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reidbuck · 11 minutes ago
ACOSF could have been better, a lot, but I am satisfied with what I read. Many passages left me depressed, because things I saw in Nesta (things I went through) were debated behind her back, decisions that she should be present, people treating her like an object, an indomitable thing that if necessary (for them) should AND it would be destroyed. I thought about quitting that book at least six times. I realized, from a neutral point of view, that my favorite characters could make me angry in a way that I came to hate their decisions and appearances. There are so many other things that I could mention, but honestly that would be extensive and I don't want that. I'm happy for Nesta, since the first time I saw her (I read) I felt that she would become an intriguing character, I just didn't know if it would be for good or ill. Emerie and Gwyn were an incredible addition to that, I love them just as much as I love Nes. Az's POV was…… well, I want to see more of that because it will be VERY interesting. internal question: why don't they fuck somewhere away from everyone? for the saints! do they not realize that the more something is denied, the more attractive it becomes 🙄 anyway
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nesemryn · an hour ago
I can't explain this but Gwyn is a swiftie. Then she gets Nesta to listen to Taylor Swift also and then she also becomes obsessed. (If there isn't a Taylor Swift song that goes along with your favorite ship or character are you really doing it right?) But the Valkyrie trio as a whole defiantly blasts Megan Thee Stallion songs. And Emerie is very much a barb. That's all I have to say.
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bazu-mi · 7 hours ago
Okay so I finished this book a while ago. overall? Loved it. But I had some things that stuck out to me.
SJM's writing flow was WAY weird, especially near the last 200 pages or so. Her pacing varied a lot from her other stuff, and even just from in this series. The Rite, Cassian and Nesta's mating bond acceptance, everything felt super rushed and that was just not what I was expecting from SJM. Everything was thrown at us. And oh boy, it was nearly a headache
NESTA AND CASSIAN'S MATING BOND. I get that it was supposed to be slow burn, but OH MY GOD that was hot and cold flashes. But I do think that the differences between the mating bonds of Feysand and Nessian were very interesting. Feysand's mental telepathy, does it just come from their daementai powers?
I get that Feysand was having their moment!!! It's good that they're happy!!! But the way I imagined stuff going down would be that they were going to WAIT for a hot while before having a kid. Like seriously y'all've got CENTURIES to be together but no, have a kid a few years after meeting each other. FEYRE IS LITERALLY 22 ISH CONPARED TO RHYS' LITERAL CENTURIES. Also,,,, the name?? Nyx? Boring. C'mon. your dad's name is Rhysand, and your mom is Feyre, but your name is 3 letters and 1 syllable. I also think that's the most bland name SJM has really ever given a character in the acotar series.
GIVE ME EMRIE AND MOR, GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME. Please, toss us some lgbtq representation in acotar SJM. We've been waiting for so long since Mor came out. Give us a bone.
The Valkyries!!!! Oh My God I loved that so so so much. Absolutely amazing! I feel like this was really just a culmination of Nesta's life finally falling into place with friends that were *her* friends and really recognized for who she was. MWAH
Nesta's overall growth!! I love how SJM finally gave us a look into Nesta's mind. I swear, she was so villainized, and for what? While she and Elain both did jack shit pre "i got tamtam's money sent back home", but Elain was "better" because she just had better coping mechanisms. I could go on for forever.
This list is getting a bit long, but feel free to add any things I didn't mention!!! These are just off the top of my head, I'd love to talk more about this with other people :)
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wintersouldier57 · 7 hours ago
Who else gets brat vibes from Nesta lol
Like the girl is so feisty until 😉
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tiny-g0d · 8 hours ago
alright, I've been through my cruel prince phase, my acotar phase, my grishaverse phase, now what?
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worldsnotsaid · 10 hours ago
A Court of Silver Flames Thoughts etc. (pt. 2.2)
I just wanted to point out the last disturbing moments from end of the first six chapters, which I’ve had the unpleasant experience of reading.
tw: gaslighting, abuse, s*assualt
(1) Feyre and Rhys use Nesta’s intervention as…Foreplay?
