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typewriter-worries 19 days ago
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The Foresters, Alfred Tennyson
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positivelyghostlycomic 20 days ago
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New Year Resolution time! Or not! 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃挋
Please share if you can relate! 馃ぃ
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phoebebridgersdb a month ago
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Spiritual underpinning, Dean Gioia / New Years Day, Taylor Swift / Strangers, Daniel Blume / Jenny Holzer / Strangers, Halsey / Choke, Chuck Palahniuk / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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sepublic a month ago
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Haha Disney keeps robbing us. 馃檭馃檭馃檭
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americasgreatoutdoors a year ago
Otter, fox, or bison, which one represents how you're heading into 2021? Happy New Year from us! Ok 2021, let's do this.聽
Video clips from Yellowstone National Park by the National Park Service.聽
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mypalbuck 19 days ago
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鈫矷n which love can expressed in many ways and Peter Parker experiences it all.
warnings: slight angst, but a happy ending I promise.
word count: 1.8k
pairing: tasm!Peter Parker x gn!reader
a/n: I haven't proof read this so sorry in advanced for any mistakes! This fic is inspired by Taylor Swift's song New Years Day. I wish you all a very happy New Year!! <3
They say that it has many forms.
It鈥檚 familiar, like the smell of his cologne that lingers on all of his clothing.
鈥淗ere, sorry it鈥檚 the only thing I had in my locker.鈥 Peter鈥檚 hand was extended out to you, a blue sweatshirt. You smile shyly to take it from him, putting it on and covering the large stain that covered your clothes thanks to Flash.
鈥淭hanks Peter鈥︹ you bury yourself in the sweater, it smells like him. You try to hide your smile as Peter closes his locker and turns back to you. 鈥淎nytime.鈥 he gives you one of his boyish smiles before walking you to class.
It鈥檚 comforting, like the warm embrace of someone who loves you.
You walk behind Peter who was standing at his uncle's headstone and place a comforting hand on his shoulder.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry about Uncle Ben, he was a good man.鈥 you hear Peter sniffle before he falls to his knees and begins to cry. Without even a second passing you follow him to the ground and pull him to your chest. Allowing him to cry on your shoulder as you play with his hair and whisper comforting words in his ear.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l be okay Peter, I鈥檓 here for you. I鈥檓 not going anywhere.鈥
It鈥檚 undeniable, like shy smiles and lingering glances at one another. The type where you know you are destined to be with that person.
鈥淒oor鈥檚 open!鈥
You enter Peter鈥檚 house to find Aunt May in the kitchen cooking dinner.
鈥淗i May!鈥 you greet happily and make your way into the kitchen. The older woman beams at you 鈥淧eter is running a bit late, but he told me he鈥檒l be back soon.鈥 you watched as May moved back and forth from peeling vegetables to stirring the pot on the stove.
Rolling your sleeves up, you immediately took over peeling all the veggies 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to do that, Y/N. You鈥檙e our guest!鈥 you smile warmly at the woman and shake your head 鈥淢ay, I鈥檓 afraid that my genetics won't allow me to just sit here and not help you.鈥
May laughed and the two of you began to chat as you cooked. Unknowingly, Peter was watching from the doorway with nothing about adoration in his eyes. It was in that moment that he knew that you were his person.
It鈥檚 passionate, like dancing in the rain with one another. A romantic scene you thought only existed in movies and romance novels.
鈥淧eter. What are you doing?鈥 you squealed as he pulled you into the pouring rain with him. You threw your head back and let the rain fall on your face. You closed your eyes for a moment, allowing Peter to steal uninterrupted glances at you. He moved closer and pulled you into his arms, he placed both of your arms around his neck before moving his to your waist.
鈥淲hat are you doing, Peter?鈥 you asked, squinting as the rain blurred your vision. Peter leant down and placed his forehead against your own before he began to sway the both of you. A million untold words flashed through Peter鈥檚 gorgeous eyes, he lovingly rubbed his nose against your own before leaning closer鈥 his lips only centimeters away from your own.
鈥淐hecking something off my bucket list.鈥 was his response as he moved closer to you and brought you in for a kiss that made your mind go all fuzzy and your knees weak.
