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#Natasha Romanoff
incorrectmarvelquote · 2 days ago
Clint: Do you think I’m smart?
Natasha: Is that what we’re going to do today?
Natasha: We’re going to fight?
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nattyswhore · 2 days ago
“Now give me cuddles, bitch.”
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: natasha’s been too caught up in work lately but you’re in need of your girlfriend’s attention, any kind of attention.
warnings: cussing, suggestive content 😛, kissing, groping, hickeys, and fluffz
a/n: this is my first everrrr story here on tumblr and imma be real with y’all… i don’t know what the fuck i’m doing 😗 i have no idea how this shit works so bear with me while i try to figure this shit out lmao, also this story has been in my drafts for a veryyyy long time now and i edited it a little sooo i might be pretty rusty with all this writing stuff but i thought might as well post it on here so enjoy!
ALSO pls lmk what you guys think!!!
I sat on the bed, patiently waiting and staring at Natasha while she sat in front of her computer and wrote on her paper.
“Baby, baby, baby,”
“Babe!” Still no response. Is this girl deaf or something?
“Babyyyyy,” I whined as she continued to stare intensely at the paper she was holding and sloppily scribbled down notes on them.
At this point I was getting impatient. I was in need for attention but I can’t exactly have that when my girlfriend of almost 10 months is too busy writing on some piece of paper ignoring the most amazing thing that’s ever happened in her life.
I sighed dramatically before plopping down the bed with a gentle thud and tried to get her attention once more.
“My world”
“My baby”
“My wifeyyyy”
“My little cutie patootie”
But still nothing. Not even a quick glance or change of expression, nothing. She was too focused on her writing to even notice I was in the same room as her. I glared at the side of her face, who does she think she is not paying attention to me. I sat up and huffed letting my moodiness take over before saying,
And just like that, Natasha’s head snapped up, slowly turning to look at me, her pretty green eyes narrowing as a small frown formed on her lips.
“What did you just say to me?”
I stared at her blankly giving her a “really?” look before rolling my eyes. “Oh so now you wanna listen.”
“You just called me a bitch.” Her lips turning into a small pout as she stared back at me with a slightly confused look on her face.
“I also called you the love of my life, my wife, my world and darling about, I don’t know, a hundred times? so don’t give me that face, Romanoff.”
I crossed my arms and glared at her trying to be grumpy while staring directly at her stupid pretty face.
She’s been too busy writing down reports from previous missions and catching up with some other tasks ever since she woke up this morning, something she’s been doing for the past few days.
I haven’t even gotten a single proper kiss today except for a quick forehead kiss once she got up earlier this morning before doing her work. What is this? is this a joke to her? am I a joke to her? Since when did a piece of paper become more important than me.
It’s me for Gods sake.
But I knew as much as I wanted to stay grumpy at Natasha, I couldn’t blame her. Fury has been up on her ass trying to make her catch up with all these paper works ever since she came back from her last mission a week ago. I could tell how stressed she has been because of it, she hasn’t taken a proper break, she was tired and it showed whenever she paused for a moment and pinched the bridge of her nose before going back to work again or every time she let out a frustrated sigh and rubbed her eyes, trying to keep them open.
I knew her work was important for her to finish right away so I’ve been giving her some space and time for the past few days to let her focus, except when I would come in and out of her room every now and then to give her coffee and to make sure she hasn’t overworked herself yet.
But today, I just felt needy. I needed attention, any type of attention at this point. I just wanted Natasha for even just a second plus she needed to relax too.
I could tell how exhausted she was by the way her eyes were starting to droop down and her brows furrowing in frustration when she couldn’t think of anything.
“I’m sorry baby I just have to get this last page done then I’m all yours okay?” She sighed, her face turning into a soft expression when she saw the grumpy look I had on. She knew what I wanted.
“But babyyy, I need your attention now.” I pouted back at her before standing up and walking towards her desk, plopping myself down on her lap and wrapping my arms tightly around her neck so her face was now squished between my chest.
She chuckled at my actions and tightly wrapped her arms around my waist as she pulled me closer, letting me sit on her lap comfortably.
“I miss you so much Natty,” I muttered, my head moving to lean on top of hers. “I know you’ve been busy but I swear to God, I’m going to die real soon if I don’t get any attention woman.”
Her chest vibrated as she laughed at my words. It was nice hearing her laugh, I haven’t heard it in a little while with all the stress she’s had lately.
She let out another soft sigh before hooking her finger under my chin and making me look at her.“Alright sweet girl, I’ll give you all the attention you need but-“
I opened my mouth to start protesting but before I could even start arguing, she covered my mouth with her hand and shushed me.
I stared back at her, furrowing my eyebrows as she looked at me with amusement on her face before she removed her hand. “Let me finish detka, but just give me ten more minutes and I promise, I’ll give you all the kisses and cuddles in the world, how does that sound?”
I hummed, pretending to think about it while tapping my finger on my chin making her roll her eyes playfully at me.
“Hmm okay deal!” A huge smile now plastered my face, I get her attention and she gets to take a break too, it was a win win situation. “But I’m staying on your lap.”
Natasha let out a small laugh before nodding and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, “Not a problem, darling.”
She picked up her pen before going back to work and quickly writing down notes as I sat on her lap patiently and watched her fill out different forms. Every now and then, I would turn my head and press small kisses on her cheek, her face turning into a shade of pink and her lips twitching upward every time I do so.
After a few minutes passed, I was running my hands through her hair and my head was laid comfortably on her shoulder, she lets out a big sigh of relief before dropping her pen on the desk and wrapping her arms around me and squeezing me making me giggle out loud.
Natasha stuffed her face on my neck giving me gentle kisses that lead up to my jawline to my cheek, my forehead and soon my lips. She smiled through the kiss before leaning back, a blush covering my face when I realized she was staring back at me with a dreamy look and a soft smile on her face.
She leaned in again, her green eyes staring down at my lips before giving me a more passionate kiss this time, she kissed me a little longer as her tongue licked my bottom lip teasingly before pulling back with a pop.
“Ten minutes is up.” She whispered, wiggling her eyebrows playfully making both of us laugh.
“Now give me cuddles, bitch.” I playfully demanded, a faux serious tone in my voice making Natasha laugh again as I quickly got up from her lap, pulling her up and grabbing her hand then dragging her to our bed hurriedly, tripping on the air on the way as she continued to giggle at my eagerness.
I squealed when I finally reached the bed, laying down on the soft mattress pulling Natasha down with me. She happily joined me, making herself comfortable before pulling the covers over us and wrapping me in a tight hug.
I felt Natasha put her legs on top of mine, a habit she had whenever we were on bed together. Her hand running up and down my arm slowly while the other played with my hair.
“I’m sorry I haven’t been giving you much attention for the past week darling,” She shifted slightly and turned to look at me. “Since I finished the papers already, you have me all to yourself for the next week or two, alright?”
I stared up at her through my lashes and removed myself from her arms before sitting on her lap and cupped her face with my hands and ran my thumb across her cheek.
“I know Natty, I understood you were busy baby don’t worry,” I reassured her as she turned a little and kissed my palm. “I’m just glad you can get a break now oh and that means I get to have the kisses I was promised too.”
Natasha’s smile widened, a mischievous look quickly flashing through her eyes as she let out a hum and the next thing I know, her lips were on mine. She pecked my lips a few times, her hands wrapping around my waist as she started to place wet kisses towards my neck.
She bit on my neck lightly, her tongue quickly licking and soothing down the spot making me let out a small groan.
She switched from sucking and biting, there was no doubt Natasha was going to leave marks everywhere, she was going to make sure to give me a hard time covering these up the next day.
She moved up a little and sucked softly on my sweet spot making me let out a mix of a gasp and a moan, my breathing getting heavier the more she continued. I felt her smirk when I tugged at her hair, trying to pull her as close as I can.
“God I missed you sweetheart.” She whispered on my skin, I sighed in content before I let out a quick and breathy “Missed you too Natty.” Her warm breath hit my skin making me shiver lightly as she continued placing hot open mouthed kisses going towards my chest.
