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dontcallmecarrie · 3 months ago
I love your TWIFFON fic. It's great and I bookmarked it by chapter 3. I just hate what the MCU did with the Avengers. I hate that fics that portray Team Cap as backstabbing idiots who trusted a HYDRA agent (HYDRA!!! The organization Steve literally fought against!!) can be interpreted as /correct/. Where is the found family we were promised in Phase 1? Where is the team we were promised in Phase 2? Why can't the MCU writers write /all/ their characters in understandable ways?
I’m glad you liked it!
And yeah, that...is basically the entire reason I've long since given up on the MCU. I mean, the cracks were there early on, in retrospect, but you can really tell when the writers just. Stopped caring about anything other than ticket sales.
If you've read my rants before, apologies for retreading old ground but to sum up: the thing I can't quite get over is the fact that the MCU had so much potential. All the early effort towards continuity, the way the characters were introduced and dynamics were starting to be established— but later writers not only go out of their way to stamp on all of that, but they also have the audacity to act like it's a good thing.
All that time and effort for creating a universe adjacent-but-not-quite to the comics, down the drain for some cheap laughs and a few ticket sales.
Look: for me, the mark of a good movie/tv show/whatever is rewatchability, the journey along the way. Random plot twists thrown in for shock factor? Yeah, sure, you can do that, I guess, but...so could a five year old. And probably pull it off better than some of the MCU's writers, tbh.
The example I like to use is the Princess Bride. Absolutely no one watches it wondering how it's going to end— but its dialogue and plot means that 35 years later, people still remember Inigo Montoya's introduction.
Look me in the eye: when's the last time you rewatched a Marvel movie? [Not counting Black Panther, everyone involved in that one actually cared about the end product and it showed.]
...it's why I rage-quit the MCU, after Endgame. I'd been gritting my teeth for a while before then, but that's when I looked around and decided that if the writers didn't even care, why should I? The draw of new characters isn't appealing enough for me to have to deal with the writing anymore.
I have a very limited amount of time and energy; if I don't enjoy something, I just leave.
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4x01 · a year ago
the jpad boobie discourse begins, whenever i see ppl get thirsty for his milkers it think of Wheeler Walker Jr.’s “Drop Em’ Out” song
his m. thirsty for his m.
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queenofnohr · 9 months ago
anyway I can’t sleep again bc of brainrot
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thelilliellama · a year ago
so most of the fanfic i write is like inbetween/missing scenes stuff which means i get put in a very mixed mood when something similar to what i wrote ends up happening later in canon
cus on the one hand Vindication, I Was Right but also like. now my fic can’t reasonably actually fit into my mind of what happens in canon, cus they wouldnt have the same conversation Twice. its like being confirmed and jossed at the same time :(
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causingthechaos-au · a year ago
Use a teleporter
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
well, it worked!
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For the Q&A for a Transformers Fan: Out of all the Transformers figures you own, which is your favorite?
OH WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT'D BE MY FLAME TOYS TARN!!!! he was my BIGGEST dreamie figure for a good long while and after I got my stimulus check last year I was like WELL NOW I JUST HAVE TO PREORDER HIM NOW HUH and so I did!!!! and even tho his shipping and delivery got SUPER fucking delayed bc it was apparently illegal to ship out of japan for a while (bc covid regulations and all) he was WELL worth the wait and every penny spent :'3 he's so so SO gorgeous in pics and even moreso in person! The amount of detail and articulation they put into this fig is INSANE and I literally could just stare at him for hours tbh
I'm a big dumb idiot though and keep forgetting to get the batteries to power his biolights, but once I do, he's going STRAIGHT into my PC tower bc there's a window on the side where u can see into all the parts and just the PERFECT little free space for him to stand. And that's also been my dream to do since my brother showed me a reddit thread of ppl keeping their funko pops and other figs in their builds and stuff. But for now he's just chilling on my dresser!
