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#Nesta Archeron
lightitup-1989 · 5 minutes ago
Mor: hey emerie, wanna go on a date
Emerie: Sure! Where?
Mor: I...
Mor: I don't know. I didn't know I'd get this far
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emilia3546 · 21 minutes ago
The Surprise - Nessian NSFW
Cassian's been dealing with the camp lords all day. It's a good job Nesta got home first, and had a chance to set up a surprise for him.
Nesta sighed and glanced across at the clock, thirty minutes until Cassian's meeting ended, thirty minutes until he got home all riled up from dealing with the Illyrian camp lords, thirty minutes for her to prepare. She smiled to herself, indulging in a glance in the mirror before moving, she wasn't usually quite this daring, Cassian had never seen her in anything so scandalous, but then again her clothes usually disappeared quickly. But he'd like this new set she'd bought yesterday whilst pretending to be looking for a present for Elain's birthday, she already had one, but he didn't know that. She'd taken pains to match the crimson exactly to her mate's siphons, and she was rather pleased with herself, it looked as if his magic was surrounding her, just about covering her breasts, lifting them slightly, then diving down her body, twisting from one side to the other until it was loosely tied around a lacy belt, before joining together and falling as a sort of skirt to conceal her sex, whilst still leaving it exposed. Yes, she'd done very well with this, she'd be surprised if he didn't make her suffer for teasing him with it.
The clock ticked, shit, she only had twenty minutes now, Nesta launched herself into action, sucking in a breath as the plug already in her ass moved inside her. She took a few breaths, then released a chain from where it was concealed in the ceiling. She could almost see him standing there in the doorway, leaning on the doorframe, running his gaze up and down her body, that annoying sexy look in his eyes, so uniquely Cassian that she'd never seen it replicated anywhere else, never. She knew he'd be fed up and annoyed when he got back, but that he would freeze the moment he saw her, his anger turning to arousal. She rubbed her thighs together, she'd wasted another five minutes now. What had she forgotten? She ran through a mental checklist, nothing, she'd even set out her favorite blindfold, and Cassian's favorite gag, among other toys, in case he wanted to use them.
Everything was ready, she reached up to pull the chain down a little, checking the length was correct before slipping her wrists into the padded cuffs hanging down. Once she had clasped the cuffs, the magic of the chain shortened it, lifting her onto her toes. She squeaked in surprise, she'd always thought it was Cassian doing that. Still, she did know how the magic worked, it wouldn't let her go, not until Cassian, only Cassian, manually released her, or she said her safeword, beyond that, not even the power of High Lords would unclasp the cuffs. She shifted her weight from foot to foot, anticipation gnawing at her as she rubbed her thighs together again.
He was late, only by three minutes, but still late, and Nesta sighed when the front door slammed shut and she heard Cassian's footsteps on the stairs, then the landing, then right outside the bedroom. She was right, he froze the moment he threw the door open, his eyes practically devouring her as he casually leaned against the doorframe, right as she'd imagined, with that annoying smirk,
"Alright, sweetheart?"
"Get over here."
"I just got home, aren't you going to ask me how the meeting went?" He feigned shock, laughing as Nesta shifted on her feet again, the pressure from the plug so much more now that she was on her toes,
"How was your meeting?" She relented, the quicker she played his game, the quicker he'd give up and give her what she wanted,
"Shit. You know what they're like, it's so," he smiled as he searched for the right word, and locked eyes with her as he grinned, "Frustrating." Nesta rolled her eyes, and her mouth dropped open in disbelief when real magic stopped her from moving any more, not the illusion she'd created, he was actually using his magic on her now. "But I think you can help with that, can't you, Nes?"
"Yes." She gasped, "Please,"
"Good girl," he murmured, pushing off the wall and stalking across to her, and she tried to look over her shoulder  at him as he circled behind her, but he pushed her chin back forwards, "You look ravishing," he whispered, running a hand over her shoulder,
"Then you know what to do with me," she managed, keeping her voice surprisingly steady, but he ignored her,
"Why aren't you wearing your collar?" Shit, she had forgotten something,
"I forgot," she squeezed her eyes shut as he vanished from behind her, the rummaging in the drawer behind her sending her heart into a gallop, she hadn't gotten out any impact toys, maybe he was going to spank her now as punishment,
"shhh, shhh," he muttered, "Steady," the collar, that was all he'd gone to get, and Nesta tipped her head back to let him fasten it around her neck, "There, now you're mine."
