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#Niki Lauda
cazzyimagines · 2 days ago
Born to be wild - Chapter 8
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Joining F1 as one of the first female drivers you knew was going to be a challenge but you weren’t prepared to deal with one particular asshole on the tracks. With the urge to win so strong within each racer, will romance pave the way? Or will it destroy everything?
Word count: 2.6k
A/N: Sorry it's been like two weeks or more since the last chapter! Been so busy getting used to being at Uni and socialising with people, still determined to get through this series just that there will likely be big breaks between chapters!
Born to be wild masterlist
Previous chapter
You tightened your grip on the bar handles, the heat from the leather gloves burning your skin. As you pressed down, you could hear the engine roar and the motorbike you sat on picked up speed along the deserted road. You wore all-black leather clothing today to get into the motorbike aesthetic, but you felt a pang of regret as the sun wasn’t covered by any clouds beat down on you, making you sweat. As you took a turning, you came across cars lined up in traffic, a few cars honking. You weaved your way through the cars, now feeling thankful you could quickly get past traffic instead of getting caught in it.
When you first caught a glimpse of a motorbike, you instantly fell in love and knew you had to buy one yourself. Naturally, you loved cars; ever since you were a little girl, you had loved cars which is why you had dedicated your career around it. But to be able to speed past all the other cars, to feel the wind through your hair and blowing against your face. You swore it was the nearest experience you would get to flying, and once you got to try riding a motorbike, you didn’t want to go back.
Now with your job at F1, you could afford so much more than you previously could, and so you were able to save it up and buy the bike of your dreams. During the week, you had spare time before the next race, so you were practising driving it about the local area. After taking a few more turns and seeing even more traffic blocking the road but decided it might be easier to drive down to the race track and then back home. It, too, would be helpful if you wanted to drive down to the race track more often on your motorbike.
After around ten more minutes of driving, you turned into the corner and pulled into the barely empty car park. You drove around and pulled into one of the open spaces, choosing to take a few minutes to relax and have a break. As you sat on the seat of your motorbike, though, adjusting your gloves, you felt the hair on your necks pick up with the knowing feeling of someone watching you. Without turning around to see the prying person, you knew exactly who it was.
You could feel your cheeks burn as you thought about that very man. You thought about the fun-raiser, how close you had gotten to him, how pulled to him you felt, his smell, his face, how kind he had been to you. How odd it had been. You hadn’t seen Niki since the fun-raiser. Frankly, you had been avoiding him since then, feeling too shy to see him again. Every time you felt your cheeks burn and you were at a loss for words around him. Usually, you felt so angry towards Niki, but these conflicting emotions had been playing inside of you and had left you a confused mess.
Your foot landed onto the peddle, itching to push down and leave the car park swiftly. You didn’t need that long of a break anyway, plus you didn’t want to say anything to Niki. You didn’t want to confront these feelings inside of you, but in the usual Niki style, you could hear the sound of his shoes hitting the concrete floor as he made his way over to you; the words were already leaving his mouth.
“You know those things are more deadly than F1 cars,”
Your lips pressed together in a thin line, and your fingers clasped the handles tightly. You had to suppress a sigh and instead, turning around to look at Niki. He was wearing casual clothes, simple blue trousers, a white shirt and a brown jacket while his curly hair perfectly framed his face. You could feel yourself focusing heavily on his face and so tried to pull yourself out of it, forcing a fake smile at him.
“I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
“They are death traps; why put yourself in any more danger on the road than you have to be? Just drive a car,”
“Oh, that’s ironic coming from an F1 driver,” you say, rolling your eyes.
“I calculate the risk of driving, and I always make sure I don’t go over the percentage of risk that there is. In a car, I am protected by the outer shield of it, but with a motorbike, there is no such protection, especially when you are not wearing a helmet,” he pointedly says, raising an eyebrow at the fact you weren’t wearing a helmet as you drove.
“Sounds like pussy talk,”
Niki’s eyes narrowed at you, a frown on his lips as he crossed his arms.
“Pussy talk…” he muttered, his lip curling and his nose wrinkling.
“Yeah, pussy talk. You’re too afraid to get on one of these,”
“I’m not afraid,” he growed.
“Then prove it,”
Niki hesitated, looking you up and down with narrowed eyes as he shook his head.
“I have nothing to prove,”
“Then I’ll get to hoard it over you that I am braver than you,”
Niki bit the inside of his cheek and looked away, then back at you. He sighs and uncrosses his arms.
“Fine, move forward,”
You bugged forward on the motorbike, leaving just enough room on it for Niki to hook his leg around the seat and slide onto the back. His hand grasped your waist, his fingers digging into the flesh under the jacket to steady himself. You could feel your face heat up and your chest tightens, but you try to shake these feelings away. What makes matters worse, however, is how as Niki got settled, he pressed his chest to your back, his face brushing up against your hair and sending shivers down your spine. You could feel his body heat making you overwhelmingly warm, and the smell of pine needles and bergamot swarmed you, making you almost lightheaded. Your mind was cast back to when you last smelt it when Niki had last been so close to you at the game stall. Just thinking about that memory made your heart race, but you had to cast it aside.
“You better hold on tightly,” you mutter, praying he didn’t notice the slight hitch in your voice.
Both of his arms go to wrap around your waist, securing a firm hold of you and ensuring his body was pressed against yours to the point where you could feel his chest rise with every breath he took in.
You pressed down on the accelerator and shot off, swerving out of the car park and onto the main road where the previous traffic that had been there had seemingly cleared up. You could feel Niki’s grip on your waist tighten when you pushed off on the motorbike, and somehow his body had pressed into you even further, but after a certain amount of time, his grip had loosened on you as he grew used to being on your motorbike.
For the first 10 minutes, neither you nor Niki said anything; instead, driving around in uncomfortable silence as you tried to focus on the road and not how Niki was holding you. From what you could tell from the way you could feel Niki moved, he seemed to be looking around at where you were driving, taking it all in. You were going to suggest heading back to the garage now when Niki spoke up.
“You’ve been driving around the outskirts of the country fields for a while now,”
You looked out and spotted the fields that had surrounded the two of you without you even realising. You weren’t focusing on where you were driving to, simply on the actual driving, but looking out at the fields he pointed out, you took in the scenery, feeling a peacefulness wash over you.
“So I have, I didn’t realise,”
“Do you like driving out around nature?”
You gave it a few thoughts and then nodded, “Yes, I suppose so; it’s relaxing, being able to take in the scenery while driving,”
There were a few moments of silence before Niki spoke up again.
“So do I; when I need to relax, I usually drive out and find the nearest hill, sit down and stare out at all the land before it,”
“Perhaps we are not so different as we once thought,” you joked, flashing Niki a smile as you quickly turned to look at him. Niki tilted his head as you looked at him, his eyes grazing over your face to see if there was any trace of sarcasm, but when he couldn’t find any, a smirk appeared on his face.
You and Niki drove around in comfortable silence for a while longer before you headed back to the garage, taking a detour through the town. You were driving down one of the main roads, which had shops and restaurants littered at the side and lots of people walking quickly down the pavements as the night slowly appeared. Niki was looking around at all the buildings, and eventually, his eyes caught something when he raised his hand and pointed over to a parking area.
“Park over there,” he told you with a demanding tone and thought you were confused as to why he wanted you to park; for once, you did what he said.
As you turned off the engine, Niki finally let you go and hopped off the motorbike. You whipped your head around to stare at him with your eyebrows knotted.
“Niki, why are we here?”
“We’re having dinner,”
Your eyes widened, looking to the restaurant beside you where you had parked. A waiter was dressed in a white and black suit and holding a clipboard at the door. Most of the people walking up to him and having their names ticked off were dressed in suits and smart dresses. Clearly this was one of the 5-star restaurants in this town and was only for the rich to dine in.
“Niki, I can’t go in there!”
“Why not? We’re famous enough,”
“We’re not dressed right,” you hiss, looking down at your all-leather attire. Niki at least was dressed smarter than you but still wasn’t precisely posh restaurant attire.
“And? They would be an idiot to turn us away,”
Without another word, Niki stuffed his hands in his pockets, turning away from you and started to walk to the restaurant and had started to walk towards the restaurant, not waiting to hear you argue anymore. You could have started up the engine again, left Niki on his own as you went and had dinner at home, but instead, for some crazy reason, you jumped off the motorbike to follow Niki. The waiter shoots the two of you a glare, only seeing your clothing at first, but as the two of you got nearer, his eyes widened, seeing who you were.
