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ocean-fact-of-the-week · 10 months ago
Why do conspiracy theory following (usually) alt-right weirdos keep saying wack stuff on my posts lol
Sorry that you think science is fake Robert but it's not my fault you have to distract yourself from your failing marriage on a platform full of girls gays and theys
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pietro-maximoff-facts · 9 months ago
Calling All Maximoff-Truthers!
So as you know, I’m in a sixth-form class in the UK. In the UK we have a thing called the “EPQ” where basically we pick any topic of our choosing and write a detailed 5000 word essay using linked sources for, what’s basically an extra 0.5 points to our GPA for all you ‘Muricans reading. I was thinking of doing mine on...
“Pietro-Maximoff Truthers, What They Were, What Lead Up To Them And The Aftermath And Their Impact On The MCU.”
Does anyone here have any good resources AND OR artifact posts from the March 2021 Maximoff-Truthers period?
Resources That Would Be Helpful
Posts detailling opinions on “well is (ralph) Peter or not?” (Both from before the Ralph reveal and post Ralph-Reveal.)
Interviews with Quicksilver fans on if they believed Fietro would end up being Fox X-Men’s Peter or something else.
Anecdotes of what exactly happened and when.
Memes from after The Ralph Reveal. (Yes! I, @pietro-maximoff-facts will use your “Pietro Maximoff Truther” memes in my super serious presentation.)
Just... In general artifact posts both from before the finale and after it.
So... Any help?
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fakewilbursootfacts · 8 months ago
@connoreatspantsfact Copied me shamelessly
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real-rdr-facts · a year ago
nigel west dickens
Uhhh I think you forgot the rest of the fact but uhh.... sure—
Tumblr media
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polyamoryfacts · a year ago
Hi! I know this isn’t advice or fact/meme related, but I needed to share my excitement! Recently me and my partner opened our relationship to a mutual friend of ours that we’ve both had a crush on for a while, and I couldn’t be happier! I love the both of them so much, they make me so unbelievably happy.
Aww, I am happy for you!
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epictalesofcufacts · 10 days ago
The Flabby Flabulous episode is officially is done queueing! Tomorrow I’ll post some little extra stuff, making Saturday the beginning of episode 2 (the DJ Drowsy Drawers one)!
Hope you enjoyed my facts so far! I’m not a very optimistic person so I didn’t expect to see 13 followers already just after one episode of posting. That’s insane! :)
-Mod Gengar
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mildlyamusingdwdfacts · 5 months ago
is this blog still active / accepting submissions? ^^
We are still accepting submissions, but we are very behind on finding new facts. There are a few episodes of DWD I have not yet seen, so I might find more. Some issues lie with knowing facts but not being able to get clean images, such as merch or the comics.
I do read all replies and commentary on reblogs, and it warms my heart to see the jokes and minor notes still hold up to this day. The blog is turning three years old this July!
-Mod Duck Duck
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angelnumber27 · 3 months ago
Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business ❤️
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forgottensnmfacts · a month ago
Don't worry, Anon. Facts about Mack Salmon are on their way!
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rememberedhlvraifacts · 12 months ago
need more ms pebbles content…….
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ocean-fact-of-the-week · 11 months ago
Sorry for no fact as of last Saturday. I need to take a break for this week. Thank you for being patient 💗
Tumblr media
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pietro-maximoff-facts · 4 months ago
So Sorry For The Lack Of Posts Recently Guys!
Pretty much all my posts were on queue and then my stopping point was around early-March I think and I went “oh, I’ll add more before then!” but then I got really busy (I’m publishing a book!) and I didn’t end up doing that!
Will eventually do a massive fact bomb and then get back on track with daily facts back to normal soon!
Thank you for being patient!
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funrobertsmithfacts · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
how do you stan him
Tumblr media
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elfilinfacts · 3 months ago
Heya! Im Mod Marisa! I go by any pronouns, though honestly i bet you'll use my faceclaim's pronouns.
Im not that big of a kirby fan, but i'll still try cause my friend enjoys it.
I dont really have much else to say now, other than the fact i'll sign my sentences off sometimes with "Da-Ze" cause why not amiright?
Tumblr media
-Mod Marisa🧹
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polyamoryfacts · a year ago
Are polyamorists more likely to be early birds or night owls?
Anon, I just randomly found a reply to this on my dash.
Tumblr media
[ID: an advert from a magazine or newspaper. It contains only the following text in capital letters: "I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon." End ID]
I swear I was not looking, but who am I to refuse a sponsorship from fate.
That said, remember to get enough sleep (7-8 hours for an adult) no matter when you start your cycle. 24 hours of no sleep, for example, impact you as much as being too drunk to drive a car. 1 hour of missed sleep takes about 4 days to recover from. [Source for both claims]
More crucially, being sleep deprived also impacts your ability to judge how affected you are by sleep deprivation. So that's fun.
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epictalesofcufacts · 3 days ago
Episode 2 is done queueing!! Next up is episode 3, featuring the Homework Hydra and everyone’s favorite Cool Melvin!
This one will have a bit more facts than the first two had. Stay tuned…I’ll be queuing up those facts soon 👀
-Mod Gengar
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killlakillfunfacts · 10 months ago
I just remembered this account. Wow. It’s been a while. How have you all been?
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