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“So, Jojo really got himself in trouble this time, huh, Mom?” a young girl asked.

“Yes, he did,” Holly answered the girl, who had long, jet black hair, a short stature, and a school uniform on. “He’s in jail this time.”

“I thought the day would come soon,” the girl sighed. “I mean, I still feel bad for him, kind of, but at this point, he kind of deserves it.”

“Don’t say that!” Holly scolded. “He’s your brother, and he’s protected you from bullies before!”

“I don’t need his protection,” the girl answered nonchalantly. “I can survive on my own. And it’s his fault for beating up anyone who looks at him the wrong way.”

The two of them stayed silent for the rest of the car ride, until they got to the police station.

“Yes, Jotaro is definitely my son,” Holly told the police officers.

“And who’s this beside you?” one of the officers asked.

“This is Jotaro’s twin sister,” Holly answered, “Yo-”

“Thank you, Mom, but I can speak for myself,” the girl told Holly, bowing to show she meant no ill will with that statement. “My name is Yorokobi. Yorokobi Kujo.”

“Yorokobi, huh?” the officer said as they walked down the dark hallway. “Have you ever seen Jotaro get in fights before?”

“Oh, plenty of times,” Yorokobi chuckled. “I’m surprised it took this long for him to get in jail.”

“And what about you? Have you been in any fights?”

“Only if I’m provoked,” Yorokobi answered. “The police have arrived at some fights I’ve been in before, but all of them have been out of self-defense, so I haven’t been charged with anything.”

“You don’t look like the type to be able to beat someone up,” the other officer said.

“Don’t underestimate me just because I’m a girl,” Yorokobi growled.

“Anyway, your son is right down this corridor, and he’s free to go, since this was also in self-defense,” one of the officers told Holly. As soon as he said that, she dashed down to Jotaro’s cell, calling his name.

“Shut up!” Jotaro yelled. “You’re so annoying!”

“Okay!” Holly chimed.

After her answer, Jotaro laid back down on his bed and closed his eyes.

“Hey! Wake up, Jojo!” Yorokobi yelled. “The police are letting you out of jail. Let’s go home, alright?”

Jotaro looked over at Yorokobi, then looked away again. “Mom, Yorokobi, you’d best go home. I’m not leaving this cell for a while. I’ve been possessed by an evil spirit.”

Yorokobi paused, and took some time to comprehend what Jotaro had just said. When it finally settled in, she burst out in laughter. “That’s the worst joke anyone has ever told me!” she exclaimed. “Come on, just get out of there already.”

“You think I’m joking?” Jotaro asked. “It took all of my power to stop the spirit in that fight. I’m not letting it anywhere near you two.”

Yorokobi’s laughing got a little less hysterical, but she was still in tears. “You’re so awful at making jokes,” she wheezed. “It’s so bad that it’s funny.”

“Fine. If you don’t believe me, I’ll just have to show you.” Jotaro walked up to the cell bars, tossing his hat to the side. Yorokobi’s laughter halted completely.

“O… okay, Jojo, the joke has gone too far now,” she nervously chuckled. “It wasn’t funny, so just let it rest.”

Jotaro continued walking up to the bars, and stuck his hand out. From his hand, another purple, transparent hand extended further. It grabbed the gun from one of the officer’s holsters, and brought it to him.

“Jojo, y-you’re scaring me,” Yorokobi shivered. She grabbed onto Holly’s shirt.

“Good,” Jotaro replied. “Maybe you’ll take this spirit seriously, then.” He cocked the gun, and put it to his head.

“Jojo, stop!”

He fired the gun, but when it was pulled away, he was completely fine. The spirit dropped the bullet to the ground, and returned the gun to the officer.

“Like I said, there’s an evil spirit possessing me,” Jotaro said. “I’m not getting out of this cell until it leaves.”

Yorokobi looked to her mom, who was just as lost about what to do as her. They both slowly walked out of the cell room.

“What are we going to do?” Yorokobi asked her mother.

“I’m going to call your granddad for help,” Holly answered.

The next morning, Yorokobi and Holly went to the airport.

“Papa!” Holly called. She ran over to a burly man, with a thick, white beard and a brown coat.

