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27. Nielan - modern au - couch | knees

Nie Mingjue watches Huaisang and Xichen from the kitchen. They’re chatting on the couch as Huaisang carefully paints color onto Xichen’s nails. The bottle of polish balances on Huaisang’s knee, and Nie Mingjue eyes it for a moment. It’s got glitter, and he refuses to clean that out of the cushions again. 

But Xichen is smiling softly at whatever tale Huaisang is spinning, and the happy scrunch of Huaisang’s nose is worth any sparkling blue stains that might mark his furniture. It’s a nice color, complementing the silver band on Xichen’s finger.  

He grabs the snacks and joins his family.

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Not the darkest thing I’ve ever written period, but the darkest thing I’ve written in a very, very long while. Trigger warning for implied rape.


They look up from the map at the sounds of a scuffle outside the tent, and then a small figure in a simple dark red robe stumbles through the flap.

Nie Zonghui stares for a second before he sees Meng Yao, the younger man so ashen white that he looks less like a person and more like a fierce corpse.

“What is the meaning of this?” Nie Mingjue rumbles beside him, and their former deputy hurriedly bows, hiding his hands in his sleeves.

Hiding that they’re shaking, Zonghui realizes.

“Sect Leader Nie, I have found the Young Master.”

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Nie Huaisang is my favorite character IN RETROSPECT.

I mean, he’s the kind of character that you don’t pay a lot of attention to, that you find mildly annoying, who then suddenly becomes hella interesting and you can rewatch the entire series paying attention to him and seeing an entirely different tale unfold.

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Rice - Fright

Day 27 of BeeTober brings some arachnophobia for poor Jiang Cheng, but luckily he has the best neighbours because NMJ is simply the best da-ge to everyone and NHS knows exactly how JC feels.

When Jiang Cheng’s rice cooker goes out with a bang—or rather a very small twitch—Jiang Cheng takes a moment to simply stare at his ceiling.

Of course the rice cooker would decide to give out today, when Jiang Cheng is alone at home and no one is bound to come over either.

And that means, he has to go into the basement on his own.

Jiang Cheng knows that there’s a new rice cooker just waiting for him—Jiang Yanli has prophesised that his would die on him sooner or later and she wanted him to be prepared—but what’s also waiting for him down there are spiders.

Lots and lots of spiders.

The last time Jiang Cheng went into the basement he couldn’t finish repotting his plants because a rather huge spider came crawling out of the depth of hell, giving Jiang Cheng the fright of his life, and he had fled his own cellar without a second thought, abandoning his plants in the process as well.

In the end Wei Wuxian had repotted his plants, but he had made quite the mess of it, as he very willingly admitted, and Jiang Cheng still did not muster up the courage to clean up after him.

Now he has two reasons to go into the basement—three, he realizes as he eyes the empty cartons he’s been collecting, always putting it off to bring them down into the basement—so at least it would be worth it, and Jiang Cheng retrieves his hand-held vacuum cleaner. He just hopes that Jiang Yanli did not bury the rice cooker under boxes of other stuff, because Jiang Cheng is not going to overhaul his whole basement in search for it.

The chance to encounter a spider is way too high after all, and he wants to come out of this as unscathed as he can.

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For @fytheuntamed ‘s Untamed Fall Fest. Day 27: Fright

What comes around goes around. :D I especially like how JC comes around later to scare NHS. 

I wish there was a good image of JC being scary but it’s just audio. Orz

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spooky season is here!
since Halloween is coming, here’s some spooky updates, coming to you all week! it’s a mdzs halloween update special!

summary: it’s time for Mingjue to help his baby brother get over his fears, and that starts with a haunted hayride.


Da-ge, don’t be like this” Nie Huaisang begged, pulling onto his older brother’s sweater. But Nie Mingjue pushed on, a set look on his face. 

“Don’t make me go! PLEASE! I’ll DIE!” Nie Huaisang was close to tears at this rate. Despite his younger brother’s dramatics, Nie Mingjue sighs, turns around and clasps a solid hand on his shoulder.

“It’s just a haunted house. Everything’s fake. We’re also going with all of your friends,” Nie Mingjue tries to assure, though Nie Huaisang just shakes his head.

“They’re your friends,” Nie Huaisang mutters, as his brother huffs at him.

“Doesn’t matter; you’re not going to be alone, if that’s what’s scaring you,” Nie Mingjue says. Nie Huaisang shakes his head hard, begging, pleading, anything for his brother to just turn back and go to any other attraction except for the haunted house. 

Da-geeeeeeeeeee” Nie Huaisang cries, using all of his strength to drag at his brother’s arm. He even digs his heel into the street. His older brother huffs at him again and turns fully around to grab his shoulders. They’re just around three steps to the entrance.

Nie Huaisang quakes slightly in his boots; his older brother is wearing that no more bullshit look on his face.

Instead of reprimanding him like Nie Huaisang expects, Nie Mingjue simply stares hard at him. 

“You’re the one that told me you wanted to get over your fear of blood. And this haunted house is gonna help you. We’re gonna help you get over it together. Okay? Believe in me won’t you?”

Nie Huaisang stares back at his brother with wide eyes, but takes in a deep breath.

“You can’t leave me alone in there,” Nie Huaisang says, like a warning.

His older brother just laughs, “I won’t.”

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i just love wangji and nie huaisang together so much, even without the addition of wei wuxian (though i am very, VERY fond of the three of them together). when wei wuxian dies they are the only two who care enough about him and little enough about public opinion to actually. mourn him. he was the only friend either of them ever really had (aside from jiang wanyin for nie huaisang but i think he pretty much Shut Downs to any outside relationship after nightless city or the burial mounds massacre, depending on which canon you go by). and the concept of lan wangji staying in the unclean realm while he is chasing chaos and avoiding his ghosts while indeed actively searching for them too, the two of them growing slowly entangled with each other, still tender hearted and wounded. they are almost something before nie mingjue dies and for lan wangji it is like the death of a lover all over again with the way nie huaisang shuts down and out. he is alone again. when wei ying comes back, when his revenge is completed, there is a question posed with two hands twined and one reaching to mend the gap of years and grief.

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