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#My Hero Academia


“Alright, you will be staying in the dorms throughout quarantine due to the recent pandemic. The teachers will be staying in the dorms downstairs so we can still train.” Mr Aizawa’s tired voice slowly spoke.


“This is gonna be fun!”

“Yeah! I get to spend quarantine with my friends!”


“Ugh 😒”

Everyone… almost everyone… was really excited about staying in the dorms

That night

“How about all of us boys play truth or dare.” Suggested Kirishima



“No. I’m going to bed.” Bakugou said

“Come on Bakubro!”

“No. Goodnight.”

“Hey guyssss,” Mina’s loud voice echoed down the corridor “can we playyyyy?”

“Of course!” Said Denki, turning his gaze to Jirou. They smiled and blushed but then quickly looked away.

After the game has begun

“Your turn Kaminari! Truth or dare?” Asked Kirishima

“Uhhh truth?”


“Umm,” Denki blushed and looked at everyone who was staring at him eagerly “I um, well she’s a girl and she’s in this room and um-“

“Just tell us!” Said Sero

“Her!” He raised his finger, closed his eyes tight and pointed at Jirou. Kyoka widened her eyes and her face went extremely red. Kami opened his eyes and ran to his dorm, sweating and on the virge of tears. Everyone looked around at one another before the boys rushed to his dorm and girls started teasing Jirou.

“Yo Kami open up dude! Are you ok?” Blurted Kirishima

“Go away,” He sniffled “why would you do that to me? She doesn’t like me!”

Jirou slowley began walking towards Denkis dorm. Hearing him cry was adorable but made her feel sad. She did like him but she didn’t know how to tell him.

“Kaminari… are you ok?” Jirou asked. He quickly opened the door. His face was red and covered with tears and sweat. She walked over to his and unexpectedly, hugged him. The boys looked at his shocked face.

“Denki… I-I love you… :)”

“W-what… I love you too! :D”


“Who the hell said that?” Asked Tokoyami

“Me idiots. You weren’t exactly fucking quiet enough for me to sleep.” Bakugou said, stepping out of his dorm.

“Are we dating now or…?” Denki asked

“Of course idiot.” Said Jirou, giggling and shaking her head

The end 😂

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Welcome back my favorite requester (you’re also my only one but you’re still my favorite). I decided to do this in a headcannon form so I could get a feel for more of the characters and their different reactions. Hopefully that’s okay

I took way too long trying to find emojis to match to the League and I’m still not really happy with them

Warnings: none? cute family LoV

(what emoji works for the whole League?) Oh boy if you pass out on a mission there’s going to be hell to pay. Not that you put the mission in jeopardy (okay, maybe a little bit of that) but mostly that you’ve gotten yourself to such a dangerous point (please get some sleep)

🤱 Kurogiri is going to be the worst. He’s already the mother to a bunch of murderers and man children (looking at you, crusty face) so adding another insomniac is just going to make him care even more *mother mode intensifies*

🛁 (ugh there’s no chapstick emoji but he needs a bath so I guess that’s fine) Shigaraki will pretend he doesn’t care, as will Dabi, but he will secretly keep you off missions when he knows it’s getting bad for you. And he’ll stick you with Kurogiri (Zuko voice: that’s rough, buddy).

🔥💙 Dabi will go about it a much different way. If you pass out near him, he will literally just pick you up and throw you (gently, of course) wherever is most comfortable so you don’t complain about being on the floor when you wake up. Don’t attempt to thank him afterwards though, he will deny any involvement.

🎩🃏 Mr Compress is happy to give you a hand I’m not sorry if you’re struggling. He’s the most put together of the group (other than mother Kurogiri) so he’s probably going to have the best advice.

🔪💉 Toga!! (Sorry, I love her). The other literally have to restrain her from trying to drink your blood whenever you pass out. She does get quite worried though, and on her less crazy days she’s happy to lie down with you to try and help you get some sleep (careful she doesn’t bring the knives though)

🧲 Big Sis can and will make you go to sleep. Don’t test her. I really hate Overhaul for that, I loved Magne

🎭 Twice baby I’m so sorry is the same as always. One moment he’s hugging you and pouting at you for being so reckless that you’re passing out and the next he’s rolling his eyes and saying it doesn’t matter. Don’t get it wrong though, he loves you, and is generally worried about your health.