"I'm always yours." He chuckled, and slipped the blindfold over her eyes,
"Oh, I know." He stepped round in front of her, and tipped her chin upwards, angling her face towards his. Nesta opened for him the moment his lips touched hers, gods she could never get enough of this, enough of him, he was everything she'd ever dreamed about and more. Every kiss was like the very first, the raw love barreling into her took her breath away every time, and she moaned into his mouth, tears welling in her eyes. She panted for breath when he released her mouth, hardly thinking when he gripped her chin again, tugging her mouth open. She swallowed obediently when he spat in her mouth, gasping when he pulled her mouth open yet again. The gag, oh, she shouldn't have even gotten it out, she twisted her head, trying to pull away, but he gripped her face, holding her still as he slid it between her teeth. Tears welled again as the ball struck the back of her throat, making her cough and choke, but Cassian just held it still until she could take it properly, leaving her mouth pinned wide open, but rendering her silenced. He gently ran a finger along her jaw, then down her neck, tracing the collar around her throat before stepping back.
The silence was unnerving, she couldn't tell where he was, if he was even standing next to her any more. Her head shot up at the rasp of talons on the wooden floorboards as he circled back around behind her. She shook her head from side to side, trying to dislodge the blindfold, to get any slight glimpse of him, of what he was doing. Broad hands slid around her waist, tugging her back against him, and she gripped the chains above her head, just to hold on to something, anything. Cassian chuckled behind her,
"How long were you waiting like this, sweetheart?" Nesta tried to speak, but all she could manage was a weak whimper through the gag, "All tied up and desperate, gods you're soaked," she wriggled against him as he swept a finger through her sex, and nipped at the skin of her neck, making her head collapse backwards. She tried to grind down onto his hand, but he held her still, "You see how your body responds to me, one touch and you're practically shaking." She wasn't shaking, much. Still, she scowled. He snorted with laughter, and pinched her nose, making her wriggle and struggle to get away, until she collapsed against him, and he finally let go, "That's better," he murmured, "Good girl," she'd meant to be annoyed but the praise always made her weak, and she dropped her head back onto his shoulder, letting him gently stroke up and down her ribs, across her stomach, and back to her ribs before slowly, carefully undoing the ties behind her, letting all the lace and silk fall, leaving her breasts completely exposed.
Cassian stepped away again, but returned moments later, tugging Nesta against his now-bare chest, one hand pinning her waist still, the other trailing up her skin, and her breath caught when he reached her breasts. He gently rubbed a nipple, then harder, earning a moan loud enough to escape past the gag. Nesta was already trembling, and she knew Cassian had noted it, she cursed herself for reacting so much to him, he'd hardly touched her, and she was already desperate. She ground her hips backwards against him, finding him hard against her ass,
"How should I take you tonight, Nesta?" He whispered in her ear, one finger sliding down her belly, slipping through her sex, "Here?" She nodded desperately, and he moved away, his finger moving to circle her ass, gently pulling at the plug "Or here?" She nodded again, she didn't care, she just wanted, needed his cock inside her. He kept moving the plug just enough to make her squirm, but not enough to offer any kind of release. Tears pricked her eyes again, "Stop that," he muttered, "Or I'll have to give to you something to really cry about."
Nesta froze, and whimpered softly when he tugged a little harder on the plug, before shoving it back into her. She squirmed again, trying to twist out of his grip as he rocked it back and forth, he held her still, pulling it out a little further, and she squealed. It had hurt when she'd forced it in, and her breathing sped up now as he slid it almost all the way out of her, stretching her to the threshold of pain. She squirmed in his grasp, dropping limp when he forced back in all the way. Each movement of the plug was pure torture, not enough, it wasn't enough, and she really was going to cry if he didn't do something more. She grabbed onto the chain, and screamed, but only partially in pleasure when he finally pulled it out. He didn't make any move to leave though, and she whimpered in fear when she felt it pushing against her ass again. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to ignore the pain-edged pleasure as he slowly, slowly pushed it back into her, before starting to fuck her with it in earnest,
"You can't even handle this, it's too big for you?" Nesta nodded, drool now dripping out of her mouth as she squirmed again, "How can you possibly hope to handle me then? Did you think about me when you put this in? Did you think about me filling that tight little ass?" Nesta moaned at the promise in those words, and Cassian finally pulled the plug away, painlessly this time. He tossed it aside, and circled back in front of her, a hand walking down her body to her sex, "I think I'll fuck you here first though." He leaned closer, kissing along her neck, her jaw, his hands still exploring her body. Still, it took her by surprise when he quickly pulled the remaining silk away, and shortened the chain, so that she couldn't reach the floor at all, she whimpered, hanging still, forced to wait for him.