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getallemeralds · a year ago
Probably late, but what would Kay Gee and Naught be?
originally Kay was going to be the same species as Henry, but i felt like that would devalue it bc its supposed to be really rare and a good amount of Henry’s “what even”-ery in this au is because no one really knows what he is or how he got here, including himself. like, yeah Kay still is going to have similar powers, but there may be Different Lore Reasons for that that im kicking around. also because of them being Naught’s sibling, that would mean either Kay was adopted or Naught is also that species
...plus, Henry is very much wanted by the CCC even on routes where he doesn’t cause a huge chaos reading (although he definitely does the Just Plain Epic rank and thats how he gets on the government’s radar) because of being an anomaly, and having someone of the same species wHICH STILL NEEDS A NAME working for the CCC would be. more than a little weird!
didnt stop me from drawing them anyway, though:
Tumblr media
i also fielded the idea of them being a species i havent done much development on yet yet (that is also the species sven is gonna be!) and im not gonna lie i do Really like these designs (even if colourschemes are always my bane):
Tumblr media
but honestly i think im gonna go with them both being limoli bc of Naught working for the CCC (and p much all the government / enforcement agencies are limoli, with the exception of the Wall), there being a surprising lack of limoli in an au partially named after them, and also because they look adorable:
Tumblr media
Kay has a variation on the same colour morph Charles does, just with one colour instead of being two-toned! meanwhile Naught has standard markings because hes boring.
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leestei · a year ago
i love the size dif bt ur benrey and gordon 😳😳😳
HEHE thank u... i like em big
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jazzraft · a year ago
@sungword replied to your post: Want too! Where do you find them?
y’know what. imma let you into my vault of terrible treasures, cause its been a wackadoodle month in a wackadoodle year and i’m feeling wacakadoodle enough myself to be peddling wild fanfiction paraphernalia on my largely vanilla with a few chocolate twists romantic fanfiction blog. takes a lot of practice filtering through the ao3 tags for a decent meal but maaaaan when you find it
here, I binge read this whole series in one day. and here, I read this one five times last night. and bam, here’s a spicy one to chase it down. please read responsibly! you didn’t get this from me
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luckthebard · 2 years ago
Hi! @jimkerk and I were inspired by your recent CR & Star Trek crossover stuff, so we decided to make a discord server for that very purpose! The link is on my blog in case you and/or your followers are interested :D
The power of fandoms colliding! I’m glad these posts brought inspiring and fun for people.
For anyone interested :)
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pepprs · 2 years ago
today has been hard
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dontcallmecarrie · 8 months ago
Hey, I vicariously live in my imagination to escape from the reality.
So, I have been wondering about the Rogues reaction to Tony defeating thanos, the IronSmaug, taking over the world etc...
Have a go at it, if you are interested.
It's also fine if you dont.
thanks, I really, really needed the distraction. it's been. an interesting week. not in a good way.
tbh, the whole 'what does Team Cap think about this mess?' thing in TWiFFON is...something I had originally been torn about, and everything that's been happening ever since means I keep finding myself going "do I have the energy to tackle this? lol no".
For some context, because you probably know my stance on this sort of thing but I prefer redundancy just to make sure we're on the same page: once upon a time, I honestly, genuinely did like the Avengers. All of them, and yes, that included Wanda [...for less than an hour, but still].
Back when I still had faith in the writers, I was constantly going "...okay, so when are these guys going to stop acting so OOC? Where tf are they planning on taking these character arcs?" and just being disappointed at each turn— but I stuck around because I liked the potential. Steve "what do you mean punching fascists isn't cool anymore?" Rogers, Natasha "my past is a tire fire and I'll just leave it at that" Romanov, Clint "where's Loki? Let me at him!" Barton and the rest of the group had their good points, and I gave myself a headache trying to figure out wtf was their thought process when the time came for them to do their thing in TWiFFON.
It wasn't fun, I only did it because it was absolutely necessary... and I still ended up receiving complaints.
Look: for me, character bashing is exhausting. I have enough going down in my life that I don't have any interest in writing it, and over the past few years I've seen more than one of the fandoms I follow/lurk in become salt mines that have me going "...okay, if you hate it so much, why are you even here?"
When I write, I try my best to emphasize the 'actions have consequences' thing I learned long before I hit puberty; but that doesn't mean I'm up for anything beyond that. Again, I used to like these characters, so seeing the levels of suffering canon— and some writers— put them through just has me stepping back for a moment.
But TWiFFON attracted a lot of people who were pretty far out there in terms of what they wanted, some of whom got very very pissy when it wasn't the story I wanted to write, which is...probably like 99% of the reason I'm still burned out on that AU. Apart from the recent personal life bs that means I am Not Up To Dealing With any hypothetical rando that shows up in my inbox, because normally I could not care less about what people think but my energy levels are. Um. Not great atm. Not sure I wouldn't bite anyone's head off if they wanted to start something right now, tbh, or just ragequit writing for a while because I have way better things to do with my time than deal with random internet assholes.
