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hocktent · 8 minutes ago
Request You’re not fat, you’re pregnant, and even if you were fat, I don’t care. I love you.” with Brock Boeser
Summary: Your pregnancy has been quite bearable, but is what you see in the mirror what hurts you the most, and when someone makes a mean comment about you, it doesn't make it better, but as always, Brock is right there to take care of you and your heart.
Word count: 2.7 k
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” – Brock, your boyfriend, asked while sitting beside you on his childhood bed where you were laying with a pillow underneath your almost eight month’s belly, with another pillow between your legs and another one between your arms. Sleeping or just lying in bed was something you enjoyed until you were probably six months pregnant, but after that, you had to figure out how to be able to rest or at least try.
“Yes, baby, I’m sure, my back is killing me and my feet and ankles are so swollen. The last thing I want is to ruin your time with your dad by complaining every five minutes. I’m going to be ok, don’t worry about me” - you said giving him a reassuring smile.
“I can tell him we can go tomorrow, I don’t feel comfortable leaving you right now” – he said while taking one of your feet and massaging it, which made you moan.
“If you keep doing that I’m personally going to force you to stay”
He laughed before getting up. Carefully, he leaned on top of you to give you a kiss, then he went down to your belly, where he softly whispered something among the lines of “behave” and “don’t hurt mommy” to your baby.
“Don’t hesitate to call me if something happens”
“I will, now go”
“I love my girls so much” – he murmured kissing you one last time before heading out to spend the day fishing with his dad.
“We love you too, daddy” – you murmured smiling on his lips.
You spent a few more hours sleeping, or trying to, until you got tired of being there and got up. After taking a hot shower and dressing presentably, you went downstairs to spend time with the only person left in the house; Laurie, Brock’s mom.
“Hey, honey. Good morning” – her sight abandoned the TV show she was watching as soon as she heard you enter the living room.
“Good morning” – you said back sitting beside her in the big couch.
“How’s my baby behaving today?” – the proud grandma asked with both of her hands on top of your belly.
“She behaves really good most of the times, especially when Brock isn’t around”
“Oh my God, what?” – she asked laughing.
“He says that she hates him, but my bet is the opposite. I think she already loves him so much and she just gets excited when she hears and feel him”
“She’s already daddy’s girl then” – she said with a huge smile, looking so proud of her son, of the person he choose to live his life with and so excited for that dancing and kicking baby’s arrival.
“I think she is” – you said faking a pout – “I’ll show it to you when they arrive. It’s like she understands when he’s away longer, because that’s when she gets crazier”
“How were you when you were a baby?” – she asked, and there you told her what your parents had told you since you were little and the few stories they related to you after finding out about your pregnancy.
The morning became the afternoon and with it dinner was getting closer. You were scrolling in your Pinterest and beside all the baby room décor ideas, you found a recipe for a dinner that looked amazing, Laurie thought the same and you two decided to try it out for that night. After checking the pantry and noticing you had to buy a few things, you two headed to the supermarket.
You left the house wearing the same outfit you wore for months because it was the only thing that fitted and made you feel comfortable; a set of matching hoodie and sweatpants paired with some really fancy Adidas slides with socks. Being way too many months pregnant made you stop even trying, besides, nothing fitted anymore and you were the most comfortable like that, that’s why your closet was now full with all kinds of sweaters and sweatpants from tons of different brands.
Already in the supermarket, while picking a few of the ingredients, someone called Laurie’s name, which made you two turn around, finding her old neighbor standing close to you.
"She's my daughter in law, Y/n" - Laurie said before greeting the woman. You weren't actually her daughter in law, since Brock and you were not married or engaged, but she was used to call you like that. She said one that a marriage and a commitment didn't consist only of a few signed papers.
"We've met before; I think it was Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It's nice to see you again, Mrs. Robin" - you said in a soft, sweet voice, shaking the hand she offered you.