She pulled herself up a bit, holding on to the chain, her breathing coming fast and shallow now. Cassian traced a finger along her jaw and released the straps of the gag, tossing it aside, and she gulped down air, panting even as he squeezed her waist, kissing along her jaw, then her face, until he reached her mouth, kissing her deep and hard while he unbuckled his belt. Nesta moaned into his mouth as he kicked his pants off, and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer into her, deepening the kiss. She nipped at his bottom lip, and laughed at his groan, a hand sliding into her hair and tugging, hard. She gasped, and he held her head still, his tongue still moving alongside her own, gentle, but claiming at the same time.
Slowly his hands trailed down her side, moving to cup her ass, to hold her up, releasing the pressure on her wrists, and she kissed his shoulder, moving up his neck, along his jaw as he lined himself up with her. She dropped her head into his shoulder when he slammed into her in one go, letting out a long moan,
"Cass," she whispered, gripping the chain above her head tighter as he slowly pulled out of her only to slam back in to the hilt, again and again. She moaned at each movement, and hooked her feet together behind his back, she needed him close, and he knew it. He cradled her head with one hand, holding her up with the other as he thrust into her, their combined moans breaking the silence around them. Nesta buried her face in Cassian's shoulder, rubbing the blindfold away until  she could look up and see him. His hair was messy, the leather tie almost falling out with every thrust he made into her, and his eyes were blown with lust. She met his gaze, and he grinned, slamming his hips against hers particularly hard, making her see stars,
"Wait." He demanded,
"You wait for me," Nesta gaped at him, he couldn't be serious, he'd teased her, touched her slowly, and now he wanted her to hold off her climax, she wouldn't do it. "Nesta," he warned, feeling her start to clench around him, "Wait." Only the pure command in that tone made her force herself to stop, and he raised an eyebrow,
"Yes, Sir," she whispered, but again started clenching around him, no, no, no, she couldn't stop it, he'd punish her if she came now, but she couldn't hold it back. Tears welled in her eyes as she tried to stop it, but failed, any moment now, just another second and she'd come. Cassian bit down on her collarbone, the slight pain halting the rising pleasure and letting her step away from the edge, if only for a moment. She moaned again, and screamed when he shifted his cock inside her. "Please," she whispered, "Please," Cassian gave her everything, everything she didn't know how to ask for, until she was shaking uncontrollably, until tears were flooding down her face and she was screaming out his name at every slight movement. Finally he whispered the words she was desperate for,
"Come for me, sweetheart. Together." White filled her vision, and she screamed loud enough that she was sure without the soundproofing charms the whole of Velaris would have heard her. She clenched hard around him, and he spilled into her at the same time, his hips bucking quickly into hers as he shouted her name.
When Nesta's vision cleared, Cassian was still inside her, his face buried in her neck, still clinging on to her, his wings practically limp where they drooped onto the floor. Nesta twisted her wrists, but Cassian lifted his head, and kissed her again, slowly, lazily, as if they had all the time in the world, but, she supposed, they did, they had forever. She smiled when he pulled away, and pulled out of her, lengthening the chain, and setting her down on unsteady feet. She practically collapsed into him when he released the cuffs, and swept her into his arms, aiming for the bed.
Nesta shifted on the blankets as Cassian fussed over her, gently cleaning her up with a washcloth, grinning sheepishly at the bruise on her collarbone where he'd bitten her,
"You'll struggle to hide that one,"
"Maybe I don't want to hide it," she mumbled, opening her arms for him, and snuggling into his chest when he leaned back against the headboard, holding her against him. Cassian's wings curled in around her, and Nesta sighed happily,"I love you," she muttered, the darkness cocooning her in a bubble of safety with him.
"Thank you. For tonight, I needed this."
