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Taeyong: Who's ready to go on a trip to the farm?
Doyoung: I refuse to go to the farm with any of you again.
Kun: Why?
Doyoung: Yeah, you've never been with us. Stay here with me. You'll thank me.
Taeyong: Doyoung get in the car.
Kun: What's going to happen?
Doyoung: You'll see.
Taeyong, Yuta, Taeil & Johnny: *laying under the cow drinking directly from the udder*
Jungwoo: *crying* This is really making me miss her. I should call her.
Jisung: Chenle, the goats are free.
Chenle: Yangyang want to try some goat milk straight from the goat?
Yangyang: Kun, can I?
Kun: .....sure???
Doyoung: I hate it here. I hate it here so much.
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I have no intention of scaring you, baby~

member: jaemin

au: vampire!jaemin x reader, supernatural au

word count: 2.1k

genre: fluff/maybe angst, maybe not, i’m a bad judge

warnings: some mentions of blood, a kiss that’s borderline suggestive i would say but nothing crazy

author’s note: Based on the song of the same name by Red Velvet! Highly recommend listening to it while reading :) I didn’t know that it existed for the longest time and I’m so mad about it grrr, it’s become one of my all time favorites! This was so much fun to write and I thought it fit well with the time of year, so enjoy!


The dance floor in the large ballroom pulses with energy and vibrations from the DJ booth at the far end of it. It’s packed, so much so that all the people, all the shuffling pairs of shoes, threaten to overflow from the carefully manicured tiles on the ground and into the remainder of the space. This poses a problem considering there isn’t much, due to the dozens upon dozens of fancily decorated round tables scattered throughout the brightly lit chamber, some empty as their occupants sway to the beat of the music and others full with those still finishing their exquisitely prepared meals.

Dancing close to the edge of the massive crowd, you catch sight of the moon’s reflection on the polished floor, oddly clear. A strange feeling starts to overtake you as you continue to gaze at it, physically compelling you to raise your eyes. When you do, there’s a devilishly handsome stranger you’ve never seen before leaning against the wall, directly across from you. The moonlight spilling in through the glass casts a haunting shadow on his chiseled features, but your heart stops when the sliver of a fang peeks out from between his lips, gleaming a blinding white.

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❝ 𝕟𝕔𝕥 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕝𝕕 𝟚.𝟘 ❞


⇢ EPISODE 2 (self-explanatory :3)


⇢ conversations written in italics are spoken in english. requests and feedback are highly appreciated!

