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#Nature Aesthetic

A moodboard featuring the asexual alloromantic flag, for asexuals who experience romantic attraction. All photographs used are my own, please credit if you re-use.

[Image description: A three by three moodboard, In the center is a flag with four stripes: a dark red stripe at the top, a lighter red stripe below, a white stripe below that, and a dark purple stripe at the bottom. The top row features photogrpahs of red leaves, a close up of red leaves and red leaves lit by sunlight, and a close up of a dark red flower in the middle. The middle row features a close up of a red flower and the white background behind it and white clouds seen from above around the flag. The bottom row features pictures of purple flowers, with close ups of different purple flower petals.]

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lift up your face
to the sun
all of these things you’ve become

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