"I know." She pulled back just enough to look him the eyes, and brushed his hair away, out of his face, and kissed his cheek gently, resting her face on his shoulder, communicating her love the only way she really knew how. He kissed the top of her head, and squeezed her tighter against him, "I wanna braid your hair," she mumbled, "It's pretty,"
"I know it's pretty," Nesta twisted to look up at him, grinning at the laughter dancing in his eyes, she sat up and reached to grab a brush from the bedside table, "Not now," Cassian muttered, placing a hand over hers to stop her, and grabbed the brush himself. Nesta sighed and let him push her back to a sitting position, and winced when the brush found a tangle from when he'd grabbed her hair earlier, "Sorry," he muttered, but continued until her hair fell in a cascade around her shoulders, "There. Beautiful." Despite herself, Nesta flushed, it didn't matter how many times he called her beautiful, she'd never quite believed him, but he made her want to believe him, made her believe that she was beautiful, that he really thought so.
She didn't complain when he got up to tidy everything away, her eyelids were starting to feel heavy, and she barely registered when he picked her up again to put her into bed properly, pulling the blankets around her while he cleaned up. Nesta was just falling asleep when Cassian slid into bed beside her, and she crawled onto his chest, mumbling goodnight before drifting off to sleep in his arms.
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darklove9314-blog · 23 minutes ago
Not going to lie I can’t wait to write chapter 13 of Symphonia because not only will it include starfall but Nessian smut as well as a good amount of fluff also (for more couples than just one)
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typicalmidnightsoul · 30 minutes ago
Cassian: You know Nes, you will never find any replacement for me 😉
Nesta: *slowly looks up*
*slowly points at Gwyn*
She’s right there.
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musicallibrarian93 · an hour ago
Feysand+Nessian group #1
They go on double dates quite a bit. Feyre and Rhys just love having another couple around. 
It’s also a beautiful way of Nesta being shown Velaris.
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nesta-ataraxia · an hour ago
someone send me nessian fics after acosf please
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gucciwithicecream · an hour ago
The Fox and Lady of Death
Since I didn't get the right amount of interaction between Nesta and Lucien, and their possible friendship, I decided to write something on my own. I hope you’ll like it.
Words: 3703
Nesta didn't know she would find herself on back of the horse with Lucien Vanserra sitting right behind her, but surprisingly it was nice. Her companion didn't ask any questions, didn't say a single word, just simply rode with her on his horse in complete silence. If he found it uncomfortable, he didn't let it on. 
She also didn't know what got into her, when she asked him where he was going when he walked passed her in his brown trousers, green tunic, pair of fine black riding boots and bag on his side. He just gave her small smile and calmly answered: Horse riding.
,,Can I join? “ words fell out her mouth before she could think about them. Lucien blinked, the only sign of surprise.
,,If you wish," he gave her one of his diplomatic answers, so she followed him. Their walk led them to stables not so far away from city's boundaries and she was left amazed at how two males inside the stables welcomed Lucien between them. They exchanged their hellos, hugged and tapped each other on the backs.
Nesta studied Lucien. He was completely different male, than the one she was used to see. His body wasn't in fight mood watching for danger, there was no sign of discomfort in his body language and his eye was shining with light she didn't see before. As she watched him interact with those two fae, it made her wonder, if this was Lucien's true nature and not the male he presented himself to be in front of rest of their court.
,,Nesta," Lucien addressed her. ,,This is Nicaise, the owner of the stables and this is Kalon, his son."
,,My lady," both of them bowed, aware of whose sister and mate she was.
,,No need for lady, Nesta is just fine," she gave them both small smile and stepped next to Lucien.
,,It's honor to have you here, even we did not expect you."
Nesta only nodded.
Silence fell upon them and it was interrupted by Lucien's cough.
,,I'll take Daegen as usual," he smiled at the owner.
,,Sure. "
Quietly, Nesta followed Lucien to horse bunk, not wanting to be left with two strangers who were staring at her with wide eyes.
,,Have you ever rode horse before? “ Lucien asked as he opened the door to bunk.
,,Yes," she nodded and froze immediately at sign of brown majestic horse taller than her. Horse let out noises of excitement when it saw the redhaired fae.
,,We can get you your own horse," Lucien started and turned his eyes on her. ,,Or you can ride with me," he added, noticing her shock.
,,Yes," Nesta licked her lips. ,,For now." 
,,Our horses are little bit bigger, than those you were used to in Mortal realms, so it would be even safer for you to ride with me, at least till you adjust to them. I don't want Cassian rip my head off if something happened to you." 