“Holly!” he yelled. Both of them ran over to each other, and Yorokobi followed.

“Granddad!” she exclaimed. Both of them enveloped each other in a big hug.

“Hey there, Yorokobi!” Joseph laughed. “I missed you!”

“I missed you, too,” Yorokobi replied as she buried her face in his shoulder.

After their cheerful greetings, Joseph calmed down and lowered his voice. “So, you said Jotaro has been possessed by a ghost? And you could see the ghost?”

At those words, Holly broke down in tears again. “Oh, my poor, poor Jotaro. Yes. The officers said they couldn’t see it, but I clearly saw a separate hand.”

“And what about you, Yorokobi?”

“Yes, I saw it, too,” Yorokobi answered. “When he shot a gun towards his head, the spirit caught the bullet before it could hurt him.”

“But nothing has happened to either of you?”

Both girls shook their heads.

Joseph sighed. “Thank goodness. Well, don’t you worry about Jotaro. I’ll get him out of jail in no time.”

Holly insisted that Yorokobi stay home while she and Joseph went to try coaxing Jotaro out of his cell, much to her dismay. Instead, she was given the mundane task of watching over the house. Something about Jotaro’s spirit being “too dangerous” and she “might get in the crossfire between it and Avdol’s spirit.” A bunch of baloney that basically meant they were afraid she was faint of heart and would hate to see her dearest brother get beaten half to death.

No matter. She would just have to do some chores around the house. After all, there was a guest, and her mother would be very unhappy if the house was in its current state when he arrived to spend the night.

“I should make some food tonight, too,” Yorokobi said to herself. “I think some soup would be good.”

Before she knew it, everyone had arrived back home, including Jotaro, who was literally burned in some places.

“Did someone actually put up a fight against you, Jojo?” Yorokobi taunted. “Is your perfect win streak ruined now?” Jotaro and her had their fair share of sibling fights, but even she couldn’t beat him. It was nice to see him actually harmed for once.

“No, it was a draw,” Avdol answered. “I didn’t want to kill him, I just wanted to get him out of that cell.”

“And what about that ‘evil spirit’?” Yorokobi asked.

“It’s still there,” Jotaro shrugged. “Although it’s not an evil spirit, just a ‘Stand’ or whatever the old man called it.”

“Oh,” Yorokobi said. “Well, I made everyone some dinner while I was cooped up in the house instead of watching Jojo and Mr. Avdol fight,” she added, almost snarkily. “Eat up!”

Everyone grabbed a bowl, and started eating in silence.

“So, I’ve decided to tell you all right now, so Yorokobi will hear it, too,” Joseph said. “You see, there’s a reason why Jotaro’s Stand has appeared so suddenly. It has to do with some events that happened 100 years ago.”

He then proceeded to tell Holly, Jotaro, and Yorokobi all about his grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, his adopted brother, Dio Brando, the stone mask, the star birthmark, and Jonathan and Dio’s fight that would continue down for generations of Joestars to come.

“And now, Dio has taken over Jonathan’s body, using it as his own!” Joseph exclaimed. “And he won’t stop tormenting us until he’s defeated every last Joestar!”

Yorokobi nodded. “And how do we stop him?”

“Are you serious?” Jotaro asked. “I’m not going on a long trip just to find this guy, and you’re not either. We’ll let him come to us, if he’s that persistent on killing us.” He took another bite of soup, using his Stand to bring the spoon up to his mouth.

“Good idea,” Yorokobi replied.

After her input, the table went back to the sounds of chewing.

“You like it, don’t you?” Yorokobi asked Jotaro.

“I never said that.”

“But you haven’t criticized it at all, either,” she smirked. “The more you like what I make, the less you criticize every little detail. When you’re completely silent, it means you love it.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you had a degree in not minding your own business,” Jotaro retorted. “Let me eat my food in peace.”

Yorokobi hmphed, but did nothing more.

“Not you too, Yorokobi!” Joseph whined. “You and your mother need to have more of a spine and stand up to Jotaro!”

“Oh, I’m not finished standing up to him,” Yorokobi shrugged. “I just have different ways of fighting back. I knew he was going to say something like that to me tonight, so I snuck a little surprise into his bowl.”

