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#Natasha Romanoff
shmaptainshada · 8 minutes ago
🍓 20. bandaging/stitching up an injury for sam wilson, please
nonnie you’re like one of my favourite people for requesting this it’s gonna be LIT
using a gender neutral reader :)
Tumblr media
Sam was far to tired to care for his injuries, let alone notice the extent of them. The only time his face seemed to show an ounce of worry was when your eyebrows were raised and you gasped quietly.
“That bad?” he asked and you pressed your lips together in a thin line.
“Come let me clean you up a bit, I’m sure it’ll be loads better after that,”
He nodded and with your help, stood up from the couch, and made his way to the washroom. You sat him down on the edge of the tub and turned on the lights, giving you both a moment to adjust to the added brightness.
“Rough couple days, I’m guessing?” you said softly, pulling away the top portion of his uniform, covering his chest. He nodded and grimaced slightly as you pulled away the material from his skin.
The had quite a few cuts and scrapes, no doubt some bruises that were going to form eventually.
“Okay Sam you’ve got two options,” you said bending down in front of him. “Either I can stitch you up here or we can go to the ER,”
“Can you just do it?” he asked. “I-I-,”
“No it’s alright,” you assured him, laying a hand on top of his and squeezing it. “It’s what I’m here for right?”
He nodded and you went to grab some heavier pain killers for him to take and you gave them a little bit to kick in while disinfecting the wounds, then you slowly started to stitch them up, constantly looking to make sure Sam was alright.
After, you grabbed some bandages and dressed the wounds, pressing a light kiss on each one before looking up at him and holding his cheek in your slightly bloodied hand, bringing him closer and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.
“I love you (Y/N),” he mumbled and you nodded.
“I know my love,” you smiled. “I love you too,”
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broadwayfan92 · 17 minutes ago
(Natasha’s in a bad mood)
Nat: I’m fine. I’m great. It’s a big, fat, happy sunshine day for me.
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thewidowsghost · 25 minutes ago
Gone - Part 1 (Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Stark!Reader)
(Y/n) glances over from beside her father, meeting her redhead's gaze.Natasha's eyes glimmer, and (Y/n) beams at the little dog resting in her lap.(Y/n) Stark had gone the beginning of her young life single.
But that was before she met Natasha Romanoff, the gorgeous redheaded former assassin. The two had met when Natasha was undercover in Stark Industries back in 2010.
Natasha had instantly found an attraction to the younger Stark and (Y/n) couldn't take her eyes off Natasha - Natalie - at the time.
It wasn't until the end of the whole predicament with Hammer that (Y/n) had learned the redhead's true identity - Natasha Romanoff.
(Y/n) had been the one to have enough courage to ask Natasha out on their first date. Natasha had smiled a little at (Y/n)'s nervousness and agreed.
Four years later, the two were still going strong, and Tony had no idea that the two young women were in a relationship.
(Y/n) glances over from beside her father, meeting her redhead's gaze.
Natasha's eyes glimmer, and (Y/n) beams at the little dog resting in her lap.
Tumblr media
Natasha was the one who had gotten (Y/n) the Australian Shepherd for Christmas when they had returned to their shared apartment half an hour away from the Compound.
Scout - the Australian Shepherd puppy - raises her head and nuzzles (Y/n)'s chin.
Scout's tail wags happily, and she jumps off the younger Stark's lap and streaks over to Natasha and Wanda - who were sitting on the same couch. Wanda was very much fond of her mentor.
Scout yips excitedly, and Natasha raises an eyebrow at the puppy but does lean forward and pick up the shepherd, Wanda petting the dog.
Steve walks into the room, his brow furrowed when he announces to the Avengers in the room, "We have a mission!"
"Who?" Tony asks, his gaze shifting to the Capsicle.
"Everyone," Steve replies, and (Y/n) frowns, her face turning grim at the thought of her love, father, and best friend leaving to go on yet another dangerous mission.
The other Avengers scramble around, grabbing their mission suits and their mission gear.
(Y/n) had walked down to the workshops where there were a few Iron Man suits that needed repairing.
"Are you going to be alright?" Natasha asks softly, walking up to her girlfriend.
(Y/n) nods, though a soft scowl is still prominent on her face.
Natasha softens, letting her fingers stroke between (Y/n)'s eyebrows, and frown slides off (Y/n)'s face.
(Y/n) smiles endearingly at her girlfriend, her gaze gentle.
"Be careful," (Y/n) says softly, the other Avengers walking through the workshop. She waits until the rest of her friends cross into the other room before she places a soft kiss on Natasha's lips. "I love you," she murmurs. "Come home safe."
"I will," Natasha replies, her eyes soft and loving.
Scout lets out a soft bark, and Natasha leans down to caress the puppy on the head.
Natasha straightens back up and (Y/n) turns, placing the new prototype of Natasha's Widow's Bites onto her girlfriend's wrists.
"Please be careful," (Y/n) repeats, and Natasha nods calmly, used to (Y/n)'s worry - as (Y/n) wasn't an Avenger but an inventor like her father.
"I'll come home to you," Natasha murmurs, and (Y/n) smiles warmly.
"Coming, Nat?" Clint pokes his head into the workshop.
"Yeah," Natasha jogs over to her old friend.
"Good luck," (Y/n) calls after the two.
The Avengers board the Quinjet, and (Y/n) remains in the workshop with Scout.
Suddenly, the power turns off, and Scout whimpers and shrinks to stand behind (Y/n).
(Y/n) stands still for a moment, her eyes adjusting to the lack of light; it is almost pitch black.
Suspicious, she crouches under one of the workshop tables, Scout clutched tightly to her chest, and she had placed her hand over to puppy's muzzle to keep her from barking.
"Shh," (Y/n) murmurs, soothing the dog in her lap.
Scout lets out a soft whimper, burying her head into (Y/n)'s neck.
Scout lets out a yelp as a resounding boom echoes through the Compound.
"Shh," (Y/n) soothes, rises to her feet, and slinks forward to put Scout into one of the closets - (Y/n) would get Scout later after she figured out what was going on.
"Boss," comes FRIDAY's voice through the Iron Man suit.
"What is it, FRIDAY?" Tony asks as he blasts some of the HYDRA agents with his repulsors.
"There's been a power outage at the Compound," FRIDAY tells Tony, and the billionaire's eyes widen with fear.
"What's the status on (Y/n)?" Tony asks.
"I don't know, Boss," FRIDAY says. "I'm locked out of the system."
"Looks like you fell for our little trap," says a HYDRA agent, and Tony's heart floods with fear.
"We've got to get back to the Compound," Tony says into the COMs, blasting the HYDRA agent.
"Why?" It's Natasha who answers, and Tony is slightly confused at the former assassin's worried tone.
"There's been a huge power outage at the Compound, and FRIDAY can't power it back up," Tony tells the team.
