#My Headcanons
billy with a drama queen!reader, like she鈥檚 in drama class/club and is just really over dramatic
Ohhh this will be fun! Enjoy!
-Billy with a dramatic reader hc's-
Tumblr media
He honestly doesn't mind how dramatic you are! He actually kinda enjoys it!
He finds it so amusing every time he goes to a play, or you are just being super dramatic.
You kinda make things more fun for him every once in a while!
He also can be very dramatic too though sometimes....so do be careful when it comes to arguments....
Arguments between you too can be a bit worse then normal because Billy can be super dramatic about some things and since you are a drama queen you also are the sane say.
But then again sometimes you both can thrive off of it too!
Sometimes he'll be extra dramatic around you to see how you'll react....
But when it comes to actual drama like with people he can also get into that a lot.
Usually he would need someone to pull him out of whatever hes getting himself into which can include fights, and sometimes parties.
But besides all that when it comes to theatrical drama, hes all for it!
He loves coming to watch you perform and he finds it super funny how you are so expressive!
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hchollym 2 days ago
This post made me think about Family Game Night at the Weasleys.
It would be so chaotic. Like there would be screaming, throwing things, flipping game boards. It would be hilarious and overwhelming to anyone joining them 馃ぃ
I was thinking about which games were each family member's favorite(s), and these are my theories:
Bill = Monopoly (because he works at Gringotts and money is his thing)
Charlie = Dungeons & Dragons (for obvious reasons)
Percy = Trivial Pursuit & Scrabble (I stand by my headcanon that he would win any trivia game)
Fred & George = Mouse Trap (because of course they would like a game where they get to build a giant trap for someone)
Ron = Chess (obviously), but if we're talking about games with more players, then Clue (because he likes the strategy)
Ginny = Jenga (because she's got really good dexterity and likes watching everyone else make it fall)
Arthur = Candy Land (because it's just so fascinating)
Molly = Charades (because she really does not want all those game board pieces going missing and causing a fight)
Bonus = The only game they all like is the Game of Life. Bill is always the banker, Percy always chooses the "Start College" path, Arthur always chooses the "Start Career" path, Ron only cares about the "Pay Days", Ginny likes landing on the "Change Career" spaces so she can have a few different ones, Molly loves the "Life" spaces (and whenever any of her children get married & have kids), Fred & George think it's funny to try to get as many children as possible (preferably more than one car full), while Charlie avoids all kids and tries to get every pet.
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Redraw of this but digitally, hoping to make a few more of my pencil drawings digital in the future
Tumblr media
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kattartsblog a day ago
Ppwese reunite the train boys......... 馃ズ
Tumblr media
What they鈥檙e saying is based off an inside joke between me and my own sibling. My headcanon is that they would do this joke too. They鈥檙e gonna have a pokemon battle, street style 6 v 6! LET鈥橲 GO! Hope you like the art Non! :3
(Blankshippers, please DNI)
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bombawife a day ago
i love the idea that cassandra is the reincarnation of the very first jellicle
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ziltoidcoffee a day ago
do you think season five will be terry鈥檚 last season? what in your opinion would be a satisfying conclusion to silverusso in canon
Hitting me with the hard questions, anon. ;_; I am sure everyone has their own opinion, but here's mine since you asked.
A. If the writers are morons, yes, it could be his last season. But since I think he is the main big bad of the show, I would like to think they're smart enough to keep him around until the end. I also fear they're gonna write him as Johnny's dad, and then he will definitely stick around. Not a great trade off.
B. I have no idea if there is a satisfying conclusion because there's so many ways they could go.
Terry dies, which I seriously doubt because the show has a massive kid fanbase. Unless he "Disney dies."
Terry goes to jail since what he did to Kreese was illegal. Not that he didn't attempt murder before...This is kind of a cop out to me. But Daniel showing up for conjugal visits? Okay, I can get behind it.
Terry is "defeated" by Daniel, and he slinks back into the shadows like at the end of KK3. Probably not much epilogue for him, and Daniel says something like "good riddance" so the writers don't have to write anything. This is probably the most likely since they can be predictable. I've accepted this may happen already. Can also be a set up for some fix-it fics.
The same as above, but Terry goes back to his old life. There's probably a zoom in shot of him at some stuffy party, and he's staring sadly at a glass of wine. A bit boring.
