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The Arcana Tarot OCs! Pt. 1

This is a post to make your own Arcana OCs based on the major arcana! Please share any OCs you make with me! There will be more parts and a template out soon, so stay tuned! ;)


(0) The Fool

Herb: Ginseng

Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Keywords: Trust, awareness

The fool is the only card in Asra’s deck that doesn’t depict an animal figure. This is because it is the patron arcana to the MC.

Upright, this card reminds us not to let insecurities hold us back. Don’t worry about the opinions of others and make the leap. Let curiosity, optimism, and trust guide you. Things may seem uncertain, but you have everything you need for the venture ahead.

Reversed, the card tells you to remember that actions have consequences and to take responsibility for them. Don’t overthink things, but beware of acting rashly. Don’t pretend things are what they are not.


(1) The Magician

Herb: Astragalus

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Keywords: Skills, attention

The magician in Asra’s deck is represented by a fox and is Asra’s patron arcana.

Upright, now is the time to take action. Stay focused and enjoy the magic of everyday invention.

Reversed, the magician card suggests that old tricks may no longer work, and it may be time to learn some new ones. Work hard if you want to see things transform, and be wary- this card can suggest the warping of truth. Not everything you hear is truth, even from charismatic mouths.


(2) The High Priestess

Herb: Peony

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Keywords: Wisdom, memory, intuition

The High Priestess card is represented by an owl and is Nadia’s patron arcana.

Upright, this card urges you to listen to your dreams and follow your intuition. The world is mysterious and holds something fruitful for you, whether that fruit is behind secrets or clarity.

Reversed, this card reminds you not to lose touch with your intuition. Don’t close your mind to all the mysteries; you need to work hard and take action to uncover the fruit behind them.


(3) The Empress

Herb: Dong Qai

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth, air

Keywords: Connecting mind and body, imagination

The animal on this card appears to be a cow, and is the patron arcana of Nasrin.

Upright, this card tells you that now is the time to nurture your relationships and cultivate connections to others. Luxury is at your feet.

Reversed, this card suggests trouble in paradise. Focus on yourself and don’t sacrifice for the sake of others.


(4) The Emperor

Herb: Atractylodes

Zodiac sign: Aries

Element: Fire

Keywords: Logic, reason

The representation of this card is a bull and is Namar’s patron arcana.

Upright, trust your experiences and learn from mistakes. You have much power, but use it responsibly. Exercise self-control and master yourself, and your destiny will be in your hands.

Reversed, the card reminds us to be flexible. Don’t hold too tightly to your empire; it needs room to flourish.

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Proto related stuff. lol Sorry for my long absences on here, it’s just easier to post stuff on twitter cause I use my phone, but Tumblr doesn’t let me add tags using my phone so I have to use my computer and i;m real lazy so … Yeah. I just end up not posting! XD

Anyways here’s a mini-comic and two animations I’m working on.

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Horses from the app i didnt actually get but still have some lore to


  • Was supposed to be my first cold resistant horse
  • Probably grew up in the golden leaf stables and then became Nic’s work horse in the valley – i can imagine there is a lot of things to drag around there.
  • She hates the floating fridge thing with her entire soul


  • Lostbullet’s son with the Galloper’s mare or something. No one knows this though. He was just kinda found as a foal crying around moorland.
  • In the lore, he has fire powers and maybe a magic coat i didnt design yet? He doesn’t control things very well tho and usually gets kinda spooked by it.
  • I imagine he burned someone quite badly and people started to doubt if they should keep this animal.
  • Then Ydris showed up. He saw what can Heartie do and went, “oh. Oh, this is magnificent.” and then offered to take the horse from their hands.
  • So now is Lionheart with the circus!! He likes it quite a lot – he misses his best friend, though.


  • A little younger than Lionheart - they grew up together in moorland, the app skin with the cherry trees, you know which one, i have no money so i couldn’t actually get it (just like the golden hills one for Firewish)
  • Very affectionate and dumb. Would kill for pats.
  • Can horses get depressed?? Because that is basically what happened when Lionheart got taken away. Thomas indefinitely borrowed him to Akilah free of charge so he actually doesnt die of sadness. …and also because Kris helped a lot with the moorland foals and vouched for the weird blue haired kid.
  • I imagine Akilah has “home stable” with Ydris - he just kinda lets xer drop xer stuff and horses there because he can smell the pandoria from xer. That means that Coffee actually gets to see Heartie again from time to time!!
  • When Akilah gets xer soul JWH, Coffee gets fully accepted into the circus. He is not good at anything, really, but Heartie is soo much happier with a friend around. Zee is vastly indifferent to those two.
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“Once upon a time an angel fell in love with a demon…”

“A classic tale, but how Accurate?”

little did history know, it was and always has been one sided..

( characters- Alexander, Opal)

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