She gave him true smile. ,,Yes, I think that would definitely be better choice." 
,,You riding with me or Cassian ripping my head off? “ 
Nesta gave him another smile. 
They both knew the answer. 
 After few minutes, when Lucien got their horse ready and one of her unfortunate attempts to get on the horse, they finally got out of the stables. Nesta tried not to blush over the memory of her almost kissing stable's dirty ground and Lucien helping her on the horse with one swift movement. She was glad that he didn't laugh or teased her, just simply helped her and did not say a word since then. 
Lucien cleared his throat, interrupting the peaceful silence between them. ,,So how is your training?" he asked and carefully led Daegen on narrow walkway among the trees. 
Nesta looked up at him above her shoulder.,,Good," the short distance between them caught her off guard, but she only continued:,,We started practicing with bow and arrows. Our goal till the end of this year is to master the Illyrian bows."
,,Those are hard to maintain, at least from what I've heard."
Nesta nodded:,,They are," she turned her attention back to road in front of them. ,,It took Cassian and Azriel years to maintain them," smile rosed upon her lips.,,That's why Gwyn wants us to master them so soon, so she can shovel it into their faces for rest of their lives."
,,This Gwyn sounds like she is young fierce lady," Lucien laughed behind her.,,But I agree with her. After centuries, those Illyrians need somebody who will tear down their egos."
Nesta let out small giggle. 
,,They could use some of that," she agreed with him again. “Gwyn is my friend. She used to be of priestesses in temple, but now works in library under the House of wind.”
Thought crept into her mind and she shot him quick glance, taking in his appearance. “She is also partly from autumn and spring court,” she remembered one of their conversations that one day Gwyn would like to explore their cultures when world wouldn’t be so bad. Her friend had so many questions and no one to answer them for her, but now there was Lucien who had history with both of those courts.
“What?”He asked when she was just staring at him and running her eyes all over his face. Nesta quickly licked her lips before asking: Maybe ... you could tell her something about those court? I’m sure you also know their better sides and not only the bad reputation. Maybe you could tell her about their traditions, culture and .. .and people?”
Lucien stared at her, face completely neutral and look in his eye distant. Nesta bit her tongue. She went too far, how could she ask something like this from him?  She only thought of her friend, how excited Gwyn probably would get to have somebody to talk about her motherland, but would Lucien able to talk about it? She cursed herself, how could she ask him this, when she knew the best how much pain can memories bring.
“I could do that,” he surprised her with his answer. “I bet those bats of yours only know everything about the royalties, but nothing about the common people.”
Nesta’s face lighted up. “ I shouldn’t ask this of you. I know you don’t have exactly good history with them.”
“Well, it wasn’t the commoners who hurt me, was it?” Corner of his mouth rose up. “If you want to know the true colors of courts, look at the common people. They are those who give courts their true essence and it’s them who give the power to High Lords. Without them, even the strongest High Lord is nothing.”
Nesta blinked at his words and turned her head back down. Something about his words made her uncomfortable, unsettled.
“I’m glad you made friends and family of your own, Nesta,” Lucien let out low sign. “ I know you try to fit in between your sister and her friends, and maybe you do, but sometimes it’s better when you make family of your own. Family who isn’t blood related.”
She only blinked again and quietly said: “Thank you,” she didn’t quite know what she was thanking him for, but something told her to do so. Silence fell upon them again for a while.
“You don’t fit in the Night court either.”
“Well, it’s not like I have anywhere else to go,”he laughed, pain and bitterness in his voice. Nesta just opened and closed her mouth, she didn’t know what to say even she knew the best how it feels to not belong anywhere. “Don’t say anything. I know exactly how bad my situation is.”  
“I hope you find your true friends and family too Lucien,” she let out long breath. “The one who will love and accept you for who you truly are, and not because your royal status or what you could bring to the table.”
“Thank you.”
Another moment of silence fell upon them. This time it lasted till they got to small glade by lake in middle of the woods.
“Did you have lunch?”Lucien asked as he stopped the horse.
“No,”she looked at him, when he swiftly got down.
“I’ll make fish,”Lucien reached out his hand and helped her down from Daegen.
“Fish? You brought fish with you over here from the city?”
