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#Nevermoore WIP Update
asteristories · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
No, you guys aren’t seeing things. Nevermoore’s chapter 2 update is finally, finally here! Funny how ch1 took me more than a year but ch2 took me only a couple of months haha.
This update has:
- A perfectly normal and calming ‘dream’ sequence :)
- Meeting up with both familiar and new faces
- Partake in a tour, as well as have a more proper introduction of the ROs
- Eat a cupcake
- And more!
Thank you all for being patient with me, and I hope you guys enjoy the update!
[Important: Due to me changing/adding some variables, you are going to have to start a new game save file! Sorry about this guys! This is a still a WIP after all😅]
I’d love to hear you share your thoughts/suggestions/bug reports on this when you finish if you can! 
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asteristories · 4 months ago
Nevermoore Rewritten Update is here!
Demo | Forum
Wow I can’t believe I made it to an end-of-January update like I said I would lol.
Honestly there’s a lot I want to say about this journey but in the interest of keeping the post short I’ll just say this:
Thank so all so, so much for your constant support and for being patient with me! You guys deserve to see the best possible version and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
So far this demo still only has the prologue, chapter 1, and interlude to read through, but the rest should be following suite soon enough! Please continue to look forward to the chapter 2 and beyond updates!
Here’s a short list of what I still need to get done in terms of preparing everything for Nevermoore’s soft reboot.
Create an intro post with the summary and all important links to be pinned on the front page of the blog.
Create a proper character page
Fix up the blog layout
Open the CoG forum thread and fix up the introduction post.
Oof my work is still not done 😅.
Also, in terms of the asks/inbox, I’ll be having my comments on that on a separate post so please stay tuned!
Once again, thank you everyone and I wish you all a pleasant evening!
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asteristories · 4 months ago
1 Year Anniversary!
Checks calendar. What do you mean it’s been a year already since I posted the first update for Nevermoore?!
Ok but seriously guys, it has been such an incredible journey for me to have reached this far. Even with all the writer’s blocks, my initial doubts and insecurities on the project (oof those were some bad thoughts I don’t want to remember 😅), and uh...2020 in general, I honestly don’t regret a thing with what I started.
I genuinely do enjoy working on this little project of mine, and I loved meeting all of you guys through this! Your constant support and interest in this is what has been keeping me going! There’s honestly so much more I want to say but I’ll just be repeating myself on how awesome you guys are haha.
Heads up this post is going to be long because I have a bunch of announcements and other messages I need to share with you, so I’ll be putting them under a ‘read more’!
1) So first thing, the special anniversary art. I had already contacted and commissioned Red last week, but he’s still working on it. I don’t want to rush him so I don’t mind waiting a few extra days because I know it’s going to be great in the end.
I had a quick sneak peek of what it looked like so far, and I think you guys are going to enjoy it a lot! It has a very slice of life feel so look please forward to it soon! And of course, the RO versions that’ll be starring in the piece are the ones who won the poll.
2) The rewritten update is not going to be up today, I’m really sorry guys! There’s just a lot I need to fix up and need to go through several rounds of editing until I think it’s good enough to share. I am so so close however, and I decided to make the end of January my new goal!
3) Because the rewritten update is going to give Nevermoore a fresh new coat of paint, I’m going to update my policy in answering/receiving asks for 2021. Like whether or not I’ll be willing to answer NSFW questions, for example. I will post a more in-depth ‘ask rules’ when I actually update the game!
4) And speaking of asks, because of how much the story/setting/characters have been changed over the course of the year, a lot of the previous asks I’ve answered are now outdated (Ex: ROs reacting to-, Lore asks, etc). 
I’ll still keep those asks up for old times sake but yeah haha. After I post the rewrite, all future asks will be tagged with something new that’s not #nevermoore asks so you guys can differentiate asks between pre and post rewrite. You’re still more than welcome to send in a question that was asked before to see how much or how little the answers have changed! 
5) Keeping in line with ‘Nevermoore’s new start’, I am also aiming to edit and clean up the blog’s theme so it’s more presentable, adding character pages, and even create a proper intro masterpost that I’ve seen other IF authors do! 
And also, I really need to fix and update my tagging system whoops.
6) Lastly, remember that ‘good news’ I sort of teased a while back but didn’t say much because I needed a confirmation first? Well, that good news came through!
I won’t go into too much detail but basically now I’ll working on Nevermoore as a full-time project instead of just a side hobby that happens after classes! As of now, I only have this time until the end of April but hey, more writing for me! 😎
...Aaannnd I think that’s all what I need to say so far! I swear there’s something else I’m forgetting but that’s a problem for future me lol. 
Again, thank you all so much for you amazing support and interest in this little story of mine. Let’s see what new milestones we’ll reach for next year!
