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#Now I just need two more memes to make another post
runicmagitek · 2 days ago
For the ship meme: Setzer x Celes and Setzer x Terra, for the fun. :D
For Celes/Setzer!
Ship It
1. What made you ship it? I always loved their interactions, but what 100% secured this into OTP territory for me was the scene you get when you don’t have Locke in your group during the credits (for those who don’t know, Celes runs back to grab the bandana and Setzer saves, teases her about how she still owes him an encore performance and then admires her bravery for going back to get the bandana, because it must mean a lot to her). Like... wow, he just really cares about her. SO MUCH. Even if she never reciprocates, he wants the best for her and I just.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THEM.
2. What are your favorite things about the ship? EVERYTHING???? Honestly, I love how they contrast one another, whether it’s in how they were brought up or view the world or their personalities or priorities. I feel like they’d be at odds with each other for quite some time until they came to understand one another. I love the idea of Setzer helping Celes relax for once and Celes showing Setzer he doesn’t need to fly away all the time and actually find something he doesn’t want to gamble. They just... compliment each other SO WELL and while it would be a slow burn of a rocky start, they’d make it work and last.
3. Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship? Honestly, the fact I ship them is already an unpopular opinion so the hell do I know? This is a general unpopular opinion I have, but it still applies to them - I don’t think they would ever “settle down” in a traditional sense. None of this getting married, having kids, buying a house, blah blah blah. I think they’d live two wildly different lives that sometimes intersect and they support one another despite that. Like Setzer is always going to have some lucrative idea to make bank on and Celes is helping protect the post-canon world and ensure peace lives.
And now for Setzer/Terra (I literally went WHAT?? out loud)
Don't Ship It
1. Why don't you ship it? There’s just... zero chemistry between them? Like Setzer has that one throwaway line about not leaving a pretty lady in need when they fly off to Zozo. And he also grabs her when the Blackjack is falling apart, but uh... that’s it? Oh and I guess he saves with the Falcon when she’s falling at the end and Terra thanks him? But like... Celes is also panicking during that scene, so I always figured Setzer was doing it for Celes. Also what’s he going to do? LET TERRA DIE??? I dunno, that part felt like a tally for Celes/Terra than it is for Setzer/Terra. And as someone who lives in rarepair hell and scrapes the bottom of the barrel for canon proof of some of these ships, I get it. But there’s just so little to spark my attention. They both have more interesting interactions with other characters for me to ever consider them.
2. What would have made you like it? Again, maybe an actual meaningful scene? Anything?
3. Despite not shipping it, do you have anything positive to say about it? I guess they’re aesthetically pleasing together? Also, I think of all the people Terra could go with post-canon, sticking with Setzer to fly around and see the world is a sweet deal for her. She absolutely deserves it.
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roseverdict · 3 days ago
gf ut souls, google earth existed in 2012, gf will my chaos never cease, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA 👀
also apparently I have 42 wips bc I didn't count mine and im,,,, yess
Some EXCELLENT choices >:D
"gf ut souls:" I don't have a lot for this one, but the gist was "what color souls would the Pines twins have." I have two potential colors for each of them, and as it turned out, there's not a lot of overlap between them. (also if tumblr mobile could let me pick more than just the limited colors i'm allowed that'd be GREAT)
dipper: bravery/perseverance
mabel: integrity/kindness
stan: determination/patience
ford: justice/perseverance
yes ford might be yellow. no i did not plan it that way. wkdjwdkdjdk
"google earth existed in 2012" was my shot at "ok but what if the world at large was aware of weirdmageddon" fic skdnsodnsldks. we'd follow dipper and mabel's parents as they spend the end of the summer in a panic and then just fkn BOOK IT once weirdmageddon ends and the falls are back to normal
"gf will my chaos never cease" is a fanfic of a fanfic. yall know "the invitation" by @3hobbitsinatrenchcoat? my brain tried to make me write "post-weirdmageddon, while stan's still got major memory issues, ford actually looks through stan's degrees and feels Regret™" fic. one day i might finish it. one day,,,,,
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" is another fanfic of a fanfic wodjsodnskdnsdk. i came across this fic on ao3 where stan wound up hosting a late night talk show, and ford finds it in the deepest depths of his paranoia, and after a while of listening and clinging to the one stable thing he has left, ford calls in and they have a heartwrenching heart-to-heart on the airwaves. the idea came from somewhere on tumblr that might've been st*nc*sty, unfortunately, however i'm stealing it for all of us in the anti-inc*st crew >:) i wanted to try giving a mostly-dialogue writing style a try, and, well…
"Alright, while I get this dust outta my eyes, let's hear from our second caller! Caller, you're live!"
"So. 'Sixer' and 'Knucklehead,' huh?"
A squeak and a crash from the host.
Weakly, "…hi, Sherm."
"'Hi, Sherm,' he says. You two haven't been calling like you said you would, and now you're co-hosting a radio show?! When was this?! Last I heard, neither of you wanted to contact the other for fear of-!"-
A wheeze. "Holy shiiitake mushrooms, it's actually Sherm!"
"Darn right, it's me! Now fill me in, dangit! When did my baby brothers make up, and do I have to tell Ma and Pa?"
"Sherm, this whole thing is a relatively recent development and-"
"Whoa, slow down-!"
"-know what he'd say if he found out we were talking to each other again?! I can imagine it crystal-clear! He'd take one listen and-!"
"-I mean, Ma would probably like to know, but Pa isn't exactly happy with either of us, and you know as well as I do that he'll take in the evidence, reject what he doesn't like, and find a way to blame everything on Knucklehead, and we are not going through that again-!"
"-wait, wait, hold up, Sixer, what do you mean, Pa isn't-?!"
"…what do you mean, Pa's not happy with you?"
"Remember what I told you about my studies, and how they've recently gotten to be too much for reasons I can't get into on the air?"
"I may have undersold it…by a lot. I was sleep-deprived when I first called in, but not because I got wrapped up in my studies. At least, not in the conventional sense. And…being that much of a mess isn't exactly conducive to making those millions Pa always wanted from us."
"…Forget Pa. Fo-Sixer, I'm on my way to your place now. You can explain things when you get back from-"
"Sherm, are you in the car right now?!"
"You can't go there, it's not safe, Sherm!"
"Says the man who lives there."
"I'm not kidding around! I'm currently with Knucklehead, and I intend to be up here for at least a few more days. As long as he's alright with it, you ought to come up and talk to us here, off the air and far, far away from what my studies have wrought!"
"Yeah, once Sherm's heart is set on something, it's gonna happen. Once the show's over, call the line again, alright? I'll give you the address then."
"…fine. But you two better not chicken out on me, got it?"
"Got it."
"You got it."
"Good. I'm going to hang up now, but I'll still have your show on, so don't think you've gotten rid of me."
"Wouldn't dream of it."
"Of course not."
"…I missed you two knuckleheads." Click.
"Aw, Sherm…"
"For what it's worth, we missed you too."
"Man, are we gonna make a habit of patching up old wounds on the radio? I'm not gonna make us stop, I just wanna know."
And then "I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA" is that Portal!Ford in the massive multifandom crossover that's low-key rattling around in my brain 24/7, which I posted about here :D
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m4rshm4llow · 5 days ago
About NTX + About my moots
Ok so i got two anonymous asks (which i totally didnt accidentally delete bc im stupid :D) and one asked for information about ntx and ANOTHER asked about some of my moots so im gonna do everyone dirty and just tag all of my moots and tell you about them at the end of the post because a) ntx need more fans and b) i tried to just tag them all in a separate post but dumbly literally would not let me do this in 2 separate posys so HERE YOU GO (moots i am so sorry):
OK SO ntx is a group of 10 beautiful boys born between 2001 and 2004 all of whom are chaotic and extra as hell and there is not a single braincell in this group. They debuted on march 30th with the song Kiss The World on their album Full of Lovescapes. They are very young but they apready produce and choreograph their own songs and have made multiple mixtapes as well as 4 predebut singles. Below I will link their predebut singles and title song bc i can and bc the ask said to be specific
Kiss The World:
Black Hole:
Magic Shoes:
Pops in Seoul episode:
NOW I WILL SHOW YOU THE MEMBERS (anon your ask was very specific so i hope this suffices)
Tumblr media
^^^Yunhyeok (leader, born in 2001, busan accent, HEAVENLY VOCALS)
Tumblr media
^^^Hyeongjin (VOCALS, born in 2001, talks in falsetto, dramatic as hell)
Tumblr media
^^^Jaemin (bias wrecker #1, born in 2002, flIrTy, probably the only one with half a braincell)
Tumblr media
^^^Changhun (rapper, born in 2002, the "normal" one, TAURUS ❤❤)
Tumblr media
^^^Hojun (born in 2002, cute bean, gets shy kinda easily)
Tumblr media
^^^^Gihyun (vocalist, born in 2002, honeylike voice, seriously his voice is so calming)
Tumblr media
^^^^^Rawhyun (LOVE OF MY LIFE i mean rapper/vocalist/producer, born in 2003, literally perfect, he G R O W L S)
Tumblr media
^^^^Eunho (vocalist, born in 2003, tiny lil bean, a literal teddy bear)
Tumblr media
^^^Jiseong (rapper/producer, born in 2004, LITERALLY HAN JISUNG'S SON YOU CANNOT CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE SAME PERSONALITY AND EVERYTHING, he did a fortnight dance in the official announcement video and i almost disowned him)
Tumblr media
^^^^Seongwon (maknae, born in 2004, child model, he has a slight snaggle tooth that is my favorite thing in this world)
@jenoleemonade​ (lemonade and marshmallows yes please, such a cutie)
@thedollymaker​ (WIFEY, makes amazing dolls like really they're so adorable the 💫t a l e n t💫
@bluejaem​ (ADITI HI, writes the cutest shit ever, also a cutie)
@dionysus-wine​ (MAIRAH!! Savage queen, resident astrology expert uwu)
@winhyuckk​ (actually dont know them all that well but they are AMAZING writers)
@moon-jun​ (MARIAAA, Another cutie pie! Such a sweetheart and a very talented writer!)
@hoonculture​ (doesnt actually know me too well but she is the Most amazing Enhypen writer i know and also a meme)
@kpopsnowball​ (SNOWIE IS SO NICE LIKE SERIOUSLY JUST ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE ALIVE?? Just an amazing person really)
@babiesdreams​ (SAM! We havent talked in a while but shes really good at writing for nct)
@melonmochimoon​ (HANNAH! The big sis i never had uwu, so suppoetive and sweet and beautiful, might marry taeil one day but you didnt hear it from me)
@yoonjunie​ (Writes the absolute cutest reactions, like seriously, one of the first tumblr blogs i ever followed)
@petalskook​ (RONNE! MY SOULMATE! Y'all got a TALENTED writer right here, every single one of her fics is absolutely amazing, seriously please go check her out)
@alicanta77​ (FELIX! One of my best friends on this site! So friendly and kind and funny! She writes amazing things for nct dream)
Ik i dont talk to some of you very often but im so glad to have such great friends!
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lostatsea303 · 23 days ago
Let’s Talk About The Finale
Hey guys before we talk about that last episode we’re going full spoiler in this post so if you haven’t seen it yet you may want to stop here
So I wanted to make this post after seeing so many different opinions on the content of this episode and I figured I could add my two cents in and hopefully bring some praise and constructive criticism from my point of view.
First let’s talk Directing, Choreography, and Acting
First off let’s tip our hats to the VAs this episode they all did an amazing job! Elizabeth Maxwell, Miles Luna, and Taylor McNee all deserve recognition for being standouts in an episode where everyone nailed their parts.
In terms of choreography I think this met the RWBY standard. The Ironwood and maiden fights were top notch and while the RWB fight against Cinder and Neo felt a little off I think this was intentional; Team RWBY has been fighting and without rest for nearly 24 straight hours, they’re going to be slow and tired.
Directing I thought was very solid. There are some great shots I want to highlight in fact:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think all these shots are excellent and there are a few more I’ll be using later. Directing and lighting has been something I think this volume has done exceedingly well! However there is one scene I think fell short.
Tumblr media
This kinda looks like a meme doesn’t it? This moment completely took me out of the moment and I was wondering why. It’s not because of Harriet’s action’s I think she was sick of physically fighting and just wanted everyone to leave so she could die going down with the ship. No, I realized it was this shot: if this sequence had a close up of Qrow struggling against the weight of the bomb and cut back to another close up of Harriet yelling where you could see the desperation on her face (cause CRWBY did a great job with facial animation) it would work. Instead the framing, drab lighting, and stillness really hurt this scene.
Outside of this one scene however, I think this was a stellar finale in terms of production value!
Overall I thought this was another good episode for the writers. Character dialogue was on point:
“You chose nothing, this was a gift”
“Whatever you wanted, I hope it was worth it.”
“I’ve only done what’s best for Remnant, and no one is grateful.”
And of course the whole Cinder and Salem interaction.
The events within the episode, I think, were all very good choices but there are two in particular I want to focus on:
The Sacrifice
Tumblr media
I’m gonna talk about this first because I know this is where there is the most division right now and understandably so. We all love Penny, she has always been one of the purest characters within the show. That is why her death, even so shortly after she became human, is not only the right decision but a good one.
When you think about it Penny and Pyrrha are very similar characters: Morally upright, strong, and viewed as paragons amongst their peers. Pyrrha was chosen to be Vale’s Guardian and Penny was the protector of Mantle. They were people who always did the right thing for everyone else. However, their journey’s, not as people within the show but characters within a piece of art, would always require them to meet their end. 
Penny’s development was never about her learning what it was like to be a “real girl” because she already got that from being friends with Ruby. Her development was based around one of the key themes of this show: choice and control
RWBY has always focused on the question of who do we choose to be and what do we let control us. Penny rarely had a choice, and was always in danger of losing her control to someone else. At Beacon she was at Ironwood’s behest, in this season Watts had control over her in spurts. She was always in a battle to decide who she would be, and this was shown literally in the show with the fight between the virus and her soul. So when she became human she completed the biggest step in her journey of development: she no longer had any strings.
And she finally got to feel the warmth of the heart.
And that left her character development at an end. She had already learned what it meant to live, she finally got to experience the physical side of it, and finally she couldn’t be controlled again.
So when faced with the threat of someone taking away her control (Cinder) the completion of her character arc comes with her making the choice that Ruby didn’t earlier. But this time she was at peace with it, because she wasn’t dying because she had to due to an uncontrollable circumstance. No, now she chose to give her friend’s a chance, give Remnant hope in a new Winter maiden, and take from the enemy what they once took from her.
She chose.
While this completes her character arc it also develops everyone else’s which leads us into our final section
The Separation
Tumblr media
We all knew that they were going to fall, you don’t have foreboding lines like “Do not fall” and not explain why.
But now all of the events have culminated in a perfect storm for our characters next season. Here’s what I mean:
This finale, especially with Penny’s sacrifice sets up every single character in this show for major developments. Starting from the outside:
Winter now has to learn to be a leader, not just a soldier anymore. She has to unlearn the years of regimenting and oppression that she’s been a part of.
Ren and Nora get to truly figure out who they are: There will be no team leaders among them, they will have to become them.
Oscar and Ozpin have to become the heroes that the former has always wanted to be and the latter always had other to become.
Qrow continues to learn to deal with loss and how even in spite of it he can keep moving forward and that the pains of the past can push him to better instead of holding him down.
Neo will learn what family is supposed to be, and coming to understand forgiveness for the things others do.
Jaune has to come to grips with the reality of being a hero and that sometimes the best choices we can make for others are the ones that cost the most of us.
Ruby will have to face not only another close loss in her life but she’ll have to learn about sacrifice and the unfortunate necessity of it. She’s been surrounded her whole life with people making the choice to sacrifice for her: Summer, Yang, Qrow, Weiss, and now Penny. She’s going to have to face Jaune making the choice she wouldn’t (Not to say that situation called for it but understanding the differences in those situations) and understanding that sometimes people have to go. While we should always do our best to save everyone we can, sometimes running away from the grief in our lives can creating greater loss than if we face it when we have to. 
Weiss has to learn to let go of control. She tried to protect and save everyone but in the end she was the last one from her team left. We’ve subtly seen through out this volume, and really the last couple of them if we’re being honest, Weiss always trying to be moderate within the team and be the glue and protector of the team as a whole. She’s always trying to be the best teammate she always promised to be but that has made her terrified to fail and in the end it’s stopped her from reaching her full potential. It’s a noble thing she does, but she’s so beholden to the expectations of other’s (now her friends instead of her family) that it secludes her. We’ve seen moments of her true strength when she focuses and trusts herself but she still hasn’t fully gotten there.
Blake is the flipside to Weiss, she needs to learn to take control. She’s still held down by the fear of being what Adam said she was that she won’t take the step forward. Whether this be with her relationship to Yang or even in situations like the one we saw in the second to last episode frozen and unsure how to proceed at the end. She tries to play it safe because of what she’s gone through. But Penny’s sacrifice and when she thought she lost Yang will push her.
Yang has already learned to necessity of sacrifice but she has to learn that not every situation requires it. Put simply she has to learn what she means to the others. Yang has always been the first to throw herself in the line of fire for others and take the risk when it’s time. But she’s never thought about how she affects others with her sacrifice. Penny’s loss may initially affirm her current view but she will have to come to face that Penny’s sacrifice happened only when absolutely necessary and when it was best for everyone else. Yang needs to know she’s worth more than what she can do for other people.
Honestly guys this was alot and if you read all this way thank you! I’m sure some people will disagree with some of my thoughts and that’s totally ok! In the end we’re all fans, and we all care alot about this show.
See you guys next season!
Tumblr media
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radramblog · 23 days ago
Nuz Report- X Water/Poison
God I feel like shit both mentally and physically right now, and I cant put a button on why. This might be an issue, considering I’ve got like half an hour or so to get this bad boy done.
Hmm. Let’s talk about the nuzlocke I finished yesterday, that’ll work, I can vomit words on that.
Tumblr media
I finished a Pokemon X Duolocke with 1 death yesterday, but the fuckers made me fight for it.
For round 6 of the Nuzlocke Premier League, we did Duolocke Runs of Pokemon X and Y. Now I was hoping to take this month off, since only 3 of the team’s 4 members have to do each round, and I’ve done literally all of them previously without a break. But unfortunately, our 4th had to pull out for real life stuff- understandable, but still a pain. Kalos is probably my worst region for Nuz stuff (save Galar which I haven’t tried yet) and being locked to two types, after my allies had taken the starters I didn’t despise, was not exactly a thrilling prospect.
Tumblr media
(these screenshots were taken post-E4. I was Lv.68 going in, same as Diantha’s ace.)
With my teammates taking Psychic/Normal and Fighting/Dark respectively, my only starter choice was Froakie. This is literally the first time I’ve used Froakie for anything, and it meant I had to reckon with the abyss that is its natural learnset. Chau (named after Knives from Scott Pilgrim) was an absolute mess until it hit Greninja, and even then took forever to be actually good. Pinch-hitting with U-turn was useful, but that TM comes frustratingly late.
With Froakie in mind, and Dark taken, one of my types had to be Water. I ended up choosing Poison for the natural synergy- Poison can take on the Grasses that scare my Water types, and Water can deal with Poison’s Ground weakness. Greninja, being also Dark, can scare off Poison’s Psychic weakness, with the Poisons taking the Fairies that Gren doesn’t like. It made sense to me.
Tumblr media
The only other super earlygame mon that made it to the final team was Pikablu the Azumarill. Gen 6 introduced a thing where baby Pokemon get 3 perfect IVs by default, and Pikablu’s ended up in Attack, Defense, and Speed (with Huge Power of course), making it one of the best Azumarills you can possibly end up with. Funny rabbit didn’t get to abuse its powerful Fairy STAB until learning Play Rough very very late, but thwacking things with Return and Aqua Tail proved to be enough.
Tumblr media
While I played around with a Beedrill and Panpour early, the next mainstay wouldn’t show up until Sycamore offers a Gen I starter in Lumiose, where I of course chose Bulbasaur. Rafflé was such a versatile, hard-hitting mon that did a patently absurd amount of work in the E4. Sleep Powder is a useful enough tool that access to it guaranteed him staying on the team, but being the first actually good Poison around (save Budew->Roserade, but I didn’t know where to get a Shiny Stone and it’s redundant anyway) meant a lot early on.
Tumblr media
It was around here that I had the only death of the run. Outside of Connecting Cave lies a trainer with an Axew, which I completely forgot knows the frankly overpowering at that point Dragon Rage, one-shotting Anaesthesia the Croagunk. It was a real shame, I was kind of hoping she’d be able to redeem the line for me, but I guess it wasn’t to be. She was Modest anyway so she wouldn’t have been good regardless, I suppose.
Moving through gyms and the awful Kalosian pacing, I ended up picking up a few other temporary team-members- Vaporeon and Crobat. [bad meme] the Vaporeon, despite having an excellent nature, just didn’t have the stats to cut it, and I wasn’t comfortable with Flaps adding yet another Electric weakness to the team, especially with Clemont approaching.
Tumblr media
[bad meme] would get replaced by Lagrange the Lapras, since Ice seemed like an extremely handy type to have around. Lapras is another one of those mons that’s just generally pretty solid, his bulk being much appreciated along with the coverage Ice Beam (and later, Thunderbolt) brought. Looking back, I ended up with a bit of a bulkier team than average, but I feel like that was fine to make up for the fragility of Chau and one of my later members.
Clemont was the first Gym that actually scared me, and it wasn’t because of his actually good Pokemon. My main answer to him was Venusaur, except, he has an Emolga….that bloody rodent gave me more trouble than anything else on the team, since it hit everything super-effectively if I didn’t grind something else up (and I didn’t).
Choices for the team ended up being pretty slim pickings. The lategame of XY has a lot less variety for my two types than the earlygame, with multiple repeated options, and a lot of them were less than appealing. Combine that with my lackluster luck with a lot of areas and my team felt a little stretched for playables. That Beedrill only left the team after Clemont.
Tumblr media
It would be replaced by Quaaaaaaaaag. Despite having the worst of Quagsire’s two abilities, he pulled more than his weight, even if he just clicked Earthquake most of the time. An immune switch for Electric was absolutely essential for the run, letting Chau’s U-turn be extremely safe in certain scenarios.
The last team member was somewhat of a surprise. I was running around Frost Cavern for the only legal encounter, a 10% shot at Haunter. I’ve always been a lot less high on that line than most, gotta get that hipster cred in, but that does fly out the window when you get to legitimately use a Shiny one.
Tumblr media
Unfortunately due to the rules of the NPL, I was not permitted to get Mega Akuta running, confining him to the shade shiny he was. But I wasn’t going to pass up the chance anyway. Akuta had huge utility being able to switch into Normal, Fighting, and Ground completely freely, and break just about anything with a variety of heavy Special attacks. His paper-thin defenses didn’t matter if he never got hit, though I was always loathe to switch him in just in case he got Crit to death on entry.