Terry wins. Daniel quits karate. Obviously won't happen.
Terry wins. Daniel joins Cobra Kai. This won鈥檛 happen unless I join the writers' room.
Terry sees the errors of his ways and joins Miyagi-do. Doubtful! I need to write a fic of this for fun. Though it is pretty crazy and unlikely. Would love if this is just a ploy too. Not sure what for but maybe to get his Danny-boy in his bed. ;)
Terry is "hurt" my Daniel somehow, and he ends up paralyzed or some really fucked up shit. Can see them doing this, but it is almost offensive in a way. So maybe not. I would be against this.
Terry is "defeated" by Daniel, but instead of disappearing, he pulls a Gavin Belson from Silicon Valley. He pretends he is all about "ethics" and "true karate" now. Maybe he changes Cobra Kai into yoga studios and teaches kata. He claims to be a "changed man," but this is all for money, of course. Daniel is not happy and calls him out on his bullshit, but at least Terry isn't teaching karate anymore. So Daniel kind of won. I like this idea best since it's pretty in character for him and ends his storyline with CK. Also, this obviously opens up fic ideas.
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gisellelx a day ago
Carlisle sexting like,
Jer 29:11 馃槈
(鈥渇or I know the plans I have for you鈥)
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the-final-sif 3 months ago
If there's one thing that warms my heart a bit, it's how much players have always loved Endermen.
I've been playing minecraft since before wolves were added. I remember Endermen coming out, and just how much me and my siblings loved them. We were hardly alone. They're one of the most popular mobs in the game.
Because here's the thing about Endermen, they were the very first mob added to minecraft that felt ALIVE. They came before villagers, back when piglins were pigmen and only existed in zombie form, back before there was anything even remotely human that you could vibe with. Even after Villagers, even after Piglins, there's still something special to Endermen that captures players' hearts.
I think it comes down to the fact that Endermen are functionally useless to the player if you don't murder them. They can't trade or barter with you. They have no dungeons or fortresses for you to take from. They can even be quite annoying depending on what blocks you make builds out of. Endermen have little regard for the concept of personal property.
But, despite all of that, an Enderman isn't hostile to you by default. You never have to fight them. All they ask is that you look away. As long as you do that, then they're more than content to exist in your presence. Going about their day, doing their own thing, picking up blocks and moving them around.
And people love them. They love these alien creatures who have nothing to offer but their existence. I know so many players who go out of their way to not bother Endermen when they encounter one. Players who find one and keep it in a boat just to have some company. Endermen are adored by players just for being there.
Why? Because we were alone. We were alone in a world, and then we weren't. Endermen are strange and useless and dangerous but they are alive. They made us less alone. They were willing to exist with us peacefully when nothing else was. And that was more than enough to prove their value. They were friends to us, because they were there.
Even after we got villagers, even after we got piglins, maybe even after we found other players and servers and worlds upon worlds of other people, we never forgot our first friends. The ones who we didn't understand, who would attack us for a glance, but who were there when nobody else was. They were there, they existed, and we didn't need anything else to love them.
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canttakethatobeyfromme 2 months ago
Kissing/Making out with : The Brothers
Lucifer - Is bold, confident, and sensual. He takes control when kissing (unless you really want to, he might let you for a time) Mainly keeping his hands to your waist, hips, or the back of your head, he isn't too much of a groper. Lucifer is also the most likely to constrain your hands in some way, to tease you, belt, tie, just holding your wrists with one of his large hands, he loves to watch you squirm, wanting to touch him. Doesn't like to have fingers run through his hair unless you are in private in his room or office, because he tends to come undone with a nice scalp massage.
Mammon - Is, you guessed it, greedy. This man wants to kiss you so good you wont think of anyone but him. Incredibly needy and touchy, he has a hard time keeping his hands off of you. If you are in public with others, be prepared for a sudden jealous kiss, he's gotta make sure everyone knows that you are his. Likes it if you get handsy too, just be careful of his lower back, he's super ticklish. Can be dominant or submissive, although if he's in a jealous mood he will probably take control. But, (even if he wont admit it, of course) he also loves to have you take control, drag him off to a corner somewhere and kiss him until he can't think straight, and he will be wrapped around your finger, or even little kisses on the cheek or a peck on the lips will have him melting in your hands.
