#New Year's Resolution
ninasdrafts · 6 months ago
For the next year, I hope you have faith that there is more out there for you - that life still has a lot to offer and that you’re deserving of it. I hope you have the courage to keep your heart open even though you’ve been hurt and misled. I hope you still find it in yourself to trust. I hope you can hold on to the thought that things do get better in time even though there have been days when you nearly gave up. I hope you give yourself enough time to heal, as much as you need. I hope you keep your patience and your good heart and I really, really hope 2022 treats you well. And even if it doesn't, I hope you'll do what you always do: you fight and you fall down and you get back up again.
2022 / n.j.
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chrisburke · 5 months ago
Happy New Year! 🎆
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malallory · 5 months ago
I did this on twitter and I really enjoyed seeing people’s answers so I’ll do it here too:
new year’s resolutions are OUT. tell me your new year’s fantasy. reblog and in the tags tell me something specific you've been fantasizing about for your life lately. preferably the super-improbable-but-not-strictly-impossible kind.
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exlibrisfangirl · 6 months ago
New Year's platitudes and resolutions so often emphasize health, and they leave such a sour taste in the mouths of chronically ill folks. “Healthy” just isn't an attainable goal for most of us. It is not something we can ever fully achieve through any available means - eating well, exercising more (or even at all, for some!), positive thinking, practicing yoga, drinking enough water, or doing x, y, or z - and it hurts to be constantly reminded of that with a nonstop barrage of wishes for “a healthy New Year”. Please be mindful of what you say to chronically ill/disabled folks in regards to health, at this time of year especially. <3
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kelleah-meah · 5 months ago
Someone posted this image on Pinterest ...
Tumblr media
... as someone who follows a lot of bohemia-focused accounts on Tumblr and Instagram ... I like it, aesthetically speaking. It doesn't match me perfectly because my hair isn't long and straight, I would never wear boots with heels that thick, and I don't wear sleeveless anything without a jacket or cardigan. But I liked it, so I saved it to one of my boards.
The person who created/originally posted it seems to appreciate the hippie life, past and present, and I can understand and respect that. Hippie culture is problematic as much as any other (sub)culture, but it has its merits.
But what caught my eye was the comments responding to the image, including one where someone posted an "improved" version of the image with the Black Lives Matter banner removed.
Now, I have made a New Year's Resolution to spend less of my energy arguing or debating with folks online, and instead use that energy to create something that brings me joy or a sense of accomplishment. But I first saw this Pinterest post last year, so I hadn't arrived at that decision yet.
When I tried to call out the not-so-subtle way in which white supremacists try to sneak their dogma into every conversation or online interaction, Pinterest refused to post my comment. So I tried editing it to remove the phrase "white supremacist" assuming they flag that phrase as unacceptable in any context. Pinterest still wouldn't post it.
So I decided to post a more subtle, less obvious criticism of why the comments are toxic. Pinterest allowed it.
Fast forward to today, and I see this image offered on my homepage based on my interests ...
Tumblr media
And once again, the comments are ... unfortunate. There are accusations ranging from the label "POC edition" being problematic to someone insisting that the moodboard is promoting segregation.
Tumblr media
I'm not sure how that person landed at the idea that acknowledging that Dark Academia has an unfortunate pro-Eurocentric bias is the same as promoting segregation. It kind of reminds me of how racist people often accuse anyone who addresses the issue of racism of being racist.
It's not a "POC edition" in that only POC are meant to engage in it. It's simply recognizing that a divide exists within the aesthetic, and then attempts to suggest ways in which people can close that divide. (Granted, it could've been a little better like recommend specific books, films, artists, teas, coffees, musicians, etc. and branch out of Asia/Middle East more.)
But to accuse the creator of being divisive ignores the fact that there are countless memes that recommend the same Eurocentric and Euro-American literature, music, films, art, etc. for this aesthetic. Recognizing something doesn't create separation.
No one is saying only POC should partake in the above. It's simply acknowledging that POC contribute to this aesthetic as well, and here are just a few ways you can incorporate those contributions into your life.
Well, apparently Pinterest didn't like that statement either. I wasn't being combative or argumentative, but Pinterest wouldn't let me post. Apparently it's OK for others to criticize anything that focuses on addressing racial and ethnic inequality, but Pinterest doesn't like it when you respond to those criticisms.
