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#Nice character arc
lonksadventures · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Ok but what if after a confrontation with Xornoth, Scott got corrupted
I loved working with the gold, blue and white colours of the elven empire!! Also can’t wait to see what happens next with Scott in the lore!
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b-e-e-e-s · 5 days ago
slash ar pee, hot fucking take, c!techno's "The only universal language is violence" speech is the most selfish, cowardly thing I've ever heard anyone say.
Like, imagine being so emotionally incompetent that you start fucking swinging as soon as anyone challenges you on anything.
Imagine being so afraid of the possibility of being wrong that, instead of thinking about whether or not executing a teenager on stage may have been morally wrong, you beat the absolute shit out of that teenager's best friend and pretend that solved the conflict.
Imagine thinking that, as soon as someone wrongs you, no matter their reasons, or whether it was a misunderstanding, or anything you may have done, that's a free pass for you to absolutely fucking destroy their home, their life, everything they care about.
Imagine destroying someone's home, blowing them up with fireworks, justifying everything by saying some bullshit about peer pressure and how violence is the only universal language, and then when THEY become violent towards YOU, talking to you in the only language YOU seem to understand, you become so fucking furious you destroy everything they love AGAIN!!!
Imagine being such a violent, vengeful maniac that the only people who don't run for the hills as soon as they catch wind of you are a fucking immortal creature married to a literal goddess who doesn't ever challenge you on anything, a walking anxiety disorder with a spine made of marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti who is so terrified of upsetting you he won't even confront you about the fact that you MURDERED HIS HUSBAND, and the former tyrant of the server with a god complex the size of the fucking sun and an ego even bigger, who has been in solitary confinement and hasn't had a normal conversation with another human being for the better part of a year.
Imagine thinking that you NEED violence to communicate because it's the "only universal language" when YOU and LITERALLY FUCKING EVERYONE AROUND YOU SPEAKS FUCKING ENGLISH!
Tommy Fucking Innit, an at the time 16 year-old boy with a long, LONG track record of uncontrolled emotional outbursts, learned this bullshit! Tommy has been through three wars, two exiles, he's been abused, he's developed severe PTSD, he's tried to fucking OFF HIMSELF, and even HE realized that hurting the people around him, regardless of his trauma, or what they've done to him, is a SHIT thing to do!
Meanwhile Techno The Blade, a grown ass man, decides to throw a fucking hissy fit, TWICE, the first time because Pogtopia didn't fucking read his mind and create an anarchist paradise in L'Manburg ten minutes after the end of a literal war, the second time because L'Manburg tried to execute him for murdering their president and destroying their country, failed, and then mildly inconvenienced him by hiding his stuff from him.
Imagine how much shit could've been prevented if Techno had just used his fucking words! The whole wither thing, L'Manburg being terrified of this looming threat and the Butcher's Army would've been COMPLETELY PREVENTED if Techno had just said "hey uhh the last time you guys had a president it didn't end well, how bout this cool idea i have called anarchism!" Obviously not everything would've been sunshine and daisies what with Dream being around, but things would've been SO MUCH more chill if Techno had just relaxed for a singular second and actually explained what he wanted and why, instead of just shooting the newly appointed and pretty reluctant teenage president in the face with a rocket launcher and screaming at him that he's a tyrant.
Techno LOVES to preach for freedom from tyranny and everyone being able to live in peace without oppressive governments, while he stockpiles WMDs for fun, runs basically the Secret Police, and everyone except his closest friends is TERRIFIED of what happens when they BREATHE at him wrong. Dream may be a child abusing supervillain who doesn't even see the people around him as human anymore, but at least he still has a fucking handle on his temper!
Techno is the most volatile motherfucker on the entire server, everyone is scared of him, and yet he seems so allergic to, nigh incapable of introspection, he doesn't even seem to realize it. He expects everyone to cater to HIS emotions, HIS wants and needs, while he so blatantly does not care about anyone else, he went around to the community of the child he physically and psychologically scarred for life, looking to see if he could find an excuse to nuke it, WHILE SAID CHILD WAS GRIEVING HIS RECENTLY MURDERED FRIEND!
Violence is not the only universal language. Fucking BABIES understand what you mean when you give them a bottle, or kiss them on the forehead, or sing to them. There is not a single human being on this planet who doesn't understand a hug. You could put twenty people, all speaking wildly different languages, in a room, and none of them would understand shit, but as soon as you put on some music all of them will vibe to it all the same.
