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#OC: Rose

Rose and Brad are so happy to finally have Q join them on their pride month adventures. He sticks with them because Charlie and Doug can be a bit.. much. Mostly Charlie in head to toe bi pride merch and he’s not about that life. He’s lucky he’s even wearing a punny shirt that says ‘bi with a bite’ with a shark on it. that’s it. he’s overwhelmed for his first pride since he’s like out but not like out out cause he’s still unsure but not at the same time. It helps that his two idiot kids are also decked out causally in their own punny shirts and Brad has his bACE which is just his good bass with ace stickers everywhere on it. Rose just has a pan snapback and the flag painted on her cheek.

Then there’s Charlie and Doug who are full blown out there. Doug in a blue suit, purple shirt, and pink tie and pocket square. Charlie’s full blown just in a bi flag suit with a flag cape

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True friendship between Brad and Rose is them pulling this out of their asses. It took them forever to be able to sing along to this without laughing like idiots. but now when they slap that on to freak people out, they can do it seriously. Brad does censor himself where he should as a white dude rapping to DMX. 
Towards the beginning, Brad shoves Rose’s face out of the way when he comes in with the ‘bitch please’ and usually that’s where they get each other to laugh but they’re pretty good keeping straight faces

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Awww, this is cute! 

  • Rose loved stuffed animals ever since childhood. Even now, she has a collection of colorful plush giraffes. She also liked dolls, especially those she could dress up! You could say she started her love of clothes and fashion design from a young age. 
  • Aris’ favorite toy and comfort object as a little girl was a soft cloth dolly made to look like Wednesday Addams. She still has it. 
  • J had a child’s tea set she used quite often for tea parties with her sisters and their toys. She no longer has the set, but she does have many pictures of their good times together. 
  • Rissa had lots of figurines of sea animals, and also a few mermaid toys! 
  • Beth doesn’t have any childhood toys, but she does have many of her favorite children’s stories saved! 
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Hi Maria! 

Let’s see… first impressions! I’m gonna change up this question a little bit and say how a few of my OCs come across to others on first meeting. 

People usually can’t quite get a read on Aris, except for the fact that she is quite smart academically, but rather slow to pick up on social aspects. She can come across as reserved, stern, or even cold. In reality, she’s just analyzing the other people she’s meeting and thinking really hard about not accidentally saying anything too blunt/accepting a handshake even though she doesn’t want to/using the ‘correct’ tone of voice.

J was raised a princess and politician, so she has a lot of masks. It can take a long time to figure out which is the true person underneath vs. which personalities are built to suit the situation or what she thinks people around her expect her to be. The constants being that she’s always extremely polite, diplomatic, and well-spoken. She chooses her words carefully, and it can be hard to tell what she really thinks until you truly get to know her. With time/familiarity, she’ll gradually drop some of the pretenses, and you can learn to read her small cues. In looks, she appears delicate and even frail, but she’ll quickly prove to you she shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Rose comes across as quite childlike and exuberant, which she is! She’s naturally social and eager to put forth her best, most cheerful self when making friends. With time, her sensitivity and depth of feeling comes to light. Contrary to some beliefs, Rose is not a dumb blonde, and she’s actually very perceptive about people, easily able to pick up on their moods and reflect them back. 

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No worries! I don’t even play every week, RIP! 

ANYWAY, bad memory OCs you say? I think that would be Rose, Tavi, Aris, and Rissa. Specifics below! 

Rose can be quite forgetful because she’s easily distracted. She changes from task to task without taking the time to make sure she’s taken care of everything. She can’t help it, really, she’s just very energetic! She is very good at remembering small details about her friends, however. Her only trouble there is that she sometimes forgets something was meant to be a secret or a surprise and doesn’t remember until after she’s already told.

Tavi has ADHD. It’s more common than she would like that she just loses a task she knows she needed to do. Basically, that means she has the nagging feeling there’s something she missed, but she can’t for the life of her remember what it is. 

Aris is incredibly smart, and as a doctor and scientist, she is good at memorization and taking in large amounts of complex information quickly. However, she always has so much going on in her mind at one time that some things get buried in the thought avalanche. She sometimes has to rely on her scientist’s ability to predict the most likely outcome to get by without being able to remember a step. She also has autism, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to put her many ideas into words. She knows what she wants to convey, but the specific words just…won’t go.

Rissa has endured serious trauma and injury. Between the many treatments needed for her recovery and the amount of pain she was in (which sometimes caused her to disassociate so she could keep functioning,) there are chunks of time which are essentially blocked off in her mind. She knows time passed, but she can’t remember events that took place.  

