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#Nordic Winter

Nora: *grinning as she spotted a dragon* You ready for this?

Weiss: *getting her spellbook ready* Please tell me you have a plan for this one.

Nora: I always have a plan.

Weiss: A plan consists of more than just running head first.

Nora: *rolling her eyes* It’s worked so far.

Weiss: …’re going to do that again, arent you?

Nora: *getting onto her horse* Leeeeeroy!

Weiss: *mounting up and sighing, preparing a few defensive wards* She’s lucky I love her.

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Nightmares and hugs

Weiss felt a strangled cry leave her throat as she woke up from that dreadful nightmare the lifeless faces of her team plastered across her mind, she felt her eyes well up bit before the rational part of her reminds her that she’s safe, that her team is fine and that it was just a dream. She feels the bed above her creek as it’s occupant shifts and soon Nora’s head is gazing at her from over the side. Soon the rest of her body joins her as she hops down from the bed upon seeing Weiss’s panicked expression

“You ok Weiss?” She questions her voice filled with concern

“I’m fine Nora it was just a dream” Weiss responds her voice hoarse, Nora frowns at that and sits down on the bed next to her 

“It dosen’t sound fine” she presses

“I assure it was nothing, you can go back to sleep” Weiss said but the slight tremble in her voice was saying otherwise, Nora pulled her into a hug in response

“You don’t have to tell me, but I’m here for you ok?” She reassured showing Weiss such a gentle and mature side to her that reminded Weiss this wasn’t just a crazy energetic child but a very complex woman that seem for so reason to care about her. Weiss felt tears fall as she remembered the nightmare

“My, dream was horrible you all were dead, I couldn’t reach you all in time and you were gone” Weiss whispered turning to face Nora more.

Nora rested her forehead gently against Weiss’s as she rubbed slow circles into her back 

“I’m not going anywhere ok, I've  got you” she soothed looking into those beautiful blue orbs brushing a stray tear off her cheek gently with a thumb as she cupped her face 

“I’m sorry, I woke you” Weiss whispered voice still trembling slightly from the nightmare 

“No need to be sorry ok, we’re partners right? And partners look out for each other” she replied softly back, Weiss looked at Nora’s eyes and saw how much She truly cared. Weiss felt a dam burst in her chest as pushed her face into Nora’s shoulder and tears flowed freely down her face to which Nora responded by hugging her tightly.

This is a little snippet for the team swap au

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In which a genie Nora does not understand how technology works

Weiss: *opening laptop* Ok I am going to talk to my friends but you cannot say anything ok?

Nora: *slightly confused nods* Okie dokie 

Weiss: *opens voice chat* hi everyone 

Yang: What’s up Weiss

Ruby: Hi! Weiss


Weiss: no Nora they are fine-

Ren: who’s that in the background?

Jaune: umm Weiss who is that?

Weiss: *panicking* NO ONE!


Weiss: for the last time they’re not trapped!

Blake: are you sure that sounds like someone-

Weiss: *slams laptop close*

Nora: *tearing up* Why would you crush your friends 

Weiss: *deep sigh*

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Yang: Just be casual. Try some light, subtle flirting.

Weiss: Okay, I can do that.


Nora: That was a fantastic spar!, high five!

Nora: *high fives Weiss*

Weiss: *intertwines their fingers*

Nora: Wh-

Weiss: I’m in love with you.

Yang: *watching this from sidelines* What the fuck.

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Ok so the team swap au is basically Nora stumbles upon Weiss instead of Ren and this basicly means that now Weiss’s partner is Nora and because of that slight change it has pushed a lot of the other partnerships off course so now Blake finds Ruby instead who with Weiss and Nora form RNBW (rainbow). Jaune and pyrrha are still partners and form team YARN (yarn) with yang and Ren, Jaune is still leader, same with ruby.