“Something spicy?” Joseph asked.

“Something electrifying,” Yorokobi grinned.

Suddenly, the soup in Jotaro’s bowl started to make a huge bubble right in the middle. Around it was an electric yellow glow. When the bubble completely fit in the bowl, it popped, spewing soup all over Jotaro’s face. Yorokobi doubled over in laughter.

“Serves you right!” she cackled.

Joseph stood back in awe. “Yorokobi… how did you do that?” He had a feeling he knew what it was, but he wanted to make sure.

“I don’t know, really,” she answered through small giggles. “I’ve just had this power since I was little.” Yorokobi sent a little spark through her arm. “Mom said you had it, too.”

Joseph started giving a hearty laugh, and hugged Yorokobi tightly. “My granddaughter is a Hamon user!” he exclaimed. “I thought I was the last one.”

“Yeah, and she’s used it to inconvenience me for the majority of her life,” Jotaro mumbled.

“Oh, don’t act like you didn’t punch me for it!” Yorokobi snapped.

“I’ll punch you right now for splattering me with soup!”

“Jotaro! Yorokobi!” Holly exclaimed. “Settle down!”

“Yes, Mom,” Yorokobi muttered. Her shoulders slumped. Jotaro huffed and snapped his head away from Yorokobi, but did nothing more. Both went to their rooms and closed the door.

“They’re actually really sweet most of the time, I promise,” Holly told Joseph and Avdol. “They love each other very much. It’s just… you know how siblings are.”

Both men nodded. “Well,” Joseph shrugged, “they have a point about not pursuing Dio. After all, if he wants us dead that much, he’d either give us a reason to hunt him down or come hunt us down.”

“I think we should stay here, just in case Dio has any plans to do either of those,” Avdol advised.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Joseph smiled. “Well, Holly, if you need anything, we’ll be in the guest room, wherever it is.”

Then, after a couple of hours, the house was dark, and everything was quiet.

Except for Yorokobi tossing and turning in her bed.

“Out of all nights, it had to be tonight,” she whispered to herself. “I have a test in the morning, too.”


Yorokobi jumped. “Jojo? What are you doing in my room?”

“With my new Stand, it’s easy for me to hear when your insomnia is really bad,” he murmured. “You know you have medicine for that.”

“I’m on the medicine,” Yorokobi grumbled. “It’s not working. Again.”

Jotaro sighed. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to stay with you until you fall asleep.”

Yorokobi gave him a knowing smile.

“If anyone figures out about this, I’ll kill you.”

“I got it, I got it,” Yorokobi chuckled. “Wouldn’t want anyone figuring out that Jotaro Kujo actually has a soft spot, or anything.” She paused for a moment, then continued talking. “So, what are you going to do about…” she waved her hands in his general direction, “that guy?”

“Ignore him, probably,” Jotaro shrugged. “It seems like he’s only good for fighting, and last time he helped me, I went to jail, so I should probably not use him.”

“You should give him a name.”

“What a dumb, childish idea. No.”

“I’m not referring to him as ‘that guy’, or ‘my brother’s Stand’. If you don’t give him a name, I will.”

“If I give it a name, I’ll grow attached. I don’t want this thing.”

“Then I’ll grow attached for you. Hi there, Toto!”

“Toto? Like the band? That’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard.”

“Okay, what name ideas do you have?”

Jotaro remained silent for a while, then grumbled, “I’m not naming him anything.”

“Then Toto it is.”

“I’m going to bed.”


Jotaro stopped walking away.


“No.” He continued going back to his room. “Plus, you’re actually starting to look tired. I don’t want to keep you up even longer.”

Jotaro was right. . Yorokobi was finally settling down. Her eyes were getting droopy, and she couldn’t focus on talking as much as when she was awake.

“Goodnight, Yorokobi.”

“Night, Jojo.”

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“I am… 100.”

Was watching 9, so felt like redrawing my character, 100.



My first drawing of 100 and this one.


My Commissions are open!

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Brooke: tons dices que le puedo borrar las memorias que yo quiera?

Park: Si, eso mismo se pueden, tipo.., editarlas?