"We've got to go, then," Steve says.
Natasha is rather fidgety on the Quinjet ride back to the Compound, the other Avengers notice.
Wanda wants to know what her mentor is thinking but has enough respect for her not to delve into Natasha's mind.
Natasha is the first one off the Quinjet, plunging into the darkened Compound.
Natasha hears a wail from the closet where she and (Y/n) had said goodbye not even three hours before.
Natasha opens the closet door, her muscles tensed, ready for a fight, but she lowers her guard when she sees that it's Scout.
The Australian Shepherd whimpers softly as she buries her head in Natasha's chest, the former assassin having kneeled to greet Scout.
"Where is she, huh?" Natasha asks softly, cuddling the puppy close to her chest.
When the rest of the Avengers - minus Tony - finally find Natasha, they find her in the same position - cuddling (Y/n)'s puppy in her arms.
"We have to find her," Natasha says, straightening up, and as she does, the lights flicker and then turn on.
Finally noticing the chaos in the workshop, Natasha inhales sharply.
Drawers of filing cabinets had been thrown open.
There was blood on the floor.
Natasha's breath stumbles as she sees the blood. Her heart races, thudding in her chest.
Tony walks into the room, his eyes wide with shock.
"Come on," Natasha says despairingly, stepping forward to look into Tony's eyes. "We've got to find her."
And with that, Natasha marches out of the workshop and to the control room, Scout still cuddled into her.
The puppy had rested her head on Natasha's left shoulder, her small nose touching Natasha's neck. Scout's soft breathing familiarly hits Natasha's neck - like how (Y/n)'s breath would when they were cuddling on the couch in their shared apartment's living room - and Natasha's heart aches with anguish.
Tony comes into the control room sometime later. Maybe midnight, Natasha thinks.
The redhead had sat down in a chair, patrolling all the cameras as they scanned around, looking for (Y/n) everywhere; Scout had fallen asleep in her lap.
Natasha had gone slightly hysterical, snarking at everyone who tried to convince her to leave the room, but Tony doesn't try. After a moment, the emerald-eyed former assassin glances over to look at her love's father.
"Here," is the only thing Tony says as he hands his friend a peanut butter sandwich.
"Thanks, Tony," Natasha says softly, taking a bit of the sandwich. "You here to help look for (Y/n)?"
There is another pause. and Tony murmurs, "And to see a friend."
"Clearly, your friend is fine," Natasha says, taking a bit of her sandwich, her eyes welling with tears again.
Tumblr media
Natasha can tell by Tony's silence that he wants to ask her a question, but he doesn't. Tony pats her on the shoulder comfortingly before he leaves the room.
Word Count: 1333 words
Love you guys!                  Kaitlynn ❤️😊
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supervengerslock · 2 hours ago
We Could Be Heroes- Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Tony Stark x OC (Jamie AKA Mystic)Stephen Strange x OC (Meagan Stark AKA Luna), Loki x OC (Mina of Asgard), Natasha x OC (Emily AKA Diamond), Peter Parker x OC (Hope of Asgard AKA Aether)
Chapter 1
“My baby sister is going away forever!” Tony whines.
“It’s just a few weeks, crybaby,” Meag says as they stand at the entrance to the private jet. “You can always call me, or Jane, or Dr. Selvig.”
Meag hugs her brother and waves goodbye before getting on the private jet. The ride to New Mexico was shorter than she thought it’d be. Dr. Selvig and Jane were there at the airport to pick her up, as well as another girl.
“Meag!” Jane hugs her friend.
“Hi, Jane! Erik. And this is?”
“My intern, Darcy,” Jane replies.
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” Luna says.
The four of them get in the jeep and start to drive towards through the New Mexico desert, towards their lab. As they’re driving, night falls.
Meag gasps as they see two people, a man and a woman, fall from the sky and hit their windshield, bouncing off into the sand.
The four of them scramble out of the car. Jane and Darcy go to check on the man, and Meag helps the woman to her feet. She wore a long dress and at least to Meag, she looked like a princess. Her hair was in braids like the vikings had done.
“Are you alright?” Meag asks. “How did that happen?”
“Don’t worry about it,” Hope says. She looks around. “Is this Midgard? I’m Hope, that’s my brother, Thor.”
Thor stumbles as he gets off the ground. “Hammer?!..Hammer?!”
“Yeah, we can tell you’re hammered,” Darcy says. “It’s pretty obvious.”
“Guys, look!” Jane said, pointing to the ground where the man had landed. There was a strange pattern, something they’d never seen before, Meag snaps a picture on her Starkphone.
“I think we need to take him to the hospital,” Selvig says.
“HAMMER?!” he called again into the distance. “Heimdall? I know you can hear me! Open the bifrost!”
“Hospital,” Meag agrees.
Thor finally turns back to the group. “You! What realm is this? Alfheim?”
“New Mexico,” Darcy says, pulling out her taste and pointing it right at Thor.
“You dare threaten me? Thor, son of Odin, with so puny a weapon?”
Thor convulses as Darcy tases him. Jane and Selvig give their friend a look.
“What? He was freaking me out!”
Selvig and Hope, who had Asgardian strength and had carried her brother longer distances, especially when he’d drunk too much ale, drag Thor’s body to the backseat of the impala.
“Next time you taser somebody, make sure he’s already in the car!” Selvig says, heaving Thor into the car with Hope.
“So, where are you guys from?” Meag asks Hope as they sit in the waiting room of the hospital. “How did you fall from the sky?”
“You’re not going to believe me if I tell you,” Hope says.
“Humor me.”
“How familiar are you with Asgard?” Hope asks.
“Nordic mythology, I studied mythology as a hobby in college,” Meag says. “So you’re Asgardian? You’re a goddess? And your brother, he’s really Thor?”
They both look up as Thor escapes from his room and runs through the hall towards the door.
“Uh oh.”
They hurry out the door, following him, just in time to see Jane’s jeep hit him again.
Meag takes a sip of her coffee. They were all sitting in a small town diner. Just her, her two colleagues, their intern, and two Norse gods.
Meag jumps as Thor smashes his coffee cup on the ground, and Hope scolds him. “He does that a lot, I’m sorry,” she says.
The group looked up as they heard someone talking about a “satellite” that was found fifty miles west.
Thor hurries out the door, and the others start after him.
“Thor!” Hope calls after her brother, with Meag following.
“Do you think it’s really the hammer?” Luna asks.
Meag jingles her keys. “Then I better drive.”
They reached the site quickly, but not quickly enough. SHIELD had beaten them there. “Dammit,” Meag cursed. She parked the car out of view.
“We need a plan,” she says.
“I have a plan. Go in and take my hammer,” Thor says.
Hope sighs. “How are you going to get past the brigade of Midgardians?”