The only thing Techno's brand of violence communicates is "I am going to hurt you. I am bigger and stronger and there is nothing you can do. Don't make me upset." And then he walks away, pretending they've learned their lesson, while the only thing he's done is make everyone just a little bit more terrified, a little bit more miserable, and a little bit more angry.
He's a fucking coward, too scared to engage with anyone properly, for fear of the possibility of being wrong. He builds up concrete barriers around himself, and sits there, his hand on the big red button, ready to press it as soon as someone trips within 3 feet of his wall.
Violence is the only language c!techno is willing to use, because he's too much of a coward to use his fucking words.
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bare1ythere · 5 months ago
Listening to Jonny and Alex talk about Webmartin's intended design was So satisfying. On one hand, yes all these little moments in early seasons that connected Martin to the Web were intentional as foreshadowing for this aspect of his character, but on the other hand by the end a canon Webmartin would've felt (at least to me) like a significant betrayal of Martin's character, like he was lying to us and Jon the whole time. It was just incredibly validating to hear them lay both takes out like that
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eijiroukiriot · 6 months ago
JUST FOR THE RECORD...these are my top 10 favorite bkg moments
10. the fact that he plays the drums!! not any one moment in particular, just his presence and role in that arc. kinda cheating but i think the fact that he was put into drum lessons, is good at it, and played them as a part of the band is just so sweet and nice. whatever makes you happy kid
9. the scene with the vacuums
Tumblr media
this is a really good scene in general - the atmosphere, the pauses, the stiffness of the all really goes to show that this is like. huge. compared to the actual scale of the conversation. because it's AWKWARD and it's HARD for bkg to be thinking about what he's supposed to do here, and harder to put it into action. dvk2 is really huge for him as a character but it's this moment where you see that he's really starting to pick up the pieces that gets me
8. the whole sequence of mina and kaminari trying to get him to wear the santa coat :)
Tumblr media
one big part of bkg's character arc that i think tends to get missed a lot is him coming to realize that he has a place in the class as another student - not someone that they fear, or someone they hate and look down on, but someone who they recognize has issues but want him there as much as anyone else. they're FRIENDS!! come ON!!
7. when he denies vehemently that he was worried about the internship group and goes to bed at 8:32 to prove how not worried he was. idiot
6. this line
Tumblr media
THIS IS HERE BECAUSE I think that it is funny that he ran into deku and racked off every word in his vocabulary at once. but i'm also gonna cheat and talk about how after the sludge villain attack he runs up to deku like "you didn't save me, alright?? huh??", fooling absolutely nobody. something about fronts and underneath it all he's got a lot to work on
5. this
Tumblr media
do i even need to talk about this? what can i say that hasn't been said before. god.
Tumblr media
TOP 10 MOMENTS THAT MAKE YOU THINK GOD I LOVE THE BOY...this is such a legacy bkg moment and it happened right as i was getting into bnha so it left a big impact, i think, on the way i look at bkg's character. the way he's saying it like he doesn't want to admit it, but knows it needs to be said. he's made crazy strides since this but this was the first concrete time we ever saw him acknowledge that he was wrong in the past, has a lot of work to do, and has started, even if just barely, trying to be better in the way he needs to be. legacy moment.
3. save and be saved!!
Tumblr media
also soooo extremely good in terms of him recognizing he's got work to do and is on his way but in such a stupid flashy textbook bkg way!! him declaring it in the middle of a fight!! you can't grow if you don't recognize that you're missing something but growth isn't and shouldn't be about regret, it's about embracing where you're going and the victories you're making along the way!! the fact that bkg is able to acknowledge and interact w his own arc in a way that feels like HIM! loud and chaotic and even a little arrogant in how cool he knows he looks!! i love this moment. i love him