I hope to see you guys soon when the rewrite update rolls in! It’s going to be pretty awesome if I do say so myself 🥰.
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asteristories · 11 months ago
Progress Update (July 16, 2020)
Hello everyone! Sorry for being silent for the past couple of weeks but now I'm here again to present to you what I have done so far!
The upcoming update is 6000+ words now so far, which is a huge jump from the 2500 words in the previous progress update! And the total wordcount for Nevermoore right now is around 21,000 words! This is honestly the most I've ever written in any writing project that I did, and I'm pretty proud of myself 😊. (Before this WIP the most I wrote was only 10,000 words.)
What I finished so far:
*The playground scene + interactions with the teens you meet there.
*Updated the stat system. I've decided to go ahead and use the Mind, Body, Soul idea from the last Update post.
*The first enounters with the ROs! (Remember, it's encounters, not interactions. You unfortunately can't properly talk to them yet, let alone start flirting haha. Sorry 😅!)
What I still need to do:
*Heavy editing and fixes to the points above.
*The final scenes leading up to MC's death (That's not a spoiler btw), which closes off Chapter 1.
*The interlude that takes place between Chapter 1 and 2.
*(Low priority) Draw out the map of the town for you guys to use as a reference.
I really don’t have a set day for the update yet, but if I'm feeling optimistic I am hoping for it to be by the end of July/Early August.
Thank you again everyone for your patience and I hope to see you again next time!💖
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asteristories · 11 months ago
Quick Progress Update June 29, 2020
Hey guys sorry for making you wait for this! 
So, the next update is coming along nicely, clocking in at about 2500 words so far. Not a lot, I know. But I’m getting there! I have the first half of the conversation with the playground teens done, and now working on the second half. Afterwards, I only have one scene left where you might just bump into a certain RO (no real interactions/flirting yet! Sorry 😅) + the final closing scene of chapter 1 (It’ll end with a bang let me tell you that). Then I’ll be working on a special interlude! 
On another note, I’m highly considering of changing the skill stats. As of now, they are Athletics, Intelligence, Awareness, and Charm. 
But what I had in mind was to change it to Mind, Body, and Soul. They’ll work around the same way as the previous stats. Here’s my plan:
Mind = Intelligence, and Perception/Awareness combined
Body = Will still be your physical ability.
Soul = Now this ones a little trickier to think about, but it might take the place of Charm/Charisma/Intimidation. My excuse for this is that Soul can tie to your ‘connections’ with other people. 
Not only will 3 stats instead 4 be easier to manage, but these can also have further impact with the story. Especially the more you keep dying 👀. I admit I don’t have all the details fleshed out yet, but I’m liking what I have so far!
If you have any thoughts/comments about this possible change (Whether for or against) I would love to hear your opinions! Also, I’ll see what else I’m willing to share about this new system once I work out the kinks and plot holes haha.
Thank you everyone and I’ll talk to you again soon!
P.S: To everyone who’s sent me an ask in the past 2 days, just letting you know that I do see it. I will answer them all eventually if it’s the last thing I do, I’m just slow plus I’m working on other things. I hope you continue to be patient with me 🥰!
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birdtrayer · a month ago
game masterlist
a continuously updating list of all the games i’ve played/ am playing/ plan to play (last updated: 6/8)
completed games
creme de la creme
180 files: the aegis project
the wayhaven chronicles 1 and 2
creatures such as we
choice of the deathless
wips i read
mind blind
blood moon
zeus’ dilemma
into the shadows
raiders of the caravan
when twilight strikes
royal affairs
scout: an apocalypse story
a tale of crowns
andromeda six
checkmate in three moves
the northern passage
fields of asphodel
body count
ace of spades
supernatural in new york
the exile
conspiracy in emerson
home sweet
virtue’s end
venatici house
the spirited: origins
divine intervention
the odessa dating games
midnight diner
the icarus plagues 
to read list
the bastard of camelot
faith of gods
shepherds of haven
the nameless
smoke and velvet
a mage reborn
the sun chasers
the harbringer
event horizon
god of the red mountain
a bards tale
myrk mire
the eight years revolution
exiled from the court
glory of the damned
the alchemist
love the guard be the king
a limber love
a comedy of manors
greater than gods
trails lead home
the sword of rhivenia
remember you will die
the lure of the gallows
spellbound: a ghost story
even more games in this tag!
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hellomynamiseglaf · 4 months ago
🌰Chestnuts and Warm Milk🍂
My List of ~Favorites~ for Interactive Fiction and Visual Novels
Tumblr media
(This is a work in progress so please bear with me)
Interactive Fiction:
The Wayhaven Chronicles (WIP Series in Development) - @seraphinitegames  (Look,,, I’m just... obsessed.. I can’t stop thinking abt it,,, and I'm..... sometimes, I read and I think I feel like I know what love is.)
