#No Living Man Am I {Quotes}
syekick-powers · 4 months ago
i am so fucking sick and tired of hearing people say “trans men didn’t contribute anything to queer/LGBT/trans history” shut up shut up shut up. if you are a trans person and your sexuality is anything other than 100% straight, you have a trans man to thank for your ability to access transition. for a good portion of history, being heterosexual was a requirement for transitioning medically. you literally could not access transition if you were trans and anything but straight because if you were trans and attracted to the same gender, it was held as “proof” that you were just a straight cis person. lou sullivan, a gay trans man, is one of the most prominent people responsible for getting heterosexuality as a requirement for medical transition removed. he is one of the first people to champion the idea that gender and sexuality are not necessarily always interlinked and that if you’re trans it always comes with being straight. you have a trans man to thank for your ability to access transition care at all if you are trans and queer. don’t fucking forget that.
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ereborne · 16 days ago
Half-asleep, highly distracted, pacing the curb at 4:50 of the AM, saw a Yankee slip on wet grass and fall on his ass, saw him get halfway through his attempt to stand only to slip again and fall on his face, went rushing over--I forgot he was a Yankee, you see--to see if he was okay.  Got back the most indignantly incredulous parroted “am I alright there, baby“ imaginable, just immaculate Spike From Buffy delivery here, babes, this was the most “out for a walk, bitch” out-spit non-question I’ve ever heard.  why are Yankees like this.  He never told me if he was alright. 
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venussaidso · a month ago
"I love men, I think men are the coolest but you don't really need them to live." - Cher
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overclocksaa · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
come out, come out, wherever you are.
overclocks;; 616-based invincible iron man earth-2149′s tony stark / the invincible iron zombie.  the most flesh-eatingest, most gruesome marvel zombie of all.  private.  exceptionally selective.  hungry.  resurrected by amanda.
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ellie-you-idiot · a year ago
Anakin, at some point, probably: I’m obi-wan’s right hand arm man. I’m obi-wan’s everything. I’m his confidant. His best friend. His silly rabbit.
Ahsoka: Does—does he call you that?
Anakin: no
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wooshofficial · a year ago
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daddy-ul · a year ago
My main dude @cxrgans tagged me, thank you for distracting me from studying. Nothing beats using the library for tumblr purposes.
post 10 pictures from your camera roll that describe you without downloading anything new!
Only ten? How dare you, I contain moltitu—
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was so good to have an excuse to waste time scrolling through the pics on my phone, if you also want this excuse, please enjoy
@newsteds @breadfan @doomcalls @metallikaya @62kh @lovely-menza @the-mighty-het-speaks @the-world-passes-by @saintdilemma and everyone else looking for a distraction!
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iron-niffler · 8 months ago
me: y'know you should really be working on your art portfolio and aLL THE COLLEGE APPS THAT ARE DUE PRETTY DARN SOON
me to me: OR we could try embroidering iconic comic book panels/quotes!
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just2bubbly · a year ago
Maven's letters not necessarily love letters!
Tumblr media
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deepinmyspones · a year ago
Bones: If I die, my funeral’s going to be the biggest fucking party and you’re all invited.
Spock: ...if?
Jim: Great, the only party I’ve ever been invited to and he might not even die.
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vinyls-and-valentines · a year ago
↖ This asshole won't stop changing its usernames on various accounts
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fleurmatisse · a year ago
i don’t care that im a soft person i think it’s quite charming of me actually but if everything around me could stop being quite so pointy and sharp i would appreciate it
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kaonite · a year ago
glad to know my gut feeling was right about that fucking old creep that keeps asking for my phone number and a ride ::))))
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nyanryan · a year ago
i watch enough reality tv to have gone down the train of thought of "i think it would be very inchresting if in one of the many dating shows where men and women are in a house together and are supposed to pair up if 2 dudes or 2 girls got together" n u can't IMAGINE my excitement upon discovering that Are You the One has this FOR REAL
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alldrinkingaside · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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max1461 · 8 months ago
you think you have it so bad here, you think tumblr posts are cursed. this is the height of privilege. i am not native here, and am an immigrant from the foreign website called "reddit". i came here in 2018 because i wanted to make a better life for myself and my posts. on reddit we have nothing. our posts vanish within hours. people do horrible things to earn even the smallest number of upvotes. they quote weather man. they quote weather man again and again and again. thats how it is on reddit, quote weather man or starve. i am ashamed to admit even i have stooped so low.
on tumblr if you make a spelling mistake no one will judge you. in my country if you make a spelling mistake every response will be someone passive-aggressively correcting you.
and the horrors. you here do not know the horrors. you think superwholock posts are cursed. you do not know the horrors of the cumbox. you do not know the horrors of the cum drawer. you do not know the horrors of the cum jar. you do not know the horrors of the woman who stuck rotting meat up her vagina or the ask a rapist thread. you do not know colby.
i have come to your website because i think your culture is beautiful and you are such a warm and welcoming people. i have worked hard to assimilate to your ways. i am honored to say that i, too, am a tumblrina. but please, you must know how good you have it here. when i see your "heritage posts" i cannot help but feel pangs, pangs of sorrow for my comrades who lived and died in a world you cannot imagine. that is my heritage posts. remember how good you have it.
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marzipanandminutiae · 4 months ago
girl help someone is taking things out of context and ignoring the differences between 19th and 21st-century gender norms on Twitter again
specifically, some person claims they have Figured It Out and Louisa May Alcott was Definitely A Trans Man
(this person is insistent to the point of refusing to call her by her name, using instead her family nickname Lou, and using only he/him pronouns for her)
(and by the way, Lou was a common nickname for Louisa. it was not inherently masculine, and the fact that her family called her that is irrelevant)
like. dude. there’s definitely a discussion to be had about LMA and gender. as with many 19th century women who expressed desires to be men for greater social freedom and/or evinced enjoyment of presenting in a masculine way, we cannot be certain that she would still be a woman presented with the modern range of gender determination options
but like. she wasn’t. and given the options available in her day, she chose to continue living as a woman. which is still significant and cannot be dismissed with a mere “they had no choice back then,” because...some people did. there are known trans people from that era, who socially and aesthetically transitioned. that doesn’t mean  anyone who didn’t couldn’t have been trans, but it does mean that experiences have to be looked at with a great deal of nuance
take the quote they open with:  “I am more than half-persuaded that I am a man’s soul put by some freak of nature into a woman’s body.” sounds pretty trans- but the second half is, “… because I have fallen in love with so many pretty girls and never once the least bit with any man.” in answer to an interview question about why she never married. which is a very Victorian idea: the conflation of one’s gender and sexuality.
is she saying she’s gay? is she saying she’s trans? and what are to we to make of a Victorian woman who calls herself “Papa” to her adopted daughter but nonetheless lives as her birth-assigned gender? who expresses a desire to be a man so she can join the Union army, but enjoys sewing and describes women’s gowns in lavish detail in her books? butch woman? artistic trans man? genderqueer? cishet but gender-nonconforming and a product of her time? like so many historical figures living on the edge of the rainbow, she evades firm categorization
that’s a conversation worth having, for certain. but in the absence of surety, all we can do is use the terms she used in life- and converse
however. if you have to cherrypick this hard, and ignore a lot of evidence that runs contrary to your theory, she is definitely not up there with Charley Parkhurst and Dr. James Barry in the ranks of For-Sure 19th Century Trans Men
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