Park: No, no es posible eso

Brooke:…k, haré lo de las memorias pues y me lo devuelves nuevecito

Park: fine

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Kakyoin dragged his feet along the pavement, keeping his eyes glued to the ground. He kept thinking if he took a walk, then Lily would appear back in their hotel room, asking why he had such a long face. Even after the girl in the ghost alley (Reimi, wasn’t it?) confirmed that she saw his wife ascend up with the same wound that she was cursed with, he couldn’t believe it. I told her I had a bad feeling didn’t I? he thought. I begged her to stay home. She promised me she’d come back alive.

He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice Koichi just across the street from him, who couldn’t help but look on with a twinge of pity.

“Mr. Kakyoin,” Koichi said as he crossed the street. “What are you doing? I haven’t seen you for days.”

Kakyoin looked beside him, then sighed. “I guess a part of me is still holding on to the hope that Lily is somehow alive.”

Koichi nodded. “I miss her, too,” he replied, but quickly added, “O-of course, I don’t miss her as much as you, but she still m-meant something to me.”

“I know what you meant,” Kakyoin answered, almost deadpan.

Geez, Koichi thought, losing a loved one really sucks the life out of you.

“You know, the Speedwagon Foundation shouldn’t be forcing you to work after you just lost your wife,” Koichi stated, in attempts to strike a conversation again. Maybe he was being too pushy, though.

“I’m not working,” Kakyoin told him, still emotionless. “They gave me some time off. I’m just walking around town.”

“Oh,” Koichi mumbled. “Sorry.” He started to walk away, until he saw a familiar face walking up the same way him and Kakyoin were.

“Mr. Jotaro!”

Kakyoin turned his head to face his old friend, who looked straight into his eyes with that infamous expression that couldn’t be deciphered.

“I think I’m getting close to finding the man who killed Lily,” Jotaro told him. “It was mere coincidence that I was traveling this way, but I thought you might want to join me.”

Koichi could practically feel the air around him change as Jotaro mentioned Lily. Kakyoin’s expression didn’t change much, but his eyes had a strange spark in them, and his teeth clenched together.

“Alright, I’ll come.”

Jotaro nodded, then continued down the path. Both Kakyoin and Koichi followed suit.

“How do you know you’re close?” Kakyoin asked Jotaro.

“Well, for one, I’ve checked every other clothing repair shop, and this is the last one, so if it’s not here, then there’s not much we can do. But I guarantee our killer will want his jacket button fixed,” Jotaro answered.

Kakyoin accepted that answer, and continued walking in silence. His frown was hiding his gritted teeth, and his pockets were hiding his clenched fists, so tight he could feel his fingernails digging into the palms of his hands.

Breaking the news to Kakyoin wasn’t easy. In fact, Jotaro found it was almost as hard as facing Dio. Three days later, and the scene still played through his head:

He stared at the door, taking deep breaths. Although he volunteered to tell Kakyoin to spare the others, who were still just kids, from having to deal with his close friend’s heartbreak, it didn’t make it any easier on him.

The heavy knock was sure to alert Kakyoin. Hopefully, Emily was asleep. Jotaro could handle telling the man by a small thread, but that man’s two-year-old he absolutely could not.

“Jotaro?” Kakyoin said as the door opened. “This is a surprise. What’s so important you stopped by midday to tell me?”

No, he couldn’t do this. Kakyoin didn’t deserve the crushing weight of death on his shoulders.

But he also deserved to know.

“It’s about Lily,” Jotaro started. Kakyoin gasped.

“Is she hurt?” he asked. “In the hospital? Will she be okay?”

“She… she won’t be okay,” Jotaro tilted his hat down, although it didn’t stop a tear from running down his cheek. “She died.”

It was almost like Jotaro could feel Kakyoin’s heart shatter with that gasp. Looking above the brim of his hat, he could see his best friend trying to remain calm in front of him.

“Lily… she… she can’t be dead!” Kakyoin protested. “Ace of Pentacles can save her!”

“It was sudden,” Jotaro explained. “The enemy killed her instantly. It happened so fast we didn’t have time to see her die.”

Maybe the last parts were a little bit of overkill. He could see it in Kakyoin’s bloodshot eyes as his breathing became short and staggered.