“Baby…” I whimpered, desperately tugging at her hair when her hands found my ass and squeezed it. She pulled me closer and roughly moved my hips towards her while her other hand grabbed my hair, yanking it back and exposing more of my neck and chest as she left hickeys all over me.
Once she felt like she was done and left enough marks, she pulled back and gave me a peck on my lips, she grinned widely at me when she saw me sat on her lap, staring back at her through hooded eyes with red flustered cheeks while soft pants left my lips.
Her smile slowly turned into a smirk as her eyes trailed further down, eyeing the work she left on me.
She let out a deep chuckle as she moved her hand up and traced the dark marks that covered me. Her green eyes looked back up at me, the tiredness from her face gone and now replaced with an all too familiar look.
And I’m sure we all know what it meant.
A warm feeling ran through my body and straight to my core making me shift on her lap. I let out a small moan when her hands slowly moved down to my chest squeezing my breasts on the way as she bit her lip and kept eye contact with me. Her finger hooked around the hem of my shirt and slightly pulled it up before her cold hands touched my bare skin, a shiver going through my body, her hands teasingly running up and down my hips before gripping it tightly.
She gave me one last smirk before her hand slowly started moving once again, further and further down making me close my eyes from the wetness pooling in between my legs.
“Since I haven’t been giving you much attention,” She whispered before placing a wet kiss behind my ear. “Let me make it up to you and give you and your body all my attention tonight baby.”
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wandanatvoid · 21 hours ago
Natasha: Why is your nose red and why are you shaking so much?
Y/n: Oh, the snow gave me a cold. :(
Natasha: I see. Come here, baby. *hugs Y/n*
Natasha: *hitting the snow with a shovel, talking angrily* why. did. you. do. that. to. her. you. asshole.
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saltybaltic · a day ago
Could you do another one if reader packing and Nat going crazy for it with some smut plz
Natasha Romanoff X Reader - AFTER PARTY
Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow X FemReader Fanfic
Synopsis: All of Natasha’s self control tends to go out the window when you’re packing. Naturally that’s why you do it as much as possible.
Warnings: language, smut, strap on use, f/f sex
Words: 999
Tumblr media
The party had been winding down for a while. People were scattered around the various rooms of the compound, most of them worse for wear and now drunkenly chatting in their small groups as the long since forgotten music played quietly in the background.
You’d felt Natasha’s eyes on you for the majority of the evening. Knew she’d been watching as you chatted with guests and team mates throughout the party. Occasionally your paths would cross as the night progressed; at the bar getting a drinks refill, on one of the sofas as you both got pulled into telling a story, or even just passing in one of the hallways as you mingled. Every time she would give you a glance or a lingering touch that told you what you wanted to know - she would have you all to herself later.
The plan had worked perfectly. By now you knew exactly how to make Natasha tick, what got her blood flowing, how to leave her wanting more. So it wasn’t difficult to get what you wanted - meeting the red head at the bar five minutes after her arrival and ‘accidentally’ brushing up behind behind her to reach a drink. The way her breathing hitched and her hand gripped the bar top a little tighter told you that she had felt what was under your head pants and that you had definitely come prepared.
And so you had waited. Waited for the party to fizzle out. For attendees to leave or be too drunk to know what was going on around them. For the anticipation to build. For Natasha to come to you when she couldn’t wait any longer. Which of course she did.
Natasha found you without much trouble. Walking into the kitchen she saw you alone in the corner, meeting your eye over the top of your beer bottle as you brought it to your lips and took a sip.
Leaning back and resting one hand against the counter, you smirked back at the other woman as you lowered your drink, “Fun night?”
Natasha shrugged, taking a few steps into the kitchen and giving you a lazy smile, “I suppose it hasn’t been too bad.”
“A rave review of tonight’s party, I’m sure Tony will be thrilled.”
Running her fingers along the top of the counters, Natasha moved closer until there was only a couple of feet between you, “Well the nights not over yet. I think there’s potential for more excitement.”
“I’m sure there is. Perhaps we should head back towards the others and find some of this excitement.”
Natasha poked her tongue out, wetting her lower lip with a gentle shake of her head as she brought both of her hands to the front of your belt and pushed her hips towards yours, “We could … I have a better idea though.”
Your lips curled further at her statement, knowing that this was an inevitability throughout the night but still transfixed now it was actually happening. You found yourself speechless for a moment, glancing down as her slender fingers smoothed over your buckle before tugging gently. Swallowing in an attempt to ease the sudden dryness of your throat, your eyes drifted back up to meet hers, “I find that your ideas tend to get us in trouble.”
She didn’t offer you a verbal response at first, her face moving closer so that her nose brushed the side of yours. You could feel her breath fanning your lips, not missing the way it was more laboured than usual. Then her hand moved lower, touch no longer light and delicate but rough in a way that had your skin burning hot and your heart pounding. Her hand smoothed over the front of your jeans, heavy and demanding as she palmed over the silicone hidden beneath. “I think you started it when you decided to wear this.”
Your eyes drifted closed momentarily as her fingers curled enough that she was able to grip the strap through your pants and tug gently. You could feel the heat creeping up the side of your neck, the way her mouth was so teasingly close to your own so her heavy breaths hit your face.
Natasha moved her hands back up to your belt buckle, holding it as if she were about to undo it but pausing as she gave you a small grin and raised a brow, “Or was this not for my benefit?”
“That depends.” you spoke quietly, not missing the way Natasha’s fingers twitched impatiently like she physically couldn’t wait any longer. It only made you want her more. “How badly do you want it?”
The red head seemed to think a demonstration was better than a verbal response. And truthfully that was what you had been hoping for. In preparation of what was to come, you reached to the side to place your beer down, however your eyes remained on Natasha. Finally her hands fumbled with the buckle of your belt, tugging it open eagerly and sliding down the zipper. You could feel arousal pooling in the pit of your stomach, anticipation building as Natasha slid your jeans just a little further down your hips to make the task at hand easier.
Your heart stopped as she dropped to her knees. Her fingers curled around the waistband of your boxers, pulling them lower so that she could slip one of her hands inside to free the strap. You felt like you’d forgotten how to breathe, both hands gripping the counter behind you so hard that your knuckles were beginning to whiten.
Natasha seemed to sense your anticipation, looking up to meet your gaze with the cockiest of smirks as one of her hands wrapped around the base of the strap. Her eyes never left yours as she poked her tongue out, leaning forward enough that she could run it along the entire length of the shaft. Her smirk broadened and you felt like the ground shifted beneath you as her eyes twinkled mischievously and she flicked her tongue over the tip a couple of times.
You felt light headed with arousal as Natasha’s lips parted, flattening her tongue over the head of the cock before taking it into her mouth. Her fist gripped the base tighter and you could only groan and buck your hips up as she pushed it back so that the harness pressed against you in the most satisfying way. The noise you made had Natasha moaning too, the sound muffled by the silicone in her mouth which only made it all the more satisfying to your ears.
As she took more of it into her mouth, one of your hands left the counter to thread your fingers through her hair instead. She bobbed her head lightly, hollowing her cheeks and allowing herself time to adjust until her nose brushed the black leather of the harness and she had taken the whole thing.
Your fingernails scraped against the back of her scalp, letting out a low growl as your other hand came down to brush your thumb over her cheek, “God you’re good at that.”
Natasha said nothing, removing the strap from her mouth and pumping it with her fist a couple of times so that it pushed against you again before slowly rising to her feet. Her eyes never left yours as she reached under her dress, gripping either side of her panties and sliding them down her legs.
She grinned at you again once she’d stepped out of them, picking them up and reaching around to push them into the back pocket of your jeans before grabbing the front of your shirt and pulling you towards her, “Now … how badly do you want it?”
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frenchrebelfries · a day ago
Steve: you're ok with Y/N taking this 3 weeks mission?
Natasha: *scoff* I'm not a baby Steve I can live without Y/N
Steve: *sigh in relief* good because Y/N just left awhile ago. Well see you around Romanoff enjoy your week off.
*5 minutes later*
Wanda: Umm... Steve... Natasha is taking the quinjet...
Steve: What?! *took a radio* Romanoff where are you going? you don't have the authority to take the quinjet!
Natasha: I'll be joining Y/N in the mission.