"Oh, you're totally right, darling, I'm sorry. That night was crazy, my whole family was in town and it feels like I was in robot mode because I don't even remember what I made for dinner" - she said laughing. It was one of those laughs that seemed fake from miles away.
"Don't worry its ok. It's was just a brief moment anyway" - it wasn't a big deal that she didn’t remember you, she was just the neighbor of Brock’s parents and she spent like five minutes with all of you that night a few years back, you just had a good memory - "I'm going to pick some stuffs while you two catch up. It was really nice seeing you. I hope you have a lovely night"
"You too, sweetheart. Say hi to Brock for me" – she said again with that fake tone.
"Of course" - you said with a smile before taking the cart and murmuring to Brock's mom that you'll see her at another aisle or at the cashier if you were done picking everything when she finished talking with her friend.
When you were turning around to go to the next aisle you heard the woman say to Laurie - "Oh my God, Lau, I do remember her, I just didn't recognize her. She has gained some weight, hasn’t she? I thought she was someone else and honestly, I preferred not to say anything, in case it was another girl. You know how these boys are. Anyway, my daughter is in town, why don’t we do something at my place so the kids can see each other?" - you wish you didn't heard that, because it got stuck in your mind the rest of the night.
"Are you ok, honey?" - Brock mom found you two aisles away and asked you when she noticed your red eyes.
"Yes, I'm ok. I think it was the smell over there that gave me some kind of allergy" - you pointed at the freezers behind you, where the seafood was displayed.
"It was probably that, I used to get so sick eating seafood when I was pregnant with Brock and when..." - she kept telling you stories about her pregnancies, and you wanted to pay attention to her, because you genuinely enjoyed so much spending time with her, but at the same time you just wanted to cry while being under the covers, so no one could see you. Since you heard the comment from that lady you could feel everyone staring at you and murmuring about the way you looked.
"It's ok if I go lay for a minute? My feet are killing me" - you asked Laurie as soon as you step a foot inside her house.
"Yes honey, of course" – she took the bags from your hands so you could go straight to Brock’s old room.
"I'll be there to help you with dinner in just a few minutes" – you just wanted to cry for a few minutes, recompose yourself and make that really delicious looking like dish you planned for dinner.
"Don't worry, go relax and put your feet up. Yell if you or my baby needs anything"
As soon as you got in Brock’s old bed you covered yourself with the thick blanket and let out the tears you were holding back for too long now.
You didn't notice when Brock came in, but you did notice him when he sat beside you, rubbing your back.
"Baby, what's wrong? Something hurts? It's the baby ok? What happened?" - you didn't need to see his face to notice how worried he was.
"The baby's fine" - you answered without pulling the blanket down.
"Then what's wrong?" - he tried to pull down the fabric between you and him but you made force so he couldn't.
"Nothing" – you murmured between sobs.
"Baby, you're crying. What happened?"
"It's stupid" – you knew pretty well that you couldn’t let someone’s comment affect the way you feel or see yourself, especially if she didn’t know you were pregnant, because no one, beside your family and really close friends knew. That was one of the reasons you wore bigger clothes. Brock and you decided when you found out you were expecting that you didn’t want people you didn’t know commenting on your life, talking about your baby, your relationship or whatever else mean people could say, especially online, at least until the baby was there on your arms. You knew you couldn’t let such a mean opinion take a toll on you like that, but you couldn’t help it but let it hurt you, because you had a mirror there and one back home. You could see how round your face got, you could see the red stretch marks on your belly and thighs and you could also see how clothes stopped fitting at some point, including underwear. You knew you didn’t look like you anymore, but you fought with that thought because you knew you could get back in the shape you felt comfortable at whenever you decided to, but hearing it from a stranger hurt even more, especially when she implied that Brock and her daughter should see each other. You understood that as if she was prettier than you.
"If you're crying because of something, then it isn't stupid. It's important, and I want to do something to help, please let me" – he continued begging for you to explain what was going on, because you aren't one to sit and cry for no reason, so he knew something really hurt you.