“No,” he shook his head as he tied up Daegen to one of the trees. “I’ll catch one,” Lucien shrugged and took down his bag. “With my bare hands,” he added as he noticed confusion in Nesta ‘s eyes. She knew they needed fishing rod or net at least.
“That’s not possible, fish are ... fast.”
Lucien laughed. “Well, I am faster. Come, let me show you how we do on the south side of Phythian.”
If somebody told her that Lucien catches fish with his bare hands, she wouldn’t  believe them. She believe that fish are swift and not so easy to catch, but then Lucien tied up his hair, took off his boots, rolled up his trousers and caught one with his bare hands.
“How the hell did you do that?”She asked as he pulled up grown fish out of water. Lucien laughed and threw the fish at her: “Catch!”
Nesta blinked in surprise as she caught it in her hands. She bugged out as the fish tried to protest against her grip and eventuality got out. She just watched how the fish swims away.
“Nesta,” Lucien said her name very seriously. “Your lunch just swam away,” he pointed in the direction where the fish swam.
“Catch another one!”
Lucien put hands on his hips and rose eyebrows. “Why don’t you catch another one?”
She bit her bottom lip. “I don’t know how.”
“Well, take off your boots and let me show you how.”
Nesta hesitated for a moment, but then she took of her boots, rolled up her trousers and joined Lucien in warm water. “Now what?” She put hand on her hips, the same way Lucien had.
“The way you can feel the flow of winds, you can feel the flow of water. So in order to catch a fish you have to feel the flow of water, especially when it’s cloudy, because fish usually swim in the opposite direction.”
“Lucien, this is a lake, it’s still water.”
“Is it?”
Nesta blinked and focused on water. She wiggled her toes and took deep breath. She closed her eyes and let her other senses take the lead. She could feel the warm summer breeze carrying scent of pine and ground on its shoulders, she could hear the flapping of birds wings high above them and the soft steps of stags and does not so far from them and she could feel the slow movement of water all around her feet, it was slow and barely there, but she could feel it.
“I feel it.”
“Good, now open your eyes,” Lucien said softly, trying not to scare her with her senses focused as if he knew how sensitive it can be. Nesta opened her eyes and met his. “Now look for fish and try not to move a lot or else you can scare them away.”
She lowered her eyes to water and was surprised how much her fae sight can see. The colorful stones at the bottom of the lake, small and big ones, little frogs and fishes, small leaves and grass, she could see it all and she was amazed. She only used her perfect fae sight, when she needed it usually in fight or training, never like this.
“And when you find one you like, you just strike,” Lucien spoke again in soft tone. Nesta turned her eyes on him and watched how he looked around the water. He set his eye on one of the fishes and strike into water, pulling the fish out within second.
“Your turn,” Lucien smiled at her and clenched his hand around the fish. “You make it look so easy,” she huffed and looked for fish.
“Because it is,” he laughed watching her. Nesta shook her head and set her eyes on fish close to her. Licking her lips, she dived hand to water wrapping fingers around the fish and pulling it out quickly. She gave him triumphant grin.
“Good job,” he smiled with her. “Let’s cook them.”
“You know how to cook in forest?”
“Of course.”
“Is there something you don’t know how to do?”
“Keep my mouth shout, obviously,” he grinned at her. Nesta rolled her eyes.
“You do an excellent keeping it shout around others,”she raised her eyebrows and got out of water.
“Well, I have nothing to say around them,” Lucien shrugged. “Don’t put your boots on yet, you will damage them if you put them on wet legs,” he added as he saw her reaching out for her boots. Nesta blinked and watched how he smacked the fish against big flat stone and left it there.
“Would you mind, if you went to collect some berries?” Lucien asked as he pulled ou bowl out of his bag. “Sure,” she took bowl from him and turned to direction Lucien has pointed. “Which ones?” She looked back at him. Did he need blueberries? Raspberries?
“Those you know for certain,” Lucien lifted his eyes on her and grinned. Nesta rolled hers and slapped Lucien’s back with wooden bowl. “Ouch, that’s not very nice of you.”
“I’m not nice!”
Nesta just heard Lucien laugh and continued her walk to the bushes. She immediately recognized blueberries and raspberries, not so far from each other. Memories of her collecting them, back when she was still human, rushed into her mind and she tried not to cringe. She pushed those memories back into dark pit of her mind and started picking.