Mind Blind (WIP) - @mindblindbard (I just,, UGH it’s so good. I can't even say that much because my feelings about it are so potent that everytime I see an update I try to tell myself to leave it alone to play larger portions of updates as a treat and everytime my willpower FAILS and I replay the demo like twice in a row)
Demon: Recollect ; Forsaken (WIP) - both by @bathalafiction (whew...WHEW!!! Are you kidding me?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Look. I was attached to Demon: Recollect. I loved it. And then I played the Forsaken WIP and now I can't get over my absolutely BOMB character design for my player persona. Also it's kind of fun being considered a jerk in the game, because it opens up a lot of different options that I usually feel bad about taking)
Shadow Society - @carawenfiction (the concept is so interesting,, I dream of more. Also
The Soul Stone War - @intimidatingpuffinstudios (also whew!! I really enjoyed it and the characters all picture themselves really vividly in my mind for some reason.)
Greenwarden (WIP) - @fiddles-ifs (reading this is like thick fog.. but in a good way? I don't know how to describe it without pictures but this IF smells like fog over wet grass)
Divine Intervention (WIP) - @divineinterventiongame (the concept?? UGH SO GOOD. For some reason it's always the first game I click to check for updates)
Golden (WIP) - @milaswriting (😈😈😈😈)
Blood/line (WIP) - @bloodlineoffical (simply put,,, LARRY)
Supernatural in New York ; The Bastard of Camelot (both WIPs) - @llamagirl28  (UGH Both of these are so good in their own ways but equally as exciting to see updates for. I haven't consolidated my feelings much further than "my MC for SiNY is so cute" and "Mordred is a child" but they're all generally positive.)
Ace of Spades (WIP) - @steph-writing (I keep thinking about,,, con........)
Nevermoore (WIP) - @asteristories (AHHHHH.... let me say it again for those in the back: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil (WIP) - @sosthemortalcoil (YES.)
Shepherds of Haven (WIP) - @shepherds-of-haven (yes. I just have to sigh because it's very good and I like saying those funny little words of power. But also outside of the game I can only picture this game as a great, grey border collie)
Attollo (WIP) - @attollo (Also a very interesting concept, whoo... I almost forgot how immersive it was untill I played the demo again and was reminded of how 'into it' I was straight off the bat. Also the seperate, short little piece on the blog with Sysba was also really good and I had a dream about it the other day)
Into the Shadows (WIP) - @wynnakang​ (whooo.... I'm sighing again, but louder. I press restart and play the demo again)
A Comedy of Manors (WIP) - @sviyaginthegreat (I kept replaying options that I hadn't chosen before because I wanted there to be more lmao)
Fallen Hero: Rebirth - @fallen-hero (I think there's a sequel coming up? I haven't stopped thinking about this storyline since I finished it omg... the.. the details are really good and I've become ridiculously attached to my tragic villain? Character... she IS the standard for my reusable IF persona, or at least one of my most prominent ones ;-D )
Samurai of Hyuga (WIP series) - (I'm pretty sure is the development blog for this game, or at least what I've been checking for updates..... this is a series with four book currently out.... and I've been playing through book 4 at slower than a snail's pace in a desperate attempt to prolong my experience. I really didn't think I was going to like it as much as I did but I got a little too into it and now I'm horribly attached to all the characters)
The Porthecrawl Witness(WIP) - @porthecrawl-witness (I'm pretty sure this is a WIP?? But ugh. SCREEEEEE- it's so good. It's SO GOOD. I really want to punch Talbot in the face. And Asher, if for a different reason. And sort of Staci just to try. Quinn is just a cutie I could never hurt him like that. Ugh but they're all so good and I forgot that I was reading a WIP untill it suddenly was over..... I'mfeeling really aggressive rn as I'm writing this, so please just note that the punch comment is meant as a statement on how interesting the concept and immersiveness of the characters and story is)
Forgotten Names (WIP) - by Alexandra_Zorila on the CoG Forum (turn the volume up. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Look, look. It's..... delicious. It's SO interesting and I obsessively have a tab open on my computer to check for updates)
OFNA: Birds of a Feather (WIP) - @ofna (the vibes are so grey and smoky but the fog is definitely from a party smoke machine and the room is only dark because the walls are taped with those huge sheets of black construction paper that teachers use to cover their bulletin boards with... the game definitely falls in the 'dark and mysterious' genre but something just strikes me as really funny when I play it. Anyway it's good and it's in a lot if recommended lists for a reason. Also I'm very attached to my American Goldfinch)
More Things in Heaven and Earth (WIP) - @morethingsgame (in the same way that it's fun to play Guenevere in the Guenevere game or Mordred in The Bastard of Camelot, playing Ophelia in the sort-of Hamlet story is really fun. If anyone has read the Missing collection- which I absolutely love- by Margaret Peterson Haddix, this gives me similar vibes for some reason. Anyway, I really want to give Hamlet a hug and make him a flower crown or something)
