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Goodbye my love
For now, maybe longer
But not forever.
I know this, it’s a certainty.
For now, but not forever.
Because we’re meant to last.
This I know.
We’re meant to last, and we will.
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~ 23.10.20 ~


It comes as it always does. Quietly, quickly. Night. And with it, them. All of them. It’s as though they just sit, all day, waiting for night, the darkest moment, when I’m most afraid. To creep from every corner, prey on each and every one of my darkest fears…

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Originally posted by aayla-securas

Warnings: female!Masturbation, spanking (18+)

Word Count: 339 

Summary: You were feeling horny lately and have been needing Wolffe for a month now. When Wolffe went to surprise you from getting back from the battlefield early, he catches you masturbating.

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Prompt: “I told you so.”

Fandom: Dragon Age

Rating: Teen (for Bull being Bull)

Characters: Iron Bull; Dorian Pavus; Ana Faber (OC); Orsino (Iron Bull x Dorian; Ana x Orsino)

Warnings/Tags: Suggestive themes; sparring as foreplay; no beta

Word count: 1550 words

“I told you so.”

“Yes, yes,” Dorian griped, still nursing his shoulder. He rolled it back, wincing a little as he did so. “I’ll give the Enchanter this – she’s got a decent throw on her.”

Bull’s smile lingered, although he watched the mage’s careful movements, stretching out the injured limb. If it had been serious, he doubted Dorian would even be able to move the arm, let alone be joking about it, but he’d hit the ground of the training ring pretty hard. It had given him a tight twinge of concern, somewhere in his stomach, and he still wasn’t quite sure what to make of that.

Out loud, he said, “That’s what you get when you try to be flashy. Buttons doesn’t come to play.”

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Day 26 - Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy (Peter/Tony)

ANYWAYS it’s been a long day so here’s some sweet and mildly spicy starker for everyone to enjoy 🧡 I hope no one was scared off by everything from earlier lol

Warnings: sugar baby/daddy relationship, exchange of gifts for implied sexual favors (consensual), college aged Peter


The rumors had been thrown around for years. As soon as tabloids got ahold of pictures of Peter and Tony together, they went crazy.

It didn’t matter that at the time Peter was underaged, of course rumors spread anyways.

Tony and Peter didn’t see each other like that. They had strictly a mentor/mentee relationship. Almost family, even!

Until one day Peter slipped.

He didn’t call Mr. Stark dad, no. But he did call him daddy.

Things definitely changed after that.

Then is was discussed how Peter had always been poor. The Parkers were never particularly wealthy people.

But the financial situation got even worse once he moved out to his own place in college. He couldn’t keep a steady job because of his Spider-Man gig (which he definitely wasn’t giving up) and freelancing didn’t really pay very well often.

So Tony had an idea.

He proposed that, since there was clearly an attraction between them, and it was perfectly legal and okay since Peter was over eighteen, he could help with the financial situation.

Of course, Peter knew there had to be some sort of exchange. Tony said no, but Peter wouldn’t just take the money and gifts for free.

So that’s how Peter got his sugar daddy. And how he reaffirmed in his mind that he really liked older men.


“Tony-“ Peter started, sighing into the phone as he looked at the various packages on his bed.

“What? You don’t like them?” Tony asked innocently. “I was online shopping this weekend, you can’t blame me.”

Peter started opening things, smiling weakly to himself as he looked over the gifts. “I like them, but you can’t just do this. I told you, the allowance this month was all I needed. It covered everything just fine.”

The older man chuckled. “Maybe, but daddy wanted to treat his baby, yes?”

The younger man paused, shivering at the name that Tony called himself. No matter how many times he heard it, it always drove him crazy.

At the pause, Tony smirked to himself. “You know I love treating you, honey. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I see things you’d like and next thing I know the shipping plans are being sent to Jarvis.”

Looking over the gifts that he had opened and noticing that he had barely gotten through half, Peter whimpered. “But sir…” he chewed his lip, sitting on his bed next to all of the packages.

“Wrong answer,” Tony purred.