Steve: but I thought-
Natasha: I'm a baby alright! *radio cuts*
Steve: ...
Wanda: ...
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theavengers · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (2016) dir. Anthony and Joe Russo BLACK WIDOW (2021) dir. Cate Shortland
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perfectromanoff · 2 days ago
~Perfect for me~
Pairing:Natasha Romanoff x reader
Warnings:mention of death
Summary:You and Natasha were married, but what will happen when you return after she thought she had lost you forever ?
Tumblr media
Natasha was undoubtedly your soul mate, never in your life you had loved as you loved her, every day you woke up happy to have her by your side, there was nothing, neither the fights nor the bad days that could break the love that you felt for each other.
Neither Natasha nor you were people accustomed to love or being very affectionate, but when you were alone, you let see the love that the two of you had, neither were afraid of being affectionate and needing to be in contact, even if it was grabbed by the hands or with a single finger intertwined.
Never in your life did you believe in love stories and without a doubt as Natasha and you had met it was not very romantic, but every day that passed, more you became convinced that true love existed, that love for life you found it by her side.
Your whole life was perfect, every detail of your life, even bad moments turned into perfection if she was by your side. And it made you even happier to know that everything you felt, Natasha felt the same.
You and Natasha got married, lived together and had even talked about the possibility of adopting children. But when Thanos came to earth, the two knew that you'll had to postpone your dreams in order to save the planet.
When the two went to Volmir for the gem, you did not hesitate for a second to give your life for her and for the stone, you knew that you would have no life if she threw herself off the cliff. Natasha tried to prevent you from throwing yourself, but you with your powers made her stay in the place and she could not move, the last thing you saw was her sad face and her eyes full of tears before you whispered an "I love you and I will always love you" and you jumped.
You thought your life was over when your body hit the ground, but within a few seconds you opened your eyes and found yourself blinded by a white light. You moved complaining, you felt dizzy and your head hurt a lot, your body felt very different and in a lot of pain. You tried to talk and call someone but no words came out of your mouth, the only thing your ears heard was your own heartbeat, you wanted to move but you couldn't, you felt like you had a lot of weight on you, you felt trapped in your own body and you were getting very nervous about not understanding what was going on. What if you had survived the fall but were too hurt to move? How would you get out of there? How would you return home? How would you go back with Natasha? Natasha... You had to go back to her. But how would you do if you could barely breathe... What if you could never get up again and starve there... Your thoughts were interrupted by the first possible noise to hear gently behind the sound of your own heartbeat.
"She woke up! Call Bruce! It worked!"
The sounds were getting clearer and clearer and so was your eyesight, you noticed that you were in a completely white room and had several machines connected monitoring your vital signs... Wait, Bruce? Bruce! You were in the tower, you were close to Natasha! Your Natasha! You had to let her know you were alive. You had to call Natasha, you needed to see her! You tried to talk but only babbling came out that made your throat hurt as if you were drinking boiled water
"calm, take it easy (Y/N)" You heard Bruce's voice and tried to smile, you wanted to turn your head to see it but you could barely move. You saw how he approached and checked your pupils and your vital signs "can you hear me? Blink once for yes and twice for no" you blinked once and he smiled a lot "welcome back, we've miss you, it's a miracle you're here" he smiled softly. You were confused and did not understand anything, you wanted to talk but nothing came out, just babbling "calm, you have gone through a lot to be here, you have to get used to using your body again" he kept controlling you, he asked you to squeeze his hands and you could barely do what he told you, that was good, but as your body hurt so much and you were so lost, you started to get very nervous trying to move more or talk, you wanted to know what had happened, how you got there, Bruce warned you to calm down or you'll hurt yourself, but when you didn't hear it, he had no choice but to sedize you, little by little you fell asleep again.
The next time you woke up, Bruce explained that he had to Inject you because although you could not move, your powers made the ground shake very hard. He asked you to please take it easy to what you blinked once so that he knew you understood.
Little by little you started practicing with him to be able to move a little more, you wanted to recover quickly to look for Natasha and be able to talk, no one there explained to you concretely how you returned or where Natasha was, everyone knew that when you looked at the sides or got excited when they opened the door it was because you were looking for her, but no one mentioned her in front of you.
When more weeks of recovery passed and you were able to start moving properly and talking more meaningfully, what you did most of the time was ask for Nat, so much you insisted that Bruce finally decided to explained what happened. He told you that Natasha didn't know that you were back or alive... You had returned because they, Bruce and Steve, exchanged the soul gem again for your body after a few failed attempts, your body was in perfect condition, complete and without a single bruise but when they brought you back you had no vital signs. When they decided to tell Nat so she could give you a funeral if she wanted, your heart began to beat slightly just before they talked to her. Since they didn't want to excite her telling that you were alive and then break her heart again if you didn't make it, they decided to wait a little longer to see if you recovered or your body gave up completely. Gradually your body began to revive and you showed brain activity, so they decided to wait and see if when you woke up you remembered anything or if because of the trauma and time of your brain without oxygen, there was no turning back and you were not going to recover.
After they told you everything and you processed it, Bruce asked you if you wanted Nat to be called, to what you said yes.
After a few minutes, you heard someone's hurried footsteps and knew it was Nat, you heard Bruce explain what had happened and please take it easy so she wouldn't upset you. When Natasha walked through the door and saw you, she started crying uncontrollably trying to form words or do something, but her body automatically moved to your side of the bed you were in and hugged you crying on your neck. With your best effort you hugged her against your body without wanting to let it go also crying. After a while without moving from that position, Natasha moved away a little and with great effort, so that your hands did not tremble, you caressed her cheek to which she closed her eyes and leaned on your hand. You smiled softly watching her and approached to leave a soft kiss on her lips which she followed, but after a few seconds she separated with a lot of sadness in her eyes.
"(Y/N)... I...I thought I had lost you forever..." Natasha gently caressed your cheek looking into your eyes. She still couldn't believe you were there and you were back, for your part, you finally felt calm and happy to have her by your side. "Don't do that again, please don't sacrifice yourself for me, just stay safe. Don't die again" Natasha said crying and leaned her forehead on yours
"I promise nothing" you said jokingly with difficulty and with your hoarse voice to which Nat hit your arm very gently. She tried to talk but someone interrupted her
"Natty..." A delicate, sly woman whispered from the door of your room "Are you okay? You scared me when you ran out."
"I'm fine" Natasha whispered barely audible and with difficulty took her eyes off you to see the woman "Lucia... She is (Y/N) ... (Y/N) ... She is Lucía..."
You nodded just in the form of a greeting, you had such a hard time talking that you didn't want to try very hard.
"Hello, it's a pleasure, I'm Lucia, Natasha's girlfriend" The delicate woman stretched out her hand to you with a smile
"gir-girlfriend?" You said barely audible looking at Natasha. You felt as if everyone was braking suddenly and the only thing you could do was look at her who didn't look at you, just looked at the ground feeling the weight of your gaze, as if she knew the damage that made you hear hearing that. You didn't understand anything, how did it happen? Why? At what time? How did she move so fast since your death to already be with someone else?
"a pleasure to meet you" again the voice of the woman, of Lucia, took you out of your thoughts, as soon as you looked away from Natasha you saw the outstretched hand of the woman which you did not take, you just looked back at Natasha in search of an explanation.
"Nat?..." You whispered but she didn't look at you, you just heard just an audible "I'm sorry" from her. You were left waiting for some explanation but no one said anything
"oh..." it was the only thing that broke the awkward and painful silence of the room when Bruce entered and saw you three "did you tell her?" Bruce asked, and Natasha barely nodded "Take it easy (Y/N), please" Bruce tried to rest his hand on yours in an attempt to comfort you, but you pulled out your hand a little annoyed.
"Why you move on so fast...?" were the only words that managed to come out of your mouth and you saw Natasha sigh in pain.
"you left for 6 years, I thought you wouldn't come back anymore and try to move on, I had a hard time getting over your death..." Natasha whispered and you looked at her more confused. 6 years? For you it had only been a couple of months since you died and came back, perhaps, at most 6 months, but not 6 years.