“I’m sorry,” Jotaro murmured. “There was nothing any of us could have done.”

Kakyoin would never forget Jotaro’s sudden somberness, signifying something was wrong the moment their eyes locked. Even now, there was no body to prove Lily was dead, and although he trusted Jotaro’s words with his life, there was nothing to prove that Lily couldn’t come back, limping if she had to, into his arms again. Until then, he would make sure her killer would pay, and pay dearly.

“This is the place,” Jotaro announced. “The only place that repairs jackets that I haven’t checked yet.”

Before Jotaro could lay a hand on the doorknob, Kakyoin ran up and took his place, making sure he was first to enter the store.

“Ah, new customers!” the store owner said as his head perked up from the chime of the bell. “Welcome!”

“We need you to locate the jacket this button fell off of,” Kakyoin ordered. He slammed the button on the desk, and Jotaro gasped. When did Kakyoin take the button from his pocket?

“Well, this is a peculiar request,” the owner mumbled to himself.

“It’s urgent,” Kakyoin added.

As the owner observed the button, he quietly hummed. “It does look similar to the buttons on this jacket,” he replied as he pointed over to a light purple suit.

Bingo! “What’s the name of the one who brought it in?”

“He might not remember that, Kakyoin,” Jotaro said.

“Are you saying I don’t remember my customer’s names?” the store owner remarked. “I remember the name of everyone who’s ever come here!”

“Then what’s his name?” Kakyoin asked.

“It’s…” the owner paused. “His name is… don’t think I don’t remember that man’s name,” he said. “It’s just easier to check.” He walked over to the jacket, reading the name. “Ah, yes. His name is…”

Before he finished, a small, teal tank with a skull on the front crawled up on his shoulder.

“Look over here,” it said.

To no one’s surprise, the owner didn’t hear it. Non-Stand users can’t hear Stands. However, he did feel the tank rolling on his shoulder. His head turned, and the tank jumped into his mouth.

Behind the door, Kira smiled to himself. Hopefully, everything would go as planned.

“This wasn’t anything like the way Lily died, was it?” Kakyoin asked.

“Not a chance,” Jotaro answered. “When we looked back, there was nothing.”

“Mr. Jotaro, Mr. Kakyoin, look!” Koichi exclaimed. While the two men were talking, a hand from behind the door was pulling on the jacket of their killer.

“That must be him,” Kakyoin muttered. His teeth gritted harder than ever. However, unlike Koichi, who ran towards the man behind the door before Jotaro stopped him, Kakyoin knew that this was most likely a trap.

Kira hmphed to himself. Looks like he’ll need a little extra boost to run over Sheer Heart Attack, he thought to himself. Sighing, he dug through his pocket, then tossed the hand in there to the floor, just enough to be seen, but close enough that he could bend down to get it.

That did it. Kakyoin’s fury reached its limit. As soon as he laid eyes on Lily’s severed hand, nothing else mattered. His entire train of thought was clouded with one thought: The murderer had Lily’s hand.

“Kakyoin, it’s a trap!” Jotaro shouted.

“I don’t care if it’s a trap!” Kakyoin snapped. “He’ll pay in Hell for what he’s done!”

Before Jotaro could stop him, Kakyoin started running. Behind the door, Kira smirked. And now, I’ve got you where I want you, he thought to himself.

As Kakyoin ran over the strange, tank-looking thing, it suddenly exploded, right underneath him. The explosion practically blew his legs off, shattered his eardrums, and made him dive headfirst into the wall. When Jotaro and Koichi looked back, he was limply laying on the floor.

“M-Mr. Kakyoin?” Koichi asked. “Mr. Kakyoin! Wake up!”

“We don’t have time to focus on him, Koichi,” Jotaro said.

“He’s your friend!” Koichi exclaimed. “Why wouldn’t you help your friend?”

“He is my friend, but the enemy isn’t attacking him right now!” Jotaro replied. “Right now, that Stand is attacking you!”


