couchtaro · 3 months ago
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neotrances · a year ago
that “i don’t want a hot girl summer can we have a being a average person and not looking good etc etc summer” thing is so annoying bc if any of these people were actually fans of meg they’d know hot girl summer literally just means enjoying yourself..just having a good time..no ass shaking or big tits required like not to sound like a stan or whatever but meg is so loving and said multiple times it’s just about loving ur self and having a fun summer thats it
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sergeant-angels-trashcan · a year ago
things librarians judge you for:
saying the book came to you like that when clearly your dog chewed on it
trying to reshelve books on your own
yelling at us to get our attention
talking on your phone when we’re trying to assist you
yelling at non-management staff for policies they have no power over
asking for more time on the computer when the session has already logged you off, you needed to ask for that time 5 minutes ago
asking us to look something up for you by the call number. the call number tells you where it is. please just give me the title.
getting upset with us for anything COVID related
things librarians do NOT judge you for (unless they’re bad at librarianing):
reading erotica
using the copier incorrectly
not speaking english as a first language
being an adult and not reading grown up books
owing fines
liking romance novels
finding out your child’s card is blocked because they’ve been billed for books they’ve secretly been hiding behind their dresser
having books overdue
you liking graphic novels and comics
your CHILD liking graphic novels and comics. seriously. we just want them to read.
taking books off of a display
asking us to check and make sure we don’t have a book you returned (with COVID and quarantining books, more things are getting missed, so asking a librarian to do a shelf check is okay! but be nice. we are So Tired and Busy. if you say something like “if you’re busy feel free to check when you have time and get back to me” we will love you. we will probably be like “you’ve been nice so i’ll go right now”)
things librarians judge, but don’t judge YOU for:
James Patterson. Look. we all know everyone likes him. That’s great, we love that people read because of him! But we do judge James Patterson as an entity. He’s got so many goddamn books. they take up so much goddamn space. james. jimmy. jimsicle. just. stop putting your name on things, please, we are begging you. liking james patterson is Valid. BEING james patterson is not valid.
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ixoren · 2 months ago
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cuties from heartstopper!!!
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mcdonaldschina · 6 months ago
those tiktok girlies who constantly do impressions of “pick me girls” are the biggest pick me girls because they’re literally making fun of women who supposedly try to distance themselves from other women to seem cooler by.... distancing themselves from those women to seem cooler.
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charlie-artlie · a month ago
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Someone pls help him…
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lanwangjihouse · 3 months ago
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the expression of Wangji's feelings on his face
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hanmas · 2 months ago
guys it’s rly tiring to say this but if you don’t want to put an age indicator in your bio because it’s “personal information” then that is up to you. but then you should not be following and interacting with 18+ blogs that ask for an age indicator. you clearly have your boundaries, and so do we.
and also, simply indicating you’re an adult or putting an age range or even your real age doesn’t automatically give everyone fbi level info on you to identify you. quit ignoring peoples rules and making excuses for it you are foul for that
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mini-oddity · a month ago
The fact that Sandra revealed that the kiss scene was essentially entirely created by her and Jodie improvising just makes it even more hilarious looking back on the interview where the interviewer joked about Killing Eve being all improv and Sandra laughs and goes: “Oh my God. Oh, you’re so close on that one.”
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She really wasn’t kidding lmao.
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orange-catsidy · 14 days ago
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simplepotatofarmer · 9 months ago
actually, i have something to say, apologies in advance.
i don't doubt that being killed by c!techno was traumatizing to c!quackity. i don't. there is no 'but' to that statement and i wanted to make that clear before i say what i want to.
what strikes me about that situation is techno was at the theoretical disadvantage. he had iron armor and a pickaxe. quackity had full netherite and an axe. on top of that, it only happened because quackity planned to kill techno, brought him to new l'manberg to be executed, something that techno only survived due to the totem of undying.
in this situation, quackity was the aggressor. techno was the one that had been hunted down.
so the irony of what happened in the prison is this: once again, quackity is in full netherite and this time techno is completely unarmed. quackity is the aggressor - he tricked techno into coming to the prison and trapped him there - once again.
quackity can be traumatized by and want revenge on techno. those feelings are valid.
what's also valid is the fact techno has been the victim of quackity twice. and as someone whose trauma response mirrors the way techno acts - jumpy and paranoid, minimizes situations, tries to deflect or act unbothered - i think it's important to acknowledge that.
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chaotic-angsty-teen · 2 months ago
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This is how that scene in the dr finale went, right?
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filmnoirsbian · 3 months ago
If Dune really wanted to be a "critique of the white savior trope" I think probably the white guy shouldn't have saved anyone and turned out to be the messiah
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teashoesandhair · a year ago
Being Welsh on the Internet is basically just seeing a lot of very very bad takes and misinformation and then being filled with the spirit of Owain Glyndŵr and raging because the whole world should know how fucking cool Welsh stuff is without all the fake bullshit, OK
NO we’re not Gaelic and NO we do not all worship a moon goddess called Arianrhod (fuck you, Robert Graves) and NO we are not a principality within England and NO our language isn’t made up of only consonants because it actually has more vowels in it than fucking English oh my God can that stereotype die in a sewer already
But you know what we do have?? A goddamn horse skull on a stick which you have to rap battle at Christmas!! A language with phonemes that you only find in like 5 languages on Earth!! The earliest extant references to King Arthur and Merlin, whose original name was Myrddin but was Latinised as ‘Merlinus’ rather than ‘Merdinus’ because apparently ‘Merdinus’ would look too much like the French word for ‘shit’!! COOL HISTORY THAT INSPIRES HOLLYWOOD FILMS!! THIS GODDAMN SHIT
Tumblr media
Like, it seems like half the misinformation going around about Welsh is patronising, romanticising bullshit, like uwu hiraeth means homesickness and definitely doesn’t have any colonial context, and neopagan Celtic nonsense about moon goddesses and mother Earth and fucking dancing naked in stone circles at dusk, and the other half is just laughing at a language which was almost decimated after centuries of colonialism, even though the stereotypes about Welsh being a hilarious and stupid language are actually direct tools that the English used to eradicate it, so
Not to get like, Welsh nationalist on main or anything but maybe people could like... fact check before they post stuff about a living language/culture, because we even have WiFi in Wales, y’know, and every post we see about how hilarious Welsh place names are takes 10 years off our lives
OK I’m going to have a cup of tea now
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mipexch · a year ago
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stickers and markers are VERY fun to play around with. just make sure you dont waste them all..!
Tumblr media
although hornet, unsurprisingly, is not very fond of them
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miroana · 13 days ago
the secret history was really a story of fatal flaws, hedonistic haze (charles woke up inside a plastic snail), bacchanal in the woods, glorification of the picturesque (hold up, humans landed on the moon?), an elaborate murder plot, hubris and vanity (“say, what’s wrong with this type?” “triple spaced it”), pretentious aphrodisiacs, attempts at losing oneself completely (loudly kills a bee with a bible at the funeral of a recently murdered friend), utter obsession with the aesthetic—
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kdyism · a month ago
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ladyofriverrun · 3 months ago
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Quiet, Lily!
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quixoticanarchy · 18 days ago
anyone who’s let me talk to them about my niche little interests at great length.. i love you ❣❣
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james-winston · 6 months ago
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