He ignored her and practically jumped out of the backseat. Hope opened her door and climbed out, quickly running after them. Meag sighed before climbing out and following them as well.
Hope and Meag reached the fence as Thor punched out a few guards, they followed him inside the base as he punched out every SHIELD agent in their way.
Hope and Meag watched in the entryway as Thor walked up to the hammer. Luna looked up and made eye contact with Agent Coulson and another agent. She looked back over at Thor as he struggled with the hammer. He cried out dramatically as an agent tranquilized him, sending him to the ground. Hope and Meag put their hands up in surrender.
The three of them sat in an interrogation room. A dark haired agent walked in, holding a file.
“You’re Meag Stark, right?” she asks.
“I’m Agent Em with SHIELD. I believe you’ve met Coulson before.”
“I have.”
“And you, what’s your name?” she asks, looking at Hope.
“Hope,” she answers.
“Okay, Miss Stark, you’re free to go. Miss Hope, I’m going to take you into another room for questioning.”
“And what about my brother?” Hope asks.
“Coulson will come in here and question him,” Em answers, ushering the two out of the room. Meag paces the waiting room of the SHIELD headquarters and curses when her phone rings. It was Tony.
“So a little birdie told me you got arrested.”
“Detained. And it was by SHIELD, no one knows. And they let me go, Selvig’s on his way over here with the fake ID’s.”
“Fake ID’s?” Tony asks.
“You won’t believe me if I tell you.”
“Ok. Be careful, gotta go, bye.”
Meag presses the end call button just as Selvig walks in. Meag takes the fake ID’s he made for Thor and Hope out of his hands.
“Thanks, Selvig.”
The four of them returned to the lab to find a woman waiting for them. She had dark hair and wore black and green armor. Thor and Hope recognized her immediately.
“Mina!” Hope ran and hugged her. “What are you doing here?”
“Loki’s coming,” she says. “I came to warn you.”
“But he’s your husband,” Thor says, confused.
“And that makes you two my family,” Mina replies. “Loki knows I’m here.”
“Will he be angry with you?” Hope asks.
“Probably. He can get over it.”
“I’m sorry, you’re saying Loki is on his way to destroy the planet?” Meag interjects.
“Indeed, genius girl,” Mina says to Meag.
“We need to get everyone out of here!”
They scrambled and got everyone out of harms way before Loki came with the Destroyer. Hope refused to fight her own brother, and Mina was vigilant, but knew the main fight would end up being between Thor and Loki regardless. In the end, Thor regained his powers, he, Mina, and Loki all decided to go back to Asgard, but Hope decided to stay.
“Do you know of any chambers I can stay?” Hope asks Meag.
Meag laughs. “I think I have some extra chambers back in Manhattan. We can be Roomies!”
Coulson leaned over to Em. “Director Fury just gave you a new assignment. Keep an eye on those two,” he says, pointing to Meag and Hope. “Yes, sir.” Em smiled at the two girls, walking over them.
“Hi, I’m Agent Em of SHIELD, I’m assigned to you guys,” she says.
“Welcome friend!” Hope exclaims, pulling Em into their group hug. The three of them laugh. Maybe Midgard was going to be alright.
taglist: @dear-jieun @woozibby @mina-bear @treetops68 @captaintillycliffored01
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 hours ago
Bro highschool!nat? YES ok so if were doing a goth nat and a jock would you do the ultimate cliché and give her your letterman because she's cold. I feel like she would take and and act all annoyed and comment on the cliché but then like never give it back.
Okay but like, you're so much bigger than her. So the jacket, it just swims on her basically. Like it goes down past her ass, whereas on you it rests comfortably around your hips, where it's meant to be.
But she looks so fucking soft in it. With a smile on her face, talking to her friends with her hands pushed deep into the large pockets. You couldn't help but melt at the sight of her from where you stood at the opposite end of the hallway.
And even if Natasha wanted to give it back, you wouldn't want it. It looked way too good on her for you to ever take it from her.
She wears it everywhere and when it's too hot for it, it's lovingly hung up in her room where she can see it. Every morning when she wakes up she spots it across the room, and a dreamy smile pulls at her face, her chest swelling with a warm feeling.
The new year after she had "stollen" the jacket, you received a new one from the school. To which you and Natasha now have matching ones... and she eyes up the new one, obviously waiting for your smell to cling to it, before swapping it with hers. Which will predictably lead to a whole swapping cycle. And you can't find any protests to it.
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redspiderling · 2 hours ago
Crossover Headcanon
If Marvel is moving on to a new Widow, can they like, make Natasha Romanoff part of the public domain? I think she’s the sort of Deus Ex Machina that can be inserted into all sorts of franchises and just make them better.
Nat in Star Wars as a rebel trooper infiltrating an Empire base and fucking things up like a champ.
Nat in Snowpiercer the movie. She could be part of the back of the train, and mindfuck Wilford so badly.
Nat in Big Little Lies. She’s the secret weapon of the group. She could fuck up Renata’s husband so badly. She’d have caught on Celeste being abused and that dude would have been 6 feet under so much earlier in the series.
I feel like women in fiction have such a hard time getting a win out of the situations they find themselves in. There’s always a catch, there’s always something that takes away from their victories and I don’t like that. I want to see women win, I want to see them escape an abusive environment and not to have something that forces them to relive it in any way. That’s the kind of story I want for Natasha. I want her to be getting herself and/or others out of tough situations and not even breaking a sweat.
Just give her to us Marvel, we’ll take so much better care of her 🥺
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bumblesimagines · 2 hours ago
Green Thumb
Tumblr media
Part 10
Request: Yes or No
TW: Child neglect, sum semi sad shit
Clint grabbed the handle of the van, sliding it open. The sound made the man sleeping wake up, startled and a bit disoriented. The man climbed out of the van, squinting his eyes.
"What time zone is this?" He asked as Clint lightly pushed him towards Steve. You watched the look of awe wash over his face, chuckling softly. The man, Scott Lang, shook Steve's hand, still in awe. You shared a look of amusement with Clint and Wanda. Scott glanced back at you and Wanda.
"Wow, Captain America. I know you too, you're great." He said. A soft snort left you as Wanda smiled, watching him fanboy over Captain America.
"They tell you what we're up against?" Steve asked.
"Uhm, psycho assassins?" Scott furrowed his brows slightly, looking at Steve. Steve nodded. You took a seat besides Clint.
"How's Laura?" You asked softly. Clint bit his bottom lip, brows raising as he looked at you.
"That bad?"
"She's.. She'll be okay." Clint shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck. You hummed, looking forward. You made eye contact with Bucky, giving him a small smile. He returned it, gaze flickering over to Clint.
"I could totally take him on." Clint muttered, sizing Bucky up. Your cheeks heated up as you giggled. You looked at Clint, shaking your head.
"No, no, you couldn't."