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Lighting in a bottle au

Nora is a genie and Weiss is the person to find her lamp. Weiss first wish is for Nora to be her friend which is an odd request but Nora grants it and when feelings begin to form things get even more complicated

Team Swap au

What if Weiss was the first person Nora met in the forest

Soulmate au

In a world where your soulmates name is written on your wrist, Nora and Weiss aren’t soul mates but they fell in love anyway

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I been pretty quiet here recently and I’m sorry for that so have some nordic winter babs made on a picrew (because i have yet to master drawing humans) as a big thank you to all the wonderful people who follow this blog


Opal Valkyrie Schnee

Pronouns: her/she

The first born of the Nora and Weiss children she has inherited a lot of her mama Nora’s energy and is extremely intelligent but has leaned into the sports side of things and hopes one day to become a professional soccer player

Opal was carried by Weiss

Semblance: Schnee glyphs


Citrine Valkyrie Schnee

Pronouns: she/her

Citrine was born two years after opal and is very refined like her mother Weiss but has her mamas knack for coming up with lots of crazy schemes even if most aren’t dangerous and are rather inoccent they can still be pretty chaotic. citrine hopes to become a huntress just like her parents

Citrine was carried by Nora

Semblance: Schnee glyphs


Tove Valkyrie Schnee

Pronouns: they/them

Tove the baby of the family was born three years after citrine and they are pretty quiet, have a lot of anxiety and have inherited their mama’s intelligence and their mother’s flare for the dramtics allowing them to be extremely good at whatever they put their mind to. Tove hopes to become a director or a theater tech.

Tove was carried by Nora

Semblance: lighting bending aka creating and using electricity

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A German documentary about the fairytale Frau Holle (”Mother Holle”,  “Mother Hulda”, “Old Mother Frost”) by the Brothers Grimm from the beginning of the 19th century (Kinder- und Hausmärchen - Children’s and Household Tales). Some points from it (plus information I’ve read or came to my mind watching this):

The Brother Grimms saw themselves as teachers for children and the youth. In this fairytale they show young women how to behave like a woman ( do the household, to be diligent and hard-working, etc.) and it is a testimonial of their time, when at the time of the beginning of the industrialization the upper classes grew and allow themselves the luxury of house maids who should have had these good qualities and to be like Goldmarie (Gold Mary) in the fairytale. 

Also the character of Frau Holle comes (probably) from the Germanic/Nordic mythology. When she shakes her pillows it snows. So she lives in the clouds bringing winter. Demons (the Wild Hunt - yes, like in The Witcher, so that’s where Sapkowski was inspired from) in the clouds were believed to bring winter, snow and snow storms with loud noises. There are also regional variations of her name, like Hulda -> Germanic goddess, Holda, Holla, etc. Also Frau Perchta (there are also other form like Percht, Berchta, Berta, Bertha etc.) seems to be a source for Frau Holle and is related to Hulda. Frau Perchta has two faces: one that rewards and one that punishes - like Frau Holle rewards Goldmarie for her good work and punishes Pechmarie (Pech means bad luck but also pitch - what she gets in the end - in German) for her lazy ass. I’ve read that one punish of Perchta e.g. for laziness is to cut the belly open, fill it with stones and throw the body into a well - that  sounds familiar: the fate of the Big Bad Wolf in The Little Red Riding Hood (Rotkäppchen) and The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats (Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein). In some degree Perchta is also known in the Slavic culture today (especially in Slovenia and the Czech Republic). This tradition is still celebrated in the Alp Region at the Twelth Night (the time after Christmas until the 6th of January). This time is also the time Frau Holle was believed to be active in the Wild HuntPerchta seems also to be connected with the Nordic Goddes Frigg/Frigga, the wife of Odin, and so does Frau Holle as a mother figure.

One interesting aspect is that Goldmarie gets to the world of Frau Holle through the well. So actually the realm should be under the world of humans, but Frau Holle lives in the clouds, so she lives above and under the world of humans at the same time. And the well as a portal to another world (especially to the other side) is spread in different cultures. I had to think about the anime tv show Inuyasha I watched as a kid, where Kagome also fell into the well and ends up in the middle ages of Japan where demons are common.

Elder (German Holunder/Holler) is dedicated to Frau Holle and maybe the name itself is also connected to her.

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