Peter shivered again, biting his lip gently. “Daddy,” he said quietly. “Thank you.” He laid down, relaxing against the bed.

“Good boy. You know you can’t stop me from giving you gifts. It’s what I like to do. I’m not just here to help you with money, I’m also here to make you happy with other gifts.”

“I know, daddy. And you do make me happy. Sometimes I just worry that you’re spending too much on me,” Peter whined gently.

Tony hummed through the phone. He knew that Peter was always a bit nervous about how much he spent. But he always assured him that it wasn’t going to make him bankrupt or anything. He just liked treating his baby. “Nothing I spend on you could ever be too much. You deserve the world.”

Peter blushed, cheeks burning. “That’s-“ he sighed. The compliments always made him feel warm and mushy, but he could never seem to accept them fully. “Thank you, daddy. I’ll pay you back,” he said sweetly.

Tony chuckled, fingers of his free hand raking through his hair gently, catching on his greying locks. He wasn’t sure how he felt about the change in color, a sign he was getting older. But Peter assured him time and time again that he was just a ‘sexy silver fox’. “You know I could never say no to that.”

Peter knew that nothing was expected of him. Any ‘payment’ that he gave for the gifts or the money was completely consensual and freely given. “I’ll take some good pictures and send them to you. And then maybe we could video call?” He suggested, biting back a grin. “Just an idea.”

“That sounds incredible, honey. You want to stay on the phone while you do that or do you want me to suffer and wait?” The older man joked.

“Hmmmm, I guess we could stay on the phone,” Peter teased. Like he ever wanted to hang up. He could listen to Tony’s voice forever and be happy.

“Sounds perfect, baby. I’ll be right here.”

Yeah, their relationship had changed a lot over the years. But neither of them would complain about it.

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Some h/c! Late season 6-ish. Tagging @today-in-fic​ and @xffictober

Fictober Day 26

She’s on the ground holding her throbbing leg when she sees Mulder rush towards her. He’s a blur as he falls to his knees in front of her, swirling up a bunch of leaves.

“What happened?” he asks, his hand finding hers on her hurt leg.

“I tripped,” she says through gritted teeth.

“Can you get up?”

“Yes,” she says and tries to put weight on her leg. The pain shoots through her whole body, blinding her. “No, I can’t,” she admits sheepishly. Tears rush to her eyes. How could she have been so careless? She wasn’t looking at the leaf-covered ground as she ran after Mulder. Damn his long legs. Damn these constant trips to the woods.

“Come on, I’ll help you up.” He puts his hands under her arms and she feels like a helpless child. Together, they manage to get her upright. “Scully, I know you’re not going to like what I’m gonna say next.”

And she knows he’s right. Unless he carries her, they’re not going to make it out of this forest by daylight. Or at all. Softly, she nods at him, letting him know it’s okay. She puts a hand on his shoulder as he reaches under her knees to pick her up. Her leg protests and when the pain subsides to a bearable degree, she finds herself in Mulder’s arms, bridal style, her head bobbing against his shoulder.

His strides are quick; it’s as if she didn’t weigh anything at all. She tries to relax against him, but it’s easier said than done. He’s warm. Even through all the layers separating them. He’s warm, he’s soft and he’s strong. She should hate this; she wants to hate it. She’s not some damsel in distress and Mulder is not tall, handsome hero. Well…

“You’re good at this,” she says to distract herself from the pain in her leg but also from her thoughts, from being pressed against Mulder.

“Not my first time, babe,” he says with a grin. “I carried you in Antarctica.”

“I don’t remember that,” she mumbles.

“No,” he says, turning serious. “You wouldn’t. To be honest, I prefer you conscious for this. How is your leg?”

“To be honest,” she parrots him, “not good.”

“Well, thank you for being honest,” he says and his breath, getting more labored, hits her cheek.

“I’m too heavy for you. Let me down. I’ll try to walk myself.”

“Scully, you weigh next to nothing,” he assures her. “Good thing I didn’t hurt myself this time, huh? Though you’d probably try to carry me anyway.”

“I would,” she says, smiling softly.

“Do you think your leg might be broken?”