"Don't underestimate the power of a papa bear." Clint said playfully, nudging you.
"We should get moving." Bucky called. Clint nodded, standing up.
"There's a chopper waiting for us." You heard an announcement of sorts come on but you didn't understand what it was saying.
"They're evacuating the airport." Bucky translated, frowning. You stood up, glancing at Wanda and Clint.
"Suit up." Steve called. It didn't take long for everyone to be in their hero outfits. Steve jogged out to where the chopper was. You watched from a safe distance as Steve tried talking with Tony and Rhodes. T'Challa and Natasha joined them, along with a dude in a red and black suit who took Steve's shield.
"Who the fuck is that?" You asked quietly.
"No clue." Sam replied, letting Steve know he had found a jet. You followed them down the hall, noticing the new guy landing on the glass.
"What the hell is that?"
"Why is he moving like a spider?" You suddenly stopped, watching him break the glass and kick Sam to the side.
"Oh, he is one." You raised your hands, shooting a gust of wind at him. Spider-Man, or whatever he had called himself, gained his footing, doing a roll and standing. He quickly turned, catching Bucky's fist.
"You have a metal arm? That is awesome, dude!" From the sound of it, Spider-Man was young. Sam got up, picking him up and flying into the air. You noticed Tony going after Clint and Natasha.
"Go, we'll handle this... Thing." Bucky said, giving you a nod. You gave him a small smile, raising a clenched fist and picking up a chunk of the floor. You threw it at the window, using a gust of wind to fly out of the building. You threw the chunk at Tony, effectively knocking him to the side. You used another gust to land nearby, raising your hands. The rocks from the explosions stopped midair. You let them drop, glad none had hit them. You walked towards them, glaring up at Tony.
"I think you two hurt Visions feelings." Tony said, arm raised and ready to shoot.
"You locked me in my room." Wanda sneered, glaring at him.
"Okay, first, that's an exaggeration. Secondly, I did it to protect you." Tony replied. Wanda slowly tilted her head, unconvinced. Clint drew three arrows, keeping an eye on him.
"Hey, Clint."
"Hey, man."
"Clearly retirement doesn't suit you. Got tired of playing golf?" Tony asked, glancing at you every so often. You and Wanda were probably his biggest concern. Your unstable and destructive powers combined could easily wipe the airpot off the map. Clint shot the arrows so you followed by pushing Tony back with another gust. Wanda quickly got the cars from the parking lot to start raining down on Tony. A few hitting him and pinning him to the ground. Clint nodded to you, making a run towards the jet. You followed with Wanda, the others quickly joining. You came to a stop when a beam was shot at the crowd.
"I really hate running." You breathed out, looking up at Vision.
"Captain Rogers... I know you believe you think what you're doing is right but for the collective good, you must surrender now." Vision said, lowering down to the ground as Tonys' team regrouped.
"What do we do, Cap?" Sam asked, glancing at him.
"We fight." Steve answered, walking forward. You sighed, continuing to walk while the others ran. You felt your fingers tingle, sensing the rushing water below. A water pipe. You suddenly raised your hand, the water bursting up from the ground and shooting Spider-Man up into the air. He was able to catch himself as you focused on the water, making it chase him around. He shot a web at you. It caught your hand but you simply burned it.
"I never liked spiders." You muttered, glancing at Clint when he began fighting with Natasha.
"So, are you like the avatar? Like Aang?" The boy asked as he landed near you. You faced him, giving a small shrug.
"Yeah." You clenched your fist, the pavement around him cracking and suddenly raising up into the air. He let out a short scream, shooting a web and landing on another truck. You used the rock in the air to help out Sam, hearing him give a thanks.
"That means you could totally suck the air out of someone, right?"
"I literally threw you into the sky, why are you stick talking like we're cool?" You asked, dodging the webs he shot as Steve helped you with him. You backed up, bumping into someone. You spun around, ready to punch them but cold metal caught your wrist.
"Careful there, tiger." Bucky said, giving a small smile. You gave a sheepish one back.
"Now is not the time to flirt." Sam called, flying by and avoiding Rhodes attacks.
"Flirt?" Tony repeated, making you huff and glare up at Sam.
"You might as well get on the news and talk about it at this point, Sam." Bucky wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you to cover behind some boxes. You noticed Steve watching you and Bucky, clearing your throat. His gaze flickered to Buckys' arm, head tilting. Bucky let you go, licking his lips and slightly avoiding his friends gaze.
"We gotta go. That guy's probably in Siberia by now." Bucky said, looking at Steve.
"Cap, I don't think we'll be able to get them all knocked down long enough to get on that jet, let alone get anywhere." You told him, peeking out to watch the fight.
"Yeah, not everyone is gonna make it out." Clint agreed, shooting arrows at the two up in the sky. You looked back at Steve, noticing he looked conflicted. You couldn't blame him. Steve wasn't one to leave his teammates behind.
"You and Bucky should just go. We'll be fine." You assured the blonde, giving him a small smile. Steve gave a nod.
"What's the plan?"
"We need a diversion. Something big." Sam replied, continuing to fly around while Rhodes went after him.
"I've got something big! I can't hold it for long so you'll have to wait for my signal." Scott said. Buckys' brows furrowed, glancing at you. Scott was an interesting individual.
"Run like hell and if I tear in half, don't come back."
"He's gonna tear himself in half?" Bucky breathed out. You bit back a snort, not wanting to hurt Scotts' feelings on accident. You turned your head, watching Scott turn into a giant and catch everyones attention.
"Go!" You urged the two super soldiers, walking forward. You looked up at Scott as he stood over you. Scott slowly waved, earning a chuckle from you. You spotted Spider-Man, using a root to bring him down. He landed on the ground with a hard thud and a groan.
"I feel like this is personal." He breathed out, slowly getting up. You smiled apologetically.
"No hard feelings?"
"Uh, I'll think about it. You seem like a nice guy-" Spider-Man was cut off by his own scream, a gust of wind spending him flying back and crashing into a crate. You saw Rhodes heading towards Bucky and Steve but Wanda distracted him. Scott turned his attention onto Spider-Man so you turned towards where Steve and Bucky were. A beam hit the tower beside the jet, making it crumble. You raised your hands, standing beside Wanda and helping her keep the debris from blocking the entrance to the jet. You lost focus when Rhodes used soundwaves on both you and Wanda, covering your ears to block out the noise while Wanda cried out in pain. You grunted, swinging your arm and using wind to toss Rhodes to the side. Wanda panted, blinking a few times as she tried collecting herself. You sat on the ground, legs feeling like jelly. You glanced at Vision as he gently landed beside you and Wanda.
"Are you alright?" He asked, holding Wanda and reaching out towards you. You went to smack his hand away but your hand simply went through his.
"I'm gonna vomit on you." You muttered. Vision quietly apologised, shifting his focus onto Wanda.
