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guys my age (yuta/taeyong) masterlist

(divider cropped from a photo taken by @ / double_cats on twt!)


Taeyong, fresh off of his first year of college, finds himself in a new city for his summer internship. He keeps running into a beautiful man, and Taeyong can’t help but be attracted to him. The problem? This guy is around 40, and Taeyong only just celebrated his 20th birthday.

Characters: Taeyong, Yuta; the rest of nct intermittently

Genre: fluff, smut (lots of smut)

Warnings: AGE GAP (like taeyong is barely legal), daddy kink, mild dom/sub, somnophilia, cockwarming, semi-public sex, mild dollification, crossdressing, mild spit kink

Rating: Explicit

Chapter 1 - think i’m too cool to know ya

Chapter 2 - if you don’t get it, then forget it

cross-posted on ao3 and aff!

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Requested: Ghost!Xiaojun x reader

Drabble: You’re dead. How hard can it be? / I’d sell my soul for you.

Genre: Fluffy suggestive👻💕

So being in a relationship with a ghost was…interesting. You could still feel him and do normal human stuff…but there was still an off putting feeling whenever you were intimate either a each other. And he would get upset because he wanted to fulfill all your needs and reassure you that he does love you. You always reassured him you felt satisfied and there was nothing to worry about. I mean it’s like he could get you pregnant (you both checked.)

Xiaojun~” you called out for your ghostly boyfriend already in a needy mood. He could hear that sultry tone and could feel your body pretty much calling out to him (touch me tease me feel me up. Okay I’m sorry) and this just made him change…not in a good way either. He was feeling down in himself which you quickly noticed as he appeared next to you on the bed. You turned to him and caressed his cold cheek.

“What’s wrong my love?” You started to leave kisses down his neck, lightly biting his ear lobe making a cute giggle escape him.

“I’m just feeling weird. But whatever you need me. I’m here to give it to you.” He turned his head to you finally connecting his lips to your’s and slowly start moving his lips against your’s. You could feel that it was an emotional kiss as he cradled your head and holding your body super close. You slid your hands into his hair as it would probably be one of those nights where you two would just hold each other rather than going at it.

Honestly, your needy mood changed to soft as you wanted to take care of him and show him how much you really loved him. Because you did, you came across him when you moved into this weird ass house given to you by your late aunt. Sounds like a typical horror movie plot, right? You thought so too and felt like it as the eerie feeling followed you even when you weren’t in the house itself. One night you were attacked by what you thought to be evil spirits. Nightmares filled your brain and tears were streaming down your face and your voice was gone.

“Leave her alone!” And it was like your knight in shining armor as warm arms wrapped tight around and it like the weight lifted off your chest causing you to gasp and cry yet you clung to this stranger’s body. But all you remembered was his sweet voice whispering,

“I got you, I got you. I won’t let them touch you.” And any night you had a bad nightmare your guardian angel appeared to you and held you those nights. Then he kept appearing more frequently to the point where you two were facing each other and giggling. Little experimental touches were left here and there after learning each other’s names and personalities.

He told you he was a ghost which didn’t even cross your mind till he told you…but you weren’t afraid. You trusted him and really fell in love with him. His beautiful eyes and his sweet smile, those soft lips soon met your cheek or left a little brush against your hand till you crept closer and closer to him…

“You held me every night. Let me do this for you because I’m sure you’ve felt lonely.” And he did, it was hard being alone until your presence changed everything in the house. From that night in you were connected to the soul, you loved him. You were head over heels in love with this boy. It was just you in this house anyway, no one needed to know. It was a little secret you and Xiaojun love keep between each other. Just you and your bodies connected with no worries and no one to tell you otherwise. Honestly where would be without him anyway.

I’d sell my soul for you. I’m just that in love with you.” You couldn’t help but giggle as you climbed on top of him and pulled his upper body up towards you. You stared into those precious doe eyes and stroked his silky hair.

“Well I mean you’re dead. How hard can that process be?

“Ahh why do you have to ruin the moment all the time.” You were both like giggling teenagers with faces close and lips constantly brushing against each other. Then it became silent from talking and noisy from your lips constantly connecting with one another. Your hands were now running all over each other’s bodies as your lower halves finally started to move against each other. Your little moans bounced off the walls and his breathy pants were increasing. So you now pushed him back down onto the bed, running your hands up his chest while raking your nails back down his chest.

“But this is my job.” He panted out as you kept moving against him, now leaving kisses all over his chest.

“Let me take care of you tonight, okay? I love you so much.” You made your final destination to his lips before slamming down on him making a sound so strong your pretty sure the walls were shaking. You showed your love for him in many different ways that night as he’s done for you. Sure it’s odd because one was alive and one was not…but to the souls. You both were very much alive.