...apologies for the tangent, but now you know why that situation is one I'm normally kinda reluctant on tackling.
As for what I'd originally headcanoned:
Back before things hit the fan, I'd originally planned to have some little interlude snippets of what Team Cap's been dealing with. Mostly, it would've forced them to acknowledge that for all none of them liked or trusted Tony, he was basically just the personification of what the rest of the world thought of them.
Nobody respects them, anymore, or trusts them; Clint'd be in very hot water and sleeping on the couch for a while, and Hank Pym would never let Scott hear the end of his involvement in this whole thing because Hank hates the Stark name and the English language cannot concisely articulate just how pissed off he was that he had to publicly thank Tony.
Team Cap overall would also start to fall apart at the seams as more and more stuff came out and ey, turns out the leader they'd trusted and broken international laws for had lied to them.
By omission, sure, but honestly— do you think that'd go down well? The "oh yeah, I've known my brainwashed friend killed his parents since DC but I am not going to tell him unless I'm forced to" thing?
I don't know about you, but I for one highly doubt Sam Wilson would be okay with that. Or Clint, for that matter, and the list goes on because the more time passes, the more stuff keeps coming out of the woodwork and for the first time in years, they're forced to deal with it.
One of the things I planned to include in the sidefic can basically be summed up as "the curious case of Bucky Barnes": that is to say, what'd happen after he's taken into custody, and poke lightly at the clusterfuck we're unpacking here. Tony, feeling bad for losing control in the bunker, would basically go "shit I fucked up but I also never want to see him again but he's an even bigger mess than I am, that's a whole lot to unpack so you know what? I'm just throwing out the suitcase entirely here, have all the resources for support and help and if I ever see you again, it'll be too soon".
...to sum up, it's messy af. SI Legal would feature heavily because his particular case means he needs a team of lawyers, what with the 'former POW who's trying to recover from All The Trauma' thing, and the 'so I literally was just trying to buy some damn groceries when you guys dragged me into this', and Tony basically went "hey, so if anyone wants to help him, uh, I kinda have some interest in this one. Fair warning, dude probably killed Kennedy while mind-controlled, with our luck".
And along the way, there'd also be some of that one subplot I'd cut due to pacing issues: specifically, the one dealing with prosthetics.
Remember how Miriam Sharpe said her son would never walk again? Yeah, we'd be revisiting that: her family'd get a letter or something inviting them for clinical trials, and meet Rhodey in passing as he's using his own leg braces to get around because he's still healing. Bucky would get a few design offers for a free replacement for his arm, and it'd probably end up being a collab with Wakanda because T'Challa feels bad for his role in that mess as well.
So Team Cap would be seeing this, seeing how everyone's acting and reacting, and the way one of their own is getting all the help and support Stark Industries has to offer and realizing that yeah, they messed up. Big time.
...depending on my salt levels and how close we're sticking to canon, I was thinking this'd go one of two ways.
Either they'd double down and just go "ugh, Tony is a supervillain and we can't do anything about it!" while TWiFFON marches on and then later go "...you mean he did it by accident?!", or...
Well, canon's proven character development and continuity isn't really in their writers' vocabulary. So my original idea of 'they're forced to deal with the reality of the situation, acknowledge they messed up and slowly move on with their lives' would've been very unrealistic.
Again, most of this is intentionally vague, I had not been keen to tackle that mess in TWiFFON in the first place and the way things exploded on me means I really, really don't have the energy to do so now. Not when there's far better things I could do with my time, like mess around with AUs where people actually get along, or knit, or— well, the list goes on.
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fever-sugar · a year ago
Tumblr media
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haemedica · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
  @vilefeather​ offered: Knocks aggressively on her clinic's door.
      the good doctor glanced up from where she was ,  err ,  elbow-deep ,  as it were ,  in a perhaps unwilling participant at the frantic knocking .  the honey-haired woman wasn’t quite sure of the willingness ,  being as her vic- volunteer had been beset by scourge ,  and so graciously offered their cadaver for study by accosting her during an earlier patrol for those to offer aid .  oh ,  that was right ,  the door !    perhaps the good hunter had returned !  the woman pocketed a blood vial from a nearby table ,  one of her own making ,  more potent than those bottled by the church ,  if you were to ask her .