Leviathan - The most shy, especially at first. You need to take the first step, or at the very least tell him you want to be kissed straight up, or be ready to get nothing but blushing stares at your lips. Very awkward and clumsy in the beginning, especially with french kissing, lots of stopping to ask if its okay, if you have him taking control. Much, much easier if you are the one in charge. loves if you sit on his lap when he's at his computer (don't interrupt him when he's gaming though please, although if its a more casual game, its probably fine) just be prepared for a lot of sputtering and blushing. As long as you reassure him, he can be more dominant, and he leans more dominant if he's in his demon form. Probably has a split tongue there, as well, and will wrap you up in his arms and even with his tail.
Satan - Very mostly dominant, and really even if you try and be dominant, he might let you, but in a "aw, look at you trying to take control" way. Likes long, slow make out sessions, most of the time, and would be gentle, but sensual, making sure you are paying attention to him. Not a fan of PDA, but will kiss and make out with you freely in the house of lamentation. If Lucifer has been getting chummy with you, be assured Satan will be sitting you down in the library for as long as it takes for Lucifer to come in and see. If Satan is in a bad mood, he can get very rough, lots of lip biting and leaving lots of hickeys high on your neck so everyone can see. Expect to have bruised lips.
Asmodeus - The avatar of lust of course has the most skill when kissing, he may be smaller than his brothers but its how you use what you have that matters. Gropey, but not in the same way that Mammon is. Asmo likes light touches that test you and have you leaning into them, lightly tracing patterns in your skin. Will kiss you anywhere and everywhere, in his room, in the kitchen, in the hallway at RAD, even in the classroom if he can get away with it. Asmo's kisses are sweet and addicting. Asmo Is very good at keeping dominance right in the middle, with neither him nor you really leading, although of course he can do whatever, if he is the first person you have kissed, he will lead you and teach you everything you need to know about the art of love.
Beelzebub - Beel's kisses are oh-so soft and gentle, but consuming. He is incredibly careful with holding you, though he will wrap you up in his warm, firm arms, and hold you close. Another that doesn't like kissing in public, most kissing with Beel with be in one of your rooms or the attic. Beel loves to take it slow, holding you, staring into your eyes, making sure he is never making you uncomfortable at any time. Also, please praise him, he loves to be praised, tell him how great his muscles are, how nice it is to spend time with him, how sweet he is, anything, it makes him so, so happy. If you don't like french kissing, you are either going to have to learn to like it, or spend the time to work with him to have him not do it, because Beel loves to taste you. If he is in a bit of a bad mood, he can expect to be held a bit firmer, kissed a bit harder, like he is trying to somehow mold the two of you together, so he can be with you forever.
Belphegor - Probably the moodiest of the bunch, Belphie will kiss you in lots of different ways. Lazy kisses in the attic or some other corner of the house, laying down, legs tangled together, probably dozing off a bit. Teasing kisses, playful pecks as he passes you in RAD, eyes twinkling with mischief as he pulls you into his room. Sad kisses, when he's feeling lonely and wants you with him, laying in the attic, petting his hair and kissing him, maybe telling him a story of something to cheer him up a little. Frustrated kisses, when he's mad at you or one of his brothers, so he kisses you roughly, demandingly, hands wandering and running over your skin, making sure you are there, with him. Loves to be kissed awake by you, or a kiss on the cheek when he's clearly grumpy, he will try and keep that grumpy face, but you can see the corner of his mouth twitch as he looks away in a huff, rolling his eyes.
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demonicheadcanons 2 months ago
How the OM! Brothers React to MC Pulling Them Down To Their Height For A Kiss
AN: Kind of just how the title sounds. I鈥檓 quite ill at the moment including brain fog and a fever so excuse typos and general idiocy. No proof reading we thrive like fools.
The one I鈥檓 most torn about because I feel like he would be the most torn inside.
Lucifer loves any form of affection from you so long as its not in front of his brothers. But in some way, being pulled down both feeds and sparks against his ego. Please, MC, if you wanted a kiss that bad you could鈥檝e just asked him. Also he really doesn鈥檛 appreciate that now his collar is all rumpled, and makes a show of straightening it out again before he presses a kiss to your forehead.