🦎 I don’t know Spinner enough to write for him I’m sorry.

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Aaahhh I forgot to post yesterday and now I feel bad. Things have been a little hectic lately. If I post double today will that make up for it? 

I feel like we all need some fluff right now so here y’all go. I hope you’re staying safe and if you ever want to talk my messages are always open 

Hitoshi Shinsou x gn!reader

Warnings: fluffy fluff

💜 bby

💜 I’m sorry I just love him so much

💜 anyway… 

💜 So as we all know, Shinsou is a tease, but when it comes to a crush, he’s going to be completely stumped as to what to do

💜 Would you like him back? What if you hate him because of his quirk?

💜 If you’re already close friends he’ll be a little calmer, but make no mistake, internally he is freaking out every time he sees you

💜 He ends up letting slip about his crush to Kaminari, and oh boy he is going to try to be matchmaker so hard (he fails at every opportunity but it’s okay we still love you pikachu)

💜 When you eventually get together, he’s going to be a lot more confident

💜 Does not care about PDA. You’re his partner, you’re perfect to him, he doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks

💜 But oh boy if someone makes fun of you you’re going to have to stop him from making them embarrass themselves to the max (I’m kidding don’t stop him. Then you’ll have a story to tell your kids about the time he made Monoma do the macarena on top of the 1B dorm at 4am)

💜 Likes when you talk to him. Could be about anything, or maybe nothing, but he just loves to hear you talk. So many people don’t like talking to him cause they think he’ll use his quirk on them, so hearing you talk so openly and unafraid warms his heart not just his heart… I’m sorry I’ll stop

💜 Call him a hero and he will melt on the spot

💜 Loves pet names *Yagami Yato voice: kitten* 

💜 Once you’re together the teasing will commence. And it will not stop. When he becomes more confident with his quirk he’s not against making you do silly little things like quacking like a duck if you’re trying to argue with him

💜 Arguments themselves are rare. To begin with they would likely be over little things, or Shinsou doubting that you really love him (of course you do, so make sure you  keep reminding him)

💜 He really is bby

💜 Honestly just get yourself a Shinsou and listen to Yagami Yato’s Shinsou playlist

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Why Midoriya didn’t make Bakugo pay for his bullying?

I’m Here! With an answer to yet another question I asked myself; Why Midoriya didn’t make Bakugo pay for his bullying?

I know his teachers in the middle school were pretty ignorant but there’s a plenty of people he could tell.His mother, All Might, even a police officer.But he didn’t and of course there are reasons for that.

The first is, though it doesn’t as powerful as the other, that he thinks he deserves all the violent acts he endures. I have wrote Midoriya has self-esteem issues in the earlier issue right? Since he is the narrator of the series, we hear his feeling for almost everything. But never once in the anime we heard him saying “I didn’t deserve this, quirks doesn’t define someone.” or etc. I think he does think that quirks give people value. And it’s because society’s mentality is like that, it was forced in his brain. But his own mentality is a different.

in the anime, we see him fanboying over every quirk. So he doesn’t have ranking system in his mind. For him, there are two kinds of humans; the ones who have a quirk and the ones who don’t. %80 and %20. The cause to that could be the fact that he is quirkless. Because when you don’t have something, you admire that thing’s all versions; “bad” or “good”. Despite thinking quirks value people, quirks are not the first things he hopes to find in a person. Seriously, the boy finds something to admire in every person.

‼️Two Heroes Movie Spoiler ‼️The solid example for this is his acts towards Melissa. Alltough she is quirkless, Deku admires her support works. But there was something in his behavior that made me uncomfortable. When he was going after the villains, he didn’t want Melissa to come with him because he was worried that she wouldn’t be able to defend herself. He quickly forgot who he was after he got a quirk and that’s a problam in my opinion.

