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This was a towel used to buff out our finish from Pearl Nano Ceramic Coating.
. 📷 @vas_detailing
+1 702-375-8959
Boulder City, Nevada

#VegasDetailing #BoulderCity #Nevada
#pearlnano #ceramiccoating #paintcorrection #detailing #autodetail #autodetailer #detailersofig #detailersofinstagram #detailingaddicts #detailingdoneright
#10xDetail (at Boulder City, Nevada)

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Nevada is surrounded on the east and west with widespread COVID-19 outbreaks. Our numbers are rising. We’re living in a shadow right now, and that’s almost the worst part of it.

It hangs over us. No matter if we disconnect from the news or social media. It’s still there in the tape on the floor at Walgreens, in the closed businesses, the cancelled events, in the digital billboards looking like a post-apocalyptic video game reminding us of symptoms.

It’s the empty shelves, the gloves discarded on the ground randomly, the housewife wearing a dust mask as she walks the dog, and the sponsored ads on Facebook for hand sanitizer.

It’s the lack of plans on a Friday night and staying maddeningly sober on a Saturday because to buy alcohol is to leave your house. It’s a goodbye between friends without hugs that feels like a prayer from 6 feet away.

It’s the obituaries for a new celebrity or public figure every single day. It’s the grim toll ticking across the screen and the triage tent lit up by floodlights and visible from the freeway at the hospital in which my twins were born early and medically fragile.

It’s how banal and normal things seem when you wake up in the middle of the night caught between dreams and consciousness. It’s the tickle in the back of our throat when we wake up in the morning. Is this how it starts, or is it the dry desert air?

It’s the approaching cloud on the horizon, but we don’t know how fast. It’s the collective trauma we’re all experiencing in real time but can’t name. When I tell my kids goodnight, am I going to have to isolate tomorrow?

We know it’s here, but we can’t see it. Only the results.

A tired looking woman looks at the camera. She is Caucasian, with her hair pulled back and wearing a surgical mask. she is sitting in an office.

(March 28th, 2020) Me at work after seeing six patients. I’m a substance use disorder counselor at a medication assisted treatment clinic, and we’re considered essential personnel. Please stay home because I can’t.

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La impetuosa nevada se presentaba ante mis marchitos ojos verdes, mientras pretendía acomodar mi vetusto cuerpo sobre el gélido y firme suelo de aquella fábrica deshabitada. Procuraba resguardarme con una raída frazada que había encontrado hacía unos días atrás e intentaba prolongar el calor con el poco whisky que me quedaba.

La espesa neblina no tardo en oscurecer y cubrir todo el terreno, pero la ciudad contigua se encontraba relumbrante. Casi sin darme cuenta, mis extremidades se hallaban entumecidas y la temperatura había descendido en exceso, siendo capaz de sentir como la sangre de mis venas parecía fluir paulatinamente…

Desperté con la suave voz de mi amada esposa, quien se encontraba de pie junto a la devastada entrada y, sin decir nada, fui dejándome llevar por el resplandor que emanaba su radiante figura.

Lentamente, ambos peregrinamos entre las tinieblas, permitiendo que los destellos de la metrópoli nos guiaran, mientras mi cuerpo inerte reposaba bajo el deshecho edificio abandonado.

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