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#NOT 30K
Dumb not WH ideas:
Now hear me out on this ok:
You know those hole in the chest sweaters that show off cleavage/muscle? What if the "glass" panes that some transformers have on their chests are the same thing? You can see their inner machinery through the glass in some of the art.
Thus we can conclude that optimus prime has double "show off chest" windows.
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self-loving-vampire · 7 days ago
They really should teach people how to cook in school.
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tikkety-tok · 2 months ago
I swear, even if you haven't seen FMA, I think you might appreciate the fucking talent! 🤩
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rubixburd · 2 months ago
interviewer: Mr. Wayne, have you heard of the popular internet jokes about you dating Batman?
bruce wayne: Yes I have heard of them, but if I were going to date any superhero it'd be Superman and not an overdramatic furry
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headspace-hotel · 3 months ago
Also I was looking at 2021 in paleontology and apparently this year we discovered this awful shark that is wider than it is long
Tumblr media
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lovestory · 25 days ago
At least tumblr doesn’t censor us to the point where we have to say “seggs” and “unalive” I guess
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zebruh · 27 days ago
my nails are so long I keep chipping them HELP
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justlgbtthings · a month ago
me, an autonomous adult in college: *looks up tips for managing adhd on a deadline*
every single result: AS A PARENT to help YOUR CHILD WITH ADHD monitor YOUR CHILD'S behavior and reward HIM for doing work because CHILDREN WITH ADHD need constant support-
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lesbinewren · 6 months ago
don’t let anyone on this website call you cringe they literally have a tumblr account
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belovedtaylor · a month ago
i don’t want to be a contributing member of society !!! i just want to consume media and hold someone’s hand !!!
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tikkety-tok · 2 months ago
this plant is kudzu. aka 'the vine that ate the south'. a damaging invasive plant that’s a nuisance to the local area in this video. Now look at those moos go
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humanmessofaperson · a month ago
Simu Liu did a tiktok about his name pronunciation and I found this comment
Tumblr media
This man is a fucking legend I don't give a shit about anyone else
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headspace-hotel · 6 months ago
idea: scene with two characters eagerly stripping each other clearly about to bone, but they keep getting interrupted by finding carefully concealed weapons in each other’s clothing, so they keep just unholstering, revealing and unstrapping increasingly ludicrous amounts of hidden guns and knives as the clothes come off, and it’s lowkey killing the mood a little
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justlgbtthings · 2 months ago
i got a New Planner which means that i will suddenly and miraculously become organized despite this technique never having worked in the past
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