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#My Plastic Life
my-plastic-life · 2 days ago
Making Miroku Part 2: The Props
After I managed to get my Miroku doll sorted out, next was the hardest part besides the doll itself... That aforementioned staff. I went to several craft stores and bought all kinds of materials to make that staff. Key rings, round beads in various sizes, jump rings, wooden dowels/bamboo skewers, even any tiny earrings or charms of crescent moons I could find. I had to be able to conjure something up, right?
Well, as with most of my crafting projects, I buy materials, have ideas in my head, but then my perfectionism kicks in along with my impatience and butter fingers, and I wind up looking for something to buy. LOL
My husband couldn’t use his Glow Forge to make the staff because it would be flat and not 3D. That wouldn’t look right at all. But then I thought, hey, what about a 3D printer... I don’t own one, but surely someone on Etsy does, right? Yep, and there are several people on Etsy who take 3D print commissions! And I was even able to find a free 3D print file for Miroku’s staff! Granted, it was in life-size because it was meant for cosplay, but I took some measurements and gave them to an Etsy shop owner (3DDeluxe) and asked if he could scale the file down. And yes, he could! That was a big relief!
Tumblr media
All I had to do was paint the staff and add jump rings to it! Or so I thought. The file for the staff didn’t include the top part for some reason:
Tumblr media
Well, that looks like a simple enough design... enter Crayola Model Magic! Form the shape, let it dry for a few days (to make sure it’s completely hardened), and then glue to the staff and paint! YES!
Tumblr media
Scratch that - NO! Looking closer at the staff in the photos, plus with figures I have, the top design seems to be more long/tall rather than wide. So I broke out some of the small crescent moon charms I’d purchased and stuck one of those on top of the staff. Before doing that, however, I had to remove the ring holding the jump ring in place that allowed the charm to be added to a bracelet or necklace. Using some side cutters took care of that, and my eyes glanced at the small half-hoop that came off the charm, and my brain saw tiny earrings! So I removed the earrings I’d previously had in the doll’s ears (and by “in” the ears, I mean glued on LOL) and, after much of the glue wound up in my fingers, I had earrings closer in scale to what they should be! Yay!
First earrings (4mm jump rings):
Tumblr media
Current earrings (half-hoops from charms):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now, back to that staff top. I’d purchased some porcelain air dry clay previously, so I broke that out and started sculpting with it. My counter was a complete mess with all sorts of attempts at creating what looks like a simple design... but all mine seemed to come out resembling the Assassin’s Creed symbol. So I tried a different approach and rolled little pieces separately until my counter looked like it was full of grains of rice. But doing that helped, because I was then able to take some clay that wasn’t yet dry and attach it to that said grain of rice to create the desired effect. I made several and finally picked a suitable candidate. Still may not be perfect, but I’m happy with it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh, and those jump rings? I’d purchased a few different sizes so I could see which ones looked best in terms of scale, and finally settled on the 12mm ones. Of course, the only ones I could find were silver, not gold. But that’s okay, since I wanted to make sure they were the same color as the staff itself, so I just painted them. That was fun, let me tell you! LOL
Next up: Prayer beads! After making lots of mini necklaces of the sacred jewel (some with clasps, some without for photos, one based on what’s seen in the anime vs. the one you can actually buy, etc.), I was sure I could make some beads that didn’t even need a clasp.
Big surprise - it turned into a chore as well. I thought the beads consisted of a strand of beads held together by one larger bead. Well, no, there are smaller beads tailing that large bead with tassels on the ends. This meant I had to have three different bead sizes (and finding the perfect color was fun LOL, so many shades of blue/turquoise/light blue) in the same color (can’t always find the same brand/color in different sizes) plus make teeny tiny tassels.
Tumblr media
I managed to find lots of miniature tassel charms, but even they were too large in comparison to the beads. So I tried some embroidery floss. It worked for making tassels, but looking closer, these tassels are mostly just the tails sticking out of the beads. So I didn’t need the top part. So I achieved that effect by tying a knot in a piece of embroidery floss and cutting off one end.
