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I love the dynamic between all of them - each of them has something that connects them to each of the others. If I had to pick a favorite dynamic, it would very nearly be Peter and Edmund, but top has to go to Peter and Susan. Their relationship is unique, and so much about mutual dependency and understanding, and I love them

so with that here are some PETER AND SUSAN HEADCANONS

- when they were very small their parents did not have much money and so they shared one crib for a while. baby Susan cried every night for a fortnight when Peter got his own bed

- when Edmund was born, they could get very competitive about who could make him laugh and who helped look after him better  

- when Peter went off to his first year at school, Susan used to play with her pretend pots and pans and chatter to Edmund about what she was making for Peter’s dinner when he came home from school, which seemed to her quite as grown up and serious as Daddy going to work 

- after Lucy was born, Peter and Susan made a firm pact to behave and be grown up and set a good example for ‘the babies’, as everyone called their younger siblings at the time. it was at this point they formed a coherent team to look after the younger ones

- Susan was much better at spotting people flirting with Peter than Peter was, and she spent quite a bit of time in the first few years in Narnia guarding him against the advances of the power-hungry, which he tended not to notice and accidentally get tangled up in if left to his own devices

- In Narnia they often managed different affairs of state, but if they ever teamed up on anything, they absolutely could not be stopped

- sometimes war hit Peter much harder than he ever let the younger ones see. only Susan ever really knew how hard

- back in England, when Susan first started going out to parties, Peter often used to go with her, and they’d have fun. eventually she started going to places that made him uncomfortable, and she stopped asking him to come

- long after they had stopped having much to say to each other, she’d still call him up on rainy weekends, and they’d talk about the younger ones, the thing they always had in common no matter what

- the loss of her broke his heart, for all the expected reasons, but also because she was the first thing that had ever been his to protect, and he felt that he had failed her

- when eventually she returned to Narnia, he was there with his golden key to open the door

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I will always cry when I hear The Call by Regina Spektor, because of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The end of that movie breaks my heart every time and as soon as I hear that song play, the tears start

And someone just reblogged a gif set of Julie and the Phantoms editted with that song and I literally nearly started crying….

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100 followers celebration !


I know it might not seem like much, but I’m so happy that we’ve reached 100 followers ! I love every single one of you, and you have no idea how much I appreciate that you’re bearing with me💗💗

For this celebration I’m doing something I’ve wanted to try for a long time; Headcanons.

How this event works is basically you send me an ask with a character (from my fandom list) + a scenario, and I’ll write 15-25 bulletpoints about it !

I’d highly appreciate if you reblogged your request!

For example: “Hi, can I get a ‘dating Draco Malfoy’ headcanon?” Or “Hello, can you do a “Being Katniss Everdeen’s sibling” headcanon?”

You can request as many headcanons as you want* until the celebration ends (12:00 am EET, 19th January 2021), but the requests have to follow my rules.

*the event is only headcanons, which means that all other requests work as usual.

To request you need to pick a fandom from my fandom list and choose a character from that fandom. Please include both the name and surname of the character your request revolves around. I only take requests sent by ask.

Reblogs and signal boosts on this post are appreciated :)

Tagging some mutuals to spread the word: @captainshazamerica@jorjawrites@swanimagines@bohemianpages@lxncelot@fangirlings-things@adoresobs@myriadimagines@literallyjamespotter

^sorry if I didn’t tag you, I’m really tired and I just tagged everyone I remembered^

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Sweet Love - Peter Pevensie


Request: @xmrsrogersx​​  

Peter Pevensie x reader? Where the reader is a Mr. Kirke’s daughter and when the Pevensies arrive at the house they grow fond of the reader and enjoy getting to know her. Especially Peter who develops a crush on the reader and they all go into Narnia together with the reader helping them all along their journey. The reader develops a major crush on Peter throughout too please!! Also the Pevensies can tell peter and the reader like each other 😁🦁 x 

Word count: 873 words 

Warnings: none

Taglist: @ladyobscurus

A/N: I am planning to make this a series with three parts. Thank you so much Kate for helping me out w this fic and moodboard!

Ever since the Pevensies had arrived at your house things had been a bit brighter. The days during the war so far had been long and full of a dull kind of fear. It was very easy to get bored as an only child with a busy father in a huge house.

You looked around at your new friends who filled the sitting room. Everyone was exceptionally dismal, it had been raining for the longest time. There was absolutely nothing to do. Susan had suggested a game with a dictionary but it had turned out to be the worst game known to man. You stared out the window quietly while the siblings bickered. Susan looked over at Peter for support mid argument and stifled a laugh- he was completely zoned out and looking at y/n! 

“Peter! Susan is just trying to be like mother and boss me around!” At Edmund’s words he focused back in on the conversation. 

“Shut up Ed.” Peter said firmly, finally putting a stop to him and Susan’s trading of insults. 