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Thanks for the ask!

As everyone else, my characters all have some aspects of me in them. Personality wise, I think that Rose is most like me. Especially in terms of music, aesthetic, and wardrobe for sure. In real life I’ve been adding more rose things into my clothing and overall aesthetic too. 

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Hey there! I wouldn’t call any of them necessarily established, but lots of them have art-related hobbies!

  • Aris is very Science Minded™, but she’s also quite good at Constellan calligraphy! 
  • Ash likes welding! 
  • Azura enjoys both gardening and arranging flowers she grows!
  • Beth is a photographer, especially of the natural world and her friends!
  • Ione is a skilled visual artist. Her favorite is painting, especially abstract. 
  • J has been a lifelong pianist, and she also composes her own songs. 
  • Katri likes to write! She’s also studying calligraphy with Aris. 
  • Liz doesn’t consider herself very artistic, but she enjoys watching artists work and visiting museums, exhibitions, and the like.That said, the light shows she can create with her spell-work are often considered works of art by awestruck friends. 
  • Rissa can use her hydrokinesis to create her own ice sculptures, as well as frozen flower bouquets and snow globes! For just water, she can make various fountain effects and tricks with light!
  • Rose enjoys designing and making her own clothes! It’s a very practical skill these days, but to her, it’s also an art form. 
  • Tavi, like J, is quite musical. She plays guitar, writes lyrics, can mix tracks, and also rap verses. 
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Aaaa I love tropes so much but I’m very bad at remembering the names of them? So I’ll just describe the tropes and hope that people understand what I mean.

  • Aris-The Reclusive Scientist™ who swears she’s better with machines than with people, but wants to be loved deep down inside. (Tragic Backstory unlocks at Level 500 Friendship.)
  • Ash-The Restless Spirit™ who never wants to be tied down too long, they want to see and travel and do! (So long as their loved ones come too, of course.)
  • Azura-The Wallflower™ who many people don’t notice, but is full of good ideas for those who take the time to listen. 
  • Beth-The Sunny One™ of a cheerful/grumpy duo. Alternately The Bookworm™ who loves nothing more than spending time in a library or bookshop! 
  • Ione- The Secret Weapon™ who stays off to the side most of the time, but knows far more than she lets on and is far more dangerous than she appears. The Big One when it comes to magical ability. 
  • J-I’m not sure how common of a trope this actually is, but a combination of The Firey Redhead and The Queen of a Crumbling Country… The Red Queen™? Not exactly a Tragic Backstory because it keeps getting Worse throughout the WIP, but uh…Tragic Events?
  • Katri-The Assistant/Apprentice™ who is just as important as their mentor! Alternately, the tinkerer/Ms.Fix-It™ Same Tragic Backstory situation as J. 
  • Liz-The Rainy One™ of a cheerful/grumpy duo. Alternately Grump With a Heart of Gold/Hard Outside, Soft Inside™. 
  • Rissa- The Angry Ice Queen™. Bonus hydrokinesis and Tragic Backstory included! 
  • Rose-The Bubbly Blonde (TM.) No, she is not dumb, but she’s easily excited and strives to always bring a smile to someone else’s face. 
  • Tavi-The Jock With a Heart of Gold (TM.) She packs the muscle, but you’ll never find any “sidekick” as witty, loyal, or loving. 
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Awww, this is cute!

  • Aris: Science-y Lab Things™️ or hiking!
  • Ash: Welding!
  • Azura: Gardening (and since she does a lot of the food growing for the Homestead, she will stay out there all day for spring planting or autumn harvesting!)
  • Beth: Reading books, especially if it’s a rainy day
  • Ione: Sketching or painting (telekinesis perk: can give your sore wrists a break and still make art!)
  • J: Playing her piano
  • Katri: Writing, tinkering, or Science-y Lab Things™️ with Ari
  • Liz: Stargazing, although this is more of an “all night” thing to do
  • Rissa: Swimming
  • Rose: Planning designs and sewing clothes
  • Tavi: Flying or songwriting
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Some people really do want to watch the world burn.

And that person is my Institute character Rose. lol

I can’t help but feel like she’s pondering some regrets though.

Lying through her teeth to whomever she met just to get back to her son, and then doing his bidding to keep in his good graces.

Befriending Deacon, and other members, to get into the Railroad just to murder him point blank after Shaun gave the order.

It was probably very “Thanos’ post-snap scene”. 

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