My first instinct was to try to push a needle through this tassel to secure it to the string holding the beads together. Well, that wouldn’t work because the tassel’s knot kept coming out and the white bead string was visible through the purple tassel. So I tried one final tactic - stringing the beads through the same embroidery floss as the tassel, then tying a knot after the beads to secure them in place, followed by tying a separate strand of embroidery floss around the knot securing the beads to create a tassel effect. That worked! At least, it did, until I went to wrap it around the doll’s arm and the knots came out, sending beads flying.
Tumblr media
Apparently the string didn’t leave enough room to allow me to wrap the beads around the arm. I’d tried removing the doll’s hand and arm wrap, then putting the beads on the arm and draping them over the arm wrap, but no go. So I had to redo the entire thing... a few times because of knots and various other issues. Glad I have plenty of beads! I finally finished the strand, though! Fingers crossed that it doesn’t come undone LOL.
Tumblr media
They’re a tad loose compared to what they should be, but that does allow me to help “shape” them and remove them if I want to without them getting snagged on the fingers.
I wasn’t going to give Miroku his ring because the tops of his fingers are primarily covered by his arm wrap (it’s just the design, can’t be helped). But then I decided to go ahead and do so because of the pictures I took of him using the Wind Tunnel. To make the ring, I looked up some tutorials on YouTube and they were all pretty consistent - use jewelry/bead wire, place it on a doll’s finger, and bend and cut. DONE! That was the easiest prop of the entire bunch, and yet the one I almost didn’t even make LOL
Tumblr media
The ring was the final prop! Miroku is now complete! I’m very pleased with him overall. He definitely had less props than Kagome did - I may even make him some sacred soutras down the road if I can figure out what some of them say. Because, again, I’m nothing if not accurate! hehehehehe Stay tuned for my next custom doll - Sango!
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batshit-birds · 12 days ago
Okay I saw the Tiktok and love the idea but additional concept: kryptonians, while normally okay with normal food, will actively crave and seek out inedible stuff semi-fequently as like, a nutritional thing. Kinda like spotting a cow chewing on a snake for that sweet, sweet potassium.
this immediately made me think of Kon going "oh man i need some calcium" and crunching on whole ass bones
as a gag gift the Core 4 got him bones from a pet store. he unironically loved them
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have you ever considered the wasteland is so dirty and full of litter bc in this universe America’s culture never touched on how horrible it is for the general populace. it’s kind of obvious to us now that littering is bad, the environment needs saving, but there’s been PSAs and Keep America Beautiful campaigns and italians crying in buckskin for us to get to this point. and lets not forget that your current environment may seem very clean, but a lot of that is not due to how well the average person tosses their trash, but because there are workers on a local level who pick up litter on highways, sidewalks. people come every week to pick up your personal trash. what would you do with everything you toss if someone did not come once a week to magically whisk it away? i know there are street sweepers sitting in disrepair in fallout 3, so there was at least some level of keeping things clean in the city. but I can’t remember seeing any posters or anything similar about picking up your trash, etc. on the individual level.
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raytorosaurus · a year ago
good morning to ray toro’s self-portrait and ray toro’s self-portrait ONLY
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my-plastic-life · 5 months ago
It's a rainy, dreary Memorial Day here! It's a good day to play board games, since a BBQ is out! So Kenleigh and Damian have broken out some of their favorites. Some games, like Monopoly, have so many pieces that one table isn't enough to properly set it up. :D What are some of your favorite board games?
Tumblr media
Kenleigh is buying Oriental Avenue!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Damian got a chance card that told him to go back three spaces. He doesn’t look amused.
Tumblr media
Kenleigh has the T-Rex pawn, while Damian went for the classic car!
Tumblr media
Sometimes, a game has so many components that one table isn’t enough!
Tumblr media
Next up: Operation!
Tumblr media
Damian’s going for the broken heart!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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onthevirgooftears · 2 months ago
basically just me ranking all the sad haikyuu fanfics except my opinions have changed dramatically and I've read way more fanfics then I had last time.
1 - Burden of blame, to my chagrin, effectively ruined my life. I cannot stress how amazing this fanfic is, I literally physically cannot, it's just so, so amazing. Maybe it didn't make my cry quite as much as some of the others, but it made me feel very empty, kinda drained me, and fucked with my emotions. It's an amazing fanfic and I am physically pained.
