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The Avengers go on an adventure to answer Mantis’ call for assistance. On the way, Thor (Thor Odinson) tries to explain the story about Mantis to the younger member of the Avengers, Silverclaw (Lupe Santiago). 

- Avengers: Celestial Quest #1, 2001

Thor: Once complete, the Celestial Madonna was to be the human half of a conjunction - a wedding with the most perfect male of a plant race called the Cotati. Their spirits united to form a new and unique being. But that is when she left us. 

Silverclaw: She slept with a plant?!

((The scene of Thor trying to explain to Silverclaw is like me trying to explain the little-known fact about Mantis to my elder brother and his wife who had only known her from Marvel movies. My sister-in-law was astonished about Mantis’ marriage with Swordsman-Cotati and the crazy part of Marvel comics. Comics are weird at times…))  

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The Young Avengers used to appear on the coverage of news reports. 

1st, 2nd and 3rd pics - J Jonah Jameson assigns Jessica Jones and the journalist to investigate the mysterious Young Avengers who first appeared on a news report. = Young Avengers v1 #1, 2005

4th and 5th pics - Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Captain America react to reading the newspaper report of the Young Avengers apprehending Shocker as well as their new members (Kate Bishop and Stature) and their costumes. = Young Avengers v1 #7, 2005

6th pic - Eli’s grandfather watches the news of Captain America give a press conference to announce the Young Avengers’ decision to disband. = Young Avengers v1 #9, 2005

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The Young Avengers and the amnesic Wanda Maximoff travel through the timestream with Iron Lad (Nathaniel Richards) all the way to the Avengers Mansion. They landed in the past where Wanda attacked the Avengers with her uncontrolled chaos magic. 

- Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #5, 2011

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Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion.

[thumbs up] Volume One is overrated. The art is hard to follow and suffers from same-face syndrome more than Volume Two does, the writing was sometimes pretty questionable (hello, entire performance-enhancing-drug-abuse-by-a-black-minor-turning-him-into-an-overly-aggressive-and-less-intelligent-brute plotline), and it had the weirdest goddamn romance plotline/logic in comics.

Like, you can talk shit about NohKate deciding to date after a one-night stand because it was fun and convenient and he was the guy with a car, but Cassie knew a guy for five hours, kissed him once, never saw him again until he got her killed, and kept claiming he was her boyfriend for like… months?

I’m sorry but Nate/Cassie was just so painfully shove-a-het-ship-in-there. I can’t, guys. It was SO MUCH MORE EGREGIOUS than Noh-Varr/Kate.

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Avengers: Forever

Volume: 1 #9

Break: Reflections of the Conqueror

Writers: Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern

Pencils: Carlos Pacheco

Inks: Jesus Merino

Colours: Steve Oliff

Covers: Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino, Steve Oliff, Tony Kelly, John Roshell

Featuring: Kang the Conqueror (Nathaniel Richards), Ravonna, Supreme Intelligence, Rick Jones, Immortus


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