“A table for two, please,”
“D-do you have a reservation?”
“Ah well, technically…” the guy starts but feeling the icy glare of Niki, he quickly backs down.
“Right this way, sir,”
The waiter led you to a small table with a jar of rose flowers and lit a candle on it, with the chairs facing each other, just like a date. You grimaced at the thought. If word got out, you two ate here, on this table, it was sure to make the front page.
Niki didn’t hesitate to pull out his seat and sit down while you were a bit more reluctant but eventually chose to sit down as well. The waiter placed wine menus in front of the two of you and instantly picked one up, holding it to your face so that Niki couldn’t see you.
“What do you want?” Niki asks, raising an eyebrow as he sees how close you held the menu to your face.
“Just a simple Quinta do Vallado,” you mutter.
The waiter quickly wrote down your and Niki’s order then took the menu out of your hand, so you had no choice but to look at Niki. The silence was awkward, both of you not knowing what to say till you couldn’t stand it anymore.
“You know what people will think if they see us together here,”
Niki raised an eyebrow. Not following the conversation. Your lips parted, and you flinched back, doing a double-take as you realised Niki had no idea.
“That me and you… that we are on a date,”
Niki’s eyebrows cast down as he observed the table and then leant back on his seat, exhaling.
“I hadn’t thought about that,”
You rolled your eyes at him and strangely felt a pull at your heart. Of course, he hadn’t thought of that.
“What did that eye roll mean?”
“That I’m not surprised you didn’t even think of that; you don’t seem the romantic sort,”
He scoffs, “And you are,”
The waiter appeared, disrupting your conversation briefly to give you your drinks and take your food order. For Niki, a steak and you, one of your favourite dishes.
When he left, you shrugged your shoulders, carrying on with the conversation.
“I like to think so; it would be nice to have a partner, to be in love, to spend our time together,”
“So you and James aren’t together?”
“Of course not!” you exclaim, leaning forward in surprise at Niki’s remark. You didn’t even think that Niki would have thought from hearing that you and James were dating but apparently so.
“I only assumed due to what happened between you two at the party,”
“Nothing happened,” you replied bitterly.
“Sure,” he says, taking a sip of his drink, obviously not believing you.
You wanted to refute Niki again, but you knew it would end up in another pointless argument, and so you bit your tongue and changed the direction of the talk.
“So what, you don’t want a partner,” you ask, raising your own drink to your lips.
“...I never said that,”
You almost choked on your drink as you glanced up at Niki.
“It’s just - I can’t imagine it,”
“And why’s that?”
“You never seem to care about anyone; I can’t imagine you caring for a partner,” you tell him, unable to look him in the eyes as you spoke.
“I care, just in my own way,”
“And what way is that?”
Niki didn’t answer, and before you could press him for any more information, the waiter came with the food. Neither of you wanted to try and speak while eating, so awkwardly, you two ate your food in silence. When you two finished, neither of you dared to bring the conversation up again, and so you both just sat there in silence, waiting for the waiter to bring the bill. When that had happened, you reached into your jacket pocket to get your card, but Niki had already placed his down.
“Niki, you don’t need to; I can pay for myself,” you try to tell him, but he waves your concerns off with his hand.
“I have more than enough money,” he tells you and nods to the waiter as he accepts his card. You felt a slight warmth flutter over you for Niki’s act, but you knew you would have to repay him at some point for it. Hopefully not in the next race.
When the two of you left, he flashed you a smile, not a fake one but a polite one, like at the fun-raiser again, and you felt your heart flutter within you and then inwardly cursing for how you were letting Niki affect you. He chose to make his own way home instead of riding back with you, and so as you left the restaurant, you watched Niki walk away, and you wondered just how easily that man had gotten under your skin.
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maximoffwxnda · 2 days ago
niki lauda is a brat
i watched rush and everyone is always like 'ooh niki lauda doms you' but have you ever considered?? you being a Brat TamerTM and he's just... the biggest brat. so let's discuss shall we?
thank you so much to @rosemaremembrance for talking with me while i wrote this and indulging me
as always, this is very explicit so 18+ MINORS DNI
so let's start off with how you two met
you were working at one of the hotels he was staying at early on in his career
he was borderline rude to you and you'd responded in kind, nearly knocking him on his ass with the way you talked to him
you'd met other racers before as many of them were also staying in your hotel and many of them had time and again slipped you the extra key to their room
niki didn't though
he didn't presume that you were interested in him the way that others did
you quite liked that about him
you decided to attend the race (totally not because of him) and niki had won
the victory sex was amazing
lots of hair-pulling and biting and even a harsh slap on your ass
the next time was different
he'd flown you out to see him before his next race and being the arrogant ass that he was, he expected the same performance out of you (not that he even expected sex in the first place though. he simply wanted to see you although he'd never tell you that)
you were quick to correct that behavior though
when he'd first started kissing down your neck and to your chest, you pulled him back harshly by his curls
the shocked look on his face was priceless
he'd quickly obeyed when you told him to get on his knees (mostly out of shock) but the rest of the night didn't go as smoothly
he'd eaten you out fantastically but right as you were about to come, the bastard stopped
he had the audacity to lick his lips and stare you down and he even uttered the words 'what exactly are you going to do about it?'
you showed him exactly what you'd do
you pulled him up with a hand tangled in his hair and guided him not-so-gently to the bed
niki had tenacity, you'd have to give him that
you built him up to an orgasm with your hands and your mouth at least three times before he began to break
"please," he mumbled so softly you almost didn't hear him
you crawled up his body, just brushing your cunt over him, just enough for him to feel it
"what was that?" you goaded
"please," he said, this time louder
you grinned devilishly and lined yourself up
"i know you can do better than that."
"please, god, just let me come already!"
"and you'll be a good boy for me?"
"yes, i will, i promise."
you sank down and was rewarded with a loud cry from him
and like a good boy, his hips didn't move an inch
you rode him, allowing him to touch you only when you told him to
and god it was a power trip for you
being able to break such a stubborn man? better than any other time you'd had sex
taming niki was always a task but how easy or difficult it was entirely depended on his mood that day
sometimes it took so little to turn him to putty in your hands
other times it took all of your willpower, a few harsh slaps to his face, several promises, more than several threats, and even once his own belt
you never minded though
he would always be good for you in the end
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georgerus63 · a day ago
Toto Wolff with RTL on Niki Lauda and George Russell (translation by me, sorry for any mistakes):
Question: Toto, I want to congratulate you on the decision regarding Russell, you know how much sympathy we have for the young guy. To be honest, when I’m thinking of Niki and if he still would be here, he would be saying ‘Toto, you have made the right decision’. Do you sometimes think about that too? Because you told us in the last interview that Niki came to watch George’s podium in Formula 2, something that he would never do. Do you sometimes think of Niki, especially when it comes to those decisions?
Answer: Every day, Valtteri and me just talked about this before and he [Niki] is just missing. Especially regarding the topic of George Russell, he was involved from the beginning in this young career. It has never interested him before but there was this young man that he was looking at and saw what can become of him. And when Niki stood in front of the podium, George couldn’t really believe it. I believe he [Niki] would be proud of what George has done so far and we will see next year if it is good enough for a Mercedes. But we will give him [George] enough time.
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Tumblr media
Niki’s red hat in this poster is something that feels so personal
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pamelasensei · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Danny Bunch: Andrea and Niki
Niki tries to teach Andrea how to defend himself
I have fun thinking about the dynamics that all his characters would have if they knew each other.
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sgkg · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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ctolisso · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
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georgerus63 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Niki with George 🥺❤
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apoiionian · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
people always think of us as rivals but he was among the very few i liked and even fewer that i respected. he remains the only person I envied.