2 - Okay wow, I avoided this fanfic for ages, just because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to take it, I read it anyways, because I love torturing myself, but yeah, this fanfic is called 'Touchdown,' and, just like burden of blame, it actually ruined everything I've ever known to love. All of them sucked, I know that, but like, they didn't deserve any of the shit they went through. Like damn, idk, i cried alot throughout this fanfic, felt really empty and I just very much did not enjoy myself lmao.
3 - number three is a fanfic i read blindly, as in, I had no idea it was gonna fuck with me that badly but hey, I can't really do anything about it. 'April 10th,' is very much the reason for my indescribable sadness, I wish i could turn back time and actually prepare myself for how sad this fanfic was going to be, but I can't, sucks to be me ig 😕
4 - A liars truth is another one that took my heart and just absolutely destroyed it, the romance was cute, but like everything else was just, sad, very, very sad. I cried so much and I felt so empty after actually reading the entire thing, like damn, I was not okay lmao, I'm still not okay, in all honesty.
5 - I know the stars are lighting your path is, if I'm being honest, the only yamatsuki fanfic i will ever read, it made cry, it made me smile, it just sent me through the 5 stages of grief and I'm not sure how I feel about that, the art of moving on and finding peace was done so amazingly, especially for a character who barely shows any emotion and is pretty much a closed book, showing tsukkis grief like that was just done so amazingly, i literally cannot 😭
6 - Sendai Magnitude 10.0 is just a masterpiece, the initial panic of the earthquake and the way everything just completely went to shit was done amazingly, the team dynamic, how they never lost hope because they had each other, how they made it through, how they never lost sight of the sun and made sure they lived another day, my fucking heart cannot take it 😭
7 - Come morning light broke me, it broke me so much that i couldn't even get through the second chapter, so, this fanfic (if i ever work up the courage to read the entire thing,) will probably be way, way higher up on this list, I was physically not okay after this, just, Hinata finding a home, and never forgetting the sun, the metaphors and the idea that even if life seems hopeless, morning always comes. Just, holy shit 😭 it probably doesn't help that I had fearless on repeat while reading it, but like, i enjoy torturing myself 😔✊
8 - Plastic rings, god fucking damn this fic brought be too tears, the marriage proposal, the ring, the shooting scene, ah shit, everything was just so amazingly perfect, I cannot find a single thijg wrong with this fic except that it was to short, like damn, when's the 100k haters-to-lovers apocalypse fanfic coming, I need it 😰
8 - All the small things is THE oisuga fanfic, it's the very reason I didn't give up on my oisuga phase, I'm so glad i didn't, because if i did i wouldn't have been able to read this masterpiece. Psrsonally, it didn't make me cry, but the anguish, the hurt, the love and warmth and just everything, it's so perfect, everything about it is just so in character and reflective of real situations 😭 I loved baby tobio so much, him hating oikawa at first because of trauma just, omfg 😭
9 - One way ticket to heaven is the underrated, and way, way better sequal to oikawa's last wish/es, their writing improved so much, and the plot, the plot was just so amazing. Oikawa allowing Iwaizumi to move on and not dwell on the past, and the way the train station was described was so fucking perfect, it felt real 😭
10 - Burning bright is like, my go-to kuroi fanfic because, just wow, the inital dread oikawa felt was done so well, him not knowing how to deal with someone (besides iwa-chan,) with a fire ability, but slowly realising that kuroo was approachable and wouldn't do anything to purposefully hurt him, the love story was done so well, like holy shit 😭
11 - Hachiko is THE kuroi fanfic and it needs to be recognised right the fuck now. I shed a few tears reading this, not because I was sad, but because I was so fucking happy. As you can see, I went through a very bad kuroi phase and this fanfic just fueled it 😔✊
12 - Haikyuu Superhero AU: Rise Of Heroes, is single handedly the most underrated superhero au to ever exist, listen to me, this masterpiece, has under 60 kudoses, and doesn't get any of the recognition it deserved, this fic put me through hell, bokuto and hinata realising that they can't save everyone, that society is fucked up, and that they just have to take it. READ THIS FANFIC 😭 IT'S A MASTERPIECE.