Requested by anon! Hope you like it and thank you for requesting!

Drabble list will be closing on the 31st so feel free to send anything in before spooky season is done. Happy reading!👻

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I think I love you | Taeyong ff


Part two lol

Part one


We walked out the office together, joking around and complaining about the day, as usual. I loved times like this, when it was just me and him, spending time together. It reminded me of when we were kids, walking to and from school together.

The coffee shop that we went to was a small cafe on the high street. It’s exterior bricks were painted white, and it had two tables on the outside, protected by cafe windbreaks, decorated with the shop logo.

“Red petal cafe” it said in big, neon red letters on the shop sign. There were two big windows, in which you could see people engrossed in their own conversations, creating memories over steaming cups and sweet treats.

Taeyong walked in front of me and held the door. I stepped in and breathed in the familiar smell of coffee and heard the chatter of different conversations. I walked up to the counter and saw our usual barista come up to us with a smile.

“Hey Y/N, hey Taeyong. I’m assuming you guys want the usual?”

“Hi Baekhyun, yeah we’ll have the usual but could you put a shot of espresso in mine please? Someone dragged me out of the office and now I have no energy left,” I muttered the last bit but Taeyong still sent me a glare.

“It’s not my fault you took forever to pack up, maybe if you spent less time annoying me, you’d have more energy.”

I glared back at him and Baekhyun smiled at us and fondly rolled his eyes.

“I swear to god, you two are like an old married couple.”

Taeyong smiled at me and I forgot about being annoyed and smiled back immediately. Ever since we were small, Taeyong always had the ability to make me smile, even when I was upset. When I looked at him, it was like the whole world disappeared and he was the only person in the room, no matter how many people surrounded us.

Baekhyun returned with our coffee, and after paying, me and Taeyong decided to walk home while drinking it.

We lived 20 minutes away from each other, on a long stretch of road, decorated with cherry blossom trees that stood proudly along the sidewalk. The soft, orange glow of the evening sun shone down on the rows of painted white apartments and lazily beat down on us while we silently strolled down my road, enjoying each others company in a comfortable silence.

We had been walking for about half an hour, when I started to see my apartment. The white paint was peeling off the aged bricks and it’s painted black door, sat on top of a cobbled stone staircase. The banisters were immersed in overgrown vines, that neither me nor my flatmate Wendy had gotten round to cutting, and our neighbour’s car sat on the side of the road.

“Are you coming in?” I asked Taeyong. Sometimes he would stay for dinner, or he’d say a quick hello to Wendy before he left.

“Nah, I’ll leave you to it. I have things to do anyway. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He held out an arm and I hugged him before turning and walking to my door. I opened it and spun around one more time to wave at him, before walking into the apartment.

Me and Wendy lived on the top floor of the building. We had been roommates in college, and when her parents were giving her a hard time about becoming a singer, I supported her the whole time. Eventually she made up with them and we’ve been close ever since. I walked in and saw her sitting on our sofa with her laptop.

I decided not to disturb her just yet and instead went to the kitchen. I placed my coffee down and went to the fridge to get something to eat.

I called into the living room and asked her,

“I’m making ramen, do you want any?”

“No thanks, I already ate”


I put the water on to boil and got the ramen out the cupboard. Wendy walked in with a smile on her face.

“So, did you ask him”

“Ask who what?” I said genuinely confused by her random question.

“You know, did you ask Taeyong?”

“Ask him WHAT?” I said again, raising my voice slightly, even though I think I knew what she was talking about, I decided to play dumb, hoping that she’d get annoyed and forget about it. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“You know, have you asked Taeyong out yet?”

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“Nice to meet you too”

Part 1 

Pairing: barista ! johnny x gender neutral ! reader

words: 1090

[06:23 pm]

After a rough Friday afternoon and evening around the region, drier and colder air was taking over Seoul’s atmosphere. I realized this as soon as I left the university, a small chill ran down my spine and my glasses fogged when I took a deep breath into my scarf. Everything was stressful that day, assignments given too late, teachers being too mean and the campus being too loud to even hear your own thoughts.

I made my way through Wonseo-dong Park that was only a place campus students took their breaks and occasionally, people spent most of their time walking their dogs and jogging around. I had in plan to go to the nearby Starbucks and get my regular pastries but for some reason, I wanted to slow down. I looked above and watched the sky changing colors from a greyish blue to a darker one, few patches of purple there and there. I turned my head towards the children running freely and laughing together, making a competition out of silly simple things and I smiled. Being trapped like an adult in adult problems now wasn’t the thing I needed. What I needed was what those kids had while having a good time; a free mind and a good laugh. Now I am caught in a dull monotony and I try to detach myself a little from reality. Obviously, trying hard.