" 6 years..." You whispered looking at Natasha and then at the woman "6... I left for 6 years..." Nat tried to grab your hand but you denied, she moved on and you didn't blame her, it was a good thing, but again it made you feel lost, since you had returned you felt lost without understanding what was happening, but when you saw her you felt calm because you knew that no matter what happened she would be with you, but now knowing this, you no longer knew where you fit or where you belonged.
"Are you okay? " Bruce whispered putting a hand on your shoulder and you denied
"not but it will happen... I think" you sighed looking at your hands "I want to be alone, please" you whispered sadly "I feel... Tired" you smiled forced to see Natasha's worried face, you didn't want her to feel bad, you knew she felt bad about making you feel sad, but you understood that it really wasn't her fault, it wasn't anyone's fault really.
"Come on Natty, give your friend time to rest" the woman grabbed Natasha's hand and helped her out carefully as Nat was just looking at where you were. After everyone left and you were left alone you allowed yourself to cry, all the reasons you had to return, were no longer of much use, you no longer knew where you would go after leaving that room, you could no longer live with your wife Natasha, you no longer knew if you were her wife or if you had to divorce or something, the more you thought, the worse you got and the more you cried.
After a few days passed, Bruce decided to continue with your physical recovery, he thought it would be useful to distract you.
While you were in recovery Natasha visited you many times, there was no day that went by without her going to help you with your physical therapy or bring you food and make sure you eat. Even if you were hurt by everything that was going on, you also liked being with Nat, she had been your wife for over 6 years before you died and her company was always going to be something you enjoyed and needed.
On the other hand, Natasha's girlfriend also came to visit from time to time, she was a very good girl, when she found out and related that the one who had returned was Natasha's old wife, she apologized to you for having said so directly upon meeting you that she was Nat's girlfriend. She also tried to help you if you needed anything and every day she greeted you kindly. In truth she was perfect and made things more difficult because you had no reason to hate her or to see some reason why she didn't deserve Natasha.
Every time Natasha came to see you the room was very quiet because you didn't say anything and Nat didn't know what to talk about without hurting you by something she told, so she only focused on helping you as you would allow her to. But one day, to her surprise, you started the conversation
"Where did you meet her? " you whispered breaking the silence and she looked at you in surprise
"Sure you want to talk about it?" she asked worriedly and you nodded as you looked at your food "After 5 years that I had lost you, I decided to go to one of those meetings that Sam does to overcome the loss and that... But first I had to fill out some papers in administration... And she was there, she works in Shield administration" she began to count watching you for reaction "we went for a coffee and become good friends, after 6 months as friends, we decided to become girlfriends..." You nodded listening
"So you've been together for 6 months as a couple?" You asked looking at her and she nodded
"Should I have waited longer? If I waited another year I would be with you... " she said sadly.
"Love... Sorry, Natasha... You were in pain 5 years for me... It was time to move on, it's not your fault or hers that's going on..." You whispered and she nodded but the sadness was still on her face, seeing you like that and hurting you made her feel bad.
After that first conversation, little by little the other days flowed and you started talking more about a little bit of everything, it almost felt like in the old days that you lived together.
After a couple of months of recovery you were discharged. Since you couldn't go back to what was your home and your old life, you stayed in a room in the Avengers complex until you got a new house. The good thing about being there was that you could go to the gym to train and unload your feelings in the boxing bag, the bad thing is that Natasha and her girlfriend were out there a lot for work.
While it was difficult to see them together, it was more difficult to see Natasha alone, it was hard to hold back from going to kiss her, to hug her, to hide in her chest and stay that way listening to her heartbeat, it was very difficult to remember that she was no longer yours or you were hers. With no doubt you missed your wife, and you could see in her eyes that she missed you too.
One day when you were making breakfast you felt a hand grab your waist gently, you didn't needed to turn, you knew those soft hands very well
"Natasha..." You warned and she squeezed your waist harder
"Can we talk... please" she whispered leaning her head on your back "I'm not going to let go of you until you talk to me" Nat said with a tone of sadness and you turned to see her in the eyes, you knew what she wanted to talk about, she was suffering too about everything that happened and the two of you had to finally talk about it. "Believe me, I don't want to hurt you, I missed you every day of my life wishing you would come back, but I thought you wouldn't do it anymore and I tried to move on... I'm sorry for everything that's going on... If you tell me to leave her I will do it and I will be with you forever..." She said looking into your eyes and you sighed. You wanted to beg her to stay with you, but you knew it wasn't the right thing to do.
"Nat..." you caressed her cheek " she is very kind and treats you excellent, I can see how much she loves you, she does not deserve something like that just because I told you to do it... If you wanna be with her do it, but if you don't feel the same way about her as before, you have to make the decision to talk to her and see what are you going to do, it's not something I can do for you, is your decision to make... Whatever decision you make, I support you Nat, you are in a very complicated situation and I will not blame you for what you choose to do... Okay?" Nat nodded barley looking into your eyes, you were so close that if either of you moved your lips would come together, you wanted that and without doubt Nat wanted that too, but you gathered strength and moved away from her to continue with your breakfast.
A couple of weeks passed and Nat was still with her so you thought her decision was clear. But one night while you were getting ready to go to sleep you felt a soft knock on the door of your room, when you opened you saw Nat looking at the package she was carrying in his hands nervously
"Good evening, sorry for the time but couldn't wait for tomorrow..." you smiled just watching her, it had been a long time since you saw her that nervous, she gave you the little gift and you opened it, there was something you would recognize anywhere, it was the two brides of the wedding cake of the two of you, they were very funny because one was redhead and had braided hair like Nat and her mission suit full of pistols, on the other hand you had your mission suit and instead of wearing a normal ring, the two dolls had grenade rings in their hands but also the bridal veil, surrounded by defeated enemies. Nat and you had chosen them that way because you had found it funny and it was out of the ordinary, you smiled a lot when remembering your wedding day. "I care for her very much...she is an amazing woman and she loves me and treats me so kindly..." Nat began to talk and you sighed, she had come to tell to your face that she had chosen her, it was one thing to see them and another to confirm it "she is perfect ... But it is not perfect for me, you are perfect for me, you are my wife and never, not for a second I stopped loving you, I lost you for many years, but every moment I missed you, I wanted you to come back, I wanted to see you and have you by my side and now that I have you I do not hesitate for a second to choose you, I will always choose you...Also, with who else would I look as good in the wedding cake dolls as with you? " Natasha said confidently looking at you, with a little joke to lighten the atmosphere , but when she saw that you didn't move or say anything, she began to get more nervous "w-we can go home together... only if you want too... or if you want we can take it slowly..." Natasha stopped talking when you jumped on her making her stagger as you kissed her, she laughed holding you from your waist as she followed the kiss "I missed you so much" Nat confessed when you separated needing air resting her forehead on yours while still hugging you.
"I also missed you a lot... My wife. I love you so much you make me so happy" You responded by hiding in her neck
"I love you more" She replied by curling up. You finally felt that you belonged, that it was worth coming back, that you were at home and that you were loved.
Request are open!
Thanks for all the support and the reblogs! 💕💕
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clueless-sapphic · 18 hours ago
She loves me, she loves me not
Tumblr media
College au
Natasha Romanoff x reader
warnings: angst with happy ending, briefly mentions harassment, accidental cheating, swearing, unrequited love, non-consensual kissing, please tell me if i forget any
a/n i don’t know how many words this is but it is slightly long. I hope it’s worth the read <3
You had always read stories where someone fell in love with their straight best friend, you just never thought you would end up living it one day. Falling in love with one of your friends had always been something you swore would never happen. But you came to realise it was impossible to not fall in love with Natasha Romanoff. With her smile that had the power to make anyone swoon. The enthralling green of her eyes that you would sometimes get lost in without realising. You didn’t think you could ever fall out of love with her, you were too far gone. But maybe one you could learn to be okay with the harsh truth that she would inevitably fall in love with someone else. Someone who wasn’t you. No, you would only ever be her best friend.
A lot of the time, you found yourself wondering why she approached you at that part. After all she was hot and confident and people couldn’t help but look at her when she entered a room. She was everything you were not. You knew it was irrational, but you never asked her why because you were scared she would realise just how much of a nobody she was friends with.
You were broken out of your thoughts when Natasha plopped down next to you. A quick glance at her told you she was really frustrated, the clench in her jaw being the biggest clue.