Kakyoin awoke in a meadow, laying on the grass. Why he was here, only God knew. He slowly rose up to stand, careful not to squash any of the beautiful flowers around him. The birds all across the sky seemed to be flying one way, not in fear of anything, but in admiration of what was ahead. Curious, Kakyoin followed, sensing a presence of something calming as he approached. He saw the glowing aura before he saw the actual presence, but he knew instantly who it was. Standing on the top of a hill, with wings of an angel, was the comforting face of his wife.

“Lily?” Kakyoin asked. The wings fluttered a bit as the angel turned around.

“Noriaki?” Lily asked back. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask the same question,” Kakyoin replied, his mouth forming into a smile.

“This is the gate to Heaven,” Lily answered. “And I’m here to cast judgement on those who’ve died that have been close to me.”

It took a while, but when Kakyoin connected the dots with Lily’s words, he gasped. “I’m dead?”

“It seems to be that way,” Lily nodded. “So, since I’m the closest one to you, I’m here to pass judgement to see if you reach Heaven or Hell.”

Kakyoin nodded in acknowledgement. For some reason, he was very calm at the moment, despite the fact that this judgement would decide his eternal resting place. That, and he had to leave everyone on earth behind, no matter what, including his daughter.

“Now then,” Lily lifted up a piece of paper to her eyes. “Well, what do you know? There’s only one question! Did you give the ones closest to you all love you could?”

Kakyoin almost scoffed at this question, but decided that wouldn’t be very helpful in his judgement. “Yes, of course!” he answered, confidently and honestly.

“You gave Emily all the love you could?”

“Especially her.”

“You gave me all the love you could?”

“I gave you the most out of anyone else!” Kakyoin almost started to cry, from Lily’s disbelief in him or the fact that her face was tangible again, he wasn’t sure.

“Then why didn’t you save me?”

Kakyoin froze. Why didn’t he save her? There was nothing he could do! At least, that’s what he was told by everyone. His inner thoughts said otherwise, but he blocked those out as best as he could.

“Why didn’t you save me, Kakyoin?”

The ground underneath started to rumble. “Why did you call me by my last name?” Kakyoin asked.

“Because you’re so covered in sin I don’t even want to be associated with you. Why am I here, dead, when I had a child to take care of, and more Speedwagon Foundation cases to solve, when you could have saved my life by forcing me not to go out that day and stay with Emily?”

“I didn’t want you to think that I wanted to rule this family with an iron fist!” Kakyoin protested as a crack formed underneath his feet. “It’s not fair to you to force you to do anything!”

“It was a test!” Lily’s voice suddenly became harsh and angry. “If you had really loved me enough, you would have forced me to stay inside and not walk into my impending doom!”

“Lily, please!” Kakyoin cried. He was holding on to the edge of the grass with his fingers on just his left hand. “Just give me a second chance, and I’ll prove I can change it with Emily!”

Lily walked up to her struggling husband, giving him a glare he’d only seen her give to Dio.

“Enjoy your stay in Hell, Kakyoin.”

Lily stomped on Kakyoin’s fingers, forcing him to let go of the ground and fall into the fiery abyss below. The whole way down, she offered not even the slightest ounce of remorse for him.

And, as he was falling down, Kakyoin suddenly jerked up from bed, breathing quickly. He was back in bed, in a dark room. His room. Not the hotel bedroom in Morioh, but the room in his and Lily’s house. Was Morioh all just a dream?

“Bad dream, Noriaki?” Lily asked groggily. It took everything in Kakyoin not to hold her tightly in his arms, tight enough that it was sure to suffocate her.

“I’ll say,” he answered instead. “It was extremely vivid, and it featured another Joestar, an illegitimate child of Joseph. I’ll tell you all the details later, but the important part is that you had died.”

“That does sound like a bad dream,” Lily got up from her pillow, turning to the man beside her.

Something was terribly wrong.

Lily’s corpse was talking to Kakyoin, with dry, sickly grey skin. She didn’t have any eyes or teeth, leaving a void where the missing parts were. She lifted up her hand, her bony, skinny hand, and placed it on Kakyoin’s shoulder. It was ice cold. “It’s a good thing that none of it is real, right?”

The sight was too scary to look away from. Kakyoin was frozen, unable to scream or even breathe.

“What’s wrong, Noriaki?” Lily’s corpse asked. “It’s me. I’m here.” The jaw fell off of her face and onto the floor.