The final team paired up awkwardly against the Kalos E4, and I was a bit worried about having 4 waters and 2 poisons instead of 3/3 (my other options were like, not good) but we made it through without losing anyone. Malva and Drasna were, unsurprisingly, not hard, and Siebold’s Gyarados terrified me with Dragon Dance but didn’t actually get an attack off before Lagrange’s Thunderbolt took it out. I was extremely concerned about Wikstrom, but a rather silly strategy prevailed- using Rafflé to Sleep Powder and set up Growth (shoulda taught Swords Dance tbh) before rolling him with Bulldoze (I forgot to get the Earthquake TM). Diantha was similarly scary, seeing as her Mega Gardevoir had SE on everything except Quaaaaaaaaaag , and he wasn’t going to be able to take two. Chau was in when she came out, and I knew Night Slash wasn’t going to KO, so she had to get out of there- U-Turning into an already chipped Akuta was the only play and I had to hope she went for Moonblast instead of Thunderbolt. She did, but it got the Special Attack drop, which presented its own conundrum- does Akuta KO from here, or does he die? Because I can’t switch around forever, chip damage wasn’t going to get me far when she had healing items in reserve. I went for it, and it turns out Akuta did get the KO, but I was nailbiting the whole time.
I’m hoping next round, Crystal Superless, is less grating on my nerves, if I even have to do it at all. Because, fuck, I need a break.
What’s that, NWC is starting again? Oh, sign me up fam,
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mrcifci · 24 days ago
Donald Trump and Mike Lindell Should Cage Fight Over Whose New Social Media Site Is Actually Real
Mike Lindell, CEO and founder of MyPillow, and a possibly entirely fictional social media site named Frank.
Photo: Stephen Maturen (Getty Images)
Tumblr media
HellfeedHellfeed is your bimonthly resource for news on the current heading of the social media garbage barge.
We’re jumping the gun on Hellfeed’s normally bi-weekly schedule—because dear lord, the last five days were something else. This week’s social media hellscape kicked off with news Donald Trump is investigating opening his own, presumably even more racist social media platform (uh-huh) before drunkenly veering everywhere to a beleaguered mega-ship clogging the bowels of shipping to Mark Zuckerberg’s vaccination to Amazon tweeting about peeing in bottles to the Shrimp Guy getting Milkshake Ducked (something that I swear will make more sense if you scroll down the page).
This is Hellfeed: Emergency Edition.
Hearing commentary
The CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter went before the House Energy and Commerce Committee for precisely the kind of bipartisan struggle session they’ve faced at multiple prior hearings. While Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichai, and Mark Zuckerberg absolutely deserve to be dragged by whatever means possible, the hearings are quickly becoming a ritualistic washing of hands in which the assembled members of Congress yell at unpopular tech CEOs instead of actually passing any legislation to address their pet concerns (misinformation and hate speech for Dems, why a grainy .bmp file of Donald Trump giving a thumbs up doesn’t appear at the top of every webpage for Republicans).
Some highlights:
Members of Congress still cannot pronounce the surname “Pichai,” which is two syllables and not all that complicated.
Republicans finally added another issue to their playbook than screaming about censorship of conservatives: social media’s impact on children.
Zuckerberg explained that misinformation about the climate isn’t as harmful as misinformation about the coronavirus, which conveniently explains why Facebook doesn’t do anything about it.
Representative Peter Welch asked the three CEOs whether they would support the creation of a Federal Trade Commission-like agency to regulate social media sites; Zuckerberg, who has been a major beneficiary of the FTC’s half-hearted approach to regulation, enthusiastically responded that could be “very effective and positive.”
More generally, the CEOs agreed that there needs to be some type of regulation of social media—though possibly just to placate Congress into summoning them to fewer hearings, and they were generally vague on what kind of regulations they would actually support beyond mandating greater transparency and accepting more liability for user-generated content.
Confronted on the issue of whether they would ban a dozen anti-vaxxers who bear wildly disproportionate responsibility for hoaxes, misinformation, and conspiracy theories circulating about vaccines on their sites, all three CEOs waffled.
In an extremely uncomfortable moment starting at 2:35:15 in this YouTube stream, Representative Billy Long asked each of the CEOs whether or not they understood the difference between “yes” and “no” before asking them if they had been vaccinated against the coronavirus yet. Pichai was the only one who said yes.
The assembled CEOs generally evaded addressing or defending their actual business models, which is prioritizing user growth and engagement and thus revenue over just about anything else.
G/O Media may get a commission
Amazon is now tweeting about whether or not its employees piss in bottles
Everyone’s favorite robber-baron empire has had a lot of fun online this week trying to “own” critics and failing miserably in the process. This all started when Dave Clark, the CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer, practiced his tight five for the Comedy Store by tweeting a fun little jab: he often says “we are the Bernie Sanders of employers, but that’s not quite right because we actually deliver a progressive workplace.”
This could be charitably described as misreading the room. The heckling escalated rapidly when Representative Mark Pocan pointed out the well-documented trend of Amazon warehouse workers being pressed so hard they have to urinate (and sometimes poop) in bottles, which the official Amazon News account condescendingly responded to with “You don’t really believe the peeing in bottles thing, do you? If that were true, nobody would work for us.”
This is more than a little like some cartoon banker dressed like Mr. Monopoly yelling, “You don’t really believe the locking the shirtwaist factory stairwells thing, do you? If that were true, nobody would work for us,” over the sound of a fire alarm.
Amazon workers and drivers on numerous occasions have confirmed they sometimes have to pee and poop in things that are not toilets to hit company quotas, something the company is quite aware of. As a result of their pathetic little attempt at a clapback, the Google News results for “Amazon pee in bottles” now looks like this (and goes on and on like this):
Just absolutely phenomenal work here, boys.
In what is presumably entirely unrelated news, Amazon is hiring a new social media manager.
Elon finally regrets a tweet
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, the only person in history to be fined $20 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission, sent a tweet at 4:18 a.m. on Friday stating “I think there is a >0% chance Tesla could become the biggest company.” He perhaps had that settlement on his mind when he deleted a subsequent tweet saying that could happen “Probably within a few months.”
Per the Washington Post, Musk mashing that delete button caused a minor panic among Tesla stockholders:
Musk boasted early Friday to his nearly 50 million Twitter followers that his company could be “the biggest” in a few months. It came less than a day after the National Labor Review Board upheld a 2019 ruling that determined Tesla engaged in unfair labor practices and called on the company to have Musk delete a tweet from 2018.
Tesla shares were hovering near $608 shortly before 2 p.m. EDT, after an otherwise uneventful morning session. The company’s market cap tumbled to $586.7 billion, losing more than $26 billion over the span of four hours.
As the Post noted, this is just one day after the National Labor Relations Board ordered Tesla to have Musk delete this 2018 tweet threatening labor organizers, which Musk has not done.
You live by the post, you cringe die by the post.
Shrimp guy gets milkshake ducked in record time
Social media was briefly delighted by the tale of a man named Jeremy Karp, who tweeted a complaint to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch account asking it to explain why cinnamon-encrusted shrimp tails had ended up in his bag of cereal. After his initial tweet went viral, Karp spent days tweeting many, many more times about the incident.
Unfortunately for Karp, the attention also drew a massive amount of attention to his backstory. That began with fun revelations, such as that he is married to Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga in Boy Meets World, and was once an unsuccessful rapper named “Hot Karl”. It ended with considerably more disturbing ones, as several women on Twitter accused Karp of being a serial manipulator and emotional abuser and disrespectful to Black colleagues. (Podcaster Melissa Stutten wrote he was a “manipulative gaslighting narcissistic ex-boyfriend who once told me he was surprised I hadn’t killed myself because my life was so worthless,” while writer and former Karp colleague Brittani Nichols wrote he had inserted racist lines into the scripts of TBS rap battle show Drop the Mic.)
In other words, he got Milkshake Ducked in record time:
One could call this a cautionary tale, but the moral isn’t ‘never tweet’ so much as don’t be like this guy.
Ship. Ship. Ship.
Everyone is living vicariously through the big ship that’s blocking the Suez Canal (and a massive percentage of world shipping) and has exhibited no signs it intends to get moving anytime soon. It’s possibly the first relatable news event in years! Anyhow, here’s a bunch of tweets about it.
We regret to inform you the
The entire Earth is now being converted into a giant block of computronium that will be worth approximately $42.50 after a “market correction,” as evidenced by the fact that the “Cash Me Outside” meme girl Danielle Bregoli—who is somehow now the rapper Bhad Bhabie—is getting in on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are essentially a complicated, blockchain-powered way of turning massive amounts of electricity into digital trading cards that in some cases are selling for millions of dollars, despite the fact they will likely be worth absolutely nothing in just a few months or years.
Anyhow, Bhad Bhabie is selling 20 NFTs, per HypeBeast, which writes that the sale includes “original works based on the biggest meme of 2017 and focusing on its dominance, her rise to fame, the success of her music and meme culture.” That includes the chance to own the “Cash Me Outside” meme:
The first group of NFTs will be released on March 26, Bregoli’s 18th birthday, via Opensea, then on March 29 via Rarible and March 31 via Zora. The collab between Bhad Bhabie and Flue Block Arts will also include a mega package on Opensea that includes ownership of the “Cash Me Outside” meme transferred from the artist to the buyer, one NFT of each of the visual works, a personalized video of the transfer sale from Bregoli to the buyer that will be posted on both her Instagram and YouTube and a 16-bar verse feature from Bhad Bhabie.
Also, recording artist Ja Rule, who previously managed to jettison himself mostly clear of the explosive radius of the Fyre Fest debacle, is selling an NFT of the Fyre Fest logo for $122,000. OK.
If nothing else, you have to respect Ja Rule’s deep commitment to scams.
Frank. It’s just called Frank
MyPillow goblin Mike Lindell, who is currently being sued for $1.3 billion by Dominion Voting Systems for promoting hoaxes and conspiracy theories claiming it helped steal the 2020 elections for Joe Biden, is launching a social media site. Allegedly. No one really knows whether it exists or is just another Lindell fantasy. It’s possible there is a small army of coders locked in the basement of the MyPillow factory, who knows.
But this week we learned two critical pieces of info: Mike Lindell’s new social media site is named Frank, and it’s a platform for Americans who want to defend life, liberty, and all the freedoms that have marked America as the longest-running Constitutional Republic in the history of the world.
This poses a dilemma, though, because as we previously noted, the former president also has ephemeral plans for a censorship-free social media site for people who think their guns whisper to them at night.
There’s only one solution: Donald Trump and Mike Lindell must fight to the death. Possibly in a gladiatorial format, maybe jousting, could also be a cage match, or perhaps an old-timey duel? What’s important is that two old men of dubious lucidity enter, one old man leaves—as the tech bro CEO of a startup social media firm that possibly exists entirely within their heads. But watch out, Mr. Trump. Lindell looks like a biter.
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mrcifci · 24 days ago
On The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the Struggle to Deal With Cap’s Legacy Is Real
The gang is back together.
Photo: Marvel Studios
One of the biggest memes of the past week has utilized the surprise appearance by John Walker as “the new Captain America” at the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s premiere episode. Seeing this seemingly goofy, obviously inferior, version of the superhero—previously characterized by Chris Evans—has inspired millions to clown on him. But in the second episode of the Disney+ show, it was obvious very quickly that this new Captain America was not going to be a joke. In fact, he’s complex, conflicted, and will be an integral part of everything that’s going on.
Episode two of the show, “The Star-Spangled Man,” begins with Walker (Wyatt Russell) about to do an interview on Good Morning America (ah, corporate synergy). They’ve set up on the football field at his old high school and we see him in Army fatigues in the locker room. He’s weighed down with the expectations of being Cap, even though it’s only been two weeks. He’s proud but knows it’s not just about fighting, it’s about being a beacon of hope. A symbol. All of which becomes very clear once he suits up and runs out to the interview.
The bleachers are filled with people already wearing new Cap shirts, holding toys for him to sign, and clamoring over selfies with the hero. It felt very much like Disney’s vast Marvel Universe holding a mirror up to itself. Inside the MCU, people are finally beginning to profit from superheroes, the U.S. Government, or otherwise. Phase 4 has, almost, become self-aware.
G/O Media may get a commission
During the interview, we learn more about this man who was chosen to be Captain America. Mostly that he is—like Steve Rogers before him, like Sam Wilson now—a hero in his own right. Highly decorated, incredibly skilled, if not for the fact Steve chose Sam to take the shield, Walker is seemingly a pretty great choice. These same thoughts are going through Bucky’s head as he watches the chat unfold on TV.
John Walker doing the real Cap work.
Photo: Marvel Studios
Sam is thinking about Walker too, can he not? In addition to the obvious pain of having this person take his place, there are posters of the new Cap everywhere. Even the air hanger where he’s getting ready to head to Europe and take down the Flag Smashers. Bucky is there too, and he makes it very clear to Sam he’s angry he gave up the shield. Sam is angry as well, but not just because of Walker—he just doesn’t want Bucky telling him how to do things.
Bucky forces himself onto Sam’s mission, and the flight to Europe is really the first time in the series we get to explore this new, strained, Bucky and Sam dynamic. It’s a constant pissing match filled with anger and disgust, but also a weird mutual respect and trust. It’s kind of beautiful to watch. Less so than the moment where Bucky tries to be Steve Rogers and jump out of a plane without a parachute, only to scream and crash all the way down to the ground. “I have all of that on camera,” Sam says, just perfectly summing up this weird, still new-ish friendship.
The bickering continues as the pair find and engage with the Flag Smashers who, apparently, have a hostage. Bucky races to catch up to their truck, which is filled with stolen medicine, and see if the hostage needs help. She doesn’t. In fact, it’s almost as if she’s a decoy. This is Karli Morgenthau (Solo’s Erin Kellyman), the leader of the Flag Smashers, who in turn smashes Bucky, kicking off an exciting action set piece between the group. For the heroes, the revelation here is twofold. First, there isn’t just one Flag Smasher with super strength, they all have it. Second, Sam and Bucky are about to be defeated by their foes when an unexpected ally arrives: the new Captain America himself. He and his friend Lemar Hoskins (Clé Bennett) join the fight and, while they also get their asses kicked, they at least help Sam and Bucky not die.
I’m Enfys Nest! I mean, Karli Morgenthau.
Photo: Marvel Studios
The Flag Smashers have the advantage of lots of local support. Well, except for the random text Karli gets from someone saying they want to kill her. She ignores it (though we definitely should not!), and explains that her group is about to do something big. “One world, one people” she and her followers chant, representing their beliefs that the world was better when they were united in sorrow during the Blip.
Though they made it out alive, our heroes are not happy about the assist and make it clear they don’t want any part of this new Captain America. Begrudgingly, they do accept a ride from him out of the middle of nowhere which gives the group a chance to chat. The conversation covers a lot of ground, from learning that Walker wants to team up with Sam and Bucky to explaining he mainly helps a group called the GRC (Global Repatriotzation Council) whose job it is to help people get back on their feet post-Blip. It’s the same organization the Flag Smashers are fighting against, hence why Walker and Hoskins tracked Red Wing—which got smashed by Morgenthau in the fight—to join the fight.
All of this is very informative until Hoskins says his name is “Battlestar” and Bucky’s had it. It’s in this moment he puts together that Walker and Hoskins don’t necessarily want to be the new Captain America and Falcon, they just want to be superheroes, down to the cheesy name. Which is fascinating because these are some of the first characters we’re meeting in the MCU who grew up with the Avengers—in his interview earlier, Walker notes he was in his second year of college when Captain America re-emerged from his icy slumber. Now, not only want to be Avengers themselves, they also have the resources (and the impetus of the government) to do so. It gets back to that aforementioned self-aware Phase 4, where new heroes are emerging that worship the characters we, the fans, worship. They just so happen to be in the world with them, while we’re watching, which feels like it’s going to becoming a major through-line across the show.
Before Bucky and Sam can leave these wannabe heroes, Walker pleas for their help one more time, telling them he’s not trying to replace Steve. He’s just trying to be the best Captain America he can be, and “that would be a whole lot easier if I had Cap’s wingman by my side.” Sam, rightfully, does not take that line well. This man, who has his own Black sidekick in Battlestar, just minimized and disrespected Sam down to a mere sidekick. “It’s always that last line,” Sam says as he leaves, tension thick in the air.
Afterward, Bucky has someone he wants Sam to meet in Baltimore. They arrive at the house of a man named Isaiah (Alias’ Carl Lumbly). Isaiah, it turns out, was another American super-soldier. He was tasked with taking down the Winter Soldier around the time of the Korean War and almost succeeded. Bucky doesn’t want a rematch, part of his attempts to heal and move on, he just wants to get information on how the Flag Smashers could’ve gotten the serum. Isaiah does not care about that. He’s filled with decades of pain and rage toward Bucky for bringing up his past—a past in which Isaiah was jailed, beaten, and experimented on for thirty years, simply for being the superhero he was designed to be. He doesn’t say it, but the implication is obvious: He was treated that way because of the color of his skin.
Stepping away from the show here, it’s clear this Isaiah is Isaiah Bradley, a Marvel character who once held the mantle of Captain America in the comics. How closely the show will mirror or get back to his story is unclear, but the revelation that he exists, and was similarly left in the shadows of his returned, white predecessor, opens up massive questions about the past of the MCU. Questions Sam immediately begins asking after Isaiah kicks them out.
Bucky reveals Steve never knew about Isaiah and, in fact, most people who should know about him didn’t. Before we can find out why that was, though, the cops show up and begin to harass Sam for yelling at Bucky. It’s a clear case of racial profiling, and Sam isn’t having it. Finally, one of the officers realizes who these two guys are and apologize but not before a) showing their asses as racists and b) realizing that Bucky has a warrant out for his arrest...for missing his mandated therapy session.
Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley.
Screenshot: Marvel Studios
One trip to incarceration later, and Bucky’s therapist Dr. Raynor arrives, but it turns out she didn’t get Bucky out—it was an old friend of hers, none other than Walker himself. He’s still trying to get Bucky and Sam to be on his team and having one of them in jail wasn’t helping. Before he can talk to them though, Raynor asks both Sam and Bucky to sit for a session. Why Sam agrees to this, I’m not exactly sure, but who cares: It’s great.
The two go back and forth, insulting and bickering like hypermasculine children, all of which is highly entertaining but Raynor wants more. She wants truth. And she gets some when Bucky explains his biggest problem with Sam at the moment is the anger about him giving up the shield. Not because it’s against Steve’s wishes, though that’s part of it, but because if Steve was wrong about Sam’s worth, then maybe he was wrong about Bucky’s too, and Steve’s validation of Bucky’s worth seems to be a huge part of how he’s functioning in his post-Hydra life. The interweaving of Bucky’s self-loathing and Sam’s resolve, along with their fears, and their respect for each other—and so much more between the two—really shines in this scene and gives the show some really rich, complex stuff to hopefully explore moving ahead. Especially when, upon leaving the therapy session a few things happen to really set Falcon and The Winter Soldier in gear.
First, Sam and Bucky agree that they’ll part ways after defeating the Flag Smashers. Second, they tell new Captain America they can’t work for him because he has too much oversight, setting up a Civil War-esque rivalry. And third, Bucky’s plan to find the Flag Smashers is to talk to the one person alive who might know about how the super serum returned. The one person who know more Hydra secrets than even the infamous Winter Soldier: Baron Zemo.
Compared to most Marvel shows, “The Star-Spangled Man” was a seriously dense piece of television. It left us with so much to consider, whether it’s John Walker’s arc, Sam and Bucky’s volatile relationship, Isiah Bradley, or the growing threat of the Flag Smashers. Oh, and don’t forget their ideas versus the ideals of the world, the ever-present racial tension, and the reintroduction of a proper supervillain! Yeah, things are just about to get cooking.
Assorted Musings:
As Bucky and Sam go after the Flag Smashers, Sam jokes that after some time in Wakanda Bucky thinks he’s “White Panther.” “It’s actually White Wolf,” Bucky replies. It’s not the first time Bucky’s past in Wakanda has been mentioned, but it is the first time in a long time that this White Wolf moniker has been invoked. This hints at a possible way for Bucky to put one past behind him and embrace another, something fans have been clamoring for for years.
Is it just me or was it very weird and out of character for the new Cap to pull out a pistol during the fight? Steve hasn’t been afraid to pull out a gun or two in his time—especially when he got started out in WWII. I get that he doesn’t have superpowers, but it just didn’t mesh. Odd that it was glossed over so quickly!
Obviously, the entire scene with Isaiah is important and powerful but there’s one fleeting moment that really stood out. Isaiah says “You think you can wake up one day and decide who you want to be?” And though he’s talking to Bucky, the reaction shot is on Sam, who squints his eyes ever so slightly. To me, that felt like all the conflict in him rolled into one question. Can he be Captain America? Is he already Captain America? Hopefully, this isn’t all we’ll see from a really important and interesting figure in the Cap mythos.
Who do you think texted Karli? My first guess was Zemo, because we know he comes into the show, but seeing him in a cell at the end, that seems less than likely. The texts said “You took what was mine. I’m going to find you and kill you.” We assume that means the super serum, right? If so, who had it? A former Hydra operative? We’ll find out.
For more, make sure you’re following us on our Instagram @io9dotcom.
from Gizmodo via IFTTT
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atomicfilm · 26 days ago
hey, so I'm gonna ask about INTP stereotypes. I'm doing research about some MBTI types to my story, so I would like to know what should I avoid in order to create a reliable female INTP character, are there any common misconceptions? if you want to add anything about INTPs, like weird stuff they do, what do they like or very random things that nobody talks about, I would love to hear about it!
Awesome! If you ever need someone to read it, I’m open to that. I think one of the main misconceptions is how cold we are externally A lot of types might look at us and think we’re standoffish. However, I can actually warm up quite quickly with the right encouragement. The best approach is not to compliment me, it will make me feel awkward and probably slightly avoidant even if I don’t consciously intend to. I don’t really like to be observed in that way when I’m not trying to be. A better way is to tell a few jokes, make really random references, and get me used to the idea of you being in my physical space in a non-creepy, non-confrontational way (a fist bump or high-five will do). 
There are a lot of nuances I would say. I am very insecure and very confident at the same time. Generally, I’m very confident in my academic abilities and very insecure about my social interactions. 
INTPs aren’t all math all the time. I’m certainly not an engineer, even though I admire engineering from afar. I’m generally the most willing person to shut down people who are being assholes in class (i.e. those really loud kids that exist in every math class) and also contemplate other people’s ideas. However, some INTPs I know are actual engineers. This is very cool, but I’m also aware of the fact that they too get insecure about their math-skills as well because math is cool but not always conducive to the way we think. We’re kind of sporadic thinkers and not algorithmic as much. We can be really talented but are also generally at least a little unstructured (but a lot of types won’t see that, i.e. ENFPs typically think we have our lives figured out). 
Everyone likes different things, it’s certainly not limited to type! I only know two other INTPs and they are both guys. I actually am pretty sure i know one other woman INTP but I haven’t spoken to her in four years. I don’t think any of us have a super-strong affiliation with gender and certainly not gender stereotypes (although we all are huge feminists). Perhaps the main misunderstanding is how much we care. Just because we may not outwardly respond does not mean that we didn’t hear the rude thing someone said to us or we aren’t furious about something happening in the world. 