“Are you okay?”
She turned to you with anger in her eyes “I hate Bruce”
“What did he do?” you questioned
“I just saw him kiss another girl, he’s embarrassed me in front of everyone”
“You’re not upset?”
“Why should i be? It’s his loss not mine” she shrugged
Deep down she knew she should feel upset, but for some reason she didn’t find herself caring that much.
She looked over at you and took your hand in hers “Let’s go get a drink”
You ignored the butterflies in your stomach as you let her lead you through the house.
Standing awkwardly in the corner of a party, quite frankly felt like shit. The sweaty stench that invaded your nose was unpleasant to say the least. Loud music blasted through your ears and was sure to give you a headache soon. But, worst of all, watching Natasha flirt with Steve had left you with a throbbing pain in your heart.
You didn’t like Steve, you never had. But, after seeing him flirt with her, hate for him bubbled in your chest. You knew it was irrational, he hadn’t done anything wrong. With a huff you walked into the garden tired of watching them. There was no one here, as the wind brushed through your hair, tears flowed from your eyes. It was cold and goosebumps spread across your arms but you didn’t mind, it numbed the ache.
The distinct sound of footsteps had you hurriedly wiping your tears. You could only hope your eyes weren’t red.
Natasha stepped in front of you “What are you doing out here? Oh my god you’re shivering. Here take my jacket”
She didn’t hesitate to shrug it off her shoulder. You shook your head, stepping away from her.
“I don’t want you to be cold”
“I’d take being cold any day if it meant you were okay” She smiled looking at you lovingly
Whilst you were frozen in shock, she took the opportunity to slip her leather jacket around you. Words seemed incapable of leaving your mouth so you wrapped your arms around her as a thank you.
Natasha’s breath hitched in her throat as you hugged her. How did she meet someone as great as you? Her hands stroked your back, relishing in the gentle embrace. Both of you were too busy enjoying the other’s company to feel Steve’s harsh glare from the door.
You walked through the empty corridor trying to find the bathroom. Natasha had insisted she come with you, she knew you felt a bit unsafe being alone at parties. The fear that someone would try to harass you had been ingrained into you. Unfortunately, she had been dragged away by some friend. You didn’t know how long it would take her to come back, so you decided to continue your venture through the house. Every now and then you would nervously tug at the dress you wore.
Your breath was ripped from your throat when someone slammed you into the wall. In front of you stood Steve with red, hot anger gleaming on his face. It had you pushing yourself further into the wall, trying to get as far away as possible from him.
“I know what you’re trying to do”
“Go to the bathroom?”
His grip on your arm tightened, it took all of your self control to not grimace.
“You’re trying to ruin mine and Natasha’s relationship. It’s not going to work, she wouldn’t date a bitch like you”
You struggled out of his grip “Let me go, are you that insecure?”
You had poked the bear. Steve’s hand gripped your throat, lightly putting pressure.
“I’m just warning you” he snarled “If i see you make a move on her again, i will kill you”
A glimpse of red hair caught your eyes, it seemed it caught Steve’s attention too since he moved away from you. She walked over to Steve. Maybe you should’ve been upset, but you knew Natasha better than that. Your Natasha would never let anyone harm you like that and get away with it. She had always been protective of you.
Natasha’s fist connected with his jaw, drawing a groan from him.
She gripped his jaw in a vice grip lifting his face so he was looking her in the eye “What the fuck did you say to her?”
When he didn’t answer her lips curled into a smirk and she cocked her head to the side slightly “Fine, i guess we’re doing this the hard way”
She slammed him against the wall the same way he had done to you earlier. Maybe you should’ve stopped her, but you felt some sort of satisfaction knowing Steve wasn’t getting away with it.
A swift punch to the stomach elicited another groan from Steve.
“Why the fuck did you think you could just put your hands on her?”
The district murmuring of a crowd made you realise that people had started to arrive, desperately wanting to see what the commotion was about.
You walked over to Natasha tugging on the bottom of her top lightly. She turned to you, still keeping an eye on Steve in case he tried something.
“There’s people here” you whispered
She glared at Steve “If you touch her again” a dark chuckled left her lips “let’s just say you’ll wish you were dead”
With that said, she wrapped her arm around your waist and guided you out of the house. She wanted to teach him a proper lesson, but she knew you didn’t like crowds. You got into Natasha’s car and she took your hand in hers, drawing circles on the back of it with her thumb. She hoped it would calm you down, but it only made your heart rate more erratic.
The minute you walked through the door of her apartment she had pulled you into a hug. After a short moment she pulled away, cupping your jaw in her hand and examining your face.
“Are you hurt? What did he say to you?” she began her interrogation
“Can we get into bed first? This dress is really uncomfortable” You let out a light laugh
“I’ll get you some clothes to change into, come on”
She led you to her room as she dug through her closet for shorts and a t-shirt, they were what you usually preferred to sleep in. You took the clothes and walked over to her bathroom to change.
When you walked out Natasha almost did a double take, the t-shirt didn’t cover your shorts. Natasha couldn’t help but glance back at your legs you.
You noticed the pink dusting her cheeks and walked over to her “Are you okay?”
“Y-yeah” she breathed out, confused as to why she suddenly felt so lost for words “I’m just cold”
You gave her a pointed stare “This is why i told you to keep your jacket”
She groaned “It’s not that”
“Sure, whatever” you answered, but she knew you didn’t believe her “Here take your jacket before i forget”
She took it from your hands, questioning why she felt disappointed. Carelessly, she shoved it into her closet. There was no time to fold it, she had to make sure you were okay.
Once the two of you had settled comfortably into her bed she didn’t hesitate to ask you questions “What did he say to you?”
You shifted slightly in the bed, what would she think once she found out? “He- he thought i was trying to steal you from him”
“Oh” Natasha sighed “He’s such a dick”
“Yeah, he is. How did you ever like him?”
She sighed “I don’t know, everyone always found him attractive”
“Did you ever find him attractive?”
Your question made her freeze, did she ever find him attractive? It hadn’t been something that occurred to her before you brought it up. She should’ve find him attractive, after all she had dated him.
“I don’t know” she mumbled
After that the two of you conversed until you drifted off to sleep.
Natasha clenched her jaw when she watched Wanda laugh at a joke you made, her hand snaking its way onto your shoulder. There was an unfamiliar burning in the pits of her stomach when she saw Wanda lean closer to whisper something in your ear. She didn’t know that Wanda was asking you why a certain redhead was glaring at her. She had never felt this way before, not even when she had seen Bucky kiss a girl when they had been dating. Natasha had to clench her fists tightly to stop herself from storming over to you and ripping Wanda away.
You caught Natasha’s stare and sent her a small smile, Natasha didn’t realise that her gaze instantly softened. Quickly saying something to Wanda, you made your way over to your best friend.
You grinned “Hey Natty”
She matched your grin “Hey”
“Why do you look so moody? You miss me that much?” you teased
she scoffed “Don’t get ahead of yourself”
You laughed “too late”
When the two of you were sat together at lunch, she dared to ask the question that had been on her mind all day.
“Do you like Wanda?”
The question had you giggling a bit “Don’t be silly, we’re just friends”
“But she was flirting with you”
You furrowed your eyebrows trying to recall your conversations with Wanda “Nope, there’s no way. Plus, she likes Agatha”
Natasha’s eyes widened in shock “Really? Didn’t they hate each other?”
“Ever heard of the phrase ‘There’s a thin line between hate and love’. They’re like enemies to lovers in real life”
She shoved you “you read too many books”
You gasped “One can never read too many books”
The two of you burst into a fit of giggles. As Natasha glanced at you, a warm feeling spread across her chest. Maybe she did like you. Maybe that was okay.
You desperately wished you could keep this memory with you forever. It was a chilly autumn evening, leaves of various colours were dotted across the park. You had forced convinced Natasha to have a picnic in the park. When you were eating the cake you and Natasha had baked, you felt her gaze on you, more specifically on your lips.
You looked up at her, feeling your cheeks warm up despite the cold “What happened?”
“You have icing on your lips” she explained
She gestured to a spot on her lips and you tried to wipe your lips in the same spot “Is it gone?”