“Is Feyre going to kick your ass for what you said earlier?”
“I already told the servants to clear out for the rest of the day as soon as you take Nesta up to the House.
[a few beats later] The clock chimed ten thirty, and Cassian rose. “Enjoy your not-fighting.”
Uhh, for one, Rhysand just expects that Feyre will forgive him. Like he doesn’t believe that he’s done anything wrong, and he doesn’t actually expect Feyre to anything about his actions.  That’s not holding your partner accountable that’s just Rhysand doing things because he knows Feyre won’t actually care if he does them. I don’t even think I’m surprised at this point. 
Two, how the hell do you undercut the intervention scene with this? Like everyone is immediately just okay with what they’ve done. I just do not understand why they don’t let Nesta just leave the court? They are very close allies with Hellion — someone who actually doesn’t dislike or insult Nesta — why not let her stay there? Why? Because politically Nesta does not have to be there, she’s not a member of the court. Could she not just train with someone in the Day Court? You know — the people who even more equipped in spells and magic? She’s not training with Amren, and the next best thing would be someone in Helion’s Court, because they totally specialize in wards, magic, and all that sort of stuff. The problem the only motivation anyone has for helping Nesta is for Feyre’s sake. And if you want, you can read the other portions where I compare Feyre’s actions to Tamlin, but here again is yet another parallel. It’s quite mad, because SJM disgusts me with her use of abuse. Tamlin is an abuser, so Feyre using the exact same tactics, reasonings are also abusive. So very ugly for her to do this to Feyre’s charcter.
And I don’t understand why Cassian, or Rhysand believes that Nesta would harm Feyre physically? She has literally left her alone for a year, Feyre has been the one who has continually initiated contact, Nesta has never used her powers, or reverted to physical assault, why is everyone treating her like a wild dog. And this whole story starts with Feyre and the IC bringing Nesta to the estate. Nesta hasn’t had contact with them before this. Unless…SJM acknowledges to some degree that the intervention is wrong. That any logical person would see the IC’s behavior as an attack. Even then, Nesta has never physically hurt anyone before this, so this attitude is just stupid. You know who has physically harmed someone when they got angry? Both Rhys and Feyre. Both have attacked people and harmed others in the process. Nesta is mean, but she isn’t irrational. 
“In the months leading to and during the war, Nesta had managed. Had stepped into this world, with these people, and started to see it—a future.”
So, SJM acknowledges that Nesta pulled her weight in WAR, but then she still insists on punishing Nesta? That’s literally what this book is, Nesta being punished. You don’t have to ‘Stan’ someone to see this as bad. 
[Mor]“We’d be better off throwing Nesta into the Court of Nightmares. She’d thrive there.”
Ah, so Nesta deserves to be abused in the CoN? Because she’s mean? I hate Rhysand, I really do, but I wouldn’t dare say that he deserved to be abused because he’s a bad person. The same with Feyre, Amren, or even Tamlin. But it’s disgusting for SJM to imply that Nesta deserves to be in the same place Mor survived. That’s ugly, and honestly showcases what SJM thinks of women who aren’t nice or some symbol of virtue. 
Cassian clenched his jaw, both at the insult and the truth.
Cassian could honestly just vanish. Worst love interest ever. I officially unship Nessian.
“Those pants were going to kill him. Brutally, thoroughly kill him.”
At some point, we have to have the conversation about Cassian being the one to train Nesta, and the implication of them having s*x while Nesta is still in the mental space she is in. When Feyre and Tamlin were both just having s*x and not talking (about feelings, nightmares) this was rightfully deemed toxic (and toxic for them both) When Cassian and Nesta do it, it’s okay? Cassian should not have been her trainer. But, that’s a discussion for another time. 
Lastly this: 
“Dark fire simmered in Morrigan’s eyes. “I knew plenty of people like you once.” Her hand drifted to her abdomen. “You never deserve the benefit of the doubt that good people like him give you.”