2. THIS!!
Tumblr media
i think...when it comes to what bkg moments stand out to me it's all the times where he put something out there himself. and there are a ton of moments in bkg and kirishima's relationship that i love (which should be super obvious at this point) and most of them Are about him learning to be a better friend and give back what he's receiving! but even kamino is about how their relationship is equal and kirishima and bkg are both taking a risk. it's about what bkg does knowing that he has someone who is willing to be by his side and try time and again to reach out to him even when he's receded back into himself in the past. in this moment bkg sees that kirishima needs someone to be there for Him and puts himself out there to help him - he's got nothing to gain here, nobody's even asking him to talk, but he finds it in himself to take the risk and pat kirishima's back! because he's a good friend. a good person. and it's through his own strength and putting himself into situations that he knows he'll have to try hard in that he's getting better, too
and number one my favorite bakugou moment of all time is
Tumblr media
so i love talking about bkg as a complex character with layers and hard feelings and many, many challenges to painstakingly work through and i could sit here talking about it all day but it's also equally important to me that he is a kid. he is a stupid teenager who has made mistakes and knows he's made mistakes but would he have made those mistakes if he wasn't a kid working through who he is and what that means and where he's supposed to go in the world? no! it is equally important to me that he's putting in so much work to be a better person that it is that he just gets to be happy. stinky. stupid 16 year old boy. skull shirts and baggy pants etc. and genuinely making amends with deku, through no small effort of his own to swallow his pride, yeah, but also being goofy about it. and dumb. joining the conversations about ofa and deku's next quirk because he accepts that this is a legacy that belongs to deku and the best thing he can do is provide his insight and support to the cause, but also laughing and declaring that he's still better than him and letting himself be goofy and stupid and young while he still can. because he's got so much time ahead of him! and he's on his way. i love him but this is no surprise
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latinposeidon · a month ago
I'm once again hoping that Carrie keeps playing bubblegum pop when she gets redeemed. Let her be unabashedly feminine! Let her be confident in herself and her abilities!! Carrie doesn't need to become self-conscious or less feminine when she redeems herself because they aren't tied to her morality!!! She should be able to become a better person without changing her interests!!!!
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your-turn-to-role · 4 months ago
I'm too fried to express it eloquently, but I think... the problem with the S/G ending that are getting people riled up is how it's presented in game? I guess. I mean I'm totally fine with how it turned out, but I guess the way it's just summarized in one line and then the rest, how their relationship will play out... is all up to the fans to deal with and rationalize. I guess that might make people feel turned off. Like it's there but it's not earned like it should be?
honestly i fully expect a certain portion of the fandom to be mad bc this happens in every fandom with every ship that ends in an even slightly aroace way so like im just gonna ignore the inevitable trash fires from that and focus on the fact that caleb essek relationship canon
(like, i'm not saying i don't sympathise to an extent, bc you didn't get as much exploration of them as other relationships got, but these were two very guarded people who only started being close at the end of the campaign, a kiss or love confession would have felt rushed and personally i would not have been a fan)
(but like.... there's a lot of things we didn't get to see. and i understand being disappointed, but also i think this was as good an ending as we could get)
and because liam framed that in a very angsty way, if it helps anyone feel better, here's what got confirmed in that ending:
caleb and essek are together and matt said essek was very on board with this when liam asked
we already know caleb was very in love with essek because liam has said it in every talks where he gets asked, and quite a few where he doesn't
caleb will spend the rest of his life with essek
they will use this time going on many research expeditions and returning information to the cobalt soul, learning more about the things they want to, caleb will teach at the academy, essek finds a home outside of the dynasty
the m9 check up on each other constantly
this is pretty much exactly the ending the whole fandom came up with and if you would like to imagine, like, kissing? is that the only romance thing that didn't explicitly come up here? that's very on the table
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nymika-arts · 6 days ago
I've seen quite a few posts about this, but I feel like one thing that's never really clarified is that it's not inherently bad to talk about how maddie's decision to leave may affect buck, it's actually very interesting, the problem only comes when this is used to put maddie in a negative light.
part of having these strong relationships between characters is that the actions of any one person are going to have an impact on the people around them. maddie is going through something incredibly difficult, and while her struggle is important, it's not unreasonable to want to discuss how the whole situation might affect buck's life (and it is going to affect his life, there's no way it wouldn't), just like we might want to consider how it will affect chimney or jee-yun.