“No, let me”
She moved closer to you until your faces were only a few centimetres apart. Her finger lightly brushed over the icing, getting it off your lips. But it seemed she was stuck in a trance, she couldn’t move her eyes from your lips. A beam of hope lit up your chest.
Without thinking, her lips brushed over yours. She abruptly pulled away when she realised what she had done.
“I’m really sorry” she apologised “I should’ve aske-
You cut her off with a kiss, your lips moving together in a sync. She pulled you into her lap and your kiss deepened. You pulled away breathlessly with a bright smile that you couldn’t possibly conceal. You had waited too long for this. But you needed to make sure this was real, that this meant something.
“Does this mean we’re dating?”
“If you want to”
“I do”
Tears welled up in your eyes at the sight in front of you. Steve was kissing Natasha. Steve was kissing your Natasha. You were tempted to just turn around and walk away. But there was a small part of you that hoped this was a misunderstanding. That she would push him away, punch him, do anything to stop him. It hurt watching for a second longer, but you were used to the pain by now. It had been a normal occurrence when the two of you were just friends.
You were rewarded for your patience when you heard a disgusted groan and were met with the sight of Natasha shoving Steve away. She wiped a hand across her lips to get the feel of it off. At first, she had been too shocked to do anything.
“Have you ever heard of consent, you dick?”
“You liked me before”
“I thought i liked you” she spat out “I can’t even stand to look at you”
She started walking away from him but froze when she saw you, the fear written clearly across her face. You gave her a soft smile, that you hoped told her you understood. She ran to you and held you in a tight embrace.
“I’m really sorry. I didn’t even realise, i was just-
You cut her off before she started ranting “Hey, you don’t have to apologise, it’s not your fault”
She breathed out a sigh of relief “Can we go now?”
Hand in hand, the two of you walked away from the school building.
Sometimes when you held hands with Natasha or when she wrapped her hands around your waist from behind, you found yourself pinching your arm. Just to make sure this wasn’t a dream, one that felt so real that you found tears dripping onto your t-shirt when you woke up. You wouldn’t be surprised if it was, it had happened before.
The fear that your happiness would be ripped away from you one day ate you up. But Natasha always showed you just how much she loved you with her actions. The way she would always press a kiss to your forehead when she saw you. How she always touched you in some way, when the two of you were together. Your relationship had a bit of a rocky start, but what you had now was beautiful. The two of you were like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, you fit together perfectly.
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tquick99 · 2 days ago
Natasha: I hate you. Y/N: Well, according to this picture I drew of us holding hands, that is untrue.
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blackkwidowed · 2 days ago
here's a thought - mechanic!r with nat who just thirsts over you the entire time you're working on stark's endless array of fancy cars
yall really ate that mechanic!r up huh?
we all know tony - as soon as he drives too fast in those useless, fancy ass cars, you'll end up having to do some degree of work to it.
nat ends up going with you, using the excuse that she'll take the chance at peace and quiet to catch up with her reading, but the book remains where she placed it without even a glance.
nat's sat with her eyes on you, and it's really fucking obvious too. her eyes glaze over your arms when they tense, your ass when you bend over to reach for something, your neck when you get too hot after doing so much work, when it's slick and sweaty and all natasha can think about is marking it.
once you notice, you only tease her more. you'll throw her a glance every so often, raising an eyebrow or grinning or winking at her to let her know you're not stupid, that you know the kind of things she thinking.
eventually, nat will have her thighs pressed together tight, a very subtle blush creeping up on her cheeks. she feels hot, uncomfortable, like the only thing that'll satisfy her is for you to just do something about it and do it soon.
you'll lock the garage door and disappear to clean yourself up, reappearing a few minutes later and walking right over to natasha.
she'll stay seated as you reach to touch her, cupping her cheek and rubbing your thumb across her lips before leaning to kiss her hard. her arms wrap around your neck and she stands to kiss you easier, to press herself as close as she can.
she'll be bent over a workbench, whining your name when the knock on the garage door startles you both, leaving nat to scramble to do her jeans up before tony inevitably catches you both screwing on his furniture.
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vancityfire13 · a day ago
im convinced that you could write about natasha turning into a cucumber and y/n accidentally eating her, and it would still be incredible 😌😌😌
Ta da.
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 1K
A/N: This be hurt/comfort but still fluffy.
Falling in love with Natasha had meant learning to live with her nightmares.
When you’d first started dating, Natasha would disappear in the night. It had been unsettling to wake up alone. Asking her about it had felt difficult, you knew there’d be a private reason.
The brief way she admitted to her nightmares was enough for you to know how much they haunted her. Natasha was leaving before they woke you.
You held her hand when she told you. You’d asked her over breakfast and you watched her keep eating mechanically, as if her jaw wasn't tight between bites.
You kissed her cheek and asked her to stay. Natasha had hesitated and you’d felt your skin tingle as you saw her anxiety for the first time.
‘They’re bad.’ She warned you obscurely and you felt the gravity in the way her voice deepened. You resisted the urge to shrug. Instead, your hand moved to her thigh and rested there. You caught Natasha’s eye and held her gaze purposefully.
‘Okay.’ You answered, hoping that she’d understand exactly what you meant. Natasha didn’t suffer from light pain. You couldn’t be ready to see the depths of it, but you weren’t going to leave. Natasha’s hand slid over the top of yours. Her touch was warm and her palm was slightly rough. She nodded once.
After that, you’d experienced Natasha’s nightmares almost every night. She’d wake up in cold sweats. You’d see silent screams painted on her lips sometimes. The worst ones were the nights when you’d wake up, not quite sure what had pulled you from consciousness, and look over. You’d see Natasha lying there, staring up at the ceiling with tears falling down her cheeks.
You told her in one of those moments, that if she ever wanted to talk about the nightmares then she could. Natasha had shaken her head, tear tracks glistening awfully in the dim morning light. You didn’t push.
Soon, you started finding the little ways to be there for her. You learned to recognised the wild way her eyes would dart about after some dreams. You knew it meant she was scared of being alone. You’d press yourself closer in the bed, kissing her cheek softly as she let out strange huffs of relief.
Other times, there’d be such a force of panic that Natasha would react, sitting up abruptly in the bed as the stress of her nightmare rolled through her. You didn’t dare touch her then.
Instead, you whispered quiet words of reassurance. You recounted dates with her, your favourite things about her. You described her secret smiles and the way she made you feel when she took your hand. Those nights lasted the longest, it could take hours for Natasha to breathe out a long sigh of calmness. You found that you didn’t care. Natasha would hold your hand after those nights, palm clammy from the panic. It was worth it. It was so easily worth it.
You rarely remembered your dreams. Your first nightmare occurred two months into dating Natasha.
You woke up with a gasp that you tried to silence instinctively. You glanced instinctively to Natasha, conditioned from being woken up by her nightmares. Her eyes were opening sleepily, they widened immediately as they took in your panicked stare.
You tried to catch your breath. The dream has been too stupid to be real. You tried to acclimatise to the world around you.
Natasha gripped your hand and suddenly you were entirely overwhelmed. You tipped back into hysteria and started to cry. Her arm moved automatically around your shoulder. Just like you, Natasha seemed to understand you perfectly. Her hold was tight but not suffocating. She brought you into a sitting position in the bed next to her.
Your tears had lessened, but your breathing was still uneven. Your head leaned against her shoulder as you tried to remember that it wasn’t real. Natasha was still here.
‘Do you want to talk about it?’ Natasha prompted hesitantly. You understood her carefulness, she wasn’t sure if she had the right to ask you that. Her nightmares had always been her own to keep.
It was okay. You were not the same people. You mumbled through the dream embarrassedly, feeling better for saying it but also mortified for how ridiculous it was. Your voice caught when you described realising that Natasha was dead.
Natasha tensed next to you.
‘You were gone.’ You told her, your voice shaking now, ‘And it was all my fault.’
Natasha didn’t speak and after a moment you lifted your head, wanting to see her expression. Her eyes were shiny with tears, but she didn’t look upset. Your confusion was easy to read.
Natasha’s hand rested on your thigh and when she looked back at you, you were sure that she loved you.
