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ask-the-ultimate-matchmaker · 3 months ago
The camera flickers to life.
“Is this thing on? Is it rolling? Ah! Perfect!”
A girl with chocolate brown hair and green eyes is seen on the screen.
“Hello everyone!” She says with a smile and a wave “My name is Rose Anderson! The Ultimate Matchmaker and student of Hope’s Peak Academy! I hope to make new friends and possibly see old ones as well!”
“If you don’t mind, could I possibly have a promo? Thank you!”
(This is one of starsaver94’s new rp side-blogs)
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Tumblr media
(Image made by @/castleofsweetanxiousness)
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fayetta-fairy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
wiggle wednesday 🐰
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your-two-older-sisters · 3 months ago
introducing us!
Hello! I don't really know how to write an intro post for two different people but I'm going to try anyways
I'm Mod Mars, I use they/she pronouns, and I run this blog with one of my tumblr best friends Mod Saturn (they/SHE)
I'm Mod Saturn, I use they/she pronouns and me and my bestie Mars run this blog together!
This is an advice blog for queer kids, though adults can also interact! (though keep in mind we probably don't have all of the experiences that adults do, so we might not be able to answer everything)
Mod Mars: hi, again! i'm mod mars! im a pan demigirl, and im really into minecraft, genshin, and plants (even though i keep killing them haha) i like to read tarot occasionally, though i'm not very good at it. my other side blog is @tall-culture-is if u wanna go check that out lol :)
Mod Saturn: hey there, i'm mod saturn!! i'm a lesbian genderqueer girl and i use they/SHE pronouns and i'm very interested in makeup, six the musical, and art (tho i burn out very easily lol) i like to bake too!🌻👑
Ask Rules:
Keep it SFW. We're both minors. Any NSFW asks will be deleted and your account will be blocked
Being on anon is totally fine tho!
We're here to chat about anything, and honestly we should be able to answer asks pretty quickly because we're in 2 different time zones, but we do have school and other commitments so please don't feel bad if we don't get to yours right away
We are pretty nice individuals honestly, but rude asks or comments will be responded to accordingly. This is a safe space and bullying will not be tolerated :)
nsfw blogs
panphobes & biphobes
anti-m-spec gays or lesbians
just bigots in general really
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jaehyutaeyong · 7 months ago
⚠️ So you know the urge to organize things whenever the year is over/is starting? I'll do that with Tumblr! ⚠️
I decided to start 100% new on a different blog, because I have more than 2000 followers rn that are clearly either long gone or from other fandoms and we don't interact, and I'd like to have a more secure/comfy group of followers that I truly interact with, you know?
Also, this place is messy and I feel like starting it all again, in a place I can be more multi fandom (Kpop/Marvel/Evanstan)... idek if that makes sense lol 🙈
I'll be following everyone I already follow in here - I don't wanna stop following anyone, you are all amazing 💚 - I just want a more realistic list of followers.
So my new blog is @blondeyutaa for now (app is not allowing me to tag it, the bitch 😑), if you want to follow back! 💚💙💜💖❤🧡 I'll be in this one a while longer until I organize everything, and I'll be reblogging this for a bit just so everyone is aware, ok?
Love you all! 💚
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theskyesfamily · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the Skyes household! 
Ask us anything!
The family:
Soaring Skyes (Mother)
Silent Skyes (Father)
Emder Skyes (Son)
Flash Wind (Son*)
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eden-the-moon-dancer · 10 months ago
Zobacz to
… i might have a slight problem, this is my third ask blog xD. but hey at least I'm having fun, and at the end of the day it's what matters the most. Now alow me to intreduced you two new additions to my line up, Eve and Aid
Name: eve
Sex: female
Project: Soul bound
Species: hybrid (appears human)
Rule: rending
Role: escapist
Artefact: sword
Personality : she a woman who appears calm and composed , not showing much emotion in public and offen giving impressions of being emotional numb, a impression that is not helped my her speaking in monotone most of the time. However eve is capable of experiencing emotion, she simply dose not know how to show them and struggles with understanding them herself. She dose not have experience in social situations and sometimes finds it hard to understand others, whoever when she successfully "acquires a ally" as she calls it, she insures to cherish the bond she has made with then.