When she got back to Lucien, he already had small pot hanging on chain from three metal sticks above fire with no wood. Nesta narrowed her eyebrows and sat down next to Lucien, who was mixing the fish meat inside of the pot. She didn’t know how he did it, but it already smelt good, even though she wasn’t big fan of fish.
“Trow them inhere,” Lucien pointed at pot with his knife. Nesta dumped berries to the pot, noticing various herbs and slices of lemon inside.
“Who taught you all of this?” She sniffed the sweet smell of berries as Lucien started to crush them. “My brother,” he shrugged and added slice of butter to the mix.
“Don’t tell me that Eris taught you all of this,” she furrowed eyebrows as grin raised up at his lips. “Indeed, he did.”
“I can’t imagine Eris squatting down to pot in middle of woods.”
Lucien laughed bitterly. “No matter how much I dislike him and how big of asshole he is, I’m thankful for a lot of things he taught me, as if he knew I would need them one day. When my tutors were losing their patience with me, he helped me learn how to read and count. Later he helped me to master my blades and swords, took me to his army where he taught me how to hunt and orient in forest. And even much later he taught me how to orient in the webs of lies that are among every court.”
Nesta pressed her lips together. The male Lucien described was way too far from the male Nesta knew. “You make him sound like good person.” “I like to believe that somewhere deep down he is a good person.”
“He asked me to marry him.”
Lucien brusted into uncontrollable laugh. Tilting his head backwards he smacked his thigh and fire flickered in answer to its master emotions. “Oh sweet Mother, I thought Cassian was joking about it.”
“Well, he wasn’t.”
Lucien wiped his face with smile on lips. “It was probably just to tease you and Cassian.”
“He seemed to be very serious about it.”
“Trust me, there are things you don’t know about that prevent Eris from marrying anybody,” Lucien kept on laughing.
“What things?”
He took deep breath and still smiling said:” When the right time comes, everybody will know. Now, It’s not my story to tell.” Nesta carefully watched Lucien’s face if she would catch a hit of what he meant by his words, but she found nothing but pure amusement at his brother’s actions.
“Fine, enough of this talking. Let’s eat, because I’m starving.”
   They were half done with their lunch, when little friend of Lucien’s crept to them. Nesta just kept her eyes on fox as the animal slowly came to Lucien. He smiled at the fox and reached out for slice of bread.  
“There you go, little one” he reached out hand with bread and watch how the fox sniffed the bread. Then it quickly took the bread and run few steps away.
“You really are the lord of foxes,” Nesta mumbled and took another bite of the fish. “Is your beast form also fox?” She asked as Lucien carefully watched the animal. Look on his face got serious as he turned to her and Nesta bit her tongue, thinking she overstepped again. Talking to Lucien was so carefree, that she forgot the fact that there are certain boundaries she shouldn't test and questions she shouldn’t ask.
“No,” he dipped finger into sweet sauce he had on his plate. “Every one assumes it, but no. My beast form is way too far from fox. Even I don’t know what it is.”
“I shouldn’t ask. It’s probably not very polite in fae world.”
“No, it isn’t but you are curious, there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t recommend asking High Lords or Ladies about it, it can be very touchy subject.”
Nesta gave him brief smile. “Is it possible that I would have one too?”
“Probably,” he shrugged and looked at her. “But I wouldn’t think a lot about it yet,” he licked his fingers. “Not till you truly master your powers and every aspect of you. Seeing your beast form can do more harm than use,” Lucien continued as if he saw question she wanted to ask.
She took another bit of her bread and admired the view in front of her. The picture of lake’s crystal clean water reflecting tall and strong trees was breathtaking and so peaceful. Tweeting of birds above her head and soft steps of animals deep in forest calmed her mind and she dared to close her eyes.
“Do you come here often?” she asked softly, trying to to disrupt the peace inside her. “Only when i can’t stomach being around other people,” Lucien answered her with the same soft tone as hers. Nesta smiled, no need for her to ask whom he cannot stomach to be around. “Can I also come here, when I will have urgent need to stab somebody?”
Lucien laughed at her question. “As often as you need. Maybe I will build cabin in here, so we don’t have to be under open sky.”
“Do you also spend night in here?”
  On their way back Lucien dared to push Daegen faster and Nesta couldn’t help herself, but smile at the wind in her hair. She felt free on back of the horse when he raced between the trees swift as the wind and she understood why Lucien does this so often.