Another common thing for us is just being misunderstood. My INTP friends and I call each other aliens and it feels very true a lot of the time. Being an outsider is evident, even if we are well-liked. 
I can be seen as sarcastic, snarky, blunt, and I am to an extent, all of those things, but I am not mean. I am very, very intentional about the boundaries I cross and often map out what will upset certain people to avoid hurting their feelings. When I do hurt feelings, it is generally because I have hit the end of my human feeling knowledge (i.e. what do you say to someone whose dad died if you are not religious, they are not religious, they didn’t know him and he was a bad person, but they are crying). I think now I would say “I am here for you, you can cry it out, let’s get you home”. But five years ago when I was in that situation, I didn’t say anything, just let my friend cry on my shoulder and when people came up to us, I told them that she didn’t want to talk. I was trying my best to be there emotionally, but I didn’t have the right schema yet. 
My Ne/Si is a cause of a lot of my fights, actually. I tend to build schemas a lot (as most people do) but I am strict in my predictions of what I think people will do. Usually, people do not stray from my predictions but sometimes they do. When that happens, I’m either laughing my ass off and super excited about being surprised or I feel like I have betrayed myself by not being able to predict every outcome. 
To write a good INTP character, you ought to give them a lot of comforting things. We like the friends we’ve had for many years, we like to wear the same jacket every week, we often order the same things off menus and say the same jokes and try to keep things quality-controlled. (I’m 19 and I still make pillow forts.) Then, to write a good book, you should mess everything up for your INTP.
If you need some emotional conflict, give them an Fi user. I personally fight with every Fi user I have ever known because there is always eventually a conflict that goes like this: 
Fe: “Your feelings do not make sense in this logical construct I have programmed to understand human emotions.”
“You are hurting other people’s feelings.”
OH, and another large misunderstanding. INTPs talk more or less like normal people. I have an incredibly colloquial style because formal writing is alienating and often misused. My INTP friends typically love memes as well as puns, bad jokes, and writing texts in stanzas like a drunkard poet. So yeah, we’re not all like “wahhh, you don’t speak in Python, my computer-brain doesn’t like this” (but also we kinda do just in different vernacular).
I also think that INTPs are not incredibly skilled at understanding who they are, even if they appear to be. I can analyze myself all day bebeY but if you ask me what my name is or what I’m doing I’m often like “yeah, idk, who am I? What is the purpose of existence?”. Actually, one of the easiest ways to identify an INTP in my personal belief is to shout very loudly “SO I WAS READING THIS EXISTENTIALIST BOOK THE OTHER DAY-”. 
INTPs have a nice dichotomy of wanting stability but getting very bored once they’ve figured something out. If I am not planning something, I am depressed point-blank. Another cool dichotomy is disliking conflict but being sensitive and standing up for people (learned skill).
Hope this helped! Feel free to ask me about how I would respond in a certain situation too. 
P.S. Why can’t I add tags to asks until after I’ve posted them? Extremely inefficient. 
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nightwideopen · 26 days ago
band au??
my forever missed band au :-( i actually posted two snippets of this here and here and i’m so sad that i never finished it 😭... though i’m getting the strangest urge to revisit it. in which clint is a badass enby rock star and bucky is the bass player in an all female band and the story is a mixture of prose, social media, and articles. ugh it was gonna be great. 
below the cut is another snippet for good measure 
wip folder meme
He can't keep his eyes off Clint. 
They’ve only met in person one time before, back when Black Widow desperately needed a collaborator for [insert album title here] and Natasha had vetoed every well-known artist from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. She'd stayed up for three days straight, scouring Spotify and iTunes charts and their Twitter DMs for someone who would make the song special. She wanted someone with an edge, someone with a voice and a style that was infectious and new and, more importantly, that worked with her own. Someone who also fit into the superhero theme they were so carefully crafting. 
And when she found Under the Big Top, it was serendipity. 
As the show slinks on and Clint transitions into a cover of the very song that the five of them had so lovingly made together, Bucky is transported back to the day they met.
Clint was perfect, everything Natasha was looking for vocally and visually. They hit it off immediately, negotiating verses and figuring out harmonies for the bridge. She complimented their outfit and they teased her like they’d known each other for years. The chemistry in the booth and the studio was palpable, and if Bucky wasn’t six hundred percent certain that Natasha was a lesbian, he would’ve been jealous.
Actually, he was jealous anyway.
Because Clint had caught Bucky unawares, tall and radiant and taking up the whole room with their infectious smiles. Bucky had been intimidated at first, feeling dwarfed by Clint’s size, overwhelmed by their confidence, but he was also intrigued. He’d never met anyone so bold and sure of themselves especially so early in their career. As far as he knew, Clint had only been making music for a few years, seeming to crawl out of the woodwork and only working with people they had been previously close to. 
Clint was an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a glittery purple pantsuit. 
As for Bucky, before he laid eyes on Clint he didn’t think that anyone could manage to capture his attention after so many years of failed relationships and public breakups. He’d become jaded and disenchanted to the idea of finding love, resigned to the fact that so long as he was famous and traveling he was never going to be able to be in a steady relationship. Other musicians had their own careers to worry about; he never knew when someone was just using him for his fame and money; normal people just couldn’t cope with his lifestyle. People didn’t trust him and his closeness to his bandmates because of his bisexuality even though he’d gone over and over the fact that none of them would ever be interested in him.
Clint made him forget all that, with sunshine smiles and a velvety smooth voice and a tendency to wink in Bucky’s direction every time they cracked a joke.
He laments the fact that they didn’t get to spend more time together, because It’s been months now and Clint has been the only thing on Bucky’s mind. 
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blackswan18 · 26 days ago
Too Good To Be True - Ch. 21 | kth(m)
Summary: Kim Taehyung is a world famous idol in the hit K-pop group, BTS, and you are his personal stylist. Per your contract with Big Hit, he is absolutely, 100% off-limits, and yet, you are completely and hopelessly in love with him. You’ve spent years trying to shove your feelings down, but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore and hide them, especially considering the way Tae always treats you. He’s affectionate and protective and sometimes outright flirtatious, but that’s how he is with everyone, right? Confused, frustrated, and lovesick, you find yourself wondering if it might finally be worth risking your career and your heart to find out.
pairing: Taehyung x reader
genre: Idol! au, fluff, angst, eventual smut, friends to lovers, slow burn
rating: 18+
word count: 2.4k
warnings: none
⇤ previous || next ⇥ || masterlist
Chapter 21: Best Friend Zone
When you got home that evening you plopped down on the couch, snuggled the ‘I’m Sorry’ Tata plushie, and let out a very long sigh. The last few days had been an absolute whirlwind and everything was just now sinking in. You’d gone from feeling excited to angry to devastated to guilty to happy to ultimately now feeling quite overwhelmed and honestly a bit confused. There was so just much to process and understand. 
The two most important revelations were definitely that Tae was not in any way, shape or form, with Jisoo and that he had not been purposefully avoiding or forgetting you this past month. As crazy as his story sounded, you had no reason to think he would lie and every reason to believe that Jisoo had been the root cause of the entire mess. 
Just thinking about what she’d done made your blood boil. She had manipulated and lied to and legitimately stolen from Tae. Years of his hard work had almost gone completely down the drain because of her. You honestly just couldn’t believe someone could be so selfish, especially if it meant hurting someone as kind as Tae.
A far more sobering thought was the fact that she had clearly manipulated you as well. There was not a doubt in your mind that she posted that photo of the strawberries hoping you would see it and be hurt. You were now all but certain she knew you harbored at least a schoolgirl’s crush on Tae, if not deeper feelings. The potential havoc she could wreak with that information was honestly not something you were prepared to contemplate at the moment.
Due to the devastation of your failed date, and the fact that you spent all weekend trying to forget that entire day, you hadn’t really spent much time thinking about your fight with Tae. Looking back at it now, you couldn’t help but note the cruel irony that his worry, which had seemed blown out of proportion at the time, had been justified. Minho hadn’t hurt you physically, which was what Tae seemed most concerned about, but he had hurt you, deeply. 
Although you knew it wasn’t fair to assume the next guy would treat you like that, you found yourself legitimately shuddering at the thought of setting up another Tinder date. With a quick tap and a swipe, the app was deleted from your phone. One day you hoped to be able to try again, but it was clear that right now you just weren’t ready.
As you continued to replay your fight over and over in your mind, you couldn’t stop yourself from wondering if, in addition to worry, Tae had been feeling another emotion that night: jealousy. You had been so worried that he would recognize your obvious envy that you hadn’t really picked up on any of the signs of his own which, in hindsight, had been plenty. Even before your fight, he had noticed you were talking to someone and clearly wasn’t happy about it. After the shock of discovering you were going on a date wore off, his next gut reaction was to be annoyed and angry. And, although he claimed it was out of concern for your safety and wellbeing, he had literally held your hand and flat out told you he didn’t want you to go. 
Exactly where that jealousy stemmed from, you did not know. While you desperately wanted to believe it was because he had feelings for you, past experience made you extremely wary of that line of thinking. Despite all his sweet words and little affectionate gestures over the years, he still had never once given you a legitimate sign that they meant anything more. 
On top of that was the fact that jealousy was possible in completely platonic relationships. In college you’d gotten really jealous when your best friend got a boyfriend and stopped hanging out with you as much. Also, last year when Jimin started seeing someone, Tae had acted similarly protective and been slightly annoyed at first. If he considered you his best friend, maybe he really was just hurt that you hadn’t told him something so important and worried that it would affect your friendship.
There was a part of you that feared him saying you were his best friend was just a knee-jerk reaction to your fight. It felt so good to finally hear him say those words, for him to acknowledge that you were one of the most important people in his life; you would be absolutely crushed if he hadn’t meant it after all. But, the sincerity with which he said it, and how much time and energy he’d put into his apology and gift, helped quell that fear. 
Around and around your mind went thinking through everything and, while some things became more clear, others only grew hazier. After an hour of being lost in deep thought, you finally decided to get up and make yourself some dinner. Standing from the couch, you held the Tata out in front of you and gazed at its cute, slightly angry face.
“You are so confusing, and you drive me insane, but I love you all the same,” you told it before giving it a kiss, gently placing it down on the cushion, and heading off towards the kitchen.
Over the next few weeks you discovered that being the official best friend of Kim Taehyung meant being showered with even more attention and affection than ever before. You didn’t know if he was simply trying to make up for the last month or if this is how things would always be, but you weren’t going to question it.
He started to text you more in the evenings and on the weekends too about stuff that wasn’t related to work. Even if you’d spent all day with him in the studio, you would sometimes pull up to your apartment after driving home to find that he’d already sent you a message. Oftentimes he would start by sending a random meme or GIF, but other times he would just say hi and ask how you were doing. One Saturday evening after he’d been away for a few days visiting his parents, he even began the conversation by simply texting ‘I miss you.’ 
Initially, he was always the one texting you first, you were terrified of bothering him or coming off as clingy, but eventually you started to initiate conversations too. Sometimes you only chatted briefly, but other times you talked for hours on end until late into the night. When you did that, you were almost always the first one to fall asleep. You would usually wake up the next morning to a string of adorable messages from the night before.
[Taehyung 12:30 AM]
Ok, either you did not find that joke even remotely funny…or you’ve fallen asleep.
[Taehyung 12:33 AM]
I hope it’s the latter.
[Taehyung 12:33 AM]
Though, if you’re asleep that means I can’t talk to you anymore which is sad.
[Taehyung 12:34 AM]
Tannie is asleep too. I can hear him snoring from his bed.
[Taehyung 12:34 AM]
Did you know dogs could snore?
[Taehyung 12:35 AM]
It’s cute. Somewhat annoying, but still very cute.
[Taehyung 12:36 AM]
Jimin once told me that I snore, but I think he was lying. 
[Taehyung 12:36 AM]
I definitely don’t snore.
[Taehyung 12:37 AM]
But, anyway. I should probably stop texting you now and let you get your beauty sleep.
[Taehyung 12:37 AM]
Not that you need it.
[Taehyung 12:38 AM]
OK, that was extremely cheesy.
[Taehyung 12:38 AM]
I’m definitely going now. 
[Taehyung 12:39 AM]
Goodnight, Y/N. I hope you have sweet dreams.
The two of you talked about everything and anything: music, movies, photography, books, travel, your families, the future. It’s not that you hadn’t talked about these things before when you were in the studio or on set, but those conversations had always been slightly measured. There was always someone else around or not enough time to really dig deep into any one topic. Now with more time and without fear of interruption, conversation just flowed so much more naturally.
He also became ever so slightly more physically affectionate which in some ways was not surprising. It was no secret that Tae was one of the more touchy members of BTS; he was always hugging Jungkook or holding Jimin’s hand or trying to snuggle someone while he slept. What he did with you was far more subtle, though. For instance, sometimes when you were doing his makeup and you placed your free hand on the arm of his chair, he would rest his fingertips on top of yours. He’d also started to do things like booping your nose or squishing your cheeks if you said something stupid or silly. And, he gave you more hugs, albeit just friendly ones and not intimate embraces like the one you shared after he gave you your birthday present. 
However, he did clearly make sure to never do any of these things when other people were watching. Skinship between same-sex friends was totally normal, but between friends of the opposite sex it was far less common, if not a little taboo. Also, even if you were just friends and all of his gestures were strictly platonic, they still could be taken the wrong way which would undoubtedly get you both in trouble. 
When Tae first said you were his best friend, you worried that might mean you’d end up being treated differently, possibly even like one of the guys. Now that you were here, though, firmly planted in his innermost circle alongside Jimin, you couldn’t help but think the best friend zone wasn’t such a bad place to be after all.
One afternoon you were in the studio trying to write a carefully worded email to Mrs. Choi about her suggested tweaks to the guys’ wardrobe for the upcoming Dynamite MV shoot. At a loss for how to nicely tell her that her ideas were complete crap, you were grateful when Tae walked in and sat down next to you.
“So there’s a photo shoot for Itaewon Class this Saturday,” Tae said, clearly very excited. “It’s taking place at a national park by the ocean a few hours south of the city.”
“They’ve asked me to come,” he went on. “They want some photos of me to use when they promote the song.”
At the mention of his song, you stiffened ever so slightly and turned back towards your laptop. You had promised him you would listen to it that day in the studio, but you had not had the courage to bring it up since then. He hadn’t mentioned it either and now you couldn’t help but wonder if he had changed his mind and actually didn’t want to show it to you. Obviously, you would hear it eventually when the show premiered and the song was released, but there was something special about him wanting to share it with you ahead of time. You had shut him down, though, rather harshly you later realized, and just didn’t know how to go about undoing the hurt you’d clearly caused him.
“They said their stylists would help get me ready,” he then said casually.
“I’m sure they’ll do a great job,” you said, trying not to sound disappointed as you kept your eyes locked on the screen in front of you. 
“But...I told them I wanted to bring my own,” he tentatively added a moment later.
At that, you finally looked back over at him.
“Is that so?” you asked as a big, silly grin spread across your face. 
“Don’t go getting a big head about it,” he said jokingly. “I’m only bringing you because I’m a primadonna and I’m accustomed to a certain level of individualized attention and pampering.”
“I’m definitely not bringing you because I want to hang out with you,” he continued. He said this in a mock serious tone, but he was sporting a small grin and a light blush.
“I haven’t even agreed to go,” you replied coyly. “I might already have plans for this Saturday.”
When you said that his face instantly fell.
“I’m sorry,” he said, suddenly looking sheepish and sounding nervous. “I shouldn’t have assumed you would be free.” 
“Or that you would want to go,” he then added, running his hand through his hair.
Your heart plummeted seeing how sad he looked right now and you immediately felt bad for teasing him.
“Tae, I’m just kidding,” you quickly assured him. “I don’t have plans.”
“I would love to go with you,” you then added, giving him a shy smile. 
In the three years you had been working at Big Hit, you had never gone to a shoot with just him. Of course, you wouldn’t be alone with him, a driver would surely be taking you and there would obviously be all the show’s cast and crew on set, but it was still exciting that you two would get to go together.
“Great,” he said back, giving you a big, boxy smile that nearly melted your heart. “I’ll text you all the information tonight.”
As he pulled out his laptop and you returned your attention back towards your own, you couldn’t help but wonder if he thought you had a date when you said you might already have plans. The two of you had not spoken about your ‘date’ with Minho since the night of your fight. You certainly were not going to bring it up; you were positively mortified for him, or anyone else for that matter, to know that you had been stood up. 
You also had not mentioned that you were no longer on Tinder, but you had a feeling he already knew this. One day a couple weeks ago you had asked him to text something to your sister while your hands were full. Out of the corner of your eye you saw that, after he sent the message, he went back to your home screen and briefly scanned over it before putting your phone back down. You were almost positive he was checking to see if the Tinder app was still there, the relieved look on his face indicating he was pleased not to have seen it.
Alas, there were no dates for you in the near future, just work. For now, though, that was enough.
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holdencwpt224 · 26 days ago
5 Laws Anyone Working In Jak Zacząć Rozmowę Na Badoo Feniks Uwodzenie Should Know
Things To Do If A Girl Loses Interest - How To INSTANTLY Make ANY Girl Want YOU
Hey guys, it's us again. Kay. Hey Larry say hello. Well today we're going to show you like different things that you can do. When a woman loses interest, we have motivated by Coco Chanel internal video, where she gives important points when it comes to dealing with a woman who abruptly lost interest.
So we developed an idea to make it wait, what? This 's Larry. Oh, Oh, I almost forgot as always towards the conclusion of the movie, so we're likely to tell you the one thing you shouldn't do when a girl is excited, yet we share our let's get to it. Number five. Jeez teas. When a girl loses interest, here's one thing you can do.
This is my go-to trick. When I'm trying to figure out how to impress a girl too, by showing off, I don't mean you got to be the annoying guy who pisses off everyone with their dignity. This 's going to be one reason women think you're unattractive. What I mean is that this get socially busy, posting your social networking channels and allow the woman know what she's missing.
Go hit the floor using a selfie of you in the gym or in a bar, surrounded by your friends. By doing this, you let her know that you're fine. Simply being by yourself in that you have your buddies too. This is how to not be dull while you're at it. Maybe hint that you're single and prepared to pounce on Facebook, you understand, share some memes and provide some soul reacts to some other girl's photo teaser.
Just enough. That she'll know she's on the losing end. If she continues to not show interest in you, she may just take the hand and pay more attention to you. You knowa bit teasing can really be how to earn crush like you again, but rememberthat you simply 're trying to tease her, maybe not push her away. So take care not to be too harsh with your teasing together with this particular thing, you may also instruct yourself about another reasons girls think you aren't attractive.
Just be sure to really know how to get your crush to like you. Okay, guys, I hate to break it to you all, but sometimes when a girl loses interest it's because they saw something in you that they didn't enjoy. That may be mean, but let's get real here. Although this isn't always the case, this definitely happens.
So do you want to know how to get girls, to chase you and work on yourself and focus on getting better?
It shouldn't be the reason for yourself. Appreciate effort. You should only do so entirely for yourself, dude. So yeah, go ahead and familiarize yourself. But you want to have you been wanting to get in shape? Today 's the opportunity to do that.
If you would like to go on a vacation, go and unwind and yes, beardy. If you would like to actually be bold and go bald, you can do this too. Huh? Just how did you know? I wanted to try the chunk, dude. I've been attempting to do this because college, but just don't have the confidence to make that big change in my head. Oh, wait, what?
That's cool too. I haven't been too pleased about that. Beard. Larry. Genevieve. Hasn't lost interest recently. So I might just keep this here for a short time. Okay. Getting back to what we had been talking about, what I'm trying to say is that.
Take time to show yourself some Levin in the close of the afternoon, if loving your self more, gets you closer to learning how to attract girls and Windsor back then. Great for you. However, otherwise, then that's totally fine. Bear in mind that 're doing this for yourself and yourself only wish to understand 1 way to love yourself more.
That would also help you understand how to get a girl to like you start by learning these tricks to have girls, to chase you by checking out this movie here. Number three. Walk the talk. Okay. So something else you can do when a woman loses attention is to be more straightforward. This may or may not help you understand how to get a girl like you, but it's worth a try this.
It's really come up to her and inquire what's happening in her lifetime. Well, if you aren't comfortable doing this in person, you can start through text, text her and build up a conversation, ask him first how she's doing, and then gradually ask her what's happened to make her lose interest.
To be honest, this is the safest thing to do when a girl loses interest or at least if you think she's lost it. Okay. I think that's true if she actually replies. Right. But what should I do if she doesn't answer?
Okay guys, in case you find yourself in the common situation where she didn't text back, try and see if you can talk to her in person. That I said, try. This is because if you feel like she's avoiding you, she probably doesn't want to talk to you. If you feel that, then by all means stop don't push any further, because this is one of the obvious signs, a girl doesn't like you, and you need to understand that coming after her will not just make her dislike you longer.
It may actually make her despise you. This is only because you'll seem like you're desperate and believe me, nobody wishes to be using a desperate individual. And obviously being the wonderful person that you are. You shouldn't feel the need to be desperate at all.
A girl doesn't like you in this other video, we've, Hey guys, loving what you're seeing so much, stay with us because we have two more tips to help you. If a girl loses interest, and don't forget at the end of this video, we'll be showing you the one thing you should never do when a girl loses interest, let's get back to it.
Yep. You heard that right. Walk away. And yes, a man who knows when to walk away also knows how to be attractive to women. So what if she loses interest?
Before you even met her, you were doing fine. Sure. She might've made you happier, but there's no reason to believe that you can't locate happiness with no dude. Now you 've got to realize that in order to make a girl, just like you, you want to take a step back, have a step back and determine exactly what your worth late, low for a bit.
Then move on. But when I say move on, I mean, don't frat about her losing interest in you anymore. Let me open up your doors and let the guards down again, because you might just find another person who'll be interested in. You. Be sure though that you know how to attract 99.9% of girls so that you'll not end up with someone who will eventually lose interest in you again, because he brings you back to square one.
And that's frustrating not to mention his heart heartening. So yes, when a girl loses interest, consider walking away from her, it might not be what you want at the moment, but you'll be thankful you did, because you might be getting a step closer to learning how to impress a girl. So don't be scared to be alone or solitary for quite some time.
Just do not forget that this is you taking a breather in the chase of just benign because confessed or not claiming, or simply being in pursuit of a woman's attention can be exhausting. Everybody deserves a rest so that they can recover the energy they invested and the inspiration that they've lost. And that includes you getting, what else you deserve you deserve to know about just how do I attempt 99.9percent of girls, which explains the reason why we made this separate video about only that test it out right here.
Tumblr media
Number 1 revived the vibe. All right, guys, if you visit and believe that a woman is losing interest in you, you can really try to win it backagain. You may attempt to work it out with her. You are able to talk to her and let her know. You're prepared to learn what went wrong between both. Now, if she tells you exactly what you didn't make her lose interest.
Good for you. You just got a chance to create a girl crazy for you. Again, now you can evaluate and reflect whether it actually was your fault. When it's then try and see if what she saw is something that you can change on your own. And if you're happy doing the shift, and again, if it is then by all means, go ahead, change and be pleased with your self and your almost new connection.
