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I’m alive guys! ٩(๑`^´๑)۶

This was a gift for a friend, I hope you enjoy it, too :D

I wish you a wonderful Christmas time everyone♥

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“Sure, if I have the time.. I’ll kiss you. I’ll give you a kiss before I slit your throat, so that you can go to heaven knowing how much better I am than you at giving goodbye kisses.”

(No 6 manga, Nezumi)

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to this day, I still think about this line of Nezumi from the manga..

“Sure, if i have the time.. I’ll kiss you. I’ll give you a kiss before I slit your throat, so that you can go to heaven knowing how much better I am than you at giving goodbye kisses.”

my quality of life improved since then.

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I cannot get over the start of no.6. Nezumi breaks into Shion’s house and Shion just goes full Boyfriend Acquisition Mode. That’s valid but can you imagine being Nezumi in that situation? Like you see this guy yelling into the rain and you’re like “okay he’s a bit weird” but you decide to break into his house anyway and you hold him against the wall because you’re Edgy but he’s just like “oh noooo 😔 you’re injured 🥺 can i help you? 🥺” And it’s like what the fuck, you know? And every time you try to establish your Edginess he either doesn’t care or thinks it’s cool. And then before you know it you’re literally in bed with him. Shout out to Nezumi for rolling with that situation, and shout out to Shion for harbouring a fugitive in his bed at the age of twelve because he thought his eyes looked pretty.

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Shion : h—

Nezumi : do you honestly think that I’m doing all this for you !? Well fact check, I’m not !

Shion : but—

Nezumi : now stfu and let me do this thing for you. But remember, I’m not doing this for you.

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Happy Halloween!

Out trick-or-treat trading card game has officially begun!

Collect and trade with other participants and the first player to submit a picture to the RC blog proving you have completed the collection will win a prize.

Additionally, there are 2 special cards, one available at two random blogs on the list that will automatically grant a prize, just submit a picture of the special card to the RC blog. Special cards will be marked with a star instead of a number.

There are a total of 3 winning spots available and we will be announcing when one has been taken. If you would like to claim your prize, you must be comfortable providing your address so that we can ship to you.

Use the tag #no.6halloween2020 to track other players looking to trade. If you make a post looking to trade then make sure to use this tag and additionally @ restructrualcommittee so that we can help boost your post.

It is important that you keep your cards a secret and not post them anywhere! Each card will have a number on them. If you have multiple of the same card then you will tell other participants that you have however many of that number available for trade and what numbers you need.

For example, your post should look like this:

“I have three # 8 cards, looking for # 1 and # 5”

Please only do your trading privately through DM or a private ask!


  • Do not share your cards publicly or in any way someone might be able to access them! This is to make sure the game is fair. Anyone caught violating this rule will not be eligible for a prize despite proving completion of the collection or receiving a special card.
  • Mods will announce when it is okay to publicly share cards and art pieces.
  • Participants must be off anonymous when trick-or-treating, because blogs have to answer back privately. Anonymous asks will be ignored and deleted.
  • Do not DM the blogs for cards, this is for their ask boxes only!
  • Only one card per person at each blog.
  • Please be respectful of card hosts, artists, and other players!

Now, let’s welcome our trading card hosts!

🚪  Pigeonsimba
🚪  This-is-our-truth
🚪  Curiousscarletteyes
🚪  Minibunbon
🚪  Squidprocrow
🚪  Xwhenyouwakeupx
🚪  Emeraldonyxdragon

Remember to say “Trick or Treat” in their ask box while being sure to remain OFF anonymous!

Please allow some time for asks to be answered.

Have fun and good luck!

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Once again I am upset that no.6 hasn’t been officially translated in English. I want to own those gorgeous tankōbon copies sooo bad.

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