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I allways loved what a kind human being Safu was. After Shion was kicked out of society she was the only one who kept in touch with him. And when Nezumi and Shion finally found her consciousness she overcomes her jealousy so fast that her crush is now dating a cross dressing criminal rat boy. And then blows up the whole place to safe everybody and asked Nezumi to take care of Shion.

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Thank you. I’m not really actively drawing them anymore (or maybe very, very rarely), since I’m not all too much into manga and anime anymore and I don’t have very much time for creativity left at the moment. Hopefully this will be better next summer. I’d maybe like to draw my own characters more. Or reread the novels, maybe I’ll get back into No. 6.

My least favorite traits of Shion and Nezumi… Hmm. It’s a bit easier for Nezumi, I think, since he shows a lot of negative traits. I think my least favorite one is that he often takes on a condescending or mocking tone, which can be fun to read, but I would hate that in real life, since he’s belittling Shion. I guess he also thinks that he’s always right. ^^° It’s harder with Shion, since he’s such a likeable character. Maybe…his insecurity? He really doesn’t need to be insecure about his body or…really about anything. :) What about you?

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I’m alive guys! ٩(๑`^´๑)۶

This was a gift for a friend, I hope you enjoy it, too :D

I wish you a wonderful Christmas time everyone♥

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2021 I am manifesting a no.6 reboot. god I have seen what you have done for others

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I finally finished the trifecta of gay anime shows, and I’m just sitting here numb. Like that ending to Banana Fish? Why??? I somehow didn’t cry (probably because it’s almost finals season and my body emotionally shuts down during that time), but I will admit to weeping like a child at No.6. God. 2/3 were just so sad!? Like thank God for Yuri On Ice!!! We need some happy, healthy, together, and alive representation. Too bad I watched that one first. I did it in the least to most painful order… I’m dumb.

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