But if you think what she's expression, isn't true, or that you won't be genuine anymore. Should you do the shift she's instant, then you can actually do number two and go, go, go. And on your way out, be sure to keep yourself updated on tricks, to make a girl crazy for you. So you'll be ready when a brand new fire comes along.
All ideal guys, here's your most awaited part? The number one thing that you shouldn't do when a girl loses interest, is this never ever get angry? Whatever you do, don't be mad at her or hold a grudge. If a girl loses interest in you, you can choose from the five options we've given you earlier. But in no circumstances, should you be angry at her getting angry?
Isn't going to help you in any way. You know, if she loses interest and you've done everything you can think of to find out why. And you've also done our five hints, there's no point in getting angry again, getting angry shows that and it won't really reflect well on you. So you're immature and that's definitely not how to get out of the friend zone.
Come to think of it. Would you want to be with someone who got back with you just because you got mad at them when they lost interest. Yeah, I don't believe so. And also, what will you feel if you're the one who lost interest and then the woman got mad at you? Wouldn't you think she's a psycho? Yeah, I believe that you 'd agree.
So never hold a grudge against a girl who lost interest in you. Do you understand any more thoughts about what to do? If a girl loses interest, let us know in the comments below. Gentlemen, do you know, what's better than understanding what to do when a woman loses interest in you? I believe it's never been in a situation where a girl really loses attention, how we've got your back.
We've made a video showing you tricks on the best way to make women.
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vegalocity · 27 days ago
( FLOWER ) for Chimerashipping?
Fancy words memes
( FLOWER ) putting a flower in another’s hair.
i had to cut myself off before this became a monster lol
Okay, it was happening. One year anniversary. One year of being 'with' with two of the greatest boys she'd literally ever met. No pressure or anything. This date had been planned for ahwile in advance, Red Son had made sure of that, the restaurant, the post-dinner plans, those were both taken care of. It was weird not being the one to pull either of her boys along for an adventure on today of all days, but Red Son was insistent he play the role of planner today.
She was going to pick up the check even if she had to fight the both of them for it of course; Though Xiaotian insisted on paying for dates every so often Xiaojiao and Red Son had come to an agreement long ago that he wasn't allowed to waste any of his hard earned savings on romance when the two of them had more than enough funds for as many fancy dates as the lot of them so desired. Xiaotian disagreed and it was the most constant source of wrastling involving him.
But she was sure he had his own ideas for certain parts of tonight and she had her own as well. Red Son was handling the 'Date' portion Xiaotian knowing him was probably planning something involving the cooldown afterward when the three of them eventually holed up in his flat for the rest of the night, and that meant that Xiaojiao was free to pepper in what little here and there touches between either plan as she so chose.
Which was where her little bag of surprises came in. It took storming several craft stories to get what she needed but she'd finally got enough fake flowers in reds and oranges and greens, and enough craft wire for what she wanted to do.
It had been years since she'd made flower crowns with fake flowers and wire, and sure if she'd used real flowers they'd look more natural and they'd probably smell nice, but they'd also eventually wither and die, where as the ones she made could be kept.
And sure, it was a little cheesy, and sure it was kind of against her usual aesthetic, but you know what sometimes you just gotta do things that go against the brand when it's important!
And then she was there. She tapped out the rhythm to a song by way of knocking, and took out the first bundle, she had to act fast if she could catch either Xiaotian or Red Son by surprise, so when the door creaked open she didn't even stop to look at whichever of her boyfriends it was that answered she just swiped out and forced the circlet of fake flowers onto his head.
Red Son blinked down at her, shock dulling his reaction time.
“Why not?” She gently grabbed Red Son's face in either hand and kissed him. He was still stunned but only for a moment longer before he kissed her back.
“Happy anniversary Firecracker.”
“Happy anniversary Xiaojiao.”
Only when Red Son pulled away did he investogate the circlet slightly messing hi hair up.
“A... flower crown?”
“I made 'em, flame retardant so no matter how many rounds of  'lets make Red Son flsutered' we play will mess it up.” Her demon boyfriend immediately scowled at mention of the 'game' she and Xiaotian would so often play on their dates. But the pleased rosiness of his cheeks belayed how much of that was for show. “Xiaotian still gettin' ready?” she walked in properly and sure enough here was an absolute MASS of flowers in a plastic vase on the counter. Red Son's own doing no doubt.
“Aww you did flowers too?”
“Oh! Right-” Red Son darted across the room to sort through the enormous boquet and- oh they were two still large but less massive boquets that were simply sat close together.
“These ones are for you... though I suppose you won't be able to bring them home until later-” he approached with the second vase, the flowers presented were white and a pastel green—cross bred no doubt—and Xiaojiao took them from him. “They're lovely. Thank you.” she leaned up to press a kiss to his cheek.
The bathroom door clattered open.
“You can't be late Xiaotian-” She started
“It's your own house.” Red Son continued easily. But their boyfriend didn't seem to care, he rushed forward and gave Red Son a kiss, then turned and pummelled Xiaojiao with a hug and a kiss to her cheek which she happiuly returned.
“Okay I'm ready now though.”
“Not yet-” She struggled his own flower crown over his own head. “NOW you're ready.”
“Oh wow! 's been awhile since the ol' fake flowers came out Xiaojiao-”
“What can I say? My favorite boys are worth it.”
“Oh shoot! Hang on I almost forgot your guys' gifts! UGH what kinda boyfriend-” but Xiaotian was scurrying away to the closet.
“He's a little nervous.” She leaned in to whisper to Red Son.
“You think so?”
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porniscancer · 28 days ago
Two pieces of advice I constantly give people are these:
-Never look for happiness in other people. I promise you it will slowly destroy you inside.
-Guard your heart and be careful to whom you give it to. You don’t get those pieces of yourself back.
I should take my own advice
So I’m not going to get terribly in depth into my personal life just for the sake that it is not necessary for the sake of this confession/rant/unloading or whatever you want to call it. I’m just putting things to words to get them off my chest. I hope anyone reading this doesn’t think any less of me by the end of it.
I’ve been married to my wife for quite some time now. I can’t say the whole time has been good. Quite frankly a lot of it has been just varying degrees of hard. Some my fault, some hers, as would be with any relationship. I’m not going to go in to the entire history of our marriage. What I will say is that, yes, she has known about my addiction since before we were married (which she had always been supportive of me over. Probably because she struggles, herself). It has also increasingly become cold. As much....... drive..... as I have, she has never really reciprocated. Not most of the time, anyway. We’ve had moments but our marriage has left me intensely frustrated in that arena for all but probably a total of two years of it.
We’ve gotten along ok. But if I’m being honest, our marriage sucks. Things haven’t been the same since we had kids. She became increasingly short tempered and snappy with me for a long while. Shutting off to my physically as well. Which built up a lot of resentment in me. I’m not perfect. There’s things I could do better. I’m not a tremendously wonderful communicator and don’t express myself very well unless I’m super comfortable (which, if you can imagine, is difficult to do when you’re afraid of being snapped at).
Fast forward to six years ago when a friend of mine from Facebook messaged me asking for prayer because her fiancée left her. She was emotionally unstable and I feared for her well being. The two of us became close. Way too close. Not inappropriately, but emotionally. I admit that now. At the time, I became emotional support for her. While I regret how I handled the friendship and how close I let it get, at the time I felt she was a danger to herself and she trusted me. My wife was very uncomfortable with it and we had discussions about it. I should have put her in closer contact with someone else to help her and backed off. But I didn’t. I felt appreciated and needed.... which became addicting. During this time, my wife made an earnest attempt for about 3/4 of the year to be close to me. It was the first time in years I truly felt wanted. But it didn’t last. Neither did the other friendship. She eventually started dating someone and I became a mere afterthought. Not to overshare, but it was also during this time that was the last time we had sex. She’d been getting into gaming (where she’s got a friend of her own that she’s inappropriately close to that she thinks I don’t know about) and she got a new laptop. The games became her focus and she spent more and more time with it while I became ignored and she wanted nothing to do with me physically.
Fast forward to last year. A friend from Facebook and I started chatting after I shared a joke with her privately. Only reason I sent her that was because she’d posted something about finding amusement in dark humor and so I sent it to her because it was something I find funny that others might not think are funny and I don’t want to offend anyone. Everything’s fine at this point. We mostly shared memes and humorous banter for a couple of months. Then one night when she’d had a drink (enough to be a little tipsy) she told me her husband hated her. I don’t know why she told me that. But she opened up that sometimes he’s mean to her and treats her like he hates her. Which, if you can imagine, resonates (seriously.... I’ve been snapped at for simply trying to help or do something nice. This is not an exaggeration). And, because I’m the dumbest man alive and I don’t learn from mistakes, we became close. Our conversations have been inappropriate at times. She’s confessed to me a few times she finds me very attractive which I, regrettably, reciprocated. But we did eventually resolve to keep our conversations appropriate and have been doing so. I’m trying to deal with this with a lot of prayer and by allowing space with my friend. Just..... as you can imagine, it’s causing a tremendous amount of inner turmoil. I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety and worsening depression over it. Both out of guilt for feeling anything in the first place as well as despair knowing nothing can possibly come from it as we are both married and are both serious about marriage being a life long commitment. I already often feel no hope that my life will get better. This just adds to it. Even though I shouldn’t and there’s no chance short of divine intervention of anything coming of it, I feel a deep pain every time I see her post a photo of her with her husband. Which then makes me feel guilty and hopeless.
At the end of the day, really, I know I need to guard my heart. I know most of my wounds are self inflicted. But if you take anything from this, please.... take the advice I’m too dumb to listen to. Don’t wrap up your happiness in other people. It’s a bad idea. They will fail you in one capacity or another or you’ll latchh on and become dependent and when things change you will experience deep hurt. AND.... guard your heart. When you get close to someone like that, you don’t get those pieces of your heart back. No matter how much time goes by, your heart will still miss them every time you’re reminded of them.
I’m not looking for advice or help. Just venting what’s on my heart for therapeutic purposes. I do hope anyone that’s read this far doesn’t think any less of me. If you want to know why my heart latched on to two women it shouldn’t have? It’s very simple..... I felt wanted and needed
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ttakinou · 28 days ago
𝐓𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐔𝐄 𝐓𝐈𝐄𝐃 | first time seeing her headcanon & drabble
Tumblr media
→  PAIRING - dream x streamer!oc/reader, (platonic) george x oc/reader, (platonic) sapnap x oc/reader
→  SUMMARY - seeing people you met on the internet for the first time in real life can be quite scary and go wrong easily, but even more scarier it would seem to suddenly realise you’re in love with your best friend. Thankfully neither of these things occur and seeing her for the first time is a memory filled with laughter, teasing and joy.
→  OTHERS - my book tongue tied features both x reader readable content and a story I can’t wait to tell you more about, if you’re interested and you enjoyed this, maybe give it a read and you’ll fall in love with Daisy just like Dream did! [book tags] streamer!reader, gamer!reader, friends to lovers, slow burn, unrequited feelings (at first), mutual pining, best friend george, best friend sapnap :)
→  RATINGS - [for all ages]
→  WORD COUNT - 2.7K
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Tumblr media
⚅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎮 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚅
when he first saw her, she was 4 and he was 7 so he never really saw her as anything other than a little sister for a really long time
like probably until she was 18 and George was 21
it was the year she was moving away
which is why they’ve been a bit kinder to eachother anyway
since she was homeschooled after it happened back in 2014
the thing she was the most sad about was not being able to go to any sort of prom her whole life
but since George knew her
he knew it was really just the “~Fairy tale feeling~” (as she described it) that she truely wanted out of the prom experience
and the getting asked by someone probably
so his mother let George use their backyard for setting up a sort of “goodbye party” for him and her.
he told her to dress up over the phone
excited squeeky noises
he opened the door and she looked really dressed up
pretty outfit and everything
“lol, way to overdress, loser”
he was for sure just wearing sweatpans and a dresshirt
she practiacally had to drag him over to the garden bc he was lowkey kinda embarrassed annoyed
Drabble: You’re my Best Friend - Queen [990 words]
“Could you stop running so-”
“Gogy, look!” She stopped him from speaking, pointing all around the well decorated garden with a fascination in her eyes that almost made George soften his attitude for a second.
“Everything’s so pretty,” She muttered, her mouth hanging open in awe.
“I know, stupid I’m the one who set everything up,” George mumbled, pulling her along towards the trampoline that was filled with blankets and pillows.
The garden really was a sight for sore eyes, not only was the trampoline decorated with pretty fairy lights, but the rest of the garden was also decorated, either with lanterns or other decorative items she wasn’t even aware George had owned.
“You got the fairy tale feelings and everything,” She spoke, her hands grasping tightly around his arms.
“You should become an exterior designer or something,” she mumbled, continuously walking away from George, who was trying to lead her to the trampoline, to admire some piece of decor in the garden.
“Will you just get into the trampoline,” George groaned, pulling her towards it with determination.
“Damn boy, buy me some dinner first,” She muttered.
“I did, dummy” he grumbled, “it’s in the trampoline already.”
That seemed to convince her alright.
Halfway into a shitty rom com neither were really paying attention to, instead just making fun of the main characters while eating.
“OooOh, I aM a pRiViLeGeD wHitE dUdE aNd aLL mY lOvE LiFe pRoblEmS ArE be beCAuSE I aM iNcaPabLe oF tHe cOncEpt oF a MisUndErStanDing” George mocked as he watched the two main characters have their big break up fight on screen.
“You would be such a bad love interest, dude,” She chuckled taking a big swig of the thermostat that was previously filled with hot coca by George’s mother.
He stared at her in disbelieve, but ultimately decided to just let that statement rest, continuing to think about whether or not he should see that as a compliment or not.
Half an hour later she let herself slump into George’s shoulder an agonized groan leaving her body.
“Ugh, Movie over. Dancy time.”
George scuffed, as he turned off the beamer, “Yeah right. Don’t be greedy you got a movie and hot chocolate.”
“But I put on a dress!”
“That was your mistake.”
“Come on, pleassee! I know you set up a speaker by the table! You’re just putting off the inevitable.”
She was convinced and after over 10 years of friendship George had learned that nothing he could possibly do or say now would stop her from putting on a song.
As the melody started to fill their ears, she slung her hands around his neck with an eager grin, George just sighed in defeat but placed his hands on her hips nonetheless.
Oh, you make me live.
“Seriously?” George groaned even though there was a small smile on his face.
Instead of answering, she just started to slowly sway around, singing the lyrics while leaning her head back, choosing to ignore George’s disapprovement.
It’s you, you’re all I see
George watched as she danced almost by herself, while he would just let himself be pulled around by her. In a way, he thought, this moment right here must have probably been the best visual representation of their friendship.
Oh, you're the best friend that I ever had
He couldn’t believe this would be one of the last times they’d see eachother, suddenly realising how much impact her moving away would have on their friendship and most of all on him.
I've been with you such a long time
He almost couldn’t remember a day when the two of them didn’t see eachother, resulting in him always being ready for her to just jump out of a corner and annoy him with stupid memes she had filled up 90% of her storage with. He wondered what that would be like after she wouldn’t live in England anymore.
You're my sunshine and I want you to know
George felt like this was supposed to be some revelation moment, like he was supposed to feel something completely different than what he was feeling as he looked into his best friends’ eyes and for the first time in his life George really saw his best friend.
That my feelings are true
The way she decided to just mutter the words she didn’t know and always sneakily glance back at him to check if he saw and the way her fingers tapped on his shoulder blades in perfect sync with the beat of the music. 
He finally noticed how she did her hair and wondered if she always did it like that. Biting the inside of his cheek he took an even closer look at the girl in his hold, the way her nose and her lips looked, the way her eyes were formed and the small moles on her skin.
“How ridiculous,” he thought.
That he only now realised how undeniably beautiful his best friend was. I really love you
But more importantly he realised, that he loved being annoyed by her loud and rambunctious nature and being the one she would always find comfort in when she needed it, even if he pretended to be annoyed by her, the thought of being the one scolding her for doing something stupid for the rest of his life thrilled him so much more than even ever thinking about how breathtaking she looked in his arms.
He chuckled, catching her attention as she tilted her head to the side, but George didn’t say anything and instead just pulled her into a hug, continuing to sway slightly.
She gasped at the sudden physical affection, that she definitely wasn’t used to from George, so she squealed with excitement and hugged him back even tighter.
She was right, he would never be the love interest and he never wanted to be if it meant he could be her best friend.
Oh, you're my best friend
⚅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎮 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚅
the two of them first met when she moved to america in 2018
not really knowing anything about buying houses or moving Dream made the offer to let her stay at his place until she would find somewhere she would want to live in.
as mentioned in this chapter 
he was kinda unprepared and really really startled by how pretty she was
after his initial;
wHAT THE FUCK- moment (he screamed that in his head like he screamed at sapnap when he found out he yelled at bad lol)
but he was gonna be smooth about this
ladies man dream mode activated (tommy take notes I-)
Drabble: Just My Type - The Vamps [700 words]
“Uhm,..Clay?” She asked, seemingly not finding another way to start a conversation with him than to blatantly ask his name.
They’ve been standing here for almost 3 minutes now and all he really did was trying and failing to subtly check her out without her noticing him doing so, causing her to believe she might have been at the wrong house, or he accidentally gave her the wrong address.
“Yeah, yeah that’s me,” he replied rather quietly while rubbing his neck.
How on earth could it be that he had suddenly lost all ability to have a conversation? 
She seemingly didn’t face the same problem anymore. With the reassurance that this was in fact her best friend of over 3 years was more than enough for her to let the feral energy she had been saving up the flight here (and their whole friendship long) finally out.
“You really are so much taller than I expected you to be!” She cheered, throwing herself into his arms with a big grin on her face.
That seemed to calm him down quite a bit, hugging her back with just as much enthusiasm as she did.
“You’re so much smaller than I expected you to be,” he mumbled into her shoulder before letting her down onto the floor again.
“And do I look like the boy of your dreams?” Dream asked, taking a step back and stretching his arms out so she could admire him in all her glory.
“Mhm, yeah sure, Dream Boy, if it makes you feel any better.” She gave him a light punch in the shoulder, before allowing herself to enter the house, dragging the suitcase she had after her.
“Can I put my stuff somewhere?” She slipped off her shoes, looking around his house.
“Uhm, yeah, just why don’t you just give me that,” Dream took her luggage and began to walk towards the guest room, “and you can go take a shower or something. It’s the second door right there.”
She tilted her head to the side, a small smile spreading over her cheeks before it turned into a sly smirk.
“What, you saying I smell?”
Dream almost dropped the bags.
“Wh-what?! No! I just- I thought because of the long flight and all that- I didn’t try to like offend you I-”
“Okay, Clay. Okay,” She just shrugged, making her way over to the shower without letting him finish.
After putting some clothes of his on the sink for her he made some finishing touches in the spare room, changing the bedsheets and cleaning out whatever he had stored in the closet before.
“You always leave the door unlocked when your showering?” He asked as soon as he heard her slightly damp feet walk over to him.
Continuing to dry her hair she hummed in agreement, “Yeah, should probably break that habit now that I have a roommate, huh?”
She chuckled lightly as she let her still slightly wet her fall onto the hoodie Dream had put on the sink for her.
“You always walking into the bathroom when girls are showering?” She asked in return, a small smile on her face as she walked towards him.
“Only when I’m planning to join,” he smirked in return not planning to back down.
“Why didn’t you?”
“Didn’t want to scare you away on your first day.”
“Think you can get rid of me that easily?”
“Hopefully not, I like how your shampoo smells,” he whispered as the two of them continued in their intense staring battle, standing so close to each other that the scent of her shampoo really was the only thing Dream could smell, completely overtaking his senses to the point he was scared of getting dizzy. 
And when neither wanted to back down only after another few seconds, she got bored and hastily turned away from him, slapping him in the face with her damp hair in the process.
“Thank you very much. It’s tropical mix,” she spoke as she walked over to her luggage and began to calmy unpack her things as if nothing ever happened.
He stared at her in disbelieve before a small grin spread over his face.
Yeah, this was gonna be fun.
[August, 2018] FRIENDZONE ERA
⚅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎮 ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚅
Sapnap first seing her was probably the funniest thing ever
it was something like mid 2018 when the four of them would be playing Minecraft and suddenly Sapnap would just stop whatever he was doing and be silent for a minute or two
“You okay there, Sap?”
“...Do I know what you look like?!” Sapnap practically screamed into his mic, his question directioned towards her.
She took a moment for that one
“wHAT?! Well, has Clay seen you?”
“I live with him, dude.”
“I wanna see you too, how unfair.”
And because she didn’t really want to make a big deal out of it
and she probably would have trusted Sapnap with a picture of herself the most anyway-
she was like okay
Drabble: Mmm Yeah - Austine Mahone [580 words]
“I’ll send you a picture of me, okay?” She smiled a little to herself as she scrolled trough her gallary, suddenly realising she really didn’t have any good pictures of herself.
“Ok, damn, I’m kinda nervous,” he chuckled, to which the other two qucikly guys qucikly replied with disbelieve.
“Wh-what why would you be nervous, Sapnap?” George spoke sounding almost disgusted.
“Yeah, it’s not like it’s gonna change anything between you two,” Dream agreed.
“And also, she’s kinda ugly,” George muttered, more so just because he felt like he hadn’t offended his best friend enough today.
“Well- I mean she’s not ugly but regardless it won’t make a difference how she looks, you’re still best friends,” Dream tried to reassure him.
“What do you think I look like?” She asked, wanting to fill the silence while she continued to scroll through her gallary.
“Uhm, like dark brown hair maybe? Brown eyes?” 
She just hummed as she continued to scroll, neither confirming nor denying his claims, but George wasn’t feeling patient today and he was also a little annoyed at how little his comment about her appearance bothered her.
“Why are you scrolling so long?” He laughed in disbelieve, the other two chiming in with him.
“Willl you just chill, I wanna make a good first impression.”
“Just- just send- like what picture are you on right now?” 
“RIght now?” She asked slighlty annoyed that her facereveal was being rushed, “Right now I’m on a picture that says ‘oh no oh mama! I forgot to water my baguettes.’ and there are like dehydrated baguettes growing out of the floor saying ‘hydrate us Ryan.’”
There was a small silence afterwards, like the calm before the storm, before the three of them burst out laughing.
“thE FUCKING WHAT?” Dream wheezed, so loud he could be heard through her microphone screaming through the walls.
“What- why do you- what do you?” George tried to speak, but he was truely at loss of words this time. 
What was wrong with his friend?
“Okokok, guys! Guys, I found a picture,” She tried to get back to topic and send a picture into the groupchat. 
The guys went silent after that, each one of them looking at the picture of her.
“No way! Is that you? Did you just send me some random picture of a porn star?”
“SAPNAP, WHAT THE HELL?! I AM CLOTHED!” She screamed into the mic in disbelieve.
“Whatever. That’s not you,” Sapnap spoke.
“He’s in denial,” Dream muttered through a small chuckle.
“In denial of having an ugly friend,” George answered, which was once again ignored.
“It is me, but thank you, damn.”