DANIEL BRÜHL in RUSH 2013, dir. ron howard
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auntyjezzywrites · 4 months ago
• 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙞𝙣 𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧 || 𝙣𝙞𝙠𝙞 𝙡𝙖𝙪𝙙𝙖 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧 ↠ NSFW
Tumblr media
warnings  ↠  swearing, bratiness, nsfw activites, s e x, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids) niki being a bit rough
word count  ↠  8,045 (i know right?)
synopsis  ↠  after being caught in a restricted area during a race by niki lauda, he intends to make your life a living hell
                                                                                                                                your body flops onto the couch of your fathers study, your father who despite clicking away on his typewriter, still manages to look up at you and scrunch his face up at the sight of what you'd chosen to wear. even if he didn't say anything, you could tell by the look on his face that your clothing of choice was the reason. 
looking up at the ceiling of your fathers study, delicate patterns painted into the white surface, providing a rather beautiful picture for you to stare at as you waited for her father to finally finish whatever work he was doing; eager to get on to the activities your family had planned. with little to no warning last night, your mother had poked her head into your room to let you know that you were being dragged along with your father and mother to the races tomorrow, the formula three out in london to be precise. being given little to no choice as to whether or not you'd be accompanying them, you thought it only fair you ignite your own small personal resistance by making sure to wear an outfit you know your father and mother would detest to no end. a lovely minidress, with earthy tones and patterns, accompanied with a dark brown of leather knee high boots, all topped with one of her most favorite fur coats. with an outfit like this, you knew your parents would be embarrassed to no end. they'd long given up on trying to control your behavior, quickly realizing that their daughter's continuous spouts of acting out were something they'd rather ignore than put effort into; a mindset that seemed to encourage you, while your parents only ignored you more.  you'd be lying if you said that races didn't bring you a sense of wicked anticipation; it wasn't the sport that excited you in of itself, but the people you would encounter. you knew you had little interest in watching cars speed around in a circle over 70 times, you did however, have a very keen interest in racers and the people they encountered.  it had not taken much longer of annoying your father before he caved and picked up his coat, eliciting an excited grin from his daughters face as you jumped up from the couch and practically skipped out to the car where your mother was already waiting for you both, applying powder to her face. perhaps in another world, a world where your parents weren't socialites who cared for nothing but the way they appeared to others, you wouldn't have been swept under the rug as the disappointment. maybe you would have gotten the attention you so craved as a child.  swept out of your own thoughts as the car's engine sprung to life, it was not long before you were driving out of the painfully long driveway of the estate and in the direction of the location of the formula three race track. - the moment you opened the car door and exited, you could hear the sound of conversations and laughter within the crowds, accompanied by the sound of drills and tools in the background, no doubt racers making any last minute adjustments to their cars before it was time to go out onto the track.  it hadn't taken long for your mother and father to begin mingling with friends of theirs, all while you stood on the sidelines, occasionally smiling politely and shaking hands of people who insisted they'd met you before at one of your parents many dinner parties, yet there were too many for you yourself to keep up with, especially when you normally spent them hulled up in your room desperately trying to escape any and all interactions.  it was drawing on and on, slowly driving you crazy, you hadn't even been able to go to your seat yet, purely because your father was constantly getting distracted by people he knew, that or business partners.  surprisingly enough, it was easier than you thought to slip away from your parents radar, simply taking a skillful hard left turn as they continued walking further into the crowd of people for them to converse with. a fate you were more than happy to avoid. looking around, you adjusted the brown tinted sunglasses hanging on your nose bridge, pushing them slightly further down so that you could scope out the area you'd managed to find yourself in. to be fair, you hadn't exactly known where you were going when you took that sudden left turn, only that you wanted to disappear from your parents view, a goal you had succeeded in, only to be set with another. find out where exactly you'd ended up.  continuing further, you very quickly realized you'd turned directly into the racers area, hearing the sound of drills and tools in the distance, as well as the occasional chatter as men walked past you, offering no investigation as to who you were and why you were in this area. this didn't exactly surprise you, seeing as it was nowhere near abnormal for racers to gain a plethora of groupies. walking around all of the trailers, you couldn't help but peer your head around to stare at the cars within, your curiosity getting the better of you.  it didn't take much longer before your snooping led you to a particularly interesting sight, a beautiful red formula vee, an expensive one at that. whoever it was who owned this machine most certainly did not spare any expense when it came to upgrades.  reaching your hand forward, you hesitated, taking a moment to look left and right, ensuring that there was nobody around before you threw all caution to the wind, biting back a borderline shit eating grin before leaning forward to run your fingertips on the cars smooth surface.  though expensive, you had to admire it, it was indeed a beautiful car, very well looked after. every gear was polished to perfection, it was clean as a whistle and every part of it was up to date; whoever owned this car wasn't just well off, they knew about what made a good working car. you were prepared to have the question of the cars owner remain one that was unanswered, you should have gone back sooner, even if your parents most certainly weren't missing you, the race was bound to start soon.  "would you mind telling me what you're doing?" you never truly understood the phrase 'scared half to death' until now, feeling your heart jump to life, beating rapidly as you spun around to see the culprit to your near heart attack.  quickly trying to gain your composure, you reached a hand to pull some of the hair that fell forward out of your face, steadying yourself and raising your eyebrows in some poor attempt to appear cool and collected despite the fact that the smirk this stranger wore most certainly met that he knew he had scared you and found it amusing.  already drawn in by the appeal of the challenge her was proposing, you tilted your head and only mirrored his smirk; letting your head turn back down to the car, only just now noticing the name written on the middle in white writing. "niki lauda i'm guessing?"  his response was only to raise his eyebrows, tilting his head and raising his arms out to gesture to himself in a way before crossing them promptly, only returning to the vaguely unimpressed look he was first wearing. you couldn't stand that look, it reminded you far too much of your father. "i can't imagine how you could have guessed."  sarcasm dripped from his voice, along with an accent you couldn't quite pinpoint, you knew it was german, but you were unable to guess exactly where in germany. you wanted to pretend you were surprised that the person with one of the most well looked after cars was in fact german, yet you just couldn't.  the fact that you'd been near his car without his permission or knowledge was definitely the main reason he seemed annoyed by your presence, however, it probably didn't help that you only let out a small chuckle and shrugged your shoulders, only seeming to antagonize him more. letting out a sigh, you took a moment to push your sunglasses back in front of your eyes, looking out back in the direction you came from before back at lauda, smirking and turning around without another word, making sure you made a show of flipping your hair back around.  "where do you think you're going?" his tone didn't so much give off the vibes of authority, it was more of an actual question, as if he were in disbelief that after being caught red handed touching his car, you would just walk off.  not bothering to turn around, your grin remained unseen by lauda as you held your hand up in a wave. "i'm going to watch the race." you said it as if it were a fact he was too ignorant to be aware of, stating it as if it were the obvious all in an attempt to annoy him more.  "good luck out there!" you called, disappearing back around the corner before he could even have time to make up some smart comment.  your quest to annoy lauda had very much succeeded, probably more so than expected as he shook his head watching you leave. and yet, the one other thing you'd done without even meaning to, was peak lauda's curiousity. - it wasn't difficult to find your parents again, they had finally made their way to their seats, and despite the amount of time you'd spent away, they didn't even seem to acknowledge you as you sat down beside them, eager to watch the race, which was only now beginning to get underway.  you hadn't meant to, yet you found yourself looking out for that same red formula vee that you knew was lauda's. some weird interest you'd found in the man, especially the way he'd reacted to the way in you more than purposefully had been annoying him previously.  it hadn't been much longer before the race had officially started; with a wave of the checkered flag, the cars were immediately off, speeding around with sharp sounds invading your ears each time they passed you and your family.  by the time the fifth lap had gone by, you were well and truly bored. reaching into your pocket, you pulled out your saving grace, your packet of marlborough cigarettes; opening said packet and pulling one out to place it between your lips, reaching into your pocket to search for the lighter you were almost certain you'd placed in your pocket earlier. to your surprise, it was strangely absent from your pocket, only producing an annoyed sigh as you rolled your eyes.  without a word, you reached for your fathers pocket, who either didn't notice you pulling out his lighter, or simply refused to acknowledge you; either way, you didn't complain as you finally lit up your cigarette, sucking in the ashy taste and holding it within your mouth as you pulled the cylinder away from your lips, blowing the smoke out in a small cloud in front of you which soon drifted off. -  despite a major incident involving spinning cars and a few very close calls, you'd managed to sit through the rest of the race without any other distractions.  you hoped that your wish of good luck to lauda was not the cause for him spinning out of control and ultimately losing to james hunt, yet you could never be too sure; though you hated to admit that the thought brought a chuckle out of you.  even though you'd had fun teasing lauda, you were more than grateful that the race was finally over and that people were beginning to leave, meaning that hopefully soon, you would be as well.  once again you found yourself standing behind your parents, taking little care to be subtle with your boredom, openly sighing and tapping your boot against the gravel in the hopes that this would speed them up; though this proved to be futile and frankly, you should have known better seeing as they had become impressively adept at ignoring your presence.  the noise of their conversation seemed to slowly fade into nothing but muffled sounds in the background as you crossed your arms and looked around, taking the moment to begin people watching, even noticing as james hunt celebrated his win, briefly passing by just as him and his group popped open a bottle of champagne.  as much as you saw the lifestyle racers seem to lead as a novelty, the accident that occurred today only reminded how dangerous of a sport it really was, men choosing to put their lives on the line for the sake of peoples entertainment? it was hard not to admire them, there was no arguing that they were good at what they did.  you definitely didn't regret not seeing said accident produce any gruesome results; you'd only ever heard what had happened to racers in the past, men that were considered lucky to make it out with crippling injuries, because surely that was better than losing your own life right? that was a point that could be argued profusely; was the loss of quality of life really better the loss of a life all together? while you would have been happy to continue this solo conversation of ethics and virtues of life in your own head, you were ripped out of your own thoughts by the sound of your father once again noticing somebody he knew, yet this time, you could very proudly say it was somebody you yourself also knew, albeit you'd only known him for around three hours.  "niki lauda! look at you! still going strong after a spin!" 