“Where were you two?” Cassian asked as they passed by him in the city. Nesta smiled brightly at her mate. “Lucien is teaching me how to be a proper fae,” she laughed and leaned onto Lucien’s front.
“Teaching you how to be a proper fae?” Cassian repeated her words and raised his eyebrows.
Nesta rolled her eyes. “He taught me how to catch a fish, so you better prepare that we will be having fish for next three weeks, at least.”
Lucien’s chest shook with laugh.
She only signed and throw her leg to the other side, then she jumped down and smiled at her mate. “Don’t worry, you overprotective bat,” she patted Cassian’s shoulder and turned to Lucien, who was now few heads taller than her. “See you tomorrow?”
“See you tomorrow.”
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my reaction to acosf varies depending on my mood. sometimes im like 'yessss smut smut and more smut' and other times im like 'where the fuck is the goddamn plot huh'
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sareyesj · 2 hours ago
I realized that all sjm stans are either a rhys or a feyre stan while being anti nesta and all the sjm antis are some nesta stans...meaning imma binge the sjm anti page
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romaisamaria · 3 hours ago
Cassian: “I see. I get a little too close and you shove me away again. Back to where it’s safe. Better to marry a viper like Eris than be with me.”
Nesta: “I am not with you, I am fucking you!”
Meanwhile outside the bedroom:
Tumblr media
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dreamingwmeg · 3 hours ago
I didn’t feel like my fic was completed so i added another 1000 words last night lol. Posting tonight or tomorrow!! ;)
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wildlyglittering · 4 hours ago
Six Sentence Sunday - Good at Starting Fires
Once upon a time an anon asked for an angsty Nessian piece where Cassian sees Nesta in her underwear for the first time in the Illyrian camps. 
I write fanfiction slooooowly (can you tell?) but it’s finally done and will be posted next week. Here’s a snippet before then!
“Upstairs and to the left,” he said and Nesta turned to him. “That’s where your room will be. Mine’s next to it, same side. Both will warm up quick when the fire’s lit as the floorboards heat too.” Cassian jerked his head to the stairs, “Go and get changed, I’ll grab wood for the fire.”
Her face, one of permanent indifference and as smooth as porcelain, changed. The expression lasted only seconds before Nesta schooled it into something passing for neutral.
“Fine, I shouldn’t have expected you to be prepared.”
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highfaenesta · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
What an iconic scene👏🏽
art credit: jessamybooks on instagram
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oversizedbats · 6 hours ago
another acosf reread thoughts post:
although I am a firm believer that Elain deserves credit for killing the King of Hybern and the Kingslayer title, I still love that when Nesta introduced herself to Emerie, Emerie’s response was “I know who you are, you killed the King of Hybern”
maybe I’m projecting but I just... imagine how nice that must have felt for Nesta... not to be known because of your relation to others (as in “I know who you are, you’re the high lady’s sister”) or judged based on perceived shortcomings of your past (looking at you, Cassian) but to be known for essentially ending a war before it truly began... must’ve meant so much. A beautiful start to a beautiful friendship.
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haj-is-reading · 6 hours ago
my sister just started to read acotar and she told me Feyre is with her future lover, thinking that tamlin was her real love interest hahahahahahahahahahahahaha sure.
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nesemryn · 8 hours ago
Imagine not telling your own wife that having a baby would kill her, kill the baby, and because of that stupid death pact two idiots made, would eventually kill yourself.
And they say romance and feminism is dead🙄
I don't really care that Nesta told Feyre. It may have been out of anger and rage, and might not have been the right approach, but at least she was the only one who had the balls to tell the truth. Instead of letting Feyre live in denial. Cause what were they supposed to do when the time came and our feminist icon didn't have a plan. Stupidity is a thing of wonder.
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musicallibrarian93 · 8 hours ago
Feyre and Rhys panic asking Nesta and Cassian to watch Nyx while they winnow to the cabin so they can have sex is something that we’re defo gonna see. 
Feyre: *to Nesta’s mind* Hi, how’s my favourite sister doing? 
Nesta: Do you want us to watch Nyx again so you guys can go have sex?
Feyre: He’s asleep, you don't even have to do anything.
Nesta: You horny little kids, we’ll be right over. 
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lightitup-1989 · 11 hours ago
Cassian: If I died how much would you miss me?
Nesta: It's cute that you think death can get you out of this relationship
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