"I look ugly" – you murmured.
"She said she didn't recognize me because I'm so fat now" – you hated hearing that, you felt stupid, but it was exactly what you were feeling.
"Who said that? Mom?" – he was so confused at that point.
"No" - you let out quickly. There was no way in the world that lovely woman could say something mean about you - "Her friend, the woman who used to live in the house next door"
"Mrs. Robin?"
"Yes" – you murmured after uncovering your face, and letting the blanket fall on your shoulders.
"Where did you see her?" – that wasn’t important, but he just didn’t understand anything.
"At the supermarket. I left them to talk and I heard her saying to your mom that she did remember me, after she acted like she didn't while I was there, but she remembered me being less overweight. She even thought I was someone else but act like that because she didn't want to say she knew me in case I was another girl. Oh, and she said something about wanting you and her daughter to see each other"
"Why is a 60 something years old criticizing a young woman?" - he asked to no one looking so disgusted - "Baby, you’re not fat, you're pregnant, she just didn’t knew that, but you do. You're creating a life as we speak. You're carrying the most beautiful gift life could have ever give us. You're carrying our baby, and you're making her healthy, and smart, and happy. What if you gain some weight? That's supposed to happen, that's healthy!"
"But I look ugly and you deserve someone prettier" – the tears that fell down from your face broke Brock’s heart.
"Weight doesn't mean pretty or ugly. Yes, you don't look the same way you did months ago, but that's the point of bringing a baby into this world. We will change. Our lives will change and our bodies will too, especially yours. And that makes you so strong and more beautiful. And don’t pay attention to that comment about her daughter. I never liked her, she’s spoiled, mean and she isn’t the brightest star in the sky, just like her mom"
"I want my old body back" – admitting that out loud made you feel horrible, because that would mean not having your baby inside of you anymore, or not having her at all, and that wasn't what you wanted.
"If you had the body of an Instagram model, or keep the baby weight forever, it wouldn't matter, because what makes you beautiful it's how loving, caring and smart you are. It's the way your eyes shine when we get to see our baby's ultrasound. It's the way you smile when you see me after winning a game. It's the way you cheer me up when I lose a game. It's the way you fit so perfectly with my family and friends. It’s the way you love everyone around you and the effort you make to try to help everyone in need. That is what makes you the sexiest woman in the world" – he was trying so hard to make you see yourself just as he sees you.
You just sat making the blanket fall on top of your legs while cleaning your tears and playing with your fingers. Brock took the opportunity to lift your hoodie and reveal your belly.
"I love your body. I love how strong it is. I love what is doing to keep our baby safe in there" - he said that while caressing your belly. Your baby felt his daddy and kick when he moved his hand around her not too tiny temporary home - "See? Even baby agrees with me, and she hasn't seen you yet, but she has felt your heart, and she knows it better than anyone, so you should trust her"
"Ok, I believe you both, but could you remove your hand? Because she's kicking like crazy and dancing on top of my bladder" - he laughed and placed a ton of kisses on your growing belly - "Ugh, I have to pee. Help me get up" – you said rolling your eyes but with a smile on your face.
While laughing he handed you his hands and helped you get up. From there you went on your own to the bathroom while he waited for you outside. When you were done you opened the door and started cleaning your face, the one that was covered with melted makeup.
When your face was makeup free, Brock hugged you from behind and lifted your oversized hoodie. He placed his hands on your belly and rubbed it while looking at you through the mirror in front of you - "I'm so in love with you, with her and with the life we have"
"I love you too" - you murmured placing your hands of top of his.
"And I would choose you on top of anyone" – there was no need for him to say that, because you knew to heart that his words where meaningful, and you believe him every time he says that he loves you, and he knows that, he just needs you to believe too that you are the most beautiful woman to him.
You just smiled leaning against him. There was no other place in the world where you felt more beautiful, happy and safe than in his embrace, carrying the result of your immense love.