But that's OK. It makes me question whether I'll continue using my Pinterest account after this year, but that's OK. I have plenty of places I can express myself, and maybe, just maybe joy and a sense of accomplishment will come with it.
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thepariahcontinuum · 5 months ago
New Year's Resolutions
Posting them here because if it's out in public I can't lie to myself or talk myself out of it later, time to set some goals.
To read more, both books and fanfiction....And related to that, to comment more on the fanfiction I read.
To post another 50 chapters of my ongoing RWBY fic "MARZ Rising" Ao3/FF Net which should take me to at least the start of Vol.06.
To write at least one fic, even a one-shot that isn't connected to the 'Spiral-Verse' series, possibly for a fandom that I've never written for before.
To add 50% onto my current weightlifting routine and continue to work on my physical fitness.
To have at least £15,000 in savings by the end of the year.
To be an even pettier bitch to people who annoy, life is short and enough warnings have been given.
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contac · a month ago
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thatboy444 · 7 months ago
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Daily goals
These will be the daily things I aiming to do every day of december
Drink one cup of green tea
Brush teeth at least twice
Do face care routine at least once every night
Read 15-20 pages every night (this does not count any reading that takes place during school hours.)
Drink 3 liters of water per day.
Shower daily
Anyways I'll be posting updates every day on how it goes, love you babes. <3
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reniadeb · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
🎊 @reniadeb 🎊
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herefortheships · 5 months ago
I really, really, Really, need to stop replying to ignorant people who reply to my comments under YouTube videos. The amount of people showing off how they have never picked up a Venom comic in their lives...
And that’s why I can’t help myself and end up replying and probably having arguments with 12 year old boys on YouTube dot com. Because if they’d read the comics they’d know it’s not a stretch of the imagination for Eddie and the Venom symbiote to be in love in the movies, because they have been in romantic love in the source material. 
I can easily ignore these type of comments about any other of my ships that are not explicitly canon, because, sure, you can have your different opinion and all that, but about this ship? It’s hard to just brush off comments that put the ship down and dismiss it, because this is an odd ship and it’s a queer ship that IS CANON. It is! Canon! 
People dismissing the validity of a canon queer ship just annoys tf out of me. Because for a queer ship to actually become canon and be celebrated by the people creating the movies/book/whatever media, is super rare! And this is a queer ship, that’s also a human x alien ship, that is canon in the source material, and it’s celebrated and supported by the actor and crew involved with the live-action movie. And hey, even in Venom 2 there are some “no homo” moments but hey, they still had to deal with the Anne subplot form the end of the first movie, so I’ll give them a pass. But still, that goes to show just how hard it is for queer ships to make it and be openly queer on media even in 2021 2022. It’s so hard for queer ships to even be acknowledged, and when one like Symbrock IS canon and people still grasp at any straws they can reach to dismiss it? Yeah, it annoys me. 
The claim that they can’t be in love because Venom is asexual is the most annoying comment I keep seeing. I have a post here about why the symbiote being asexual doesn’t mean they can’t love romantically or even have sex. Like, starting with the fact that this is a fictitious intelligent species. Why are all these fanboys so pressed? Honestly it’s because Venom 2 was massive with the gay romcom vibes and they can’t handle it so they are grasping at all the straws they can to say their macho ideal dark and gory character is straight and can’t even be in love unless it’s with a female character like Anne lol. 
Honestly it’s because Venom is SO clearly not straight. The movie iteration of Venom is queer and they/he even came out of the closet wearing rainbow glow rings all over his body, which was a scene much commented about by Andy Serkis himself as a coming out scene for the character, a scene that Tom Hardy co-wrote--a scene that celebrates Venom as an LBGTQ icon, as commented by Andy and Tom themselves. Please.
Tl;dr. I have to stop replying to stupid people who reply to my comments only to show how pressed they are... even if they are bashing on this ship with no basis or knowledge whatsoever about the character and/or the source material. I don’t like getting into arguments with ignorant fanboys online, and certainly it’s a poor use of my free time. I rather just enjoy Symbrock and stay on my lane. I can’t change fanbros’ minds and they can’t change mine. I’ll just comment my supportive comment, and move on. Someone replies? Whatever. I don’t even need to see their reply; I turned off my YouTube notifications to help with that. Hey, New Year’s resolution right there. 