Nesta was well aware of that. And knew what manner of people Morrigan referred to—those who dwelled in the Court of Nightmares in the Hewn City. Feyre had never told her the full story, but Nesta knew the bare details: the monsters who had tormented and brutalized Morrigan until she was thrown to the wolves.”
(1) Mor, Nesta has done more than enough for this stupid ass court (2) Okay, so SJM basically implies that Nesta should be “tormented and brutalized”? Nesta, a 25 year old girl, should be abused because of a span of five years? Like people actively judge Nesta from five years of her life. Should we judge Feyre for eternity then? For violating Tarquin’s mind? For assaulting the Lady of the Autumn Court? For getting an innocent man whipped? For destroying the Spring Court? For implementing her sisters in the war? How about Rhysand? Should we judge him for actively murdering and enslaving people on Amarantha’s behalf? For drugging Feyre? S*xually assaulting Feyre? Mentally and Physically assaulting Feyre? For assaulting Keir?
Should Feyre’s bad actions define her? People sure ass hell don’t hold Rhysand’s bad actions against him. 
Do Feyre or Rhysand deserved to be abused because they’ve done bad things/are crappy people? HELL NO.
So why the hell does Nesta deserve to be judged and abused for her mistakes? That’s absolutely a disgusting message to push. And it’s crazy because you can tell SJM believes this, hence the abusive, gaslighting journey she has Nesta take.
This is very ugly SJM, you should’ve kept this in the drafts. 
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juusworld5728 · 11 hours ago
Elain Archeron and Hypocrisy
I’m making this post because I haven’t seen anyone else discuss these issues when relating it to other characters.
Well, my fellow ACOTAR fandom, I’m sure the Elain hate that some of you spew makes sense in your mind for reasons that will be explained later at some point. However, some of the other characters that are your favorite portray similar characteristics. Let’s get started...
Disclaimer: I am not hating on ANY of these characters. I am simply comparing characters and their actions+how they’re interpreted by most of the fandom
Point 1:
“Elain let her family starve and didn’t plant vegetables”
-I first want to mention that it’s been debunked that she never learned HOW to plant them and it would be counterproductive in terms of seasons and money. BUT...let’s say that she didn’t because she didn’t want to. It wasn’t her job but her father’s. Not to mention that if you defend Nesta doing something like this, why would you not give Elain that benefit?*cough* hypocrisy *cough*
Lets compare this to something else with a character that is very loved by the ACOTAR fandom that in my opinion is way worse but for the sake of it...
Didn’t Lucien sit back and observe while Tamlin was being emotionally abusive to Feyre? In fact, didn’t Feyre ask and plead with Lucien to help? Well instead, he watched while Feyre destroyed herself.
(Once again, I am not hating on any character. I am just pointing out some hypocritical points. This shouldn’t even be comparable due to obvious reasons).
Point 2:
“Elain chose Feyre over Nesta”
I am actually having quite a laugh with this one.
So Elain “chose” Feyre? Or do you mean she decided to heal with the sister you guys were blaming of harming for not planting vegetables? Yeah...not to mention that Nesta pulled away from Elain in ACOFAS due to her trauma that she decided to deal with by herself (which is fine), but it is the reason Elain backed off. Instead, she decided to mend her relationship with the sister that was ready to heal with her.
Comparison time...shoutout to all the Nesta stans that hate Elain...
Soooo Elain “chose” Feyre over Nesta...but do you not blame Nesta for always obviously choosing Elain over Feyre? Not hating on any of the sisters, but when it comes to dynamics, I don’t think Elain is the only one that should be blamed.
Point 3:
“Elain is useless and all she does is garden”
First of all, why are we reducing Elain to gardening? I haven’t seen anyone reduce Feyre to her painting or Nesta to her dancing/reading. Also, not one is better than the other!!! All of these abilities are forms of art that require passion, talent, and hard work. So please stop undermining gardening (go create a beautiful huge ass garden then) and reducing her to just that.
Comparison time...