If he鈥檚 in a good mood he might just laugh. And not a little chuckle, but something a lot more than that. In fact, you鈥檒l be able to kiss him again a lot easier because he鈥檚 doubled over with the force of it, not quite meeting your eyes as his mind replays what鈥檚 just happened - you seriously just full on pulled this man down by the collar to kiss him? Out of nowhere? And even then, you were practically still stood on your tiptoes? Lucifer knows realistically that he鈥檚 tall, even amongst his brothers, but that鈥檚 hilarious.
If he鈥檚 in a bad mood, you can hear the growl from his throat that stops the second your lips are against his. He鈥檚 not in the mood to be yanked about today, MC, but he supposes a few more kisses might make up for it. However, it might be best to let him take the lead now - his neck will hurt if you keep pulling at him like that.
Hey human! What are you doi- ohokay
He never said stop, did he? He absolutely wasn鈥檛 protesting, he doesn鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about. If anything, Mammon thinks you should just continue with what you were doing, and maybe don鈥檛 stop please?
He levels you with puppy dog eyes once he鈥檚 at your height and within easy reach. He鈥檚 also blushing furiously, and his hands are shaking with nerves until he cups your face in them or wraps them around your waist to keep you close. You can tell he鈥檚 practically holding his breath as you litter his face with more kisses, but Mammon very quickly relaxes into it, adoring the shower of affection - he needs it. He needs someone to show their love, because all too often its hidden behind the harshest of words and actions.
If he was in a bad mood before you did it, he seems almost ready to push you away at first until he holds you as close as he physically can, in a hug so tight its amazing it doesn鈥檛 hurt (Mammon knows. Mammon鈥檚 the brother who鈥檚 learned just how tight he can hold you, who鈥檚 memorised the best way to do it to keep you close to him without causing you any harm, who knows exactly where to put his arms so they鈥檒l fit perfectly around you. Of course he has, this demon who has so much love to give and no one else who鈥檒l accept it.)
Kind of likes being pulled, kind of doesn鈥檛 - he needs something softer sometimes. Put your hands on his shoulders or neck and gently guide him instead and he will thrive.
Hah! What do you think you鈥檙e doing? What kind of normie act is that?
But then again, didn鈥檛 that one character do that in that one show with the way-too-long-title Levi somehow has memorised? Did you do that just to make him happy, then, because you two watched a few episodes of it once a few months back?
Any act of affection is overwhelming for Levi, but he has a sense of pride that he鈥檚 the one you鈥檝e decided to pull this on. And that he鈥檚 tall enough you have to physically pull him down to your level. Levi isn鈥檛 one to show off his height and actually sometimes wishes he were smaller so that no one would pay any notice to him, but for this moment alone he鈥檚 actually almost happy with himself as you reach up and get the best grip you can on him before planting your lips against his own.
That doesn鈥檛 stop his brain from short-circuiting, though. Nothing could, really. He stumbles back and detaches himself from your grip before covering his mouth, face redder than some of Henry鈥檚 scales. He鈥檚 stuttering out some kind of question, or asking if maybe it was an accident and you were just trying to get something out of his hair, or-
Finally, he mumbles something about not hating it even though you probably did, tone thoroughly defeated. Go ahead and do it again, keep trying! Levi will learn to accept your affections someday.
Quite immediately, Satan decides he is perfectly fine with this. He鈥檚 probably the quickest person to reciprocate, putting his arms around you before you could even hope to pull away.
He does chuckle though, and makes comments on how that was adorable and thoroughly charming. As open as he is, Satan makes it known that he doesn鈥檛 mind this one bit, that you鈥檙e free to do that any time his brothers aren鈥檛 around. Or maybe do it in front of Lucifer to make him jealous - Satan would love to see his expression.
Despite keeping a tight lid on his feelings, Satan can鈥檛 help but escalate things if you kiss him at all. He keeps so much held in, so if you initiate kisses you鈥檙e doing it at your own risk. Of course, he never pushes you any further than you allow, but just be aware that he is so very often in an affectionate mood.
Also, Satan unfortunately develops a habit of standing up straight around you and smirking knowingly. If you want a kiss from now on, you鈥檒l have to work for it. Bring him down to your level - you鈥檙e the only person who鈥檚 allowed to, after all. Thankfully, though, there鈥檚 absolutely no resistance from him, and he will move with you if you cup his face or put a hand on his shoulder. Want a kiss, kitten? Well, you know what to do.
Oh, MC! That is just so CUTE! Do it again, do it again!