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weirdcharacter · 5 months ago
Misha Collins shared his New Year's resolution and asked us in exchange to do the same
He said his resolution for this new year was to be happy. He said he knows it's cheesy, but it's a resolution he will stick to because it's worthwhile.
So, here is my resolution for this new year:
Write my book.
I knows it had been one of my resolution in 2019, amongst other things, and I somehow managed to stick to it for most of 2019.
I've never been much into resolutions, I think they are mostly silly rules we force onto ourselves and that don't necessarily make us happy - "lose weight", "wake up earlier", "work-out" etc. - but feel more like a general consensus of things we have to do because...because.
And I read once that it's easier to stick to resolutions when they are positive; "work-out with friends" sounds already funnier than "work-out"; "sleep 6-8h a day" is easier to maintain than "wake up at 6am everyday", and so on.
Anyway, just to say, I won't do a bullet point list like I did last year and the year before, but instead I will focus on one thing. One good thing. Writing a book.
It will take time, and work, and I probably won't be done by the end of the year; but I want to do it. I want to do something worthwhile.
This is worthwhile.
I love writing, when people ask me what I want to do with my life I don't say "I want to he a teacher" even if that's what I'm studying; I say "I want to write". And I mean it.
Writing is everything to me.
So this year, I want less reblogs about writing memes, less "I don't have time" or "I don't know what to write". Less excuses. And more writing. More doing what I love, what I need. More work and more creation. More failures, because more tryings.
Mostly, I want to believe in me, and I want to hope. I know it's a difficult road, it's demanding and I may probably never reach the "Best-seller" stage. But I don't care. I don't write to be rich or famous.
I write because I love writing.
I write because I love sharing.
I write because I love seeing and hearing people being so... So shaken and moved by a book it changes them, it unlocks something in them, it inspires them.
I grew up reading and reading and finding comfort and friends and love in books, when I felt so lonely and outcasted in my real life. I grew up with books on the corner of my school tables, waiting for me to be done with my exercices so I could keep reading them. I grew up with books and a flashlight under my covers well past my bedtime, reading until I couldn't open my eyes because of how tired I was.
And when reading was not enough anymore, I started writing. It was cheesy, it sucked, it was never finished and almost always forgotten, but it was there anyway. It existed.
We all need to start somewhere. I know since I'm 13 I want to write. I really started to do so when I was 16, and the first project I really actually worked on and have written the most about happened when I was freshly 19.
Now I'm 20, and at a stage in my life where I feel good. Where I feel happy. And even if I have difficult days, I am nowhere near the sh*thole I was in a few years back. So I know that if I was able, somehow, to come up with the most comforting and healing story I've ever came up with during one of the hardest time of my life, then what am I capable of now that I feel way better?
Answer is: everything I put my mind up to. Everything I give myself the chance to do. Everything I take the time and effort to work on.
So this year, I won't tell myself to work-out, or go out more, or eat healthier. I won't tell myself I need to be more organised, or go to sleep earlier. I won't even tell myself to be happy. Not because it's bad or overdone - it's not. But it's not what I want to aim for.
I want to act on my words. I don't make promises, because I hate when one don't keep a promise. But I will make the extra effort. I will work and create and try and fail. And eventually, at the end of this new year, I will be able to look back at everything I did. And hopefully, I will be proud.
I want to be proud of me.
That's my resolution. Write my book, and be proud of me.
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a-a-achibane · 5 months ago
Here’s my latest non-fiction for those of you who missed it!
What are my new year’s resolutions for 2022? Well, it’s not what you think! Lol!
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nonbinaryartistsarah · 5 months ago
this year I need to exercise more
wait... exercise... exercise... exere...
hmmm... I don't think this is gonna... work out
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sparklingdust4612 · 5 months ago
I finally have my new year's resolutions!!
1. I wish to finish writing Magic in the Heir and Defection to Abnegation by the end of 2022. If not 100% then 85% at least.