“No, no way that’s you.”
“It is, dude, believe me!” She laughed in disbelieve, “Like actually, wait actually I’ll turn my camera on.”
Looking into the camera she was kinda disgusted by how greasy the dim lighting made her seem, before she adjusted her position a bit to resemble the way she looked in the picture. 
Unsure of what to do now, she just awkwardly threw a piece sign at the camera before taking a sip of the water bottle that was previously standing off screen.
Sapnap took a closer look. 
It really was her and to be honest he felt kind of stupid now.
“ pretty,” he muttered.
She just looked at the camera with a slightly stoic but on the inside totally paniced expression, before turning it off again.
“Damn, okay, Sapnap, shoot your shoot man,” George teased him.
“Wha- I’m just saying!”
⚅ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ authors note ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚅
this time i thought i’d feed into your guys’ george need, since my last one for george was so short :(, but yeah this is a “story unrelated chapter again” I guess, but for all those who’ve read, you know dayscia ? ifuckingloveulikehaveanamazingday, bub ajhdah- but also daisy and her are the same person, i just won’t mention her name so people who like reading x reader more can hopefully enjoy some of my content too! also people who didn’t read it I love you too, sorry just got excited hehe.
While on that topic! Do you guys want an [x Reader] only Masterlist (with a taglist)? bc I don’t want people to get annoyed when I tag them in chapters they really don’t wanna read! Honestly just send me your preferences! If someone would text me like “I want to be tagged in posts that ONLY start with a T” i’d be like Okay! lemme write that down real quick, so yeah! If you wanna talk to me guys just do! Love you all! Thanks so much for reading!
▬▬▬▬▬▬ taglist ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 
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Tumblr media
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rattaemin · 29 days ago
Here it iss 💛
Idk yet which aspects (or planets) are the most important so I would love to hear your opinions💕
And thank you again for taking time to look at it!
Mush love 💛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello thereee, im sorry this took that long to be answered. I took a look in your chart and i have some stuff to point out in it for you but firstly i hope youre doing amazing and staying safe💕💕
You dont have a stellium in your chart but you have three important asteroids shaped in your 9th house, 3rd house and 1st house -> asteroids (when it comes to planet placements in the houses) means that there is a cusp in a house with one or two planets placed inside. Having these three asteroids shows where your focus is most based on. I will get in details about them below
1st house asteroid -> since this is the house of self, you know very well that you have a very strong concern on your development as a person but your self image as well. 1st house stelliums would bring a more complex person with many sides depending on the circle of people they are around but with you having an asteroid which has less energy, i wouldnt say you are that complex of a person but rather that you actually just act very differently around your friends, family, colleagues, your lover and even around your own self. There are lots of dimensions in you. You are made out of many different connected parts.
Your 3rd house asteroid -> since this is the house of communication, the way you communicate, connect with people, how you are perceived online and your knowledge is sth on your mind quite oftenly. The 3rd house stellium would show a person that could do great in writing as their self expression is amazing and also their creativity. Your asteroid here definetely has potential that you should work on. For you to be interested in sth, it needs to stimulate your mind continuously or else you will get bored of it quite quickly. You are a methodical mind you have many ways of analyzing problems and finding solutions. Strong logic and prone to be very intelligent
Your 9th house asteroid -> tricky placement to have as it can be both a blessing and a curse. You may have a very changing luck. You are the type of person that when they say their day went horribly, you literally mean it cause apparently everything did go wrong that day. You are blessed with either extreme good luck one day and bad luck the other. You have a liking for foreign countries, cultures or languages. And since this is the house of philosophy, you know damn well, we have a person that likes to expand and improve themselves each day.
Your chart ruler is Venus -> the chart ruler is decided by the planet that rules your ascendant sign. Your ascendant is in Libra and Libra is ruled by Venus so Venus is your chart ruler. You probably have the most heartwarming smile istg and you will oftenly smile with the strong sagittarius influence in your chart. You have a very warm and addictive aura that many people are attracted it, wanting to be close to you without understanding why as you make them feel very familiar around you.
Your chart ruler Venus is in the first house -> we come back once again to your 1st house asteroid as we can now see what a strong influence the 1st house has for you. Here is an ask i had about Venus in 1st house culture. You can read some more details about it.
Your Venus aspects are very important for you to research about -> since your chart ruler is Venus its so logical that the aspect your venus does with other planets is equally important. If you search about them online, im sure you will find even more information about them. I sadly cant get in details about them cause this ask will never end JAHSHSHAA if you have any questions, i would love to get them when i open my asks again💕 or else please ask other amazing astrology blogs here
Please check who is your dominant planet -> very important to see what your general energy is and ofc its essential in which house that planet will be in. You will find your dominant planet in the website you made your chart (astroseek), where when you create your natal chart, there is an option bar above your natal circle, that says "dominants", press it and you will see.
Once you find out about your dominant planet (but also the two other top dominant planets you have), see the aspects it does with other planets -> important planets for your personalities and so will be the aspects they do.
Your chart has the see saw pattern -> so basically each one of us has their own individual shape of their natal chart, where the ten most important planets are the ones that create the shape of how your chart is like. Well drawing your own, i see that you have the hourglass (see saw) pattern. It is very important to know your natal chart shape as it gives extra characteristics about you. Here you can read my post about natal chart shapes and read more info about your own shape
Thats what i had to point out most about your chart from a quick look and you should definetely discover it even moree.
Since you are a newbie i will suggest some amazing astrology blogs you should follow and check out. They have amazing knowledge and will give you so many answers and clarifications in taking a step further to knowing yourself even more.
These are the blogs that i have discovered so far and trust their knowledge in astrology:
@saintzjenx -> exceptional, she was the first astrology blog i found when i created this acc and her knowledge just blowed my mind. She is very giving and open with her knowledge and im sure you will find many interesting and informative subjects to read from her. She has a masterlist with all her posts so you can also select what you want to read most. Her posts are very organised and pleasant to read. She justifies everything she states and you will learn a lot from her definetely.
@thebluezodiac -> a blog that you will get your heart so warm reading through their posts. She is very knowledgeable, imaginative, creative, so giving and open with her information, she has great justifications as well. Her mind is amazing and she us very beginner friendly. A very kind person too. She has a masterlist with her posts so you can definetely check her posts out as they are very entertaining and informative at the same time. I love her and ik you will too
@glitterheartz -> you will fall in love with her aesthetics and then with her istg-KZHZJSIS the examples she gives are so practical and helpful. She shows in details how to find out and dig deeper into your chart. Check her #glitterheartz to see her posts and useful answered asks. I have learned very well about the degree theories from her.
@hillarysss -> she is amazing, outstanding, so smart and such a fantastic person. Her knowledge, mindset, creativity and observations is sth all of you would wish to have. She has a great account for both beginners and people that are in the community for long time. Excellent justifications. Amazing person and the best clairvoyant, i love her💕 she knows what she does and she does it amazingly.
@cosmhicity -> Fantastic blog, iconic aesthetics and amazing post ideas. A blog you should check out definetely as her posts are so pleasant to read and informative. Her ideas are so creative and her knowledge is outstanding. 918228% suggested.
@star-astrology -> I personaly love her blog a lot. I remember she was from the first astrology blogs i found and i had send her an anonymous ask and the way she replied to me amazed me. Her way of self expression shows how much she loves what she does and how passionate she is about astrology. Definetely suggest to check her out. Her justifications are on another level and she is very knowledgeable.
@jupiiter -> Amazing blog once again. They are very beginner friendly and have a masterlist with all the posts they have done. I love their expression as they are very understandable and great justifications for each point they say.
@astroismypassion -> O U T S T A N D I N G blog, definetely check them out, so experienced and well expressive. Their posts are so educational. They were also one of the astrology blogs that i found at the beginning and their knowledge is out of this world. Im sure you will also learn a lot from them as their words are always on point. I admire them a lot
@peach-astrology -> from the first blogs i found too. Very on point, detailed and amazing descriptions for each one of their posts. Excellent blog with lots of knowledge.
@saturnianneptune -> Amazing blog, they are so experienced and their knowledge is very wide. Worth trusting their opinion, you will learn from here a lot as well.
@guxciestone -> excellent blog, she is amazing and has great points to make, she recently started a new side blog that will be even more deeper and knowledgable @daddyultrasoft . You will find many useful info on aspects but also many other stuff invloving astrology.
@armetor -> just recenty found out about her and she is simply amazing. Great knowledge, justifications and explanations. Worth checking out DEFINETELY, the potential with this blog is wow.
@angelvibezluv -> very great blog, ik she hasn't done so many posts, but her knowledge shows and she is definetely someone you can trust to get an opinion from. Very kind and explains her point very well.
@astrloggeek -> i havent seen many posts from this person and i remember finding them from their astrology memes HAHSHSHA they seem quite intelligent and knowlegdable so i would definitely tell you to check them out and trust them for any opinion you need.
@plutoswrath -> they have been in the astro community for a long time and you can see very well how experienced and knowledgeable they are. Definetely check them out. Has very friendly beginner posts and i cant wait for more content from this blog.
@bratz-kitten -> i noticed them a lot these few days and they see very promising and fun. The posts i saw from them were very detailed and accurate so i would check them out for sure.
@asuetrology -> same goes for this blog, just found them out recently and their astrology observations show the potential they have. Another blog you should definetely trust their opinion.
@personachartsblog -> this is the blog that made me discover persona charts even better and they definetely have great posts for beginners. Outstanding knowledge and so educated. Their experience is so impressive.
@venusfun -> i found them cause of a certain asteroid that i was looking for and stayed for their amazing content. A blog you should follow as they are very knowledgeable and direct.
@treepuppets -> a blog that only posts about astrology with no reblogs so you can easily read all their posts without scrolling too much. Amazing quality posts, mostly observations but they are so knowledgeable, their blog is too promising.
Thats literally only the few of the amazing astrology blogs that are probably in this community. I have pointed out the ones that I have found and that stood out the most to me. They are worth to follow and learn from. We have many amazing and educated people in this community so ik very well that you will also learn even more about your chart but also astrology in general.
Hope this was of any helpp💕💕 take care and stay safe💕💕
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ttokeyama · 29 days ago
summary: As a recently employed delivery driver for one of the best soba restaurants in the city, you expect to learn a lot of things on the job. One thing you don’t expect to learn about, however, is Shouto Todoroki’s cooking skills. Or, complete lack thereof. 
pairing: todoroki shouto x f!reader
genre: strangers to lovers au, pro hero!shouto, delivery girl!yn | fluff 
warnings: characters are aged-up (in their 20s!), this is a universe where bakusquad owns a soba restaurant & dekusquad are pro heroes, the restaurant is named after a real life soba backstreet restaurant in Shibuya called Fukudaya!!!!, one (1) display of slight vulgar language, slow burn, mentions of insecurity, another slice of life fic </3 
word count: 13.1k
a/n: I have a headcanon that Shouto is hopeless in the kitchen. Hence, this story. also vaguely inspired by the prompt “i’m flirting with you”. 
Tumblr media
The first time it happens, there is smoke underneath the doorway and you have half the mind to call one-one-nine instead of knocking on the door. But alas, the weight of the plastic bag weighs down your consciousness, serving as a reminder that you are still getting paid to do your job. You almost do abandon your post to ring up emergency services, but the thought of restaurant founder and head chef Katsuki Bakugo using you as target practice because you didn’t do your job serves as a lingering warning in your mind. 
With the reassurance that you could always dial one-one-nine after fulfilling order #190 of the day, you knock on the apartment door, testing the waters with a gentle call against the wood. “Um, hello? I’m from Bakudaya Soba House, here with your delivery?” You glance down at the smoke still seeping under the doorway. “It seems like there’s a fire in your apartment—do you need me to call someone?” 
As if on cue, a smoke alarm starts going off inside the room. You jump at the sound, pressing your palm against the door, the open straps of your helmet swinging within your peripheral vision. Shit, maybe you should have called first, Bakugo’s order be damned. 
Before you can make the move to save the day, the door flings open to reveal a haphazard looking man—your age and looking so vaguely familiar that your gaze lingers. The cloud of smoke isn’t as bad as you had assumed, although it seems to be densely concentrated in one area of the apartment. The shrieking from the smoke alarm increases in volume and aggression, serving as a constant reminder to your situation. 
However, you aren’t able to figure out the boy, the situation, nor the source of the smoke, because he cuts in through your thoughts with one haste word. “Here,” he says, shoving a few wads of bills into your hands, grabbing the bag, and shutting the door in your face. 
This leaves you standing in the hallway, staring wide-eyed at the closed-door. The past two seconds could have been passed off as a dream—and you would have thought so, had the bag of food not been removed from your hands and replaced with cash. 
For a moment, you just stand there, continuing to stare at this door that holds the shrieks of smoke and a frantic boy behind it. You wonder if you should stay and see if any type of emergency response team shows up, but another part of you, the part of you with the moped of deliveries parked outside this very apartment building, decides against it. You linger for just a few seconds, scoping out any potential for noises, but make your way to the elevator when there are none. 
You note the lack of firefighters outside the building, and the general calmness of the neighborhood despite the shit show of chaos you’ve just witnessed a few seconds ago. No one pays you any attention as you swing your leg atop the moped, rebuckling the helmet underneath your chin, before settling yourself into the seat. You steal one last glance at the apartment building, trying to see if you can pinpoint where that strange boy lives, before setting off when you realize you cannot. 
The rest of the deliveries you make that night are calmer, nothing of significance but the usual small customer interactions, thanks, and exchange of payment for goods, all with people of much more peaceful dispositions. This allows you more energy and brain space to think about the strange boy from order #190. 
It’s an encounter that you reflect on later in the evening upon returning back to Bakudaya Soba House, where Eijiro Kirishima is loading up boxes of produce for tomorrow, to which the boy laughs heartily. 
“Holy shit,” Kirishima manages in between his laughter. “That really seems like the perfect display of the ‘I’m fine’ meme. You know, the one with the dog?” 
You laugh in return. “That’s true! I really wonder what he was doing to cause all that smoke though.” 
Kirishima shrugs. “Maybe he burned food on a date, so you were his backup plan?” he asks. 
You ponder this for a moment. “No, it was just one order of soba,” you explain, remembering his order details very clearly. 
At that, he raises an eyebrow. “Already keeping close tabs, are we?” 
“Hey, I’m sure you would also remember a delivery if smoke was pouring out from underneath the door,” you retort, tiptoeing the reach another box to pass over to Kirishima, who takes it with ease. 
Kirishima ponders this for a moment. “Actually, yeah, I definitely would,” he returns, finally situating the last box in the storage room. He claps his hands, rubbing them together to ease his muscles. “At least you never have to see him again!” he remarks cheerfully as the pair of you enter the locker-room to clock out for the day. “Idiots like him usually only fuck up the one time, and then they get too embarrassed to order from the restaurant again. You should be in the clear.” 
You shrug. “I guess we’ll wait and see on that.” 
The assurance that you would never have to think about the strange boy from order #190 only lasts 24 hours, because the following day you clock into work to take over the delivery shift from Denki Kaminari to find his address on one of the order forms. 
“Oh shit!” you exclaim upon seeing the familiar address—how could you forget? 
Kaminari looks over. “What’s up?” 
You point at the address on the order form. “I went to this guy’s apartment yesterday and his unit was on fire. Smoke was coming out of the door and everything. But when I went to knock and ask if he needed help, he just opened the door, traded the food for money and then shut the door in my face,” you explain. “All in a matter of just a few seconds, it was very weird.” 
Kaminari looks vaguely troubled by the story. “Was it smoke from a fire?” 
You shrug, wide-eyed. “I have no idea.” 
He thinks about it for a second longer. “Well, it seems like it wasn’t. Otherwise, his apartment would have burned down and he wouldn’t have been able to place the order.” 
You cough, trying to hide your snort from how crude Kaminari’s words had been. “That’s an unique way of saying it. Anyways, I should get going.” 
You arrange all the orders you have to make atop your moped before settling yourself atop the bike. You buckle on your helmet, wave to Kaminari, before making your way down the streets of the city. Navigating through the various bumps and bends of the district make you feel at ease, as does the swinging of the wind through your hair and your clothing. Allowing your mind to drift off makes the delivery process much easier. It allows you to go through orders with ease, exchanging soba noodles for money. 
Finally, you reach the building that you’ve been half-awaiting, half-dreading for your entire ride. The apartment of the boy with order #190. Well, today, it’s the boy with order #86, but it doesn’t ease off your curiosity about the encounter. Although there’s a high chance he wouldn’t even recognize you, since the aforementioned encounter had been so short,  you still wonder if today’s delivery will just be a rehash of yesterday. 
You make your way into the building and up the elevator, a small series of events that perfectly reflect that had happened the previous day. You almost hold your breath as you turn the corner that’ll take you right to the apartment door. 
You breathe a sigh of relief when you don’t see any smoke creeping underneath the door. 
Mentally preparing yourself for an actual normal interaction with the strange boy of order #190 and order #86, you head straight for the door number. Taking in a breath, you knock on the door. “Hello?” you exclaim. “Delivery from Bakudaya Soba House!” You pause for a moment, shifting on your weight, half expecting the door to open and close with the same haste as last time. 
You hear the footsteps on the other side, you hear the door pull open. 
But it’s a slower move today, and the clearer light within the space of the apartment allows you for a clearer view of who is on the other side. 
At once, it hits you why he had looked familiar yesterday. Of course! You’ve seen his face on TV, on the news articles, on the streets when he’s protecting the city from villains. It’s Shouto Todoroki—the number two pro hero in the country, with his two-toned hair and two-toned eyes piercing straight through you. You blink, surprised that you would even be allowed to deliver something like soba noodles to a celebrity’s apartment building, but you try to mask that shock with professionalism. You’re here now, the most you can do is not act like a creep by openly staring at the hero in front of you. 
You force your gaze down onto the bag of take-out in your hands. You take in a breath. You can do this. “Hi there!” you exclaim, looking back up and trying to engage in eye-contact while not simultaneously combusting. Now that Todoroki is in front of you, the proximity allows you a better look at a lot of his features. He’s cute. Of course he is. The media has always been a heavy enforcer of this belief—and plus, the only reason you’re able to see news of Todoroki in the first place is because of the media. Whether it’s gushing about his draping hair, his heterochromia eyes, his tall form, or his build, it seems like there is a never-ending conversation about his appearance. Besides, you also have eyes. He’s cute. 
But he also carries an air of intimidation in his quietness, in the way he regards you cooly. “Hello,” he replies, voice deep. “Bakudaya Soba House?” he asks, referring to your intention for showing up. 
You nod quickly, as if the speed of your gesture will prove that you aren’t actually a stalker. “Y-Yes,” you manage, holding up the order. “A cold soba order with dipping sauce, correct?” 
Todoroki stares at the bag you’re holding up, before leveling his gaze onto you. It’s a stare much more intense than through a screen, so you feel yourself freeze up upon realization. From his stare, it almost feels like he’s sizing you up, trying to figure out if you got crazy in your eyes, if you’re using the soba order as a facade. 
At his silence, you shift in your stance. “Order #86?” you squeak out. “You should have received a delivery confirmation after ordering online?” 
As soon as you confirm his order, Todoroki seems to relent. Just enough, however, because he still elects to use short responses. Having a vague familiarity of his language patterns through watching his interviews, however, you expect this. “That’s right,” he replies, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his wallet. “1200 yen, correct?” 
You nod, before realizing that he isn’t looking at you. “That’s correct,” you return. As he starts shifting through to confirm the correct amount in his hands, you cannot help yourself. Your mouth speaks before your mind can catch up, as that secret part of you that dreads awkward silences reacts. “Is your apartment okay?” you blurt out. 
The question catches Todoroki off guard, because he actually looks over at you with an expression beyond indifference. “What do you mean?” he asks. 
You flush, thoughts scrambling slightly. “W-Well, it’s just that I came by yesterday to deliver your soba and saw smoke coming out of your apartment…” 
Todoroki averts his gaze, the first case of meekness seeking into his expression, so different from his straightforward, hero persona that you cannot help but stare. “Oh, the apartment is fine,” he returns vaguely. 
You decide not to press the question. He’s probably uncomfortable discussing personal information to a stranger. Not just any stranger, though, someone who could leak information about him to the public. You assume that he even answered your question, as vague as he had, because you knew about the smoke in the first place. 
So you nod slowly. “That’s good,” you manage, passing over the bag of food when Todoroki gives you the money. “Well, have a nice night!” you exclaim, already stepping away to turn back the way you came. “Enjoy the food.” 
Todoroki stares at you for a moment longer. “Thank you,” he returns, already stepping back into his apartment to close the door. 
You walk back to the elevator, pressing on the down button as you wait for the cart to arrive on your floor. You decide that Shouto Todoroki is no longer the strange boy of order #190 and order #86, and that he definitely has some layers beneath that stoic silence he carries. But as you step onto your moped and strap the helmet underneath your chin, you decide that it’s something no one else will know about. 
Tumblr media
Surprise would be an understatement when you clock into a work a few days later and see Todoroki’s order and corresponding address on the delivery list. Quite honestly, you had thought your intrusive question and even more intrusive (and lingering) gaze would have scared him off. 
It must have taken him back slightly, but not enough to keep him away from the best soba noodles in the city (words taken from a review article, not yours, although you would agree). 
You stare down at the address, mind whirling. You had seen Todoroki on the news earlier today, fighting off a whole herd of villains near the bank district, alone until his fellow pro heroes could come give the necessary backup and first aid. It was said that Todoroki had to balance several different hero requirements during the time he was alone, which had to be a stressful situation for him. He didn’t participate in any post-interview following the capture of the villains, but you had seen some footage. He looked tired. 
You sigh to yourself as you check the various orders, making sure that everything on the receipt is accounted for in the boxes. Todoroki’s save in the bank district had ensured you would be able to arrive to work safely, and had ensured that none of the subway lines would get held up or destroyed. If only there was some way to thank him, without having to embarrass yourself by opening your big dumb mouth. 
As soon as you reach Todoroki’s order, a realization dawns on you. There is a way for you to thank him, to try and make his night a little bit better by not having to do anything at all. 
You could add some extra sides to his order! Nothing too serious, of course, perhaps just some just a few fresh tempuras’ to show your thanks and appreciation for what he did without having to say anything at all. 
With a determined huff, you make your way into the kitchen, where head chef Katsuki Bakugo is preparing some noodles in the boiling pot of water. He sees you lingering, and barks. “What do you want?” 
“Can I take some tempura?” You ask, a smile present on your face. “Just a shrimp and a pumpkin one. I’m gonna add it to a customer’s order.” 
Bakugo glares at you. “Did they pay for it?” 
You shrug. “In a way.” 
He tsks. “With money?” 
“I’ll cover it,” you retort, gesturing to the locker room where your bag, and wallet, is safely stored away. “Or take it out of my tips, or something.” 
The pair of you have a staring contest, although Bakugo definitely sees it more as a glaring contest, before he scoffs and looks away. He’d never admit it, but he’s soft on you—he probably still sees you as the new girl he had to teach how to ride the delivery motorcycle. “You better cover it,” he insists, but it’s half-hearted. “And don’t bother me with that shit again.” 
