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#Murder One

Back in the mid-nineties, Steven Bochco (creator of LA Law, Hill Street Blues and Dougie Howser MD) made one of the first modern long form TV shows called ‘Murder One’. I loved this show when it came out. The storytelling is amazing. Plus Stanley Tucci is mesmerising in it.

Ever since I managed to grab a box set of this (maybe ten years ago), I make the point to watch all 24 episodes at least once a year. The clothes, style and tech might date it but the story, of a murder in Hollywood, could be written today.

Go watch it. You won’t regret it. Because who could regret 24 hours of Stanley Tucci?

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Sad occasion to plug Murder One, but the first season is some of the best television I’ve ever seen, and as you know, I watch a LOT of television.  Mark Harris hits the nail on the proverbial head.  

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