13 - Where the stars shine the brightest just absolutely ruined everything I've ever known to love and crushed it, oikawa was so happy, eccentric and iwaizumi had no fucking clue that he was on the brink of death, this would've been so much higher on the list if I remembered the plot before I'd wrote half the list, but sucks to me ig 😔✊
14 - Queen bee, is such an amazing sequal, I literally cannot fathom how every single sequal to touchdown lived up to the high expectations of the original, oikawa's backstory was sad asf, bokuto can go fuck himself, so can those weirdo people who r@p€d oikawa, like legit all of them can go fuck themselves 😰
15 - Champions in their own right gave me some well needed closure, I absolutely adored aoba josai, I loved them so much, seeing them crumble and fall and break when they lost against karasuno absolutely destroyed me, so, them getting the closure they deserve and realising that they are fucking champions, they are, and it makes me so fucking happy.
16 - A co-captains doubts is like, my go-to "i wanna be fucking angry at fictional characters so I might as well be fucking angry at fictional characters," the bullies in thjs fanfic made me angrier then the bullies in a split second of violence, (maybe not, but they definitely made me wanna fight a fucker,) but fr, the writing was so amazing, I literally can't 😭
17 - don't talk to me or my 14 children ever again is like, the best Haikyuu characterisation I have ever seen, every character is just so, so in character, ukai adopting the entire volleyball team makwa me happy lmao, kageyamas chapter had me in floods lf tears, kinoshitas chapter nearly caused me a mental breakdown, nishis chapter was amazingly written, so was sugas, just everything about it was just wow 😰 I'll stop fangirling now, but fr, go read it.
18 - i don't think I really have to say anything about this fic because it's self explanatory, in another life made me have a whole ass menttal breakdown i was not okay 🙁
19 - A split second of violence, okay, so, this fic had me raging so many times, those bullies literally spouted fucking bullshit, you smashed hinatas fucking face in because he was annoying, bitch, sit the fuck down and fuck off 😐 as you can see, my feelings towards this fic are very, very strong.
20 -open when was short, sweet, and very, very sad, my heart broke, like, if you listen close enough you could hear the crack of my heart and my wretching sobs, just listen closely 😰
21 - Cold brew, is very much a masterpiece, I don't even know what to say, its just, wow, the suga sequal we all needed because the only significant scene he had in touchdown was him telling bokuto to run someone over 🙁
22 - in disguise of revelation isn't even sad lmao, I just love it alot and I think, if the right person read it, it could very much bring someone to tears, just matters what context you read it in, personally, I didn't cry, but I felt the tension and just damn 🙁
23 - another underrated asf superhero au, 'Empowered,' I love it so much, the only bad thing is the fact that it isn't fucking finished, I am so emotionally frustrated by this, like damn, update the fucking fanfic 😭
24 - Crumbling foundations is amazing writing at its finest, the way the panic is described, the way everything is described in all honesty, it's just, so amazing 😭
25 - oikawas last wish/es, made me shed a few tears, idk, it just made me feel very sad, especially the line about moving on and loving again, that had me full on fucking sobbing, that line shouldn't be fucking legal and I am not okay.
26 - He smelled like oranges, I haven't actually finished the entire thing, but it had a few good moments, I dont remember if it made me cry, but i definitely felt something, i don't ship kagehina, but this fic made me question my decision, like damn, they where so cute together 😭
27 - Under the led lights, didn't make me cry, the characterisation was off, but the writing wasn't awful. It was mediocre at best, but definitely not awful. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but as I said, it definitely wasn't "amazing emotional masterpiece" like everyone made it out to be.
28 - four out of six confused me, it was good, ths writing was good, the pacing was okay, but nothing was great, nothing was groundbreaking, from the way people talked about it, I expected it to emotionally constipate me, but it didn't, and I was kinda disappointed 😰
29 - and last, but not least, the galaxy is endless, okay, so, I love this fanfic in general, love the writing, the pacing, the plot, everything about it was perfect, but in terms of sad fanfics it didn't hit the mark, it just didn't make me sad, I expected to run out of tears after reading this, but instead, it just didn't do anything? Maybe I'm weird, but this fanfic just never felt sad, idk, I'm probably fucking heartless, but I cried to pretty much every other fanfic on this list, or at least teared up, but with this one, I kinda just felt nothing.