 Even so lost in thoughts, I still made it to the café and left a big sigh behind. I entered the place and I was instantly overwhelmed by the smell of coffee combined maybe with the smell of pastries left from lunch. It all invaded my senses but I couldn’t complain. I headed to the counter and stared at the front menu, all kinds of hot beverages, from lattes to mochas ,to Arabic coffees. I grabbed my backpack and tried to look for my wallet till a deep but pleasant voice caught my attention. 

“Hi ,welcome to Starbucks! What can I get you?”

 I quickly turned my head to face the cashier and to offer him a smile. He was tall and he had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. Tousled bleached hair, which was thick and lustrous. It wasn’t too much, it suited him. His features weren’t exactly how you’d describe a Korean man but those eyes were definitely made to pierce your soul. Was it too much to describe? Probably, but I know for a fact that I haven’t seen him around.  I finally spoke.

“Uh, hi…”, I looked at his badge to see the name “Johnny” written on it. I said it again with a smile on my face.

“Hi, Johnny! Well, I haven’t really decide yet. Wanted to get a classic coffee cake but I see you only have crumbles left.”

Johnny chuckled and then moved towards the glass case that had muffins on display.

 “We still have muffins if you want to try. I mean, at this hour people don’t really come in anymore to get sweets. Plus the cakes are baked early in the morning. And you know how college students are…”

“Greedy and grumpy?” I laughed then looked over the glass case. I pointed to one of the blueberry muffins, while I was giving him few looks from time to time. He probably noticed cause I could’ve sworn he smirked. I wasn’t sneaky and I didn’t wanna hide my interest for him.

 “So you’re new here.. Johnny.” I say his name again, accentuating it a bit with a smirk too. 

“I mean, is it that obvious?”

“I just haven’t seen you around and I know Mark works here too. Or worked?”

He was slowly putting the muffins in the paper bag, like he was buying some time then he looked at me.

 “ He still works here but I just take his place for a while. Hope you don’t mind”

I snorted slightly then managed to pay for the pastries ,but he stopped me with a motion of his hand. I looked in the bag to see three muffins instead of one. 

“Don’t tell me they’re on the house. Don’t try to lose your job from the first day”

He looked me in the eyes. Pretty sure he felt something as I saw him shifting and sucking in his cheeks lightly, holding back a smile. 

“You said you know Mark Lee, right?” 

I nod then try to push the money on the counter closer to him but he grabs my hand.

 “If you knew him truly, you would’ve known he will let me take a risk for someone like you”

I scoffed. A player move for sure. 

“You don’t even know my name. “ I looked him in those deep brown eyes and put my hand on top of his hand, that was still holding mine. I didn’t want to put it aside. 

 Johnny was smiling. The way his lips lifted upward and his one dimple crinkled . For a few moments I stared at him, knowing we both felt that tension. Our hands still on each other’s, kinda awkward for two strangers if you ask me. But I felt like he was mirroring me and kept the silence only to hear me saying my name. 

“Y/N. “ I said puffing air from my nose afterwards. 

“Now will you let me pay for those? I’m a fair person.”

“Well, Y/N, I’m a fair person too so I suggest you taking those muffins.” He stopped a bit to think then squeezed my hand softly.

 “Take them as a substitute for a basic compliment that you, anyway would refuse or consider it a player move. You probably already think of me that way.” 

He stated, then managed to laugh ,his laugh filling the empty café. He then sighed letting go of my hand. I swallowed my words then grabbed the paper bag, trying to get rid of the embarrassment that was present in the room. 

“Nice to meet you, y/n.” He broke the silence again but this time, he wanted to linger there, to feel that stranger’s warm hands again after they pulled away.

 I ran my tongue over my dry lips ,tasting what was left from my peachy chapstick then managed to give him a last look before I left. 

“Nice to meet you too..” , I hesitated while walking few steps backwards then I gave him a slight smirk before accentuating his name. 


 I turned around and moved my backpack on the other shoulder, leaving the café with the ringing of the small doorbells behind me. Even after I stepped out of the building, I was still feeling his gaze on my silhouette. 

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guys my age (yuta/taeyong)


Taeyong, fresh off of his first year of college, finds himself in a new city for his summer internship. He keeps running into a beautiful man, and Taeyong can’t help but be attracted to him. The problem? This guy is around 40, and Taeyong only just celebrated his 20th birthday.