"You okay, (Y/N)?" Sam asked, having heard the discomfort in your tone.
"No, not really. I have a headache and I want to throw up. I'm also kind of hungry and need a serious three hour nap." You replied, deciding to lay back on the ground and stare up at the sky. You looked over at the flying guys, seeing Sam dodge Visions laser. It hit Rhodes, causing him to fall and hit the ground. You frowned, sighing softly. Vision knew you and Wanda wouldn't be escaping any time soon so he got up, flying over to where Tony and Rhodes were.
"I need a nap too." Wanda muttered, shooting you a slightly pained smile. You looked back over the clouds.
"That looks like a.. A circle." You pointed at the sky, giving a small giggle. Now that the adrenaline was gone, you truly felt how sore your muscles were.
"And that one looks like a bunny." Wanda said, tiredly pointing at another cloud. You sighed, eyes shutting.
"We're in serious shit, aren't we?"
You were gonna kill Secretary Ross next time you saw him. You had already thought of about a hundred different ways to do it. One minute you were in Berlin and next on a chopper being taken to a prison in the middle of the ocean. You were in a straitjacket with a shock collar that would most likely kill you if you tried using your powers. Or at least that's what Ross said. You heard Clint shouting, feeling some sense of relaxation. He'd never leave without you. Neither would Sam or Wanda.
"This is pretty fucking boring. Can I at least get a coloring book?" You asked loudly, looking at camera. You swallowed, looking back at the wall. The orphanage did similar to the kids who acted out. Didn't matter if they were two or seventeen.
"I didn't do anything! It was Henry! He-"
"Shut it, brat." The headmistress sneered, opening the door to the room. You were shoved inside, stumbling over your feet and falling onto the cold ground. The door shut with a loud bang. You sniffled, crawling towards a corner and curling up.
"You'll be let out in three days. Don't misbehave again, (Y/N)." You heard her cold voice, hearing the small windows' close. You looked at the thing mattress laying on the floor, a small blanket being the only thing that would keep you from freezing during the next few days. You flinched when the lights were turned off, leaving you in pure darkness and silence. Your small six year old mind ran wild. The thoughts of a monster being in the dark were enough to make you start crying, heartbeat quickening. It felt like you were running out of air, causing you to panic even more. You reached forward, blindly searching for the blanket until you found it, returning to your corner and pulling it over your head. It barely covered your body but it brought a sense of comfort. It made you feel protected, even if in reality it wouldn't.
You dug your heels into the hard cold ground, biting down on your bottom lip. You felt a spark of pain shoot through you, letting go of your lip. You felt the liquid smear, taking in a deep breath. You rested your head against the wall, eyes shutting. The food wasn't bad. You opened your eyes, hearing a beeping sound. You looked down as the shock collar fell to the ground.
"You guys alright?" You relaxed, hearing Steve's voice. You watched Clint come into view, relief washing over him. Steve punched the pad, helping Clint push the cell door open. He rushed in, arms immediately wrapping around you.
"Are you okay?" He asked softly, leaning back. His gaze flickered to your bleeding lip, frowning.
"I told them about the medication." He huffed, using the hem of his shirt to wipe the blood away. He helped you take off the straitjacket, pulling you up onto your feet.
"I want to go home." You said softly, numb arms wrapping around him. You rested your head against his chest, frowning. Clint gently rubbed your back, taking your hand and walking out of the cell. Once Steve got everyone out of their cells, he lead them to the helicopter pad. You had no idea how he had been able to get inside but you were glad he did. You felt arms wrap around your waist, looking down at Wanda. You gently stroked her hair as you entered the chopper, buckling in. The ride was silent apart from Steve updating everyone and Scott rambling about different things to avoid the silence.
"You need to stay off the grid. If they catch sight of any one of you, they'll arrest you with no hesitation." Steve handed Clint a bag with burner phones in it. Clint opened it, passing the phones out.
"If any of you ever need to contact each other, do it through those phones." Steve said. "I already added the contacts to it."
"Good idea, Cap." Scott praised, wide smile on his face. You went through the contacts. Steve, Clint, Wanda, Sam, and Scott. You didn't see Buckys' contact in there. You looked up from the phone, sighing softly. Steve dropped you, Wanda, and Clint off at the farm, giving you a nod.
"Thank you for fighting alongside me." Steve said, smiling.
"Anytime, Cap." Clint smiled back. He spun around, speedwalking to the house with you and Wanda following. Laura opened the door, rushing down the steps and quickly hugging Clint.
"Fury told me everything." She whispered, eyes shutting briefly. Her eyes opened, gaze locking onto you. Laura let go of Clint, walking over to you and hugging you tightly.
"Oh, sweetheart.. Are you two okay?" She asked, giving Wanda a hug as well. You nodded, taking in the fresh air. You had no idea how many days you spent in that prison.
"I'll get dinner started. The kids really missed you." Laura said, running a hand through her hair. She turned, heading inside. You followed, smiling as soon as you saw the kids. You gave Lila and Cooper long hugs before gently picking up Nathaniel.
"Hey, Nate.. How you been, buddy?" You asked softly, earning a coo in return. You sat down on the couch, shoulders slumping. Nathaniel lied on your chest, tugging on the shirt you had on. You were home. That's all that mattered.
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talatomaz · 3 hours ago
1k celebration:
Okay, so i’m probably going to reach 1k pretty soon (in the upcoming weeks) so i was just wondering if there’s anything you guys think i should do for it?
i was originally thinking of posting a prompt list (smut/angst) and then y’all can send me numbers or something and i can write a small drabble for each one
however, if you have any other ideas, send an ask to let me know
if no one asks anything, this never happened
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builder051 · 3 hours ago
Chasing ghosts. A continuation of this.
James leaves the bathroom, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. It's been a long time since he rolled on oxy, and his old dose has done more than a number on him. His eyes feel gritty, and his salivary glands still burn with the threat of more sick.
"Too much?" Tasha asks with a blurry laugh when he wobbles back into the living room. "Or too much fun?"
"You're having too much fun," James says, nodding to the orange soda and cough syrup on the coffee table beside his little sister. She's nowhere near sober, but he's surprised how calm she is, not to mention aware, and not even vaguely nauseated.
"Nah, this is just regular." Tasha flashes a grin and offers up her bottle of Sunkist. "You need rehydrating now."
"Whoa, now." James puts up his hands and takes a step backward. "Couple things here. You don't get to look after me like that. " He narrows his eyes. "And that shit tastes like ass and Delsym."
Tasha puts the bottle down. "I only know what one of those tastes like."
"You're a twerp."
"Your best one," Tasha says.
"Huh." James tips his head toward his shoulder, accidentally bringing on a rush of vertigo. "I guess you're right."