your first instinct was to immediately turn your head sideways, hoping that he wouldn’t notice it was you, a feeble attempt to be honest, now you were suddenly finding reason to regret wearing such an eye catching outfit.
you could only just see out of the corner of your eye as lauda greeted your father fondly with a handshake, so far not looking over to you much to your relief.
continuing to watch as he also greeted your mother, any and all hopes of getting away from this without greeting lauda was squashed the moment your father gripped your upper arm, yanking you forward to come face to face with lauda.
“have you met my daughter, lauda?” 
finally looking back ahead slowly, your eyes, covered by sunglasses thankfully, made facing lauda only slightly less intimidating. 
in a moment of silence, the look on lauda’s face gave away the fact that he re’d recognized you instantly, the slight smirk on his face only you were able to catch as he looked at you as if to say “caught you.” 
and yet, you had no idea why he suddenly looked back to your father, shaking his head and smiling. 
“i can’t say i have.” 
looking back at you, he leaned forward to grip your hand firmly, shaking it and stepping back as if you were poisonous to the touch. to be fair, you didn’t exactly blame him. 
it seemed you weren’t the only one itching to end the interaction between the two of you, you father quickly grabbing lauda’s attention once more with a satisified hum, beginning to walk alongside lauda.
“you should come to my estate tonight for a drink, celebrate your close call eh?” 
even you had to cringe at your fathers poor excuse to invite lauda over, you doubted he was feelign particularly good after that loss, yet any excuse for your father to mingle with those that could held him climb the social ladder.
once again trying your best to tune out the conversation as you walked behind them, your hearing still managed to pick up the result of your father pestering lauda despite his first three kind refusals. 
with a sigh, seeming to actually put an effort into hiding his distaste with your fathers attitude, lauda offered a thin lipped smile. 
“i suppose there’s no refusing this, is there.” 
with an outright lack of awareness to lauda’s tone and even the way he was already treating this invitation like a chore, your father grinned and patted lauda on the back firmly with a laugh. 
“no there is not my boy.” 
as desperate as lauda seemed to get away from the conversation, he still took a moment to turn around, offering you and your mother an awkward smile, only to turn his attention briefly towards you and only you.
the look on his face couldn’t be described as anything but smug as he offered you a polite nod before walking off in the other direction without another word, leaving you standing there in an almost stunned state. 
only to be taken out of said state as your father ordered you to get back in the car so that you could head back and be certain that the estate and ensure that i was prepared for lauda’s arrival. 
as much as you’d protested against your father and begged your mother to let you just stay in your room for the rest of the night, you ultimately failed.
not even trying to hide the sour look on your face as you stood beside your mother at the entrance of your large home, you watched as the gate was opened for lauda’s car, which came running into the driveway slightly faster than you thought was reasonable. 
you would have been content for the incident with the car to be and you and niki lauda’s interactions, if you had known you would be forced to sit in his company with your parents, you most definitely would not have been so snarky about touching his car. especially not walking off without a word. 
no doubt firm on keeping their image at least slightly reasonable, your previous outfit had quickly been abandoned, instead being forced to change into a simple mini dress with black stockings and shoes. a painfully simple outfit. and an uncomfortable one at that. 
this was made clear by the way that you were constantly shifting in the dress, attempting to roll your shoulders and cringing when the fabric allowed little to no movement. this was only responded to by your mother scolding you under her breath as lauda exited his car. 
no longer in his baby blue racing suit you’d seen him in up to this point, he had abandoned it for a smart looking button up shirt and blazer, paired with jeans and dress shoes.
it was admittedly an odd sight, not just for lauda, but in general it was an odd sight seeing racers in normal clothes compared to the suits they so often wore. 
watching as your father greeted lauda enthusiastically, then your mother, you could hardly hide the fake nature of your smile as you once again extended your hand to lauda without a word. 
in some odd way, lauda seemed to be amused with your nature towards him. after all, he knew full well that he’d well and truly caught you out. now it was the two of you playing a waiting game to see who was going to break first.
the drink that your father mentioned passed by smoothly enough, all four of you in your fathers study as lauda and your father sipped at scotch and spoke about a multitude of boring topics that you couldn’t bother to engage yourself apart from the occasional hum of acknowledgment when your father briefly included your opinion into the conversation.
choosing instead to actively depart yourself from their presence, you pretended to be enthralled in a book as you sat across from lauda, a large coffee table separating the couches you sat on.
every now and then, your curiosity would gain the upper hand as you found your eyes flashing upwards to try and catch a not so sneaky glance at lauda.
every single time without failure, lauda’s eyes were on you, staring you down as if you were a deer in headlights. 
his stare was similar to the feeling you got when sitting in front of a fire for a little bit too long, uncomfortable and making you feel far too warm. it was as piercing as the rest of his personality was. 
you had thought yourself to be a tough person, you’d gotten in scuffles with other kids as a child in school, and you’d been the type to graze your knees and get up as if it were nothing; but niki’s stare glaring upon you constantly eventually proved to be too much for even you to handle. 
finally unable to take it any longer, you stood up without a word, seemingly alerting niki as you could see his eyes widen slightly before maintaining his poker face. 
your parents were also visibly surprised as your mother jumped softly, placing a hand daintily over her heart as your father turned away from niki to look at you, a brief warning expression lacing his features, as if to say
 “don’t you dare ruin this for us.” 
you seemed to almost relieve him with your next question, not being able to bring yourself to look over at niki as you held your arms firmly to your sides.
“may i be please be excused, i’m tired.”
the warning previously on your father shifted into an odd look of surprise as his brows furrowed; you had no doubt this was due to the fact that not only did you ask something politely, but that your tone had no inch of sarcasm whatsoever.
the shock seemed to take his voice away as he only nodded, watching as you turned and began to walk out of the study. 
“don’t be rude, aren’t you going to say goodnight to our guest?” 
you wouldn’t be surprised if the way you tensed up at the sound of your fathers words was visible to all in the room; this was confirmed even more so when you turned slowly and saw niki’s expression as he still sat on the couch smirking once more.
only nodding your head, you took a few steps and held out your hand awkwardly for him to shake. 
“goodnight, mr lauda.” 
the stiffness of your voice only made the interaction more awkward as you stood there waiting for him to shake your hand.
you were unable to see your parents in the corner of your eye, but you held little doubt that they were cringing as if at any moment your real personality was going to jump out and ruin any chances they had of getting into lauda’s good books and they would have lost an influential friend. 
rather, they, your mother especially were shocked, yourself included when rather than simply shake your hand, niki gripped it softly, bringing it towards his lips to kiss the back of your hand softly, his eyes never leaving your own. 
you were unsure if this was his odd version of rubbing it in, or he simply wanted to embarrass you in front of your parents as he pulled his lips away, running his thumb along your knuckles slowly as he smirked up at you.
though anybody not aware of your current little game (if you could even call it that) would perceive it as a friendly smile of niki’s part.
“please, call me niki.”
you could strangle him right in that moment, god you wanted to, wipe that stupid little smirk off of his face if your parents were not watching your every move.
as soon as you felt his grip loosen, you were unable to stop yourself from ripping your hand from his own. god his hands were warm.