His refocused attention back in the kitchen tells you that your time with him is over. But you’re still grinning as you pick up some chopsticks, stack exactly one shrimp and one pumpkin tempura into a take-out box, and step back at the table of orders that need to be delivered. You safely wrap up Todoroki’s tempuras into the bag before finally preparing all the orders on the moped. 
One wave at Kirishima through the window before you’re off. 
You reach Shouto Todoroki’s apartment towards the tail-end of your delivery, and there’s a little bit of a skip in your step as you make your way to the elevator. By now, as shameful as it is to admit, you have a little bit of the directions to Todoroki’s apartment engraved in your mind. You step out of the elevator, make a right, make another left, and his apartment is the sixth door on the left. 
You may not be a creepy fangirl but you were dangerously toeing the line. 
There’s a little bit of a fidget in your movements as you steel yourself to knock on the door—because you can do this. Just like the other day, you’re going to deliver Todoroki his take-out and be on your way. He won’t feel the extra weight of the tempura in the bag, there’s no way he was going to ask you about it and put you on the spot. Right? 
Well, Todoroki is very perceptive. He’s not the number two hero for nothing, but perhaps that type of steely observation wouldn’t apply to take-out soba. 
As soon as you mentally prepare some sort of excuse if Todoroki were to find the tempura under your watch, you knock on the door. You clear your throat. “Hello, delivery from Bakudaya Soba House!” 
The door opens much quicker than it did the second time, where Todoroki is standing in the door frame. He looks a little more alive, a little more observant, and a little more approachable. Today, he’s not looking at you like he’s waiting for the Todoroki pictures to fall out of your helmet. He actually looks, dare you say, pleasant. 
“Hi again,” he greets. “1200 yen?” 
You glance down at the bag. “Yes!” you exclaim, confirming the total. “Cold soba with dipping sauce, as usual.” 
The corner of Todoroki’s lips actually curl up at that, and you realize vaguely that you’ve just admitted to knowing his order by memory. You stare down at the ground, trying to burn holes into the wood or hope that the ground will just swallow you whole. 
Of course, the universe would never grant you such a request. 
“Have you been a delivery girl long?” Todoroki asks as he’s digging around for his money to pay you. “I can’t seem to recall the other times you made deliveries.” 
You blink at him. Was Todoroki actually making conversation with you? You cover up your shock by looking away, glad that his attention is focused on the money and not your face. “That’s because I’m new,” you explain instead. “I started a few weeks ago.” 
“How are you enjoying it so far?”  
Oh, you realize. He’s maintaining the conversation. He must be a little more relaxed now that he’s ensured you aren’t a total psycho—since you don’t appear to have sold out any of his personal information.  
“It’s alright,” you supply slowly. “I actually didn’t know how to ride the moped when I was hired, so my boss had to teach me. It was, ah, a very frustrating experience to say the least. But—!” you cut in, lifting up a finger and grinning from ear-to-ear. “I managed to figure it out, and while the delivery portion is fine, I really love getting to drive around the city. I usually take the subway to get around, but getting on that moped and navigating through the roads and feeling the wind everywhere—!” you stop. You stop short with embarrassment, realizing that you’ve accidentally just started nerding out in front of Shouto Todoroki about the fucking wind. The boy is a pro hero who can make ice from his body and use that ice to transport. He probably feels the wind on a daily basis. “S-Sorry,” you manage, glancing away as you try for a shy smile. “I don’t really get out much, as you can probably tell.” 
Todoroki shakes his head, and you think you can make out the traces of amusement in his eyes. “It’s okay,” he returns. “I know what you mean about the wind.” He finally pulls out the appropriate amount of money, handing it over to you. 
You take it, not even bothering to count, before handing him the bag of take-out. “R-Right,” you manage to get out. 
Todoroki is still staring at you—not in a way that implies he’s waiting for you to continue the conversation, but more so in just an intense observational way, like he’s studying your face carefully. You’re not sure which one is embarrassing-inducing. 
“Well,” Todoroki says, making his way back into his apartment, traces of a smile present across his lips. “Until next time…?” he trails off, giving you a look. 
You feel yourself heat up at his words, and the way he implies there will most definitely be a next time. The question in his eyes prompts you to speak up, relaying your name to him. You think that his smile grows, but the door closes before you can linger. There is a pounding in your chest—which, in your case, is never a good sign. 
It isn’t until you’re back at the restaurant do you look over the payments you’ve received during your delivery, stopping short when you realize you have more money than you should have gotten. More than that, the extra money comes from Todoroki. With a sigh, you pocket the money, set on delivering more than soba the next time you have to see him. 
Which, in his words, won’t be long.
Tumblr media
It isn’t long at all. Two days, to be exact. 
Bakugo grunts when he sees you in the kitchen again, probably knowing why exactly you are here but deciding to question you about it regardless. “What the fuck are you doing in here again?” he retorts from behind the boiling stoves of soup and noodles. 
You wave your chopsticks at him, causing his glare to harden. 
“Who are you trying to impress with free tempura, huh?” Bakugo snaps. 
You whirl around. “What makes you think I’m trying to impress someone?” 
He pauses for a moment, leveling you with the kind of look that implies he knows something you don’t. “Who’s the dude?” he asks. 
You flinch. “T-There’s no dude!” you stammer. 
Bakugo scoffs. “Sure, real believable.” 
“R-Really, there isn’t,” you exclaim. “I’m just giving the tempura to thank this person.” 
“Thank what exactly?” he seethes. “Their good looks and the fact you wanna suck his dick or something?” 
You gap, cheeks heating up because the thought of sucking Todoroki’s dick makes you—! You close your eyes, refusing to picture it. “Bakugo!” 
He points the knife at you. “Don’t be stupid, okay? Just use your fucking words like a normal person, and don’t hide behind free food. That’s gonna come straight out of your paycheck.” 
You had received last week’s paycheck just a few days ago, where he had so clearly not taken money out to cover for the tempura. But, you decide not to speak on it. You just pick your one shrimp and one pumpkin tempura out, place it into the take-out box, and leave with a partly amused but mostly modified look across your face. Not even for the paycheck thing, or Bakugo’s strange but fatherly advice. 
You mount your bike with the deliveries, and make your way off into the city. The maps app on your phone helps weave you to each destination, which is good because you feel your mind trailing off more than usual. Your mind only seems to catch up to your destination when you arrive at the familiar apartment building—and not just because you’ve been here four times in the past week and a half. 
“I’m really not trying to impress anyone,” you hiss underneath your breath as you grab Todoroki’s order and make your way up the usual elevator and the usual pathway to reach the usual door.
You knock, and Todoroki opens immediately, making you jump in surprise. You didn’t even get to say your usual statement about Bakudaya Soba House in between the time you knocked and the time Todoroki opened the door. 
“H-Hi there,” you try, holding up the bag. “Delivery!” 
Todoroki stares hard at the bag in your hands, like he can see right through it. “Come inside for a second, will you?” he asks, opening the door wider and stepping back. 
His request takes you completely by surprise. He wants you to enter his apartment? Willingly? 
“U-Uh,” you stammer. You’re not exactly the most well-versed in the rules of the relationship between the delivery girl and the customer, but you’re pretty sure that entering the house of a customer is off limits. At least, that’s what you would suspect. “Are you sure?” 
“Positive,” he replies, reaching out to gently take your wrist when he realizes that you aren’t going to move. Really, your feet feel as if they’ve been tied down to the floor because Shouto Todoroki inviting you into his apartment? Is he for real? 
He drags you into his apartment and closes the door behind him. You’re immediately greeted by a long hallway, where warm light seems to flood in from the room at the end of the hall. Todoroki gestures for you to remove your shoes at the entrance, which you somehow manage to do with your feet digging into the back heel of your sneakers in order to pull out each foot. As soon as it’s done, Todoroki only continues to drag you deeper into his apartment. Down the hallway, it opens up into an open-concept living room that highlights a central seating area. The windows go from floor to ceiling, highlighting the lights of the city. A few scattered white-potted plants lay about along the edges of the room. 
The transition from the living room to the kitchen is accomplished by a bar-like counter, wooden stools pressed underneath the counter, a seated surface that Todoroki makes you sit on as he rounds the bar to stand on the kitchen side of his apartment. “Let me see the order,” he says, gesturing to the bar still firmly clenched in your hands. 
You bring the bag up onto the counter, confusion flooding your system. What on earth was he doing, inviting you into his space like this and forcing you to violate what had to be dozens of delivery-code ethics. 
You’re about to ask him such before he unties the bag, and a sudden realization hits you on what he could be looking for. You open your mouth to say something (what, you’re not too sure), but Todoroki beats you to it. 
He opens the take-out box that houses the new set of tempuras you’ve given him. Busted. 
You stare down at the tempuras, your mind whirling on how to justify this to him. Today, you don’t really have as solid of a reason to give him free tempura as you had the other day—but you just really wanted to do something nice for him again. Definitely not as a means to impress him, so shut up Bakugo. 
Your fingers flinch, as if to grab the tempuras and make a run for it out of the apartment, but Todoroki doesn’t say anything to highlight the newest addition to his order. Instead, he merely reaches into his pocket, fumbles with his money, and hands you some yen. You take it, about to leave it at that, before you remember the extra money from your last visit. 
You look down to count the money, realizing that he’s given you extra again. “Todoroki,” you start in a breath. “You gave me more again. I can’t accept this.” 
Something flickers in his eyes. “Again?” he echos. 
You press the money into the table. “Don’t play dumb,” you retort, shifting in your seat to produce the extra money he’d given you last time. “Trying to give me more money, and for what?” you ask, waving it in the air. “It’s not necessary to tip me.” 
“Oh, is that so?” Todoroki asks. “Because I don’t recall adding tempura into my order, so it was a bit of a shock to find it last time you came by. And this time too.” He gestures to the tempura on the table. “It seems like I’m just covering the cost of it.” 
You place the extra money on the table. “Todoroki, like I said, it’s not necessary to cover the cost of anything. I gave you the tempuras because I wanted to.” 
Todoroki settles his gaze on you for a long moment, as if trying to gauge the real reason for your generosity. When he seems to realize that you’re being truthful, he relents. Only slightly, though, because he does not touch the money. “In that case, I’m giving you the money because I want to.” 
Your lips part at his boldness. “No,” you refuse, shaking your head. “Giving away tempuras and giving away money are two completely different things!” 
He tilts his head. “Who’s paying for the tempuras, then?” 
“Me!” you exclaim. “Well, it’ll come out of my paycheck. So my boss claims, anyways…” 
Todoroki does hold the money this time, but only to drag it across the countertop towards you. “Well then, add this money back into your paycheck.” 
You give him a look. “Todoroki.” 
He returns your look, saying your name in the same exasperated tone you had given him. 
You refuse to back down, despite how intense his gaze is. As a result of the close distance, you’re able to see just how pretty his eyes are—one blue and one silver that seem to pierce straight through you. Almost like he’s challenging you to relent. Despite his attractiveness, and despite the fact that looking at Todoroki makes you feel like you’re suddenly a middle schooler with a crush, you refuse. 
You swallow, trying to level yourself out. “I don’t want it,” you settle with, pushing the money back towards him. 
Todoroki looks down, his silence a conveyance that he’s thinking about something. “Alright,” he finally relents. “I’ll keep the money.” He picks up his phone and clicks through a few things on his screen. “But I’ll just place an order of dinner combination soba for you then.” 
You straighten up in your seat, jolting forward as if to try and grab for his phone. You stop yourself though by pressing your fingers into the edge of his countertop. “Wait!” you exclaim. “Todoroki, don’t!” 
He lowers his phone. “How else do I repay you for the tempuras?” 
You scoff. “Just be appreciative! I did it because I wanted to, so you don’t need to do anything to repay me back or anything.” 
“Well then,” Todoroki continues, carrying on in the tone that implies he can keep this going for hours—and you still have a few more deliveries to make. “I’m giving you the extra money because I want to.” His hands cover the bills, sliding it back over to you. “So you can either take the money now, or accept a soba dinner combination. I can play this game all night but—!” He looks at you. “I’m not sure you can, delivery girl.” 
You puff your cheeks out. “Fine,” you finally relent, straightening up to grab the bills off the table. “Two can play at this game, Todoroki. But alas, I must be off before I have more screaming customers at my tail.” 
You turn and make your way through the living room and down the hallway, where Todoroki follows you out. “That sounds rough,” he says, leaning against the wall to watch you slip on your sneakers. “I apologize for keeping you here for so long.” 
You straighten up, laughing once you see that he actually does look vaguely guilty. “It’s alright.” You point at him. “Just accept the tempura next time! You’re a valuable customer, so I have to show my appreciation.” You open the door of the apartment. “Alright, I’ll see you next time.” 
You turn around and see that he’s smiling at you. “Next time,” he reassures. 
Tumblr media
The next time you see Todoroki’s apartment on the delivery listing, it’s over the weekend and it’s more than just his normal soba order with dipping sauce. In fact, it’s four additional orders. Friends, perhaps? Other pro heroes? That would make since, given that it’s the weekend and a natural invitation to hang out with peers. 
So you finalize the order accordingly, packing everything together into a bag and loading it into the moped. Like every other night, you take to the streets. 
Todoroki’s order is the last of your current round of deliveries, and the increase of orders forces you to walk a little slower to make sure that nothing spills on top of each other. Carefully, you go down the hall, and knock on the apartment door. 
Todoroki doesn’t answer immediately, prompting you to spill out your delivery girl professionalism. “Hello!” you exclaim, from the other side of the door. “Deliver from Bakudaya Soba House!” 
It’s a few more minutes before the door opens, and it’s not Todoroki like you had been expecting. Instead, it’s someone else entirely, but someone still just as sharply familiar to you. 
Your eyes widen. It’s Ochako Uraraka, otherwise known as Uravity, fellow pro hero, and practically glimmering in the warmth of Todoroki’s apartment lighting. Her brown hair looks almost like a halo, and you can’t tear your eyes away. 
“H-Hello,” you manage again. “T-Thanks for waiting, I have your delivery right here.” 
Uraraka doesn’t seem to notice your starstruck appearance. Instead, she brightens at the sight of the food. “Awesome!” she exclaims, taking the bag from you and holding out a wad of money for you to take. “Here you go! This should be the correct amount, right?” 
Slowly, you reach over to take the money, as you count through it, there’s a few questions weighing in on your mind. Mainly all regarding Todoroki—but not because you were hoping to see him or anything crazy like that. 
You’re just about to finish counting and confirm that Uraraka has indeed given you the right amount of money, she gasps. “Oh wait!” she exclaims, studying you carefully as you jump up in surprise. “Are you Shouto’s delivery girl?” 
Shouto’s delivery girl?
The intimacy of the nickname makes your face catch on fire. You stammer at once, your fingers finding its way into your hair to awkwardly comb through the strands as you try to figure out how to respond. “Uh…” you manage, laughing awkwardly. “I-I wouldn’t say his delivery girl. Not to say that I’m not a delivery girl, because I am, but not his specifically or anything…” You trail off, completely mortified. Yes, Todoroki is attractive, sweet, and easy enough to get along with, but you never thought that’d equate to being considered his girl. 
Uraraka watches you mentally fall apart, before she starts laughing. “I just meant to ask if you were the one who always comes by to make his deliveries.” 
“Oh…” you trail off, pressing your lips together as you decide that the ground swallowing you up would be too nice of a punishment for you. Jumping out of the window would probably be a better choice. “I—!” 
Her giggles cut you off. “Actually,” she starts, opening the door a little wider for you. There’s an unreadable glint in her eyes, like she knows something you don’t. “Why don’t you come inside for a little bit? Unless you have other deliveries to make?” 
“Oh, no,” you say. “This was actually my final delivery of the round. If you’re sure about inviting me inside…” 
“Of course she’s sure,” Todoroki interrupts, stepping into your field of view and hyper focusing your attention right onto him. “I have to make sure you haven’t made any funny business in our order.” 
You pout at that. “When will you let that go?” 
Todoroki smiles softly at you. “Stay for a little,” he allows, motioning towards the wad of money in your hand. “We might have to add to that, depending on how the next few minutes go.” 
You gap at that. “You won’t.” 
“Try me,” he retorts back, but still gesturing for you to come inside with the jerk of his head. Technically, you don’t have to follow what he says. You’ve already made your delivery, and probably have more waiting back at the restaurant, but Todoroki has you so wrapped around his finger that you find yourself entering the property anyways. Not that you have much of a choice. Todoroki grabs your wrist to drag you into the apartment. 
Uraraka continues to watch the interaction carefully, carrying the take-out bag deeper into Todoroki’s apartment. As the three of you make your way down the hallway, you realize that it isn’t just Todoroki and Uraraka in the apartment—which makes sense given the larger amount of orders you’ve had to bring over, but it’s a different sensation to see a number compared to hearing the voices of conversation and laughter at the end of the hall. 
Uraraka goes on ahead to make the food present. “The food’s here everyone!” she exclaims cheerfully. “And Shouto brought in a guest.” 
As soon as you step into the living room, you want to melt into a puddle on the floor. Because three additional people around you are all pro heroes: Froppy, Ingenium, and Deku—all looking over at you and smiling warmly in greeting. The fact that you’re seeing all these heroes in the flesh, doing a fucking soba noodle delivery for them, creates such an out-of-body experience, that you cannot muster anything beyond a simple hello and bow. 
“You must be the delivery girl!” Tsuyu Asui exclaims brightly, bounding over to you. “Shouto has told us a lot about you.” There’s a tease laced into her words, one you pick up on and flush over immediately. 
“Oh yes, lots,” Tenya Iida joins in, flashing you a thumbs up. “I always knew that Bakudaya was a great soba noodle location, but was unaware of the fact they did deliveries! Shouto has definitely made us very aware of that fact. He was the one who suggested this location for dinner.” If you didn’t know any better, you’d say that he was grinning with something more than a good steal hidden in his eyes. 
Todoroki lingers by your side, your wrist still encased in his hand. He tightens his hold on you. “Ignore them,” he says.
You ignore the racing heartbeat in your chest, choosing instead to smile and bow in greeting to Todoroki’s friends. “It’s nice to meet all of you,” you greet. “Sadly though, I can’t stay long. I’m still on the clock.” 
Todoroki jolts at that, pulling you towards the kitchen counter. “We better get a look at the food then.” At his friends’ curious glances, he explains briefly how you had tried to sneak free tempura into his meal a few times. They all laugh softly at your flustered expression. 
Uraraka, ever the friendly hero her reputation exposes her as, tries to make conversation with you. “So,” she starts, saying your name to gather your attention. “Have you been a delivery girl long? We’ve only recently started to hear about your visits.” 
You nod. “I’ve actually only been one for about a month at this point.” You steal a glance at Todoroki, wondering if diving too deep or going off on your own tangent would be too much for his friends. You try for it anyways. “Actually, I bet the reason why the visits were so memorable was because when I first met Todoroki, there was smoke coming out of his apartment.” 
His friends stare at you for a few seconds in disbelief of the story, before they all burst out into laughter. 
“That isn’t surprising at all.” Asui points out, pressing a finger to her mouth. “Shouto can’t cook. That must have been the night he tried to cook soba on his own, and failed—he told us about it. I wonder if that was the last time he tried to make his own soba dish…?”  
You blink, quickly stealing a glance at Todoroki, who seems to be even more intensely looking through the take-out boxes. There’s a light pink hue across his cheeks at Asui’s observation. 
Asui’s observation leaves behind lots of interpretation for questions, but you tilt your head and ask the most pressing question in your mind. “You can’t cook?” you ask. 
Uraraka glances between you and Todoroki. She smiles softly, albeit also mischievously. “Ah,” she hums. “That’s why you keep making delivery orders from this specific restaurant, huh, Shouto?” 
You glance over at Uraraka. “That makes sense, Bakudaya is rated as one of the best restaurants in the city.” 
Todoroki turns to look at you, his eyes slightly wide, before he coughs out his embarrassment and goes back to going through the orders. You don’t miss the soft smile that presents itself across his lips. 
As you continue to watch him go through the orders, you notice the growing silence that has enveloped the group. You look down at your watch. “Well, Todoroki,” you say, gently patting his shoulder. “I better get going before my boss yells at me.” You glance down at the bag of take-out he’s still going through. He hasn’t reached the bottom where you have, of course, supplied five shrimp and pumpkin tempuras for him and his friends. “Enjoy your food.” 
You bow out some parting words to his friends, just having finished slipping on your shoes when Todoroki appears at the end of the hallway with the box of tempuras in his hand. 
You giggle, pulling open the door and waving goodbye. 
Tumblr media
Todoroki looks slightly meek when he answers the door a few days later, just one order of soba and dipping sauce under your arm this time. 
“So your friends are really nice,” you say once the comfort of silence has settled over the pair of you. 
Todoroki sighs, looking embarrassed, and you can’t help but giggle at the sight. “They’re rowdy,” he supplies instead. “But we’ve been through a lot together, especially since we attended school together.” 
Your giggle softens into a smile. Todoroki hardly ever has allowed the disclosure of his past to you. Stepping into his apartment had been one thing, but introducing you to his friends had been such an emerging experience, and a surface view into his world. Given his quiet nature, you’re sure that he doesn’t do this very often. 
“It was sweet,” you continue. “They seem to know a lot about you. Which, actually I wanted to ask about.” 
He looks at you, holding the money in between his fingers. “You want to ask if me not being able to cook was true, right?” 
You press your lips together to hide your guilt. Gingerly, you take the money. “Well, since you brought it up first…” 
He averts his gaze, reaching up to gently pat at his hair. “I’m sure you’re familiar enough with my family history. There was never really a need to cook when I was growing up.”
You nod, deciding not to press it further. “Would you want to learn? How to cook soba, I mean.” 
He looks at you. “You would teach me?” 
“Sure,” you exclaim, pressing a palm against your chest. “Since I’ve actually watched the head chef of Bakudaya several times, I have a good idea of how he makes certain dishes. Yours is probably one of the easier ones, anyways.” You stare at him, watching his silence, and you stare to panic. You had been so excited, maybe too much so. “W-Well, only if you want to! I’m obviously not going to force you, that’s why you make deliveries, because you don’t want to cook!” 
“I want to,” Todoroki interrupts. 
You stop short, lowering your arms. “Huh?” 
“I want you to teach me,” he expands, still smiling. “It sounds fun—if your cooking is as good as your delivery services.” 
You narrow your eyes at him. “I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing.”
Without a warning, he reaches out and presses his fingers against the strands of your hair at your neck. He takes a step closer to you, shooting you a smile. “Whatever you want to think. It’ll be fun regardless.” 
He steps away, closing the door behind him, and leaving you a mushed melting pot on the floor of his apartment building. This cannot be a good sign. 
Tumblr media
The next time Shouto Todoroki’s apartment shows up on the delivery form, you feel your heart race and your lips pull at the prospect of seeing him again. 
Bakugo, of course, sees you. “Hey,” he calls out. “What are you smiling for?” 
Your smile slips off your face. “Nothing!” you retort. 
He tsks. “Thinking about that stupid boy again?” 