2. I want to have a total of 36 written works on AO3 by the end of 2022.
3. I wish to participate in the fic exchange 2022.
4. I want to help @lemonluvgirl87 complete Hitting the Target this year and start the Misery based fic with @jhsgf82 and @lemonluvgirl87. I hope we at least have 2-5 chapters by the end of the year.
5. I want to encourage my author friends to complete at least 5 works each this year.
6. I want to study hard and maintain my GPA to 3.5 or above for the year.
7. I hope to find a part-time online job for myself.
8. I wish to complete my cosmetology course and gain some extra practice.
9. I hope to start another side course for additional skills and hope to complete that as well.
10. I wish to read a shitton of fics.
11. I hope to make my English a lot better by the end of 2022.
12. I will try to make my writing style and fics better by the end of the year.
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sugarhai · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
love yourself
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angstinmyhead · 5 months ago
My 2022 goal is to pet more Opossums. Maybe even befriend one
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themancorialist · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hilton Street, Manchester.
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newsandletterscommittee · 6 months ago
if i dont transition this year im becoming a domestic terrorist
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bethikins-b · 7 months ago
My Year of No Shopping
This is an essay by Ann Patchett that could be a wonderful perspective-changer if you’re newly interested in reducing, downsizing, and minimizing, or if you’d like to be less consumeristic and let go of so many material possessions:
The idea began in February 2009 over lunch with my friend Elissa, someone I like but rarely see. She walked into the restaurant wearing a fitted black coat with a high collar.
“Wow,” I said admiringly. “Some coat.”
She stroked the sleeve. “Yeah. I bought it at the end of my no-shopping year. I still feel a little bad about it.”
Elissa told me the story: After traveling for much of the previous year, she had decided she had enough stuff, or too much stuff. She made a pledge that for 12 months she wouldn’t buy shoes, clothes, purses or jewelry.
I was impressed by her discipline, but she shrugged it off. “It wasn’t hard.”
I did some small-scale experiments of my own, giving up shopping for Lent for a few years. I was always surprised by how much better it made me feel. But it wasn’t until last New Year’s Day that I decided to follow my friend’s example.
At the end of 2016, our country had swung in the direction of gold leaf, an ecstatic celebration of unfeeling billionaire-dom that kept me up at night. I couldn’t settle down to read or write, and in my anxiety I found myself mindlessly scrolling through two particular shopping websites, numbing my fears with pictures of shoes, clothes, purses and jewelry. I was trying to distract myself, but the distraction left me feeling worse, the way a late night in a bar smoking Winstons and drinking gin leaves you feeling worse. The unspoken question of shopping is “What do I need?” What I needed was less.
My plan had been to give up what Elissa gave up — things to wear — but a week into my no-shopping year, I bought a portable speaker. When I got it home I felt ridiculous. Shouldn’t “no shopping” include electronics?
I came up with my own arbitrary set of rules for the year. I wanted a plan that was serious but not so draconian that I would bail out in February, so while I couldn’t buy clothing or speakers, I could buy anything in the grocery store, including flowers. I could buy shampoo and printer cartridges and batteries but only after I’d run out of what I had. I could buy plane tickets and eat out in restaurants. I could buy books because I write books and I co-own a bookstore and books are my business. Could I have made it a full year without buying books? Absolutely. I could have used the library or read the books that were already in my house, but I didn’t; I bought books.
Gifts were the tough one for me. I’m a gift-giver, and I could see how gift shopping could become an easy loophole. I decided to give books as gifts, but I didn’t always keep to it. My editor married in 2017, and I wasn’t about to give him a book as a wedding present. Still, the frantic shopping for others needed to come to a halt. The idea that our affection and esteem must manifest itself in yet another sweater is reductive. Elissa said she gave people time, a certificate to watch their kids or clean their house. “That,” she told me, “turned out to be the hardest thing. Time is so valuable.”
I was raised Catholic and spent 12 years in a Catholic girls school. In the same way a child who grows up going to the symphony is more likely to enjoy classical music, and a child raised in a bilingual household is probably going to speak two languages, many children raised Catholic have a talent for self-denial. Even now my sister and I plan for Lent the way other people plan family vacations: What will we let go of? What good can we add?