“goodnight.. niki..” 
you hadn’t meant for your voice to shake, but it still did, and it annoyed you to end as his smirk only widened at this.  you'd be lying if you said that the moment you turned you hadn't looked like you were practically running away. even as if walked down the hall and up the stairs towards your bedroom, you could hear your father apologizing profusely for your rudeness, only to hear niki brushing it off politely.  -  that had happened a week ago, and as much as you wished you could say that was the last you'd seen of niki lauda for a long while; that was hardly the case. in fact, it was the polar opposite.  you couldn't tell whether or not he was doing it to annoy you or because he actually enjoyed the company of your father, but if you weren't aware enough of your fathers skill when it came to hosting guests, you would have actually been dumb enough to say that it was indeed the latter. it was in fact painfully obvious to you that lauda's continued appearances within your household as a guest of your father were done with nothing other than the intention to spite you.  though what was finally the cherry on top, what was starting to make you wonder if he actually did find genuine enjoyment in spending time with your parents or if he just really, really enjoyed making you suffer. he had invited your parents to a party to celebrate one his most recent wins which they had also dragged you along to come and watch. and of course, he made sure to extend the invitation to you. "should she wish to come along." he'd said, as if he didn't know that your parents were going to drag you along anyway.  it was for that reason now you were sitting in front of your vanity, trying not to cringe as your mother pulled and teased your hair, styling it into a small beehive, seemingly at the request of your father, no doubt wanting all of you to look your very best, considering this was yet another chance to mingle and make new, rich friends.  sat in a mini dress with long bell sleeves, its paisley patterns reminding you of so many other items in your wardrobe; all finely paired with a pair of brown platfrom knee high boots and a fur coat.  it was fucking uncomfortable. your feet were already hurting, and the length made you second guess how much of your ass could be seen every second and this hairstyle was going to be a bitch to take out later.  as much as you would have been more than happy to outwardly complain, you were simply too sick of it to even try. sick sick of your parents, sick of it all.  maybe tonight you could even do the mature thing and finally apologize to lauda; yet, you couldn't tell whether or not it was actually going to bring an end to lauda's games with you, he seemed to be enjoying it too much.  - after a vaguely long car ride, you finally arrived at what you quickly realized was lauda's house, you could already see people on the balcony chatting away and you could hear music playing from inside. exiting the car and shutting the door behind you, you quickly trotted to catch up with your parents who were already walking over the door by the time you'd gotten out; in the back of your mind, you gave a silent prayer that you'd be able to sneak away at some point and find your own space, hopefully even get a chance to have a smoke if you found a quiet enough corner.  opening the door and heading inside, your parents were instantly enthralled with the music and sheer amount of people in lauda's house, all nursing champagne and chatting away; already you could tell they couldn't wait to join. keeping your eyes peeled for lauda, it didn't take long for your parents to lose you in the crowd; you would have laughed if it didn't happen so often, and you couldn't exactly say you minded anyway. it only took another minute or so of moving through people to find the balcony you had seen upon exiting the car. making a beeline for it, you stepped out and enjoyed the slightly fresher air, breathing a sigh of relief as you were no longer squished in between groups of people to such an intense degree.  reaching for your packet of cigarettes and taking one out to place in between your lips, you had only just begun to reach for your new lighter when you had to cut your relief short. "that's quite a sour face to wear at a party, no?" you didn't even hide the disappointment on your face as you turned to face lauda, rolling your eyes. you were well past hiding your distaste for him. now you'd had more than enough time to realize it was very much your own fault, you'd given him a reason to annoy you when you'd not only leaned on his car and then given him an attitude, but had you known that wasn't the only time you'd see him, you would have at least been nicer about it. noticing your expression, he placed a hand over his heart mockingly and let out a hurt sound. "if looks could kill."  his smirk was ever present, digging into your nerves like nails against a chalkboard as you placed your hands in your pockets, not saying anything as you kept your cigarette placed between your lips, hoping that just maybe, you'd have a break from him, obviously a stupid hope.  only raising his hand, you quickly noticed the lighter in his hand, ignited and placed at the end of your cigarette. out of reflex, you inhaled, reaching up to place the paper cylinder between your fingers and pulling it away from your lips, blowing the smoke out of the side of your mouth. it wasn't until you took a slightly closer look at the lighter that you realised. your lighter. he had your lighter, the one you'd lost the first time you met.  you wanted to mentally slap a hand on your forehead then and there, of course you'd left it, only for him to find.  holding out your hand expectantly, he pulled it away before you could grasp your lighter, going so far as to mock you as if you were a child with a small "ah ah ah"  painfully reminded of your time in school as a small child, you huffed and rolled your eyes, reaching for it once more only for it to be pulled from your gasp once more.  "come now, you know the magic word, yes? you learn this in school, little girl?"  his mocking toned was worsened as he leaned down slightly to talk to your at your level, only resulting in you placing a hand on your hip an glaring up at him.  this look only worsened his stupid grin as he raised his eyes brows, waiting for you to say said magic word.  putting on your best sarcastic smile, you made your voice as annoying as you could possibly muster, shaking your head as you spoke. "please?" you extended it slightly, as if you were a child asking for their toy back. and as laced with sarcasm as it was, he still responded with a loud "wunderbar!" raising his arms up slightly as if he were celebrating. finally handing you your lighter, you snatched at it, placing it back in your pocket and reaching up to take another inhale of your cigarette as you glared up at him. shaking his head, lauda's gaze paired with that signature smirk stared down at you as he looked at you almost in an odd sort of admiration. "you're a real brat, you know this?"  you most definitely couldn't lie, that was not the first time you'd been given that title; countless times actually, school teachers, your parents, relatives, even ex partners. it was now your turn to wear a smirk as you raised your eyebrows, raising your hands up in defense.  "i can't lie." you spoke, tilting your head and shrugging your shoulders. your response, for the first time, seemed to catch lauda off guard, possibly expecting you to have defended yourself rather than embrace the title. "maybe i like being a brat, lauda."  you narrowed your eyes, proud of yourself for finally seeming to put a chip in this mans ego. his eyes only narrowed in return, his face taking on a new expression that couldn't quite be place as you took another drag of your cigarette, really nailing in your point hard as you blew the smoke right in his face with no hesitation and a smirk as you placed your thumb between your teeth, grinning. "how many times have i told you to call me niki?" his tone was darker this time, more authority slipping against his words. you wanted to blame being caught up in the moment or finally being able to break this mans cocky exterior, but something about the tone of his voice and the way he spoke to you, it produced butterflies within your stomach that you tried with all of your might to ignore.  tilting your head, you took a step forward to ensure he would hear you over the music as you lowered your voice, leaning in slightly. "or what?"  even if somebody were unable to hear your expression, they'd be able to hear the smile in your voice. shifting your weight from foot to foot, you kept eye contact with niki as you leaned back, his eyes not leaving yours for one moment, narrowed at you, making you think for a solid moment of two that he was genuinely angry at you.  without any sort of warning or sign, lauda's hand lurched forward, gripping your wrist, not so tightly that it hurt, but most certainly enough to get your attention as he pulled you towards him, so close that your chests were touching as he looked down at you.  "watch that tone with me."  his growling voice was most certainly affecting you as he seemed to recognize that the both of you were getting very invested in whatever the fuck dynamic you had created.  as invested as he was, in an odd way, you could still see in his eyes he was watching for any signs of making you uncomfortable, almost as if he was telling you he'd stop the moment you were uncomfortable.  "and if i dont? are you going to bend me over your knee?" you leaned in slightly as you teased him, so much so that you bet he could smell the smoke on your breath as neither of you broke eye contact. whether it was the image of you bent over his knee or the fact that you had only continued to tease him you didn't know; what you did know however, was that that was the last straw for him as he kept his grip on your wrist.  wasting no time leading you back inside, barely giving you time to flick your cigarette off of his balcony before you were weaving through crowds of people, almost tripping over your own platform boots as you were led wherever he was planning on taking you.  obviously knowing his own house like the back of his hand, it didn't take long for the two of you to arrive where you were heading. his bedroom. quickly opening the door and shoving you in lightly, he shut it behind him, not even hiding the slam as he turned to face you, his eyes still dark as you stood there, still smirking and biting your lip.  "wasn't sure whether or not i'd be able to get a rise out of you, glad i know no-" your words were cut up by him quickly walking towards you and gripping your chin with his large hand, squeezing your cheeks together slightly as he other hand gripped your wrist once more.  "you've been nothing but a little brat since the moment i met you, it seems to me you must like pissing me off. is that it? you like knowing how much you make my cock hard when you prance around in those little skirts and give me backchat?" his tone alone was already enough to only widen your grin, but the things he was saying were adding to the butterflies in your stomach. determined not to give up your attitude just yet, you let go of any and all control you'd been holding onto, reaching forward to clamp your hand onto his thigh, dangerously close to where you could already see an outline forming. his only response to your touch was a sharp intake as his eyes closed momentarily, only to snap back open as he shoved you backwards, briefly scaring you before you fell back onto his bed. looking up at him as he stood above you, his legs touching your knees, you could see how his chest rose and fell with every deep breath he took. his eyes raked over your body, observing every part of where your dress rode up, and then back up to meet your gaze, only to begin undoing the statement buckle on his belt, once again watching you for any signs of being uncomfortable as he continued. only widening your smirk, he seemed to get the message as he completely discarded the belt on his rug floor.  as he began to fiddle with the button and zipper on his jeans, he leaned forward to land on his knees on the bed, above you and staring you down. "as much i'd love to play with you until your crying and screaming my name, i need to bury myself in that pretty little pussy of yours." his voice was breathy as he leaned forward, using his knee to push your legs apart, your mini skirt already riding up enough for him to get a full view of your underwear.  you couldn't find it in yourself to say anything else, already convincing yourself that this was all some sick dream of yours and now you were going to wake up no longer able to look niki in the eye.  his lower half disappeared from your view as he finally put weight on top of you, through you could still hear the fabric of his jeans shifting as he settled in between your legs. even through the fabric separating the two of you, you both shivered when you felt your hips make contact, letting out shaky breaths as you looked up at him and he looked down at you.  as much as you expected him to take things at least slightly slow, he did the opposite, wasting no time as he moved your own fabric to the side, only sliding his tip along your entrance softly in order to brace yourself and give you another chance to stop him if you had changed your mind.  only placing a hand on his cheek and nodding quickly, did he respond with a similar nod before entering you quickly and with little no mercy.  you were unable to stop yourself from leaning for head back and crying out loudly, only for niki's hand to clasp over your mouth as he looked down at you. "i know the music is loud, but i need you to, oh sheibe-" he cut himself off by inhaling sharply, groaning softly and shutting his eyes as he began to move inside you, his hips rotating ever so slightly as they moved back and fourth, only resulting in you moaning into his hand. "i know the music is loud, but i need you to be quiet for me, can you do that?" his voice was so low it was almost coming out as a growl as he continued to thrust into you as he spoke, trying not to keep groaning in between his words as he shut his eyes tightly and cursed in german once more.  you couldn't like, he was a stretch for you, there was pain at first but it had quickly begun shifting into pleasure as he continued and you became more used to the way he felt inside you. you knew there was an element of time involved lest he be missed at his own party, god forbid one of the guests go looking for him especially seeing as you were almost certain that door hadn't been locked. continued to thrust, his hands found there way on your back as he rose to his knees, taking you with him and sitting you on his lap, forcing you to wrap your arms around his neck for support as he effectively began to bounce you on his cock. the only thing you were able to do to stop your whimpers and moans from being heard was to bury your head in his neck, his head turning slightly to the side to bury itself in your hair.  beginning to help him out slightly by bouncing yourself on his lap, you felt your hips beginning to cramp and ache but brought yourself to ignore the pain as it was currently outweighed by the sheer amount of pleasure you felt as he fucked you.  growling into your hair, you felt his head move back so that he could begin leaving love bites on the parts of your neck that weren't covered by your dress; you couldn't even pay attention to the fact that you would have to walk back out into that party with love bites for all to see, your parents especially. part of you just hoped there would be no way to link them back to niki.  picking up speed, you began to bounce faster on niki's lap as he too began to go faster, feeling the muscles within your stomach starting to tighten as rationality left your body and adrenaline took over. in that moment, nothing felt more important than chasing your high, knowing it was only on the horizon.  it seemed niki was feeling the same way as he growled deeply, pulling his head away to look into your eyes as he gripped your hips and slammed them against his own with little to no mercy, caring little for the bruising that would no doubt be left over the next day.  it hadn't taken much more of this for you be a whimpering mess, feeling yourself tighten quickly around niki's cock, only to begin hearing the sloppy sounds of your wetness slapping while niki still continued to essentially jackhammer into you, still chasing his own high. as you began to come down from your orgasm, the sensitivity of niki still fucking you relentlessly had you whimpering and panting as you once again buried your head in his shoulder, trying to remain as quiet as you could, though this was proving to be a difficult task.  it wasn't long before you felt niki twitching from inside you, only to followed by the hot feeling of him cumming deeply inside you, his own deep and guttural moans releasing from his throat, cutting themselves off occasionally as he twitched and leaned his head back, his mouth hanging open as he shut his eyes.  collapsing backwards, niki fell on top of you, panting with his brown curly locks sticking to his forehead as he laid his head on your chest. post orgasm high, you both seemed to let reality hit you as you looked at each other, realizing you'd both been missing from the party for longer than you thought, exchanging no words apart from a few worried sounds of alertness as you scrambled off of one another, quickly righting yourselves.  it had only taken another two minutes or so to appear semi inconspicuous as you finally made your way back to his door, bracing yourselves before opening it and stepping out, only to see your parents walking towards you, quickly spotting you and calling your name. "where have you been? we've been looking for you everywhere, have you seen niki? he went missing an-" before you could even try to find a valid explanation, through they hadn't seemed very concerned for you and more so for niki's whereabouts, you felt niki walk up behind you, leaning against the door frame and greeting your parents. "she got lost." he began, placing a hand on your shoulder, cool as ever, as if minutes ago he hadn't just been fucking your brains out. "i was showing her photos from past races. lets get a drink, yes?" quickly deflecting from any questions they may have as to why you both just exited his bedroom, niki began to lead them to where they could get a drink, leaving you, shaking your head at the fact that they actually fucking bought that. - it was hours later that the party was actually beginning to wrap up, drunken people being led back to taxi's and niki saying goodbye to guests as the music had now stopped and there had been one to many neighbourly complaints.  you were unsure whether or not you should try to go and say goodbye to niki, post sex clarity was no proposing a very awkward question as to where the fuck that had left the two of you now; you weren't even afraid to admit that the idea of having any other interaction with niki from this point forward scared the fuck out of you.  one could argue that it was all spur of the moment, and you hadn't really had time to communicate whatsoever afterwards, distracted by the fact that you were scrambling to get your clothes back on. you weren't even sure yourself what you wanted it to be, it felt more like a situation of you didn't want to find out.  and yet, once again, your wishes were ignored by whatever higher power was controlling things, because as you were walking back to the car with your parents, still trying to make any sort of sense of what had transpired, you heard the voice behind you calling after your parents.  turning, you placed your hands in your pockets as you watched niki wish your parents a goodnight, letting your mother kiss him on the cheek as well as let your father give him a firm handshake as thanks occurred. he looked over at you only briefly, his eyes and expression next to unreadable as he quickly looked back at your parents, offering to walk them to their car.  turning around quickly, you began to walk quickly to the car, unfortunately slowed down by your boots as your parents soon overtook you, leaving you and niki almost side by side behind them.  though neither of you said anything, your eyes widened when you felt his hand fall on your lower back, then soon to your backside, giving it a squeeze that made you jump slightly, turning your head to look at him with an annoyed and wide eyed look, only to once again be met with that same fucking smirk.  as you finally caught up with your parents, they only turned as niki pulled his hand away, thankfully missing the fact that he'd done that as they thanked him for a good night. opening the car door, you were immediately met with a sharp look from your father.  "maybe you should say goodnight to niki, seeing as he was so generous as to extend the invitation to you." your father said slightly under his breath in a warning tone, only to turn back to niki. "sorry, she can be such a little brat sometimes." by the look on niki's face, you could see him holding in a smirk as he shook his head dismissively and waving his hand. "ah, its fine. i don't mind at all." he finished his sentence by wishing you a goodnight, only now extending the smirk to you as you stared back at him for a moment, slightly still in shock that your parents could be just that clueless.  "goodnight, niki." you finally said, wasting no time getting in your seat and shutting the door. 