‘I have nightmares like that too.’ She choked out softly and you realised now that there was sadness and relief written across her face.
‘I’m so scared to lose you.’ She admitted and her tone sounded foreign to you. You wondered if it sounded strange to her too.
‘I’m so scared it’s my fault that you leave.’ She added and you heard the aching sense of foreboding now. You realised that Natasha didn’t believe this would last. That she was waiting for the moment this was over.
‘Most nights, I see you hurt with pain I wish you didn’t have.’ You told Natasha quietly, feeling stronger now for seeing Natasha so open. ‘But, every morning I want to be with you even more.’
You let your hand cover Natasha’s on your thigh. She felt warm under your touch.
There was a long moment before Natasha spoke.
‘Okay.’ She said at last and you smiled.
You thought about your dream and shuddered automatically. Natasha glanced at you in concern.
‘Let’s not buy cucumbers for a while.’ You muttered, your eyes closing for a half second. When you opened them again, Natasha’s grin was wide. You pouted slightly and she leaned forward to kiss you.
‘No cucumbers.’ She promised before her lips touched yours.
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p0orbaby · a day ago
pregnant!natasha x female!reader request: nat getting frustrated at her own mood swings after kicking r out of their home in the pouring rain, bc r asked nat if she wanted “another piece of cake” & nat thinks that she said it in a judging tone lmao
Thank you so much for my first request! This was such a cute idea I started writing it straight away!
Authors note - This is my first Natasha x reader one shot so please go easy on me. My formatting might be a little dodgy at first but hopefully will get that sorted in the future. Also this was written in notes so don’t mind the errors! I’ll tag all my fics with poorbabyromanoffs for now so they’re easier to find until I sort a masterlist :)
Warnings - brief moment of sexual themes if you squint
Hold Your Tongue
If there was one thing that you knew about being married to Natasha, it was that she wore the trousers. Even if at this current moment, said trousered had a stretchy waist and were bought from the maternity section. She wore them nonetheless.
You had been walking on eggshells throughout most of your wife’s pregnancy. Her hormones making her mood change at the drop of a hat, and today wasn’t any different.
It all started this morning. It was her birthday so you had decided to get up earlier than normal to decorate the house with banners and balloons and get her birthday cake sorted before she woke up. That was you first mistake.
Apparently waking up alone on her birthday was not something she felt was the right move. Especially when she’s pregnant.
“But what if something happened to us while you were downstairs” she said as she waddled her way through the kitchen looking for something to eat.
“Nat, I was only a flight of stairs away, I’m sure if anything happened, which it didn’t, I’d be able to get to you both in time” you replied, trying to ease the situation before it got out of hand. She seemed to be appeased with your reply as when she turned around to face you, she smiled and held her arms out wide waiting for your embrace.
Your next mistake came around lunchtime .
Natasha had decided a while back that because she would be so far along by the time her birthday rolled around, she wanted to spend the day relaxing at home, with you. As it turns out, that was easier said than done.
Settling on watching a film together in the lounge, Natasha had her back to your chest whilst your hand rested on her bump, the telly droning on quietly.
On the verge of nodding off, all interest in the tv forgotten, you were jolted awake by movements from atop you. You opened you’re eyes to find Natasha struggling to get herself off of the sofa.
“Wait a second, let me help baby” you said as you shuffled from underneath her in order to help her up.
“No it’s okay, I’ve got it”
“Take my hand, I don’t like seeing you struggle”
The latter half of that sentence earned you a warning glare.
“I’m not struggling” she said, finally rising from her position with a huff.
I am capable of sitting up on my own you know”. With that she abruptly turned towards the stairs, to where you assumed she was headed for the toilet. Your suspicions confirmed when you heard the door slam behind her.
Letting out a sigh you made your way up the stairs towards to bathroom to patiently await your wife’s reappearance. Leaning against the wall next to the door for what felt like hours, until you heard grunting coming from inside.
“Nat, are you alright in there?” No response.
“Natasha answer me”. Nothing again.
Starting to worry, you wiggled the door handle, and upon finding it unlocked you made the decision to open the door and see what was happening on the other side.
To your surprise you found Natasha still sitting on the toilet, teary eyed and embarrassed.
“I need your help” she mumbled, barely loud enough for you to hear.
With a reassuring smile, you walked towards her and held out both of your hands for her to grab and you gently pulled her to her feet, pecking a kiss to her forehead when she was upright.
“C’mon, let’s get you back downstairs, whilst I start on the dinner”. This time she was grateful for you arm around her waist as you descended the stairs towards the kitchen.
The ultimate error you had made came after dinner. Everything was going great before hand. Natasha loved the food, she loved the cake even more and she was now humming to herself contently, pacing around the kitchen island whilst you started washing the dirty plates. Listening to how your wife seemed to harmonise with the rain hitting the windows.
So when the humming stopped and you heard cupboard doors opening and closing, you turned around to see Natasha rummaging in the pantry looking for god knows what.
You dried you hands on tea towel and walked towards her curiously only to find her eating straight out of a jar of peanut butter.
“Oh come on Nat, not the peanut butter, I eat that too, and I don’t want to end up eating whatever you leave behind in there” you laughed out as you took the spoon and jar away from her as she feigned annoyance.
“Well you’ve had worse things in your mouth before” she replied wiggling her eyebrows at you.
“Don’t start something you can’t finish love. Anyway if you’re still that hungry have another slice of cake”
That seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back. Natasha looked at you with fire in her eyes and it sent chills down your spine.
“What did you just say to me?” Her tone was laced with venom.
“I, uh, I said why don’t you have another slice of cake if you’re still hungry”
“What do you mean, another slice of cake?”
“Nothing, there’s still loads left so I thought you’d want more of that instead” her reaction told you that wasn’t the answer she was looking for.
If Natasha was a cartoon character, she would have turned bright red and have steam coming out of her ears. For someone so small, she didn’t half make you shrivel up in fear sometimes.
Walking towards you, prodding you in the chest as you backed out of the pantry, you had the feeling this wasn’t going to end well.
“I suggest you think about what you’ve just said to me if I were you” that’s when she stared to make her way over to the patio doors.
“No, Nat what’s going on” you replied as she opened the doors that led to the garden. You could feel the chill from the cold air from the other side of the room.
Looking at your wife with wide eyes hoping to God she didn’t mean what she was implying.
“You have three seconds to get out before you say something else you might regret”
“Nat, baby, you can’t be serious right now” the laughter in your voice didn’t seem to help the situation.
“Natasha, stop this, I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry. Close the door I don’t want you getting sick” that didn’t work either as she just held her ground next to the open doors with her arms folded across her chest.
You stood there pinching the bridge of your nose trying to figure out your next move.
“At least let me get a coat or something?”
“One” her raising her eyebrows at you meant that was your last chance to do what she said before you felt the wrath of the one and only Natasha Romanoff.
“Okay, fine you win” you finally said as you flung your arms in the air in frustration, making your way across the room.
Stepping into the rain in just your lounge wear and slippers was not something you thought you’d see yourself doing today. But alas, there you were.
As soon as your whole body was outside, you heard the doors close and lock behind you and you knew you’d fucked up.
If Natasha being annoyed at you wasn’t enough, it seemed as though a higher being agreed with her as the heavens opened even more, causing it to rain more than you thought possible.
Scurrying from your place on the garden wall, you found some respite from the rain under the patio canopy, curling up on a garden chair hugging your knees for warmth.
Realising you were sat under the kitchen window, you stood on the chair you were sat on and peeked inside to look for any sign of life. What you found made you smile.
Natasha was sat at the kitchen island, slice of cake in hand, eyes closed and dancing in her seat. For someone so incredibly stubborn, you’re not surprised to find her fulfilling herself in secret.
You decided to let her have her moment so you climbed down from the chair and returned to your sitting position. Knowing she’ll come around. You waited patently under the canopy.
After what felt like a lifetime, you finally heard the doors unlock.
Thankful for your wife’s change of heart, you ran inside grateful for the warmth that wrapped around you when you entered the house.
“Nat, honey I know you’re mad but come on love it was getting freezing out there!” You exclaimed, making your way to the sink to wring out your wet hair.
