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#Nakamura Shinya
Omg you're doing matchups *screams internally*! I hope I'm not late! I'm a heterosexual female, who's main trait is her kindness! Other than that, I'm very loyal, family oriented, a bit of a perfectionnist and SO anxious about everything. Ah, it also takes me a lot of time to open up to people so I usually come up as a cold person :( ! I love to learn new languages, psychology, mangas, humor and animals! If that can help, I'm an INFJ? Tho I'm too scared to speak up lol... Congrats on the 1k!

 i match you with nakamura shinya

  • ‘not too late’ says anon, knowing it’ll be years before i reply to their match up ;)
  • right so languages are the things that start y’all’s first conversation: nakamura knows sign language, and you love learning new languages so the conversation comes (surprisingly, knowing the two of you) pretty easily
  • bit by bit, the two of you become closer and closer friends and eventually being in a romantic relationship is just natural
  • (but this definitely isn’t a fast development; as an infj, you probably take finding a romantic partner pretty seriously, and nakamura is the same) 
  • the two of you also end up getting involved in the other person’s interests
  • nakamura will start reading some of your favourite mangas, and you watch the occassional ghost movie with him (though your nerves only just stand up to it)
  • also, he’s that companion that supports you and pushes you forward when you’re afraid of something; his motto is ‘seize the day’ after all, and he’s pretty good at cheering people on
  • i feel like, the first time he gets invited over to your house, you get very stressed out, giving him the instruction “please don’t start talking about the occult” over and over again
  • your instruction ends up failing because your parents ask what he’s interested in, and nakamura can’t resist discussing the tarot cards and witchcraft and all things good
  • (at least he talks about the more normal parts of that hobby, and doesn’t start talking about the time he tried to summon a demon and it almost worked) 
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I was watch Acchi Kocchi episode 6 and i think maybe i can use this as a scenario :3

Pool cleaning on summer day~!

Nakamura : *sits beside the pool. Busy with something*

Hayakawa : *cleaning the pool with brush excitedly* UWOOHHH…!!

?? Nakamu®a, what a®e you doing up the®e…?!

Nakamura : it’s done…! *get down into the pool* Kasamatsu-san, try these. *shows the captain two brush that tied into one so the both ends are brush*

Kasamatsu : why the hell this brush tied as one? *raise a brow and frown*

Nakamura : please just twirl it around and all the mess will be clean faster. *look at Kasamatsu with hoping eyes and sparkling aura*

Kasamatsu : it’s very rare to see you excited like that. But okay. *twirl the brush on his hands. And the mess on the pool is clean with one or some twirl*

Kise, Moriyama, Kobori : oohh… *amazed*

Kasamatsu : like that? *stop twirling*

Nakamura : yes, like that, Kasamatsu-san.

Kasamatsu : *twirl the brush again. Suddenly it’s slipped from his hand so it start to attacks fly to someone*

Moriyama : HEY…!! Why me-?! *try to run away but already fly into sky because the brush*

Kasamatsu : *look at the sky with guilty faces* i hope sky willingly to accept Moriyama. Amen. *clap his hand*

Kobori : THAT’S NOT THE PROBLEM, HOI…! MORIYAMAAA…!!! *shout to sky*

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Why do you like Shinya so much if he appeared in only one chapter? I'm just curious. ^^'

well the first thing that caught me was his character design since he had beautiful blue/purple eyes and orange hair and i loved his cover page. but he really is a sweet person and his chemistry was like kei and kai as he and yuusuke were both childhood friends except that they have stuck together throughout their whole lives ( presumably) and into college.

His interaction with yuusuke was what really sold me with the fact that he was okay with being betrayed if it was him and that fact that yuusuke gave up his own life for shinya. shinya causing the flood something we know is only triggered when an ajin resets with intense emotions shows how much it affected him.

There’s so much more i want to know about him the fact is he’s the only ajin we know of who has caused a flood and we’ve seen it, i want him to show up in the main story line because he would have to knowledge to guide kei in controlling his ibm hopefully. that and i would want them to bond over their self-sacrificing childhood friends. there’s more but this is just the tip of the iceberg i have so many feelings about shinya/shinyuu/ his potential ~

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