Suddenly, a scream came from Emily’s room. A scream that she never used unless she was in severe pain, like the time she fell off her bike while it was speeding down a hill. The worry for his daughter overtook Kakyoin’s terror at the sight of his wife as he ran to her room to see what was the matter. As soon as he burst open the door, he saw a familiar figure in the corner of the room, standing over Emily as blood poured out of her skull.

“Too late,” Dio chuckled.

Before Kakyoin could scream, Emily slowly rose from the ground. Her teeth were like icicles, her now glowing red eyes piercing through her father’s gaze.

“Daddy, I’m hungry,” she whined, although this whine was off. It didn’t sound petty, it sounded sinister. “Can you get me a snack?”

The moment Kakyoin moved his legs to run, Emily leaped at him, knocking him to the ground. Her little fingernails sunk into his skin, and he could feel his blood being sucked away.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Emily smiled, her fangs offering no comfort. “Now you can be just like Mommy!”

He wanted to fight back. Kakyoin wanted to throw this little demon taking his blood onto the wall, and kick it until it didn’t move any more. But it was really hard to do that when the demon held his daughter’s face. As he struggled for his last glimpse at the scene around him, the fuzzy shapes that somewhat resembled the ones he knew, he noticed another light forming. It grew, slowly, until his eyes were completely open again.

He was back at that shoe shop, lying face up, looking at the ceiling.

Kakyoin rose from his unconscious position, sitting upright. He didn’t remember exactly what happened before passing out, because it all happened so quickly. One moment, he was seeing red, screaming in rage, running after the man who killed Lily, and the next, he was flying towards a wall, headfirst, upside down.

Taking a look at his surroundings, it was clear that an explosion had happened here. Multiple explosions, actually. And judging from the charred wood coming from the back hallway, an even bigger explosion happened back there. Was it an explosion that sent Kakyoin into the wall?

So maybe it was that tank that made Lily practically disappear, he thought to himself. He tried to stand, but his legs wouldn’t move an inch. Looking down at them, they were still somewhat intact, but the knees had been blown clean off. No big deal, of course, Hierophant could act as his legs. However, one look at the Stand, and its legs were unusable, too.

Kakyoin could hear some muffled talking coming from outside. Surely that was their Stand user. Listening closer, he could hear the voice of Koichi, too. He had to get out there and help, or he’d never forgive himself. If worse came to worst, he could always drag himself with his hands.

However, it wouldn’t have to come to that, because Kakyoin thought of something. Hierophant Green was able to unfold into nothing but strings. Could those strings rope together and act as a brace? It was worth a try. Kakyoin decided to use the strength of his arms, which were the least damaged parts of him. He lifted himself to his feet, and although he could really feel the burn in his arms, it worked. Slowly but surely, Kakyoin worked his way to the back door, grabbing onto the walls when he could. When he finally reached the door, he heard Koichi again, but this time, he could hear the words.

“Your name… is Yoshikage Kira…” he said as he winced in pain.

“H-how did you figure that out?” the other man, most likely the killer, exclaimed.

His name is Yoshikage Kira, Kakyoin thought to himself. He listened to the rest of their conversation, but it was barely important. All that mattered was Koichi was losing, and he would need backup fast. Jotaro was already out, so it would be up to Kakyoin. Slowly and quietly, he opened the door.

“All I need to do now is turn Koichi’s student badge into a bomb with Killer Queen, and he’ll be out of my skin,” Kira said to himself. He summoned his Stand, a catlike creature, and it started to place its finger near Koichi. If he was going to intervene, Kakyoin would have to do it now. There was no time to think about how this man seemingly had two Stands.

“You did well, Koichi,” Kakyoin muttered. “You won against Kira mentally.”

Kira gasped. He had Killer Queen deflect Hierophant’s emeralds before he was hit by them.

“Well, this is a surprise,” Kira chuckled. “I thought you would have died from the explosion.”

“It’ll take more than an explosion to kill me,” Kakyoin replied. He gave Kira a sideways glance.

“So you’ve decided to fight me, in your pathetic state,” Kira observed. “Are you doing it just to stall for time so Koichi doesn’t die? Perhaps it’s because you want to be a hero, even to your death. Or maybe you’re still holding on to the hope that your wife is still alive?”