“I know, I’m sorry”, she looked at you with tears in her eyes that threatened to fall.
“I’m just so frustrated all the time. I’m massive, I can’t get up, I can’t put socks on. I eat constantly and I can’t stop crying. It’s driving me up the wall”
Her confession soon had you walking towards her and putting your arms around her shoulders to calm her down.
Lifting her chin up between your fingers in order for her to look at you. You sighed and kissed her in the top of her head, hoping to reassure her.
“Natasha, you’re growing a child. You can’t expect to be the same as you were before. Your body is helping our baby grow and it’s doing an amazing job. Don’t get yourself down about this, please” you hoped your words helped her see that everything will be alright.
You felt her relax in your arms after that.
“Sorry for locking you outside, I know I’m a pain in the arse”
“It’s alright Nat, but please if you decide to do that again, at least let me put some layers on”. She let out a small laugh and you knew things were right again.
“Anyway, you are a pain, but you’re my pain. Forever and always”.
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frenchrebelfries · 2 days ago
Yelena: *scrolling through Natasha's phone* you call Alexie daddy?
Natasha: *confusedly asked* Daddy?
Y/N: yes babygirl?
Alexie: what is it my princess?
Melina:: what?
Alexie: what?
Yelena: what?
Y/N: what?
Natasha: *looks at Y/N dumbfounded*
Yelena: *Trying hard not to laugh*
Alexie: *looks at Y/N and Natasha*
Y/N: Umm...
Melina: *threatening voice* Y/N.... what did you do to my little Natasha...
Y/N: It's Natasha's fault! she's too hot mama!
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alotofpockets · 3 days ago
Hiden Weapons (Yelena Belova x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yelena Belova x Reader
Summary: A month ago you and your girlfriend Yelena moved into an apartment together. You are looking for something and find a hidden weapon.
Word count: 1436
Read on AO3
A month ago you and your girlfriend Yelena moved into an apartment together. The two of you had been dating for seven months prior to the move.
You had a day off from work and were currently looking for some snacks you knew you bought a couple days prior. You open all the cabinets in the kitchen. Hoping you’d find the snacks behind the last door. No snacks, but to your surprise you find a gun taped to the side panel. Slightly shocked you close the cabinet door.
You walk over to the small pantry, sure you’d find your snacks there. You open the door and turn on the light. You open all the boxes, still no snacks. Then a glimmer catches your eye. You walk towards and reach out. In your hand you now hold a knife. Your eyes widen.
You take the knife into the kitchen and place it on the table. You get the gun from the cabinet and place it next to the knife. You wonder, is there more? So you start looking and sure enough behind the TV you find another gun. You keep looking and find two more guns hidden away. All the weapons you found are now placed on the kitchen table.
You sigh and head out of the apartment.
“Honey I’m home” Yelena says in a sing-song voice. “Y/n?” she says louder as she doesn’t hear a response. She looks around the apartment for you, but can’t seem to find you. Finally she walks into the kitchen to look for you there.
Her eyes fall on the kitchen table “shit” she says under her breath. She takes a seat at the table. She knows she messed up. But where were you? It wasn’t like you to walk away from the hard conversations. So she started to worry, tears streaming down her face. What if this was the one thing the two of you couldn’t work past. She had to find you.
Before Yelena can open the apartment door to start looking for you, you open the door and walk in. Yelena stood right behind the door, tears still falling from her eyes.
“Hey baby, what’s wrong?” you say pulling your girlfriend into a hug. Your expression full of worry, Yelena not being one to show these kinds of emotions very often.
“Y-you’re not mad at me?” Yelena mutters. “I’m not, what makes you think I am?”
She leads you over to the kitchen table looking at the weapons “because I hid these around the apartment.”
“Oh sorry love, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just found one and then another, so I kept looking. I’m not mad, with your line of work I know it’s just for protection.” You grab her hand and give it a reassuring squeeze, “so did I find all?” you joke.
Yelena’s eyes the weapons once more “no, you missed a few” she concluded. She starts walking around the apartment and comes back with three more.
“Oh come on, I looked for an hour.” You growl.
“Good thing you became a marketeer and not a spy then” Yelena jokes, the tension finally leaving her body. You chuckle.
“Lena,” you take hold of both of her hands and look her into her eyes “you know you didn’t have to hide them from me right? I get placing them in hiding spots, I mean you could’ve told me about them and their whereabouts.”
“I wasn’t sure. I mean I know you’re not really fond of weapons.” Yelena says after thinking for a moment.
“Yelena, choosing to be a part of your life, means choosing a life with weapons around. You don’t have to hide that from me, I promise.” You said with the up most sincerity in your voice.
You stood up and pulled the girl in for a hug “I love you Lena”. Yelena smiles “I love you too, baby”.
“Wait where did you go?” Yelena asks loosening her grip on you. You reach into your pocket “went to the store to get these” holding out a pack of Sour Patch Kids and a pack of Swedish Fish “I was looking for them when I found the first gun.”
Yelena takes your hand and leads you to the hallway. “Where are we going?” you ask with a confused look on your face as she grabs your coat. “Nowhere” she opens your coat pocket pulling out the packs of candy you were looking for, with a smirk on her face “you never took them out of your coat pockets, детка (baby).”
She walks over to the couch “wanna watch a movie?”
“Actually, since we have all these weapons laying around. I was thinking maybe you could teach me how to use some?” you ask.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I would like to be able to protect myself when you’re away on missions.”
You sit at the kitchen table as Yelena shows you how one of the guns work. She hands it to you and shows you how to hold it. She stands behind you, pressed against your back. With her hand on your hand that is holding the gun. She shows you how to aim. “How do you feel about going to a shooting range after dinner, so you can practice shooting and aiming?”
 * Two months later *
Yelena was on a mission, she left two days ago and told you it was going to take at least five.
You just came back from work, still wearing your dress pants and a blouse since you had important meetings the whole day.
You heard the front door open. It couldn’t be Yelena yet right? You were waiting to hear the infamous ‘honey, I’m home’ you grew to love hearing every time Yelena came back from work. But the words weren’t spoken, you only heard footsteps walking into your home.
You quietly walk over to the closest gun, hidden away.
With the gun raised you walk over to the intruder. Glad that Yelena taught you not only to use the gun, but also how to make sure they don’t hear you coming.
You walked into the room with the intruder. Gun aimed at the woman, you took the safety off. Hearing the click the woman turns around, hands up. “Who are you?” you say with a stern voice. You had no clue how you could sound that calm. Yelena trained you, but you never had to put the training to the test.
The woman looks at you with a smirk. Hearing another set of footsteps come closer.
You look over to the person walking in next, the gun still aimed at the woman. When you realize it’s Yelena.
“Honey I’m ho-“ she starts before seeing what’s happening. “Easy baby, that’s just my sister.” Yelena says.
Sister? You’re aiming a gun at your girlfriends sister? You froze.
Noticing you hadn’t lowered the gun yet, she steps forwards and puts out a hand to lower your gun. She takes it from your hand and puts the safety back on before placing it on the table.
The shock slowly leaving your body. “Sister?” you say out loud this time.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Natasha.” The woman speaks, looking amused.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know” you say looking between Natasha and Yelena. You knew Yelena had a sister, but you never met her or seen pictures of her.
“Don’t worry about it.” Natasha said as she moved past the both of you and sat down on the couch.
“Sorry I didn’t warn you she was coming and that I’d be back earlier” Yelena says while hugging you tight. In your ear she whispers “you looked hot with the gun and the suit.” You feel a blush forming on your cheeks.
“Where did you learn to sneak up on people like that?” Natasha asked shooting you an intrigued look. “That would be your sister.” You say. “She taught you well.” You nod with a content smile.
You show Natasha the spare room, Yelena handed her some sweats and an oversized t-shirt. You excuse yourself to change into some comfier clothes as well. Yelena following close after.
In your room you are once again pulled into a hug. “I missed you” you say as you kiss her. “I missed you too, детка (baby)”.
You walk back into the living room in sweats and a hoodie, followed by Yelena in sweats and a t-shirt. When Natasha also joins you in the living room, you start laughing. “What’s so funny?” Yelena asks.
“We’re all wearing your clothes, love” you snicker.
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