"And I guess you're about to fall down." Tasha gathers herself up and shifts down the sofa cushions to make room for James. "Here. The footrest on that recliner is probably too hard for you to work right now."
She's right, but James gives her the finger anyway. Then he flops onto the couch beside her and lowers his head practically to his knees, willing the sickening spinning to stop so he can have half a chance at enjoying the lightness of his body.
"You haven't even cracked the Xanax yet," Tasha giggles, pulling a small, dark bottle from her pocket. Her tone implies that she has, and that James is a pussy for cutting out after the first round of drugs.
"Yeah, and it's just gonna make me barf again..."
"Might clear your head, though," Tasha says with a shrug. "You're looking awful guilty over there."
"You mean just awful..." The truth of the matter is that half of what turns James's stomach is the frustrated feeling that he's broken his streak after so long, but there's no way he's telling Tasha that. There's no discussing abstinence with her, for the word may as well not exist in any way, shape, or form.
"I mean, honestly." Tasha bites her lip. "How long've you been clean?"
James scoffs. "You know I'm not clean."
"Well." Tasha rolls her eyes. "Cali clean? Into party stuff, but off the hard shit?"
"Um..." The calculation is hard to make, what with his brain stuffed with cotton. And even once he figures a rough estimate, he isn't sure he wants to share it. "I'm not sure that's so much your business, Tash."
At that moment, the apartment door opens, and a windswept Steve walks in. "What's not her business?" he asks, joining the conversation as if he's been there all along.
James and Tasha exchange looks as Steve turns away from them to hang up his coat.
"Whatever it is," Steve says, spinning around and taking his backpack to the kitchen table, "I'm on Buck's side."
"Ha, see?" James says, more than a little shakily. "I win. Not telling." But the words rise into his throat with a gag and a splash of bile that have him quickly off the couch and halfway down the hall.
James slams his knees into the tile before the toilet and grasps the seat with both hands, one flesh and one prosthetic. A gush of fluid comes up, then the residue of things he doesn't remember eating. He hangs his head over the porcelain bowl, panting, and trying to organize his brain into telling his body how to straighten up, wipe his mouth, and be a functioning human again.
"Buck?" There's a soft knock on the door, and it opens a crack. Steve squeezes inside, then closes it again and latches it. "You ok?"
"Hm. Yeah." James hurriedly uses his sleeve to clean up his mouth again, then flushes and hops to his feet, moves too quickly, and promptly loses his balance.
"Hey, ok." Steve catches him around the middle and carefully lowers him back to the floor. "Just sit a minute, alright?"
"Hm." James isn't happy to oblige, but he doesn't see any other options at the moment.
"D'you want me to help you get to bed?" Steve offers. "You feeling bad or something?"
"Yeah," James says honestly, "But..." He shakes his head. "Gotta look out for Tash..."
"What were you guys doing?" Steve pulls off a length of toilet paper and sees to cleaning James up properly. "And what did you not want to tell her?"
Not seeing any point in hiding it from Steve, James sighs and mutters, "Oxy."
"No offense, but it looks like it's kinda kicking your ass." Steve half smiles and pets strings of sweaty hair off James's forehead. "Not your usual poison?"
James pauses. "Not, uh, anymore." He swallows, tasting the residue of sick and guilt. "Not something I've had a lot of chance to talk about."
"Oh," Steve says again. "And I'm guessing you're probably not ready to change that?"
"Probably not yet." James lets out a shaky breath and lets himself feel immensely grateful for the love and trust he has in Steve.
"Ok." Steve nods. "Well, whenever you're ready... You know."
James blinks, then sighs. "Sure. Thanks."
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daisylincs · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Natasha raised one shoulder, acutely aware of his gaze riveted on her. "Why would I tell you about my birthday?"
"So we could celebrate it," Clint replied, his voice so genuine that she actually paused, setting down the unholy container of crappy American coffee he loved for some inexplicable reason and returning his gaze.
"I appreciate that," she said softly, because she did - the idea of his caring made something inside of her unfurl and soften in a way she hadn't felt since the Red Room's doors closed behind her that first time.
Shaking her head, and sending the bittersweet memories away with the movement, she picked up the coffee again. "I appreciate it," she repeated, "but I've never had a reason to celebrate my birthday before."
And that was that.
Or: Birthdays have never been cause for much celebration throughout Natasha Romanov’s life - but the family she found? They tend to disagree.
A very happy birthday to my dearest @ohwriteiforgot! ❤️
Read it here on AO3
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magicforjournals · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Rachel is my mood right now..
Chapter one of Green Dress is finished, but I'm so stressed to post it!!!
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dearbabe · 4 hours ago
all my comfort characters are gay i don’t make the rules: luke skywalker, leia organa, poe dameron, finn, natasha romanoff, loki, wanda maximoff, harry potter, ginny weasley, remus lupin, sirius black
Tumblr media
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vancityfire13 · 5 hours ago
Falling Into It
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 1.6K
A/N - Based on a great request from @blackxwidowsxwife​ , I hope I did it justice. Deals with being closeted and includes some sexy stuff.
Tumblr media
Sometimes, people get confused between embarrassment and shame.
Embarrassment is a reddened cheeks, eyes to the floor and a faltering laugh kind of feeling. It’s when you walk past Natasha and feel her eyes on you. It’s losing your train of thought whenever she enters the room.
Shame is the permanent lump in your throat. It is the worry that someone else will notice the way you look at her. It is knowing that you might only be welcome because you are pretending.
You first visited the Avengers Compound because you had become friends with Wanda. You’d been hesitant to accept her invite, only saying yes when you noticed how nervous she was to ask
That evening, you’d found yourself sharing takeout with the whole team in the living room, accidentally encroaching on a post mission celebration. You’d never settled into a group of friends so seamlessly. It was like walking into a world upside down. The boring, everyday details of your life filled them with fascination.
Steve asked follow up questions to every story you shared.
Tony told you jokes about the other Avengers, like you were an old friend.
Wanda looked at you like she was so glad to have brought you.
Clint asked if you had a boyfriend, you avoided the question.
Then Natasha had walked in, delayed by her mission debrief, and it had physically hurt to see someone so beautiful. You tried to push the feeling down. Natasha looked over at you, the obvious newcomer, and her eyes darted meaningfully to your lips. You felt the stain of want for her. Natasha marked you before her lips ever touched you.
But, her lips did touch you.
The second time you visited, Natasha found you alone in the hallway. Her eyes met yours with a look that invited challenge. You gulped involuntarily. She moved towards you and you stopped in your tracks. Her hand touched your chest and you felt compelled to her like a magnet.
Natasha pressed you against the wall. She kissed you so hard that it felt like a tidal wave. A million little particles hitting you at once and somehow you stayed standing. Your hands held the soft curve of her waist and you felt an ache in you. Her tongue was in your mouth and she tasted like warm things that you couldn’t name. You felt your own moan reach the back of her throat. Lost parts of you pieced themselves back together. You fell into the feeling.