My first few months of no shopping were full of gleeful discoveries. I ran out of lip balm early on and before making a decision about whether lip balm constituted a need, I looked in my desk drawers and coat pockets. I found five lip balms. Once I started digging around under the bathroom sink I realized I could probably run this experiment for three more years before using up all the lotion, soap and dental floss. It turns out I hadn’t thrown away the hair products and face creams I’d bought over the years and didn’t like; I’d just tossed them all under the sink.  I’m using them now, and they’re fine.
In March I wished I had a Fitbit, the new one that looked like a bracelet and didn’t need to be connected to a smartphone. For four days I really wanted a Fitbit. And then — poof! — I didn’t want one. I remember my parents trying to teach me this lesson when I was a child: If you want something, wait awhile. Chances are the feeling will pass.
The trick of no shopping isn’t just that you don’t buy things. You don’t shop. That means no trawling the sale section of the J. Crew website in idle moments. It means the catalogs go into the recycle bin unopened on the theory that if I don’t see it, I don’t want it. Halfway through the year I could go to a store with my mother and sister if they asked me. I could tell them if the dress they were trying on looked good without wishing I could try it on myself.
Not shopping saves an astonishing amount of time. In October, I interviewed Tom Hanks about his collection of short stories in front of 1,700 people in a Washington theater. Previously, I would have believed that such an occasion demanded a new dress and lost two days of my life looking for one. In fact, Tom Hanks had never seen any of my dresses, nor had the people in the audience. I went to my closet, picked out something weather appropriate and stuck it in my suitcase. Done.
I did a favor for a friend over the summer and she bought me a pair of tennis shoes. Her simple act of kindness thrilled me. Once I stopped looking for things to buy, I became tremendously grateful for the things I received. Had I been shopping this summer I would have told my friend, “You shouldn’t have,” and I would have meant it.
It doesn’t take so long for a craving to subside, be it for Winstons or gin or cupcakes. Once I got the hang of giving shopping up, it wasn’t much of a trick. The trickier part was living with the startling abundance that had become glaringly obvious when I stopped trying to get more. Once I could see what I already had, and what actually mattered, I was left with a feeling that was somewhere between sickened and humbled. When did I amass so many things, and did someone else need them?
If you stop thinking about what you might want, it’s a whole lot easier to see what other people don’t have. There’s a reason that just about every religion regards material belongings as an impediment to peace. This is why Siddhartha had to leave his palace to become the Buddha. This is why Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor.” It’s why my friend Sister Nena, an 85-year-old Catholic nun, took a vow of poverty when she entered the convent at 18.
Sister Nena was my reading teacher when I was in the first grade, and in the years since, she has taught me considerably more. When I ask her if there’s anything she needs me to get for her, she shakes her head. “It’s all just stuff,” she says, meaning all of the things that aren’t God. If you’re in the market for genuine inspiration on this front, I urge you to read “Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship,” by Gregory Boyle, a book that shows what the platitudes of faith look like when they’re put into action.
The things we buy and buy and buy are like a thick coat of Vaseline smeared on glass: We can see some shapes out there, light and dark, but in our constant craving for what we may still want, we miss life’s details. It’s not as if I kept a ledger and took the money I didn’t spend on perfume and gave that money to the poor, but I came to a better understanding of money as something we earn and spend and save for the things we want and need. Once I was able to get past the want and be honest about the need, it was easier to give more of my money to people who could really use it.
For the record, I still have more than plenty. I know there is a vast difference between not buying things and not being able to buy things. Not shopping for a year hardly makes me one with the poor, but it has put me on the path of figuring out what I can do to help. I understand that buying things is the backbone of the economy and job growth. I appreciate all the people who shop in the bookstore. But taking some time off from consumerism isn’t going to make the financial markets collapse. If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, I have to tell you: This one’s great.
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not-a-space-alien · 5 months ago
Feel kinda like I'm gonna complete my grad program being propelled by sheer stubbornness at this point. I got straight A's while working (in the division of infectious diseases!) full time through a pandemic, the worst breakup I've experienced, my beloved pets dying, my employer basically tripling my workload while not being allowed to socialize outside of doing work, paying my unexpectedly high tuition out of pocket, getting fucking surgery, and my unvaccinated dad being hospitalized with COVID. What you think biostatistics is gonna be the thing to take me down? Fuck off. I'm a rabid badger and I AM seizing that MPH degree with my teeth.
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