      catching sight of dark garb through the dusty and cracked glass of the sickroom door ,  iosefka smiled gently ,  before raising her voice to call out .  ❝ i’m afraid i can’t open the door ,  my friend .  haven’t i said this before ?  i do not wish to risk exposing my patients to the scourge .  or ,  perhaps ,  have you come back for yet another vial ? ❞  her voice took a teasing lilt ,  even as she remembered to slide bloodied ,  embroidered surgical gloves off and set them in a water-filled basin — purposely ignoring the near-hypocrisy of a scourge-ridden cadaver located not ten feet past the very door she refused to open .  she was keeping them well away from other patients ,  after all !  there were many precautions to maintain safety in place ,  it wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment choice !  mostly .
      ❝ still ,  though ,  this blood is all i can- oh ! ❞  her words were cut short by a surprised exclamation ,  as she stepped closer to the door .  ❝ you are not the hunter with whom i am acquainted ,  are you ? ❞  her ponytail swished as she shook her head ,  honey-gold strands fluttering over her shoulders with the movement ,  sparkling in the dim and dusty lamplight .  ❝ then ,  i regret to inform you ,  i will not open these doors .  i cannot risk the contamination of my patients .  i can offer you blood ,  if you need healing ,  but beyond that ,  you shall have to wish for daybreak for more aid ,  i am sorry . . . ❞  and she truly was .  the gentle doctor had joined the healing church ,  once ,  as an idealistic girl ,  intent to save all she could .  years of hunts ,  both prowling the streets ,  and patching up others who had ,  showed her that she couldn’t save all .  so instead ,  she chose to focus on saving the few she could .  and that meant her clinic door stayed closed .  until the hunt ended ,  and the threat of the scourge of beasts receded again . . .
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kristsune · 2 years ago
What would R2M's, S&P's, NJ's, and Naught Eight's daemons be in a His Dark Materials verse?
Okay! So! Im sorry this took so long! This needed some... thought. 
Mischief would have a lynx. It may just be because of his ties to them from the beyond the sea au, but it honestly feels right.
Rabble would have a snake, I’m definitely thinking something venomous, like perhaps an eyelash viper because Rabble has more bite than he looks like he has.(also, because snake daemons seem to have a negative connotation, Rabble would absolutely go through life showing people that they are wonderful)
Ruckus was a bit tough for me, I almost thought about him having a Harris’ hawk, but it didn’t quite fit. @thebisexualmandalorian suggested an ocelot, and that just seemed to fit perfectly 
Stick i realized would have something with a lot of attitude and not a small amount of bite, and a badger seemed to fit him just right, a honey badger even more so.
Poke would have a NZ native, the precious flightless bird the kakapo
NJ would have a small raptor, a fast hunter with excellent flying skills. I think the kestrel is a perfect fit.(having slightly witchy overtones is not something im upset about either)
Naught Eight would have a wolf, for no other reason than it seems to fit him well. (thanks to @thebisexualmandalorian for helping narrow this one down too)
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antifasamwilson · 2 years ago
i can't believe you now have a "blue eyes drama" tag kate omg this kills me
i want to be able to look back and b like that time i pissed all the game of thrones zombies off,,,,,wow memories
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hordakslegs · 2 years ago
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meyerlansky · 3 years ago
truxi-twice replied to your text post
haaaa, hoo boy, i actually kind of know that feel. Not from him, but...yeah. (Some of the local comic guys are gross, but also professionals in a v. small industry.) Hey, not quite related, but remember when Vito from Mob City found gangster tumblr and was all confused?
it's annoying as fuck tbh, like a. keep that stuff to yourself, but b. it is... super alienating to non-men following you for your professional work to see that the only tweets from not-men you interact with are when they're sex objects for your consumption. idk i'm ticked off about it, not least because it's pretty likely that no matter what i do academically i'll never be taken as seriously as dudes with bad behavior doing the same work.
OH I REMEMBER believe me i alternately laugh and stew about that whole. thing. on a weekly basis. god what a ridiculous situation that was
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dontcallmecarrie · 6 months ago
I am but a simple mortal, and I crave, I desire, to read Victor and Justin finally getting together?
friend, I'm afraid these two are the slowest of slowburns because Victor von Doom is hilariously bad at social anything and that's not even mentioning Justin's situation.