  • she sat back while taeyong was doing his task
  • she smirked when he got 999 on the flicking game “i bet he thought of me” “what are you talking about, hannah, i can hear you! stop with self deprecating jokes” “we’ll see
  • she cheered upon hearing they could eat if jungwoo got them all right “jungwoo oppa, i’m heading up!” “third floor, hannah”
  • at the three flavors correct point, “i can’t believe he’s getting all this right”
  • after biting into the last chicken, he smirked and handed a piece to hannah “for my little sister and food buddy” “huh? you haven’t passed it yet” “get ready to eat, because this last one is kfc”
  • the place lit up, and she cheered. jungwoo asked for a hug, so she jumped into his open arms
  • “jaehyun oppa, fighting! it’s all in the shoulders and in the swing!”
  • NICE ONE! czennies will love that
  • chenle went up to try it with his head and hannah just “chenle-yah, be careful! you can’t afford to lose more braincells” “i’ll be fine, noona”
  • chenle breaks the board and hannah: “what the f—fridge?
  • she laughs her ass off when she hears that they have 300 candles in standby before rushing over to watch in johnny’s box. jaemin pulled her over to his area in worry
  • “hannah-yah, you might get accidentally hit by hyung” “but i want to watch up close” “nope, you’re staying here with me where you won’t get hurt”
  • “suh youngho fighting!”
  • “we’ve been filming for five hours???”
  • during the break, the camera showed her walking over to johnny’s area. he pulled her to sit on his lap, and she somehow was comfortable enough to fall asleep and take a quick nap on him
  • “hyung, is she asleep? “she falls asleep anywhere easily nowadays. quick, hendery, take a photo”
  • “hendery oppa, don’t panic! wait! pd-nim, i’ll hold the camera!”
  • hannah held the mini camera for hendery when he was building his little domino path
  • she giggle when hendery said yes to yuta’s offer “cute”
  • she high-fived him when he finished
  • “yukhei-ge, this is your chance to join dream!”
  • she and jisung were dancing to chewing gum with yuta hyping them with a proud dad smile
  • “oppa, pass some gum down here!” “you got it!” he threw some off the edge of the third floor and hannah somehow managed to catch them all from the first floor
  • group missions are a thing here?
  • she snuck up to lucas’s box while the three were doing their charades game “gege, i think you have to, like, blow it just this big then tilt your head back. stop when it’s big enough so it won’t break”
  • she went back down to her box just before the three finished their group mission
  • “oh, the staff didn’t provide a proof video for me either” “we made one with your friend” cue the video they requested for yoonmi to film of her doing the stunts (after a lot of negotiation from bighit) “wow, you guys actually put effort into this little game”
  • “nana! spotting! don’t get dizzy!”
  • “wait, why is he spinning so fast?”
  • she groaned when she saw the frying pan “i have to cook for him in our dorm, too”
  • “haeeun-ah, come up here, let’s help him” “i’m already on my way up, duckie”
  • “that’s it, mark. use the corner of the spatula to put slits in the whites so it cooks through” “what?” “don’t forget the salt and pepper, too”
  • hannah kinda just grabs mark’s hand and is controlling him while he’s cooking “sorry about this, yoonmi
  • everyone was being stressed and hannah just “dude what are you going to do if you can’t cook eggs?” “my roommate and my girlfriend can both cook” “DON’T YOU WANT TO COOK FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND?” “YEAH, BUT I DON’T WANNA LEARN LIKE THIS”
  • she was really the one cooking while just having a grip on mark’s hands
  • sungchan taps her shoulder, “noona is this allowed?” “technically, he’s still the one cooking, sungchannie. he’s holding the pan and the spatula”
  • mark, literally, listen to jaemin and duckie don’t be scared to put more than one in the pan
  • she was helping him cut the eggs separate from each other and showing him how to slide the spatula under the yolk area of the egg
  • she left him be for a bit to season the finished eggs and broke into laughter when she came back
  • “i leave for a minute and come back to mark and nana making egg soup”
  • she did a facepalm at the sight of the egg pizza “oh my god”
  • she went back down to first floor with jaemin “this stressed me out more than it should have”
  • “sungchannie, fighting! let’s go back to the dorm soon and i’ll cook you four a good dinner!” “four?” “i promised jisung he could sleep over tonight”
  • “czennies, i hope you all remember to practice your breathing exercises before doing any fan chant with all twenty-four of our names”
  • she jumped up in excitement when he succeeded “YES! THAT’S OUR SUNGCHANNIE”
  • her goodbye shot was her doing a back walkover which she did for her entrance shot in the outdoor area as well for the sake of continuity
  • preview had her doing the oath with doyoung up front, the 00 liners holding her and donghyuck back while they both went off about something, and her hitting yangyang’s arm repeatedly while laughing and yelling
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2020.10.25. 33/100 days of productivity

I honestly don’t even know what I was doing first half of the day.. 
Scrolling through twitter? Watching videos on youtube? Listening to music? 
But I for sure wasn’t productive. 
After I went out for lunch and took a 20ish minutes walk I once again watched some videos, trying to somehow motivate myself into starting this lab. 
I probably started after 6pm and I submitted it 2 hours early, so around 10pm? 
After that I could finally relax so I finished watching Dream in Wonderland and I laughed so much watching it. I love those guys so much. 
I’m gonna go through a few quizzes on lingodeer for my Korean practice and then just finish the day and go to sleep.

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📮💌: your fingertips lightly traces over bad boy!yuta’s tattoo sleeve slowly making your way up to his bicep skimming over a tattoo that seemed unfamiliar “is this new?” voicing out quietly as you hear his heartbeat against your ear, he hums in affirmation as you continue to trace over the detailed petals “what does it mean?” you mumble “a primrose represents something you can’t live without “and what can you not live without?” “i can’t live without you.” he whispers before taking his lips onto yours.

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God. I just…feel sick.

I was a tiny bit wary of the whole Make a Wish concept when we first got the pics, and when it came out. I didn’t quite think it resembled a mosque, but I could certainly understand where people were coming from.

What really unnerved me was the culmination of all these Middle Eastern elements…to try and make a “genie/Aladdin” concept…like it’s so odd.