The mental image of Todoroki flashes through your mind. “H-He’s not stupid,” you manage to get out nervously. 
At that, Bakugo actually does turn to look at you. He raises an eyebrow, but you swear you can make out the curve of amusement on his lips. “How did you even know who I was fucking talking about?” 
Your mouth drops slightly at how he has been able to trick you so easily. “Ass,” you mutter underneath your breath, turning back to the company phone to scroll through the other orders you have to process. 
You feel Bakugo’s stare like weights on your shoulder, but you refuse to cave. 
Instead, you communicate passive aggressively but taking the ingredients needed to fulfill one order of cold soba with dipping sauce into an extra bag for your later lesson with Todoroki. Bakugo knows, of course he knows, but that doesn’t stop his sneer as he watches you pack up all the deliveries you have to make. 
“You know, there are other ways of impressing someone without having to rob your employer,” he bites out. “And is a boy really worth it if he can’t cook on his own?” 
You flush hotly at his accusation. “I’m just trying to help!” you whine. “I don’t need to think about whether a guy is worth it or not… that’s not where my mind is.” 
Bakugo stares at you from across the kitchen for a very long second, before he grumbles something about you being a ditzy piece of shit. Yet, he doesn’t press the issue anymore, allowing you to exit the shop and ride off. Much like the last few deliveries, you save Todoroki’s apartment for last.
When Todoroki opens the door, you are holding up two separate bags from Bakudaya Soba House. “Are you ready to become a chef today, Todoroki?” 
He smiles, letting you in. “So, how does this work?” he asks, reaching over for the bags you’re holding to carry them for you. “Which bag has the ingredients?” 
You navigate through his apartment with ease, following him into his small kitchen space. “This is what we’re gonna do,” you start, pointing at the two bags that Todoroki has now placed on the counter. “This is the order.” You point at the bag with the actual food in it. You look at Todoroki with a grin. “It’s for me.” 
Todoroki watches you in disbelief for a second, before his lips twist up into a smile of his own. “You just brought yourself dinner then,” he points out. 
You kiss your teeth. “Very right, I’m taking my dinner here with you because right here—!” You point to the second bag that holds the ingredients you had taken from right under Bakugo’s nose. “—is the ingredients! I’ll help you cook and then we can enjoy food together.” 
Todoroki keeps his gaze fixed on you. “Like a date,” he observes, watching you very closely. 
You, however, do not notice. You just laugh, beginning to lay out the ingredients for you to look over and gather a memory of the process in order to cook it. 
Soba with dipping sauce isn’t a complicated dish to make. It’s a statement you reflect on as you teach Todoroki how to properly cook noodles in boiling water, being sure to watch him extra closely after he reveals to you that the smoke coming out of his apartment had been from when he burned water. 
“Perhaps it was fate,” Todoroki comments lightly as he gingerly places the dry, uncooked soba noodles into the now boiling water. He looks at you. “Did I do that okay?” 
You glance over at him, heart jumping slightly when you realize how close his face is to you. You didn’t even mean to stand close to him, just right at his shoulder to make sure that he won’t pull off any more seemingly impossible cooking techniques. With his face so close to yours, you don’t mean to look down at his lips. But you do. How could someone possibly be so attractive? Up close, it was even more apparent. “Y-You’re doing fine,” you reassure softly, taking a step back. “But what about fate? You think the universe decided to give you a powerful quirk and good looks but less-than-good cooking skills?” you pause, thinking about this. “Actually, that makes a lot of sense.” 
He coughs at your comment. “Good looks, huh?” 
You look at him before you realize that you did, in fact, admit to his attractiveness. You exhale a smile, raising an arm up as if to wipe the moment from your memory. “I-I mean,” you stammer, mind reeling. Why did you have to open up your big dumb mouth and treat Todoroki like just a regular ole’pal? “A-According to the universe. Obviously.” 
He hums. “Is that so?” 
“Like I said, obviously,” you echo softly, watching him carefully, before you clap your hands together. “Okay, how about we move onto the dipping sauce while we wait?” 
Todoroki nods, but something in his eyes tells you that he’s not done with the conversation. It shows too, because he watches you carefully explain to him which ingredients to chop for the sauce before picking up the knife himself. 
“So what did you mean?” you find yourself asking, passing him some ginger to mince. “What exactly are you referring to when you talk about fate?” 
He keeps his eyes on the ginger. “Me burning the water to get your attention,” he answers smoothly.
Your eyes widen, completely taken aback by his statement. You had been expecting some kind of goofy confession—and although you write off his whole bit about trying to impress you as just an equally as teasing manner, his comment seems so unbelievable. 
You convey as such with a laugh. “I don’t see how that’s possible,” you retort gently. “When we first met, you didn’t give a shit about me.” You stop, pondering over your words and realizing how horrible it could be interpreted. “Ah!” you gasp, holding your hands up. “Not to say that you even had to care about me in general. After all, I was just a delivery girl.” 
Todoroki thinks about this for a moment. “That’s true,” he settles with, seeming vaguely disappointed. Over what though, you have no idea. “But now we’re friends.” 
You catch him looking at you and you grin. “We are!” 
“And since we’re friends, you can call me Shouto now. Just like how I can call you by your first name.” Todoroki continues to look at you for a moment, before he looks back down at his neatly minced ginger. “That is, if you’re comfortable with it.” 
You grin. “No, of course I’m comfortable with it, Shouto,” you say, extending the o in his first name. “We’re friends. It makes sense.” 
You and Todoroki dive into an easy silence as you give him some scallions to cut before cooking those minced ingredients into a mixture of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. As you wait for the sauce to heat up, you strain the soba noodles into a bamboo strainer. The now heated dipping sauce is poured into a bowl and placed on a serving tray alongside the soba noodles. 
“Should we be fancy for once?” Todoroki asks, holding the tray as he gestures to the kitchen table he has in the neighboring space next to the kitchen. “And use an actual table?” 
You hum. “I like how you think.” You take the take-out bag you’ve brought with you from Bakudaya, bringing it with you to join Todoroki at his kitchen table. He lays out the chopsticks onto the tray of his now ‘homemade’ soba noodles, while you start unpackaging your own order of cold soba with dipping sauce. 
You fold your fingers atop one another as you watch Todoroki ready himself to begin eating. 
At his glance, you smile. “I won’t eat until you start—I want to know what you think. It is, after all, an authentically made meal made by us.” 
“Yes, everything was made by us,” he follows along, smiling at your antics. 
You grin. “We grew the ingredients and everything.” 
Todoroki actually laughs a little at that, a soft little noise that throws you off slightly, but makes your heart feel like it’s just grown several sizes too big. You watch him carefully as he gathers some soba noodles into his chopsticks, dips the noodles into the sauce, and feeds it into his mouth. He hums immediately. “Tastes pretty good.” 
You brighten. “I’m glad! No more burning water next time, you got it?” 
“I’ll try not to disappoint you,” he returns, the traces of his soft laughter still evident on his face. “Although,” he starts up after a moment. “Perhaps next time we can go to Bakudaya Soba House, just to experience sitting in rather than ordering out. I hear it’s even better with two people.” 
You laugh, dipping your own noodles into the sauce. “You’d only seriously consider that if you were flirting with me, and trying to ask me out.” 
Todoroki’s gaze is as unwavering as it had been when you first met him. But there’s a new underlying layer of softness this time. “What if I said I was trying to flirt with you?” 
You meet his gaze. “You’re funny, Shouto. I’m a quirkless delivery girl. You’re a number two hero. I don’t think you’d ever seriously try flirting with me. It’s cute though, that you ask at all.” 
The pair of you finish up the night in comfort, with you offering to watch the dishes and Todoroki gently turning you down—you’re still on the clock, after all. You don’t see the troubled look in his eyes, the way he follows you back to the door of his apartment, like he has something that he needs to say but cannot. 
Tumblr media
Todoroki opens the door watching an apron, much to your surprise. Your wide-eyes and blink convey as much. “Shouto!” you exclaim. 
“Hello,” he greets back, looking thoroughly pleased by the casual nature you’re bringing through the usage of his first name. 
Your gaze flickers down to his apron, before you hold up the take-out order he has requested. “Did you not order a cold soba with dipping sauce?” 
He nods. “I did,” he exclaims, gesturing into his apartment. “Do you have ten minutes to spare?” 
Perhaps not. But you haven’t gotten any calls yet about customers complaining, so you figure that you do. Anything for Todoroki, though. You nod. “Sure,” you say, allowing yourself to be invited into his apartment. Much like the journey to his apartment door, the walk to his kitchen feels like second nature now, along with the way you situate yourself atop the stools that reside below his countertop. “What are you making?” you ask, taking in a vaguely familiar smell that flows through the air. 
Todoroki gestures to his stovetop, where he’s got soba noodles on ice and a pot filled with soy sauce. “I’m making dinner for you,” he explains. “Since only I got to try our masterpiece the other day, I figured that you should be able to try it this time. And I’ll eat the food from the delivery.” 
You’re momentarily stunned at his thoughtfulness—the fact that he thought of you long enough to actually put on an apron and boil some water for you feels like someone has just poured butterflies into you. Your whole body feels like it’s fluttering, and you have to press your lips together to hide the smile that threatens to spill over. “That sounds good,” you manage between your smile. 
It is hard to tell if Todoroki can read your body language. He probably can, if the slight smirk curling at his lips helps. 
True to his word, it only takes about ten minutes for you to finish the meal that Todoroki has prepared. It’s good, albeit the dipping sauce is a little too salty but you scarf the food down before your mind can catch up. Just as you’ve finished the last of the noodles, your phone goes off. “Oh shit!” you exclaim, straightening up, assuming that the call must be from a customer. “Ten minutes might have been too long—hello?” You slide the answer bar across your screen, bringing the device to your ear. True to your assumption, it is a customer asking about her order. “Oh! Yes miss, what time is said on your delivery?” You look at your watch as the woman on the phone answers the question. “Then yes, I’ll be there around that time.” You look at Todoroki, who nods in understanding of the situation. “I’m, ah, a little bit caught up in traffic at the moment,” you say, as Todoroki rounds the counter and grabs your wrist to help lead you out of his apartment. 
Todoroki gestures down to his entryway for your shoes, where he lets you lean on him in order to get your shoes slipped on. 
He opens the door for you as you continue to converse with the customer—something about how you can’t pull up her specific order number because of your previous claim to still being on the road—but it’s something that you lose focus on as you step out of the apartment. 
Todoroki’s fingers are still wrapped around your wrist. You turn around to face him, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. “What are you doing?” you mouth at him, angling the phone to pull the mouth receiver away from your lips. 
Without warning, Todoroki brings your hand up and brushes his lips against your knuckles. 
You nearly drop your phone right then and there. Your grip on it slackens, and your whole body along with it, as you continue to stare openly at the boy. 
Todoroki lowers your hand. “Get back safe, yeah?” 
You open your mouth to respond, but no words come out. Your tongue feels heavy all of a sudden, muffling your attempts to speak through the cloud that has settled in your mind. 
You can’t help but continue staring at Todoroki until the woman on the other side starts calling out for you again, most likely to get your attention since you’ve effectively phased her out of your mind. You jolt at her phone in your ear. “Oh—hello! Sorry, sorry, I just went through a tunnel…” You give Todoroki one more lingering glance, to which he smirks and beckons you to carry on. “Uh…” you trail off, finally moving to make your way down the hallway and diverting your attention back to the caller at hand, missing the way Todoroki watches you leave. 
Tumblr media
The next time Todoroki’s apartment address comes up, you’re filled with an anxiety that is very different from the nerves of your first meeting. The inquiry of his potential flirting and the lingering gazes you’ve noticed more and more over the course of your visits have left you increasingly confused, with one main question rising above all else. Did Todoroki actually have the feelings he was expressing—or was he just messing with you because of your once aforementioned quirkless delivery girl tendencies. 
Although you see Todoroki on the news plenty, he hardly sticks around to discuss aspects of his social life. Despite his friends and quiet apartment, a lot of gossip channels and news reporters like to make assumptions about Todoroki’s social life. This means lots of rumors about his relationships and flings, and the various heroes he has had romantic interactions with—or otherwise. As far as the options go, you don’t come close to the type of girl Todoroki has displayed any sort of public relationship, friendship, or partnership with. 
Like you’ve mentioned to him before, you’re just a delivery girl. A quirkless delivery girl at that. What type of place would you have in Shouto Todoroki’s life?
Perhaps he is just as aware of these shortcomings as you are, and just playing the part because he feels bad for you. 
You try to shake the thought away as soon as it drifts into your self conscious. No way would Todoroki do that—not only is it not in his character, but he just doesn’t seem like the type of person to string people along for his own personal benefit. 
Then, maybe he just doesn’t know that what he’s doing is misleading you. The idea of Todoroki just being oblivious rather than being just a dick is slightly more comforting. Only slightly, because the equation in your mind still equates to you falling heads over heels for Shouto Todoroki, and still equates to you being rejected. 
Still, you harden your nerves for the sake of professionalism. Today, you would work to handle your feelings for Todoroki by perhaps letting him know that you can’t stick around anymore. If anything, just for the sake of your own personal feelings. 
You’re still in the middle of rehearing what you’re going to say when Todoroki flings the door open. 
His eyes look troubled. “I need your help.” 
You stammer immediately. Out of how the scenarios you thought of in your mind, this opening hadn’t been one of them. “U-Uh, actually, Todoroki, you see—!” 
He stops slightly, staring at you. “Shouto,” he corrects, still for a second before he’s grabbing your wrist and dragging you inside. “It’s urgent. It’ll just take a few seconds.” 
Still in a daze about his observation, you forget the script you had originally planned out that would help you leave the conversation as quickly as possible. Instead, you allow Todoroki to lead you into his kitchen—where he’s got a container of iced soba noodles and a boiling pot of sauce at the stove. 
He points to the sauce. “It’s not right,” he says, and when you turn to look at him you realize that he’s actually pouting. “Do you know how to fix it?” 
Against your better judgment, you can’t help but laugh at how serious his problem had seemed just a few seconds ago. The part of you that knows the dangers of staying here tells you to leave, but the part of you that likes Todoroki and the time that you spend with him, longs to stay. So you do the latter, because of course you do. 
“Let’s see what I can do,” you settle with, stepping up to the stove and taking the spoon that rests on the countertop. “Can I use this?” you ask quietly, dipping it into the sauce when Todoroki nods. You bring the spoon up to your lips, allowing the taste to sink into your mouth before you decide how to proceed. “It’s a little salty,” you acknowledge. “Putting in some water should help dilute it. Do you think you can pass me a cup…?” You turn towards Todoroki, trailing off when you realize the position he’s settled himself into—chest pressed against your back, his hands against the counter to cage you in, and face hovering right next to you. 
Todoroki hums, gazing over at you. “A cup?” 
Your jaw tightens for a moment, before you swallow thickly. Your mind feels like it’s waddling through quicksand all over again. Your gaze flickers all over his face, settling at his mouth. You slowly take in a breath, as if to calm your nerves. But doing that only draws in Todoroki’s attention. “Were you actually bothered by the sauce being too salty?” you ask. 
He shrugs, a smirk threatening the corner of his lips. “Not really, but it brought you in here, didn’t it?” 
“I-I guess so,” you manage, every second passing by making you more and more aware of his lips and the fact that he seems to be getting closer and closer to you. Almost unconsciously, you close your eyes. 
And then, he kisses you. As soon as you feel the weight of his mouth against yours, you hear Todoroki’s heavy exhale as he presses himself harder against you. His right hand moves from gripping the kitchen counter to cup your face, adjusting you to a new angle that allows him to kiss you deeper. 
You’re the first to pull away, your heart hammering too quickly and crawling up your throat in a way that makes it difficult to breathe through the kiss. At first, your eyes are closed, as you try to catch your breath. But when you look up, you realize that Todoroki is staring right at you. 
As if on your own accord, you adjust your body so that you are fully facing him this time, meaning there are less cranes and stretches needed for you to reach him. And you do, gripping his t-shirt tightly in your grasp and leaning forward to close the gap between the two of you. At your positive response, Todoroki accepts you eagerly. His fingers dance up your neck, resting softly at your jawline as he kisses you feverishly. 
The overwhelming sensation of his presence, of his fingers and the offsetting of hot and cold that emits from it, creates a dizzying effect that makes you feel like you’re slipping and falling at the same time. It draws out whimpers from the back of your throat, noises that Todoroki takes a keen interest in because he presses harder and seems to guide your body to a destination of his choice. 
The kiss turns more slow and languid after a few minutes, before Todoroki pulls away to rest his forehead against yours. Your breathing seems to mix together, as Todoroki stares at you like you’ve flown up into the sky to hang the stars that twinkle from his apartment window. He whispers your name. “I…” he starts. 
But it’s a sentence he doesn’t get to finish, because your phone goes off and it jolts you out of your trance. You start, immediately reaching for your phone and realizing that it’s Bakugo. “O-Oh, shit, it’s my boss,” you say. “Uh… sorry, I should take this. And leave.” 
Todoroki says your name again, but you’re shaking your head. 
“Sorry, ah, I can’t do this right now. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” you offer with a weak smile, as you practically run out of Todoroki’s apartment building. It is only when Bakugo is done asking you to hurry the fuck up because there’s a new round of orders that need to be delivered that you realize you forgot to collect Todoroki’s payment. More than that, you kissed him and have effectively fallen for him harder than you ever meant to. 
The moped does well to dry out the water of embarrassment that glazes across your eyes. 
Tumblr media
It takes about 24 hours for you to realize that you don’t have Todoroki’s contact information, or vice versa. It’s good because it means you get a little more time to deal with the repercussions of yesterday’s events, but it’s bad for the exact same reason. Reflecting on what had happened gives you more time to overthink, to overanalyze, to over-assume—and it leaves you feeling more embarrassed and shameful than ever before. 
It’s a shame that graduates into anxiety when you see Todoroki’s apartment on the delivery list. Obviously, you had known it would only be a matter of time before he tried to reach out to you, given that take-out orders are the only way for him to reach you, but that doesn’t make you less stressed. Quite the opposite, in fact. Especially because you’ve had all this time to exaggerate Todoroki’s secret dislike of you. 
And quite honestly, if that’s the direction Todoroki is going to take the conversation, you’d rather not hear about it right now. 
So you turn to Kirishima, who is just about to exit the back room to return back to the restaurant floor. “Kirishima!” you hiss, holding out the phone to him. “Can we switch for this round of deliveries?” 
He stops short to look back at you. “Are you not feeling well?” he asks. 
You sigh. “I’m fine, I just don’t think I’m up for this specific round… I’ll cover for you after this though.” 
Kirishima raises an eyebrow. “Why this specific round?” 
“I just don’t feel up to it,” you rebuff weakly. No way could you tell Kirishima the specifics of it, he’ll tease you relentlessly about it since he’s vaguely aware of what you’ve been doing for the past few deliveries at this specific apartment building. 
Kirishima takes the company phone from you, which lists all the addresses that require a delivery. “You sure about us switching?” he asks. “Your boy’s address is on here. You don’t want to see him?” 
Before you can conjure up another lie, a scoff comes from behind you. “Obviously she’s trying to avoid him or something, that’s why she’s asking you to cover,” Bakugo hisses from behind you, arms crossed over his chest. It appears like he’s just come from his lunch break and is about to clock back in to resume his role in the kitchen. He glares at you. “Isn’t that right?” 
You cough, mind blank on how you could even begin to defend yourself. “It’s a complicated situation, Bakugo—!” 
“Like hell it is!” he retorts. “Look, none of us know the details about this guy you’ve been hanging out with during your deliveries—but from what you’ve told us, he doesn’t seem like the type to string you along. And even if he is, why would you want to waste your time avoiding some stupid boy when you can just have everything out in the open and move on with your life quicker? Your time is important—and the worst thing that can happen is have this boy tell you he doesn’t like you back, but why miss out on a potential relationship just because of your fear?” 
He stares at you for a long, hard minute, before he brushes past you and Kirishima to re-enter the kitchen. This leaves you in the back room, eyes wide and heart pounding at Bakugo’s words. 
Kirishima whistles. “That’s Katsuki’s tough love for you.” He glances back at you, still holding onto the restaurant phone, albeit with more hesitation. “Do you still want me to make the deliveries?” 
You stare down at the phone, Bakugo’s words replaying back in your mind, as you finally release a sigh. “I suppose I should,” you say, reaching over to take back the restaurant phone. 
After all, in your attempts to avoid Todoroki, you’re not just wasting your time—you’re also wasting Todoroki’s time. And regardless if he’s unaware of the effect he has on you, he doesn’t deserve to be dragged around like this. 
Still, you save his apartment for last. Mostly just for the sake of your own sanity. 
Todoroki answers the door as soon as you knock. He looks winded though, like he had run from somewhere inside his big, fancy apartment to reach the door in record time. 
“It’s you,” he breathes out. 
You nod, smiling tightly. “Uh… yeah,” you start, holding up the take-out bag for him to take. “C-Can we talk?” 
Todoroki takes the bag, nodding immediately. “Come on in.” 
You follow him inside, but choose to linger by the entrance. “I think I just want to talk right here,” you say firmly. 
Todoroki gives you an unreadable expression, but he nods. “Fair enough,” he replies, kneeling down to set the soba order on the floor. “I just wanted to apologize,” he starts. “I should have called you… or at least texted you. But I didn’t have your number…” 
You lace your fingers together. “It’s okay.” 
“I’ve clearly made you uncomfortable,” he continues quietly, his words making you look up at him. You hadn’t been expecting him to start with that. “So I just wanted to apologize for what happened the other day. For, uh…” he trails off for a moment, looking more nervous than you had ever seen him before. Clearly, he’s never had to tell off a girl, you think to yourself miserably. “Kissing you like that. Clearly, I misread the signs.” 
You furrow your eyebrows slightly. “What do you mean by you misreading the signs?” you blurt out. 
Todoroki blinks. “I thought that there was a chance you liked me back.” 
“B-Back?” you echo, completely taken by surprise that you forget that you’re supposed to be miserable about his upcoming rejection. “You like me?” 
He hesitates for a moment. “I do,” he settles on admitting. “I like spending time with you, and cooking soba with you. I thought that you kissing me back that day was a sign that perhaps you felt the same way. But you look nervous—so I just want you to know that it was never my intention to make you uncomfortable.” 
You can’t look away from Todoroki, not when your heart feels like it’s about to bounce out of your chest because of how unexpected this turn of events is taking. “You didn’t make me feel uncomfortable,” you speak out before you can really take the time to reflect on how you can tell Todoroki you feel the same without becoming a blubbering mess. Much like you’re being right now. “I liked kissing you,” you continue to ramble. “But I thought you were just messing with me. Or that the time we spent together didn’t mean as much to you as it did for me.” 
He tilts his head. “Why would you think that?” 
You shrug a shoulder weakly. “W-Well,” you stammer. “It’s just that you’re this amazing hero with this amazing quirk and I’m just a normal person with no quirk and no significantly amazing life. I feel like I wouldn’t have anything to offer you.” 