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theadventureto-be · 3 months ago
waste and space junk
A bouquet of flowers stuck
in motion blur. Somehow
your sky was sharp
like teeth. But we don't make
shapes from the clouds.
The things our imaginations cannot create
anymore. You see a fluffy puppy-dragon and I look beyond to see
a ring of space trash eating
my chances at stargazing.
I used to be a romantic. But now
all I think about is the amount of plastic
waste it takes to function in a life
I am barely noticing
anymore. A waste.
You see something beautiful in your hands. I see
the gallons of fresh water it took
to accept your flower-accented apology
and all the people who are thirsty.
The fact that something was cut because
it was its time to bloom. Wrapped in more plastic.
I take your
bouquet and know
I am holding a beautiful, dying thing.
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gobbluthbutagirl · a month ago
can i just say. trying to make yourself get over an extremely restrictive diet while also having somewhere in the “very little” to “none at all” range when it comes to disposable income is an absolutely terrible position to be in
#mere minutes ago i broke down sobbing about the possibility of my credit score decreasing#i didn’t even have a credit card until like 2 weeks ago when i let the marshall’s lady talk me into applying for one#i’ve done that twice before & gotten rejected for not having a credit score & i thought the same thing would happen this time#well the same thing did not happen this time#and now i’ve got this stupid little piece of plastic that could potentially destroy my life that i’ve got to be responsible for#i think i had a credit score this time bc when i first moved to california i had my mom add me to her card. like in name only.#well at some point within the past month that score went down by 17 points. so i panicked this morning and had my mom remove me from hers#and now i worry that i’ve made it worse by doing that#man i don’t want this fucking thing! i don’t want to be spending money that i don’t actually have!#my dad is massively in debt from credit cards and he makes like $70k a year#i make like $1800-$2000 a month at target. if that happens to me i’ll have no way out#and apparently if you don’t use it that also makes your score worse? make it make sense#i mean like obviously i didn’t move to la with the goal of working at target. but the goal was to find something to pay my rent first#the problem is my self esteem currently is like. through the floor level low#and i KNOW this is not the right mindset to be pursuing the things i actually want to be doing#but like the more time i spend not attempting to supplement my income the more time i have to freak out about money#like i’m not even really in danger financially right now. if i just buy the things i need & nothing else i’ll be fine#i could pay the next two months rent up front right now and i’d still probably have enough to get me by til my next paycheck#but that does not stop me from freaking out about money every waking moment of my life#i have to say there is one good thing about keto diet brain rot/whatever the hell else is going on with me#and that is that i don’t perceive restaurants as places i can eat#like i quit eating exclusively low-carb but i straight up cannot eat in front of other people#like simply put if i am not alone in my apartment i am not eating#which i mean yeah that might be a sign that i have something really wrong with me but it’s also saving me money i’m sure#but it’s also one of the reasons i don’t try to find a better paying job like#i don’t know that there is one that’s gonna be close enough that i can come home on my break to eat my lunch alone in shame#but like. the money thing and the body image thing. literally impossible rn to enter a grocery store rn w/o feeling like a disgusting freak#ok what tags does this need#ed mention#possibly? i’m like schrodinger’s cat about that. i don’t have one but maybe i do but i also don’t. and you’ll never know
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ibrithir-was-here · 8 months ago
So what if, in an au of the Silm babies, Mags doesn’t throw the stone away and ends up raising her as he’s a sad hermit?
I am 100% down for sad hermit big brother Maglor raising Eabariel as they wander around Arda, except my brain had to make it angsty that it still hurts him if she directly touches him, so it’s like a bittersweet platonic Pushing Up Daisies scenario. But the whole thing would be about familial love enduring thru their respective traumas and how they’re both able to find some peace with each other after all they’ve been thru.
Tumblr media
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