Kakyoin wasn’t expecting that question. He froze.

“Lots of people do,” Kira continued. “I’ve seen some of the families of my victims beg the police to keep searching, saying that there’s no body to prove that they’re dead. And for Lily, she can make a copy of herself before she dies, so she has to be alive somewhere, right?”

Despite knowing that Kira had seen this same situation before, Kakyoin was still surprised that he knew his exact thoughts.

“Let me tell you something,” Kira said. “Lily is dead! I saw her body explode right before my eyes. You’ll never see her again.” He knew that the one thing keeping Kakyoin in the fight was hope. If he could eliminate it completely, then he would be a much easier opponent to face. And he was right. He could see the little flame of hope fade from Kakyoin’s eyes as he fought tears back to keep his composure.

“So, she’s really gone…” he muttered.

Kira nodded, smiling lightly.

“Well, then,” Kakyoin continued. A couple of Hierophant’s strings shot towards Kira and gripped his neck as tight as possible. Kakyoin looked up, and a new spark was in his eyes. “It’s all the easier for me to finish you off!”

Kira squeezed his eyes shut, expecting the worst. However, when it took a while for him to stop breathing, he slowly opened them. Sure enough, Hierophant Green was wrapped around his throat, but it was so wimpy he couldn’t feel a thing. It must have taken a lot of energy just for Kakyoin to stand up, and it showed through Hierophant.

“Your Stand is weak,” Kira smirked. “It barely has a hold on me.” He summoned Killer Queen, and chopped Hierophant’s strings. There was a snap, and Kakyoin’s right leg bent where it shouldn’t have, forcing him to kneel to the ground while an agonizing scream left his lungs.

“I’d love to chat more, but I don’t have time,” Kira continued. “Josuke will be here any minute now, and I have to get away before that. Unfortunately, this is where your story ends.”

“I wouldn’t move from that spot, if I were you,” Kakyoin warned, gritting his teeth as he sat down, careful to keep his broken leg away from as much pain as possible. The place where the bone snapped was poking out of his skin.

Kira chuckled a little, but it soon turned into a full on laugh. “Are you trying to intimidate me?” he asked. “You, sitting down with a snapped bone in your leg, knees shattered, having to use your Stand as a brace, trying to do something against me?” As he talked, he walked forward. “What could you possibly-”

Kira was cut off by a dozen emeralds shooting forward at him. He backed away in time, but then a dozen more shot at him from behind. Killer Queen blocked them, but he backed up again, having more shoot out from some unknown source. No matter where he stepped, emeralds kept attacking him. Soon, however, Kira had figured it out. While he was busy laughing to himself at the man’s desperate attempts to choke him to death, Hierophant Green was making itself like a tripwire around the whole place.

“You’re trapped,” Kakyoin smiled weakly. “Like you said before, Josuke will be here any minute. If I just stay awake long enough, you’ll be found out. But that isn’t enough to compensate for what you did to Lily.”

Kira gulped.

“An old tactic I used on another enemy of mine, ten years ago,” Kakyoin continued. “Take this, Yoshikage Kira! 20 meter radius Emerald Splash!”

Kira was bombarded with hundreds of those shiny green gems, some barely scraping his skin, others making a small hole straight through his body. By the time Kakyoin was done, Kira was completely out, laying on the floor.

“Koichi,” Kakyoin heaved, “if it weren’t for you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you. You’ve grown over these few weeks, and I can tell. This may be the last time I can talk to you, so farewell.”

And so, as his vision blurred, Kakyoin allowed himself to faint.

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Drawing stuff cuz i wanted to do some psycho au thing again, also i finally got Lazarus’s (the demon that takes hold of Bri in the au) design where i want it so thats cool, anywho back to trying to draw stuff to keep myself productive on this fine Wednesday afternoon-

also her outfit is gonna be different in the au then her original design, she’ll still have the outfit in the au but she’s gonna be wearing a different outfit throughout most of the comic (im finally back to working on it hh-)

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“The many eyes of magic”

I wanted to add more art to my panya  collection. She’s one of my favorite characters!

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