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justlgbtthings · 11 months ago
If you guys have ADD/ADHD, autism, OCD, or something else that affects your ability to concentrate, I highly recommend the chrome extension Mercury Reader. You just open whatever link you're using, then click on the MR icon (it should look like a rocket) and it'll simplify the page so that it's in a focus-friendly layout. Instead of having random pictures and word boxes all over the screen, it'll be in a vertical format with nothing to distract you so you can focus on what's important. You can also adjust the text size (small, medium, large), font (serif, sans), and theme (light, dark). And the best part is, it's completely free! It's honestly one of the best things I've ever downloaded.
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This is an article without the extension. See that messy format, and how the actual article content only takes up a fraction of the page? It's no wonder it took me 7 hours to write that paper.
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The same article, this time with Mercury. The user-friendly settings are at the top, and the rest of the article is formatted vertically down the middle with no free-roaming pictures or words. How nice.
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chaoticgouda · 6 months ago
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[ID: Six hands clasping each other’s wrists in a circle, against a blue and cloudy sky. In the centre of the circle is the text “Wait, that’s a SYMPTOM?!”. There is text on each of the hands, as well. Starting at the top and going clockwise, they read “Autism”, “OCD”, “Dyslexia”, “Depression”, “Anxiety”, and “ADHD”. End description.]
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“i like your personality!” thanks! It’s a complete copy of others traits I picked up along the way to fill the empty shell of the person I am!
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death2america · a year ago
OCD is one of those mental illnesses that people show support for until they learn about what fucked up intrusive thoughts result from it. I’ve literally seen someone on here put in their byf “don’t follow if you have OCD with [insert intrusive thought here].
A lot of OCD intrusive thoughts are very terrible sexual ones involving the potential to harm loved ones...except these thoughts make YOU suffer, not other people. They aren’t true desires and beliefs; they’re called “intrusive” for a reason.
I’ve literally isolated myself out of fear from my intrusive thoughts, assuming I would hurt someone if I got close. So, it’s disappointing, to say the least, that people will think of you as terrible for what your mental illness already makes you feel terrible.
You have legal permission from Death2America Inc. to reblog this so long as you leave no cringe comments, which can result in a lawsuit.
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umbrellanumber5 · a year ago
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