as long as it's a neutral discussion about a story arc and all the characters potentially involved, and not an attack on maddie, there should be no issue with it. but if you're simply doing it to talk shit about maddie then i'm coming for your kneecaps ❤
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formativefruit · 6 months ago
anyways can’t wait for cap to recognise accept and understand his queerness on an individual level since his conflict is an internalised one that doesn’t revolve around a love interest but rather authenticity to the true self!!!!!! it’s about him and him alone, not coming out to other people, not being in a relationship. it’s about a gay character having worth as an individual, a gay character knowing and loving their own queerness and just!! man. to be known is to be loved but it’s cap and his true self . yeah
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hualianisms · 3 days ago
xie lian’s arc was so. how he started out young and idealistic full of dreams and ideals and ambitions and then the disillusionment how his dreams and ideals were shattered by reality and how he fell from grace fell into the very depths of the abyss bc the higher you start out the lower you fall and then how he very nearly was consumed by the pain and bitterness and despair and resentment but then clawed himself out of the abyss and found his way back to himself back to his ideals again because of one stranger’s kindness... it’s really about kindness and idealism as an active choice after knowing exactly what it means to almost succumb to the worst of himself
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revarova · 7 months ago
Obligatory /rp and /dsmp bc this could go horribly if someone interprets it as me talking abt real life
My Hot Take (tm) is that the only way c!jack and c!tommy will ever be able to reconcile is if tommy has some actual character development. Because without serious change Jack will only be able to heal if he cuts himself off from tommy in some way where he knows they won’t ever interact again. Because when tommy was in jail, he was still on his ‘villain arc’ kinda thing, because there was still a chance he’d get back out. It was only when he thought tommy was dead and gone for good that he actually started trying to move on, wanting to live in snowchester and realising him and Niki were genuine friends and fussing over his fox not having a nametag. Because let’s be completely blunt here, c!jack and c!tommy have a really fucking toxic ‘friendship’. And the March 12th stream makes it very obvious. Tommy spent the entire conversation talking over jack, ignoring everything he said despite jack flat out admitting he tried to murder tommy using his best friend. And when jack was trying to talk over him so that he could be heard, because he never is, he’s always ignored, tommy said “FOR ONCE JUST LISTEN TO ME” as though he isn’t always talking over everyone, as though he hasn’t admitted to seeing himself as the ‘main character’ of the server, as though he’s ever actually stopped and really listened to anyone else, as though he hadn’t just called jack selfish for... being upset over the way he’s treated by someone he thought was his friend, as though he hadn’t just dismissed him bc ‘you’re jack manifold’ and that means his feelings really don’t matter. And tommy acts as though jack celebrated his death, even though he... really wasn’t. The only people celebrating were the egg guys, who were possessed. And that conversation was what sent Jack back into his self-destructive spiral of letting himself be consumed by rage.
Please just send him off to live with Foolish or HBomb or Niki so he can actually work past his issues instead of having his hate constantly be justified and reaffirmed because that’s not a good mentality to have.
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spacedlexi · a month ago
I'm going through your s4 YouTube playlist and bro I LOVE your commentary???? Violet is so important to me and YOU UNDERSTAND ;-;
also playthroughs when the person doesnt know how the game is going to go are good, but yours, when you know like everything??? peak cinema. chefs kiss
shdsj aw thank you anon im glad youre enjoying it!! i know most people usually do blind playthroughs but idk i wanted to do my kinda "perfect" playthrough with my favorite choices and also just discuss my feelings on the game and characters as a whole. and also mention cool little details! like how violets hair only gets animated with the arrow if you miss the choice for some reason
plus violet deserves a playthrough where shes really appreciated cuz the ones ive seen are either indifferent to her or get mad at her especially towards the beginning where shes kinda mean to clem. which is interesting cuz like... thats kinda part of her arc ya know where she knows shes way meaner than she means to be, but its because she tries to distance herself from people emotionally. and you KNOW she doesnt mean it before you even talk to her if you pay attention to her watching clem from the wall. like shes Obviously interested but then when you first speak and shes like "fuck off" its like "hmm ok im not buying your 'mean girl' thing" and i think people miss this??
people get mad at her for that but then when she compliments clems fighting skills people Then realize shes not as abrasive as she first comes off. but then they dont carry that idea through with them for the game and still dont understand her character aND IM LIKE....... please i love her shes a HUGE softie under all that tough exterior (and scared like the rest of the kids shes just better at hiding it but its part of why she walls herself away) and so many people miss this. she even tells clem in the dorm that she doesnt mean it and people still get frustrated with her.... but i need to stop myself now because i could talk about violet forever i love her so much 🥺💜 and she gets a lot of hate for no reason. if you hate violet i dont trust you
also so many people even miss that shes so fucking gay and head over heels for clem its embarrassing like im embarrassed for them. the amount of times people end up on the bell tower and go "wait why does this kinda feel romantic?" IM LIKE I CANT DEAL WITH YOU PEOPLE its so frustrating this is why i wanted to watch an lgbt stream of it but could never find one 😭 so i was like FINE i'll do it myself!!! so im glad youre liking it anon 💕
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starandworms · 14 days ago
I have no idea why people are insisting Ralsei's one-dimensional.
Besides the obvious suspicious moments and the implications he knows more than he lets on, he also has struggles with self and identity ("I wonder what being Ralsei-like even is?") and probably makes an actual effort to play up his cuteness in order to manipulate the others into showing him affection.
Susie's complexity and development are more apparent, but she had her character arc in chapter 1! It's unfair to expect the same of Ralsei until we get his. Still, we get plenty of hints about his issues.
Seems like a lot of people just equate being a "nice" character with being flat or underdeveloped.
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