Chapter 2 - if you don’t get it, then forget it   |   Chapter 1   Masterlist

Characters: Taeyong, Yuta; the rest of nct intermittently

Genre: fluff, smut (lots of smut)

Warnings: AGE GAP (like taeyong is barely legal), daddy kink, mild dom/sub 

Rating: Explicit

Length: 7.1k

Note: when we talk about age in this fic, it’s all in korean age since this is set in an ambiguous city in korea. As far as I know, age 20 in korean age (19 in international) is considered an “adult”; im also operating under the assumption that people can enter clubs at an earlier age than it is legal for them to drink; they just can’t, you know, drink. Ah, the hoops I jump through to contort the world to my liking.

And, yeah, it’s mentioned in the warnings but there’s an age gap in this fic! I would just like to make a little disclaimer and say i don’t really support age-gap relationships in real life, just because the inherent power imbalance usually leads to bad things. But, for some godforsaken reason, I still really like age gap (probably due to some of my own unprocessed trauma that we dont need to talk about now or ever). Basically, what im saying is this fic is depraved, and I know it’s depraved, and I know I’m depraved, so you don’t have to tell me. If you think you won’t like it or think it might trigger you, then please don’t read it.

(divider cropped from a photo taken by @ / double_cats on twt!)


It’s really strange, honestly. It’s not a small neighborhood, and it’s definitely not a small city, but somehow, later that next week, Taeyong sees Yuta again. This time, they’re at a bookstore—Taeyong is on an errand for one of his supervisors, and Yuta looks like he’s just browsing. He catches Taeyong’s eye, and gives him an amused smile.

“Are you following me?” Taeyong asks.

“Maybe I should be,” Yuta says, somewhat severely. “You scared me the other night.”

Keep reading

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warnings: none? i think there’s no cursing but not 100% sure

pairing: dong sicheng x fem!reader

a/n: very fluffy (ANGIE I PROMISE THERE IS NO ANGST), also i regret writing this at night because i’m hungry now. 

disclaimer,  i don’t know how cafes/bakeries work, i’m sorry but i’ve never worked at one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Y/N, look! It’s him again,” Soyeong whispered, pointing unsubtly through the bakery’s glass front wall to someone across the street. 

You tried to act unconcerned. “Who?” you asked casually, continuing to arrange macarons on a pastry stand. 

Soyeong rolled her eyes at you. “You know who I’m talking about. The cute boy, the one with the round glasses and the blond hair that comes in, like, every day.” 

You put the tray down and came up to the register. “What about him? It’s nice to have another regular.” 

She shook her head at you. “He’s not just another regular, Y/N. Jiyoung was at the register yesterday and she said he looked disappointed when you weren’t.”

You rolled your eyes. “Jiyoung gossips too much.” 

The door chime jingled. “Welcome to Sunflower Bakery,” you and Soyeong automatically chimed. 

You sighed, dropping your voice lower again. “Whatever, cute boy or not, I have to go and finish another batch of meringues.” 

She smirked. “Nope, I’ll do them, you work the register,” she said, pushing you in front of the register, picking up the empty tray on the way to the kitchen. 

You decided not to protest. Even though you were a good few years older than her, Soyeong was very pushy. “Don’t let them deflate,” you called, resigned. 

As the boy came up to the register, you suddenly became very conscious of your ratty calico kitchen apron, messy hair, and overall “I’ve been baking since four a.m.” haute couture dusting of flour. 

“Hi, how can I help you?” you said. 

He studied the menu over your head. “I’d like a latte and uh… what pastry would you recommend?”

“Hmm, I like the herring-pumpkin cup pies,” you said, remembering the pains you had taken with the puff pastry. 

Kun had scolded you scores of times before for messing up the laminated dough, so you had been extra careful.

“Oh, then I’ll get a latte and one herring-pumpkin pie.”

“Coming right up.” You pulled it out of the glass display case with your tongs, being careful not to harm the pastry, and started on the espresso.

“Um, can I get someone to help out here?”  You called, stepping into the kitchen. You narrowly dodged a tray of mini cheesecakes as someone swung it past your head.

Kun, the head patissier, called, “Jiyoung, go help Y/N out.” 

You ducked back out of the kitchen and started steaming the milk, groaning to yourself. Jiyoung was absentminded and clumsy, and you’d probably be babysitting her, but Kun probably wanted her out of the kitchen because she’d ruined something.

“Hi, Y/N,” Jiyoung chirped as you poured the milk.

You looked at the finished order, and sighed, calculating. You could take this order out yourself, and get back in time to take the next group’s orders, if you were quick, but if you sent Jiyoung to deliver the order, she would most likely trip or something. 

