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#My best friend’s wedding Masterlist

Summary: After two years of radio silence your former best friend finally sends you a letter. An invitation to his wedding. The man who never wanted to settle down wants to marry someone who isn’t you.

Will you attend his wedding? Will you bear the pain of losing him forever? Will you find someone new? And even more important can you hide the secret you have?

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (platonic), Dean x Lisa (brief), Crowley, Castiel

Warnings: angst, fluff, comforting, tension, mutual pining, two idiots in love, language, arguments, Lisa is a bitch, violence against a floor, pissed Crowley

This is partially an AU but the Winchesters and the reader were/are hunters.

My best friend’s wedding Masterlist


Somehow you know a storm is coming and you don’t know if your relationship with Dean will make it out alive…

“Dean…Dean…” Panting in his arms you look up at the former hunter, your former best friend. “Are you sure you want to do this? What if you change your mind all over again? What if this is not the right decision?”

“I made my decisions, Y/N. I don’t think there’s anything in the world making me budge. For way too long I pretend I am happy with Lisa but I’m not. Finally seeing you again made me break out of the walls I built around me.” Dean tries to convince you, tries to make you see his intentions are honest.

“I know you believe we can make it, but what about Lisa? I do not like her one bit for sure but…” Sniffling you fist Dean’s shirt. “How can you leave her on your wedding day?”

“Easy. I’ll tell her she doesn’t own my heart and that we never matched. I will kiss her cheek, leave the room - never looking back, Y/N. Promised.” Dean seems to mean what he says, seems to be honest but your mind is racing.

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