“Why don’t we go and explore the house?” You suggested. “It’s pretty big so there is plenty to see.” Susan smiled at you. 

“Y/N is right. We should do something other than bicker.” She said. Peter smiled at this and pushed himself up off the couch. And little Lucy who had been just sitting and staring at the ceiling was roused by Susan. 

You wandered the house all morning going through galleries, halls, dining rooms, parlors and empty rooms. Everyone was rather hungry by the time you reached the yellow room. You, Susan, Edmund and Peter trooped out of there quickly, only little Lucy stayed.  

Thinking back to that day made Y/N realize just how far away her old life was. The others had very different things on their minds as the battle with the witch approached. Susan and Lucy drifted around the camp checking on everyone and Peter and Edmund were nowhere to be seen. You sat a little way from the camp by the trees, staring up into the branches and thinking. You had grown close to the siblings since they arrived at your house that dreary day that seemed forever ago. Watching them all get ready to go into battle was making you sick to the stomach. Softly a few tears slid down your cheeks, you had tried to hold it in but finally it was all spilling out. Susan had assured you it would all be fine but you couldn’t stop the worries. 

Footsteps approached the clearing softly as if waiting for you to notice them. Peter looked up at you and smiled as he reached where you sat. He sat down beside you smiling softly. He made no sounds until you had brushed your tears away. 

“Are you okay?” He asked. You attempted to muster a smile.

“Yes, of course.” You said. Peter looked at you obviously not convinced.  

“Please tell me what’s wrong.” Your resolve fractured slightly, tears trickled down your neck. 

“Where all about to go into battle Peter.” You whispered. He tried to smile but ended up grimacing. 

“I know.” Was all he offered. You turned to him as he put his arm around you and pulled you into a soft hug. 

You sat there together in silence for what seemed like an age until he finally spoke. 

“Y/N, we are going into a battle and something might happen to one of us-. I just wanted to um tell you I like you and- You don’t have to feel the same way, I just needed to tell you."  Peter for once had run out of things to say. You smiled up at him lovingly.

"Of course I like you.” You half chuckled. He turned to you and gazed at your tear streaked face. You held eye contact with bated breath before he leaned in softly and pecked you on the cheek. He pulled away quickly, both of you blushing wildly. He fixed your eyes in a soft slightly hazy stare. You looked back at Peter memorising the details of his face. Your eyes glazed over his flushed pinkish cheeks, the curve of his lip, the soft dimple hidden in the corner of his mouth and at his deep blue eyes. Distant yells fell on your ears snapping you out of your trance. 

“Y/N, Peter!” Through the trees you could just see Susan who was obviously looking for you. 

“We should go.” He said quietly, pushing himself up off the ground. You nodded and stood yourself following Peter out of the cover of the trees. The second Susan saw you a slightly smug grin graced her face. 

“There you were. We looked all over the place.” 

As you walked into the camp Edmund started giggling uncontrollably. Eventually Susan started laughing too. You looked at them in astonishment.

“What on earth is going on?” You asked. Susan just laughed harder. After a while Edmund managed to splutter out a reply.

“Did you finally confess?” 

Peter instantly turned red.  

“Confess what?” He said. Edmund’s smirk grew. 

“That you’re utterly in love with Y/N.” Now it was your turn to blush. 

“Shut up Edmund.” Was all Peter offered. 

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request: hi can i request a edmund pevensie oneshot where the reader is self conscious when a princess from a neighbouring kingdom visits. and edmund has to reassure that he stills loves the reader. smut or no smut is okay, too ❤

I’m sorry for not posting last week!  I was busy packing everything and moving into my college dorm but now that I’m finished with that, I should be back to my regular posting schedule!

warning: smut below the cut


Originally posted by edmundrex

I looked her up and down.  Her golden locks tumbled past her shoulders, her full lips painted a soft red curling up into a smile as she laughed at a joke Edmund had said.  I took a sip of my wine, hoping that the others would write off my red face as a side effect of the alcohol.  “I had no idea the royals of Narnia would be as funny and handsome as they are,” the princess said, her eyes flashing to Edmund as she spoke.

“You are too kind,” Edmund replied, smiling back at her.  I frowned into my cup.  Had Edmund ever looked at me the way he looked at her?  The others kept talking but I focused on how the princess interacted with Edmund.  She leaned in towards him, always sneaking a look at him when she thought nobody was watching.  I wasn’t surprised that Edmund was so attentive to her.  She was gorgeous, her body the definition of hourglass-shaped.  Her face was soft and angelic, matching her voice which sounded like an angel.

“If I may excuse myself,” I said, already getting up.  “I will be retiring for the night.”  

“Are you sure, (y/n)?” Edmund asked, his eyebrows scrunching in concern.  “It’s still quite early into the evening.”