Exactly two weeks later, almost three weeks too early, your daughter decided to come into the world.
There, with the way Brock looked at you and your sleeping tiny baby, you felt the most beautiful, strong and amazing woman in the whole wide world. He definitely was the glue that kept everything together, including your sensitive heart, and you knew that neither you nor your daughter would ever need anything with him protecting his little family.
Tumblr media
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brandolinocarlo · 10 minutes ago
bruinsblr trying to cheer the boys on to win this series:
Tumblr media
whatever happens i love the b’s and i’m proud of them, especially considering everything they’ve faced this season.
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hocktent · 18 minutes ago
Brock's fic will be up in just a few minutes!!!
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lauzoff · 31 minutes ago
No I am not ready❤️
i recommend:
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patdoyourthingbabe · 39 minutes ago
hi, i'd really like a nhl ship! :)
my friends say i'm really funny and nurturing, and my favorite thing is to take care of the people i love. i'm 19 years old. i'm italian, 5'3 with brown eyes and hair. i love to read and write poetry, act, paint, cook and meet new places and different people. i also love animals and children, and everyone says i'm very good with them! my love language is touch! thank you! 🤍
Tumblr media
i ship you with cole caufield!
honestly i was just really drawn to cole for this one! i feel like cole definitely has a little creative bug in him and would love to learn more about your creative side like your painting, poetry, etc. he would definitely love to make meals with you and just dance around the kitchen while you guys cook and be silly together. i could totally see you guys just having a bunch of dogs and having a big backyard and playing with them as much as possible. he would love to just cuddle up on the couch with you and the dogs at night and watch a movie, read, or take a nap, whatever to hold you in his arms.
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thatbender · 45 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Im dead omg 💀 but also does a 15yr old run the Vegas Twitter?? Like what??
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vaaneessaa · an hour ago
the playoffs are the only thing keeping me sane
but they’re also driving me insane
figure it out
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inyourfnkitchenwoo · an hour ago
Top 10 NHL Playoff PIM Leaders: Week 1
10: Mason Marchment, Florida (2)
9: MacKenzie Weegar, Florida (2)
8: Adam Pelech, New York Islanders (2)
7: Ryan McDonagh, Tampa Bay (2)
6: Frank Vatrano, Florida (2)
5: Justin Schultz, Washington (2)
4: Jeff Carter, Pittsburgh (4)
3: Mat Dumba, Minnesota (4)
2: Blake Coleman, Tampa Bay (4)
1: Sam Bennett, Florida (4)
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himbeaux-on-ice · an hour ago
been starting exploring the goldmine that is the NHL’s Getty Images archive myself lately, and it’s reminded me that if you want to learn a bit about how NHL games are photographed and captured (especially in the COVID era) there is plenty of fascinating stuff to be gleaned in both episodes (one, two) of the Inside The Bubble docu-series they released last year! I found it waaaaay fascinating
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ddnsports · an hour ago
Canucks’ Jake Virtanen Sued of Sexual Assault, Faces Allegations
Tumblr media
Vancouver Canucks star Jake Virtanen has been sued for sexual assault by a woman four years ago in a hotel.
The suit filed last week in Kelowna, British Colombia, alleges Virtanen took the woman to a hotel in West Vancouver in September 2017 and assaulted her as she repeatedly said and pleading him to stop H/T ESPN.
Virtanen’s agent did not immediately requested for comment on the lawsuit.
The allegations have not been tested in court and a defense statement of claim says the women, identified only by her initials, suffered and emotional damages, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depressions, anxiety and repeated and ongoing nightmares.
On May 1, the Canucks placed the 24-year-old Canadian player on leave, saying the team “does not accept sexual misconduct of any kind and the claims as reported are being treated very seriously.”
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igorshestwerking · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The optics visor and all white unis make this seem like a future where ice hockey teams battle in a life or death Thunderdome contest. 
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