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Oki where the heckles did rainbow Mohawk Lloyd come from

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We’re feeling the Feels today so we’re doing another Whumpvember Wips!

This time, send in a character OR a day and I’ll write a little for that wip and share it!

(check out this post for the prompt list if you’re after a specific day!)

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I think everyone knows this as white coats. So that's what I’m going to be tagging this as now. So here is part 4, of White Coats!  [517 words]

PART: 1 . . 2 . . 3 . .

They lost two brothers. How the frick did they only do that not only once, but twice? Well, they got kidnapped, from a hospital.

The first time it happened, Jay broke his arm, and Zane was busy. So he went down to the hospital with Cole, and everything was fine. They were there for a few hours, then right before he was supposed to be released, Cole couldn’t find him. The nurses didn’t know about any Jay Walker that came in for a broken arm. Cole went to the room he was in with the doctor, to be greeted with a completely different patient who said he was there for hours with a different doctor. Jay was gone, with no record of where he went. Well, no record that was was correct.

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