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Satak was First Serpent, the Snake who came Before, and all the worlds to come rested in the glimmer of its scales. But it was so big there was nothing but, and thus it was coiled around and around itself, and the worlds to come slid across each other but none had room to breathe or even be.

- The Yokudan Creation Myth

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Characters: Kaaras Adaar, Latika
Timeline: pre Inquisition 
Warning: contains profanity, nudity, masturbation, adult themes, medical condition, PSAS, body dysphoric mentions (mtf character), alcoholic mention.

NOTE: I wanted to explore more of Kaaras’ condition and part of the reason why he can deal with it better than before. Latika is his company healer and a former sex worker. Please note muses =/= mod as there may be sensitive material ahead, nor do I associate myself with their opinions, religions, beliefs, etc. 

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