When she pulled away, Natasha brushed your cheeks with her thumbs and you realised you were crying.
‘Don’t worry.’ She promised. ‘We don’t have to tell anyone.’
It was the kindest thing she could have done. But it also hurt the most.
Soon, what you were and who you wanted began to bleed through the cracks that Natasha had made in you. You caught moments with her like catching leaves in the wind. Her hand brushed yours when you passed each other in the kitchen. You kissed her in the shadows when she met you by your car. Her hands roamed your body whenever you found yourselves alone.
After two months they offered you a room at the Compound. The gesture meant everything. You’d never fit in easily before and now the superheroes wanted you around.
‘No mixed sleepovers.’ Tony teased and suddenly, you felt like a liar.
When you walked to your new room that night, Natasha opened her door and pulled you into hers instead. You fell into the feeling all over again.
You touched her skin, silky with soap suds, in the shower. You let your hands move over her breasts, watched the way she bit her lip and heard the low moan that slipped out too. It felt more right than you ever thought it could.
Then, Natasha’s finger stroked along you and you pressed yourself into her palm. You felt a need build in you, raw and desperate.
When Natasha unwound you with a slow finger curl, you made a sound and a shudder that you couldn’t control.
You crawled into Natasha’s bed after. She held you close and you let her arms keep you for the night. Head on Natasha’s shoulder, you watched her breasts rise with every breath and, all in a rush, you felt that you were whole.
You could see now that there was no stopping it. Still, you didn’t accept it.
It is impossible to embrace shame. It doesn’t free you like anger can, it just settles like a weight on your heart.
Time passed and the Compound became your second home. The team became the people you saw everyday, the people you trusted. Sometimes, they still asked you about boys. Your throat closed up every time. They thought you were shy.
You thought that if you told them, they’d forget all the other parts of you. They’d just see the lump in your throat that you couldn’t get rid of.
You saw all the goodness in Wanda, she made you smile everyday. You kept her secrets and she respected the privacy of your own thoughts. You watched her brighten a little more with every day that passed. She was your best friend.
Natasha kept her distance from you in front of the others.
‘She’s just being Natasha.’ Steve assured you more than once, worried you were taking it to heart.
You knew that.
You knew Natasha. You slept in her bed.
You felt stuck, dreading change and longing for it too. Each time Natasha made your heart skip a beat, it felt more dangerous.
You were falling into the feeling and you couldn't even say the words to her.
You knew the vague answers that you gave the team had slowly turned into a false identity. You told yourself that you were the same person underneath, but the lines felt blurred. The guilt was worse with Wanda. She told you sometimes about trying to come to terms with herself, with the things she couldn’t control and the things she could. You felt so ashamed of your secret. You tried to pour it into your support of her.
Wanda told you once, sitting in her room together, that you were like her sister. You knew how brave she was to claim you as family. She didn’t truly know you and that was your fault.
One night, you sat with several of the team watching a movie. They’d spent a mission using the comms to decide that it was criminal that Steve and Bucky hadn’t seen Jurassic Park. When Wanda said she hadn’t either, you’d all found yourself roped into the evening.
Natasha sat on the opposite sofa from you, legs resting across Clint’s lap. You shared a bowl of popcorn with Wanda, who couldn’t keep her eyes off the screen.
The movie was halfway through when Natasha came over. The still in the room came from collective surprise; Natasha rarely directly interacted with you. You felt nerves bubble up, at her and at the audience. She took off her sweater and gave it to you.
‘Here.’ Natasha murmured, like no one was watching. ‘You look cold.’
The team shared smiles at the building of bridges between you. You pulled on the sweater. You revelled in its warmth, in the unexpected kindness. You met Natasha's eyes across the room and knew it was meant to be the hug that she couldn’t give you. You inhaled her scent and your mind filled with her. You fell into the feeling.
Wanda stiffened next to you. In the half second where your eyes met, you saw the alarm in hers. You hadn’t been careful with your thoughts and she hadn’t been trying not to listen. Shame burned through you and you ripped yourself away.
‘Too scary.’ You muttered at the Velociraptors on screen and fled to your room.
You lay on your bed and let loud music play, keeping everyone out. Only once did you recognise Wanda’s footsteps.
Don’t come in here. You thought desperately. You listened before, so listen now.
Later, you heard Tony and Clint’s muttered conversation in the corridor.
‘It must be about a boy.’
You let yourself cry.
Wanda woke you up in the morning. She opened the door and walked to the end of your bed. You only had time to feel a stab of apprehension.
‘I’m sorry for listening.’ She told you directly.
‘I’m so ashamed.’ You said, voice small.
‘There’s nothing wrong with you (Y/N). You’re still my sister.’
You didn’t realise it was what you needed to hear until Wanda said it.
Sometimes, you still get that gnawing feeling inside that you are not quite right. Except, now you know it’ll pass.
Now, Natasha kisses you as soon as she gets back from her mission. Now, Wanda sends you photos of when you fall asleep with Natasha during the movie. Now, you make one your lock screen.
Wanda texts you a website link for the local Pride event.
Clint tells you that he’ll draw rainbows on your faces.
‘I’m going to claim the face paint as a work expense.’ He tells you, but he looks over at Natasha like he owes her an apology that he doesn’t know how to say. ‘What do you think Fury’s going to say about that?’
Now, Natasha has a coffee mug that says ‘Love is Love’ and Clint sends her photos too.
Natasha holds your hand and kisses you in the sunshine, the crowd around you hums into background noise. Her eyes watch yours when you break apart. When you smile at her, she smiles right back.
Maybe, most people aren’t like you, but that’s not so bad.
Most people aren’t like Natasha either.
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ethanthegay17 · 5 hours ago
Hey, y’all!!
Tag List:
@idiyeet @frecherknipser @lizcangelo
I just posted chapter 3 of “The Fate of Us”. Here’s the link to the AO3!!! Chapters won’t usually be up this quick, but I already had this one written because it was supposed to be chapter 1.
The Fate of Us
If you want tagged/want to be untagged, feel free to comment or shoot me a dm.
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murderouswhoresansa · 5 hours ago
Im working on “once upon a December” buckynat edit, can’t wait to show you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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havemybabiestonystark · 5 hours ago
Impossible ~ Tony Stark x Reader
just updated my story on wattpad, ‘impossible ~ tony stark x reader’ !! check it out and maybe vote and or leave feedback if you'd like!!
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 6 hours ago
Light of Love: Chapter 2
Fire Captain/Single dad Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 4 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Romlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, cheating, smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best. oh, and brock is DEFINITELY the worst
Chapter warnings: Swearing, mentions of a house fire, allusions to domestic violence; not detailed at all, but it’s there.