She’s been trying not to think about it. She doesn’t know how far they are from their car – and from civilization.

“Scully? Don’t go quiet on me.”

“I’m not,” she promises. “I think… I think it might be broken.”

“Fuck,” he mumbles, picking up his pace.

“Mulder, slow down.”

“I want to get you out of here.”

“I know.” She puts a hand on his shoulder, feeling the effort in his muscles. He’s going to be sore tomorrow. “But you sprinting through the woods is making the pain worse.”

He immediately slows and looks down at her. “I’m sorry, Scully. For all of this.”

“It’s not your fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“Yeah, but I got us here because I wanted to investigate the Fouke Monster. It’s never a nice trip to the forest, is it? We’ve had killer bugs, moth men and now this.”

“Maybe next time we can investigate a sea monster instead.” Her joke results in a sweet Mulder smile.

“We could go to Scotland, Scully. See Nessie.”

“Hmm, maybe one day.”

“Hey, don’t fall asleep.”

“I won’t. Tell me more about the Fouke Monster.”

“I already told you before we got here.”

“I don’t care. Tell me again. I love your voice.”

“Are you sure you didn’t hit your head?”

“Mulder, you made me sing for you once when you were hurt. Please just tell me about woodland cryptids.”

“As you wish,” he says with a mock sigh. “The Fouke Monster is also knows as the Southern Sasquatch and…”

Despite the pain, despite the situation, she smiles. She’s safe in Mulder’s arms.

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Behold, after like four chapters of everyone going, “where the heck is this dude?” Arlen the mongoose has finally appeared in my book in the most dramatic way possible:

           “No,” the snake shrank away. “It can’t be. Mongoose do not live in the cold countries!”
           “Neither do cobras,” said Arlen. “So this will be fun. I haven’t had my sport with a snake such as you in years.”
           The snake looked slightly less terrified at those words. “Then perhapsss you are out of practissse.”
           “Oh I wouldn’t count on it,” said Arlen, his voice hardening. A dark grin came over his face. “They call me Arlen Snake Killer, because I got my post as Captain of the Guard by saving the king from a snake assassin, as I guess you are. It was as arrogant as you, and just as deadly,” Arlen smirked. “Its skin hangs above the fireplace in the Great Hall.”
           The snake gulped.
           “So,” said Arlen, sweeping off his cloak and dropping to all fours. “Shall we dance?”

@ash-grimmy and @masterfuldoodler

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Since you haven’t specified whether you want it to be drawn or written, I went with short scenario option! I hope it’s to your liking ♥ At first I wanted to name the sheep lady Linen, but apparently it isn’t only name for fabric but underwear can also be called like this… Annd that didn’t really… matched my intentions…

(I’m sorry if there are any grammar and so mistakes, as I’m not a native English speaker and I have no beta, sometimes they are just inevitable…)

 He heard the nervous tripping of hooves before the knocking even sounded through the hall. Alastor sighed. He half-heartedly hoped she won’t find him there, but he knew it was a foolish thing to expect. The infamous Radio Demon becoming a patron of the one and only hotel reforming Hell’s sinners – it was on everyone’s tongues before he finished unpacking in the room Charlie gave him. Of course she would knew about it!

“I’m coming, I’m coming-!”, Charlie shouted, as she flew from her office to open the door, excitement shining in her eyes. Alastor rolled his – there were three other demons in the hall, no need for her to abandon all her duties at a softest tap. “How can we help you?” With an enormous smile, she welcomed the guest.

A sheep lady – or rather, the sheep lady – returned it shyly. In front of herself she held a basked, that looked as if it weighted at least half as much as she did and was covered with embroidered scarf.

“Good morning, I… Is Mr. Alastor here?”

Mr. Alastor groaned internally.

“Why…”, Charlie blinked, visibly perplexed, “…why, of course! Do you have some business with him, Ms…?” It didn’t took a genius to notice she was disappointed the sheep demon didn’t come for redemption, but she stayed polite nonetheless.