“Yes,” I said, almost too quickly.  “I don’t feel that well.”  And with that, I exited the room and made my way to my bedroom.  I stared at my reflection, frowning at it.  Unlike the princess’s flawless skin, I had a slight scar just below my right eye from battle.  My body was far from that of a goddess.  I was, for a lack of better words, plain.  I let out a sigh, already regretting leaving the room.  The princess was most likely on top of Edmund now that I wasn’t there to regulate.

I had started to untie the strings of my dress when I heard my bedroom door being opened.  I looked up to see Edmund.  “Are you sure you’re okay?” he questioned, closing the door behind him.

“Yeah, just tired,” I lied.  As I looked into Edmund’s face, I could tell he didn’t believe me.

“Is it because of Diane?”

“What makes you think that?”

“You became unusually quiet as soon as she entered the room.”

“Do you think she’s pretty?”  We stood there in silence, my question lingering in the air.

“Is that what this is about?  Are you jealous?”

“No,” I said, my voice much more sure than expected.  I wasn’t jealous.  I knew that Edmund would never leave me for anyone.  So then why did I feel sick to my stomach whenever she entered the room?  “It’s just, she’s gorgeous.  And I’m not.  You deserve someone like her.  Not someone like me.”

“Do you seriously think that?”  Edmund’s face was filled with disbelief.  I nodded my head.  He let out an incredulous laugh.  “You are the most beautiful lady I have ever laid eyes on.  Diane is nowhere near your beauty.  Do you understand?”  I stayed silent as Edmund made his way to me.  “Understand?” he asked, his voice much softer than before.

“It’s just,” I started.  Edmund cut me off with a kiss and in that moment, I forgot all about my insecurities as I got lost in the feeling of his lips on mine.  He slowly pulled away, his eyes looking into mine.

“You’re gorgeous (y/n),” he said, tucking a strand of (h/c) hair behind my ear. 

“You’re just saying that because you have to.”  Edmund stood in silence, his lips pressed together as his mind worked to create a plan.  He made his way to the mirror that stood in the corner of the room.  He picked it up before setting it at the foot of my bed. 

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Someone just reminded me of the scene in horse & his boy when the dwarves cook a big breakfast for shasta. And I don’t have anything important to add to their post So im making my own because boy do I want to talk about how much I love that scene. For years now I have desperately craved bacon eggs and mushrooms all in a frying pan. That’s some redwall food descriptions.

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Warnings: Cursing

Time/Era: Modern times

Word Count: 2,201

Summary: Y/n Y/Ln has been best friend with Edmund Pevensie for as long as she can remember. But when she develops a crush on him, things change. Jealousy arises as she isn’t the only one who is interested in him.

Request:  Hello. If it isn’t too much trouble, can you write a modern Edmund x reader fluff? Something about them being best friends for as long as they could remember, but once they go to high school reader realizes she likes him? And then one day she sees a really pretty girl flirting with him so she gets sad and a little jealous so she starts to avoid him and he gets really worried? Sorry if it’s too detailed, it’s been spinning around my mind for awhile. Thanks!

A/N: Hello! I was really excited I got another request because I rarely get them so thank you!!! I had a bunch of fun writing this one since I was able to pull a little bit of my own life experiences and make them happy. I hope you all enjoy it and my requests are OPEN!!! Happy Reading!

Masterlist | Request List

For as long as Y/n Y/Ln could remember, she and Edmund Pevensie had been best friends. They met in the second grade when Y/n stole the book that Edmund was going to check out at the library. She offered to share it and they were best friends ever since. They would read together, go on hikes together, study together, and basically do everything together. All through elementary school and all through middle school, Y/n just saw Edmund as her best friend. Nothing more. That is until they reached their junior year. That was when she started to notice how attractive Edmund really was. Y/n was used to dealing with a secret crush, for she had had many in the past. But when she started to realise how attractive Edmund was, how funny he could be, how smart he was, and the fact that he was perfect, she knew that keeping this crush a secret was going to be difficult. 

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The Seven Friends of Narnia Pixar


Edmund, Lucy, Polly, Digory, Peter, Eustace and Jill

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Narnia cast Pixar

4 Pevensies and Eustace


Edmund, Lucy, Susan, and Peter and Eustace

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Sometimes i think about how the first fanfic i ever wrote was technically an aslan + white witch as siblings backstory about how the witch got turned into a human.

8 year old me was a fucking Nerd 

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Susan: You’re right.
Edmund: That’s… that’s an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?

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Do I have a thing for guys with longish hair? Ummm you tell me….


Yes yes I do. Thank you for coming to my presentation, I’m sure you all enjoyed. An honorable mention is Howl from Howls Moving Castle and don’t judge me because he’s an animated character, we all wanted to be Sophie, and I know some of you out there are worshipping Nick Wilde, so don’t you dare. Now good day to you all and enough obsessing over people who will never know or meet me.

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