When Steve arrived at the scene, dispatch had already started; flames dying in the night, smoke engulfing the row of houses just before the heavens opened- quenching the soil as deep puddles began to form. Steve stood stoic; eyes channelled right ahead on a figure in the distance- one that echoed familiarity, a sense of warmth engulfing Steve, despite the harsh rain soaking into his skin.
“Cap, police are asking for a report,”- Sam’s voice called out, Steve turning to face him, nodding with a brief smile before speaking,
“Hit me with it.”
Sam raised an eyebrow, hand coming up to take the helmet from his head, sighing deeply before turning to face Steve once more,
“Got a couple of residents saying it was started on purpose- something to do with drugs, and I’m not just talking a couple a’ grams of weed.” Sam laughed, Steve snorting lightly before nodding, a subtle hint for Sam to continue, “Police were given an anonymous tip- said that there was trouble coming. The detective wants a full report- see if we can find the source“
“Have we found the source ?” Steve interjected, an eyebrow raised in question.
Sam shook his head, “Nah man. Got Bucky working on it though- said we might need to bring in Tony, get him to go over the forensics. But this detective, he’s new in town, transferred over from Jersey City- Rumlow-“
Steve’s head snapped up at the mention of the name, “Rumlow? You catch his first name?”
“Brad or something. Nah, Brock. That was it- Why, you know him?” Sam enquired, looking towards Steve with a raised brow- eyes clouded in question as he looked at the Captain,
Steve swallowed, nodding once before placing his hands on his hips- a deep sigh escaping him as he spoke, “Used to. Met him when we were in college- haven’t seen him for a good bit. Hey, Bucky mentioned a name earlier- a woman we used to know, said she was at the scene-“
“Who, Y/N? Bucky said you’d ask, wouldn’t tell me why- nice girl. She’s here with the detective- when he introduced her as his partner, I didn’t think he meant in marriage. God, imagine working with your spouse, man.” Sam laughed, expecting Steve to be doing the same, but he was already walking towards the police line- shoulders squared and firsts balled.
Sam watched on confused; Bucky’s words form earlier now playing on his mind, “A little more than an old friend, Sam. A hell of a lot more.”
Steve stood just a few feet away from the police line- pushing his way through the crowd of officers; flashes of red and blue illuminated the sky as sirens continued to ring out across the death of the night. His heart began to hammer as he spotted a familiar face- Y/N. His chest burning with an emotion he couldn’t quite place, one that he hadn’t felt in a long time. He watched as the figure stalked silently towards another, hand coming up to grasp at his shoulder slightly- Steve didn’t miss the way she flinched ever so slightly when the figure turned just a little too sharply. Though it was dark, Steve could tell who it was; the same broad stance of the man he once considered a friend, Brock.
Steve watched in latent declaration as Brock reached a hand up to grasp Y/N’s chin- the exchange of which would look sweet to an outsider; but Steve was not an outsider- he knew that the grip he had on Y/N’s chin was anything but tender. Steve’s shoulders squared as he walked towards the pair- his chest constricting ever so slightly as he watched Brock lay a kiss at the top of Y/N’s head. Steve was about to make his presence known when a hand reaches out to stop him; pushing lightly at his chest before Bucky’s voice interrupted him,
“Not now, punk. I’ve already had one of the boys give Rumlow the report. Last thing you wanna be doin’ is kicking up a fuss, pal.”
Steve looked towards Bucky then, eyes darkening in a cloud of anger, “I’m just doing my job, Buck. Nothing more.”
Bucky nodded, the hand held on Steve’s chest falling; arm dangling at his side as he spoke, “Nothing else needs to be done. We’re finished here-“
“You speak with her?” Steve interrupted Bucky, his voice a few decibels quieter than normal. Bucky sighed, shaking his head before speaking,
“No. Didn’t speak with Rumlow either. Haven’t spoken to him or her since-“
“Nat’s wedding.” Steve finished for him, hands coming to rest at his hips once more as he stepped back from Bucky. Eyes lolling up to meet Bucky’s once again; a sad expression colouring his face as he sighed,
“Yeah.” Bucky finished, sparing a glance behind him; watching as Y/N followed after Brock before settling into the passenger side of his car.
“You think she’s happy, Buck?” Steve implored; his voice thick with sudden emotion as the events of their integrated past flashed through his memory,
“I hope so, Steve. Lord knows she deserves it- but Brock? Happy with Brock? There ain’t no way in hell, Steve. And you know it.”
The sound of an engine whirring to life ended the conversation- the two friends watching in silence as the car sped away.
A slow, steady drum of rain beat against the window of the car where Steve and Bucky sat; the engine long since cooled as Bucky took a glance to his right side where Steve was. The world outside silent, long since ended by the dark of night as it now spread into early morning, the light on Bucky’s phone reading half past five. The winters sky lay darkened and weeping; the clouds churlish and cruel, hanging heavy up above- coughing out great gouts of water like balloons of sopping moisture downing the pavements in a thick, latent wetness.
Steve sighed, hand coming up run through his hair as he turned to face the man beside him, grunting before he spoke,
“I’ll see you in office tomorrow at 12pm. We need to file that report- I’ll have Tony go over any evidence with us, see if we can help pinpoint a source of the fire.”
Bucky only nodded; head coming to rest against the headrest of the seat; eyes drawing closed as he hummed his response, “You gonna quit acting like a little bitch, Rogers? Cos lord knows you ain’t got no damn reason to be the one who’s upset about all this.”
Steve sucked in a breath; lungs constricting with pain at his friends declaration, “You think I don’t know that? What, you think that seeing her after all this time would be easy? Seeing him- seeing him with her-“
“Could have been you, Steve. But you never mustered the courage to fight.” Bucky relented- eyes now fully focused on his best friend; swimming with a sprinkle of anger, “Times a good healer, punk. But the amount of hurt she went through? Five years ain’t gonna have done much to heal her.” With that, Bucky wrenched open the passenger side door; rain continuing to hammer against the metal of the car.
Steve watched as Bucky stalked towards his house, noting the way he opened and closed the front door in a haste; the slam of it echoing through the night.
His phone buzzed then; the alert scaring him just a little, Nat’s name flashing up on the screen, “How’d it go, Cap?” Steve smiled lightly, sighing as he unlocked his phone to type a reply, “Which part?”
& that’s Chapter 2!!! What are we thinking?! Five years is a long time to go without seeing a friend, right?👀 Steve & Y/N’s reunion is coming & I would LOVE to know your thoughts!! We’re hotting up for some flashbacks VERY soon! If anyone wants to be added to the taglist, please don’t hesitate to ask! Request are also OPEN for Steve!! 🥰
tag list: @frickin-bats @chrisevansgirl34 @living-that-best-life @sarbear94 @alexrodriguez1269 @lharrietg
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