Watch his clothes though. Don鈥檛 try to pull him down by the collar unless he鈥檚 said its fine in this outfit. His scarf is fair game so long as you don鈥檛 tear it or leave any bruises on the back of his neck - its fine another way, but not like this. Yes, he winks as he says that.
Honestly Asmo is pretty much nearly always fair game. If you want to kiss him you need only ask, but there is something he finds thrilling about being forcefully pulled down to your height first. It excites him and makes him happy, hands quick to find your hips and rest there, or to sling across your shoulders and ask what鈥檚 next, what more do you want? You鈥檙e taking charge today and there鈥檚 no one he鈥檇 trust more to, no one else he鈥檇 so willingly play along with, no one he gazes at and wonders just how happy he could make them instead of the other way about. You need only say the word - he is so entirely at your disposal, dear MC.
So? What will it be?
This is probably your third or fourth time trying to pull Beel down to your height. Its hard to get a good grip on him and he鈥檚 eating so often you鈥檙e not even sure you鈥檇 want to kiss him.
When you do finally manage, Beel responds fairly well, all grins as he beams at you and lifts you off the ground in a hug. If you wanted a kiss that bad, he could鈥檝e just as easily picked you up, don鈥檛 be afraid to ask!
Beel doesn鈥檛 really like being pulled about, though. He likes kisses, but he鈥檇 really rather pick you up or just lean down by himself. He鈥檒l make this more known only if you attempt to do it again first, not one to bring up his concerns without being asked.
With that, he鈥檒l probably come up with some sort of system instead - tap his arm twice and he鈥檒l lean down, reach your arms out to him and he鈥檒l pick you up, and so on. He wants to make you happy, but he doesn鈥檛 want to do it at his own expense. He also gets into the habit of tapping your arm or shoulder twice, gentle as can be, if he wants something from you.
Unfortunately, you manage to catch Belphegor off guard with this act and he makes a kind of surprised noise against your mouth. From now on, he decides to make that your problem.
Want a kiss? Try and pull him down to your height, go on! You鈥檝e done it before, so why are you struggling now?
He鈥檚 actually fine with it, potentially even enjoys it, but he鈥檚 also an asshole who likes to make things as difficult as possible. Belphie will continue to stand tall and won鈥檛 stoop down to your height until it looks like you鈥檙e about to give up trying. He鈥檒l then smother you with an overwhelming amount of affection, intentionally trying to take your breath away and charm you completely. If he catches you off guard he grins against your mouth, feeling entirely victorious.
Eventually, Belphie will let up and he鈥檒l work on side with you, stooping down to let you do as you please, but it will take a while to get there. He鈥檚 going to milk this for all its worth before then.
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beelzebuddy-catan 8 days ago
My headcanons, part 2
Once the brothers went to Disney and Asmo made them wear character inspired outfits everyday
Solomon and Satan play words with friends and scrabble in other languages.
They both cheat.
MC was making fun of a stereotypical white dad 鈩 and said: y'all ready to rock in roll once
Diavolo says that whenever he leaves a restaurant now.
Satan pronounces places with the dialect/accent of the locals. Much to everyone's chagrin
Mammon stages fake photos like they were taken by random people of himself and Asmo so he can sell them.
Diavolo mispronounces MC's name (no matter how simple) for the first three weeks.
Satan has beautiful penmanship but will purposely write like shit to piss off Lucifer.
Levi sometimes refers to time like the military (e.g. oh-five hundred hours)
MC got bored in class one day and made friendship bracelets for Simeon and Luke.
Mammon moped around the house for a week before MC broke down and made him one.
Levi's alarm is a bougle sound.
He's worse than Belphie at sleeping through it.
To the point Belphie has had to shut off Levi's alarm.
Mammon has red green color blindness and didn't find out until MC showed him one of those numbers pictures and he thought they were joking at first.
MC worked with Solomon to create a sigil that when touched, it blasts any demon you have a pact with back at least ten feet.
MC got it as a tattoo and whenever one of the brothers pisses them off they tap it to send them flying.
Sure they could just make a command, but there's something weirdly satisfying and absolutely hilarious but knocking the avatar of pride on his ass.
Beel once forgot where he parked and straight up just left the car there.
The only reason the car made it back is because Belphie was napping in the backseat when he drove it and Beel didn't notice it.