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come one come all, tag your friends as you find out which danny boy is right for you!! (maybe make this a fun chain for the bruhl community??)
i'll tag some friends to kick off the party, but no pressure! i just hope you guys like it :))
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creme-bruhlee · 4 months ago
only the best ch.2: take the weight off
summary ↠ niki debuts his new wife to the public, and you decide that you might not completely hate him, as long as he keeps kissing you. (part 2 of a multi-part fic) pairing ↠ niki lauda (rush, 2013) x fem!reader (y/n) word count ↠ 3.3k warnings ↠ explicit language, period-accurate misogyny, arranged/forced marriage a/n ↠ enjoy! masterlist/taglist in bio!
Tumblr media
Audetto sat down with a sigh and, giving Niki a calculated glance, said, “Niki. Look at me. You’re not securing sponsorships.”
“And?” Niki sniffed. “I thought we were good for money.”
“As long as you’re around, we are,” you mumbled under your breath, but you didn’t miss the glare that Niki shot at you.
“We are,” Audetto said quickly. “But that’s not the only reason for sponsorships, Niki. People need to like you, and not many people do.”
“Why not?” Niki asked. “Am I not the picture of politeness?”
Audetto snapped and pointed sharply at Niki. “That right there,” he said. “You’re sarcastic and you’re rude. I have no problem with it, but nobody wants to sponsor an asshole.”
“Not even an asshole who wins races?” Niki asked. “I feel that reputation should supersede personality here.”
“Well, it doesn’t,” Audetto said. “I hate to do this, Niki, but I have to force your hand here. You need to change your image in the press for next season, you need to do something that will make people like you.”
“What do you suggest?” Niki asked.
“Yeah, hi,” you interjected. “Can I go back to the garage now? This obviously has nothing to do with me—“
“Sit down, missy,” Audetto snapped. “This fully concerns you.”
“How so?” you asked. The chair you were sat in swiveled a bit, and you used your toe to make half-circles. “How am I supposed to get sponsorships? I’m just his mechanic.”
“You are the key to getting them,” Audetto told you. “Niki, Y/N, there are press outside the garage right now. When they see you in twenty minutes, you will be a married couple.”
Niki instantly jumped to action, shoving his chair out from under him and shooting up. “Bullshit!” he cried. “Like hell I’m getting married!”
“What the fuck?” you exclaimed. “No fucking way am I marrying him! There’s nothing in the world that would convince me to!”
“What kind of fucking plan is this?” Niki seethed through gritted teeth. “Are you trying to ruin me? I can not and will not get married, I absolutely refuse.”
“What are we supposed to say?” you asked. “He hired me to his team because he wanted to fuck me? I got a place on the team because he was fucking me? I suppose, halfway through the season, I’ll have to announce I’m pregnant, huh? No fucking way, Audetto, you’ve lost it.”
“Quiet, both of you,” Audetto said, putting his hands up in an act of calming. “Listen to me. Niki, getting married shows that you have a soft side, a personable side. You’ll be sympathetic. People will like you. And you, Mrs. Lauda, it’ll generate enormous press! Lauda marrying the female head of his pit crew, it’ll make headlines everywhere! Romance on the track! You might get bigger and better offers next season!”
The name prickled at your skin and made the hairs on your arm stand up. It tasted sour, so much more than the beer had. “No,” you said. “No! There’s nothing you can tell me that will make me want to do this!”
“Whether you want to or not, you have to,” Audetto said. “The marriage license was already filed; in the country of Austria, you two are legally married.”
“For how long?” Niki spat. “When was the license approved?”
“Last week,” Audetto said, and you threw your hands up in disdain.
“And you waited until now to tell us?” you asked. “How did a judge even agree to file it? Neither of us were there!”
“You’re not the only one who can be swayed by Ferrari’s money,” Audetto said, and you scoffed. Of course, he had bribed the judge. Illegal means seemed to be the way that things functioned on Niki Lauda’s team. Audetto reached into the pocket of his jacket and extracted a velvet jewelry box, and he tossed it to Niki. You held in a laugh at Niki’s hard stare and pursed lips as the box clattered on the table in front of him, making no effort to catch it.
“What’re we supposed to tell this press outside?” Niki asked. “What’s our story?”
“You saw her last season when she was with Hesketh,” Audetto began. “Hypnotized, love at first sight, all that sappy shit. You proposed the night you won World Champion. You’re a quick thinker, you’ll come up with other stuff.”
“I oughta kill you,” you mumbled. “What about my boyfriend? What am I supposed to tell him about this?”
“You don’t have a boyfriend,” Audetto said easily.
“And how do you know this?” you asked, cocking your head.
“You open this garage every day at four in the morning,” Audetto said. “And you lock it up every day at eight. You’re always the first in and last out. You never take lunch breaks out, and I have never seen your wear makeup once. You don’t wear any jewelry, and all of your clothes are stained with grease. You don’t have a boyfriend.”
You cast a glance over at Niki, then threaded your fingers together. “Touché,” you said. You leaned forward in pursuit of the ring box, but Niki grabbed it before you could.
He turned it over in his hand a few times, looking like he was debating whether to open it or chuck it back at Audetto’s head, and he finally said, his voice booming, “As soon as the season ends, we file for divorce. Got it?”
“Fine by me,” Audetto said with a shrug. “If you decide that’s what you want to do.”
“Oh, it will be,” you scoffed. “I will be counting down the days ‘til the Japan GP.”
You were glad that Niki had acquiesced, just as you had. You both seemed to come to the conclusion that there was no stopping the train that was already chugging along, so you might as well hold on and take the ride. Niki gave a heavy sigh and turned in his seat to you, and he opened the box to you. It held three silver rings, two bands and one diamond, and you cringed at it. “There’s no way I can wear that thing and work on a car,” you said.
“These are just for show,” Audetto said. “Just to wear for press pictures. We didn’t expect you to wear them in the garage or the pit.”
You popped your neck in annoyance, and you offered your new husband your hand. “Go on, then,” you said. “The sooner we get out there, the sooner we can leave each other alone.”
Niki clicked his tongue and took your hand, and you shivered at the contact. His hand was warm and rough, as you had expected, and much bigger than yours, and you wondered what it would look like with the silver band. Was he left handed or right handed? You would find out. Carefully, Niki placed the diamond ring on your hand, then the wedding band, and you swallowed heavily. “How did you know what size ring I wore?” you asked.
“We know everything at Ferrari,” Audetto said, and you scoffed.
“That’s concerning,” you said.
“We have the world’s wealth of knowledge at Ferrari,” Audetto said, and you rolled your eyes.
Next, it was your turn to put Niki’s ring on, and you chewed on your bottom lip as he offered you his right hand. It fit a bit snuggly, perhaps a bit more than Niki seemed to have preferred, but he clenched his hand into a fist and let the ring shine under the fluorescent lights of the garage office. “I wouldn’t have chosen this,” he said plainly. “Too simple.”
“Oh, please,” you sighed.
“No, no,” Niki started. “If our story was true, if I had seen you last season and decided you were the one in that moment, I would have given you something more. Something bigger. People won’t be able to see this.”
“It’ll be fine,” Audetto said. “Now, go hold hands, give each other a kiss or two, and answer some press questions. The sooner we get this out, the better.”
“Why?” you asked. “You make it seem as if we’re trying to make a deadline.” Audetto paused for long enough for you to lean forward in your chair. “Audetto? Do we have a deadline?”
“James Hunt is getting married tomorrow,” Audetto said. “It’s not public information, but I heard it through the grapevine. It’s best we get this in the press before any news of Hunt does.”
Niki gave a laugh, his eyebrows pitching up. “Hunt?” he said. “James Hunt, the Hesketh racer? Getting married? Well, monogamy certainly won’t be a part of that marriage.”
You hissed and smacked Niki on the chest. “That’s rude,” you told him. “Although, what do I expect from you?”
“Up, up, up!” Audetto chanted, clapping his hands. “You have things to do, places to go, people to see!”
“We go kiss ass for ten minutes,” you started. “Then, can I get back to work?”
Audetto sighed. “Fine, yes, whatever,” he said. “But the press will still be outside, so keep up the act at least, yeah?”
