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#My face

when I’m talking about long hair, I mean this haircut

I’m too nervous, I know

I’ve found this sweater in the vintage shop, it 45 years old, ahhh

To comfortable not to wear

I’m gonna delete it soon because it’s not suitable for my aesthetic but I want to show you this photo in order to explain what a nervous person I am

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I was tagged by @morena-sshula (sorry it has taken a while) to post cute and funny selfies. I don’t know about either the funny or cute part, but here’s me with messy hair making silly faces and some filter. I know a bunch of other people has tagged me but since I’m so slow all the time I can’t find everyone in my notifications. I think the most recent ones is @onewingednerd @cdeadgrl-sampson @batmatt0072

Anyway. Don’t know who to tag today, I’ve already tagged some people in the tag game with 9 pictures.

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