...but inspiration struck, so here's an attempt at a closer look at this ship in NHDD. Under the cut, because major spoilers for this AU and lots of timeskips ahoy! [Also some minor continuity tweaking, because this AU's been pretty fleshed out but if this is the ship sailing, some things are going to need to be adjusted if we're going all out here. Heads up, he lived through an incredibly brutal civil war, with all the violence that entails.]
Victor von Doom would never be able to pinpoint exactly when he considered Justin Hammer a friend.
Certainly, it wasn't at the beginning; it'd merely been a wordless pact to quietly share the conveniently-located alcove while studying, while the other brats their age ran around having their little playground tiffs and squabbles.
But somewhere down the line, Victor found that...well, he liked their strange routine of meeting up and sharing a short, polite nod before settling down to take a crack at their respective coursework.
Not long after that, he realized his quiet studymate's mere presence wasn't draining like it was with some of the other brats in his year, and from then on out they were practically inseparable because on his own, Victor would've been content to stay holed up in that alcove with whatever books he had on hand, but.
Victor was all of twelve years old when he first discovered he was helpless against that smile and so found himself dragged along to whatever club his friend thought would be a good fit for him.
Fencing, for instance— and Victor would only later appreciate just how beneficial it was for his stress levels to have a place where he was not only lunging at idiot classmates with a sword, but was actively encouraged to do so.
Even after his friend decided the sport wasn't the right fit for him, Victor found himself staying with it for as long as it was feasibly possible.
Some of the other clubs were more hit-and-miss; he lasted all of five minutes before deciding the Model UN club wasn't for him, and managed a few weeks of survival skills training before deciding he preferred curling up with a book over learning how to tie whatever knot they were currently working on.
...it's funny, in a way.
At the time, he'd just been having fun, letting himself be dragged along in the wake of his best friend's latest idea. Had just been spending time with one of the handful of people he cared about, seeing his best friend in his element and marveling at the way he could commandeer the attention of an entire room.
He had no idea of what was to come, and yet.
It was these same moments that would end up saving his life— training his reflexes long before he was thrust in the war zone that had once been his home, teaching him what to say, how to say it and giving him something to fight for beyond his devotion to his country.
Because he'd never said goodbye.
The last time he'd seen his best friend had been about half an hour before he was called from class to the head office, and informed that a family emergency had occurred— and his relatives were having him withdrawn from the school, effective immediately.
It's funny, how near-death experiences can shape a person.
Throughout the Latverian civil war, Victor saw firsthand what happened when push came to shove, and the sound of gunshots in the distance only raised alarms when it stopped. He was a teenager when things took a turn for the worse, and somehow ended up leading a faction and facing off against people many times his age.
He...lived, when so, so many didn't. Outlived his parents after a car bomb, outlived his closest aunt when what had once been his favorite cousin sold out his entire family for a position with one of their rival factions and it was only years of training his reflexes that let him survive that particular assassination attempt.
So if he made sure to make an example out of that traitorous bastard, well.
Victor was one of the last surviving members of his family tree, and he was the reason why— so if people looked at him differently, afterwards?
So be it.
Victor would be the first to admit he hadn't expected to survive, let alone live to see the rebuilding— and never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined he'd the the one leading the charge, at the ripe old age of twenty-four.
Yet here they were.
How the everloving fuck his faction had managed to come out on top was anyone's guess, honestly.
...okay, that wasn't entirely accurate, that one weapons shipment had been crucial and he was going to find out who was responsible for it the first chance he could.
Victor von Doom was twenty-five when he first found out what his childhood friend's name was.
Justin Hammer.
He... Victor didn't know what face he made, when his head of security first brought out the picture when they were reviewing the list of likely suspects. Whatever it was, it had everyone else in the room staring at him with varying amounts of shock, but he didn't care because he only had eyes for one thing.
Nothing else got accomplished that day, to say the least.
Victor might've been embarrassed, under other circumstances. But this was Justin, was his old friend who he hadn't seen in nearly a decade now—
Victor's temper was notorious. He knew the rumors, had overheard the jokes.
But really— every time he wanted to start making arrangements to leave Latveria, and yet another goddamn HYDRA branch comes out of the woodwork trying to start trouble.
It was enough to make him want to shoot something, and no, the fact that all his efforts in getting more information on Justin had mostly just dredged up rumors from trashy gossip rags hadn't helped, either.
The things he did for Latveria.