It鈥檚 dependability, like sharing secrets and knowing that the other person will stick by your side no matter what.
You heard a tap at your bedroom window. Furrowing your eyebrows, you grab the closest thing you could find to use as a weapon which happened to be Peter鈥檚 skateboard. Inching closer to the window you were shocked to find an injured Spider-Man clinging to your window.
鈥淥h my gosh!鈥 you yelled, dropping the skateboard in shock. You watched as Spider-Man raised a hand to his mask and yanked it off revealing the bruised and bloodied face of your boyfriend.
鈥淪hit!鈥 you yelled, rushing to open your window and helping him to your bed. You kissed his forehead and without a word helped him clean and stitch his wounds before giving him a change of clothes he had left at your house before.
As you two cuddled in your bed, you stroked Peter鈥檚 hair trying to do anything to ease his pain 鈥淵/N鈥 I鈥檓 sorry I didn鈥檛 tell you sooner.鈥 you shook your head and stroked his cheek 鈥淒on鈥檛 be sorry, you weren鈥檛 ready to tell me then and I understand that.鈥
Peter鈥檚 eyes filled with tears, he truly didn鈥檛 deserve you.
It鈥檚 breaking your own heart by pushing them away to keep them safe.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, Y/N鈥 It鈥檚 over.鈥 Peter said monotonously, avoiding eye contact with you.
鈥淗aha, is it April fools? What鈥檚 the date.鈥 you laughed, not looking up from where you were typing away on your laptop.
鈥淚鈥檓 serious, Y/N.鈥 Peter spoke more urgently this time, looking up from your laptop you realized that Peter wasn鈥檛 kidding around.
鈥淚s there someone else?鈥 you asked, you knew deep in your heart that this wasn鈥檛 the reason. Peter had shown you more love than anyone in your life had shown you. There had to be another reason, another explanation. It was probably Spider-Man related, right?
鈥淧eter, please talk to me.鈥 you pulled yourself from the bed and placed your arms on his shoulder, pleading with him to look at you. To let his eyes show you what he wasn鈥檛 telling you.
But all Peter did was shrug you off him and walk away.
It's the heartache that sits heavy in his chest as he tries to convince himself it was the right thing to do to keep you safe.
The sobs that escaped your mouth as Peter walked away from you that day were gut wrenching. It took every bit of willpower he had not to turn around and scoop you into his arms. To tell you that there is no one else, that he鈥檚 doing it for your safety. That Harry Osborn had threatened your life.
But he knew that if he told you. You would fight your way back into his life. That there was nothing and no one that could stop you from loving him and that鈥檚 what shattered his heart into a million pieces.
But you were the only person with glue strong enough to put his heart back together.
It鈥檚 the realization that no matter what you do, no matter how the two of you have become strangers, the melodic laughter of your lover is imprinted into your brain forever and you want to drown in it.
It was New Years Eve, Peter was patrolling the streets making sure that no drunken civilians harm themselves or one another. After looking around the spot he had positioned himself at he swung onto the roof of the next building which happened to be a restaurant.
Just as he was about to move on, he heard a familiar laugh come from the balcony of the restaurant. The sound was so beautiful, yet sounded so forced. Getting closer, Peter noticed you standing on the balcony with some guy. He crawled as close as he could to get a better look at you.
You looked radiant. You were wearing your favorite outfit, one that Peter had told you you looked amazing in on a number of occasions. Your hair was styled so beautifully with little diamond clips, he leaned closer and squinted at one of the bigger ones and his heart dropped when he saw a glittery spider in the center of the hair clip.
He watched as you drank your drink and listened uninterested as some guy tried to flirt with you. He hated to admit that he was jealous, but he felt a warm feeling spread through his chest as he watched you reject that guy.
Ha! That guy was definitely not your type.
Peter was...
Thankfully, before Peter could even think of becoming sad, the guy talking to you was being dragged back into the restaurant by a woman leaving you all by yourself on the balcony. Peter waited for a moment, unsure if you would follow the man inside but you never did. You put your drink down and moved to the side of the balcony, out of the view of the party guests.