“Okay, I’ll take this order out. Be careful,” you warned.

She laughed. “I’m not going to do anything, calm down.”

A minute later, just a single minute, as you put the saucer and cup down on the table, you heard a squeal and a crash. 

You whirled around. “Hong Jiyoung! What did you do this time?” 

You turned back to the boy for a couple seconds, and said, “I am so sorry about this,” before leaving the tray on the table and rushing behind the counter. “What did you break?”

She sheepishly picked herself up off the floor. “Uhm… nothing.”

The remains of a brave, martyred white coffee cup lay scattered across the light wood floor. You sighed for the nth time that day. 

“Jiyoung, get the broom and dustpan from the back room.” The door chime jingled. “And I’ll take those orders. Just clean up the shards, please, and I won’t even tell Taeyong.” If no one else does, you added in your head, as she rushed off.

The boy, who had come up to the counter, handed you the tray you’d left behind. “I hope no one got hurt.” 

“One more fiasco, and I’ll be hurting her myself,” you muttered darkly. 

He laughed. “Not very nice of you.”

“Not nice of me? She’s-” 

A woman gave a loud ahem, from where she’d been waiting at the register for you to take her order. 

You flushed, turning to her. “I’m so sorry. How may I help you?” 

She gave you a dirty look, but ordered anyway. “I’d like an iced green tea and one apple turnover.” 

“Of course, coming right up!” You pulled out a plate for the turnover, and stopped in astonishment when you realized the woman was holding a leash. With a lizard on the other end. “Is that… um… a lizard?” 


“Uh… pets aren’t allowed in the cafe.”

She looked outraged. “Liè Xī is perfectly well behaved.” 

Liè Xī… you thought back to your high school Chinese class. Lizard. She named her lizard Lizard. 

I don’t get paid enough for this.

You looked back down at the unfortunately named lizard. “Ah… be that as it may, I don’t think my boss will like it.”

She huffed, and opened her mouth to argue, when Jiyoung came running back with a broom and a dustpan. She dropped them in surprise. “Is that a lizard?” 

The lady sighed. “Yes.”

“Oh… but pets aren’t allowed in the cafe.”

You forestalled the lizard lady’s protests. “It’s a lovely day. Perhaps you and uh, Liè Xī could eat at one of the tables outside?”

Jiyoung nodded frantically. 

She looked at the two of you skeptically, before acquiescing. “I suppose so.” 

You and Jiyoung gave each other a relieved glance - Taeyong, the owner of the bakery, would have practically had a panic attack at seeing a lizard on his nice, clean floor, although it was less clean now, what with the coffee cup.

“Jiyoung, did you sweep up the shards?” 

“Oh, right,” she said, going back to work, as the lizard lady took her seat outside.

You rolled your eyes as you made the green tea. By chance, you glanced outside, and saw some people headed here.

“Jiyoung, tell Kun that we need another person here. There are people headed here and the morning rush will probably start soon, it usually does around now on Mondays.” 

As close to a university as the shop was situated, you attracted lots of people looking for a quick coffee in the morning. 

“Fine, I’ll finish this first.”

You took the order out to the lizard lady, hoping to God there wouldn’t be another disaster. It was indeed a lovely day out, and the sun was shining through the leaves of the lemon tree out front. The lemon tree was beginning to flower, and the blossoms were nice to see. 

“Here you go.” 

“Thank you.”

You turned to look through the glass, and saw that Soyeoung had taken over, thank goodness. 

As you walked back in, you hid a smile as you heard a snippet of their conversation. “-a lizard, on a leash!”

“She named it Liè Xī,” you said, joining the conversation. “Lizard. She named her lizard Lizard.”

Soyeong wrinkled her nose. “What kind of Lay Zhang nonsense is that?”

A giggly horde of high school girls came in, and you took their orders as Soyeong and Jiyoung started talking about EXO.

The bell chimed again.

“Hi, how may I help- Oh my god, Jaehyun, is that you?” Surprised, you almost dropped the cup you were holding. 

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coming home and from home are one of the best, if not THE BEST, but underrated nct (u) songs like the vocals are no joke. i said what i said

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if taeyong isn’t in a dress for halloween i’m suing for reparations

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Hello! Here you will find my fic posting schedule for the months of October, November, and December of 2020. These are all going to be full fics (other than the drabble collection that will be posted in December) and does not include any drabbles or timestamps that I may or may not post. 

Included is the title, the member that will be written about, the release date, and the genre. If you have any further questions about what these titles may entail, don’t be afraid to ask questions. I will try my hardest to stick to this schedule and not make any changes. 💖

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