When the car showed up house, Beel was as confused as Belphie had been waking up with the car in a random parking lot.
Whenever one of the brothers treats MC likes they're stupid because they're human (by what I am referring to as "demonsplaining"), MC reacts like someone would when a child tells a story in a really sarcastic, fascinated way until they stop explaining.
Usually sometimes Belphie doesn't pick up on it and just gets more and more frustrated until he gives up.
Though it's rare for Beel to do it, he genuinely takes time to explain and matches MC's enthusiasm to the point MC can't break it to him they're kidding.
Whenever MC says something stupid or embarrassing (or just doesn't feel like explaining something that is definitely not a normal human thing), they say: "oh that's a human thing".
Barbatos sleeps with his eyes open. (Yes I did edit this because I didn't catch that it was autocorrected 馃う鈥嶁檧锔).
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pinkislouder 5 months ago
dean is just a kid whose dad never checked on him before leaving when he was asleep. he was lying awake, hoping john would come to his bed, put a hand on his head, tell him he'd be back soon. Just check on me, check if I'm breathing, check if I'm okay, tell me you love me even though I should technically be sleeping and unaware. So he'll check on Jack when he gets home, even if it's 3am and Jack is up anyway, doing fuck knows on TikTok. Jack beams at him from behind the bright phone screen, the only light source in the room. "You good?" Dean asks and Jack goes: "Yep! Did you catch the ghost?" And Dean tells him about the hunt and they chat a bit and he goes: Anyway, just wanted to check on you. And Jack smiles, small and honest. "I know. You always do."
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flowing-through-time 6 months ago
encanto headcannons cuz it鈥檚 my fav movie rn and you cant stop me
mirabel and camilo often had sleepovers in camilo鈥檚 room after mirabel鈥檚 gift ceremony.
there was a hurricane the day bruno went missing and consisting thunderstorms in the following months (curtesy of pepa)
bruno, f茅lix, and agust铆n were extremely close and often went on 鈥渂oys only鈥 trips because f茅lix insisted it was necessary
antonio is a vegetarian
bruno knew that dolores knew he never left, they would often have midnight rendezvous鈥榮锟 in the kitchen to eat snacks and have dolores fill bruno in on all the family drama
agust铆n and julieta have arguably the closest relationships with their children and they both have a 鈥渟pecial bonding day鈥 with of their daughters at least once a month
in the months following bruno鈥檚 disappearance julieta and pepa were inseparable and would usually sleep in the same room during the night
agust铆n and f茅lix were extremely understanding and supportive of that decision
dolores was absolutely invested in bruno鈥檚 telenovelas
luisa, maribel, and isabela all became very close after the magic faded
casita is pedro鈥檚 soul protecting his family
that鈥檚 it for now folks, if you want more let me know
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insane-horror-movie-addict 12 days ago
Ooooh I love this! How the turntables am I right? Anyways enjoy!
-Billy who is absolutely in love/enamored with his s/o hc's-
Tumblr media
Honestly it would take a lot to get Billy to fall in love with you.
But lets say you manage to do it.
He treats you totally different than other people. I mean that much is probably obvious.
But hes 100% more affectionate and he will always make sure to have some sort of physical contact with you all the time.
That may be either a hand resting on your thigh, or you sitting in his lap, but either way he loves to just be able to touch you.
Also he is a lot more vocal about how much you mean to him.
He'll worry over you which is almost foreign to him, but he does worry over you.
He also overloads you with compliments and affirmations.
Another rare thing is that you'll be able to see his soft side. You should be honored by the way.....no one ever gets to see that side of him.
When I say soft side I mean, like his soft gentle touches, the way he holds you so tightly but gently in his arms, and he always knows what makes you upset or how to cheer you up.
You are also someone he'll come to after his father yells at him, Billy hates his father and you are one of the only people who can help him feel better afterwards.