A lot of people say that gardening is all Elain does (which is not true). Do y’all remember how much painting Feyre did in ACOTAR while she was in the Spring Court? Or how much Nesta was reading?? We know Elain’s gardening associates with a bunch of her traits, therefore it will develop along with her character. The same thing happened with the other two sisters. I stan all 3 sisters and so should you.
If I find more comparison points to call out even more hypocrisy, I will reblog. Feel free to add on more points!
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cocoscomments · 11 hours ago
So I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have the IC standing around talking battle strategy with Nesta, Gwyn,and Emerie there as representatives of the Valkyries. IDK maybe they’re dealing with Koschei. Someone mentions something about Nesta, her powers with death, her time in the cauldron or even something dealing with her trauma or childhood. Gwyn or Emerie or both ask Nesta a personal somewhat vulnerable question relating to that said topic. All the IC (minus Cassian) all tense ready for her play courtier or lash out and she just freely offers up the information like it was no big deal. 
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lightitup-1989 · 11 hours ago
Nesta angrily: ARE YOU-
Cassian: fucking
Cassian: fucking
Nesta: IDIOT!
Azriel: what was that?
Cassian: feyre banned her from swearing so I volunteered to help out.
Azriel: I think you just like swearing
Cassian: that doesn't make my job any less important.
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redroseprincess · 11 hours ago
I don’t understand SJM interviews unlike other authors who don’t troll their readers as much ,
To began , this is my thoughts as reader , I love SJM books but they are problematic and one thing I want to focus on in is her interviews like I don’t get them at all ,
She was asked in interview before her most recent one which book is next , like who is about about , her reply was I thought it was obvious ,
To me as reader I thought it would be Elains book and to others whose theories I read it showed convincing clues that it’s gwyn and Azs book , which either way I’m glad I enjoy reading their books and learning more , but the author makes hard because obvious means different things for different people .
Her second interview , again I don’t know why it wasn’t asked of her whose book she has in mind of writing about , like I know she said she started researching for Elain so I want to know is she still interested in doings Elains book or Az next or even Mor ,
Comparison to other authors :
When I watch CC interviews and Leigh Bardugo they both are very clear and straightforward about what their readers can expect next .
Like CC literally put a out a plan on her tumblr page and on what books she hopes to write about and near when and yes sometimes the timing and books in her plans change but at least her fans are aware and excited about what is next .
Reasons why I’m making a post ;
I feel as a reader and a fan who enjoys her books , like I’m being tricked , and I don’t know if she has a agreement with her publisher that she can’t state which books are next , or she just thinks telling us which POV is next is too much a spoiler which it isn’t .
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feysandandnyx · 11 hours ago
To invalidate Feyre's point of view you have to invalidate all the positive things she said about your favorite too. There will be nothing left, but that's okay. Feyre was a victim of abuse. This does not change even when told from Nesta's point of view. She still sat there, hating Feyre, excluding and verbally assaulting her while she spent her money. She is doing with Feyre what she did her whole life at the beginning of acosf.
So I find it worrying that you want to justify abusive characters. The victim's point of view will at some point be disregarded. It happens in real life and more and more I see it happening in books. Sarah was not the first to fall into this trap. Before they talk to me about Rhysand. I don't agree with many of the things that Rhysand did Under the Mountain, but I understand why he did it. Rhysand and Nesta's behavior occurs for completely different reasons. Rhysand crossed a moral line to keep Feyre alive and free Prynthian from Amarantha. Nesta crossed a moral line with Feyre because she was selfish and was thinking of herself or Elain at most. I'm not going to use Rhysand's traumas to justify her behavior, and you shouldn't be doing the same with Nesta.
Nesta humiliated Feyre for almost ten years and made her feel like an ignoramus that was worth little. It's really funny to see her freak out because she thought Feyre treated her like a piece of shit when she did this to Feyre for almost a decade. We saw how Feyre feels about Nesta, how cornered and she barely knows how to act around the person who assaulted her for years. So no, you are not going to invalidate her point of view because her point of view is not just about what she sees, but also how she feels about things and people. Nesta has always been selfish and aggressive towards Feyre, not the other way around.
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