Peter decided that it was now or never. He shot a web and turned himself upside down, slowly he lowered himself until he was in front of you. You gasped in shock and leaned closer, there was no doubt about it that it was your Peter in front of you right now. You turned around to see if any of the other party guests were watching, but they were all too immersed in the fireworks show at the other side of the room.
The countdown had begun and Peter was becoming increasingly nervous or maybe it was all the blood rushing to his brain.
鈥淵/N鈥 I know I'm the last person you want to see right now. But I was just swinging past when I heard laughter, but it wasn鈥檛 just any laughter, it was your laugh and I just couldn鈥檛 help myself鈥︹
鈥淣o matter what I do, my eyes are looking for you in every room I enter. My ears listen for your corny jokes and that beautiful laugh of yours. My nose tricks me into smelling your famous cinnamon hot cocoa and my body tricks itself into thinking I'm hugging you while I sleep and when I wake I'm all alone.鈥
鈥淵/N, I pushed you away because I was scared of you getting hurt because of me. Because of Spider-Man. But I鈥檓 living my life miserably because I鈥檝e lost my other half. My soulmate.鈥
鈥淚 know I鈥檝e probably lost my chance at having you in my life again, you鈥檝e probably moved on and have fallen in love. But you鈥檙e it for me, Y/N. I can鈥檛 deny it anymore鈥.
Tears filled your eyes at the love confession, you let out a choked sob before smiling at the masked man 鈥淭here鈥檚 never been anyone else, you dumb spider boy. I鈥檓 all in.鈥
You pulled Peter鈥檚 mask down enough to reveal his mouth and kiss him. Every kiss you had shared in the past was always full of love and passion. But this kiss, it was a silent commitment to one another, that you would never part again no matter what life threw your way.
Peter quickly flipped himself the right way around before scooping you into his arms. 鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 you asked laughing, Peter pulled you close to him 鈥淚鈥檓 taking the love of my life home and we鈥檙e going to spend all of New Years Day watching movies and snuggling鈥.
It鈥檚 knowing that there is someone out there who you share half a soul with.
That sometimes you have to lose what you have, to realize how much this person has changed your life for the better. How they fight for you no matter how dangerous it is.
That鈥檚 what love is.
Tumblr media
taglist: @cyanide-mustard
Send me an ask if you'd like to be on my permanent Peter Parker taglist <3
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Let's start the New Year off on the right foot.
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depresseddisneyprincess a year ago
here鈥檚 to those who didn鈥檛 make it to 2021 and here鈥檚 to those who didn鈥檛 think they鈥檇 make it to 2021
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spoopy-pumpkin-possum 19 days ago
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May you all have a safe and happy new years eve and day! 馃コ
You are all great and fantastic, and thank you for putting up with my Doc Ock brainrot and memes 馃槄
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| Happy New Year!
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thenotefromthelocket 19 days ago
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new years day (2017) // hold onto the memories, they will hold onto you... and i will hold onto you
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fluentinswiftsongs a year ago
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Final lyric parallels in Taylor鈥檚 albums
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taylorswiftarthistories 15 days ago
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The Wedding of Saint George and Princess Sabra by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1857 / "New Year's Day" by Taylor Swift
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positivelyghostlycomic 15 days ago
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Back to the grind this week! 馃槚馃槚馃槚
That includes cheesy, horrible puns to get through it. 馃ぃ
I hope you all are having a great first week of the New Year! Love ya all! 馃挋
Please share if you鈥檙e a lover of bad puns! 馃ぃ
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Today marks a new year and a fresh start. We wish you a very happy 2022!
"Sunrise and Moon," 1927, by Howard Norton Cook
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loveisbraveandwild 20 days ago
oh it鈥檚 that time of year again! *puts new year鈥檚 day by taylor swift on repeat*
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1892 9 months ago
ok IM curious. tim mcgraw or our song? the best day or never grow up? love story or you belong with me? red or ikywt? all too well or dear john? begin again or mine? new romantics or you are in love? blank space or lwymmd? delicate or call it what you want? lover or new years day? august or betty? peace or hoax? champagne problems or tis the damn season? cardigan or dorothea? ivy or cowboy like me?
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