine desire to make you happy and be happy with you
  • Misses you a lot when he’s at school. I feel like I read somewhere that Yosen was an all-boys school, but could find no proof of that. Rolling with it though.
  • Texts you a lot during the day at school. Mostly to complain that he’s bored or wants to get cake after school
  • Brings extra snacks for you on outings. If you don’t eat them he will, so win-win.
  • Would share one single potato chip with you if you asked. Which is a big accomplishment
  • Would totally give you his beloved hair tie if you need it.
  • Gets teased a lot by his older siblings when you come over
  • Like standing in a field of purple headed giants when you’re at his house
  • Seriously, what are their parents feeding these kids??
  • Favorite activity: blanket forts and movies night, with lots of snack & fizzy drinks. No scary movies please.


  • Totally not in love with you until the moment he is
  • And you’re gonna hear about it that moment too
  • Being wishy-washy with your feelings is the same thing as being afraid. And Kagami Taiga isn’t afraid of anything!
  • Except dogs. But he’s working on that.
  • Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
  • Make him some food or a bento and he’s yours forever.
  • Loves it when you come to his practices and games
  • He gets super fired up
  • 10x more likely to play harder and win when you’re around
  • Also 10x more likely to break shit because he really is just a big puppy bundle of testosterone and enthusiasm.
  • Always needs to be near you when you’re around. Whether it’s hugging, holding hands, or standing right beside you, he always wants you to be by his side.
  • Favorite activity: eating meals together. Particularly at home. Loves when you cook for him, or if you make something together. Likes to sit at the dinner table and talk about each other’s day, what you want to do that weekend, really anything.
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you can’t see anything, because there’s no content for it yet. lol ^_^;;;;. but here’s something to get the ball rolling!

KnB Kids Headcanon (GOM + Kagami)


  • Would like kids
  • Just one though
  • Would be excited to teach them things. Especially if he followed the ‘if they didn’t play basketball’ career of being a kindergarten teacher
  • Big fan of story time. Buys every children’s book he can find for his child.
  • Do you like petting zoos? Cause Kuroko is hella excited to take his kid to the petting zoo
  • Let’s pet all the goats and sheep
  • Makes super cute bentos for his baby to take to school
  • Yes, Kagami taught him how.


  • Wants kids
  • It’s probably an expectation for him, being the only son & heir to the Akashi group
  • Would need to have 1 son, but would not be against having another or a girl
  • Low key excited for the concept of twins
  • Stern but fair father
  • Wants his children to excel, but more encouraging than pushing them
  • He knows how damaging that can be
  • Takes an interest in their hobbies and participates in them with his s/o
  • Very big on family time.


  • Does not want kids
  • Kids are loud, need lots of attention, and need things
  • If anyone in his life was going to be loud, need attention, and stuff, it’s gonna be him damnit
  • Real interested in how you make them though
  • Wouldn’t bail if mistakes happened with his s/o, but would prefer not to have them
  • Much more prefers to be ‘Uncle Daiki’ to Satsuki & the GOM’s kids
  • 100% buys the loud/flashy toys for birthday and holidays
  • Also brings batteries


  • Neither for or against
  • Has the understanding that it’s something that you do when you get older, but wouldn’t activate the conversation
  • Would agree if his s/o wanted kids
  • Mega research on child rearing, milestones, & procreation techniques before the baby is even born
  • Damn near takes all the fun out of making a baby. Almost…..
  • Would want 3 kids because 3 is a lucky number


  • Excited for kids
  • Tiny little versions of himself running around and breaking hearts? Sign him up!
  • 2-3 kids. Preferably daughters. Don’t know why. Just think he would be better with girls.
  • Tiny baby fashion show!
  • Matching outfits for the family. Styled head to toe.
  • Really leans into the DILF aesthetic. Not trying, but also yes trying


  • Has no opinion on kids
  • Not against them, but wouldn’t not actively seek them out
  • If it happens it happens.
  • Given that he’s 1 of 5, he’d want to have definitely less than that
  • From experience he knows that’s too many people sharing a bathroom
  • Super-secret really good at braiding his girl’s hair. No idea why


  • Wants kids. Like a lot
  • 3-4 kids. Maybe more if he can get his s/o to agree to it
  • Really wants a big family
  • Super involved in his kids lives since his dad was always working and he knows how upsetting that can be. Even if he’ll never say it.
  • Total dad hype man
  • Whether it’s sports, dance, academics, or whatever, Taiga is always there to cheer them on
  • Double totally the sports dad if they do do sports. Drives to all the games. Volunteers to sub-coach and car pool. Brings snacks for all the kids not just his own, because hydration and refueling is important for victory
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Name: Shirobi Arisu

School: Touou Academy

Zodiac: Pisces

Note: I gave it an attempt to draw her portraits in the Production I.G artstyle! Excuse the lazy anatomy and messy sketch lines, er… hope they don’t distract you too bad? Also EXTREMELY long profile, hence the cut! This is a 300-follower special, but perhaps I’ll do something with Shirobi in the future! (Shirobi is her surname, Arisu is her first name)




  • she is very much described to be “fox-like” in demeanor, slipping in and out of conversations naturally and with ease, being able to show different aspects and sides of her to different types of people
  • her default persona in encountering new people is a noble, unassuming/demure one in order to gauge how they interact with her before adjusting accordingly
  • a very innate actress, but the most cynical description of her would be “two-faced,” though it’s important to note that her personas are not so drastic that they seem like different people (like Akashi’s situation); perhaps if someone was keenly observing her for a while, they would notice
  • she does subtle shifts in aspects of her personality’s repertoire because of: 1.) becoming more compatible with people, and thus, having the most efficient conversations without having “annoying, unnecessary” conflicts with them, and 2.) studying people in different social settings is interesting to her
  • as a result of her jumping around and exploring different sides of her to different people daily, she does wind up suffering from mini identity crises and mental exhaustion very frequently
  • after a whole dismantle of her *mostly harmless* mind schemes (particularly by a close friend or two later on), her “true self” would be a deflective “tsundere-like” character, since her visceral reaction is for her to always slip into a convenient persona for the situation rather than being initially honest with herself and the people around her, and without the security of a “persona,” she gets flustered and embarrassed very *very* easily
  • hobbies in her free time include either being alone to sleep and not worrying about how to present herself or reading various works of (non)fiction (of many genres)/psychology to study people and how they tick (bonus: became a recent internet junkie after finding greater convenience in just finding articles and blogs instantly with a simple click)
  • irony: she finds talking to people inconvenient and tiring but she finds it intriguing to study them in all aspects of behavioral, cultural, and social means (so she kind of has to talk with people)
  • certified ambivert
  • if she does approach to someone, it’s almost never for the reasons of “making friends;” if there is no intellectual gain nor tangible benefit from talking, then she won’t bother partaking in it
  • because of her recent upbringing, while she may not show it, she despises arguments and fights, so when situations escalate, she will attempt to either smoothly divert the subject elsewhere and/or trivialize the matter to a degree; if all else fails, she will simply disengage from the conversation (essentially avoiding confrontation) // note: see “background” section for context

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