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Lute Flickerelm is a levelheaded but fun-loving 2nd year who acts like the dorm’s reliable mom but is known to be the infamous “Ladykiller” of the Piraticus dorm. Even though nrc is an all-boys school, he somehow managed to gain a dominantly female fanbase after attending a certain friend’s party…. To the dismay of the ladies in his home town and amusement and jealousy of his dorm mates in Piraticus

Lute doesn’t mind since he does struggle with relating with the his male peers compared to the girls. Although if there is one thing he has good time with is being the life of the party in the many parties that would be help in the various dorms. Though it always ends with him being the only one with functional braincells to bail everyone out when things get out of hand

He quite enjoys himself either way and indulges his peers in showcasing his talent in the musical department as well as using potions he buys from Pomefiore students to stir up a few laughs. One thing to keep in mind, he is by no means an emotional wreck and you can even say he may be the king of strong emotional stability not like that would be hard to win in nrc

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Ay i made a glitch techs OC!

NAME: Lucy (gamer tag: Aegis) AGE: 19

OCCUPATION: College student (game design) and Glitch Tech.

PERSONALITY: Lemon Demon Gey

LIKES: Cryptids, monsters, villian aesthetic, puns, Attention, queer podcasts, sci-fi, horror cartoons, Zahra.

DISLIKES: Authority, preppy assholes with names starting with M, facists, interruptions, and “those noobs who said i couldn’t draw masses of gore otherwise i was a psychopath”.


Hasn’t slept in 2 days.

Friends with Haneesh

Participates in game jam every year.

Favourite cartoon is Destroyer Zam.

Once threatened mitch with a (fake) bazooka.

Desperate for attention.

Probably reads homestuck.

Steals spaghetti from the “spaghetti in a bucket place and shares it out with friends

Massive grudge holder.

Very good at drawing.

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Hino really did say “Maybe Flora has a job and maybe even a boyfriend” and then just not officially give her either of those things.

So I decided I’d have to make a boyfriend for her myself. His name is Adam Cobbler and he doesn’t have a mouth. (He does, it’s just always behind his scarf.)

He’s got a pretty shy demeanor but if you spend time with him you could possibly peel back those more antisocial outer layers of his personality to see that he’s actually got a sweet disposition. And maybe he’ll even fall for you.

Ok enough apple metaphors. I had a lot of fun trying to break out of my comfort zone with my art style and draw him like an actual Layton character.

Hino please hire me and make him canon. It would be better than giving Flora nothing

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Warriors Quarantine Challenge, Day 10: favorite warriors map

yeehaw it is done!!! finally sfdgjhadfh 

anyway, one of my favorite MAPs is Time Machine, a canon and OC AU MAP! the concept is a lot of fun and the music is really good - plus each part is just really great over all tbh!!

also I gave up on the bg bc I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how I wanted to look ;; I really gotta get back to practicing that stuff

but yeah!! in this case, Fidgetheart prevents Pebbleshine’s death by teleporting the badger away!! dw, the badger is a-okay - they landed deeper in the nearby forest without harm

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Hell yeah! Not gonna lie I got really excited and jumped around my living room when I read this. I’m very glad that people like Vince!

A bit of PSA: Ya’ll are allows to draw my oc’s as long as you tag me so I can see it!


Here are all the colors I used on my chibi Vince sprite, If you need any more colors or anything really, just let me know ^^

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