Todoroki takes a step forward, reaching out to you hesitantly, before reaching all the way when he realizes that you aren’t going to push him away. “First of all,” he starts, fingers resting against your jawline. “I don’t want you to ever say that you’re just a quirkless nobody—like you did last time. Do you have any idea how much it bothered me to hear you put yourself down like that?” He keeps his gaze across your face, tracing your cheek with his thumb. The fact that he has his hand on you for a much more extended period of time leaves you reeling for more. “Your life isn’t chaotic in the way that you wonder what kind of villains will threaten daily life—but I like you like that. Your life is so different from the one I’ve grown into, and I like who I am when I’m with you. After all, if your life was any different, we never would have met. And I think that has to count for something, right?” 
At his surprisingly comforting words, you can’t help but smile a little. “You do have a good point.” 
His lips quirk up into that rare soft smile. “So,” he starts. “You liked kissing me, huh?” 
You pout. “Is that the only thing you got from that conversation?” 
“I’m not sure about you, but that seemed to be the most important part,” he rebuffs with a shrug, but he still inches closer like the secretly cheeky shit that he is. “Can you stay a little longer?” 
You close your eyes briefly, taking in a breath to ground yourself in reality. “I’m actually still on the clock,” you whisper against his lips. “So I should probably head back before my boss has my head.” 
He exhales a gentle laugh. “Perhaps,” he starts slowly. “Can you come by after your shift?” 
Your lips curl into a teasing smile. “Shouto, are you asking me out on a date?” 
“Well, we kissed against my kitchen counter, so I assumed—!” 
You interrupt him. “Okay, okay,” you interrupt, flushing hotly at how he is able to recount a more-or-less graphic event to you without looking fazed. “Yes, I’ll come by after my shift.” 
It’s worth confirming his question, if only to see his tiny smile broaden into something a little wider. “A date then,” he himself confirms. “But,” he starts up again, leaning forward into your space, tapping your nose with his. The gesture fills you with much more comfort than you would have expected. “You sure you have to leave right this second?” 
You laugh at his inability to take his hands off of you. Although, to be fair, you feel the same. “Hm,” you hum, pondering as if you actually have to think about it. You lean up into him. “I supposed five minutes won’t hurt.” 
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alixanonymous · a month ago
How An Author Makes A Friend ~ A Tale Of Miracles & MariBat ~
AKA Happy Friendiversary @raesofmoonlight!
Our story begins over a year ago now. Haha time...
So there I am, having just started writing a MariBat fanfic for the first time on Archive Of Our Own, totally unprepared for how well it was going to go. So, I’m posting chapters, checking for comments after I post them like every ten minutes. Even now I still smile like a loon whenever I get a new one. But while I’m beyond appreciative of them, I still find myself hesitating to reply. 
See me lacks a lot of social skills. Like it’s bad. Like not just an internet thing I have literally no irl friends. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I dropped out of school because of my social anxiety, talking to people not my cup of tea if I’m being honest.
So really this story might’ve started a little earlier if I’d replied sooner to her first comments but alas, I didn’t. (Sorry about that, Rae. I didn’t know what I was missing.) I look back on the comments on those early chapters and the ones I didn’t reply to and just think, “Past me! Look at what’s right in front of you! You have a future friend right around the corner!”
All in due time friends, all in due time. So here we reach the true beginning and by that I mean the beginning before the true beginning because the first time I ever replied to one of her comments, my response was and I quote “:)”. That’s it. That’s the response. 10/10 first impression am I right? I overwhelmed her with my wit. She saw the smiley face and was like, “I need to be that weirdo’s friend right this minute.”
Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long for another chance. To this day, our first exchanges happened on the only day I have ever managed a double update. It was like the universe was like “Oh God, she needs help” and gave me the immediate inspiration for that second chapter just so we could be friends. Thank you, universe.
I’m actually giving the universe too much credit here, like yes your contribution is appreciated but really it was Rae who did all the heavy lifting by leaving one of my favorite comments to this day in which she mentioned she thought I was the kind of person she’d like to be friends with, to which I replied “Please talk to me I’m lonely and you’re so nice and cool and nice!!!” Actually, I managed to play it off really well and said something along the lines of I’m always there to chat but you can read between the lines.
All our comments are still on my story by the way if you ever want to see the beginnings of a beautiful friendship, also known as an exhibition of social awkwardness, we welcome you (not really, honestly I like to pretend those early responses don’t exist because cringe) to watch as the fanfic writer flounders for words in her natural habitat. Some of you reading this might’ve actually seen it happen in real time in which case, I am very sorry if I made you cringe with my social ineptness. Just know you are not alone. 
So here we are, a year and an exchange of Tumblr urls, BatFamily memes, face reveals, and friendship bracelets later. Despite social anxiety, some pretty serious debates, several social media breaks, and a six hour time difference, we’re still going strong.
So happy friendiversary Rae! I know it’s not much but I’ve already made you a friendship bracelet and you were always the more crafty of the two of us so I decided to give you something that reminded you of how this all started. Just me on my computer typing away, smiling while thinking of all the things you’ve said. You put it better than I ever could: My smiles have gotten a lot bigger since you came around :D.
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melosyna · a month ago
Nice attempt to silence me
There are some things that nobody ever seems to learn about me.
1) You can’t bullshit me. I don’t always know the whole truth or the real intentions, of course. But I smell bullshit ten miles against the wind. I know when you lie to me. I know when you are hiding your true intentions. I know when you fake emotions. I know when you are not who you pretend to be.
2) When you apply force to me, I push back threefold. I’ve dealt with bullies for my whole life. I don’t believe this “be kind to bullies” bullshit. It doesn’t work. Bullies DECIDE to be assholes. They KNOW they are cruel. The cruelty is the point, so kindness doesn’t work. Neither does it work to ignore them. The only things that work against bullies are a) getting authorities they HAVE to respect on your side, and when this isn’t possible b) to be a pain in the ass to them until they decide you cause them more trouble than fun. And when I’m in fight or flight mode, I fight. I’m not a “good victim.” I’ve been that for too many years. Now I will make you regret that you hurt me.
3) I’m usually understanding forgiving, because we are all imperfect. I’d say even more so than most people. Until you cross my boundaries one too many times. Then I’m the pettiest person you will ever deal with. I NEVER forget who hurt me, lied to me, gaslighted me, treated me like an option, betrayed me, used and abused me. And I will NEVER “just let it go.” If you don’t give your apology voluntarily and start fixing the damage you caused, I will be your worst pain in the ass and never stop reminding me how you wronged me. And I don’t feel obligated to ACCEPT apologies. “I’m sorry” are just words, and some things can’t be fixed. Some wounds are too deep. If I have to carry the wounds of what you did to me for the rest of my life, you will have to carry that I won’t forgive you.
Remember that. Nannies. Because I will never forget everything you did to me. How you mocked me, shamed me, called me names, diagnosed me with delusions, pointed your fingers at me and laughed about me.
Just because you succeeded to suspend my Twitter account by mass reporting me, doesn’t mean you won. I guess Cumberbatch’s PR and Disney also had a hand in this, because they were fed up with me spilling the dirty secrets everywhere. I read posts on Twitter everyday by big accounts that they think people deserve to be “fired into the sun”, to “eat the rich” and of course the guillotine memes. This tone is EVERYWHERE. But when I say a former prostitute sucks at her job and that a con artist’s and my abuser’s career needs to burn I get PERMANENTLY suspended? Smells like bullshit to me. It was not just you who wanted me silent. Yeah, nice try. Threefold force.
This isn’t far from over. I paid somebody to help me expose this shitshow. After YEARS of waiting and hoping and being silent, I lost all my fucks, and now I want nothing else but the truth out. Including a confirmed list of people, who are actively complicit or complicit by silence. Including his interns that pretend to be fans. I want everybody to know how this multi millionaire and his minions have been treating me for SIX YEARS.
Of course it sucks that I lost all my Tweets since 2015, but at least I achieved my main goal: That you nannies know me now. He hoped I’d keep silent and hope for another chance forever, that he could bullshit you all with some narrative how we met, that I would be the one to heal his heart after Sophie broke it, that he could HAVE IT ALL, despite doing EVERYTHING for his career and treating me like utter shit. You get what you work for, not what you wish for. BABY.
And by letting everybody know who I am and what he did to me, I forced him to make a decision. I already know how he will decide, thought. Definitely not for me. DUH. But that doesn’t matter. That was not the point of doing this. As if this workaholic would ever decide against his beloved career. And not for truth and love and a REAL family. Haha, I was stupid enough to believe that for way too many years. Just to see him dig himself deeper into his bullshit. Just to see him inventing more imaginary babies. Just to get treated worse and worse by him and his minions and his delusional nanny fans. Just to see his interns duskybatfishgrl and lichtblickpink, WHO KNOW ABOUT ME AND KNOW THAT I SPEAK THE TRUTH, publicly gaslight, insult, mock me and call the nanny army to laugh about me and report me. The truth about you two will come out sooner or later, too. How dare you. How low can you sink as a person to lie and bully for money.
Now you all know me, and this means he’s trapped even worse in his lies. There is no easy way out any longer. He has to keep proving me wrong, just like he did with the third “kid.” He has to fight me. He has to make efforts to report and close my social media accounts. And he lost his last chance to get out of this without CONSEQUENCES. 
I know, I know. You don‘t believe me. Why should you. You have your faith in the Cumberlord. Even the skeptics make up stupid alternative narratives to what I say, that I’m roleplaying somebody, that I’m Sophie’s PR or stupid shit like this. They are all delusional nannies at heart, too. They also only care about what they WANT to be true.
The truth will come out. The whole industry already knows. Nobody can keep this shit hidden forever. It probably won’t get out all at once, though. The wall of lies will crumble piece by piece.
1) He will announce a “divorce.” Boohoo. Poor guy. Things might get interesting either mid April or mid September. Maybe. He’s hinting at it (there’s no point to explain this to you, because you’d call it my “delusions”), but I learned the hard way that doesn’t mean shit. Generally, he wants out of this “marriage” but he wants a big career even more, so he will drag this out if his PR team decides it’s better for selling his movies.
2) Simultaneously or later (at least when he wants to start a new REAL family with wife number 2) he will announce with a bwoken heawt that Sophie cheated on him and that the “kids” are not his.....and thus he doesn’t have to care about them any longer woohooo FREEDOM. Or so he hoped.
3) The “shooting” of Doctor Strange 2 will be “stopped” this year, and the movie won’t come out next year. If it will ever be released. His heawt is just to bwoken to shoot a movie after this horrible divorce and having “his” kids taken away from him by his cheating ex wife. He needs a break. Poor guy. Even the nannies will understand that he needs privacy in these difficult times.
And when it happens, you will all realize that I was right. And if I was right about THIS, you should start wondering WHY I knew all this. Maybe I was not so delusional and crazy and hateful after all...
But hopefully you’ll start realizing that your “prince” is not even half the person he pretends to be. Not half the person you WANT him to be. But that he’s a liar who is only nice to people, who are USEFUL to him. Otherwise, he’s selfish and cruel. Not just to his fans by lying to them and spying on them via his interns duskybatfishgrl and lichtblickpink. But that he’s also an abuser, who treats women like his toys behind the scenes. Toys he can play with as long as they entertain him without commitment and without him having to risk and sacrifice anything related to his reputation and career. Toys he can discard, when he decides has more important things on his mind.
And when the truth becomes undeniable: Remember what you did to me. How you treated me. HIS VICTIM.
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BnHA Chapter 306: the beginning of the WHAT
Previously on BnHA: Nana and the Gang were all, “hey Deku, we can read your thoughts and feelings so we should already know the answer to this, but for some reason we want to quiz you on whether or not you’d be down to kill Shigaraki Tomura.” Deku was all, “um okay, well tbh, probably not seeing as Saving People has been my entire thing since literally the start of the series.” The Vestiges were all, “yes that makes perfect sense and again we already knew that, but well, good for you buddy and I’m glad we had this talk. Anyway I guess we should ask these two cryptic fuckers in the corner to finally turn around now before we run out of -- ” and then the chapter ended. Because OF COURSE IT DID.
Today on BnHA: Horikoshi is all “YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, WOULDN’T IT BE SO MUCH BETTER IF I GAVE YOU A CONFUSING CHAPTER WHERE EVERYONE FINALLY LEARNS ABOUT OFA, AND GOES BACK TO THE DORMS, AND THEN THE CHAPTER ENDS WITH DEPRESSED NOMAD DEKU STANDING ON A PRECIPICE WITH GRAN TORINO’S TATTERED CAPE FLOWING IN THE WIND.” Everyone is all, “???????????” Horikoshi is all, “also the parents are moving to the U.A. campus, and Jeanist’s neck is two and a half feet long, for everyone that was wondering.” Everyone is all, “WHERE ARE KACCHAN AND TODOROKI AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHO ARE THE SECOND AND THIRD USERS”, and Horikoshi is all, “:)” and fades away into nothingness like the fucking fae he is. Like a fucking imp who’s kept his end of the cursed bargain. What, the, fuck.
okay guys, so after the longest Thursday of my fucking life, during which I was secretly hoping that my spoiler containment net would be somehow be breached, inadvertently exposing me to theta spoiler radiation, so that I could be all “oh no... spoilers... there’s nothing I can do... I have no choice but to look” (which sadly did not happen), it is finally Friday and the chapter is finally out. so I’ve got my clown kit at the ready and other self-deprecating memes on standby, and I’m ready to go. and I should note that I’m also ready for Horikoshi to pull some absolute bullshit and be like, “oh you know what, we haven’t checked in with Rat Principal in a while have we” and spend the entire chapter on nonsense like that. I’M READY FOR FUCKING ANYTHING so bring it
(ETA: it would be nice if this man wouldn’t call my bluff every now and again.)
oh, right, we were due a color page! wow look at this
Tumblr media
isn’t this supposed to be the future?? what’s with all of these staticky CRT TVs
anyway, so! is this the first time we’ve seen Tomura’s stylish finger prosthetic glove thingy in color?? because I didn’t expect it to be red. also, at some point you just have to give in and change your pants into cutoffs or something, Tomura. start a new trend of stylish villain capris
meanwhile Deku is dressed like he’s going on a journey into the desert to find a mystical oasis. actually this cape looks a lot like Gran Torino’s. I have to go back and see if Gran’s is all raggedy like this
(ETA: it wasn’t before but APPARENTLY IT IS NOW. I also forgot that Horikoshi had showed it sitting on a side table in the hospital a few chapters ago.)
lastly, AFO looks like someone’s thumb after they’ve been washing dishes for twenty minutes. you are just the ugliest dude in history, and as always, fuck you
Tumblr media
oh, Twowy McTwoface is finally starting to turn around? better CUT BACK TO DEKU’S HOSPITAL ROOM THEN. wouldn’t want to accidentally ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS or SOLVE ANY MYSTERIES, god forbid
well, whatever. whatever!! anyway so now someone’s knocking at the door. I say “someone” but we all know it’s Hawks
Tumblr media
they were actually standing outside the door for a while hoping they’d overhear another juicy plot conversation, but no such luck this time
lmaooo Jeanist wtf
Tumblr media
acting all embarrassed, but you’re really just as curious as Hawks is. making him do all the dirty work for you huh
Tumblr media
so like two seconds after Katsuki gets dragged away you open the door for the rest of them!! well, fine!! I really want it to be a more private/personal moment between the two of them anyway so let the other kids check in on Deku first then
and in the meantime, time to see Hawks put the thumbscrews to All Might’s resolve lol
Tumblr media
I wonder how much of it Hawks has already put together in the last five minutes. One for All is something connected to All for One that Tomura seems to want. Tomura was apparently targeting Deku. that’s more than enough to make a few deductions right there. I wonder how much Hawks knows about Deku’s quirk. he did watch the sports festival, and he ran into the kids interning under Endeavor that one time
okay well maybe he hasn’t put the rest of it together just yet, but Hawks is making a pretty reasonable pitch here to All Might
Tumblr media
also this is a pretty spectacular view. is this a hospital or a hotel??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( •̀_•́ )
Tumblr media
[sitting cross-legged on the ground pulling up little clumps of grass and letting them fall from my fingers one by one] yeah. sure. okay. fine. sure
Tumblr media
everybody better hold tight cuz I’m about to pick up this whole chapter and yeet it into the ocean like a fucking frisbee lol
-- OH
Tumblr media
well okay then. proceed. though lord help me if they’re about to reveal the secret of OFA to the whole fucking world skdkj
oh snap
Tumblr media
well, there it is. pretty much what I expected, but it’s good to actually get to see this moment with him taking responsibility
though at the same time, thank you Horikoshi for not forcing us to sit through the rest of that
Tumblr media
their fucking faces omg. okay but seriously, what nation doesn’t secretly love a good scandal
Tumblr media
the Endeavor Pamphlets, part two. thank you for giving the country something to opine about on twitter in these trying times, Enji
so now they’re asking about Hawks and Jeanist but I cannot even focus on anything all of a sudden because what?!
Tumblr media
is Jeanist even a real actual human being you guys?! are we sure he’s not three kids sitting on each other’s shoulders?? are you related to that one guy with the really long neck from the Jedi Council?? are you Orochimaru, bro??
so now Hawks is apologizing for the murder of Twice, and for hiding the connection with his dad
Tumblr media
the fact that he has to give this serious formal apology and beg forgiveness for the shameful crime of Having An Abusive Father is really something else, though. just. it’s realistic, but I still hate it
moving on now to the one thing he actually does owe the public an explanation for
Tumblr media
not to go all “Hawks did nothing wrong” on you guys yet again, but seriously. 100% facts. fandom can (and no doubt will) debate this until the end of time, but if Twice had gotten away they wouldn’t be having this press conference right now because there wouldn’t be any heroes left to give one. anyways though, I’ve already said more than enough about that in previous posts
so now some severe-looking lady with the weirdest fingers I’ve ever seen is saying that her mother was injured during Machia’s rampage
Tumblr media
and she’s basically all “a fuck lot of good ‘I’m sorry’ does us all about now.” true true
wow she’s really getting fired up
Tumblr media
and now Enji is basically saying that he understands that an apology isn’t enough, and what they really need now are solutions. okay, well! SO THEN WHAT IS THE PLAN THEN
Tumblr media
this eloquent PEZ dispenser makes a good point you guys
wait, hold up
Tumblr media
CERTAIN citizens?? um excuse me, what??
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit
Tumblr media
holy shit. well, this will go over well
okay! so this tells me a number of things, though
basically the minute that Hawks learned about One for All, he realized that anyone connected to Deku (e.g. Inko) would be a target for AFO. AFO wants OFA, meaning AFO wants Deku, and one of the easiest ways to get to Deku would be to target his family
Hawks therefore realized that Inko needed to be placed into protective custody
but the fact that ALL of the hero course students’ families (and is it only the U.A. hero course, or all of the hero course students across the country?) are being given protection tells me that Hawks and co. don’t want to single Deku out as being important. so then it looks like they’re not going to tell everyone about OFA (or at least not the public. which, good). so rather than drawing suspicion by saying “we’ve got to protect everyone connected with this one kid”, they’re making it seem like all the U.A. kids’ families are getting this treatment
but since the heroes are now spread so thin, they can’t just send a protective detail to each and every family, so they’re bringing all of the families to the same place instead to better keep an eye on them
so that’s all well and good, and a very smart move. except that idk how all of this is going to go over with the general public, all of whom are probably feeling unsafe at the moment, and who will probably see this as preferential treatment -- basically just the heroes looking after their own and leaving everyone else to fend for themselves
(ETA: okay so @hanashimas​’ translation clarifies that U.A. is offering their services as an evacuation shelter for everyone who wants it, not just the families of the U.A. students. that’s much more appropriate so I withdraw my previous “wtf” reaction lol.)
anyway though here’s Mitsuki and Inko
Tumblr media
can we take this as confirmation that the two of them really are friends? that’s one piece of fanon that I’ve always hoped was true, so I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s confirmed
(ETA: also this means that Hagakure’s parents (or maybe “parents” in quotation marks) will supposedly be moving in as well. sure am curious as to how that’s going to go.)
now someone in the press crowd is asking whether U.A. can provide adequate security, which is honestly the LAST thing I expected these people would be outraged about lol. shows what I know I guess
(ETA: again though, this makes sense if the “certain civilians” thing was just a translation error.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you tell me, Dabi! weren’t you the one who said that wouldn’t be enough to kill him? what even is your endgame here. I’m starting to worry about the villain brain cell supply you guys. I feel like Compress took most of them with him when he left
Tumblr media
“when asked about One for All, Endeavor fucking lied through his teeth.” well, well, well
( ⁰ ⌂ ⁰ )
Tumblr media
(ETA: 9. also if he really wrote every kid in his class then that means the U.A. traitor -- or Hagakure as we like to call her around these parts -- also knows about OFA, and knows that Deku has run the fuck off and isn’t at U.A. anymore. so that’s just great!)
Tumblr media
the hell does that mean, you must leave. leave to go where. son you are not up and leaving to go power up and lead us all into a timeskip. and I swear to GOD, if you left Kacchan too...!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
y’all I’m not even gonna waste your time with more keysmashing, JUST ASSUME THAT I AM DOING IT NONSTOP, FOREVER. and let’s just jump RIGHT IN HERE
okay so here I thought that All Might and co. had taken him away somewhere to train, but that is CLEARLY not what’s going on here. this kid is standing here in his Apocalypse Aesthetic hero costume which has CLEARLY seen better days, with Gran Torino’s cloak (GUESS THAT EXPLAINS THAT, THEN?? SO DID GRAN FUCKING DIE EXCUSE ME WTF), and a fucking backpack. this little green idiot has RUN AWAY FROM HOME. this is the absolute LAST THING ON EARTH I ever expected to happen so PARDON ME WHILE I SCREAM CONFUSEDLY INTO THE VOID
he does not look okay. you guys he doesn’t look okay at ALL. he has NEVER looked like this. this isn’t just a “I’m sad because I’m leaving all my friends behind” kind of look on his face, or even just a “Gran Torino died maybe and I’m still having emotions over it” look. this is an EXHAUSTED, dead look in his eyes. something terrible has happened
love how this random building is just straight up collapsing, like that’s just a normal thing that happens every day now. lovely
did he go with Deku?? did he get a chance to talk to him before he left?? did he get his own private letter which he read and then promptly blew up in a fit of panicked rage?? is he going to go after him?? DOES HORIKOSHI KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING TO ME RIGHT NOW?? OF COURSE HE DOES, DON’T BOTHER ANSWERING THAT
omg. though actually the fact that we’ve already jumped a few weeks forward makes me hopeful that there won’t actually be another timeskip, or at least not much of one. I’m sure that’ll be the big debate of the week, but I don’t think we can jump too far forward here. for starters because of that All Might prophecy I mentioned. and also because TomurAFO isn’t just going to wait around for months. and also because I’m 100% sure that Deku’s running-away backpack is just filled ENTIRELY WITH NOTEBOOKS and this asshole cannot possibly survive more than 3 days on his own. UNLESS SOMEONE COMES TO HELP HIM THAT IS. OR SOMEONES, EVEN. OMG. omg omg omg. fuck this chapter lmao
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