“I’m Flax…” With how much she slouched, one could think she tried to hide behind her basket, as if Charlie, the most friendly demon one could encounter in this sad pit of despair, wanted to eat her alive. “Yes, I do… But that’s nothing too important, if he’s busy at the moment then I can-“

“Oh no, he isn’t busy at all!”, Charlie disrupted her. “Well, just a bit. But that can wait! I’ll call him here, so you two could talk!”

“No need for that, my dear.”

Both ladies jumped, as he emerged from shadows and greeted them both with dramatic bow.

“Good to see you, mister” Flax started talking, without giving him time to say a word. “I was just baking buns, and thought you might want some-“

“So you’ve brought a dozen! I see, I see”, he dodged the basked she intended to give him. “Now, Flax, my dear, I’ve told you, you really don’t have to repay me any way.” Or follow him everywhere he went. Or invite for tea. God, he hated tea.

“Oh no, no, I’m just doing it because I like!”, she assured immediately. “Also, I love baking, and I would be thrilled if a gourmet such as yourself gave me some opinions about it.” With that and an innocent smile, she showed the pastries his way. “I even added some rosemary, so, so it should go well with venison.”

Alastor’s smile flinched, and she slouched even more, lowering her eyes.

“I… I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to bother you, I’ll- I’ll leave right away if you want me to-“

The poor thing looked as if she expected him to shout at her or do something even worse. It was easy to guess how life treaded her up until now, and that made his stomach clench even if just a little.

“Oh, you’re not a bother in the least doll!” he exclaimed, extending his hand, the one free of microphone, to take this god forsaken basket. Without missing a beat, sheep demon’s face lit up and she gave it to him, almost dropping it in the process out of excitement. “Thank you very much! I’m just worried that with spending so much time on little ol’ me you won’t have much left for yourself.”

“Well, that’s something new!”

His ears flicked, and Alastor spun his head to look at Angel Dust, who in the meantime settled down at the bar. He and Husk observed him with unspeakable amusement.

“Who woulda guess that a prude like ya have a gal pal on the side!”, the spider said with wide grin.

“No, no, it’s not like that!” Flax assured, with bashful, borderline scared expression. “Mr. Alastor is a perfect gentleman, I could never- He’s my savior, that’s all there is to it.”

“Savior”, Husk snickered in his palm.

“Wait, are you for fuckin’ real?”, Angel leaned in. He looked like a shark who had just sensed blood. “Are you tellin’ me that the notorious Radio Demon is actually a goody two shoes?!”

Alastor gritted his teeth.

“Wow, Al, if I didn’t know you, I’d say you’re blushing”, teased Husk.

Well, Alastor’s face was perfectly pale as always, thank you very much. He put them down with a threatening glare – as threatening as he could afford with Flax and Charlie in the room, that’s it.

“I’d recommend you to not stay here too long-“, he said way louder than needed, “As some of the residents have rather crude manners, and would present a horrid influence!”

“Aw, don’t say that Al, I’m sure they are doing their best.” Charlie gave him a sweet smile. “They are making big… well, they are making progress! Give them some time, and I bet they will get redeemed!”, he rolled his eyes at that. “Aaaand since we’re on the topic of redemptiooon-“ she turned to Flax, who jumped and put on, while polite, extremely wary expression.


“I was wondering if maybe you too would like to join our project!” There were the stars in her eyes again. “There’s a lot of perks, you’ll get your own room free of charge…” she started listing.

“Is… Is Mr. Alastor also staying there?”


“YES!”, Charlie exclaimed, drowning him out. “Yes, he is, he’s one of our dear patrons- Did you say something, Al?”

“Actually-“, he tried again. Flax was lovely girl, really lovely girl, but damn it, he had reputation to keep, and there was no way he would be able to withstand her admiration on a daily basic-

“I’d like to enroll then!”, she answered with the happiest smile.

Charlie nearly squealed. Angel and Husk burst into laughter. Alastor only clenched his hand on the microphone.

“Won’t it be great, Mr. Alastor?”, Flax looked at him, her face bright and hopeful.

“Yes… my dear…” He sighed heavily. “It certainly will be.”

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