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I love Detective Conan/Case Closed so much and I just had to make an OC based on it. I recently finished his bio too but I’ll only put like half here since it’s pretty long.

General info

Name: Kaori Saki

Nickname: Kao

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 7th

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Nationality: Japanese-Korean

Blood type: B+

Occupation: Teitan High School student/Detective

Physical Info

Height: 5’ 6" (168 cm)

Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Light brown

Skin tone: Light peach

Scars: Faded surgical scars on chest

Jewellery/accessories: Rope necklace with a silver ring on it, and a black cap

Tattoos: N/A

Piercings: A stud earring


Kaori is a smart and logical thinking person, even though some of his deductions can be a bit unconventional with where the reasoning came from. He’s dependable when on cases and is usually able to discover the criminal. He’s also suprisingly informal even when on cases and appears relaxed even when there’s a dead body. Despite the laid back demeanour Kaori takes his job pretty seriously and prides in being a great detective.

Kaori normally finds it easy to talk to others and is usually pretty sociable even around those he isn’t familiar with. This helps him be more open with his closer companions and friends so he would normally say if something was bothering him.

Some people tend to view Kaori as reckless and they wouldn’t be totally wrong as he isn’t afraid to rush ahead, even when there’s a criminal involved. He would gladly put someone’s safety and well being above his own. Even though this can be seen as admirable it can also cause many problems for Kaori as he has ended up in hospital a few times before.

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To my followers who are probably confused by all the sudden role playing content- my bad lol. My blog is still the same, now with aot based rp’ing content. (Although most of it happens on an aot rp group chat if you’re curious.)

But wait, there’s more!

I do have an OC, her name is Ro, as stated on my bio. And if you’d like to know more feel free to send in any asks.

Oki, bye :3 💕

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Autumn is Bianca’s favourite season. It’s a time of preparation before months of stillness, where rapid changes occur. Trees get dressed in golds and browns, dead leaves crack under her steps, wet earth from the cold rains has a crisper scent. The weather becomes uncertain, the increasingly lower sun gives out an incomparable soft golden light, at some point frost starts covering the world in a delicate, shiny mantle early in the morning. Sometimes, the woods get envelopped in a thick misty blanket, and it’s like time is suspended for a moment.

Autumn is Bianca’s favourite season. During the period of her birthday, there’s also yearly celebrations during which she can help care for those who were there before her. She also enjoys carving turnips to create series of small lanterns with funny faces, to decorate the windows. She embraces again the pleasure of slowly piling more blankets on her bed as the temperature gets lower and lower. 

Autumn is Bianca’s favourite season, because it’s when the world let’s go of life itself to let it come back in ever new patterns later, and she appreciates the beauty of that gesture.

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This is a character I made a little while back but I felt like posting her now. Technically, she is a love child of two of my Danganronpa OCs (one being a Tech wiz and the other being a Cultist). This is what I’d think their child would look like. Her name is Mei Oka and she is the Ultimate Demonolgist.

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