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#My nightmare gremlin

logic dictates that aubrey should stay in their lane and either commit to being femme or commit to being masc out of concern for their personal safety because historical accuracy would mean they’d be prosecuted for their presentation but im god here and i wish there were more representation for gender nonconforming people who didnt adhere to an either / both presentation that weren’t set on one side of the box or the other, so they will wear whatever the fuck they wanna wear and i do not care what anyone has to say

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had a ptsd related nightmare last night, and i woke up and my heart was just pounding in my chest and i was like panicking, and then i realized it was 2020 not 2013, and i am not 16 years old and i am not dating my first boyfriend anymore, and i thought about gavin and i immediately calmed back down and fell back asleep, cuddling my blanket which i was pretending was him…. 

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