Victor was nervous, though he'd gotten much better at hiding it.
It'd been so long, and he'd never so much as left a note: would Justin even want to see him again? What if he'd changed? Victor had changed, there was no denying it, gone was the gangly brat who'd skulked around in library corners when he wasn't hanging out with his best friend—
"Victor? Is that you?"
Over half a lifetime since he'd last seen Justin, and he'd forgotten.
Over half a lifetime, and just like always, Justin's mere presence was weaponized sunshine.
...he never stood a chance.
Victor had been making the arrangements to continue his education, this latest development was just added incentive to do so. Sure, the workload could be a bit much; having to balance his courseload with his duties as the leader of Latveria was not easy, after all.
But it was worth it, to be not twenty minutes from his best friend.
Victor would be the first to admit his people skills were not the best. However...
He couldn't help his frown as one of his classmates once again stood up his girlfriend.
He'd seen her around before, both her and her brother.
The male Storm was an insufferable brat and Victor'd had twice his maturity when he was a fraction of his age— but his sister was good people.
Kind, clever, competent. Also way too good for her boyfriend, though that was just Victor's opinion.
Honestly though: he could count on one hand the number of times he'd seen Richards actually leave the lab when he was supposed to, and half of those had been because his friend, some Grimm fellow, had been ushering him out and chiding him about making plans.
It was...
It didn't sit well with Victor.
No, he decided as he saw Susan's disappointed-and-not-even-surprised look and Johnny's uncharacteristic glare at the labs he'd just been exiting, he didn't like this at all.
"—ant to bet he forgot again?" Johnny was saying, and Victor couldn't help but frown.
While Richards was a worthy rival to have, intellectually, this was something he would never be able to understand.
No matter how hard he tried, he just. Couldn't.
How could a genius like Richards just take the people around him for granted? How? Just...what, assume that they'd always be there for him, at his earliest convenience? How could he not treasure what he had, how could he not understand just how quickly it could be ripped away?
"Why are you still with him?" Victor asked Susan Storm the next time he saw her, once again on his way out as she waited for her idiot boyfriend.
"Excuse me?" She blinked, and he shifted awkwardly for a second before he mentally shrugged because it was now or never, and it'd been a burning question for goodness knew how long now.
"You're beautiful, kind, competent, and way too good for him. What do you see in him."
She stared at him, giving him an odd frown for a moment before she spoke.
"Because I love him."
"What do you see in him? This isn't the first time he's done something like this, and you— he takes you for granted."
"I—" Susan paused, before giving him an unreadable look. "Why do you care?"
Victor opened his mouth for a moment, then paused. Why did he?
"Because you're miserable. Because this isn't the first time I've seen you around, and we both know he's going to be in there until closing and I have way more stuff on my plate and I still have the decency to call my best friend if I'm running late. Take your pick."
"Best friend?"
At that, Victor couldn't help but smile fondly for a moment. "Yeah. Friends since our boarding school days, didn't get to talk for a while but we're reconnecting now."
Susan had a look of dawning realization, before glancing at him again and looking away with a muffled laugh. "Oh, I think I get the picture."
They broke up, not long afterwards.
Apparently, it was messy, and awkward, and one of those "didn't realize what you had until it was gone" sorts of things.
As much as Victor wanted to feel sympathetic towards his rival, he couldn't help but think, 'good for her' as he made his way to the restaurant his best friend was waiting.
Richards had an idea.
Victor thought it sounded good, and threw in his lot.
He'd regret it, for the rest of his life.
There was some cosmic sort of irony in that his rival came far closer to killing him, than the honest-to-goodness nearly decade-long civil war he'd fought in.
But that would've been okay, would've been fine, would've been something he could live with— except he hurt Justin.
Was the reason his oldest friend now had a hand-shaped Lichtenberg figure on his shoulder.
For that, Victor would never forgive himself.
For that, Reed Richards would forever gain his enmity.
"I'm so, so sorry," Victor stammered, and and would have reached towards his oldest friend but he didn't trust himself to, not after having nearly killed one of the few people still alive that he trusted, lov—
...yeah, this thought exercise got a tad bit away from me.
But don't worry, there's a happy ending!
When Loki shows up, he'll take one look at Victor and go "huh you Midgardians sure have a weird way of using magic" and from then on out Victor pesters Loki into teaching him how to control his power, and then they kiss. 
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felidaeng · 3 years ago
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