Ability: she possesses the powers that before belong to the 23 exiles, she can call upon their abilities and skills to aid her in battle. Aditonal she poses few skill of her own that stem from her being genetically engineered
Tumblr media
Name: Aid
Sex: none
Pronoun: he/him
Project: familiar
Species: construct (half organic half cybernetic)
Role: familiar
Rule: recovery
Artefact: three disks
Personality: Aid is quite an emotional individual, he is someone who is easy to get excited and carries himself with an optimistic air about him, he doesn't know much about the world he lives in which makes him quite naive but it also fuels His curiosity to learn more, and improve. He can be quite Socially shy, that why often when he and eve meet new people he remains invisible, hiding from sight and preferring to quietly listen to the conversation then actively take part of it. However when he warms up to the person they meet he becomes more confident, openly engaging in conversation with them and not hiding with assistance of his stealth mode
Ability: attached to his back are three disk like construct, he can detach them on command and make them float forward wounded ally, upon attaching themselves to the individual they surround them in an aura that gradually heals them. The more disk are attached the stronger the healing effect
Tumblr media
Go ahead and pay the two a visit, eve could use some practice in social interaction and Aid is always happy to make new friends
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floppybunny-rini · a year ago
Tumblr media
“H-hi. I’m Rini. I heard everyone is making blogs and I-i wanted to try one too. Please be nice and come to my blog, please.”
@weirdgayenby @musesonfilm @gorefieldsworld @baldimorethenightfury @spacebobarp @yourotherbrothers-puppyboytoby @welcome-to-random-characters-2 @ anyone else who wants to interact
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bitchin-beskar · 11 months ago
so, I’ve decided to discontinue my tag list. it takes me so much time to tag everyone for each fic, and honestly, quite a few of the people I’m tagging don’t reblog or even like my fic, so it kind of feels like I’m doing a whole lot of work for nothing. 
I also understand that people might not want to get notified for every single thing that I post, and because tumblr doesn’t let you customize notifs, I’ve come up with a different solution!
@bitchin-beskar-library is my brand new blog that will only contain my fics! If you’d like to get notified when I post a new chapter/story/series, please give that blog a follow! I’ll still be posting my fics on my main blog, but this is a way for people to still be notified when I post new content, without me having to spend 20 minutes tagging people!
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kk-downings-titties · 5 months ago
I made a new blog, that's for girls of the girls of 80s Metal Videos. It's @metal-video-chicks if you want to follow it! :)
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deadpoet-of-asgard · a month ago
Lil update. Because I'm crazy af, I opened another tumblr blog, but for The Goldfinch. I want to keep this blog a tsh blog (mainly). So, this is my tgf blog. That's where I'll post all my wild and unhinged tgf shit✨️
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kaiju-wolfdragon · 6 months ago
Just made a new rp/ask blog go check them out!
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bokubooo · 7 months ago
moved everything bnha to another blog, go check out @angeldreamerz !
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babytooth-au · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Official dance of staying up past your bedtime.
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amonthofwhump · 11 months ago
Hey there! I’m a big whump fan and have mainly been a silent member of the community so far but I’ve got a whole chaptered fic or two planned out for Whumptober so I’m hoping to be more active this next month or so 😆 especially since this is such a welcoming supportive community ☺️
I currently write whump/sickfic/Darkfic for Narcos, Triple Frontier, The Mandalorian and We Can Be Heroes but everything I write has a touch of angst to it.
Welcome! Welcome! We're so happy to have you! Sickfics are some of my favorite and angst makes me do a happy dance in my kitchen!
Thanks for breaking your silence and good luck with whumptober!
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expressmo0n · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
hii and welcome to my blog! my name is poppy and i made this blog to make moodboards and maybe develop into making other things because i wanted to try and find a new place to create things!
so! my name is poppy, im an adult, i use she/her pronouns, im wrapping up university and i stan quite a lot of kpop groups and know about even more so pretty much anyone goes if you want to request a moodboard or chat about them.
in no particular order my ults are red velvet iz*one twice exo and astro
other than that i love animal crossing, stardew valley, mario kart and other cozy games (if u have any recommendations let me know!), reading, arts and cooking
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denialanderror · a year ago
So this blog is pretty much dead...
I’ve just fallen out of this side of tumblr it seems but still like scrolling through tumblr and curating my dashboard. So if anyone cares, my new tumblr is @hummuswoman
It’s not a marvel blog, its not a fic blog, its just me being a twat so if anyone still cares, that’s where you’ll find me!
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frc-ambaradan · 5 months ago
I do realize when I start annoying people around me...
...that's when I create new blogs!
Thus, I can annoy people on the internet who WANT to be annoyed! XD
I created a secondary blog where I can post and share things about Doctor Doom!
Because I really feel the need to blather about my favorite Marvel character but I think this is not the right place, this is a place for ducks! (mainly :P) and Doom... he can get out of hands. Sooooo... if you wanna check it out:
you're very welcome! :D
(Let's see if I can manage two blogs without messing up... ^^')
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