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speedierthanasubmarine a month ago
My Jason Todd headcannons:
-sorts bullets in size order
-broke into the GCPD and changed his file in the organized crime archive to 鈥渆xtremely organized crime鈥 because he鈥檚 a control freak
-texts with punctuation
-uses a literal bullet as his monopoly piece
-person: 鈥淵ou suck!鈥 And without even pausing Jason responds: 鈥淵ou swallow.鈥 And actually snickers like an 8 year old
-Doesn鈥檛 like medication, specifically painkillers. Won鈥檛 take an Advil
-is lactose intolerant, but will chug milk from the carton with a middle finger raised
-listens to Maroon5, hums CPR when listening to Misery
-has an ongoing fanfiction that he updates every Thursday (fandom is either some classic lit or something generic like destiel)
-casually wears Wonder Woman socks on missions
-has defaced at least one of the pictures of Bruce in the manor with a mustache and an eyepatch
-twiddles his thumbs unironically
-palette of a seven year old, burgers and chicken nuggets and cereal
-would give Dick his kidney but not a ride home
-snores like a bear
-comfort show is Gilmore girls
-chills with Alfred at least once a week
-sends Damian meat every year for Christmas
-can move and flex his pecs
-can name all of the my little ponies
-will cut someone鈥檚 hand off if the make that annoying slurping noise when the cup is empty and the person wants to be jerkface so they keep sucking like a FREAK
-sometimes does the cup song with his gun
I don鈥檛 know, these make me laugh. Might do some for everyone else.
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ygo-is-gayer-than-i-remember 7 months ago
So we all know Kaiba鈥檚 iconic trench coats and their nature to be completely over-the-top, but I would like to propose a theory about them.
Specifically, this one:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This coat is made of sequins
One could argue it鈥檚 the art style trying to portray texture or a certain pattern blah blah blah鈥 NO. We all know Kaiba, we know how fucking dramatic he is all the time. Of course he would wear a fucking sequin trench coat!!!
Look, look at this
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The sparkles鈥︹ the glamor鈥.. it screams Seto Kaiba
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reluctant-fandom-participant 3 months ago
The funniest part of how sometimes blunt the queercoding around Eddie and Richie was in the book with Stephen King reacting to questions about it like "Oh I mean it wasn't intentional but I can see it" is that all that suggests to me is that Stephen King may have had some very gay childhood friends he was very oblivious to when he was younger and didn't pick up on it at the time
He truly is oblivious Bill Denbrough not realising
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cowboy-phantom 4 months ago
So you know how sometimes the food at the Fenton鈥檚 house come to life?
And Sam and Tucker have been friends with Danny probably since they were little kids.
So at some point, they must have come over for dinner or something, and have seen like sentient hot dogs trying to take over humanity as revenge for being murdered and eaten (you know, typical Fenton stuff). But like, that was definitely a core memory for them, and explains why each of them have such extreme opinions about meat. Sam responded to attempted murder-by-hotdogs by going vegan, and Tucker said 鈥渘ever again鈥 and eats all the meat he can as bc meat can鈥檛 kill you if you eat it first. Meanwhile Danny is like 鈥渢his happens every Sunday鈥 and moves on
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the-final-sif 5 months ago
Funniest Dream SMP characters in an objective and absolutely factual order, with reasoning provided: 1. c!Dream (figured out how to revive the dead and then decided to gatekeep it, skeppy cage, fridged boomerville, has a god complex while god has a him complex). 2. c!Sam (absolutely everything surrounding his inability to acknowledge his own faults or conceptualize that events will not play out the way he planned them.)
3. c!Tubbo (avid and unrepentant war criminal, totally gets away with it, utterly feral)
4. c!Niki (Went from running a bakery to being on a villian team named team rocket to joining a crime bookclub, which is the ideal career progression)
5. c!Techno (Manages to be incredibly capable of death and destruction, but is largely incapable of being mean. 90% of the server is unaware of the second part.)
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kanafinwe-makalaure 8 days ago
Maedhros has six younger brothers, but he's always going to be extra protective of Maglor.
Not because he thinks Maglor needs it, not at all. Maglor is wise and strong and can be a little terrifying; his songs of power can build cities and tear them down. His songs of power can grow trees; his songs of power hold the Gap for four hundred years when nothing else possibly could. He's arguably the most powerful one of all of them, with his rare gift.
But Maglor is the one who made Maedhros an older brother. The first time he held a baby in his arms and was told, "that's your little brother." Those words were etched into his brain. Maglor is his little brother, because he has always been.
He can never forgive himself for keeping his little brother from going home, and then leaving him there, all alone, and that's why he's the last one, by far, to leave Mandos.
(Even when Maglor has long, long sailed back to the undying lands, Maedhros tells himself that all happiness his little brother has ever achieved including this, he has done in spite of him.)
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