The walk from the office to the front of the building was short, but certainly long enough for your stomach to start its somersaults. When your family heard of this, what would they say? What would Hunt say, and all your friends still at Hesketh? Even Niki grabbing your hand, an action that should have been so calming, made you anxious. “Let me do the talking,” Niki said, lowering his voice as he leaned into you. For the first time, you could really and truly take in the Austrian, and you had to admit that, as much as you wanted to hate him, he did smell good. At least he had that going for him.
“Oh, what, Niki Lauda’s wife doesn’t speak?” you asked, and nearly cried out when he stopped walking and jerked your arm to stop you too.
“No, so we can keep consistent stories,” he said. “So there’s not two stories we’re trying to tell at the same time.” Niki paused for a moment, studying you, and you felt so awfully small under his dark gaze. What was he doing? “You have grease on your shirt.”
Then, he undid the button on his brown jacket and shucked it off, and he helped you into it. You gave a little shiver at the warmth of it, and your own hands went to fix the collar of his shirt that had flipped up.
“No woman of mine would wear stained clothing in front of cameras,” Niki said under his breath. “Couldn’t you have worn a little makeup? And your hair’s a mess—”
“Fuck, I didn’t exactly expect to get married today,” you scoffed, pushing Niki’s hands off of you. “A little makeup? Would that please you, Mr. Lauda?”
Niki set his jaw with disdain, and he put his hand on your back and drew you along with him. “Yes, Mrs. Lauda,” he grumbled. “Maybe a little lipstick next time.”
The door came into view and, through the glass doors printed with the mustang logo, you could see cameras begin to flash and pop. You chanced a look at Niki and found a smile on his thin lips, and he gave a playful little wave to the cameras. He had turned on the charming and pleased husband look in half a second, and you straightened your shoulders and smiled as well. In love, you reminded yourself. Happy and in love.
Niki opened the door for you, and you bit your lip as you smiled at him. The steps leading to the door were crowded with reporters, and Niki put a tight arm around your waist. “Gentlemen,” he said, calming the small crowd for a moment. “Let me introduce you to my wife. Mrs. Y/N Lauda.”
“How did you meet?” came a shout from the gaggle of them, and Niki looked at you with a sparkle in his dark eyes.
“I saw her last season,” he said. His voice was loud enough to reach the reporters that held tape recorders, and you plastered a soft smile onto your face. “My pooh bear was the head mechanic for Hesketh, and I was instantly taken with her when I met her. Her smile could light up the entire track for the Grand Prix de France.”
You held in the gag at the sickly-sweet nickname that came out of the Austrian’s mouth, and instead you reached up and brushed a soft curl off of his forehead. He looked at you with a smile that would have made you melt if the story you were telling was remotely true; as far as anyone was concerned, it was, so you leaned in and pressed your cheek to his chest.
“She was Hunt’s mechanic?” a reporter asked. “There wasn’t any hostility there?”
“Not that I know,” Niki laughed. “I mean, maybe there was. I’ll admit, whenever Y/N’s around, I get a little blind to everything that’s not her. She’s just— She’s beautiful, look at her!” The flashbulbs on the cameras popped, and you jumped a bit at it. You had gotten your photograph taken before, sure, but usually there were cars roaring around you to drown out the noise. You wrinkled your nose a bit and pressed your forehead into Niki’s chest, and you hissed, “I’ll kill you.”
Niki’s hand went to cradle the back of your head and he landed a kiss in your hair. As his mouth was buried and hidden, he mumbled, “Not if I kill you first.”
“When was the wedding?”
At that, Niki gave an abashed smile to the cameras, and his shoulders rose a bit. “It was supposed to be next month, after the New Year,” he said. “But I was fucking tired of not being married to her, so we eloped last week in Vienna. It was a nice day—”
“That night was nicer,” you said boldly, and the reporters laughed. Niki, while he had a smile on his face, pressed his fingers into your back and pinched you through the jacket.
“What did you think of Niki when you first met him?”
You gave Niki a smile, one that you hoped convey your message of “Go fuck yourself”. “I didn’t like him, honestly,” you laughed. “But perhaps I had a bias back then. He just kept winning race after race. He would ask me to dinner after every race he won, but I always told him no.”
“What made you say yes?”
You tilted your head as you smiled widely. “I took pity on him after a while,” you said. “Following me around like a lost little puppy, the poor man was truly pathetic. I finally said yes to dinner after the Swedish GP, and… The rest is history, I guess, eh?”
You knew that Niki would make you pay for that later, but you liked the idea of a lovestruck man doing whatever he could to secure the woman he loved. It was like something out of a sappy romance novel. It was exactly the sort of love story that would make headlines and generate the press that Audetto apparently craved. “How did he pop the question?” a reporter asked, and you smiled at Niki.
“Well,” you started. “It’s a bit of a naughty story, actually, I’m not sure I should share it.”
“We like naughty! Naughty’s good!”
Niki flattened his hand against your back, and you bristled just a bit at his relaxation. No more pinching or strained smiles; perhaps he wanted to see what you came up with. “Well,” you started. “It was the night that Niki won the Japan GP and World Champion. We were making love, and he just looked up at me and told me he wanted to marry me. I said I did too, but, then, when we were finished, I asked if he was serious, because I knew that I was, and he agreed that he wanted to marry me, and… Well, let’s just say it was a very tiring night after that.”
Niki himself laughed a bit with the reporters, and he scratched the back of his neck. “Goddamn it, woman,” he mumbled. “‘Looked up’?”
You gave him a smile and a cheeky one-shoulder shrug. “Wouldn’t you like to know how I fuck?” you grinned.
“Give us a kiss, Laudas!”
At this, both you and Niki started, and you exchanged glances. You knew that, the longer you lingered, the odder it would look, so you put your hand on Niki’s cheek in order to draw him in. Of course, as always, Niki had a plan that superseded your own, and he put his arms around you and whirled you into a dip, as if you two were dancing. You laughed at the shock of the movement, but were quickly silenced by Niki pressing his lips to yours. The flashbulbs nearly blinded you, even behind your eyelids, but you could hardly pay attention to anything that wasn’t Niki. His kiss, while given a bit awkwardly, was pleasant. His lips were soft, if a bit chapped from the cold December air, and, when he pushed his soft tongue past your lips, you could only taste Marlboro cigarettes and the distinct tang of a man’s skin. It wasn’t awful, you decided; in fact, you wouldn’t hate if you had to kiss more often. One final flashbulb went off with a crack, and Niki righted you seconds before he landed a hard smack on your ass.
“Now, I suppose lunch won’t make itself,” Niki laughed. “Gentlemen…”
His hand went to your back again and led you to a waiting car, and he helped you in before firmly shutting the door behind you and rounding to his side. As soon as he was seated and the door was closed, he gave a heavy sigh, and mumbled, “They can see us through the window. Don’t hit me until we drive off.”
You scoffed, and, as the driver started the car, you unbuttoned the coat around you and tugged it off. You gave it back to Niki and leaned into him and pressed a kiss to his cheek, and he gave you a little smile that highlighted the red apples of his cheeks.
“Kiss me,” you said simply. “If you’re so head over heels for me—”
“You should be kissing me,” Niki said highly. His hand landed on your knee and his thumb began soft strokes; to anyone who couldn’t hear the conversation, it looked soft and lovely. “I only kissed you for the cameras, but if you’re in love with me already—”
“No, you fucking idiot,” you seethed, trying to keep your anger from showing on your face. “You’re pathetically in love with me, we’re newlyweds, you should be attached to me at every second. You understand?”
Niki let his tongue press against his bottom lip for a moment, and he finally put his hand on the back of your neck and pulled you into another kiss. This one was deeper and harder, his hand falling down to your waist and tugging you closer, and you could almost feel his anger in his kiss. You melted just a bit and grabbed fistfuls of his curls, and his tongue went deep into your mouth again. Once again, you liked it, and you strained not to moan. When Niki started to pull away, you felt an odd tugging in your chest, and you captured his bottom lip between your teeth. He gave a little chuckle and licked his lips when you released him, and he said, “A little firecracker you are, huh?”
“Do you always kiss with tongue?” you asked, straightening your shirt in an effort to seem like the kiss hadn’t done anything to you, when in fact, it made your thigh twitch a bit.
“Sure,” Niki shrugged. “When I’m kissing my pooh bear that I’m so pathetically in love with.”
“God, I’ll kill you for that,” you mumbled.
Niki smiled, the first real smile you had seen all day. “Not if I kill you first, sweetheart.”
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