The second reason is, he doesn’t want Kacchan to be in trouble. İs this because he still thinks he is his friend? Not at all. isit because he admires him? This has a huge effect on the main reason. We all know that he thinks Bakugo will be an amazing hero, right? And with knowing this by heart, he didn’t want to risk Bakugo’s hero carrier. Because he knew that Bakugo will save so many people. He sacrificed himself for the people Bakugo will save. The solid example for that is the first episode (?). After Bakugo said him to kill himself, he said something like this; “if I killed myself you would be guilty for promoting suicide. İdiot!” He didn’t think of what would happen if he killed himself, but he thought of what would happen to Bakugo

We see All Might’s logic behind choosing İzuku in this matter: “Two heroes are better than one.”

He wanted Bakugo to be a hero so badly that he overlooked his every violent behavior. And that, dear audience, really proves Deku was a hero at heart all along.

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『Boku No Hero Academia』

Yandere Headcanon

↬ Yandere! Bakugou cooking for his S/O

Request: Can I request Yandere Bakugou reacting to his “Y/N” enjoying his cooking? Then Y/N says, “Your cooking is so good that I wanna marry you.” If Bakugou wears an apron that says kiss the chef, Y/N will sneakily call his name for him to turn around. Then Y/N will kiss his cheek and quickly runs away to not get blown up.

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki

Warning: Yandere, attempted drugging

Genre: Yandere

Words: 391

➳ Katsuki rarely cooks for others so he doesn’t get much feedback from other people. 

➳ But one time he did, everyone was literally showering him with compliments and praises. 

➳ The food was simple enough so he didn’t really get why they would gush so much about it and was pretty indifferent to everyone’s reactions. That is, until he heard you complimenting him.

➳ “This is so delicious! Damn, your cooking is so good it makes me want to marry you.”

➳ His heart literally exploded and he was blushing so hard at your compliment. If he hadn’t self restraint, he would kiss you right there and then.

➳ After that, he would definitely start cooking for you more. Only for you, though. 

➳ He lives for your compliments and praises. It’s almost like music to his ears. 

➳ Don’t you ever dare to eat other things aside from his cooking. He would get so VERY jealous if you do. And trust me, you don’t want that to happen.

➳ One time, Sato made you and the others chiffon cake and the next day, he found out that his baking tools and his oven had been mysteriously broken or thrown out.

➳ He’s willing to do literally anything if it means you’ll keep eating his cooking and only his. 

➳ Sometimes, you would be lucky enough to catch him while he’s cooking. He usually cooks when no one was around so it was hard to watch him cook. 

➳ When you would, you’d notice that he’s wearing an apron that has the text “KISS THE CHEF”  on it. 

➳ A mischievous idea popped into your mind and while he was focused on stirring the soup in the pot, you called out to him. 

➳ When he turned around, I think his brain malfunctioned for a good 1 minute when your soft lips met his cheeks. You gave no chance for his brain to function back before you took off running, all the while giggling like a little girl. You don’t want to get blown up to pieces after all. 

➳ After his brain finally processed what had just happened, which took a good 5 minutes, his face became so red and he almost exploded the pot he was cooking in.

➳ But with this, he can conclude that you felt the same way as him.

Which means he doesn’t need the sedative after all.

Thank god.

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some tdbk icons for pride! feel free to use w/credit ^^


i appreciate the support so much but i feel bad not doing anything for it so here it is!! i’m opening up my asks!!!

send in some ships and i’ll do a lil ipad doodle for em (normal tablet is kinda broken) and give my opinion on them! also if you send me any requests for tddk/ tdbk scenarios or aus i will happily draw them bc i love them an unhealthy amount

happy pride 2020🌈🏳‍🌈✨

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Not to sound stupid but the secret love child scene we all joke about is actually really sad….? Think about it: Shotos first reaction to seeing someone with similar quirks was to ask if they were father and son because in his life has always been an extension of his dad’s quirk and it’s the first thing that comes to his mind. I’m really bad at explaining but if you take a moment to think about it you’ll get it-

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