I think the “genie” concept is a creative one, but SM seriously didn’t know to implement it. Like why add in real Middle Eastern culture?? Could the concept not be more fantasy and magic based??

I love the song, but I haven’t watched any live stages of it because it made me uncomfortable ngl. And now with this recent awful stage towards Shia Muslims, I won’t be listening to the song anymore. Not as an attack on the boys or anything, but because it genuinely makes me sick now.

SBS and SM fucked up so badly. Shia Muslim fans deserve a huge apology and for that video to be taken down.

I don’t want to blame NCT at all, I doubt they had a say in the stage designs. But I also can’t help but question if they really do care about any of the nuances in having a large international fandom. I’m not trying to say the boys are bad people, but just…my expectations are low. That’s all.

Sincerely, a South Asian Sunni Muslim nctizen

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hello!!! i’m so sorry this took me so long 🤧 i was not expecting so many people to wanna do this!! thank you for being patient and thank you for requesting 💖💕

bts - park jimin

you just seem so soft and nice and you really give me jimin vibes!! i think your light, easy going personality would match really well with jimin and it would just be such a cute and happy and carefree relationship. not to mention going on those dates with him would be so cute like a pAINTING PICNIC 🥺🥺

enhypen - jake sim

okAY JAKE IS JUST SO CUTE AND 😭😭😭 i just really think jake’s cute and goofy personality would be perfect for you!!! i get similar vibes from your aesthetic as well! and going on a date to an amusement park would be 10/10 omg like yes dream couple right here 🥺💗

nct dream - park jisung

this one was the trickiest, but in the end i’m going with jisung!! cute babie hehe altho he has grown up a lot! anyways i think a painting picnic would be really cute lol jisung is…not very artistic hehe but seeing him try would be so fun and i just think it would be the best time 🥰🥰

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[1:48PM] - You woke up from a nap to an urgent call from your best friend! Yuta, telling you that he was on his way over. Not leaving you with any other information or time you whizzed around your apartment, picking up items of clothing and trash in an attempt to make the place look a little more presentable. 

Hearing knocks at the door, you raced to unlock it to be met with a severely out of breath Yuta. 

“Holy shit what’s wrong? You hung up before I could get anything else out of you.” 

“I think I love you” 

You know in those old cartoons where the characters eyes pop out of their heads? That’s exactly what you resembled and in any other situation, Yuta would have found your reaction hilarious.

“What do you mean you think you love me?” 

He starts to pace around your apartment while you’re still left totally dumbfounded, collapsing into your sofa. 

Paying no mind to you being in the room anymore Yuta continued to ramble. 

“I mean I was just thinking about it earlier that we’ve been friends for so long and we’ll be in each others wedding party -” 


“- and then it got me thinking about how I never really considered you getting married until now-” 


“- and I thought about you walking down the isle with another person and I think I got jealous-” 

“Yuta would you please slow dow-”

“- Then it really got me thinking that the only person I could imagine you walking down the isle with is me-” 

“Yu-” He turned finally, facing you. 

“So, in conclusion, I think I’m in love with you and it fucking terrifies me” 

You were so lightheaded and full of all of this new information that you felt like passing out. Holding your head in an attempt to focus your vision on Yuta while trying to get your brain to catch up with the situation you take a sharp breath, eyes widening as the realisation hits. Your lifelong best friend just casually confessed his love for you. 

“This is fucking insane Yuta.” 

He laughed dryly, finally taking a seat beside you on the sofa “You’re telling me.”

“hm, now that you mention it though, walking down the isle with you doesn’t sound so bad” 

His eyes light up, “Do you have wine? I don’t think I can process all of this right now without wine” 

“Good idea” 

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  • you cannot convince me that Mark wouldn’t literally combust when you did this
  • his face would split into the biggest grin when you did this for the first time
  • he would get a little embarrassed if/when you do this around the members
  • but that’s only cause he knows he’s gonna be tease about it as soon as you leave
  • he would never EVER want you to not do it though
  • so he will endure 
  • he loves that you feel safe enough around him to do this
  • he would 10000% use this to baby you
  • would turn around and squeeze your cheeks or stroke your hair
  • as soon as he notices why you do this tho
  • he would always make sure to be holding your hand in any situation where you may be uncomfortable
  • that way you can pull yourself behind him when/if you need to

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