A Tale of Crowns (WIP) - @ataleofcrowns (It's kind of not even funny how much I love this game... It's hard to even describe why I like it, just that it's so well rounded in terms of the story, characters, dialogue, and relationships. It's such an interesting plotline and it's pretty immersive. Also the first time I read the demo, there was an update as I was reading and the high that sent me on has very rarely been matched. Also Dara running to save my Crown in the tunnel?? 🤚😩🤭💓 ugh. UGH!! That's good food for my fool heart)
Scout: An Apocalypse Story (WIP)- @anya-dev (I'm usually not that into apocalypse themes/plots but I really enjoyed this game, and the plot was very good and intruiging... it really pulled me in and I like my character in the story a lot. I don't know why but it tastes like chikuwa, atsuage, and this specific type of carmelized onions that my mom makes sometimes)
Nothing left to burn (WIP)- @clowdee-works (......ouch. I *knew* what was going to happen and I STILL became attached to Drew)
Smoke and Velvet - @roast-ifs (It's good. And I am VEDY much into my character design. Also the story is really interesting, and I enjoy the setting a lot somehow)
Speaker (WIP)- @speakergame (very fun to play, and each update gets me more interested in the aspects of the plot. I also really like the little descriptions of what the characters think of the player)
The Nameless (WIP)- @parkerlyn (interesting plot, I like the characters a lot, and The aesthetics of this world are so interesting. Definitely had a good time visualizing what everything looked like)
Fields of Asphodel (WIP) - @asphodelgame (I think it's really cute so far!!! I like mythology in general, and the persephone/hades dynamic is *mwah!*... I like the way the story progresses in the beginning, and I think it works well in drawing the reader into the world. I also very much enjoy petting large dogs.)
...there are so much more.. and I have followed so many blogs.........
I'm not sure why I can't find it rn but there's this one WIP game that I really like where the MC buys a manor for like dollar and moves to go live there with her best friend and shenanigans ensue as they try to settle in and fix up the estate
Harbringer (WIP) - @harbringercog (....are you KIDDING me?? I was fully planning on just enjoying the demo and keeping a mental note to update the list sometime later,,, but this game... THIS GAME really made me fold. It's very immersive and regardless of how nervous the author claims to be after releasing the demo, it's of my humble opinion that those nerves can be calmed. It's very good. I was planning on procrastinating and reading a little bit and then going back to this essay I need to write, but somehow I got pulled in and ended up reading through the whole demo and it's apparent that I honestly had no chance of getting through this without becoming invested in the plot.... just... so good.. I'm very excited to see how this will progress)
Visual Novels:
Andromeda 6 (WIP) - @andromeda-six​  (I repeat: Obsessed, I come back every few months to see an update and I fall deeper into the hole every time...)
To the Edge of the Sky (WIP,, probably) - by Ajané (??) on Steam (I think, it’s been a while)
Next on my list to check out: Perfumare by pdrrook
Does.... does The Arcana game by Nix Hydra count as VN?? If so, then yes.
Similarly, the FictIF games are all entertaining, although Last Legacy and Heir to Love and Lies are my favorites rn (and.....unfinished....)
I also don't know if this counts, because I kind of consider Otome games to be their own genre, but on the Love 365: find your story by Voltage Inc. There are a bunch of fun stories, my favorite of which are: the Shinichi Kagari route on After School Affairs and the Saejima and Keiichiro routes on Bad Boys do it Better
..To be continued...
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asteristories · 6 months ago
Hey I just wanted to pop in and say that I love Nevermoore! The idea of "unable to leave even by way of death" is scary for me sometimes, but I can't tell you how excited I've been to explore it in this story. I unfortunately haven't read the demo recently so I might not have the most up to date knowledge, but I can't wait to get to the moment when we come to the realization! I love Falken, Sterling, Zhang, and Romero. I appreciate you and your content, and I hope you have a wonderful day ♥️
Hey anon this is me rn:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I-. Thank you so much? Omg that's so nice of you I'm going to cry now goodbye.
And please, it's totally okay if you haven't read the lasted updates yet. God knows how many other WIPs I still need to read myself lmao.
Also hearing that you love the ROs too makes me happy! I had tons of fun making their characters and coming up with some of their backstories haha. It's definitely going to e a wild ride once I get to that point, and I'm excited when I do someday!
Thank you again for this wonderful message and I hope you have a nice evening as well! (Or day, depending on your time zone) 💖😊
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